There is nothing worse than a high school reunion except for maybe the Bexley High School reunion of 2019; Ohio, class of 1987.

How he had gotten his wooden hands on the alumni list was for him to know only; but these were the people, these were the people who had pushed his creator into making him, these were the people who had pushed his creator into destroying him. It all began and ended here!

It was in the air that it was all going to end where it started, especially for the people who had started it!

The yearbook pages flipped as if they had a mind of their own to the Athletics page in crisp black and white. The marionette stopped the yearbook there and glared down at the innocent faces that had never been all that innocent to begin with, starting with the Bexley Varsity Football team, past the drill team and ending at the perfect pyramid of Bexley cheerleaders adorning their little identical uniforms of navy and white, smiling.

He remembered them in their ranks as followed, they were like a suit of cards; Joshua Donavon—The King of Clubs. Jackson Miller—King of Spades. Tessa Lane—Queen of Diamonds and finally Jessica Waldhorn—The Queen of Hearts. Academic Royalty. Each cruel and ruthless leaders of their respected cliques. They would pay, they would all pay.

The demonic green eyes flashed over to the other book on the wide oak desk that was locked tight containing the only thing that could stop the marionette now.

"I'll show them." Said the toy as the fireplace that was the only light in the abandon cabin filled it with a red hellish glow. "I'll show them all Papa."

He paused only to check the box that was for non-attendees and scratched the name of his creator at the top.

R.L Stine

The dummy looked at his handy work on the invitation then at the desk where the two books; locked and unlocked lied and vowed.

Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano- You and I are one now.

"We…will never be parted again."