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"Great work Eri !"

"Thank you ... mom"

Inko felt bad to see that Eri was still unaccustomed to her new life but she had progressed a lot, Hisashi left a few minutes ago, he had to go see the doctor about his treatment for his vision quirk(s), it was exhausting him again and everything the doctor gave him didn't work anymore.

"Hum ... we still have some sugar ... tell me Eri ? You like apples right ?"

"Yes a lot !"

"Great then ! Just give me a minute" Inko made some space in the kitchen where they previously cooked the waffles "I'm gonna make some sugar apples"

Eri made her way to sat on a hight chair so she could watch Inko work, she was still wearing the purple dress she received when the League found her and Izuku.

"... mom ... how did you meet father ?"

"Oh ... well, I never told this one to Izuku, he never asked though and I guess a few months ago I wouldn't have been able to tell the same story ... it's silly you know ..."

Inko remember perfectly now how she met Hisashi, at this time she was studying to become a lawyer, despite her ... shy and clumsy attitude, it was really something she was interested in.

She wanted to give everyone the chance to get justice, in a world where criminality has been increasing for over two century it seemed hopeless as the system didn't give much attention to this kind of justice ...

Villains were Villains and Heroes were Heroes, well protected by the government.

She had a friend with a mutation quirk, one she couldn't control ... one day someone got injured by accident and no one thought about fixing the problem by helping her, instead she was sent directly into prison without any judgement ... and she disappeared.

Inko didn't only hate the system, she hated the ones who were at the top of it, each and every shadow which were hiding and pulling the strings.

At first she was careful, she never tried to attack something far too strong for her ... and most of the time she succeeded. But it didn't last, she knew that one day the bigger fish would feel the danger and try to eliminate the parasite but she never thought that she would end up in an alley to be killed.

She was kidnapped, she doesn't remember for how long it lasted ... she remember being punched again and again right under the eyes of someone, someone she knew ... someone she hated.

But then it all stopped, and she clearly remember this part. A man intervened and attacked the leader, he was yelling something about being untouchable and that her saviour would regret it but he didn't flinch, instead he laughed and whispered


Inko wasn't terrified when the hand of her saviour turned into an abominable mass of flesh and bone before piercing through the body of the leader of the assailants.

One of them out of fear grabbed Inko and used her as an hostage, a shield somehow.

"D-do not get any closer ! Or-or we kill her !" They were scared, on the edge of life, maybe they already knew that they wouldn't get out of here alive.

"My my ... you look so confident, sadly you are already dead" the man pointed his finger toward the throat of the assailant which was holding Inko.

She was struggling to stay awake, the pain was unbearable. Inko heard a fwomp right next to her right ear, she felt that the grip of the man weakened so she slightly turned her head around to see that there was a hole which was about as large as finger right between the eyes of the assailant, and begin him his friends had met the same fate.

Inko dropped on her knees and then ... nothing ... she didn't remember anything else from this night.

"But ... where is Sen-, I mean dad in this story ?"

"Hahaha, you don't want to know who saved me ?"

"Ohhhhhh ... so ... that's how you met ?"

"Trust me at first it was really confusing ... well confusing ... any normal person would surely run away and scream like a banshee if they just witnessed someone getting killed by being impaled"

"... what's a banshee ?"

"I'll tell you after the story sweety"

When she woke up, the first think Inko saw was a great jungle of dark green and black hair.

"How do you feel ?"

Inko assumed that if she was alive it meant that this man wasn't working for the other bastard ... who just died a few ... minutes ? Hours ago ?

"Dizzy ... what happened ?"

She was resting on ... a sofa ? The dark and creepy alley transformed into a VERY fancy room with a bunch of sofas, a TV and a big table made of glass. Right now she was actually considering the possible that another bastard just brought her here to do ... she had to get out of here.

"I'm sorry ... if it was possible I would have- ... avoided this scenario, but he was this close to end you" he gestured with his finger and stood up to take something on the other side of the room "I was after him too but not for the same reasons ... I will be honest with you ... you should just give up, you can't fight them like this"

Inko felt anger, who was he to simply tell her to give up like this ? "Oh ... so your solution is to brutally murder them ?"

"Well, so far it worked" his tone sounded so genuine, this kind of honesty was creepy but Inko felt something else ... maybe acknowledgment ?

