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Chapter 7: Persassy Strikes Back

Percy's head gave a painful throb and he winced. That was one of the worst panic attacks he'd ever had. Usually it was just a couple flashes that he could brush off in a few seconds. Not having Annabeth around was affecting him more than he cared to admit.

A sneaking suspicion in his gut told him he was wrong. That there was something more to this. He dismissed it and focused on the blonde man in front of him. He had more pressing matters on his mind right now.

"So, who are you?" he asked.

The man hesitated for a second, then said "Steve Rogers, or Captain America. I'm a part of the Avengers and SHIELD." He gestured around him, and Percy took a few moments to study all of the people surrounding my little box. He recognized the redhead Romanoff from our previous encounters, and Barton, who he'd knocked from a plane due to the bow he held. There was also a sharply dressed man with a goatee and mustache that Percy recognized vaguely from brief glances of TV screens as I strolled around New York and a man with curly-brown hair holding a tablet. Oh, and a dozen army guys decked out in black combo gear with guns pointed at him. No biggie.

Percy looked back at Steve. "Something tells me you guys don't trust me." A small grin to form on his face.

Steve chuckled. "What gave it away?"

Percy leaned his back against the wall and slid down to the floor. "Just a hunch."

Steve sat down a few feet in front of me, his back to the exit and his team, and an awkward silence started to stretch out.

Percy cleared his throat. "So… you guys are the Avengers?" He gestured to the army guys.

Steve glanced around before he replied. "Not the agents, they're SHIELD, but yeah, we are."

"And you're super heroes?" He asked, raising an eyebrow skeptically

Steve grinned. "I guess so."

He studied the five of them. "I don't see it."

A burst of laughter from outside shocked them both. They turned and saw Mr. Goatee struggling to hide his laughter… and failing. "I could say the same to you kid" he called in. "You don't exactly scream 'terrorist' to me." He returned to holding in his laughter. Percy clearly saw Romanoff's eyes roll in annoyance, an expression he often saw on Annabeth's face and he grinned at the comparison.

Steve turned back to Percy, chuckling. "I've got to agree with Stark, Percy." Their eyes met, and Percy could see the amusement. "You're lacking that evil look in your eye."

Suddenly, the door into the room slid open. "'Evil look' or not Rogers, the fact remains that the evidence disagrees." Percy turned his head and saw Mr. Eyepatch/Director Fury walk in. Here we go, he thought as he groaned internally. "Might I request that you remove yourself from the cell, Captain?"

Steve shrugged and got to his feet, glancing once more at Percy before walking to the exit. He saw Mr. Goatee/Stark walk to the control panel and press it a few times before the door hissed open.

Percy could see everyone tense, as if waiting for him to try and escape and flinched experimentally. Everyone jumped, and the agents' guns snapped back to him. He laughed. "Just checking guys," then relaxed again against the cool glass.


Tony was barely holding in his laughter as he watched the agents relax slightly. He could see the smug satisfaction on Percy's face and the well-concealed frustration on Fury's. This kid was something else! Even Tony had jumped when the teen had moved. He'd nearly slammed the doors shut on Steve, and he doubted the good Capsicle would've appreciated that.

Despite what this kid was accused of, Tony couldn't help but feel a bit of fondness for him. It was hard to connect this kid with the fierce warrior who'd dodged his repulsors with seeming ease and went toe-to-toe with Cap. His eyes were sparkling with mischief, and Tony couldn't help but be reminded of the ocean right before it playfully hit you with a surprise wave.

Suddenly, he realized that Fury was talking. "…funny Mr. Jackson. I'm glad you can still keep yourself amused." He turned to the rest of us. "Avengers, you are excused, and half of you agents leave us." Tony shrugged and started walking away from the controls.

"Yo Goatee! Stark!" He turned in surprise and stared at the young grinning Percy. Did he just call him Goatee? "Aren't you going to lock me back in?"

Tony started and realized he'd forgotten to close the doors to the cell. The kid could have just walked out. He cursed and walked back to close them. All of the cells in Avengers Tower could only be opened manually, per SHIELD's request, to prevent a breakout if anyone ever hacked into JARVIS.

Fury's face was now clearly showing his frustration, while Steve and Clint were concealing laughs as they walked out. Bruce and Natasha were grinning. Tony was respecting Percy more and more. Despite being in a questionable situation, he continued pressing the buttons of his captors in anyway he possibly could, and it was obviously working.

