Minutes earlier…

"So you're… heroes?" The little girl, Eri asked as Peter sat inside the flat.

"Yep! We were brought along to help protect ya from the bad guys!" Kirishima, sitting by his side, exclaimed. Shoto was sitting by the window, gazing out across the street at the hospital that was abuzz with activity.

"Are they coming here?" Eri asked with a look of panic, and Kirishima could feel Mirko's light glare.

"Don't you worry kiddo, nothing's gonna happen." Mirko reassured, smiling lightly.

"Hopefully…" Eri muttered, Peter looking nervously at her and then to Mirko. She shook her head sadly as Peter looked at the little girl in overalls.

Peter heard the bathroom door open and turned, seeing Midoriya walk out with his red-coated fist. "Works." Izuku muttered, smiling as Peter noticed it. "Oh yeah, this is a new item Melissa made for me." He even held it up, and a large circular shield sprouted around it.

"Oh wow, that's sweet!" Kirishima exclaimed, getting up and checking it out. Even Eri was transfixed. Shoto and Momo had their heads turned as Izuku walked over.

"Where did that come from?" Eri asked curiously. "Is that your quirk?"

"This? Oh no, a friend made this." Izuku smiled brightly as he knelt down, showing off the red shield as Peter couldn't contain his grin inside his mask.

'I'd like to think Captain Rogers would like him.'

"You want to touch it?" Izuku asked as Eri did so, reaching out and touching the red metal. "It's made from micromachines. Tiny little machines we can't see when they're by themselves."

"So are they like air?" Eri asked, leaning close, face nearly pressed against the shield like she was trying to see the mini machines.

Momo was holding back, trying not to comment on the adorable sight.

"Ahhh not… exactly?" Izuku looked momentarily confused on how to properly explain. Mirko snorted out a laugh, a smile blooming across her face as she stared at the girl.

He'd… never seen her smile like that before.

"Not quite, kid." Mirko began to explain. "Even if air particles weren't small like the micro machines we still couldn't see them-"


"I didn't quite expect this," Momo whispered at Peter's side on the couch. "I'd heard Mirko-san was more… rough around the edges." She whispered.

He understood where she was coming from. "Oh she is." Peter replied. "Just not, all the edges, it seems." He nodded. Momo smiled slightly at the sight.

He smiled to himself and shrugged. "But hey, kids can do that… Maybe she wants one? She's getting there."

The sound Momo made was likely a startled laugh that she desperately tried to smother in its cradle, blushing in mortification as she clasped her hands over her mouth.

"I can hear you both by the way." Mirko said dryly while looking at them with a light glare, before a predatory smirk bloomed across her face.

'Way to go Pete, you'll be paying for that comment for days…' He thought to himself.

Then the phone began to ring. Mirko perked up and set Eri down on the couch as she got up, going over to the phone on the counter and picking it up. "What's up?" She asked.

'Peter. Bad news.' Karen said in his HUD as Peter sat up, the prior butterflies that were gathering in his stomach gone as Karen displayed a screen.

News camera and smartphone footage of a giant debris cloud. An ongoing huge battle. Gionoshi Ward?

Wait- Yu was in Gionoshi!

"... How bad?" Mirko whispered, and everyone in the room sat up in anticipation.

"Uhhh, did something happen?" Kirishima asked as Shoto got up from the window to check with Mirko. Izuku positioned himself by Eri and Momo stood up as Peter saw more images.

A mushroom cloud was forming from the massive explosion, windows being shattered and destroyed. Dust and debris blotted out the sun as city blocks were torn apart.

"We've got hostiles!" Shoto shouted, looking out the window.

Mirko was at his side in an instant, eyes widening as she saw something.

"Everyone gear up!" she ordered.

There wasn't any room for questions, the raw authority in her voice made everyone start acting immediately. Kirishima hardened his entire body where he stood while Momo summoned a bow staff from her arm, along with several flashbangs. Izuku's entire form was coated with that green lightning, and Peter felt a tingle right before Shoto gasped.

The boy slammed a hand against the wall, ice forming over the surface as thick as tank armor. Peter could see the edge of it going down out of the window.

"GET DOWN!" Mirko shouted.

Her legs tensed, jumping like her namesake. Bringing Shoto with her as she moved and tackled into Eri. The tingle exploded in Peter's head, the young hero leaping away from the window as he webbed up Momo, and Kirishima brought them in close to him as even Izuku shot away.

A second later, that side of the flat was demolished by concrete spikes, making a shotgun of ice splatter against the wall around him. Concrete continued to surge, blasting out as Peter slammed against the wall. The sound was deafening, and screams came forth from it.

Peter leapt up, helping his friends to their feet and scanning the cameras from Karen.

"We got five out front!" he called.

"What the hell was that?!" Kirishima exclaimed as Peter turned, seeing Mirko against the wall with Eri in her arms and Shoto by her legs.

"Quirk!" Mirko yelled out. "Keep sharp, some kind of manipulator. We-"

"Where are you Eri~!" Roared a voice over a loudspeaker, and Peter saw the girl's face freeze, eyes wide with terror.

Another explosion made the building quake around them, more screams emerging.

"People keep suffering because of you Eri. Come out and help them."

"He's here…!" She seemed to curl into a ball, shivering in terror as Izuku held onto her. Mirko's eyes hardened, the Rabbit Hero rising to her feet as Peter heard more explosions.

"Listen up, the Hassaikai are looking for Eri." She turned towards the green-haired boy. "You there, Deku right?" The boy perked up, nodding. "You're fast right, judging by your gear?" He nodded. "Take her, you're playing keep-away. No matter what, she stays out of their hands; got it?"

"Yes ma'am!" Izuku said, his arms wrapping around the shivering girl who seemed to be staring in mute horror at some vivid memory in front of her, tiny fists clutching at her head.

"He's here… He's here…" She uttered again and again.

"We need eyes out there. See who exactly is attacking." Mirko growled as Izuku began moving the other way. "Deku, go and hide. If all else fails, just run the other direction as fast as you can!" She called out, marching to the open gap as Peter followed along with her, Momo, Shoto, and Kirishima not far behind.

The entire boulevard was ravaged, a forest of surged asphalt and concrete spikes. At the far end was a similar wave of destruction.

