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It's funny how hierarchies exist within species, some evolve in order to show that they are the alpha, others create some kind of swarm which obey each and every of their orders.

On the other hand, those who doesn't add up to this system are rejected, pushed to their limits until they break, that's the story of Izuku Midoriya.

In his world 80 % of the population has a power called quirk, no one really knows how quirks appeared but it was clever that this evolution would bring humanity at the edge of extinction but then a profession everyone believed to be fictional became reality.

Heroes and Vilains

That's what the world became full of as part of what was now being called "normality" ...

And now to get back to the 20 % who still doesn't have their quirks, life is hard, not just hard as difficult but hard as depressive, most often quirkless people doesn't "add up" to this society where quirks are everything mostly and they end up at the bottom of this newly established hierarchy.

Izuku Midoriya had always dreamed of being a hero just like All Might the number one hero, symbol of peace, unbreakable pillar of justice ... and then when he was about 4 years old, the "incident" happen.

"He should probably give up" this was the first step to his demise.

The doctor was serious about his statement, by looking at Izuku's bones he could say that he would never have any quirk and that his dream was just a lie, it was hopeless ... his father was "away for his work" and his mother could just say she was sorry and "support" him as much as she could.

Then his best friend Katsuki Bakugo aka Kacchan received the perfect quirk "explosion", flashy and powerful in other words perfect for a hero. His parents were so proud, he had fame, friends but it wasn't enough for Katsuki and when he learnt that Izuku was quirkless he started making his life a hell ... and it NEVER stopped.

It wasn't only social but also physical bullying, Izuku would come back home with heavy burns and scratches some nights, her mother would get scared and call the school but none of the teachers or surveys would say anything why after all ? Someone or something has to put the poor kid back to his place. If she she asked Izuku he would say that it was an accident and deep inside him he would keep hoping that Katsuki would change and be someone nice one day ... again it was hopeless.

And even so Izuku kept working hard, he had the best grades he could get at school and studied heroes, their techniques, their quirks, their equipment, agencies ... but in the end it would never be enough without a quirk ...

Finally hope came around, UA the best school in the country also called the Hero Academia had changed their requirements went it comes to quirks, he could apply even if he didn't have one.

School was ending, the next year Izuku will enter at U.A. and his dream will become true. His teacher was talking about his other classmates projects and something about how everyone wanted to become a hero,he heard Katsuki calling everyone "extras" ... and then the teacher made a "mistake", he said out loud Izuku wanted to get into U.A. too ... Katsuki didn't wait longer and smashed Izuku's table along with his notebooks. It lasted about 20 seconds, the teacher really didn't care to see Katsuki physically attack someone quirkless plus in front of everyone.

After the class had ended Katsuki came back and burned Izuku's notebooks and then he told him that if he wanted a quirk so badly he should probably just take a jump from the roof and hope he would get a quirk in his next life.

If Izuku wasn't so despaired right now he could have take the pair of scissors that was just a few meters away from him and stab Katsuki to death and after that maybe they would be equal, after all maybe we all are in death ?

"Why am I even thinking about doing such a thing ?" Izuku asked himself ... Katsuki and his friends left ...

Izuku examined his burned note book, it wasn't ... so bad, just half destroyed. Some would say it's ironic to see his hard work so easily destroyed.

on his way home he took an unusual way just in case Katsuki wasn't completely done with him. He was about to get under a bridge when he heard something liquid right behind him with a distorted voice.

"Don't worry. I'm just hijacking your body. Calm down. It'll only hurt for about 45 seconds... then it'll be all over." Said the ... thing

Izuku turned around and was almost hit by some kind of black green substance, then he looked again and saw ... a villain ?

"Oh comon stop moving I'm already in trouble"

"W-what ?! wait ! I'm not-" Izuku was currently trying to walk back carefully trying not to anger or startle the villain more than he looked.

"No no no you are just perfect, I wonder what quirk I will get with you just stop moving for a minute alright !" He obviously had no intention of letting Izuku escape ... escape ... death ... end ... hopeless, Izuku lost his focus ... he stopped moving, the villain was confused and didn't attack again ... quirk, was it all this world his about ? This villain cared more about his quirk than his body ...

"Y-you want my quirk ?" Weakly asked Izuku

"Y-yes ! Why else would I seek strong and young bodies ?"

"W-well I-" the sludge lunged at Izuku and blocked him against a wall, it hurt a lot but still Izuku had something on his mind "I don't have any ..." he finished, suddendly he felt less pressure, the villain was somehow suspicious from Izuku's point of view.

