First impressions were important. That was, and is, an important fact. When Class 1-A had first met their homeroom teacher, they had written him off as someone who seemed lazy and weird. How wrong they were. And how wrong they were again when they were introduced to their new Teacher's Assistant who radiated such a strong vibe.

Passion. Strength, and hope amongst other things.

Especially during his speech of heroism and what it meant. It was a speech their resident hero otaku could have given himself.

But… soon they realized that the vibe he gave off turned out to be demonic.

On the first day on the job, he gave them hellish training that could only be expected of someone sadistic… That was what Class 1-A thought of Future Midoriya, or Green Might, as they knew him.

However, to the future hero, the training wasn't supposed to be hellish. It was supposed to be challenging, but he might have gone a bit overboard… Though he realized this a bit too late, that didn't stop Aizawa from revelling in his free time to nap.

"I really can't change the plans midway? They could break if they continue like this." Midoriya, the current acting teacher, asked with a bit of concern as he tidied up the training building, brushing pieces of destroyed rocks and bits of shattered wood into a small pile to be cleaned up later.

"Because I said so. You put them on this plan with ther limits in mind. They're going to be pushed to it which is a good thing." Aizawa would lazily say back while under the comforting embrace of his sleeping bag. Though the response didn't do well to quell the green haired man.

"I can understand that. Bruises, blood, and pain is part of every hero's growth in training-" Reminding himself of his own start, Midoriya paused his cleaning to lean onto his broom.

"But what the students, my friends, are going through is beyond that. This is more than Quirk Training, it has literally become an evolve or fail kind of situation." He finished once he caught himself from reminiscing. Right now, his focus was on his friends who were being pushed hard. More than what they had to go through during that Summer Camp many months ago while it being years for him.

"I gave you suggestions. Not a torture plan." Hearing his former teacher groan, Midoriya turned to watch Aizawa unzip himself out of his sleeping bag before standing up to approach him.

"You said that at one point they had to face training like this during U.A, right?" Midoriya nodded. It was one of the main points he tagged with the suggestions. Going through what they had experienced as young teens had helped mold them into the top tier heroes he knew and had the honor of working alongside with.

"Then what's the point of robbing your friends of valuable growth? I know for a fact I drilled the reality that being a hero isn't that easy into that naive skull of yours. If it was, you'd see a lot more pinheaded, costume wearing, spotlight loving morons walking in the streets" Midoriya hadn't considered that. Which had him frowning as Aizawa returned to his sleeping bag to pick It up.

"Trust your friends more, Midoriya. They aren't fragile. They're your future teammates. And since you're here, instead of worrying over your time, you can watch over them and help guide them on the right path. Keeping them close to your timeline." Sometimes,the green haired hero could forget how perceptive his former teacher could be.

"That's why you're really worried, isn't it?" Aizawa didn't need a confirmation to know he hit the nail on the head. Just seeing his grown up student stiffen up and slowly sweep his broom was enough.

"There isn't enough information to know what me being here is doing to my timeline. Just in case it's drastic…"

"You wish to avoid anything major." Aizawa said monotonously, finishing Midoriya's sentence.

"Yeah… That. Even with Quirks, natural environments like the Ocean or Space… or Time… is still heavily unknown. What if… What if my time doesn't exist anymore?" Finally understanding the worries of the broccoli haired hero's mind, Aizawa made his way towards him.

"Principal Nezu is working double time to get you home. Trust in him too. Trust in me, and trust in everyone here. Everything will be fine." Offering a reassuring pat on the back and a nod, the teacher left the assistant to his own devices. The talk did wonders for his doubts about his future being corrupted, but others still lingered. Questions unanswered.

"If only I could find out how I got here." It was something that Midoriya had been pondering over the few weeks he had been time-stranded while also trying to deal with his doubts. Logically, the first thing he had done was a thorough investigation of his ruined uniform.

Whatever Nezu found had disappeared during the time he had been let out of the hospital, but he still found clues. Such as the front of his uniform being singed as if it was super heated quickly artificially. Like a beam or laser hitting him from the front. Was that how he got here?

Aside from his uniform, he still had his communicating earpiece. It was broken, but since the creator of it resided in the support course, he had done a bit of convincing to get Hatsume to fix it on the grounds that it was needed for his work. It wasn't a lie per se, but it felt horrible doing so.

But since that was done, he only needed to wait until he could play back audio logs leading up to him waking up in that alley. What could have happened that got him sent here though?

He thought and thought and in the midst of his mental rambling, did not notice a very large presence heading his way.

"You are Green Might, yes?"

