Eri shivered, clutching tightly to the dark-skinned woman's leg, trembling in abject fear.

"So… she's your daughter?" She heard the woman ask.

"Yes." Overhaul's voice was oily in the girl's ear as a whimper was choked off in her throat. "She's going through a bit of a phase. Gave me quite the runaround. It's getting late though, and she needs to get her rest… she wouldn't want to trouble you, would she?"

Eri froze.

He was going to kill her. Like he'd killed others who Eri talked to. Who wanted to help.

She clutched at the woman's leg, not wanting to let her go but knowing she had to or the woman would be dead soon like all the others…

The woman stepped back, away from Eri; the girl felt her grip slip free from her leg.

"Alright then. Have a nice night."

Eri looked up, eyes wide and feeling her heart sink as the woman stepped back. She felt her tiny hand be taken by Overhaul. His grip was soft, but firm, slowly getting harder.

"Thank you Mirko-san. You too." He turned around, guiding Eri back towards the darkness of the alley.

She couldn't save her… no one can… no one wan-

She heard the sound of the impact before she saw it, or felt it. Overhaul's grip nearly yanked her off her feet before it slackened, his scream echoing through the night in a howling "GRAAAAAAAAAAAGH~!" as he was launched into the darkness of the alleyway, and Eri felt the wind flow by her.

"YOUR KID MY ASS! EAT SHIT YOU FUCKER!" Mirko shouted, snarling before reaching down and scooping Eri up in her arms. The girl barely had time to process everything that was happening before she was flying through the air.

It's gonna be alright, kid." Eri felt the shock of the impacts from the woman's feet as she landed and leapt, putting as much distance between herself and Overhaul as possible. The wind whipped at the girls hair, clutching at the rabbit hero before they fell like an iron weight atop a building. Eri felt her heart pounding under her ribs while her mind struggled to catch up to the whirlwind of madness as the woman pulled out her phone.

"Yo Shizune! Hustle up, I got a kid who needs a hospital check fast. Where's the nearest one!?

They started to move again.

"W-Where are we going?" Eri asked, hugging onto her as she looked about, seeing the world pass by around her as Mirko ran, hopping from rooftop to rooftop, the skyline of Tokyo at night a wondrous myriad of colors.

"Somewhere safe. Eri, right? Yeah, don'tcha worry Eri. Everything's gonna be okay." Mirko assured before looking back at her phone. "Put up a notice for a sketchy guy in a plague doctor mask too. Possible child abuse. Thanks a million." She hung up and Eri for the first time in what felt like forever, finally felt… safe.


"Graaah….goddamnit!" Kai cursed, writhing on the ground as he pulled himself out of the crater in the side of the building that fucking hafu cunt had kicked him into. His glove evaporated before he took a deep breath, closing his eyes and tapping his back.

Shattered vertebrae. Broken bones. Severed muscles…

He tapped, and he yelled as he felt his flesh explode in agony for but a moment, his clothes, skin, and body reforming back to normal as the brown-haired man breathed heavily.

Of all the fucking times…

Now she was gone!

Eri was gone!

He reached his hand into his pocket, praying that his phone wasn't broken as he pulled it out. Some cracks on the screen, but it was functional. He called a number, staggering to his feet.

"Hey Boss, what's-"

"Get everyone together at the hideout!" Overhaul cursed as he leaned against the wall, staggering as he took deep breaths. "Eri's been taken!"

"What?!" Mimic squawked on the other line. "O-Okay then! Which one of the hideo-"

"The main one, idiot!" Overhaul hung up and he walked back into the darkness, feeling his heart race and blood turn cold.

He couldn't afford to lose her. Not when his organization was so close to finally making their mark.

The Yakuza may not be as influential as before…

But they were no less deadly.

"You'll pay, you bitch." Kai growled as he lurked deeper into the alleyway.


"Will you be able to take care of her?" Rumi asked. The humid night air was gone now, replaced by the AC of the hospital lobby.

"We will." The front desk nurse said as she and other nurses approached the girl. "We will need to conduct some examinations and checkups. She looks… not good."

Rumi nodded. That assessment was what led her to act on her hunch and attack the guy so readily. Eri's bandages, her general weight, the sallow skin, the track marks of needles along her arms. Even those faded bruises.

Yeah. This girl didn't look good and that was obvious.

As the nurse came close Eri clutched at her leg so tightly that it actually started to register as pain.