As Tony once again turned to leave, everyone else was already gone, he heard Fury start. "Now Mr. Jackson, I have a few questions for you, starting with your father…" The doors shut behind him and Tony immediately broke into a run, heading towards the elevator.

When he finally reached to Avenger's floors, he went straight to the living room, where he could see the rest of the team gathered around the live feed being projected on the wall, showing Fury and Percy. Outside the sun was setting, and street lights were starting to turn on. Clint was popping popcorn in the kitchen, and Steve wordlessly moved over on the couch to make room for him, eyes still glued to the feed.

As Tony sat down, Bruce leaned over and whispered quickly, catching him up on all the action. "Fury's asking him about his dad because of the anomaly in his DNA. Only the half made up of his mother's genes are present, the rest are either absent or we can't sense them." Bruce shook his head in confusion. "I looked at the results on my way up, and I can't understand it."

Tony tore his eyes away and stared at Bruce. "Huh, weird. Anything else interesting?"

Bruce shook his head. "Percy's only given some sassy answers so far, nothing interesting." They both turned back to focus on the video, only glancing away briefly when Clint started handing out popcorn before sitting on a chair next to Natasha.

Fury was questioning Percy. "So, you don't know where your father is?"

Percy was looking around casually. "My mom told me he was lost at sea while she was still pregnant with me."

Fury narrowed his eyes. "That's not an answer."

Percy grinned. "Sure it is, it just isn't the one you want." He met Fury's eyes, voice dripping with false sympathy. "Too bad it's the only one you're gonna get."

The entire team was giggling, at both the boy's spunk and bravery. He was talking to one of the most powerful military figures in the world like he was a five-year-old, and the Avengers were eating it up.

They could see Fury take several deep breaths. "Moving on. Where do you go every summer, Mr. Jackson? You disappear for months at a time, appearing once or twice across the country, and last year, the world, before reappearing and attending school before blowing something up." If looks could kill, Percy would be six feet under. "Care to share?"

Percy looked around, eyes comically wide. "Think you can keep a secret?" he stage-whispered. Fury rolled his eyes. "Μαγικό στρατόπεδο όπου εκπαιδεύω για να πολεμήσω," he said rapidly

Everyone's eyes widened, and they looked at the screen in shock. Tony's mouth was open, and all of the Avengers turned to Natasha, who knew more languages than anyone. She shook her head in confusion. "I…I don't know. It sort of sounded like Greek, but all I got out of it was monsters. Or at least, I think it was monsters. It could have also been hot chocolate, the jury's still out."

"Jarvis?" Tony asked.

"I am also at a loss, sir." Everyone's shock doubled. "As Mr. Romanoff suggested, it does seem to be a language similar to Greek, but it is a very old version that is still unknown to us. I do, however, agree to her translation of 'τέρατα'."

"Hot chocolate?" Steve asked, confusion covering his face.

"Monsters, Captain, monsters."

The Avengers shook of their confusion and once again faced the screen, where, based on the look on his face, Fury had just been told that his agents couldn't translate Percy's sentence.

"What kind of game are you playing Mr. Jackson?" Fury asked, his anger beginning to show on his face.

Percy shrugged. "One that you are obviously bad at." He clucked his tongue in mock disapproval. "And you call yourselves spies."


Koios stood at the top of Mt. Othrys, staring at the rubble of the once great Titan stronghold. His icy white hair and beard reflected the moonlight, while the diamond set in the chest of his Stygian Iron breastplate seemed to suck it in, as he envisioned what his brothers' palace must have looked like. During the Second Titan War, he had remained in Tartarus, waiting for his brothers to fail and return to the Pit. As the Titan of Foresight (look it up on Riordan Wiki if you doubt me) he had known that they would fail, as his sight had not been clouded by revenge as Prometheus' was. He'd chosen to remain behind, and his younger brother, Kronos, had ignored his warnings and pursued his dream anyways, leading the rest of his brothers to their defeat.

However, his sight was now clouded, and the future was frustratingly fuzzy. His grandson had failed to keep the oracles safe (see Trials of Apollo), and it was affecting him, though he still retained some of his sight. He was, after all, older than all of them. So, thought he knew that this is where he needed to be, and where he needed to bring the demigods, he wasn't sure how, or why.