Peter could see a man within the middle of it, two vans of individuals emptying out. They all wore masks, most of them wore plague doctor beak-masks as Peter heard the yelling and crying out.

"There you are…" Mirko growled.

Overhaul was the one with the loudspeaker and he looked like he had some armor, with his arms covered in beige bone plating and he… had four slender arms instead of one, his veins prominent.

Yet he was speaking not from his face… but from his hand. A zoom in on the HUD showed a mouth on the hand!?

"What the hell is his quirk?" Peter asked.

"Come out!" The man called from his hand. "Before I tear this entire city apart! You don't want to be a bad girl do you, Eri?"

"N-no. No I'm… I'm a bad girl. I'm-"

Before Eri could so much as say another word, Mirko had bounded over to her side, a hand over her head. She looked down at the girl and shook her head, peering down with a confident smirk.

"I'm picking up multiple people in need of immediate rescue." Karen said in his ear and Mirko turned, eyes wide.

"Who is that in your ear, Spidey?" She asked.

Peter winced. Not really the best time but no way around it. "My girl in the chair. Karen."

"Girl in the chair? Where the fu-screw it. Later." Mirko huffed. " Spider-Man, get the civilians out of here. You're the only one fast and strong enough to do so. Deku, get Eri out of here. Red Riot, get out there and give the villains something else to hit. Creati, Shoto, you're ranged support. Anything they're not punching you're making wish they were dead " Mirko uttered. She gripped the side of the wall, baring her teeth. "Birdface is mine…"

"Got it." Peter nodded, offering his arm as Momo hopped on.

"On my mark…" Mirko uttered, her thighs bulging with muscle as she angled herself towards the group. They hadn't spotted them yet.

"Now!" And she erupted, blasting out of the apartment like a missile and catching the four-armed monstrosity in the chest, sending him flying into his mountain of asphalt spikes with a crash. Peter aimed up, slinging to the wall of the hospital as his HUD updated, looking for the enemy.

He saw the glacier surge from Shoto and Kirishima roaring as he ran along the rooftops. "You're going down!" He yelled, hardening as an extra ice pillar emerged to give Kirishima a boost as he hardened up, coming down to the ground with a slam as the thugs scattered.


Kai snarled as he recovered with the taste of copper in his mouth, blasting aside stone and asphalt as he glared at the source of what hit him through several walls and spires of debris, covering him to the brim with dirt. He put a hand on his chest, remaking ribs and bruised organs as well as eliminating that filthy dirt.

Mirko stood there, stance low and legs spread as his men fanned out. "You're going down here, fucker." She snarled.

"I couldn't…" Kai's hands landed on the ground.

He'd already blasted apart Nemoto's body to give him extra durability, the Confession Quirk to try and guilt-lure Eri out, and an extra set of arms, which had proven fruitful. Had he been in his normal state, that one blow would've ended him instantly.

She was already rushing forward in a blur, foot going for his head. His arms grabbed hold of the ground which promptly exploded under them. Spikes appeared beneath her and between them, Kai letting himself fall into the now empty space to dodge the attack that pulverized concrete.

"AGREE MORE!" Stone and asphalt merged into a white and black swirl of debris and erupted down her path. Mirko leapt away, avoiding the strike as Kai smirked..

He saw a surge of ice break through the wall of concrete, and he snarled as he used his left hand, sending stone to collide with it. "Endeavor's brat huh?" He grit out, but his eyes were only on Mirko.

She launched another attack at him as Kai reacted in kind, his own arms lashing out to strike her and end this charade in one fell swoop.

Only for her to twist and contort her body, her feet driving at his shoulder. Kai's voice choked out,gargled with pain as he was sent flying along the ground. Snarling, his hand clasped onto his shoulder to repair his broken bones while the other caused the ground to crackle and shake.

With a yell, he swung it upwards, a wave of stone surging out in her direction.

He could take whatever she dished out. All he needed to do was wait for the right moment.

Retrieving Eri was paramount, but no matter how long it took, he refused to leave until Mirko was a literal stain on the ground.


Shoto bit back a curse as he slid down a glacier of his creation. A barrier-covered duo charging toward him. . He fired another bout of flame, but it washed over them once more, the barrier keeping them safe.

"Oh come on Tengai! Lemme feel something here will ya!" The bulkier Rappa barked.

"Boss's orders, no one's touching us if I can help it Rappa!" The smaller one, Tengai, said. Shoto snarled and fired another surging blast at them, but the orange hardlight barriers made his flame useless.


But, Rappa couldn't attack him with the barrier up. Shoto warmed up his frozen half, relocating to the ground as Rappa and Tengai went on the attack.

Shoto's ice immediately launched forward, the barrier quickly rising around them. Rather than be discouraged, Shoto poured on the ice as much as he could, wrapping the barrier in a thick cocoon of cold.

He heard Tengai shout out in distress, but Rappa laughed it off.

"Is that all…." The ice wall erupted into snow as Rappa charged forth like a raging bull, small chunks of ice falling off his fists. "Ya got!?"

'He's fast!'

Shoto barely had enough time to leap back and summon a thick coating of ice around his chest before he felt Rappa's fist crash straight into it. The ice armor absorbed some of the impact, and his last moment backstep softened it. But the strong arm still smashed into his gut. All the air in his body left him as he was sent flying down the road, skidding along the ground before he rolled into a heap. He coughed, trying to get his bearings.

'I think he cracked two of my ribs.' The young hero winced as he struggled to stand. 'I can't survive a direct hit from that guy. Gotta keep them at a distance.'

"Geez, you're a massive disappointment, you know that?" Barked the hulking Rappa as he marched towards him. "Number Two's kid!" He leered as Shoto lifted his eyes and glared. He saw movement out of the corner of his eye. He readied his flames…

And Rappa let out a shout of pain as Kirishima crash-landed on his back between his shoulder blades, having jumped from the roof down to the man as debris shot up and Shoto rose to his feet.

"Todoroki! Freeze him up!" Kirishima yelled, arms around Rappa's neck as he was in full Hardening. Rappa growled and tried to elbow the redhead in the gut. "I can take it!"

Shoto took a deep breath and fired his ice surge towards them, only for that orange barrier to appear and freeze over the barrier. He stopped while his heart went cold.


