They had lost...

After saving the wizard from the alien, shooting said alien out of the Space Donut, and joining Mr. Stark and Dr. Strange to some planet and meeting a ragtag group of people with weird abilities... they banded together to fight Thanos, the Mad Titan. The Last of his Kind. Wielder of the Infinity Stones.

Peter Parker was just going to school in the bus that day...

Now he saw his new comrades fade away one after the other, and he-

It's coming...

He can sense it yet...

He can't avoid it.

No matter how hard he struggles... he too will fade.

Peter felt sick, wanting to vomit. His heart was clenched as he staggered amongst the debris towards Mr. Stark. "Mister Stark? I don't feel so good..." He uttered. He saw the look of pure despair and horror in Mr. Stark's face as he stumbled towards him.

"You're alright." Tony said as calmly as possible, hugging him as tight as possible.

"I don't know what's- I don't know what's happening. I don't-" He fell into his chest, hearing Tony wince but he hugged him as tight as he could, and Peter couldn't control it. He felt it's many pinpricks... and he wept. This was different when he was young and he lost his parents. This was different when he got bit and then lost Uncle Ben and did nothing...

The ones closed to him had died.

And he was going to join them.

"Save me, save me! I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go, sir, please. Please, I don't wanna go. I don't wanna go..." He sobbed, and he felt his legs get weak as Tony lied him down. The older man, the Iron Man, leader of the Avengers and his hero, his idol, bloodied and bruised and broken after fighting that monster... was shedding tears too.

Peter took a deep breath, looking back up at him... HE couldn't feel his shoulderblades, or his feet. He saw the loss in Tony's eyes... the despair and sheer horror of he was witnessing...

He saw himself. Back when he was cradling Uncle Benjamin Parker gave him some semblance of peace. Was this how Uncle Ben felt when he was passing away? Losing a loved one in his arms... now it has come full circle.

Aunt Mae... Ned... Michelle... Mr. Stark...

"I'm sorry."

He exhaled one last time, and felt his entire body go numb. And darkness took him.


It was cool and dark there...

And then there was light.

Peter Parker breathed air, sitting up and panting. It felt as if he was underwater for the longest time, chest rising and falling as he looked around, his sight blurry as he tried to adjust to the environment around him. "Mr. Stark!" He tried to sit up, feeling nothing but pavement as he stumbled and fell on his knees. He gasped, looking at his hands, then down at his body, still covered in the nano-machine powered Iron Spider suit. He looked back and forth, head on a swivel.

This wasn't the orange tinted alien world, one of ruined ships and buildings and potholes. It had a blue sky... buildings... the sounds of the ustle and bustle of the suburbs. He looked over the edge, realizing he was on top of a skyscraper.

He stumbled backward, gripping and releasing his fists as he looked down at his hands. Just...what was going on? Peter can see billboards in the distance that had unique Asian words, the likes of which you only see in Chinatown or Little Tokyo. And... some english.

"Where... am I? Didn't... I die?" He asked, remembering how death crawled all over him and yet he could not escape. Peter tapped his wrist, trying to draw up some communicator. He got his helmet back on however, the nanomachines sliding over his face as he looked through the Heads Up Display.

Energy Levels=Normal.

Communications=No Connection

"No connection... but wh-" He was cut off by the sound of sirens and of explosions, making him perk up and look in the distance.

Some.. giant man-shark-big nose thingy causing a rampage. He was bigger than a three story building!

Peter... didn't know what was going on. Didn't kno where he was.

But people were in trouble. He saw train tracks leading t othe commotion...

This was a neighborhood after all.

He will ask questions.

"Time to be a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man."

Peter began slinging towards the giant shark man, which is a good thing because it means his web shooters still work. Other good things, people were happy to see him!

They shout and wave at him as he soars over them. One boy looks up, mouth hanging open as Peter waves down to him. They were speaking in foreign tongue.

Another tug on his webs, a flip for the audience, and he lands in his crouch atop a powerline.