"... HAHAHAHAHA That's the first time I see someone try this tactic in order to survi-"

"I'm not lying ... I'm done with this world" Izuku ended up crying in front of the monster that was about to be his end. "Just ... just kill me please" Izuku walked toward the sludge villain.

The villain was now scared, was this a trap or ... could it be real ? He never cared about his victims if he could survive and become stronger in the end but this one kid, he just couldn't feel the urge to kill him like any other.

"That's-! GRRR you damned brat are you trying to trick me ?!" The sludge extended his body over Izuku to take his body but then he heard a loud sound just like if it was a jet or something like that ..."no ... All Might" he didn't have much time, he had to hide and-... hide "I won't kill you but you will help me ... alright ?

Izuku looked up again and the sludge villain was gone, but instead something crashed at the entrance of the tunnel and it said.


Izuku was pushed back by a big wave of wind and he felt his head hit the wall ... and then everything went black.

Izuku couldn't see anything and could only barely think about anything ... was this how death looked like ? Then he felt something calling him. He opened his eyes and there right in front of him stood All Might.


"A-All Might !" His idol was in front of him he had to know he had to ask, talk ! ... why coudlnt he talk ? Something was stopping him.


"W-wait I-" he couldn't talk why ? He ran toward All Might as he was about to jump and grabbed his leg.

He landed soon after on the next roof and saw something he shouldn't have, All Might true form.

"A-All Might ?"

"Ahhh ... I guess I couldn't hold it anymore ... don't tell this about anyone kid, it's the result of a fight I had five years ago.

"Toxic chainsaw ?"

"No ... another one ... I'm impressed you know about this anyway I still have to leave now" All Might was walking toward the staircase of the building. Izuku felt the urge again the ask his question.

"Don't" something was like grabbing his mental self and stopping him from acting.

"I need-need to ... p-please"

The urge was getting stronger and stronger until finally Izuku let it go.


His idol looked at him like if he was considering Izuku and his he stood in front of him ...

"No ... you can't ... heroes have to risk their lives everyday ... it's part of the job ... without a quirk you would just-" All Might was still talking but ...

Izuku wasn't conscious anymore, he got close from the roof railing and jumped down, he could heard All Might yelling behind him but it didn't matter ... Katsuki might be right after all, so far he had always been ...

But someone had other plan for Izuku, something grabbed him and he was thrown throught a window, it hurts but not as much as katsuki's burns Izuku pushed himself up, his head just a lot ... it wasn't like a normal injury or else he wouldn't feel ... drunk ... he looked around him and the first thing he saw was the sludge villain which was now standing right in front of him ...

"W-what ? How ? WHY DID YOU SAVE ME ?!" Izuku didn't know if it was hate or despair which suppressed his fear at this moment

"I just couldn't resist ... and beside I had a debt since you served me as a hidding spot"

Izuku looked around him, the place was an old apartment, spider webs and wooden floor it was a miracle such a building was still existing nowadays.

"So the thing that was ... stopping me it was-" Izuku understood this strange feel if of restrain from earlier

"Me of course ! I thought you would tell All Might about me and it was already a miracle he didn't notice me when you were out, I couldn't risk being caught but wow, now that I know the symbol of peace is useless I feel so relieved"

"You-you heard everything ? But just how ... no ... you were hidding under my clothes right ? ... it was your quirk ... you don't necessarily need to be IN someone body to control it"

"You are smart I must say ... yes indeed, don't worry I won't go saying it all over the roofs because one day this might come in handy ... and for now, well I won't kill you, you are free"

The sludge villain was about to leave but then Izuku caught him.

"Wait ! I ... I still want you to kill me ..." the villain gave the same confused look he had earlier to Izuku

"Would you stop that already ?! It's just creepy now ! Look I won't kill you that's ... that's just not "right" for me ? ... now if you could please let me go I have a new body to find ..."

The villain continued but then Izuku called him again.

"T-then ... m-maybe I can help you !"

"And how exactly ?!"

Izuku took out his notebooks from his backpack, he showed it to the sludge villain ... He looked surprised ... and impressed ? Well as much as a big mass of goo could be.

"That's ... incredible ! All those bodies ... all those quirks ... I can take any ?"

"All I want in return is that you kill me ... I don't really care now ... i-it's all I'm asking"

"Why don't you just jump like you did earlier ? ... looks easy right ?"

Izuku turned his head away ... He felt weak suddenly.

"I don't feel like earlier ..."

"Hehe ... I must say it IS pretty hard to get your hopes crushed by the supposed best guy in the world" at first the sludge chuckled but when he saw Izuku's face. After a few minutes the villain had made his choice.