"I don't wanna go!" Eri whimpered as Rumi put a hand on her head, smiling softly.

"Don't you worry kid, these are nice doctors. They're gonna look at you and see how healthy you are. You're safe here."

"I don't want you to go." Eri stated, hugging her muscular leg tighter. Rumi looked at the portly nurse who had a toaster for a head.

"Is it okay if… I come with? She doesn't have a guardian so…"

"Of course." Mirko took a deep breath as her hand gently enfolded Eri's.

"It's gonna be alright kid. I'll stay by your side, okay?" She said, offering a big grin.

"I'm afraid she will need to be with the doctors alone for a little bit." Said a male voice.

Rumi looked up, and walking into the lobby was a rather tall and thin man in a light gray suit topped by dark green hair with yellow streaks. The glasses upon his nose and sharp daggers for eyes bored right into her.

"Who is that?" Eri asked, and Rumi's teeth began to grind. Of course the biggest stiff in the Hero Industry would show up here. But why?

"Nothing bad Eri. I'll join you very soon, okay?" She said, smiling and petting the girl on the head as the head nurse, Hinako going by the tag on her breast, took Eri with her, even as she had to dislodge her from Rumi's thick leg.

"It's gonna be okay sweetie. Come along, we're gonna have a checkup…" Hinako's voice trailed off as Rumi looked back, seeing Eri walk away her eyes silently pleading.

"I'll be there soon!" She reassured the kid before looking towards the approaching well-dressed man.

"So. Nighteye." Mirko turned around, leaning against the desk with her bunny-tail resting on the ledge. "What's up?"

"I feel it's best if we speak in private. Come outside." Nighteye answered. "It concerns the girl you saved."

Mirko narrowed her eyes and followed him out of the lobby back into the humid September night. Before her, a luxurious black Porsche idled as he opened the door. "Come in. We won't go anywhere. I feel that you're not a fan of the humidity. Neither am I."

Mirko gave him a sideways glance. The man had a face of stone, but his eyes looked… annoyed. Cross even as she got in, scooting to the other side as Nighteye came inside, sitting with his hands upon his lap. In the driver's seat, Mirko saw a girl with dark blue hair and light blue skin look back.

"H-Hi Mirko-san, I'm a big fan and-"

"Bubble Girl." Nighteye cut her off, and Mirko rolled her eyes.

"When I heard of how much of a killjoy you were, I didn't think it would be true." Mirko drawled. "Let the girl at least say hello."

"I'll be blunt with you, Mirko. You've made things a great deal more complicated tonight. More than they need to be. You've taken someone of great interest to Overhaul." Nighteye said, and Mirko perked up.


"Overhaul… you mean the Shitsu Hasseykane? That Overhaul?"

"Shie Hassakai," Nighteye corrected, "And that girl you saved was someone of very particular interest to him. This wasn't the first time she made an attempted escape. I was getting ready to pitch to the Hero Public Safety Commission to get approval for a sting to wipe the Yakuza off the face of Japan for good. And you," He turned, glaring hard at her. "threw over half a year's worth of surveillance and intelligence work down the drain, because now Overhaul has been spooked."

"So you're saying… this wasn't her first attempt at escaping from him… you're telling me you had a chance to save that girl, and didn't?" Mirko asked, in a whisper.

"A necessary unpleasantness. We take the girl, Overhaul and his entire operation go underground and continue to cause problems while distributing-" Mirko seized him by the collar of his shirt and slammed him against the door of the car as his glasses threatened to fall off.

But his yellow eyes were no less hard against the fury burning in Mirko's gaze.

"You could have saved that girl from whatever this bastard was doing to her, and you threw her to the fucking wolves?!"

"I won't repeat myself. You know why. We were planning to save the girl eventually." Nighteye didn't seem to resist, staring down at her. "But too soon, and we lose our best chance to remove the Shie Hassakai from the Japanese underworld. Your little stunt tonight will push him back into hiding and we'll have to start all over again. It'll be all the harder and costlier too. We would have had a warrant, but your decision cost us. Dearly."

"Fuck you." Mirko let him go with a shove, sitting back on her side of the car.

"You may have the popularity contests down along with the rest of your ilk in the public eye, but we all know at the end of the day I'm the one who gets things done." Nighteye replied. "Not you." The girl glared back, silent as she wished that she had a laser-eye quirk to melt this coldhearted ass. "I can trust that, despite your language, you'll keep this matter quiet. The HPSC is already aware of me talking to you tonight."