"... Thank you for getting me out of trouble"

"You shouldn't say that ... you are out of trouble right now yes but- ...when they will find the body- And they will, in a way or another you will be the main culprit"

"This is not possible, I couldn't have done what you did ! My quirk can only pull small objects and-and you- you- You literally pierced made a hole in his body !"

"True ... and you think it's a problem for the Justice ? ... it's harsh I know, it is simply unfair but I have a proposal"

"A proposal ?"

"Exactly, I can protect you, hide you ... and in exchange you could help me, I do not always use violence you know ? You have talents, a lot of talents, I never thought any of those rats would feel so threatened to the point they would need to kill"

"... and how would I live exactly ?"

"Depends of what is your question exactly ?"

"Where ? When ? And again how ?"

"Anywhere safe, when ? Well ... as long as it will be necessary, and finally how ... I will try to make your life is nice as nice as possible"

"As nice as possible ?"

"I know what you are about to say, and sorry but I do not feel any responsibility when it comes to your situation ... you were the one who tried to change to world, if I hadn't been here tonight you would be dead, you should be happy, you are alive and ... well, they didn't have the time to do anything permanent"

"... I wasn't talking about this ... what did you meant by as nice as possible ?"

"Oh ... what do you expect ? How do you imagine living under the protection of one of the most wanted criminals in the world ?"

"And that would be ?"

"Oh you do not know how I'm called, even less my true name"

"If I'm going to work with you then it should be a good thing to do ... see this as a starter"

"... hehehe ... I like you Inko ... my name is Hisashi"

"I won't even ask where you got my name ... thought Hisashi sounds good"

"But ... Mom it can't be as simple as that right ?"

"W-well I may have abridged a thing or two but ... basically it happened like this ... and I did warned you that it was a silly story"

"... oh ... can I eat a waffle right now ?"

"Hahaha, yes go on, a waffle won't hurt anyone ... or at least I haven't seen any yet"

"Can you tell me what happens next ?"

"Maybe tomorrow alright ?"

"Well ... what do we do now ? It's not like there is the "worst person ever" strolling around in the mall ... BECAUSE THAT'S THE CASE"

"C-calm down ! I-I'm going to f-find a solution I swear ... We-we can just walk out of this place unnoticed, nothing is going to happen"

"... I'm not directly afraid of the other U.A. students but THIS ONE ... he will attack us on sight ? Right ?"

"Well you he won't, but me ... I haven't changed that much in almost a year ... did I ?"

"Honestly no, the first time we met you had the exact same haircut"

"... the first thing you noticed was my haircut"

"Yeah ! It's so fluffy !"

"Just-just go ahead I will be right behind you, call Kurogiri once your are out and send me a text if the way is cleared"

"... I don't want to leave you alone, ohhhh ... and it was supposed to be a date"

"W-well ... isn't it exciting ?"

"Hehe, it is ... but if only for once it could be ... well ... more normal"

"In winter everything will be different I promise !"

"Then lots see that in like five months ... stay safe" Ochaco gave Izuku a small kiss on the cheek and left ...

Izuku had to wait ...

"Yoh Bakubro what are you looking for ? You lost your wallet or what ?"


Kirirshima was really worried about his friend, first because it happened so suddenly and second because it wasn't anger that he read on Katsuki's face but fear. His friend saw something but he wouldn't tell him what.

"Damn it ... " Snapped Bakugo

"Oh comon ! I'm here you know ! Confess what's wrong to your bro !"

"Oh for f*ck sake ! Shut up ! Just-just leave me alone okay ?!" Now it was anger, the only thing Kieishima could do was to obey and give his friend some fresh air so he walked away.

Things changed a lot after the USJ ... every students in the class became closer with the others, they talked a lot about almost everything, the atmosphere was very different, no one experienced that before U.A. ... however Bakugo ... he was the one who couldn't manage to integrate the class, at least in this way.

The others always found him brutal and reckless, sometimes they would even whisper behind his back if he truly had the capacity to become a hero. Kirishima ... agreed, who wouldn't ? But still, Katuali deserved a chance.

Since the USJ All Might talked a lot with him, Katsuki never talked about their meetings but he did mention once something about a stupid idiot who got kidnapped and voted into criminality.