He turned and walked away from the ruins, seeing his nephew struggling under the weight of the sky. He focused on his small force. A dozen cyclopes, a large pack of hellhounds, thirty dracaena and other single monsters had been able to squeeze through with him, but barely. More would come, but he needed to have the demigods by then. It wasn't much, but if he could get them alone, it would suffice. He already knew their approximate locations, the daughter of Athena (That imposter, he snorted. She has no idea the meaning of true knowledge.) was at the Greek camp, while the son of Poseidon was somewhere within the mortal city nearby, near Olympus. This was his best chance to get them. He could sense the girl's restlessness, she was about to do something foolish, and he would be waiting for her. He sent his hellhounds into the night, each carrying another monster, and as they disappeared into the shadows, he smiled.


Annabeth quickly stuffed clothes into her bag, moving quietly to avoid disturbing her sleeping siblings in the cabin. She knew that if they saw her leaving, they would try to stop her. But she had to go. She didn't care what the prophecy said.

She was going to find Percy.

Chiron had specifically forbidden it, but she didn't care. She didn't care that she was going alone. Grover was out doing Lord of the Wild stuff, Frank and Hazel were at Camp Jupiter, Piper and Jason were doing who-knows-what in California, Leo was in Indianapolis with Calypso, and Nico… well Nico was busy with Will.

She was on her own for this one, and she was fine with that. She threw a couple of pieces of ambrosia into her back, belted on her sword, pulled on a light jacket, and quickly slipped outside.

She crept through the cabins towards Half-Blood Hill, avoiding the patrol harpies easily. Sneaking around camp at night had become second nature to her thanks to Percy, so she reached the edge of camp easily. She hadn't even used her invisibility cap. She was about to step outside the boundary when…

"Gee Travis isn't it a nice night for sneaking out?"

Annabeth spun, and her hand flew to the hilt of her sword. It was half-drawn before she finally saw Travis and Connor standing behind her. The two sons of Hermes had been able to get within five feet of her without her noticing.

She glared at them and was rewarded with two small flinches. "What in Hades are you two doing here?"

Travis raised an eyebrow at her. "Come on Annabeth. You're a good liar but not that good. We heard the prophecy too, remember?"

Connor cut in. "We knew there was no way you were going to let Percy face that on his own. Especially once Chiron told you not to."

Annabeth rolled her eyes. "So, are you going to turn me in or are you coming with me?"

The boys replied in unison. "Coming with you." Annabeth noticed that they both already had bags thrown over their shoulders and both were armed.

Annabeth sighed. "Fine. Just don't slow me down."

Travis grinned. "Wouldn't dream of it 'Beth." Connor winked, and Annabeth rolled her eyes. She crossed the boundary line and started walking towards the road, not having to look back to know the boys were following her.

"When did you two get good at sneaking around?" Annabeth asked after a few minutes of walking. "Last I checked you two were about as sneaky as Percy."

The boys grinned at each other. "We've been practicing every since the Titan War," Connor answered.

"Figured it was a useful skill," Travis added.

The conversation moved on to small talk, Annabeth asking Travis about college, as she'd been hanging out with Percy for most of the summer and they hadn't been able to catch up for a while, when suddenly, a howl shattered the night air. The three demigods froze, immediately drawing their swords and taking up fighting positions. Around them, the trees was eerily still, and the silence was deafening. Each of them were scanning the shadows quickly, searching for the threat.

Suddenly, a shadow to their right rippled, and a hellhound bounded out of it, knocking Annabeth to the street and giving her a nasty case of road rash before it was turned to dust by Connor. Travis rushed to her side, helping her up, while Connor kept looking around. As soon as Annabeth was up, they all went back-to-back, holding their swords protectively. Then, at least thirty monsters stepped out of the trees, and Annabeth's heart sank. There are too many of them, she thought as she desperately tried to think of a plan. Before the demigods could even think of retreating, the monsters had completely surrounded them.

Half of the monsters were hellhounds, a few cyclopes, some dracaena, and even a few telekhines. Annabeth and the Stolls were readying themselves to fight when the boys cried out in pain and dropped to the ground. Annabeth knelt beside them, and gasped when she saw the spikes sticking out of their shoulders.

Harsh laughter started echoing from the trees behind her. She turned and saw a new figure walk towards her.

"Hello Ms. Chase" the figure said he slowly stalked towards her. "Long time no see."

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