He was trapped inside with that Yakuza! Shoto unleashed his fire, the gout of flame melting the ice into steam as he could hear grunts over the torrent of flame. He stopped, and on time as Kirishima was sent flying over to him, landing in a heap.

"You okay?" Shoto yelled as the redhead rose up, a smile on his face as he had a hand to his stomach, which was still in its hardened state. However, Shoto could see visible cracks and bits of blood leaking out.

'Even with his Hardening he still took damage.'

"I'll live… what kind of man would I be if I let a few licks from him take me down!" He grinned dangerously as Shoto turned, Rappa casually walking through the steam, his partner not far behind him.

'This is bad. Neither one of us can handle a prolonged fight with the big one, and any attack we try the other one blocks. If we don't find a way around his barriers we're finished.'

Shoto quickly tried to think of some solution, though he was interrupted by the Yakuza pair shouting.

"If the boss didn't like you you'd be so fucking dead, Tengai." Rappa growled.

"I'm following orders to ensure you don't kill yourself, fool." Tengai sniped.

"Tch, no matter. Yo Firecrotch!" Rappa yelled. "Nice ambush hit there! Wanna go for a little fisticuffs, ey?" He said, raising his hands, gesturing them to come to him. "I'm down if you are! Mano e mano"

"We have a job to do, quit being such a bloodthirsty brute and kill them already!" Tengai chided.

"Hey, I can have fun on the job too, jackoff!"

"The big guy hits like a truck, but that barrier is an issue…" Shoto murmured. "We need to separate them."

"Obviously." Kirishima uttered as he rolled his neck. "Let me at the big guy. You find a way to neutralize that monk there." He smashed his fist into his palm.

"You going to be okay? Facing him alone?" Shoto asked. Kirishima's hardening became more pronounced in his arms and face, like a boxing faceguard. Even his EYES looked hardened over!

"We got a job to do here Todoroki, and what's the word Ace would use? Divide and conquer?" He smirked as Shoto blinked and then looked back. "Don't worry about cooking me with your flames or freezing me up. Just take out that monk guy. Once you do that, Rappa there is cooked." His sharpened eye went over to him. "Don't worry about me. I can take it." And Kirishima marched ahead.

Despite Kirishima's confidence, Shoto wasn't convinced. 'There has to be some kind of way around that barrier. Every quirk has some kind of weakness. I just need to figure his out.'

"Ohhh? You gonna come at me Red? Awesome, what's your name?" Rappa smirked, cracking his knuckles.

"My name is Red Riot! The Hero that will be the better man today, and the one who will…" His arms hardened more. "Defeat you!" Kirishima charged.

"THAT'S THE SPIRIT! I LIKE YOU!" Rappa yelled, and threw his punch as Kirishima followed suit. Fist met glowing golden barrier before Shoto surged forward on his ice and fired his flame at Tengai.

Sadly Tengai simply summoned another barrier around himself while maintaining the one around Rappa.

"It's pointless to try, boy." Tengai spoke with pride. "If you believed I was limited to a single barrier, then you gravely miscalculated."

Shoto grit his teeth angrily at the sight of the shield. 'Damnit, he has to have a weakness. Something, anything!'

Shoto scanned his opponent's quirk over and over for some kind of hole in the barrier…and finally an idea formed as he looked to the ground by Tengai's feet. Shoto smirked.

'Gotcha.' He slammed his foot down, sending a wave of ice across the ground right towards Tengai.

"Again, how many times must you be reminded that it's pointless?"

Again the ice was blocked, only covering the ground around the barrier as opposed to Tengai. However, Shoto's smirk grew as he then stomped with his other foot, unleashing a torrent of his flames in the same direction.

Just like before, Tengai's barrier held. "And again you prove the futility of…" A loud cracking immediately caused his eyes to widen as they dropped to the ground below his feet, now cracking rapidly due to the sudden shift in temperature.

"DAMNIT!" Tengai quickly released his barriers and he leapt back, just as the ground where he'd been standing finally gave way revealing the sewers below, leaving Shoto smirking.

"Ohhh thank fuck! Appreciate it Number Two kid! Finally! Let's fucking rock and roll!" Rappa yelled as his barrier dissipated. "Show me the kind of man you wanna be!"

"BRING IT!" Kirishima shouted, yelling as he tried to fight back. Shoto lashed out a wave of ice towards them, but Rappa saw it coming and turned, firing punches galore to stop the surge.

"Hey hey hey now! Don't interfere!" Rappa yelled. "This is-Ogh!" Shoto smirked as Rappa got a kidney shot to the gut from Kirishima's blow. The man grunted, Kirishima yelling as he began to strike at his head.

But Rappa was quick and fast, launching a fast jab and then jumping after the stunned Kirishima before the ice surge could overtake his boots.

Shoto growled before he heard the click of a gun.

He fell to the ground behind some debris, and avoided a gunshot coming out of the flames.

"I may loathe firearms… but you're leaving me no choice, boy." Tengai growled as he walked through the flames, his barrier surrounding him as he held a pistol in his hand.

The only way Rappa would go down was if he helped Kirishima; his reach, speed, and power far exceeded that of his classmate. Tengai could only use the barrier on himself or on another target, and had to be close to him. And now he had a firearm, and was willing to shoot to kill.

Shoto needed to resolve this problem fast.


It was absolute bedlam, and Izuku did his best to keep the girl in his arms calm. "It's going to be okay. I'm right here. We'll get you out of here." He reassured her as he exited the complex through one of the windows and began running. Eri was still in his arms, but he could feel her breathing hard.

"He's here… he's here for me… here for me" She uttered, eyes ready to erupt into tears as Izuku instinctively put a hand to her head and petted her.

"It's okay. We'll protect you, no matter what." He assured her, smiling as she looked up with those big soft eyes of hers. He heard screaming out on the main road, and his heart clenched. The swinging visage of Peter rescuing civilians by getting them away from the morass of stone spikes and ice gave him ease.

He heard something move and turned, seeing a light from the wall fall down and crash to the ground. Was it the battle?

He heard stone being crunched and looked for a possible route. Though he wanted to simply flee to a possible safe location, given the devastation at the moment, there were few if any to think of. Part of him debated heading to All Might's location, however he feared even that wasn't an option given the mushroom cloud of dust over in Gionoshi. For now the best he could do is put as much distance between Eri and the Hassaikai.

