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Visions of Reality

Chapter Seventeen: Dark Wizard's Death Wish

Darkness still lingers the sky with its purple like hue and the cool breeze of the morning air made the once calm lake made numbers of tiny ripples. The flow of the wind reminds the people in the Hogwart's lands that soon, storm will come. A very strong storm, an unexpected weather change in the middle of December.

Only in a few minutes, the sun will be rising but most of Hogwart's current occupants were already up and awake by this time. Some were really early birds and some just really can't sleep by anticipating on what might happen that very dreaded day.

Beside the dark lake, Harry Potter stands under the huge willow tree. Savoring the cool salty morning air. He knew that he needed it; it helps him relax his tensions away.

And when he thought that he was alone, Hermione came. A thick shawl covering her arms and shoulders from the coldness of the outside grounds.

"I saw you standing here alone… you have woken up so early, is there something you want to tell me about?" Hermione asked, as see went beside Harry with careful steps, the ground was not even with the tree's huge roots and muddy grass-filled land.

"Say for your self" Harry said, not even looking at her and he knew that she's tired. She sounded exhausted and he guesses she harbors huge dark bags under her round chocolate orbs.

"All right, you caught me, you knew me so well. I just can't… sleep" Hermione crutched down, keeping her clean white dress out of dirt, and then she reached for the shiny grass, the dew slips down falling to the ground. Her confession made her best friend looked at her.

Hermione just can't make herself sleep, too many things bothering her mind, she just don't want to say more to avoid Harry from worrying more. She knew how Harry immediately thinks that it's always his fault, being the boy who lived and the boy who-won-the-war-and-saved-everyone-from-the-dark-lord is sometimes a pain in the ass, and she doesn't want to be a burden anymore. Since she can't sleep, she decided to wander around.

A while ago, while strolling the dark halls of Hogwarts without anyone to stop her from doing so, she finally found her inner peace. For once in this moment, she was calm. Hogwarts was such a special and memorable place for her. Within its walls were witnesses of her most treasurable and wonderful memories. Just wandering around shooed her troubles away.

And that's when she saw on one of the Hogwart's huge windows, a view of the lake readying itself for the coming sunrise, and she also saw someone standing beside the lake. Harry. And that made her come down and joined her best friend.

Harry was still watching her when she looked up and smiled at him, "I'm okay now," then she widened her smile. Harry knew she's bothered but he doesn't want to break her attempt to be 'okay'. So he just let her and looked back at the lake.

"Hermione?" Harry called for her attention.

"Hmm?" she didn't looked up, she continued watching the lake's surface forming tiny ripples, which were made by small fishes.

He was losing words to say to her and just decided to tell her what's been lingering his mind for quite some time now. "I'm scared…"

That made her looked up in a very fast manner that she lost her balance but lucky her that her hand made contact with the muddy ground first, stopping her to fall completely, that will greatly mess up her clean white dress. When she's stable, she slowly rises up to level herself with Harry. She's speechless but her glassy chocolate orbs giving away her thoughts, she wanted to hear more from him.

"This is so weird… before the fight with Voldemort, that's scary. But this-" he meant their current situation "-this, just plain creepy down to the bones… almost like taking O.W.L.s all over again…" Harry tried to humor but Hermione knew what he meant. It's really hard to fear the unknown.

"Harry-" she finally found her voice, with clearing her throat and rubbing her hands together to removed the drying mud on her small delicate hands. "-I'm… I'm scared too…" she moves closer to him and placed her hands on his cheek, for reassurance on what she's going to say. "…but together … we'll survive this…" she never thought that she'll be this optimistic but the moment she saw Harry's anxious emerald eyes, she wanted to remove his fears away.

She wanted to save him as much as she wanted to save herself from the anticipating doom their going to face.

Harry was shocked that he found himself chuckling; "Together …" he found it odd but funny at how things turned out. He laughed not to annoy her but he just found everything amusing, his tensions set aside for now. "I almost thought that we-" he looked directly to her eyes, emerald facing the most beautiful brown eyes he ever saw and will always love to look at "-that we will always be together … but the moment I saw you with him , I knew that I will lose you to my childhood rival… it made me so scared by just thinking about it but I just knew I had to let you go ..."

Hermione was indeed speechless. She didn't know what to say, she didn't even know if she'll feel pity or thankful. Her hands suddenly felt weak and she lost hold on his face.

