Max is heading up to the rooftop of the hotel the night before the Bladebreakers will battle the All Starz at the American Tournament.

He walks up the concrete stairs. There's not much lighting and the metal railing is cold. The atmosphere of the stairway sends chills down his spine. He wonders how long it's going to take to climb up to the top.

Lost in his thoughts he suddenly feels a sting in his left hand. the one that was holding the rail. The young blonde boy lifted his hand and sees a large splinter stuck in his palm. He has trouble trying to take it out with nothing but his bare fingers ( it's usually bare hands...)under the the dim light but when the lights gets a bit brighter he sees it clearly and pulls it out with no problem.

Then it hits him. Max is certain that the railing was made of metal, so how did he get a splinter that was made of wood? The lighting, light bulbs don't get brighter! He's confused and a little afraid.

He hears the call of a bird in the distance. His eyes open wide in shock. He is scared to look up from his hand but he does and realises that he's in a forest full of tall pine trees with dark leaves. There are a few toadstools growing amongst the undergrowth. He can feel the soft dirt and grass underneath his feet.

After getting over the initial shock Max realises that he's standing on a slope so he decides to go uphill. He walks quickly but remains alert and although a little jumpy when the occasional animal scurries past he is relatively calm.

The musky air starts to feel warm and comforting as he gets used to the situation he is in. The stride becomes slower as he relaxes. Max is no longer afraid of the animals. He smiles as he watches a family of rabbits hop by and a little disappointed when he sees the tail of a squirrel disappear into its home in a hollow tree.

The sun begins to set as suddenly as unexpected as it rises. The birds start calling once again. He walks amongst the darkening forest, the ground hardens underneath his feet and the toadstools and undergrowth appear to fade.

He instinctively reaches to the side to grab the cold metal railing of the concrete stairs. He sees the door to the rooftop of the hotel and Max smiles with relief to have finally made it to the top and rushes to open the door.


Author's note:

Believe it or not this fic was inspired by those Looney tunes episodes where the character (I think they only did it for Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck) is walking along or something like that and the scenes are constantly changing. I was young when I watched them so I remember them being quite hilarious.

It was intended to be a humour but I think it turned out a bit dark, if that makes any sense.

I have no idea how people are going to react to this story so a review with your opinion would be greatly appreciated.