His body glowed with One for All, started leaping, bouncing off a nearby wall to reach the roof of the building to flee from a high vantage point. However, as his feet made contact, the stone suddenly turned into putty.

"Give the girl back to us, you brat!" A voice that seemed to come from all around them growled. Izuku felt a shadow over him as he looked up.

He dodged a swiping hand, a hulking, muscular man with a plague doctor-like mask loomed above them between the two buildings.

"Hand her over and no one else gets hurt, kid." The hulking brute stated.

"'Cept for Mirko! Bitch is gonna get what's coming to her for breaking the boss's spine like she did!" The other one snarled, and Izuku noticed how his voice came from everywhere.

Matter manipulation and control? No, had to be inorganic.

"Bad guys… Rikiya and Mimic…" Eri uttered in fear, and Izuku kept the girl close as he tapped on his wristwatch. The Full Gauntlet emerged, encasing his left arm as he channeled One for All. The glove seemed to glow with it.

Fifteen… twenty percent.

Twenty… twenty-three percent!

He looked up at the brute and leapt after him, lashing at his face with Black Whip, and recalling Peter's movements, reeled him in and caused him to buckle to the putty-like ground. Izuku's flying iron-sole came smashing into his opponent's face as Rikiya was sent flying. Izuku landed on the roof only for it to morph and rise up. A wave of putty and stone trying to smother him. He bolted away, landing on another rooftop.

"Way to go, Rikiya!" Scolded the voice. "I had him trapped and you had to give him a fucking out!"

"Grrrrn…" The brute with the gloves, Rikiya, growled as Izuku took stock of the situation. The other voice must be Mimic.

He turned and began to leg it, his eyes scanning the battlefield, or at least a partial view of it. Stone spires, glaciers, and gouts of flame could be seen in the distance. All around his eyes looked for someone to offer him some support.

"Guys, two of the Hassaikai are after me and I can't fight them both while I've got Eri with me."

"Little busy right now." Shoto's strained voice echoed in his earpiece.

"I'm providing Mirko with what support I can. I'm sorry Midoriya but I can't help right now." Momo's response caused Izuku's heart to drop further.

"I'm still trying to get some civilians to clear out. I'll meet up with you as soon as I can, just try to hold out for a few more minutes Midori!" Peter offered, though from his voice he sounded less than happy about it.

It was clear for the moment, Izuku was on his own. The city was in chaos and all available heroes were busy either saving people or fighting villains. He can see smoke in the distance, clearly some thugs causing a ruckus during all the chaos in Gionoshi and here in Kawasaki.

"Only one thing I can do." Izuku tightened his grip on Eri, as his mind quickly set about forming a plan.

He had his job, and that was to get Eri as far away from here as possible.

Immediately he zeroed in on a nearby building.

'There doesn't seem to be a lot of smoke rising in that direction, meaning it's possible it has the least amount of villain activity right now. If I head in that direction, I might be able to at least find some other heroes to help me out.'

Plan ready, he launched one of his Black Whips, wrapping it around the roof and pulling towards it.

However, as he got closer the roof started to warp and shift, forming a massive hand that reached out for the pair.

"YOU WON'T ESCAPE!" Mimic roared.

Barely able to reach, Izuku quickly wrapped another tendril around one of the hand's fingers and swung forward, extending his foot out while bracing Eri against his chest.

"SMASH!" He rocketed clear through the massive stone and concrete limb. Quickly leaning forward he immediately crouched and rocketed forward towards the next building.

"Where do you think you're going, brat!"

He felt a shadow loom, and he dodged away from a punch. The hulking brute known as Rikiya roared, charging after him and swiping as Izuku's glove morphed into a shield. He flung it at the man like a frisbee, wire attached, catching him upside the head as the brute grunted, staggering away. Izuku felt the ground shift again as the Micromachine shield returned, and jumped away to avoid spikes.

"You could have killed her!" Izuku barked, anger flaring as Eri held onto him, silent but shivering in his arms.

"What I'm doing might as well be a bed of roses to what the Boss already did to her!" Mimic goaded. "If she loses a limb, all I gotta do is get her to the boss and she'll be right as rain!"

Izuku felt his blood turn cold as the cement wave surged towards him and he leapt atop another building, Rikiya charging on his tail while Izuku avoided his swipes. He didn't seem to be punching despite the gloves, it seemed like he was trying to touch him. Had to be quirk related.

"Quit scampering, you damn rat!" Rikiya roared and Izuku lifted his head, anger in his emerald eyes as he lashed out with his Black Whip at both the giant's arms and spreading them out, before immediately slingshots himself forward, plowing both of his feet square into his chest.


Rikiya looked up just in time to take Izuku's iron greaves to the chest as Izuku roared, sending him flying into another building, crashing through the wall and through the interior, finally flying out the other side and crashing into the ground below.

The roof surged again in another attempt to entrap him as Izuku bolted away. The roof and the entire apartment began to change, forming into a monstrous looking face and mouth.

"GIVE HER BACK!" Mimic bellowed as Izuku glared down at the encroaching mass of concrete and steel before bolting away.

Get her out of there, no matter what.

"Midoriya." Said a voice coming from his phone, and Izuku did a double take. He'd never turned it on.


"K-Karen?" Eri asked.

"Listen to me, I'm trying to coordinate with you all here. I have a database on these Yakuza, this Shie Hassaikai. The one you are battling now is Mimic. His quirk allows him to affect any inorganic object and control it at will, but usually only enough mass equal to the size of a refrigerator. If he's doing that sort of thing with apartment buildings, then his quirk has to be boosted." His phone said on speaker as Izuku put it together.

"Trigger." Izuku said aloud.

"Correct, it's likely that the Hassaikai has access to those drugs. I'm also in contact and informing the others on this too."

The apartment merged back to normal, and Izuku saw the building he was on beginning to shift.

"So he has to be in a certain object to control it, with Trigger he can expand his range from a 'wall' to a 'building!'" He bolted, avoiding the surging dough-like wave as he lashed out with his Black Whip, latching onto a taller building and zipping away, Eri still in his arm. He landed on the building, looking away as his previous location merged back to normal. He was a block away from the cluster of buildings, a large street separating him as he looked down, barely catching sight of a face pop out of the building as if it was someone poking their head above water. An older man with wild, spiky blonde hair and an absolutely crazed expression glowered up at him.