"You were such a rat in elementary school. Get off being the teacher's pet like the good lapbitch you are?" Mirko drawled, Nighteye not taking her taunt. "But fine, fuck it. I won't tell if it won't get your panties in a bunch."

"Good. I will try to salvage this as best as I can, and when the time comes, I will call you to help take part in the sting operation. With you having assaulted Overhaul, the Hassaikai will keep an eye on you. You're not some no-name intern. You're one of the Top Ten in the country." Nighteye unlocked the car. "I'll keep in touch."

"Whatever." She slammed the door, and marched back inside.


"Alright, another day." Peter mused to himself as he walked into Class 1-A, seeing everyone still filing in and socializing amongst themselves. He felt the eyes on him almost immediately.

"You feeling okay Parker?" Kaminari asked and Peter blinked. Oh yeah, yesterday.

"Oh yeah, Recovery Girl's kiss took care of me." He noticed Ochako sitting by. "Oh good morning Ochako." The brunette perked up as he walked over. "You doing okay?"

"I should be asking you that, but yeah, I'm fine." The girl replied. "Still… can't believe what happened yesterday…"

"Yeah, well…" Peter shrugged. "Still, I'm glad you're okay. When I left the infirmary you were still napping."

"Well, a broken arm can do that." She laughed nervously. "Mom and Dad were a bit worried, but it comes with the territory of being in a hero school and all."

"You did have us all worried though, Peter-san." Peter turned, seeing Momo approach.

"Morning Momo-san." He nodded, and the girl nodded back.

"Good morning."

"But yeah, I'm fine. Like Ochako said. At a hero school, a few bumps and bruises are to be expected."

"Not when it comes from an unexpected source." Tokoyami mused to the side. He was sitting, arms crossed and brooding as usual as he opened an eye his way. "I didn't expect Midoriya to wield the powers of Darkness like that."

"Yeah, I thought Midoriya's Quirk was a simple power type." Asui said with a finger on her chin.

"Quirks tend to evolve under certain conditions and situations. From what I've skimmed on an article online, they call these incidents 'awakenings'." Momo explained. "Perhaps that's what Midoriya underwent?"

"Anything's possible. For now, let's just not press Izuku on it too badly. Can't imagine how he feels right now." Peter looked to the side as he saw Ochako hold her arm, the one that had been broken and her expression mirrored the American's.

"Of course. We-" She was cut off with the door opening and everyone turned.

And Izuku was there, his face neutral in expression before he saw the group chatting to the side by the desks and he winced.

"Morning Izuku!" Peter waved.

"Oh umm, hey…" Izuku walked up, hands on the straps of his backpack as he approached the small group.

"Are you doing okay?" He asked.

"Yeah Deku-kun, we were worried about you!" Ochako exclaimed, and Izuku cringed visibly.

"I should be the one apologizing! I-I… I'm sorry!" He bowed deeply. "I never meant to hurt any of you when… when…"

"Hey, it's fine." Peter spoke up, smiling down at the green-haired boy as he remained bowed. "Raise your head dude." The boy did so, looking guilty. "It was an accident."

"Yeah Deku-kun, we know you wouldn't have done something like that intentionally." Ochako added. "After all, better for accidents to occur in hero school than in the field right?" She said, keeping a positive outlook.

"Uraraka is right." Momo added. "Best for situations like these to occur in controlled environments. Heaven knows what could have happened without Aizawa-sensei around." Izuku rubbed his arm, looking to the side a bit.

"I… guess you're right… still, sorry for my quirk going haywire like that. It won't happen again. I promise. I've already talked to some teachers for additional training and refinement after school to help get this under control." Izuku said, looking at his hands. "There's still a long way to go before I can reach where I need to be."

Peter began to piece it together in his head. Extra teacher mentoring, after hours? Where he needed to go? That was definitely code for All Might guidance. Was he not receiving direct mentorship from him before? Or not enough…

"Your Quirk seemed to show signs of awakening." Momo espoused. "After all, it was but a simple Power Type before, and now you can utilize that dark mass."

"Maybe you have dark mass swirling about in your body, and that's what makes you super strong?" Asui asked.

"Indeed Midoriya." Tokoyami spoke out. "You've risen from the dark morass when you first came here, now you are the equivalent of a blinding light. Eventually, you will become like the sun itself." He said, arms crossed and eyes closed.