"This one looks perfect, what do you think ?"

He showed the notebooks to Izuku, it was Katsuki's page ... He was doubting now, but a part of him said it was a good thing to do in the end, he would probably never be a good hero even "that" gifted from birth ... Izuku stayed silent.

"Well, he doesn't look like a pro, I don't recognise him"

"That's normal ... He is still a student"

"Well in the end you really are useful"

Izuku was happy that someone told him those words, even if that person was about to kill him and use his body a few minutes ago.

"W-will he suffer when you will take his body ?"

"Hum ? ... yes ... a lot ... why are you asking ?"

"N-no ... it's nothing ..."

"Sure ... you said you know where you can find him right ? ... come back under the bridge tomorrow at the same hour ... or else the deal is off ... alright ?"

"Fine" Izuku took his bag and went down the closest stair case

"Hey kiddo"

"Hum ?"

"You should stop bleeding"

Izuku verified the location where he had been hit and he was currently bleeding hard has the villain said, probably due to getting thrown throught a window. He ran home as fast as he could trying to avoid most of the people in the street, he really didn't wanted to get any attention right now.

A few minutes later Izuku found his way back home and almost gave a hearth attack to his mom as he entered into the kitchen, he simply said it was an accident with a window that two people were moving. His mother was relieved, just like if it was nothing ... noooooo ... of course it wasn't like if her son had lost around 1 litter of blood and almost suicided due to his former best friend being a bully, his entourage being discouraging and even against him and for the last and also the best above all, his idol All Might saw he was clearly in distress and just said he couldn't be a hero ... to rephrase it, he told Izuku that he would never become someone great and that he should probably give up on all his projects ... which was the only one he had prepared for and during all his life so far.

But in a way Izuku had found a new goal, dying, he would die and then he will get a new quirk and then he will be happy ... but ... what about his mother ? If he died what would happen ? Would she be sad ? Happy ? Was he a burden during all this years ?

The next day Izuku didn't have school and he had already finished his homework, well not like he had any ... He waited in the tunnel ... He waited ... It was almost midday and no trace of the sludge. Maybe he was too busy escaping heroes to come ? ... after all there was many other ways to die right ?

Then something came out from the ground, a green substance, no doubt it was the sludge.

"You are late" said Izuku

"First of all you probably don't know what it is to be hunted like an-"

"I do" said Izuku in a dead tone.

The sludge just shrugged and looked around.

"Did anyone come by ?"

"So far no one really ... l-let's just go and find your body"

"Yes, his explosive quirk is going to help me more than any other"

"And after that you will kill me ... right ?" Izuku smiled at the villain, this kind of "hope" made him sick ... this kid really was creepy.

"Yeah yeah ... let's just go would you"

The sludge enveloped Izuku and then disappeared under his clothes, Izuku didn't feel it the other day but it was almost satisfying to have something like that around your body.

"I hope you aren't doing anything lewd under there"

"I'm not really appealed by those kind of ... things ... now walk"

Izuku felt like a pulsion throught his body as if the sludge was somehow controlling him a bit, well he did prevent him from directly saying "there is a villain in my pants" or at least that's the idea.

"Where are we going ?"

"He might be in the shopping district right now ... He always does"

"Seems like you know a lot about him"

"We ... we used to be close"

" hum ? ... Now that you say this ... those burns on your body ... did he do that ?"

Izuku didn't answered as there was a lot of people around him, he didn't want to look like a lunatic in front of so many people , he just made his way throught the crowd.

"I can say it makes you sick right ? All of them"

Izuku took out his phone which was currently off and put it at his head as if he was calling someone like most people in the street.

"I can't speak right now"

"Why ?"

"Isn't that obvious"

"Oh comon it has been around 17 minutes I didn't speak to anyone !" Chucked the villain from under Izuku clothes.

"Don't pretend you counted every second"

"I did ... are we done yet ?"

Izuku got into an alley and made sure no one could see him once he was close enough from the shopping district.

"Okay you can get out"

The sludge came out, he really looked to big to be able to get under Izuku's clothes ... could he compress himself ?

"You are sweating kid urrrg" complained the sludge shaking himself to get all the water off from his body.

"I don't often carry around liquid people that do almost 3 times my size and which for some reason can still hide under my clothes" Izuku crossed his arm and just gave an idle face to the villain who frowned at this "suggestion"


"Touche ? Well never really noticed that, I will keep a note on that. Now ?"

"Just ... just look around for him"

"So that's it ? Now I just wait ?"