"You're NEVER getting away from me BRAT!"

His head immediately sunk back in and Izuku could barely make out some kind of disturbance in the wall slithering down and into the ground, sidewalk and then the road.

He can affect streets too?!

The black asphalt rippled before hundreds of meters of road began to rise up, morphing into countless rods to trap him. Izuku leapt away and lashed out with Black Whip to ensnare a lamppost, reeling in the line before he landed on the sidewalk. The asphalt continued to merge and morph, yet the concrete sidewalk remained the same. It seemed like he couldn't control a 'sidewalk' as well as a 'street!' Had to be one at a time!

Immediately a familiar voice echoed in his ear. "Midoriya, I have an idea."


"There's a police force gathering on the other side of the hospital where they are doing evacuations. If there's a place to drop off Eri it's there. They have a route planned for evacuation to nearby hospitals and is guarded by heroes too." Karen elaborated. Izuku considered the plan in his head.

He stood near a business center, having got away from a cluster of buildings with an apartment complex. Then the street that was the site of Overhaul and Mirko's battle. The hospital. And behind that was the police encampment helping evacuate the medical staff.

The best and fastest way to help his friends was to go in a straight line, circle the battlefield, pass over the hospital, and then rendezvous with the police. Eri would be safe there.

Sucks he had to double back where he came from, but there was more smoke and chaos in his part of town. And he could get backup from Yaoyorozu and Parker.

"Got it. I know where to go!"

"Perfect, I'll guide you." Karen said as Izuku saw the rushing form of Rikiya which was charging forth like a raging bull on the roof.

"Hey kid!" A hero on a hover skateboard with some kind of techno-backpack with a corded hose yelled from nearby. "We got your back!"

"Yeah, leave it to us!" The towering long-necked Giraffe hero stated as he was decked out in a karate gi.

"Protoboard! Giga Raffe!" Izuku exclaimed, recognizing the heroes from his research.

Izuku nodded. He began to run, but Rikiya was on his tail. The concrete morphed, and Protoboard fired his electro beams from his hose at it, but the enemy swerved out of the way. Giga Raffe charged at Rikiya, but the brute avoided his horned headbutt and grabbed him!

"Midoriya don't let him touch him!" Karen almost screamed.

"What why?"

"His name is Katsukame Rikiya, his quirk is known as Energy Drain and allows him to drain the vitality from anyone he touches."

Izuku immediately felt his blood go cold. "Oh no."

"Gah! Wha…What the he…" Giga Raffe muttered and Izuku looked back, seeing the giraffe man slump down against the brute's arms and Rikiya… was growing bigger!

"Ahhh finally! Fresh juice!" Rikiya's muscles bulged before he batted Raffe away. He collided with Protoboard, sending them flying into the building. Rikiya charged at Izuku to resume the chase.

"He's faster!" Izuku bolted away, avoiding a smashing grab as Rikiya turned his beaked face, eyes narrowed but curved in dark glee as Izuku began to leg it.

"GET THAT LI'L SHIT!" Mimic roared as Rikiya charged like a raging bull, Izuku running back to the battle with a roided-out villain and a psychopathic maniac on his tail.

Rikiya has a vitality and strength theft quirk; if he led him to the police encampment, the various officers, doctors, and patients trying to escape would be easy prey. Easy leveling up in power. And Mimic can lay waste to countless lives with his Trigger-boosted Quirk!

Even with Eri in his arms, he had to find a way to defeat them here and now!


Momo loaded more web balls into the baseball launcher, turned the device around and aimed as she looked out of the window into the street below. This side of Kawasaki was becoming close to a warzone now. One composed of stone spires, glaciers, buildings being bunched up, and exploding cars. She could hear the bedlam of the hospital going on behind her, many of the nurses and doctors evacuating patients on the other side.

All she could do now was provide ranged support for Mirko, who was locked in battle against the leader of the Shie Hassaikai, Overhaul. She had sent several of his other goons flying out of the battleground and into buildings with well-placed kicks that could have made All Might flinch if she had bet money.

But whatever blow she would land on Overhaul, the masked man always seemed intent on getting back up, using his quirk to quickly repair any damage done. However, after the initial salvo of blows, he was more keen on keeping his distance, likely only being able to use his quirk so many times before he overtaxed himself.

Hence her dropping the paintball sniper rifle with web fluid for a baseball launcher.

Mirko's ears would allow her to hear them coming, and she used the openings to pester Overhaul and keep him on the move rather than confined to one spot.

She reached into her utility belt, looking for her 5000 calorie nutrient bar. She dug into it to replenish her lipids before she loaded up the launcher. If she could just get Overhaul smothered in the fluid, that might allow Mirko to go in for a knockout blow. At this point, she could see how the fight would end.

With Overhaul either disassembling Mirko, or the Rabbit Hero close to knocking his head off his shoulders. But the situation was very much akin to the Hero and Villain Dilemma.

A Hero needed to keep winning.

A villain only needed to win ONCE and it would all come crashing down.

She opened fire, a barrage of web-balls flew towards Mirko and Overhaul's arena. The Rabbit Hero's ears picked up on it and jumped away, but Overhaul ducked into cover to avoid being smattered by the fluid, conjuring more rock to protect himself.


"Momo." Said a voice that made the girl jump, her hand conjuring up a taser as she turned. Looking to the side, she noticed a small flying… drone?

With it looking very… spider-like.

"Perhaps I can be of assistance." Momo blinked.


"Yes, Peter sent me. We must act fast though. The others have their hands full with the other members. And I have an idea so that we can not only relay communication to our allies, but we can act as overwatch and support. You and me." Momo perked up.

"But how?"

"Check your phone. Disregard the multiple calls I've made." Karen replied, and Momo reached into her utility belt to pull it out. She saw an email notification (didn't she turn that off?) and went to it.

There was an email there, and inside a PDF that displayed a blueprint and… components. She saw the name and the make.

Spider-Drone Mk 2. Stark Industries. Avengers-Grade.