Seeing the surprise from her eyes, he continued, "I've always been in love with you, ever since we became best friends… I love how you never leave my side even on my darkest hours… but then…" He paused as he remembered the past, not all memories were pleasant memories, there were some needed to be sacrificed for the sake of a friend. "But then, Ron…" it makes his heart ache as he remembered his diseased best friend. "Ron… he told me he had fallen for you, it was hard but I had to let him be happy. So I gave him my blessing and encouragement to let you two be together. Seeing you both happy, it makes me happy too."

Hermione was beyond speechless, she just lost her voice. Hearing Harry's confession makes her feel so bad like she just killed her own best friend. She just can't believe that life is indeed so unfair. She wanted to say sorry, just as she was about to open her mouth, Harry placed a finger on her lips, halting her from saying anything.

"And then," Harry was not yet finished, he still have so many things to say to her like the end of the world is already coming near. He actually felt that way. He wanted to say everything and it's not his intention to make her feel sorry, he just wanted her to know. He gave her his most genuine smile to reassure her that it's alright and there's nothing to worry. "You two didn't last long and decided to be just friends, I was… selfish as it is, I was so glad, happy… so much pleased."

Hermione realized that he was really smiling. He was so happy. And she couldn't just say anything to ruin it.

"But still, I can't tell you how much you meant to me " he hold both her hands and looked straight to her chocolate orbs. "How much I love you …"

Hermione can't hold it any longer, tears start falling from her eyes.

Harry saw the tears and he just can't bear to see it, he immediately pulled her to his arms and hugged her so tight, trying to comfort her. "And this happened… the moment I saw you coming out of the train, I knew that it's about time to tell you everything… it's time for me to be happy too and vowed to never let you go again …"

Hermione started sobbing hard on his well built chest, making his gray shirt wet with tears. She felt her heart ache that Harry got to experience all the pain just because of her. If she only knew .

He pushed her a little to look at her and slowly wiped her tears away from her face. "I never thought that I had to let you go once again…"

Hermione never felt so overwhelmed in her entire life. She still can't believe that Harry was still smiling so real. She only got one thing on her mind right now. It was her turn to give him a hug and then she whispered to his ears, "Thank you".


Draco was standing at the entrance way of Hogwarts, only a few meters away from where Harry and Hermione are. He was watching them since he saw her approached him near the lake. He saw everything, and yet, he didn't felt jealous or anything like that. Even he didn't heard what they were talking about; he knew it's something he shouldn't be worried. It was nice to see the last two of the golden trio was having a closure on things, he actually had an idea what's happening between them right now.

Didn't want to ruin the special moment of the two best friends, he entered Hogwarts and just felt pleased.


It was late in the afternoon, the sun was near setting. The dark was coming once again.

Dumbledore and Mcgonagall were standing in the middle of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. Draco, Harry and Hermione standing on the other side of Hogsmeade, in their dark robes protecting them from the cold.

The older woman comes near the younger wizards, trying to hold back her tears; she gave the men a hug each and then stopped in front of Hermione. "Please be careful," she holds the younger lady's cold hands. "And please put on some gloves, you're hands were freezing!" she scolded.

Hermione chuckled. Mcgonagall never failed to care for her, still treating her like a child, the typical of her. "Yes Ma'm," Hermione was about to pull her gloves from her pocket when Mcgonagall pulled her to a tight hug and the older professor started crying.

"Don't cry Minerva," Dumbledore tapped Mcgonagall on her shoulder, his attempt to comfort her. "Were not saying our goodbyes here." And then he turned to look at Harry and Draco. "I wish you guys all the luck and be very careful" He was serious and sincere and hearing such words from their Headmaster is already a glint of hope for them.

Mcgonagall slowly pulled away from Hermione and wiped her own tears. "I'll pray for your safety."

"Thank you." Hermione finally put on her gloves and gave Mcgonagall a smile.

Harry and Draco gave each other a nod and started walking towards the middle part of Hogsmeade. Hermione followed them and they reached the center the town, there were no people outside because of the cold and thick snow, the three of them faced each other.

"It's time" Harry informed them.

Hermione immediately took both their hands and giving both men a smile. "Where are we heading to?"

Draco took a deep breathe and answered, "The old and abandoned… Malfoy Manor"

And then in a blink of an eye, the three of them were gone.


The huge dark wooden doors of the Malfoy Manor loudly creaked as it was being opened. Draco was in view and he was alone.

He entered the place he used to call home. The place was a mess, full of cobwebs, dirt and rodents. Uncared. Unlike when his mother used to take care of this place, when she was still alive. But it was still harboring the same dark feeling, just like how he remembered when he left this dreadful place.