Kirishima wasn't looking in front of him and he handed up bumping into someone, they were walking fast and they simply say "sorry" before leaving as fast as they came ... he had already seen this person somewhere ... at the entrance exam ?

How ? How in the world did this U.A. student got here ? He literally went the opposite way and Ochaco still managed to get in his way ... but in the end nothing happened and now she was out.

She could call Kurogiri.

The said barman was talking with Giran about potential new recruits but Kurogiri strongly disagreed on some profiles but Giran didn't look to care and it was just getting annoying in the end.

But just at the right moment his phone rang giving him a good excuse to interrupt their meeting.

"Business call sorry Giran"

"Business my ass ..."

"Hello ?"

"Kurogiri, we need an extraction right now, there is A LOT of U.A. students in the mall, and Izuku managed to get crucial informations"

"Oh ... fine, what's the situation ?"

"I'm outside and away from the crowd, I can speak safely, Izuku is still inside and awaits a text from me telling him that the way is clear"

"I'll be right here just-" Kurogiri felt a hand snatch the phone from his hands

"I'm coming, now repeat that again would you ?"

Izuku didn't receive any text after ten minutes ... what if something happened to Ochaco ? He had to find out, there was no way he would leave her alone if she was in trouble ... no one would be able to hurt her under his watch.

He casually came out of his secluded spot and walked toward the exit, he didn't see any U.A. student, as if he could miss any of them, right now it was just like if either is right or left eye had a list of photos implanted in it.

He was getting close, the exit was right in front of him, he didn't know which time of the day it was but a lot of people were walking out at the same time, Izuku though it was the perfect occasion, he could just be part of the crowd and get away.

As he drew closer he felt more and more panicked, somehow he knew something would happen just like a fixed point in time ... a hand grabbed his shoulder, he shivered, he tried to keep walking as if it was only a mistake made by a random person.


He recognised the muffled voice, he couldn't turn around as fear submerged him ... but then something else was off ... there wasn't any grip on his shoulder anymore ... and the voice, how did it get cut out like that ?

He slowly turned around ... Katsuki was here in front of him, and there was someone right next to him ... this person had their hand around Katsuki's neck.

"See ? Chiiiillll we are all friends here right ? How about we gl talk a bit together ?"


"Oh ... What's up Izuku ? Yoir girlfriend called and said you had troubles, I initially thought about quick way to deal with it but" Tomura rolled his fingers around Katsuki's neck, he was still speechless, despite being stubborn at fault he was completely stupid "I'm really enjoying my plan B ... beside it's your kind of plan isn't it ?"

"W-what do you want ? ... are you here to kill us ?"

"Naaahhhh ... I'm just here to talk, I want you to leave my friend here alone ... you are the bully in this story right ? So consider me as the good guy who comes to talk and fix the conflict"

"Y-you are sick ! Let me go you-" as Katsuki struggled Tomura tightening his grip by adding another finger ... the last he could before disintegrating Katsuki.

"Consider that you actually manage to escape me ... what would happen to the others all around ? The innocents ? ... I could kill at least ... yes ... six of them"

Izuku didn't have his word in this situation, Tomura was in his own bubble, he brought Katsuki toward a bench and started talking ... he had him completely under his control.

"But I won't ... it would completely ruin my image, and a great person made me realise that ... but I'm not here to talk about this ... so here is the deal, you leave him alone or ..." Tomura released Katsuki and immediately stood up to walk away dragging Izuku at the same time "I'll make sure to hurt you more than you hurt him"


"Keep moving Izu and do not stop !" Shigaraki kept pushing him through the crowd, and once they were outside he dragged Izuku away from the mall.

"Why did you do that ?!"

"Do what ? Help you get out of the mall in one piece ?"

"... I- ... no sorry stupid question-"

"I wanted to help you ... that's all ... consider this a payback for everything, the USJ, Stain ... and ... well helping me figure out a thing or two"

"... Then I should be the one to be indebted, I almost got caught"

"Ah don't worry about this, it always happen, it's like on those MOBA ... you always get ganked at the wrong moment"

"Ganked ?"

"Forget it ... so, what did you learn ?"

"Le- oh yes ! The students are going to a special camp, they don't know the location however ... annnnnd ... I kinda managed to get into contact with their class president ... or whatever"

"... can you stop being useful for about one day ?"

"I despise you"


"... so you didn't ... see him ?"