"Sure. What he said." Peter smirked, gesturing to the raven-headed boy with a thumb.


"Alright set-" Shouta paused, seeing everyone in their seats and looking at him as he entered the classroom. "Good." He set his eyes on Midoriya and Parker near the windows, seeing them staring at him.

Yagi mentioned that he and Nezu had a plan to help tutor and guide the boy after school in a private email chain, so it was clear that the situation had been resolved. Parker and Uraraka's medical reports were clean too after a visit to Recovery Girl. Knowing those two, they'd likely mend fences no problem.

"Now then, we are in that time of year where your Work Studies are going to begin in earnest." Shouta said as he stood behind the central desk.

"These are essentially temporary sidekick positions you will be assigned to, depending on your connections made and experience garnered throughout the past year. The Sports Festival. The Internships. The Provisional Exam. Everything has led to this. Once a semester you will be undertaking a Work Studies period for a month. This is where you truly begin taking your first major step into becoming Pro Heroes." He looked over at Sero, Sato, and Aoyama.

"For those who do not have their licenses, you will be taking the HPSC Remedial Classes. Once you get your schedules, email them to me and we can work out a schedule that fits. Sero, Sato, Aoyama. Sound good?"

He got affirmations from the trio and turned to the rest of the class. "Note that just because you're doing the remedial courses," He saw them perk up from their depressed state. "Doesn't mean you're exempt from hero work either. You three will be able to take on internships, just in the same vein as you took them prior to the summer.

"Utilize what connections you have then and sign up, but be sure to keep the Pro Hero you're working with informed of the Remedial Courses too for you to earn your licenses. You have to work twice as hard to catch up. I hope you three are ready." The three nodded, and Shouta took a deep breath.

"The rest of homeroom will be used for you to find and settle on the Heroes you wish to go for a Work Study with. If and when you find the hero, use it as a study period until the next class. For Hero Period, since it's the last period of the day you can use it for training in the Battle Centers or you can leave school early if you want to go for an interview with the hero you wish to apply to."

Shouta brought up his trusty sleeping bag, yawning lightly. "That-" He felt his phone buzz as he looked at it.

It was an email.

Sample Analysis of Medical Polymer Conclusive.

Well now he had his answers. But for now…

"That'll be all." And he let himself plop down to the ground for a much-needed early morning nap.


"So, who's going to who?" Kirishima asked, his mouth full of steak as he ate. Peter looked up at him, and he could see the others around him doing the same. He swallowed his meat and let out a content sigh. "I got an email of a hero wanting to recruit me back after the Sports Festival, but I chose Fourth Kind because of how manly he was. I'm going different this time around."

"Not going back to Fourth Kind? You chose him because he was manly right?" Izuku asked, and Kirishima… looked to the side.

"H-He was, don't get me wrong." The redhead admitted. "I just… wanna try out a new hero is all!" He then crossed his arms and grinned. "That's why I'm going with Fatgum!" Momo perked up.

"You too Kirishima-san?" She spoke, and Peter blinked.

"Fatgum is… who again?"

"He's the BMI Hero!" Izuku spoke up, grinning. "He's well known around Tokyo for being a master of fast, non-lethal captures of villains. To say nothing of his Quirk, Fat Absorption which allows him to store his body fat as a defensive countermeasure, and he can even burn the fat off to give him extra punching power too!"

"Wow he… must be quite the yo-yo weight gainer then…" Peter mused. He then perked up. "Wait, Momo you're going with him too?

"Yes. His quirk and mine share similar functions, his being body fat and mine lipids." Momo dabbed her lips after she had consumed her fine shrimp pasta. Thank you Lunch Rush. "On top of his non-lethal takedown expertise, I figured that I can learn quite a lot from a man like him. Similar to Kirishima-san, I am branching out to broaden my learning experience. I could go back to Musha, but that would be treading old ground, " Her hand glowed, conjuring another napkin. "So I must make the most of my time here, you know?"

"That… does make sense." Peter nodded, understanding her logic. "What about you Shoto? Where do you think you'll be going?"

The dual-haired boy was busy toying with his cold soba as he was addressed. "Sorry, can you repeat that? My mind was… elsewhere at the moment." Peter followed his gaze across the cafeteria at the sight of some of Class 1-B socializing and talking. Shiozaki was there, as was Kendo, if his memory served him correctly.

