Muggles: Humans born with no magical ability

Magicals: Humans born with the ability to use magic

Mutants: Humans born with a special gene, the X-Gene, which gives them specific superhuman abilities. Can be Muggle or Magical. Considered by both to be lowest class of humanity.

Chapter 1: A New School

Harry set back with a sigh in his and his friends' compartment on the Hogwarts Express, and listened to Hermione and Ron bicker. He couldn't help but smile at them fighting, despite how much he was sulking over what happened at the end of his forth year. Voldemort was alive, and Cedric, to be frank, wasn't.

"I can NOT believe you would even THINK THAT, Ronald Weasley!" Hermione shouted.

Apparently this fight had worsened while Harry was daydreaming.

"What I say? Harry you agree with me right, his kind doesn't belong at Hogwarts!" Ron said, glaring at Hermione.

"Um … what?" Harry asked nervously.

"All I said that Peter Crowlie found out this summer he was a mutant and decided not to continue coming to Hogwarts because he's scared of people threatening him or him hurting someone else. And Ron said that Mutants don't have a place here, and that is just not right, honestly!" Hermione explained returning the glare.

"Mutants are freaks of nature," Ron said hatefully, "They all need to be locked away somewhere and forgotten."

"I don't know, Ron," Harry said treading carefully, "I kindda know what it feels like to be treated like your worthless, and I don't wish that on anyone."

"I don't get you sometimes Harry," Ron said with a sigh, "I just don't like those things around me, they're all scary."

"Ron, when you start talking like that it makes me wonder why I ever started-" Hermione started when the door swung open.

"Well looky here, if it isn't Potty and his band of losers," Draco Malfoy smirked walking into the compartment.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Harry sighed looking at the blond Slytherin.

"I just wanted to say hello," Malfoy said walking into the compartment, "Wesley, I've seen you've gotten … poorer, and Mudblood?" he said walking toward the girl, letting his eyes roam up and down her more matured body, "you've grown …"

Harry and Ron started toward him, "Take your hands off my-" Ron started as Harry reached out and grabbed his wrist, causing Draco to gasp. Draco tried to jerk away for a moment, but then his eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed on the floor.

"Malfoy?" Ron asked leaning down, "He passed out!" he then looked to Hermione, "I'll go get a professor!" Ron said as he shot out the door.

"Harry?" Hermione asked from the other side of Draco's limp form, eyeing him suspiciously, "did you feel something when you touched Draco?"

"Yeah felt a little tingle in my hand, why?" Harry asked still trying to wake him.

"No reason … may I borrow Hedwig when we arrive?" she asked, setting up in her seat and pulling out a quill and parchment.

"Sure," Harry said standing up, "I'm going to go get a some water for him. I'll be right back."

"Ok," Hermione said watching him leave then turning to the parchment, "Dear Uncle Henry …"


Draco was unconscious for two days, before recovering as if he was only taking a long nap. Other then that strange situation, Harry's year started out same old, same old. Except he was hearing strange things, hearing people speak without them moving their lips. And it was starting to worry him.

"Harry, how can you see with your glasses so dirty!" Hermione sighed, taking Harry out of his thoughts, "Honestly!" she sighed taking his glasses off his face, wiping them with her robe.

"Thanks, Hermione," Harry said studying her as she cleaned his glasses. He had to admit she had grown into a beautiful young woman. She still had her bushy brown hair, but her body has grown out in all the right places and she was slightly taller, and her buckteeth were nowhere to be found.

"He looks so handsome without those glasses" Harry heard Hermione's voice say, "I wonder … if I made the right choice with Ron …"

"What choice do you mean, Hermione?" Harry asked causing her to pale slightly.

"Um uh, I uh, I have to go," Hermione stuttered back stepping, "I'll talk to you later, Harry."

"Oh, ok, bye Hermione," Harry said waving at her retreating form, "What was that about?"


Professor Albus Dumbledore walked into his office, and smiled into the shadows, "Greetings, Charles. I believe you are one of the few Muggles to be able to venture here without my initial approval."

"Hello Albus," one of two men said as they came out from the shadows. The one who spoke was an older man, he had a clean shaven head, and was in a strange plastic wheelchair, behind him the other man stood tall, he was in his mid 30's with well kept brown hair and his eyes were hidden behind strange ruby red glasses. "It pays to be one of the most powerful psychic 'muggles' on the planet."

"Ah, yes," Prof. Dumbledore said taking a seat, "Charles your mind is probably as strong as the wizarding world's strongest wizard. I trust you've come for him?"

"Yes," the wheelchair bound man said, " But first, allow me to introduce my assistant, Mr. ScottSummers." He said as his assistant reached out his hand to Dumbledore.

The Professor took the hand in a friendly handshake.

"Cerebro picked up mutant readings in the area recently, and then one of the instructors at my school received a … what is the term you use, an 'owl' from his niece, who attends your school, saying that she thought one of her friend might be a mutant." The wheelchair bound man said.

