Dear Experience Readers,

For any of you still interested in this story I have excellent news! Angeldevotee has now become a full-fledged real live author of her own original work. However, as her sister, and fellow writing partner in crime, I just couldn't stand to see this story unfinished. So, I have decided to finish it for her, since we had already worked on it together. As you may know, "Angeldevotee" is also "Snarky" of Snippy and Snarky. So you can find this story re-posted and updated under author: Snippy and Snarky (/u/298687/SnippyandSnarky).

I am going to leave this letter up for a week, and then remove the story from it current place. If you have questions, please address them to SnippyandSnarky at hot mail dot com.