"Work Studies. Which hero are you going to work under?"

"Oh, that. I'll go work under Endeavor again." Shoto muttered, slurping his soba. "He's the Number Two Hero for a reason." His eyes hardened and he remained quiet as Peter felt it'd be best not to pry.

"I'm going to be working with Edgeshot again myself." Izuku added as Peter looked his way. "He's in the Top Ten, and I learned a lot under him, but I imagine I could learn more."

"Yeah. How about you, Parker?" Mina spoke for the first time from her side of the table.

"Yeah, didn't you work with Mirko a while back?" Kirishima stated as Izuku cringed lightly and Peter chewed his steak a bit to think of a response. "Because man, working under someone in the Top Ten has to be a dream come true."

'Not really,' Peter thought as he collected his thoughts. He had hundreds if not thousands of emails that he could have Karen comb through from his prior internship offers for work study opportunities. He hadn't thought much into it…

He felt his phone buzz and he glanced at it, seeing a text from Yu.

'Gonna hit the market on the way home. Want anything?'

Peter smiled as he already knew his answer.


"I didn't know you moved here to Musutafu, Edgeshot-san!" Izuku said as he walked up to the new office. He had given him a phone call, hoping for a chance at a work study, and Edgeshot told him to meet him at a certain location near downtown Musutafu. Curious, the boy had waited until Hero Period started to leave the campus (with Aizawa's permission) and traveled to the assigned address. And much to his luck, Edgeshot was there in front of some moving vans!

"Indeed. And welcome." Edgeshot smiled, turning around with his arms crossed. "I'm honored to see that I am still viable as a teacher for you. Most kids would want to go with a different hero to work under to broaden their horizons."

"Well, that's because I feel I can still learn more under you. There is also, well, a new situation that came up as well…" Izuku mused. The silver-haired ninja opened his visible eye. "Can we talk it over in private?"

"Of course. That's more than fine, Midoriya."

"By the way," Izuku made sure to stay out of the way of the moving vans. "What brought you here to Musutafu anyway? What about Kashiki?"

"There's been some new heroes in Kashiki that are on the up-and-up. My old roving grounds will be fine." Edgeshot replied, seeing some of his sidekicks talk with the movers as they carried in furniture and chairs. "I felt it prudent to go to Musutafu so I can broaden my network. See, I am starting up a teamup of sorts."

"A teamup?"

"Indeed. I have gotten in touch with some hero firms looking to see if we can have a soft merger of sorts. And the firm with the most compatible team in my opinion is located here." Edgeshot pointed across the street. Izuku turned, noticing the billboard above the four-story building. "I would have preferred a building to be right next to them, but most of the tenants there weren't willing to move their businesses. Property taxes and rent had a hand too, alas." The ninja shrugged.

Izuku could see the figures displayed on the Agency's building. Kamui Woods. Death Arms. And-

"PETER!" Screamed a jovial feminine voice as Izuku walked around the truck, looking to see where and what it was. He felt Edgeshot stand beside him, gazing across the street.

And over there, Mt. Lady in costume was glomping Peter, giggling madly as she twirled with the slightly shorter boy in a bearhug. "We are gonna have a blast!" She said, her grin big and wide. "Like we just got into a merger and-" She perked up, seeing herself being noticed by the duo behind the moving truck and some bystanders. "Oh hey, there he is now."

"Well now. Talk about a small world." Edgeshot chuckled as the duo crossed the street. "Mt. Lady, and Peter Parker I presume?"

"Oh, hey Edgeshot." Mt. Lady released the American boy from her hug, standing at attention. "Looks like you're settling in fine. Need a hand over there?"

"Appreciate the assistance but my movers and sidekicks are doing just fine." Edgeshot answered. "Pays to be the boss. Are Kamui and Death Arms in?"

"They're both out on patrol at the moment. I just got back here to give our newest sidekick," She grinned ear to ear, arm wrapping around Peter. "A tour of the firm!"

"H-Hey Edgeshot-san." Peter waved weakly, his eyes settling back on Izuku. "And heya Izuku."

"H-Hey Peter." Izuku waved back.

"Hmmm… two young potential powerhouses in our ranks…" Edgeshot cupped his chin as he mused. "Our firm is becoming more and more mobile and stronger it seems." Izuku turned.


