Gilraen sat deep in thought in the horse's saddle, a sleeping 2-year-old Aragorn in front of her, held safe in the circle of her arms. She knew that she was doing what was best for her son, but leaving behind their home ('Arathorn's home,' her mind whispered) hurt more than she had thought. She knew Aragorn couldn't fully comprehend what happened, not yet, but he was perceptive enough to know that something was wrong. She hadn't told him yet, and wouldn't until they reached the Last Homely House, Imladris, that his father was slain. They had had but five short years together, but their love had been strong. Then, just over a week ago, the young ranger Umsiniath came with tidings of Arathorn's death at the hands of a company of orcs he had been hunting with the sons of Elrond. Gilaren wept for a short while, until Aragorn had tried to comfort her. After that, she did not cry in his presence, and was strong for her son, who did not even know why she was upset. Knowing what danger might come after her and her son now that her husband, chieftain of the rangers, was dead, she quickly packed up essentials and set out for the safest place she could think of. Now they were so close to safety that Gilraen could see the beautiful elven architecture that composed Imladris. She hugged Aragorn tighter to herself and whispered that everything would be okay.

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