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Visions of Reality

Chapter I: The News

"You're pregnant Hermione".

That was all she heard before everything blacked out.

Hermione gazed at the view on the veranda. She was at Hogwarts because she had nowhere else to go. She didn't want her parents to know about it. She knew she couldn't answer their questions with satisfactory justifications for her actions and definitely didn't want them to be disappointed in her. She longed to know who the father was because as far as she could remember she never slept with any men.

"Miss Granger, I need to talk to you about-"

"My pregnancy, Professor? I'm sorry but I know nothing of it." She replied.

"It's not only about your child Miss Granger, I'm also considering your parent's views on the subject. I'm sure they have a right to know, it's been two weeks since you got the news. "

"But… I too… professor am scared, what if… they look for its father?"

Professor McGonagall looked into Hermione's teary eyes and submitted a sigh.

"I'm sure everything will turn out alright… eventually. Would you like the Weasley family to know about this? I believe they could help."

"No…" Hermione paused and looked back at the worried Professor. "Please Professor; I don't want to be a burden and they already have so many troubles, with... Ron's murder and everything else I... I just couldn't." She sobbed.

Hermione looked back at the wonderful view and wiped her tears.

"I believe I know someone else who might help you," Hermione looked at McGonagall with confusion but the transfiguration teacher just smiled a very rare smile.

"Harry Potter."

Harry Potter was awakened by Hedwig's loud hooting. He felt his neck go stiff when he realized he had fallen asleep on his desk. He reached out for his glasses. He looked at Hedwig who was attempting to break out from her cage; so far she had only succeeded in giving Harry a headache from her loud irritating sounds.

Harry stood up and fixed his glasses then stretched his arms. He went to Hedwig and released her from her cage. She flew around Harry's room, and then she started tapping the window with her beak indicating to Harry that he should open it for her. Harry quickly opened it up but in his surprise, another owl swept in and Hedwig stayed perched on the window.

Harry noticed that the reddish-brown owl had a letter tied to its legs.

'From Hogwarts! But why?'

He sat on his bed and slowly opened the letter. There was the school logo and something else he wasn't expecting.