"Yes. Our merger, which is codenamed 'Lurkers', is meant for fast response times to neutralize villains. With you and Parker here, our speed and network to cover as much ground as possible has gone up considerably. To say nothing of the punch you two will pack as well" Edgeshot's eye crinkled as he grinned. "This day keeps getting better and better doesn't it?"

"Damn straight!" Mt. Lady added. "Say, after you're done settling in, why don't we have a celebratory dinner? I can call back Kamui and Arms pronto if so."

"I say we keep things a little more professional for now." Edgeshot replied. "Let's save our big meal for after we save a great deal of civilians, or capture a dangerous criminal."

"We'll be doing joint-training stuff right?" Mt. Lady asked. "Just asking for clarification."

"We will. And I will be more than happy to have my newest sidekick work alongside yours. They have experience working together after all." Mt. Lady perked up, looking at Peter who rubbed his arm as he looked away. Izuku winced.

"Well, I am more intrigued than ever to see what you have developed since last we met, Midoriya." Edgeshot said. "I am eager to see what you two will bring to the Lurkers."

"If you want my opinion, it's plenty, given their experience at I-Island.." Said a voice. Izuku turned, as did everyone else. Walking towards them in a matte-gray suit was a man with green hair and sharp eyes behind glasses.

"Who's this guy?" Mt. Lady asked.

"Beats me." Peter added.

"Sir Nighteye? What are you doing out there?" Edgeshot asked, turning to face him.

"I am in need of your services Edgeshot, you and your team." He narrowed his eyes at Izuku for a moment before settling back on the ninja. "It concerns a dangerous organization, and I have the backing of the Commission in doing so."

"Ah yes, I've heard rumors you've been working with the HPSC on something big lately." Edgeshot crossed his arms. "What's this about?"

"My timetable for a specific operation I am working with the Safety Commission has accelerated as of late due to factors beyond my control, and I would rather we speak about this in private with others." He held out a card. "If you will gather in Shinjuku, we will be having a prompt meeting there."

"Whoa okay, what's the deal you can't just walk up and say 'hey I need your help, meet at X'. Give us the full picture here!" Mt. Lady spoke out. Nighteye turned, eyes glaring.

"You will know more when the time comes should you participate. The HPSC will give substantial bonuses if you are to take part as well, so take that as an incentive. Especially on such short notice." He rounded about. "I will meet you there tomorrow night at eight. Go to the address. I will see you there." And he walked away, and Izuku noticed the fancy Porsche, complete with a license plate with All Might decorated trimming.


"Midori, you're gawking." Peter mused, and Izuku perked up, blushing as his mouth slammed shut. "You know him?"

"A-A little… he was All Might's sidekick back in the day!" Peter nodded.

"I see…"

"Well now… things just got interesting." Edgeshot had the card in his hand. "Lady, will you inquire with Kamui Woods and Death Arms on this? I'd rather have our team be fully in the know."

"You're taking up his offer?" Mt. Lady inquired, reaching for her phone.

"I have known Sir Nighteye for a while. Whenever he does something, it's for a significant reason. He wants to recruit our firm for whatever he is planning with the HPSCHe can be rather curt and blunt but he gets things done in the end."

"If it means getting bad people off the streets, I'm in." Peter answered.

"Same!" Izuku added.

Edgeshot grinned under his mask.


"So you guys in?" Yu talked over the phone as Peter sat in the lobby of the office.

He could see framed photos of pictures and magazine covers of the heroes in question decorating the lobby of Mt. Lady, Death Arms, and the headliner of the agency in Kamui Woods. He even spotted Jirou with Death Arms too.

"That's great. I'll get in touch with that sourpuss and tell him we're game. We'll meet up in Shinjuku tomorrow night then." She said as she hung up. Peter turned, seeing that Yu was in costume in her Mt. Lady persona. He was still in his UA school uniform, with his Urban Suit in his special briefcase.

"Alright, first day on the job and it's gonna be an op-meet-up." Yu surmised. "I'll get you signed into the system and get you clocked in." The phone in her hand buzzed as she perked up and looked at it. "Oh." She looked back to Peter. "Can she do that?"

"Who? Karen?" He asked, thankful that no one else was in here.

"Yes. Just sign me in and I will get your profile set up, along with proper billing and bank accounts filed." Karen replied in his earpiece. Yu looked down at her phone.