He could feel the dirt flying around as he took each step.

"Father" he almost spit the words by just saying it. Saying that dreadful word is almost like making him eat dirt.

He thought that he had to look on the whole manor just to look for his father but he was wrong, Lucius appeared on the top of the stairs that's facing the huge entrance way of the manor. He had his hood down but his long platinum-blonde hair was out and lay down on he sides of his hidden head.

He slowly pulled his hood down, showing his handsome face that didn't aged through time. He harbors a long scar across his face that passes his nose to his right cheek. It was the famous scar that the late Ronald Weasley left when he 'killed' Lucius Malfoy on the war between good and evil. Or as what everyone thought.

Lucius gave him a huge grin, "I'm so honored that my loving son came back to me"

Draco observed his supposedly dead father for any mischief he might do, he will never let his guard down now. He noticed that his father still looks the same but then he saw his father's hands, it's the same disgusting decaying corpse hands. There's almost no flesh left, some of the bones were sticking out. He immediately removed his gaze on it and looked at his father's bloody red eyes; it's not the same silver-grey eyes that he inherited from him.

"Why did you take the baby, it's me that you want, take me instead!" Draco shouted, he don't want to play games anymore, he wanted to be straight to the point.

"Who said I only wanted you Draco?" the older wizard didn't remove his devilish grin.

Just as Draco realized what his father meant, he feared for the other two he came with in this very horrible place. His surprise never left his face.


Hermione was walking alone the dark halls of the old Malfoy Manor. Her wand in hand to provide her some light along the way.

She then reached a huge kitchen and dirt was everywhere. She almost screamed when a sudden movement caught her attention, it was actually a huge rat passing by on one of the shelves. She relaxed a little but still remained alerted. 'I shouldn't be scared right now' she remind herself.

She was looking around and found everything here was absolutely lifeless. And then she realized she was lost. As she was about to leave the kitchen, she saw another movement and she knew that it was an old House Elf. "Hey!" she called out but it didn't answer her. She decided to follow it. As she caught up the old Elf, since it's only walking really slowly, she tapped its shoulders. It finally stopped and looked at her with huge piercing black eyes. She immediately removed her hold on the old Elf. "I'm sorry"

"You shouldn't be here" the old Elf said and started walking away, but Hermione still followed him. The old elf was getting annoyed.

"Yes, I know I shouldn't be here…" the elf looked at her again, still with piercing eyes, but he continued walking towards the outside of the manor. "---Sir, but I need to look for my baby… can you please help me find him?" she begged and then she noticed the elf stopped in front of an old greenhouse.

"Don't call me 'Sir' young lady, I don't deserve such honor" the old elf preached, a typical House Elf. "My name's Mastro, I've been serving the Malfoy's for quite some time now," Hermione noticed the perfect articulation the old elf had, he sounded different. He even acted so different. Unlike Dobby who was once a Malfoy house elf. "And I don't help a mere Mudblood like you" and then he disappeared.

Hermione was feeling depressed and tears were almost forming on her chocolate orbs. She just wanted to have her son on her arms. She can't think straight anymore from all the emotions of longing for her lost son that's slowly killing her. It's making her weaker.

But then she heard a loud cracking sound and turned to look at where it came from. Mastro was back, she's thinking that Mastro might have changed his mind and wanted to help her but then she saw the huge and angry Dobermans that Mastro was holding on. Then she noticed the huge smirk on the old elf had. "I also don't like Mudbloods invading my Master's home". He released the huge dogs and start heading towards Hermione.

Hermione started running for her life, with nowhere else to go; she headed towards the green house. The plants were not tamed anymore and Hermione got to dodge and jump on the plants so she could run away. But a vine caught her foot and she falls on ground, her face hitting the ground first.

Her knee was cut from the shattered glasses on the floor and there's also a huge cut on her forehead from hitting the ground so hard. She was starting to bleed so hard and getting weaker and weaker. She can't even make herself stand up anymore from the exhaustion and pain.

All she could do was shut her eyes and wait for the coming dogs that were ready to devour her.


"Leave the baby alone!" Draco shouted but Lucius only laughed.

And then Mastro appeared on Lucius side with the same smoky cracking sound. The old elf whispered something to Lucius and Draco just watched them. He remembered that elf, it was the most intelligent and loyal House Elf in the Malfoy Manor but he never liked that old elf, its little mind was full of evil ideas more than Voldemort itself.

Draco saw the smile creeping on his father's face and then the elf disappeared.

