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Cousin's Cousin

"Idiot!" Henry scolded himself for the eighth time in three hours as he strode down a corridor. "Why did I say her cousin had told me all about her?!"

You didn't want her to leave, a voice sounding very much like Captain Laurent explained to him.

"True," the prince admitted.

The two of you dancing in circles about her cousin. When it was herself you were most interested in.

He loudly sighed. "Yes..."

Which worked out so well, the voice pointed out dryly. Because you didn't find out anything about her due to falsely claiming to already knowing of her. Wishing you could do that whole conversation over now, are you not?

"Yet I did manage to get her name before she disappeared." Henry smirked. He had felt like he'd won a joust when the red-haired comtesse finally told him.

And look at the mess you've made for yourself! No doubt the whole court is now atwitter by their crown prince inquiring about the Comtesse de Lancret. (When is the last time you've made such a fool of yourself over a lady?) Not even the old Grande Dames have heard of her.

"My inquiries were subtle, befitting a prince," Henry protested while rounding a corner.

Naturally. Yet here you are: no one knows who she is nor where to find her. …And you never did learn who her cousin is.

"I will see her again." His eyes flashed with determination.

Yes? And then? Will she be as pleased as you to meet once more?

The prince frowned.

Do you truly think the comtesse has her head in the clouds like you, dreaming of another encounter? She obviously was less than impressed when you complimented her smile. And she all but called you arrogant to your face over those prisoners.

"The prisoners!" Henry nearly shouted. With a new burst of energy, he broke into a run.

Now there was something he could do! He would request his father to release them!

And then?

Henry grinned. "And then we shall see."