"Stark Industries?" Momo muttered. An explosion of stone which made the hospital shake caused the girl to shut up. "Okay, I have a vague idea how to make these but I'm going to need to store up on lipids." The girl rose to her feet, her stomach glowing as she looked at her phone, memorizing the components, parts, and materials needed to replicate such a device. The wiring. The exoskeleton. The power system. All the intricate ingredients needed to create a working drone.

"There's a vending machine down the hall. I suggest making a baseball bat, destroying it and tearing into each and every snack inside." Momo got up and began trotting. "It's better than firing blindly with an artillery launcher with Peter's web fluid." The drone floated alongside the girl as she legged it, making a metal baseball and wailing on a vending machine to shatter the glass. She grabbed a nearby gurney, and got to placing as much of the snacks on it as possible.

"How many should we make?" Momo mused.

"As many as you can. The drones you'll be creating will have a BlueTooth function and full power battery inside them. All those components should consume more lipids than usual." She tore into a potato chip bag and began eating. "Even then I imagine the limited quantity of the snacks here may not be enough." The black-haired beauty turned and noticed.

Yeah, the machine hadn't been restocked. Only a combined twenty-five or so snack packages of varying chips, cookies, pop tarts and other junk food had been inside it. While relatively high in calories, such a small stock would be burned up quickly.

"I highly suggest the hospital food. We have our snacks on a gurney, and start wheeling it to the cafeteria."

Momo blanched.

Hospital food! That was… unthinkable.

An explosion outside made her wince.


"Once you make the drones, have them sync to your phone with the flip of the button. That way, I will be able to commandeer them." Karen's tone indicated a smirk. "In a way, I'm fulfilling what my sister would have done."

"Your… sister?"

"Long story. Let's get moving." Momo got all the snacks onto a nearby gurney and began wheeling it down the hall, cookie in her mouth. May as well enjoy the sweets before she would have to gorge on… whatever the hospital had.

From her bosom, the first drone she created using the blueprint as a basis was created and Momo could feel it. It took far more lipids to make that than a web fluid ball salvo. The drone plopped onto a gurney pillow, and she flipped the switch as it turned on, lights flickering.

"Syncing now." Karen declared. The drone came to life, legs parting and propellers moving as it took to the hallway, angling towards a cracked open window.


"Okay, last ones!" Peter said as he deposited the last two civilians on the street, the medical personnel twenty meters away gesturing to the old couple. Two nurses with a policeman ran up to escort them.

"Thank you hero! So much!" The old man said as he was guided away by them. The policeman looked to Peter, his skin a soft bronze with his hair blue.

"We're grateful. We're getting the patients and anyone hurt in that battle to nearby clinics or the next hospital." He said as Peter perked up.

"Awesome. Keep up the good work, officer!" Peter waved as he turned, his HUD showing a side screen of Momo.

"I'm collaborating with Momo now on creating more drones." Karen replied. "She's going through the vending machine food as we speak. After which, she will go to the hospital cafeteria and go through the food options there in the kitchen."

"Sounds good." He leapt up along the wall with a web sling, running along it and curving around the corner as he could see the battleground before him. A mass of contorted buildings, stone spires and glaciers formed what was once a busy boulevard. He had been running rampant to get the civilians out and to the medical camp on the other side of the hospital, away from the fighting.

"Right now I'm playing coordinator with other police forces to form a barrier around these few blocks."

A map of Kawasaki appeared, with red glowing lines coming together to form a barricade down each street and far away from the battleground. "The villains won't escape without a fight."

"Any heroes?" Peter asked as his eyes scanned the battlefield from his perch atop a lightpost.

"Nearby heroes en route. Some are coordinating with police, but they have ways to get here. The mass panic and uprising set off by the Hassaikai is causing major traffic jams. I had to backdoor my way through the public channels from the traffic cameras to manipulate the stoplights. They're completely ill-prepared to handle a villain attack of this magnitude."

"Won't they notice you?" Peter asked.

"We'll cross that bridge if we get there."

"Okay, time to give back up to Mir-"

Peter felt his spider sense flare before he leapt off. He caught the sight of someone leaping up and chomping at the top of his lamppost as he landed, and stumbled a bit.

What's this feeling? Why did he feel a little woozy?

And the top of the lamppost was eaten, the man landing on all fours and chomping through metal as it melted in his mouth!? His head was covered by a ratty-looking bag save for two bloodshot eyes as he looked like a homeless addict..

"Those are some chompers on ya!" Peter exclaimed as his spider sense flared again, and he dodged an airborne car as it crashed into the hospital wall.

"Eat! Eat Eat eat eaaaaat!" The masked man raved, down on all fours as he charged.

"You won't escape so easily! Hero!" Shouted a new voice as Peter avoided a dumpster being thrown at him next, and jumped over Bag-head and kicked him in the back of the skull to propel himself towards the brute who was chucking things his way.

It was a muscular looking baldy, with crystal-like protrusions coming out of his arms, chest, and neck, eyes hidden in shadow as he glared at him.

Peter lashed out with his web, catching him in the leg and pulling him to the ground with a thud. He felt Bag-Head charge from behind as he avoided the blow, seeing how wild and crazed his opponent was as Peter bent backwards like a limbo dancer. He grabbed Bag-Head by his leg, and chucked him into the stone spire. Bag-Head yelped before collapsing with a snarl.

"Okay, time to tie ya up!" Peter lashed out with his web, binding the Bag-Head to the ground as he acted more like a ravenous animal, Peter making sure to fire one last burst to clamp his mouth shut while making sure to avoid his nose so he could breathe. He heard footsteps and turned, dodging and swerving against every punch from Crystal Dude. His opponent pulled out a pencil.

"Seriously?" Peter asked, before it glowed.

The pencil was quickly replaced with an oily looking knife as he dodged and avoided the jabs from Crystal Dude, and Peter responded with a quick punch to the chest, sending the man flying with a cry.

"Okay that's new." His HUD came alive, tracking any heat signatures around the teenager. One heat signature showing someone in the dumpster, civilian or someone else, Peter couldn't tell.

Well, better be safe.

"If you're a villain in that dumpster, can you let me know? Consider it your good deed for the day!"

