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Chapter 0: Prologue

If you're wondering what's it like to fine yourself in an awkward situation, then take my example. Sunlight reached my closed eyes and for some reason, I feel absolutely cold. I tried reaching for my blanket, but I kept grabbing nothing but air.

Finally annoyed, hesitantly opening my eyes...

I proceeded to close them and opening again, closed and opened them again, and again, and again...

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I was sure I went to sleep in my own room on my own bed, not some bench in A FUCKING PARK. And it doesn't look familiar either, which means I'm somewhat far way from my house. Judging by the faint sunlight, I'd say it's about 6:30am.

"Okay, calm down. I'm sure there's an explanation on how I got here. I just hope it's a good one. I mean it's not like someone just kidnaps me just to dump me on a park bench." After about 10-15 minutes of trying not to lose my shit, I surveyed the area but it doesn't look like there's anyone here. Getting up and look for clues, I tried walking around to find someone to ask for some information.

Some walking later, I finally see a man, probably going to work and approached him, "Excuse me, do you know wh-"

Before I could even finish, he gave me a strange look, pointed at my body and said... is he speaking japanese!? And promptly walked away. After giving my brain to process what the hell just happened, I looked at myself and saw that I'm still wearing my pajamas.

Okay, suddenly asking for information just got a whole lot harder. I shook my head. "Never mind that, that guy just spoke japanese". I know for certain because I've been watching anime for years now. New theory: aliens are targeting someone but abducted me by mistake and just ceremoniously dumped me in Japan.

"Aaaaghhh" what now!? Forget asking, how am I even gonna explain my situation? Traveling hundreds of thousands of kilometers across the ocean with nothing but the literal clothes on my back would just make me look insane. What would my parents do? Their boring but useful tips could help right about now.

For now, I just need to go around town without attracting too much attention, find which part of Japan I'm in and hopefully, someone who would help me. After a whole a day of roaming and the sun indicating that it's going to set, I'm hiding in a dark alley and organizing what little information I have.

Okay, apparently I'm in a town called Kuoh and the it isn't that big compared to the other cities, there isn't any definite landmark but Kyoto isn't that far from here. I have two problems: a) I'm penniless so I can't buy plane tickets or any necessities to help me survive for long, which leads me to b)-


... I'm starving.

At this rate, I'll survive for a few days at best. My only other option is to try to get a job to last for a little while, but that's easier said than done because I can't speak japanese. My only salvation is that 'Kuoh' sounded awfully familiar to me but I can't remember where I've heard it before. Giving a sigh, I continue trekking and eventually find myself arriving at the same park I woke up in. Laying down and drowning in silence.

Too much silence.

I got up the saw that it was absolutely desolate and whispered, "Where is everyone?". It's not like I'm trying to hide anymore but there should be at least some people walking back home from work. Heck, there isn't even any cricket sounds. Or at least until I saw two people, a teenage couple if I'm right, walking from afar.

They stopped and I heard the girl say, "Issei, can I ask you to do something for me?" My eyes widened. Issei? As in one of the biggest perverts I've ever watched in anime, that Issei!?

"Will you die for me?" My thoughts were interrupted as I saw the girl somehow changed her clothes into black straps. Her face looks more mature, gaining larger breasts, slight increase in height, donning a sadistic and cruel smirk, but the most prominent feature was her two black feathery wings. "It was a good date, but all good things must come to an end". Summoning a dark pink spear of some sort and aimed at the guy, but he looks like he's focusing more on her breasts.


Before I knew it, my body moved on it's own and knock Issei away from the spear's trajectory. Surprised by my interference, she scowled. "Who are you? And how did you get past the barrier?"

I wasn't even paying attention to her as my mind went into self-defence mode. 'Always keep an eye on the opponent, use anything and everything to your advantage, get the idiot away from here.'

Losing her patience, "No matter, I'll just kill you both."

I grabbed a pebble from nearby and shouted, "Dude, if you want to live then get out of here". I threw the pebble at the woman, but she seemed more annoyed then hurt. She threw her spear and I got nicked at the side of the stomach. I ran to her, got close and spit on her face. Momentarily distracted, I gave two quick punches to her neck and exposed stomach. She was pushed back quite a distance. Against my better judgement, I looked back and saw that Issei was still stunned on the ground and yelled once more. "What are you waiting for!? Run!".

That seemed to snap him out, but before he could run, I suddenly saw my stomach getting stabbed. Turning around, I saw an absolutely furious look on the fallen's face.

"How dare you lowly human hurt me! A powerless mortal like you should know his place!" Soon after that, the fallen produced another arrow and threw it at the shell-shocked pervert. To settle her revenge, she threw another spear at my neck just for the heck of it. My vision is getting hazy, it feels like my stomach and neck are on fire. Definitely the most pain I've ever felt in my life. I slumped onto the ground and Issei followed. I couldn't bother listening to whatever she said next but she then flew away and left us to our deaths. I coughed up blood and begin to lose consciousness.

'Quite... a unique way... to die... getting skewered... by a... supernatural... bitch... just wish... I could... say thank you... to my parents... one... last... time...' As I fell into unconsciousness, the last thing I saw was a bright flash of crimson.

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