"Yeah, you overhearing our conversations is never not going to be creepy…" She mused aloud before grinning at Peter. "Come on! I even got you a little corner office next to mine!" She beamed, leading the way as Peter smiled.

"You didn't have to do that for me Yu, I-Oh wait, Mt. Lady." Peter corrected himself. "Sorry, it's going to take time to get used to calling you by your hero name while on the clock. Still, I appreciate it big time you invited me for the work study, Yu."

"No problem! In fact I'm overjoyed! I think with my size and your agility, we'll kick loads of ass." The blonde grinned ear to ear as the American rubbed the back of his head. "Wish you kinda came here for the internship too. But hey, I can't turn down an offer from a Top Ten." Yu pouted. "Even if it was from that cocky jerk…"

Peter winced. "Yeah…" He wasn't sure how to respond. If he had worked with Yu and her firm back then, there was no way he would have run into the same problems he had with Mirko. But then again…

What's done was done, and he was with Yu now. "I'm here now." Peter grinned. "And we have Edgeshot looking to merge with us. So I guess I… bring the Top Ten wherever I go?"

"Considering how much of a stir you've caused on social media and the hero message boards? Yeah, you tend to bring something wherever you may go." Yu said. "Like when people found out you took part in the I-Island Incident, some people were theorizing you were with Endeavor on some undercover mission." She led Peter along as, a rather dour looking and disheveled woman with bags under her eyes walked on past. She looked like she could be Aizawa's sister… Yu beamed. "Hanako, this is Peter Parker! My ward, and future sidekick for the agency! Peter, our secretary Yamanami Hanako!"

"Good afternoon," The woman bowed respectfully as Peter did so in kind.

"Just giving him a tour and taking him to his office!" She giggled.

"Sidekicks get offices?" Yamanami asked aloud, before settling her eyes on Peter before shrugging. "Does Kamui and DA know about it?"

"Yep." She led Peter along before Yamanami could respond as Peter cocked an eyebrow at his guardian.

"They're… cool with me having an office, right?"

"Kamui was, Arms wasn't since, ya know, rookies and stuff. But ehh screw it." Yu stated as they walked along, Peter noticing as they passed by a gym next to an office. "If you deserve it you deserve it. That's what I believe."

"Well, thanks."

"Don't mention it." Yu added, and he noticed her office with her plaque on it and… many solo magazine and article covers framed around her door. "Okay, this is my office and here." She led him to another room, this one more… spartan but having a PC, desk, chair, and a table too. "Is yours! Now, to take ya to the workshop for you to make your gadgets and gizmos aplenty." Peter perked up, grinning.

"Can I work in there as much as I want as a sidekick?" He asked.

"Damn right." She winked, and Peter made a note to memorize the place as he followed Yu. The woman had done so much for him over the last year… Adopting him. Caring for him. Having his back. This situation wasn't the same as when he lived with Aunt May.

But, if he ever had a big sister in another life, he wished it could have been Yu.

"Staring?" Karen mused in his ear as he followed behind, seeing Yu lead the way in her costume and his eyes traveled down to her legs and pos-Peter looked away, blushing.

"I'm fine." He muttered, pink on his cheeks as Yu looked back.

"Something up Peter?"

"Ah, just Karen asking how my office is."

"Don't worry, we'll spruce it up when you're settled in." Yu replied with pride. "Soon, you'll get plenty of photos to frame and hang around it."

"Not like I need it, but fair I suppose." Mr. Stark had art, framed photos, and other things back at Avengers HQ the one time he went there after stopping Mr. Toomes. Maybe he could do the same in that sense? They turned the corner, and Yu opened the door for him.

It was indeed a Support Lab but… not as open and varied as the one at UA. No 3D Printers.

"We don't usually use this place much. Only Arms when he has to brush up and tune his gauntlet, or if any of our costumes need stitching up." Yu mused. "But, you're welcome to go wild here. If you need any stuff for your gadgets and stuff, check with me and I'll buy them for ya."

"Thanks." Peter felt touched. "The UA lab does offer a lot, so I'll try to use that place for tuning up my suit, at least until we get better stuff in here."

"True, you are here for a month for the work study. But hey, you may come back later on after all." Yu leaned against the wall as Peter walked around the lab, checking out some of the toolboxes, the computer desk, and a workbench.

"This could work in helping make loads of web fluid." Peter commented as he walked around. "That way I won't make a mess in my room that I have to clean up."