Peter webbed a trashcan, and felt everything go woozy again as his projectile hit nothing, the crystal dude managing to duck and roll out of the way. His senses flared, getting rid of the feeling and he ducked something that went over his head. Peter turned, seeing someone with a Bag-Head rave and bark before Peter tapped on a button on his web shooters, changing the mode.

"N-night night." Two electro web pods lashed out, making Bag-Head spasm and convulse from the electrical currents before he slumped down. He webbed up the dumpster, yanking it as someone came flying out and landing on the ground from the sudden motion. It was a thug in a beak like mask with blonde hair.

"What… the hell are you?!" Blonde Mask called out as Peter turned, seeing him looking at him with fear. "Since when the hell was some kid this strong!?"

"I'm Spider-Man buddy." Peter said back.

"I'll gut you!" Blonde Mask called, crying out as Peter took a step to the side and punched him right in the kidneys from behind. The man crumpled like a stringless puppet, coughing before collapsing and gasping for air. Peter saw the heat signature behind the spire retreat, legging it out of here.

"B-but how?" The blonde struggled to move, barely able to handle the blow to his abdomen. "That quirk should've had you stumbling around all over the place!"

"Peter, according to the database, he's likely referring to one Sakaki Deidoro. A member of the Eight Precepts whose Quirk, Sloshed, allows him to subject nearby individuals to the kind of dizziness and inhibited sense of balance that normally comes from being intoxicated."

'Oh, now I get it.' Peter's mind briefly flashed back to his rather embarrassing little display to his classmates thanks to a little chocolate. "Yeah, sorry buddy but I'm probably the worst person to try that kind of thing on."

"What'd you mean?" Blonde managed to turn his head enough to look Peter in the eye.

He didn't bother answering; He fired a barrage of web blobs at the blonde, sticking him in place. Peter took a deep breath and took a webline to the top of the spire. He could see several Drones flying out of the cracked hospital windows. Momo was definitely keeping herself busy.

He landed, and saw the massive shape of a villain charging from the rooftops, buildings morphing as if it was a moving underground wave right behind him, with a glowing green shape holding a bundle in white.

"Midori!" Peter called out as he jumped from spire to spire.

He saw the wave bend and move where he once was. He saw Mirko's leg outstretched as if to kick that building sized-mass of asphalt and stone away from him.

And Overhaul was closing in on her.


They said it takes two to tango, but in a dance of death, Mirko was starting to feel that if she ever heard that phrase again the speaker would be kissing her foot. Right when she slammed it into their mouth. Hard.

The entire boulevard where she'd been fighting with Overhaul was unrecognizable by now; a fusion of shattered concrete, twisted asphalt, and bent steel. She leapt around the battlefield to avoid his surging stone spikes. Every time she tried to come in for a kick that would fold a battle tank in two, he would conjure up stone barriers to defend himself.

Even through that she was able to hurt him sometimes; she'd already snapped his arms twice; he'd howled in agony before he 'repaired' the damage but she couldn't seal the proverbial deal; and now he was trying to keep her at a distance. He had the advantage at range if only because she didn't have anything that could hurt him easily at a distance, but she was just faster than his reactions.

Now they were at an impasse.

Another mass of stone shot towards her and Mirko leapt up, avoiding the instantaneous shift of flat surface into spikes.

She could feel the abrasions, lesions, and contusions continue to build up on her legs and her arms, a thousand little scratches that piled up enough to be considered 'real' damage. Adrenaline was masking it; probably more than she realized but it ran the risk of slowing her down.

They'd both been trying to win the battle fast. Him because he knew backup was on the way, and she because she knew the longer it went on the more people would get hurt; but she didn't have the "firepower" to seal the deal; not without risking her own instantaneous death at his hand.

So now; they were down to attrition. A condition that set things firmly in her favor, especially with Civilians having finally run or been pulled out of the firing line by Parker.

She just had to outlast him.

She could hold out, Overhaul couldn't. Not when there'd be more heroes en route. The sirens of additional police forces were converging on their location even now

She smirked. "For a big bad Yakuza, you sure are pretty pathetic ya know that right?" She mocked before the stone dome around Overhaul erupted into a stone surge. She saw the fury in his eyes as she leapt out of the way.

As the earth converged like two waves about to crash, she twirled and slammed against it with her heel in a kick, destroying it as she bounced off.

But the steel spikes that emerged sought her hip and shoulder, getting close as she avoided the 'hallway' he was trying to make. She landed atop a building, seeing the stone crumble as the mask-wearing villain glared at her.

"You trying to kill me or bore me, beakface?!" Her muscles bulged on her legs, ready to move in an instant. She'd need to be quick to keep her distance.

"You sick heroes… need to be cremated!" Overhaul roared, firing a wave of debris and stone at her as she took off, destroying the roof of the building she was on…

A single loud boom rang through the air as she put all of her strength into her lunge. Gravity and her own legs push her down the side of the building, smashing miniature holes into the concrete and cement as she ran down. The wave of material followed her, tons of solid brick and steel coming down around her. The world blurred, and right before the ground came up, she kicked again, launching off the wall towards the monster.

His reactions were practiced, experienced, but he was too slow even with his hands. Mirko hit the man's arm with a flying knee as fast as a jet fighter, skidding along the ground as Overhaul was slammed against a bus. She heard him gargle and cry out in agony.

Given the sensation she'd felt on contact, she was pretty confident she'd shattered most of his ribs with that hit. She considered for the briefest of moments rushing forward to try and seal the deal when she noted him listing to his side, one hand clearly touching the ground where she couldn't see. Pain or a trap? Ultimately she didn't dare risk it.

He only needed to "catch her" once.

She huffed out a breath, feeling her muscles ache in her thighs. That was a big explosive burst, rabbits could move but unlike natural humans the built in limiters that kept their muscles from tearing themselves apart with their strength weren't quite as strong and that last burst of movement was gonna start hurting soon.

Suddenly; she heard screaming, her ears twitching as she turned.

Whirling towards the sound; a building was contorting in on itself as she saw Deku trying to avoid the big hulking beak-villain's grasp, and the building under him was shifting to help the giant villain capture Deku and Eri.


Then; the giant lunging for Deku got a faceful of web, skull and mask getting yanked by Parker as he swooped in with a powerful kick sending the brute sailing straight down into the undulating building with a howl of pain and anger.