"Yes, I believe the assumption is correct. His name is Mr. Harry JamesPotter. You wish for him to attend your school to help him learn to control his new abilities, correct?" Dumbledore asked, receiving a nod from the bald man, "I will allow him to attend your school as well, as I'm sure you've came to request, as long as he's still allowed to attend Hogwarts." Dumbledore laid out.

"Of course, Albus, you can set up one of those... portkeys, is it? And we also have a member of our faculty who graduated from Hogwarts, I'm sure Miss Maximoff would be more then happy to tutor the boy while he's attending our school." The bald man replied with a smile.

"Very well, I will bring this to Mr. Potter's attention, and may I ask how you got here, and would this strange fog that has set in around the castle have anything to do with your arrival?" Dumbledore asked with a knowing smirk.

"You could say that," the assistant said with a smirk.

"Scott …" the bald man scolded, "You have your secrets, Albus, andI have mine. I'll be expecting the boy later tonight then. Good day, my friend." He said as he and his assistant turned to leave.

"Do tell Ms. Monroe I am hurt that she didn't come in to visit with me. I hate to think I frightened her last time she came with that chocolate frog." Dumbledore said, earning a laugh from the bald man.

"I'll be sure to tell her, good day, Professor."


Later that evening, Harry sat in the common room, finishing his potions paper. He finally completed it, and set back with a loud sigh, "Finished at last!"

He looked around and saw that everyone else had gone to eat dinner, though he saw Hermione go up to her dorm room. He looked over and saw her favorite book, "Hogwarts: A History", setting on the table, "I'll just run this up to her real quickly."

Harry quickly walked up to the girls' dorm rooms and made his way to Hermione's room. And quickly opened the door and rushed in, not paying attention to the panting noises he could of heard through the closed door.

"Oh god …" Harry thought as he saw the scene on Hermione's bed. One thing Harry never once wanted to see, ever: Hermione and Ron together, and making love. And with Hermione on top, any thoughts of tearing Ron apart for forcing himself on her was thrown out the window, as well as any thought of furthering his own relationship with her.

Harry, still in a state of shock, lowered the book on the floor, turned and walked out slowly. Walking almost zombie like to his dorm room, and setting down slowly on his bed, staring out into blank space the whole time.

He slowly turned his head toward Ron's bed. He knew he should be happy for his friends; it was painfully obvious they were happy together. What made him angry was neither seemed to want to tell him about their relationship, and it had to have been going onfor a whilefor them to be doing … that.

In a way, he hoped Ron would stay in there with her tonight. He might do something he'd regret if he saw him any time soon. Harry slowly turned and looked toward Ron's bed and dresser. His eyes traveled to a picture on his bed stand, one of himself, Ron and Hermione together. His fists tightened; he just wanted everything to get away from him, just to get away.

He felt rage and jealousy building inside him. The pressure built till Harry thought he'd explode. His fists were clenched so tight that his fingernails brought blood from his palms. "Why?" He asked almost growling, "why didn't they tell me … something … ANYTHING? WHYYYYYY?" Harry cried out and everything in the room was pushed so hard by an invisible force thatit all crashed against the stone walls of the room.

"My goodness," Professor Dumbledore said, walking into the destroyed room, "Are you upset about something, Harry?"

"You could say that, Professor …" Harry sighed.

"I take it you've finally found out about Mr. Weasley and Ms. Granger then?" Dumbledore asked softly.

"Did anyone NOT know about this other then me?" Harry asked, sighing loudly.

"They were only afraid if they let you know of their furthering their relationship, it would cause you to push them away," Dumbledore explained, "I admit I think it was a foolish move, but it was a mistake they made thinking not of themselves alone, but all three parties involved. Anger is expected, but please do not let it destroy the friendship between you three. It is a model of how a friendship should go for other students here."

"I guess, I just … I really need to be away from them for a while …" Harry sighed.

"From the looks of this room, I feel this question is pointless, but …" Dumbledore started, looking around the devastated room, "are you feeling anything strange or have seen or caused any strange phenomena lately?"

Harry nodded.

"Ok, then," the professor said with a reassuring smile, "I can grant your wish for space. You have been enrolled in another school which specializes in special situations, such as yours. You will still attend classes here, but you will have a tutor there with you to aid you for when you stay at this other school. You will initially stay a few weeks to get a feel for the new surroundings and the school's faculty, but then travel back and forth by way of a portkey. I have placed a spell on your trunk so that it will appear in whichever room you're staying in, whether it is your room here at Hogwarts, or whichever room you are assigned at the new school. And you have also been cleared to practice magic outside of Hogwarts conservatively, seeing as you will have to practice with your tutor at the other school, but do not push the issue. Do you understand, Harry?"

"When do I leave?" Harry asked, "I really don't want to face Ron or Hermione yet."

"Right this minute, if you wish," Dumbledore said, handing him a what looked like a red discus with a large 'X' engraved on it. "Just touch the disk and say 'All men arecreated equal' and it will take you and whoever is making physical contact with you to and from the school."