"OF COURSE I DID !" Yelled back Katsuki ... but Naomasa didn't flinch, he gave Bakugo a dark glance "It's just that ... I missed him ... he was right in front of me and- ... when this trash hand guy was here I couldn't do a thing"

"Of course, you were very courageous, you put your own goal on hold for the civilians" But he didn't, if he hadn't been scared to death by Tomura Katsuki would have beat the hell out of Deku even if the civilians were all around.

"Do you need anything ?"

"Can I just go ?!" The detective sighed and waved his hand to tell Katuski he could go.

"... Comon Toshi, as if no one told me you arrived here five minutes ago ..."

"I didn't want young Katsuki to see me ... This time Shigaraki was here, why were they even at the mall ? Were they following the students ?"

"For now we should avoid speaking about this incident, they are going to this famous camp right ?"

"Indeed ... we changed the location three times, so right now only A FEW people know where they are going"

"You included"

"No, I'm not coming and I'm trying to convince young Mirio, I'm running out of time faster than Recovery Girl expected ... her diagnosis are ... bad"

"Something is going to happen ... I can feel it too"


"Oh you are here ..." *Noticed* Izuku in a deadpaned tone

"Oh comon don't give me the eyebrows ! Here !" Giran threw a bunch of paper sheets in the air, Izuku lost his composure with the surprise but managed to catch every sheets.

"W-what are those ?"

"It's-" Giran was about to take another drink but Kurogiri cleaned the counter right under his nose and explain before Giran.

"It's some profiles of our new recruits, you have to check them ... Giran was hoping that you wouldn't, after all your selection is "harsh" but in the end we never ended up with crazy psychopaths ... I'm not including Toga of course"

"You better not" added Tomura as he gestured for a drink

"I'll have a look later, were is Ochaco ?"

"With Toga, upstairs"

Izuku never forget that he left Uraraka on her own at the mall, he wanted to make sure that she was okay, obviously she was with Toga in their bedroom, once he was in front of the door he heard them talking

"..a-and how does it feels ?"


"... h-hot ?"

"Yeah ! We have done that a lot of time with-"

"N-NO ! I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT ! I- I was talking about uh- ... you know something more ... soft ?"

"Soft ? Sorry Ocha, soft isn't something we do often ... especially with Tomura ... when are you going to get serious ?"

"S-SERIOUS ?! I'm not ready yet-"

"When are you two going to be together for real ? You keep talking about him and how he is like super cute, intelligent and stuff"

"I never said that !"

"But you are thinking it hehehe"

"S-sucubus !"

"Yeah that's me ? So here is the thing ! Once he is here you te him that he is the one for you and that you won't ever be able to live without him"

"Toga-I-I just can't ... I'm scared ... what if HE isn't ready ?"

"Oh I'm sure he will ... he is still a virgin you know"


"You are just to young for this HAHAHAHA !"

"I'm fifteen !"

"Seventeen and I have already done it !"

"STOP PERVERTING ME !" yelled desperately Ochaco, Izuku could hear that someone stood up so he immediately ran back into his room ...

It was a lot to take in, she wanted to go further that was obvious but Toga didn't understand what Ochaco meant by going further ... she wanted to do more than just going out and being ... boyfriend an girlfriend.

"I-Izuku ? Can I enter ? ... I know you were listening and- really I don't mind ... I just want to settle everything"

"Y-yes ge-get in !"

Ochaco got inside his room as quickly as she close the dole behind her.

"... I ... really do like you B-but I guess you heard that already and ... I know you have the same feelings for me"

"I do ... Ochaco, I know it's not a normal situation ... we are villains and I would understand if you are not ready"

"That's not what I meant by not ready ... it's a lot of pressure to be engaged like this, it implies being ready for the other and- ... you are courageous, you are smart ... way more than I am and I'm not sure I can return you that ... compared to me you are exceptional"

"Never say that again ! I'm not smart, I'm not courageous ... in fact I'm just lucky, I'm lucky enough to still be alive in this world where only the strong get to the top, I'm lucky enough to have a great family and- ... and- ... I'm lucky enough to have someone like you close from me"

"... then I think I'm ready, Izuku ... I'm ready to be here for you"

"Then I'm ready to be here for you too"

They sat on Izuku's bed and slowly got closer from each others ... until they finally concluded.