"You mentioned that you used Karen to 'help out." Yu walked over, sitting on the workbench's edge. "I was wondering… maybe we can bring something to show Edgeshot and the others when they arrive. Can't Karen give us a full dossier so that Nighteye can't hide anything back from us?" Peter lifted an eyebrow.

"Don't trust him?"

"Would you?" She raised an eyebrow.

Peter thought for a moment…

Fair point there.

Nighteye didn't strike him as the upfront and lets all get along type.

"Peter, mind closing and locking the door?" Karen asked in his ear as Peter trotted over, doing just that and giving them the workshop all to themselves. "Splendid." Karen spoke out of Peter's phone.

"I didn't even see Peter turn the phone on speaker!" Yu said in surprise.

"Because you didn't have to." Karen spoke as Peter set Karen down on the bench between them. "Now, to answer your question, Mt. Lady. Yes, I could get in and acquire what information we need. That way we will be fully prepared for the operation. Just set me up, and I will make myself nice at home inside the Hero servers."

"Didn't you do that before at Mirko's?" Peter asked.

"She didn't have full access to the HPSC Servers. Do you have access, Yu?"

"I do, yeah. All of us do here.." She muttered.

"Perfect. Just plug me in, and I'll get to work." Peter and Yu looked up and smirked. "Perhaps I'll even comb over the security cameras too. I still have a backdoor into that from last time."

"Whoa, you can hack into security company servers?"

"Yes Yu. I can even find all the nuclear codes in America and put them on a crossword puzzle for anyone to solve."

"That was a joke."

"Your sense of humor needs serious work." Yu ran a hand through her hair.

"Noted. But yes, as long as the company is not tied to anything related to the military, as long as it serves to help Peter, I can backdoor my way into any server unseen and gain whatever information I can glean from it. All in compliance with my Ultron Safeguard."

"Just take what information we need on what Nighteye's doing." Peter said. "Anything to get bad guys off the streets can help."

"Will do, Peter."

"Ohhh yeah, it's all coming together. Super AI. You," Peter felt himself warm up under Yu's gaze. "I think this is the start of something special. Now, you go make a list of what you need down here in the workshop and you can head out shopping." She grinned as she went to the door. "Tomorrow morning, we're patrolling! Can't wait to show ya the best lunch spots too! I'm so excited!"

"Me too!" Peter couldn't help but share her enthusiasm. Tomorrow was going to be a loaded day. Patrolling with Yu, and then meeting up with Edgeshot and the meeting in Shinjuku for whatever that Nighteye wanted. "And Yu"

"Yeah Pete?"

"Thanks… just, working with you… I feel like it's gonna be great… Mt. Lady" Yu grinned ear to ear, fist-bumping him.

"Glad to hear it, Spider-Man."


It was getting late. How long had she been down here?

Power Loader was snoozing in his side office, so the pinkette was left to her own devices. She still had her little sleepaway in the vents above if she needed to, but right now, sleep was a waste of time.

Her hands were on her tools as she looked at the screen before her, guiding the robotic limbs with as much precision as she could force out of them. Clumsy things… Busy busy busy.

Scrapped and torn up parts from the scrapshed were littered behind her. Glass found, intricately carved with a laser for the lens. She had it all set up.

Zoom could only 'zoom' in so much.

Peter was right.

The module was something only I-Island had the tech to fix. And that wasn't exactly in her list of return vacation spots.

"It needs to be fixed. It needs to be fixed…" She muttered, guiding the robotic hands along as the wiring was carefully inserted. If her guess was correct, she might be able to craft a telescopic device capable of zooming in at least ten kilometers. Far beyond even what her quirk could bring.

If he had the Iron Spider then, he would be okay; his smile safe.

She heard that the work study program for Hero Course students had begun today. She already had a backlog of support requests to do.

She decided to just shove them onto the upperclassmen.

She had to fix it.

Fix it. She had an entire house-sized room worth of scrap and tech to salvage, dissect, and install. Not like she was in a cave with a box of scraps.

She had to fix it.

"I will fix it… I will fix it…" her tired yellow eyes continued to zoom in on the enhanced pixels, her mouth leaning to her straw to sip some cold coffee. Her breathing, the low beat of her heart, the whirr of the computers, the AC up above, and the circurity of the machines were the only noises in the room.

Stay awake.

Don't waste time.

Sleep was for the weak.

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