"Ok then," Harry said, taking the disk, "Tell my friends I'll talk to them when I get back; take care, sir, bye." Harry then tightened his grip on the disk, "All men arecreated equal …"


In a flash of light, Harry found himself in totally different surroundings, andbefore he could look around, someone crashed into him.

Harry sat up, looked around and immediately locked eyes with the golden eyes of the one who ran into him. Both screamed and jumped back.

"I'm terribly sorry. Kitty always says I'm too clumsy," the figure rambled, "I'm sorry, please don't be afraid of me. I know I look strange. I'm sorry!"

Harry looked over the trembling figure. He looked about his age, but what was different was his slender body was covered with a light coat ofblue fur. His hands had only three fingers; a long, pointy tail protuded from his backside,and pointy, elf-like ears stood in place of normal ones. "Why would I be afraid of you?"

"You're … not scared of me?" he said as helooked up, hope shining in his gold eyes.

"No, not really," Harry said, "Should I be?" he then reached out his hand for a handshake, "My name's Harry Potter."

"No! No! You shouldn't be afraid of me. I wouldn't hurt a fly!" he said, grabbing Harry's hand in a rapid handshake, "My name's Kurt, Kurt Wagner, you're new here, aren't you? I haven't seen you around; is that a British accent? That's so cool!"

"Leave him be, Kurt. I believe you have a class to attend, do you not?" a voice echoed in the boys' minds.

"Oh right, right, on my way, Professor!" Kurt said quickly, disappearing in a cloud of purple smoke.

"That … was different …" Harry mused, the smell of sulfur in the air.

"Mr. Potter, please come this way," the voice said again, seemingly pulling him down the hallway.


Harry walked down the hall and entered the room as directed. He looked around the large oval office and spotted several men and women standing around looking at him. This made him uneasy.

"Do relax, my friend," a bald man said with a smile, wheeling his mechanical wheelchair around his desk, "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Professor Charles Xavier, and this … is my School for the Gifted."

"Um, why am I here, Professor Xavier?" Harry asked, feeling strangely relaxed around this man.

"Have you been feeling strange lately, Harry?You've found yourself able to do things you couldn't before, even with your wizard abilites." Xavier asked.

Harry nodded slightly.

"Are you familiar with the term 'Mutant'?"

"A-are you saying I'm … I'm a mutant?" Harry asked, the color fading from his features.

"Yes, Mr. Potter, you are," Xavier said, taking his hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze, but it is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone in this room is a mutant."

Harry looked around at the strange group of characters.

"Allow me to introduce to you the main faculty." Xavier said, signaling for the first to step forward, "This is my assistant, Scott Summers, codenamed Cyclops." A man with strange ruby red glasses walked up, smiled down at the boy, and took his hand in a handshake, then went back to his position.

"Nextto him ishis wife, and also another instructor here, Jean Grey-Summers, codenamed Phoenix." A very attractive, red haired woman, who seemed to have a striking resemblance to Harry's mother, at least to Harry, walked up and took Harry's hand in a gentle handshake.

"Welcome to the school, Harry. I hope everyone makes you feel welcome," She said before walking back.

"Next is Ororo Monroe, codenamed Storm," a silver haired, blue-eyed, African American woman walked up and took his hand.

"Tis a pleasure to meet you, my young friend." She said before returning to her place.

"Next is Wanda Maximoff, codenamed Scarlet Witch. She graduated from Hogwarts as well and will be your tutor while youare here,"

Another red haired woman walked up, this time leaning forward and kissing Harry on the cheek, "It's a pleasure to meet a fellow Gryffindor."

"Next is our resident scientist, Dr. Henry McCoy, codenamed Beast," then a large creature, looking more like a blue gorilla than a man with the exception of the small ponytail hairstyle he sported, walked up and took Harry's hand in his own large, azurefur covered paw.

"Ah, Harry Potter, we meet at last. I have heard so much about you from my niece's letters," he said before leaving a confused Harry.

"Then, due to personal preference, our southern belle will remain only codenamed, this is Rogue."A chuckling, attractive young woman with light brown, bushy hair,which if not for a large silver streak down the middle, Harry would have sworn looked like Hermione's walked up and ruffled Harry's already unruly hair with a gloved hand, "Pleasa to have ya with us, Sugah," she said with a wink before returning to her place.

"Then last, but definitely not least, our head of security and physical defense instructor, Logan, codenamed Wolverine,"a man, who was actually shorter than Harry, stood propped up against the wall, and looked up at the boy, cocking an eyebrow as if he was sizing him up. He was unshaven with a very dark shadow on his face, and his side burns went down far into his cheeks, his hair hidden under a cowboy hat, and his cold eyes cut straight through Harry as if they were knives. Harry knewright off this man could scare Voldemort speechless. "What are you looking at, bub? Never seen an Canucklehead before?"

"You can trust everyone in this room, Harry, " Professor Xavier said proudly, "These people will teach you, stand by you, protect you, and above all else, be people you can place your trust in. Most of the faculty are graduates of this school, and most students strive to be like them, and have given these instructors a very popular nickname … The X-Men."

To Be Continued …

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