"Before I explain to you everything, my young heir, it'll be rude to not welcome your guest first." Lucius didn't remove his evil smirk and Draco could feel his knees shaking just by seeing that smile, he knew it's something not very pleasing.

With another smoky cracking sound, Mastro appeared and dropped something huge, for the old elf, on the floor and the elf disappeared again.

It was Hermione. She's wounded and full of cuts all over, and she's also bleeding so badly. She's not even moving.

Draco was about to run towards her but an invisible wall blocked his way. He started banging it but it won't budge. He then found out that he was covered with an invisible wall all around him. He took out his own wand and tried to shoot the wall but nothing comes out from his wand. He was silenced. He started banging the invisible wall once again, even punching it as hard as he can, his hands bruising with each strike.

"Stop doing that my son, you're hurting yourself" Lucius taunted, still smiling. "Just look at her carefully, she's still breathing" he kicked Hermione's shoulder to make her face up.

That's when Draco saw the slow and labored breathing she's making. But still, Draco so much wanted to kill his father now.

Lucius picked her arm up making her rose up and winced in so much pain. She was screaming from the pain and then Lucius harshly hold her face to make her shut up and look at Draco. "Am I right, Draco?" still taunting his son and proving that she was still alive.

Draco keep on banging the invisible wall but still, he can't do anything to make it go away. He can't move from his place.

"Now, everything's set up and I can explain why I want my son back" Lucius dropped Hermione once again like she was not even human and start fixing his robes. Lucius noticed that Draco was still moving around his small cage, he snapped his finger and Draco felt the pain in his arm, where his dark mark was. Draco slowly falls on his knees from the pain filling on every part of his body. "Just stay still and listen."

Seeing that Draco can't move anymore, he started walking down the stairs towards him.

"In order to die peacefully," Lucius started that shocked Draco, hearing his old man wanted to die is like hearing Voldemort saying that he doesn't want to be evil anymore. "I needed my heir to pass my power into…" he crunched down and hold his son's face to make him look back at him. "Don't you like your father to finally rest in peace, my son?" and then he laughed maniacally.


Harry was walking on a dark hallway, wearing the Invincibility Cloak for precaution purposes. He actually offered the cloak to Hermione but she didn't accept it, not wanting to fight with her, he took the cloak with him.

But he found it useless since he didn't encounter anyone or anything since he arrived and part ways with Draco and Hermione.

With his wand in hand, he's been walking for a while now; the Manor was such a huge place. Then he reached the end of one of the hallways and a huge door was slightly opened with light coming out of it.

He slowly opened it and found the room was warm, unlike the rest of the manor. Then he found in the middle of the candle lighted room, a huge crib with a small blonde baby boy sleeping peacefully.

He was about to run into the kid but he cautioned himself first and checked the room for any traps. He found nothing.

He felt something's not right but he got to get the baby safe first.

He ran towards the crib and when he was about to pick up the baby, Mastro appeared on his side with the usual smoky cracking sound and holds both his arm and the baby's. With the smirk on the old elf's face, he apparated once again with Harry and the baby.


They teleported on Lucius' side. Mastro pulled the baby away from Harry and move away from him. When Harry was to take it back, he found out that he was also trapped inside an invisible wall. He saw Draco on his knees but he was not moving and Hermione on top of the stairs, also not moving, but he noticed that she was still breathing and it kind of relaxed him a little.

"Finally, everyone's present!" Lucius sounded so delighted and released his hold on his son's face. He looked at Mastro and smiled at his very loyal house elf. "I always knew that this will happen, what a dream come true"

Mastro handed Lucius his grandson and pop away then pop back once again with Hermione on his side. She falls on the floor once again.

Lucius comes closer to her and kneeled down in front of her. Hermione slowly raised her head up and she finally saw her baby boy. Tears were forming in her eyes, tears of joy mixed with despair.

"I knew you felt my presence even back on Hogwarts." He reminds her unpleasant memories of fearing the unknown whenever she goes near Draco's room at Hogwarts. "I'm afraid that I will now take back what I have given you almost 9 months ago." He pulled her closer to whisper to her ear, "By taking back your wish"

He pushed her down and stands up. "Your wish to remove all of your memories from that awful day!"

The three of them immediately felt the piercing pain on the heads. It made Harry fallen on his knees too.

They were all screaming in pain.

Hermione was fighting so hard to reach her son and fight the pain at the same time but she cant hold it any longer and remained on the floor while their memories returns to them.


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