Good news, people are cheering for him showing up!

Bad news, Shark Giant sees him. No time to think on how he got here, when this guy is running amok.

"Hey big guy, I know everyone likes to see Shamu but you're taking the cosplay a little too seriously."

Shark Man blinks, only to grit his teeth and swipe at the tower. His hand tears through the metal, sending it over the edge of the bridge.

"Oh geez!" Peter screams.

He fires out a line of web, catching it but man this thing is heavy! A crash, and suddenly there's no weight. Peter glances over and there's someone under that huge spire. A guy that could give the Incredible Hulk a run for his money for muscles and has a really pronounced jawline! He's struggling to keep the tower off ground, but he looks up at Peter. There's surprise, and Peter feels the need to be anywhere but here!

He dives to the side, just as the shark man's hand smashes where he once was. Flipping onto his outstretched arm, Peter runs up his arm even as the shark giant tries to swat him off. His hit goes wide as Peter dodges by inches.

"Hey you know you're standing on a train track, people use these to get to work you know!" Peter says, getting close enough to crack his foot against the shark's snot.

He stumbles, but catches himself and stars at Peter with rage in his eyes.


"I have no clue what that means, but I'm pretty sure it's nothing nice." Peter spoke to himself, then he saw Asian words lace out on screen and then transform into English.

"Translation of classical Kanji: I'll crush you like the bug you are."

Huh, the suit has a translator, that's neat.

Shark Giant swings, only to roar in frustration as Peter dodges yet again. However his attention is soon drawn by someone that looks like he's made of wood. He reaches out and did his arms just turn into tree branches!? And they're wrapping around Sharkgiant's arm! Peter landed beside the dark spandex-covered woodman, amazed.

"Are you made of wood?! That's awesome!" Peter gushes.

The wood guy stares at him


"Translation: A kid?"

"Well more of a teenager re-"

A face full of shark man fist cuts Peter off, a long and loud drawn out "EAALLLLYYY?!" Sounding out. Weightlessness and dizziness fill Peter, and on reflex, he throws out two lines of webbing to slow himself down. They connect, and Peter gets way to close to the crowd of people that he'd like. Most move away, but one kid stares at him with stars in his eyes. A plain face with freckles and a mop of untidy green hair.

"Hey man, bye man!" Peter yells, pulling against the webbing and launching him right back into the thick of it.

His flight is perfect, the shark guy is too focused on wood man. Oh this is going to be so co-

"Canyon Cannon!" And a massive beige leg, or rather an even bigger giant appeared, striking the Shark Giant, and sending him flying! But Peter couldn't stop his flight towards-

So like a fly on a windshield, Peter slammed into a rear the size of his room. Good news, not the worse hit, since it was soft, nor did the following fall back down to the ground hurt that badly, with his head hitting the pavement. The Iron Spider suit protected the worst, but the sense of exhaustion from his fight on Titan combined with a concussion was taking him into a nap.

Bad news, when Peter shakes the stars out of his eyes, muscle-jaw man, the wood guy and the biggest woman he's ever seen are staring down at him.

"Uhh... hi." He waved, before closing his eyes as he heard the sounds of sirens.

So yeah, here's a surprise. Me and IKnowNothing have begun tossing ideas around, and watching Avengers: Infinity War and seeing the roller coaster Peter was on made me think.

What if he got warped to another dimension via Snap-Dust? So yeah, Peter wakes up in the world of My Hero Academia. How will he adjust to all these paid superheroes? As for trying to get a way back home, well...

Tony did say it was a one-way ticket...

As for pairings, that is in the works. But it won't be Tsuyu or Ochako. Sorry for all those froppy lovers out there, I am not big on her, while Izuku/Ochako is OTP fight me.

Anyways, hope you enjoy! Will be writing this on the side alongside Nothing is Eternal. I'm also working on a story called Exodus with LD 1449 on both Spacebattles and Sufficient Velocity.