"Yes ... ? It's ... The plan really"

The villain was about to exit the street until Izuku called him again

"I-in fact ... could you kill me now ... I- ... I don't want to die against someone with HIS face"

The sludge sighted, the kid helped him in a way ... maybe now he could kill him ? But why ? He could still be useful to him after all and also ... He looked again at Izuku, he couldn't bring himself to murder him ...

"Look I just-" the sludge saw a can being thrown against the wall right behind izuku, he quicly hid under his clothes again, but now he couldn't see much.

"Well look who we have here" Izuku turned around, it was Katsuki and his lackeys.

"So that's him ? ... I really don't like him but his body will be perfect"

"Kacchan I-!"

"You didn't took my advice already ? Maybe I can help you !" Katsuki was bout to land a punch at Izuku's belly but the sludge villain absorbed the hit.

"What the-?"

Izuku feel on his back and the villain got out from under his clothes and jump3d on Katsuki who was restrained almost immediately.

"It's going to become my catch phrase hehe ... hum hum ...Don't worry. I'm just hijacking your body. Calm down. It'll only hurt for about 45 seconds... then it'll be all over"

The two grunts just ran away and katsuki couldn't help but create explosions everywhere to break free ... It was useless, Izuku could say it from just how the villain stopped Katsuki's fist.

Katsuki propelled himself backward until he reached the main street, it was smart ... from here many heroes could see him ... the sludge villain made a good choice ... Izuku stayed in the alley and watched the whole scene ... It was great ... just too great, Katsuki would die and this world would have one villain in less ... and then he would die too ... and maybe he will be able to become a hero in his next life ?

Heroes had already blocked the streets but none of them dared to enter this mine field that the street had become ... they said they were waiting for a more proper quirk to arrive ... cowards, of course none would ever-

But then from behind the crowd a massive figure emerged and jumped inside the mine field, it was All Might ... an opportunity ? He just punched the air and the sludge was thrown against the near by wall, he was incapacitated.

Izuku wasn't smiling anymore Katsuki would leave and get all the attention ... the sludge ... His eyes they were just- All Might took out a bottle and started walking toward the sludge. His eyes were asking for help ...

Hate ... Izuku never felt hate with such intensity ... heroes have to risk their life that's what All Might said but Izuku could swear he saw him in the crowd waiting ... he could have stopped all of this since the beginning but no ...he doubted, the number one hero who run toward the danger with a smile to save everyone never existed ... so that's how it all begin, the 3 most important second in his life.

Izuku ran, it took 3 small seconds during which silence took place. Everyone saw him running toward the villain, what was he doing ? He pushed All Might on his way which made him drop the bottle then he literally jumped above the sludge villain who almost immediately caught his body and hid around him.

"KID ARE YOU MAD ? THEY WILL ARREST YOU TOO NOW !" Yelled the villain with mixed feelings of happiness and fear.

Izuku was crying as he ran into the closest alley, he turned his head over his shoulder and smiled at the person he just saved.

"You were asking for help ... you eye, it was calling me !"

The sludge didn't understand ... Izuku ran like he never did, for 5 minutes straight he roamed the alleys as fast as he could ... but then he met a wall.

He was about to go back on his track but then All Might stood in front of him, the sludge was right on the back of Izuku.

"KID I- ... wait you are-" All Might recognised Izuku and shivered.

The sludge was looking everywhere to find a solution and then it was right in front of him ... The sewers.

"Look down" He whispered to Izuku who almost immediately did ... He understood the plan but All Might seemed to have too.

The sludge extended two "tentacles" from his body and grabbed the metal plage that blocked their only out, Izuku ran toward the hole and jumped down, All Might was surprised by this coordination and ran 5 seconds too late to catch them.

Izuku was falling down but the villain covered his body and when he touched the ground the shock was fully absorbed.

"We made it !" Cheered Izuku ... But the sludge was angry


Izuku just smiled and stood up.

"I don't have anything that binds me to this world anymore ... so I thought maybe I could help someone and-"

"No no no ... you are just crazy, you jumped toward me on instinct ... you really are a stupid true hero you wasted your life for someone who-"

"No ... I did what I think was right, I don't care anymore now. I'm just so happy"

The sludge villain looked away from Izuku to think for a bit ...

"You just keep helping me when I obviously tried to kill you just what's wrong with- oh whatever ! You know what here is the new deal ! You will live alright ?! I'M GOING TO MAKE SURE YOU WON'T EVER WANT TO DIE !"

"Y-you mean it ?"

"For once yes, I'm willing to help someone"

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