Her ears twitched again, movement behind her, Overhaul. She lunged to the side, avoiding a pillar of twisted steel and coiled debris; she rolled to a stop on mutated earth but as she turned her eyes towards where she last heard the villain- he was gone.


Her every hair stood on end, ears standing high atop her head-


Her head moved on a swivel and she heard again the commotion going on with Eri, Deku's body slamming into concrete, twisting, Eri in his arms, Peter now dodging and weaving in the melee with the villains right next to him.

Suddenly- it hit her.


Eri was the priority.

She could hear the fight.

But from where he'd been sitting Overhaul saw her.

She was already turning, already running; nearly three city blocks away. How much distance could Overhaul cover with his quirk if he used it for transport? She didn't know- she had to be faster!

Her muscles bulged and move, a single leap nearly carried her to the roof of a building, a second halfway across the road and towards the next.

Her arms latched onto a fire escape, swinging across the rails before her feet slammed hard onto metal, a leap off the bars, two more off the encroaching walls of the alley and she was over the edge of the rooftops again.

Behind Deku, the walls of the building began to bulge.

"GET CLEAR!" Mirko screamed as loud as she could- her ears ringing, muscles burning, praying that the boy would hear her.

Whether he did, or he had good instincts or Parker's Spider Sense warned him; whatever the reason, he did move, leaping forward and away, clutching Eri to his chest, shielding her with his own body as the entire building exploded outwards. A surge of brick, furniture, water, wood, pipes, concrete, glass metal and everything else fell like rain across the whole boulevard. Chunks of literal building sized boulders and debris falling over them.

Mirko jumped, her kick smashing away one chunk of building to smash it into another like billiard balls, sending the crushing hunk of stone off course and away from Izuku and Eri catching Peter swinging and twisting between falling masonry on his own. Everything blurred around her, the noise was deafening, but she could still see a hand reaching out of the ground for Deku, looking to grab him as he landed.

With a crackling surge of black energy the boy reeled himself away as the villain swiped at him, his body over extending out of the ground. Mirko leapt off a piece of debris, its mass enough to give her a platform as she lunged straight down.

The bastard didn't have time to react.

It was like a bomb went off. The offending villain's arm was shattered. Shards of bone and pulped meat making the limb look inhuman as it flopped like a dead fish held in a skin sack.

The thug screamed, His whole body twisting and contorting out of the ground, raw agony making him seemingly lose control of his whole being as he convulsed in pain. Mirko pirouetted on one foot her other cocking back and delivering a straight kick to the man's face that silenced him- permanently.

Then- the ground vanished.

She had no time to react. No time to leap. The floor opened up like a maw and she was falling into black.

She realized- too late, what happened.

The man was bait-

Her eyes widened.

Either Deku would have been caught. Or she'd have done, exactly what he thought she would have.

Neutralize the threat.

As the now dead villain's neck let his head flop unnaturally onto his shoulders, Mirko fell down into the open hole, seeing it rapidly beginning to close around her the force of the kick she'd already committed sent her spiraling

And like the jaws of a beast- the trap finally slammed shut. Concrete came in, and she moved with what little leverage she could gain. One foot slammed onto a 'tooth', smashing it to concrete dust, giving her enough momentum to twist.

A lance of stone gored her side, another punching through her calve, a third through the shoulder, she screamed as she got one foot down beneath her, and pushed.

Her one foot slammed into another concrete tooth, its jagged edge tearing at the sole of her foot, the stone lances breaking off still in her body but the maw slammed shut without her inside of it.

She heard the screams from the others, Deku and Parker, her red blood staining her uniform, falling like water droplets.

It hurt, she hurt.

Her fingers reached, grabbing hold of the edge of a rooftop, breathing heavy, her body shaking; adrenaline, pain- damage. Maybe all of them.

Then- she felt fingers at her wrist.

Her blood turned to ice in her veins.

Her eyes snapped up, her sharp ears picked up the sound of Deku crying out a warning, Parker's webs firing off to try and reach her…

Eri's scream of raw, unbridled horror.

Overhaul leered through the darkness; eyes shining with malicious hateful triumph.

"Got you."

She didn't have time to act, time to move.

She felt her skin begin to crack and only had the brief flash of her final, mournful thought-

'I'm sorry.'

And she was gone.


Her blood was warm.

The thought was disgusting, sickening; but as Mirko's body vanished before his eyes, and the red liquid spattered across his face and chest- the sensation of her blood sinking into his costume was gut churning… horrifying.

Peter's arm hung limply there, the final web shot needed to grab hold of Overhaul's wrist lingering just a second too late.

He felt a gorge rising at the back of his throat, his stomach heaving. Most of all he felt…


The wall crumbled away, like dust in the wind as did the building.

"I'm done playing with you brats." The monster marched out, and Peter could see his body changing, altering. Extra limbs and size, his body twisting.

And he realized what was happening.

That was Mirko… being used… to make this monster even stronger.

Acid burned across his entire chest and mouth, horror still present… rapidly being replaced by something else entirely.

"You're going to hand Eri back to me, or I'm going to turn every last one of you to dust piece by fucking piece!" he bellowed from his beak, which opened like a demonic maw.

Eri sobbed, her screams sounding absolutely horrifying even to his dulled and distant mind. Izuku was silent, mouth agog as he shook in pure shock and terror.

He felt his breath catch, something in his chest tighten, his vision swimming with the orange skies of Titan hanging overhead.

He didn't see Overhaul, He saw…


"Karen. Activate Instant Kill."

"But Peter-"

"Now." It came out like a snarl.

Thanos loomed large before him.


Mr. Stark…

All of them…


Must be avenged.

His vision turned red.

The Last Avenger took off from the spire, silently lunging towards the roaring Last Yakuza.

So yeah, it's been a minute. And that happened. Mirko's ded and Overhaul is in bloodlust berserker mode.

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I will also say Momo's moment with Karen wasn't planned. Just sort of came to me when I was writing and Peter's drone came to her and "eurkea!" She's gonna be producing them drones to help, and Karen making a big impact here. But hey, we will cross that bridge when we get there.

But yeah we have our kids locked in battle here in Kawasaki and things are going south quite fast. We have one more chapter of this Final Battle. And it will be a biggie. Like, maybe 20-30k big. Since we need to conclude TWO major war like events.

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