The deep, masculine, authoritative tone that said the green hero's name was distinct. Midoriya could make it out from anywhere just from how iconic and how familiar it sounded to him. Without even needing to turn around, he addressed the new person attempting to speak with him.

"Ah, Endeavor. What brings you here?" He heard shuffling. Was Endeavor uneasy? It sounded like he was wiping his hands against his pants, a fidgeting sign.

"You are probably busy training the students, but…" A pause? Endeavor never stuttered or paused when speaking, even before what happened in the future. That got the time traveler to turn around and finally get a look at the flame hero. What he saw was mildly surprising.

Enji Todoroki, or known as the Number One Hero Endeavor, was avoiding his gaze. He had a scowl present, but it seemed more forced than anything. Like he didn't know what other expression to have. It must have been some sort of safety mask.

"I came here with the intention of.. Of asking you for your help." The red headed man finally said out loud, much to his chagrin. What the flaming man expected was a quick yes, seeing as this was the green haired boy who loved to help all grown up, but he wasn't expecting him to flinch and look at him accusingly.

"You aren't going to end up dabbing and turn half the world to dust are you?" Endeavor looked down at the greenette and deadpanned, almost as if to say 'are you being serious right now?'

"Why would I do such an idiotic thing?" Green Might sighed in relief to Endeavor's answer, his tight hold that was on the broom he had loosening up quickly.

"Nothing just… Just a bad omen." Growling just a bit in annoyance, Endeavor ran a hand down his cheek before taking a deep breath.

"Will you help me or not?" Midoriya took a few seconds to contemplate. Thinking over something before he spoke at all.

"Does it have to do with the protests calling for your retirement?" Of course the time traveler would know already. Despite forcing media outlets to keep shut about the protests, you couldn't stop that kind of knowledge from getting into the hands of a time traveller. So not much surprise was evident in Endeavor's expression when he nodded.

"Yes. My transition has been less than welcomed. Seeing as you're the number one hero in the future, I'd like to ask how you were welcomed so easily if what you told Nezu isn't completely fabricated." Midoriya had let a brow raise with surprise. Nezu was telling other people of where he's from? Wouldn't that be corrupting the timeline? Things could change drastically just from that knowledge! What's the point of even having a cover up story? Not to mention these weird clothes he had to borrow from Aizawa..

"It's true. Seven years after my Debut, I became the Number one hero and for three years I held that rank."

"Did people protest it?" Midoriya shook his head at the question.

"There will always be people who protest. Some said it was because I was still too new to be ranked so high, but other than that, I was welcomed with open arms." Allowing himself to think back to the party his agency held for the achievement, he could remember the feelings in the speech he gave of how it all started and how he fought to get to where he was. He smiled and his head dropped slightly, his chest tightening the way it did back then.

"How did you do it? Why did they accept you so easily while people call for my head?" Endeavor asked a bit too quickly, a bit too eager to learn of what he had done so he could do the same. Just so they could stop. Although he did not show it, the chanting, the demands, it… It stung his pride. Though, nothing would sting harder than the response from the green hero in front of him.

"I didn't do anything."

"Wha...what?" The way it was said made him sound disbelieving, comparative to a child who was told Santa Claus didn't exist. But the disbelief changed quickly as the fake scowl Endeavor had masked himself with became a real. "You must have done something! How else could you not be put in the spotlight of those attention seeking drones in their offices?" Endeavor huffed out, anger slowly pouring into his body which made his flames grow.

"I didn't do anything." Midoriya repeated, lightly gripping the broom that stood beside him as he fought the urge to wipe the sweat forming on his forehead.

"You have to be lying." Venom dripped with those words, accompanied with the terrifying glare the elder Todoroki had, and you had yourself an intimidating man.

"You ask for my help and then you yell at me before accusing me of lying?" Although it did not match Endeavor's, Izuku glared back. "Is that the way the Number One Hero is supposed to act?"

At this point, Endeavor was fuming. His flames were ablaze and steam could almost be seen wisping off of his giant, bulky form. His fists were gripped and he fought the urge to yell to the heavens above with all the fury he could muster. He was angry, it showed in the red tinhe his face had with all the blood rushing to it. But really, he was just more frustrated than ever. So close to a solution. So close to the end.

"I need to know! I can't quit my job! Just tell me!" He yelled, but Midoriya didn't buckle or flinch. He stared hard at the flaming hero with the same challenging glare he had.

"No, I will not help you. If you're so prideful about this, I won't damage your pride and give you the easy way." Midoriya said before turning around to sweep again.

That was the final straw that had Endeavor's rage boil over. With a yell, his flames erupted skyward, torching the ceiling above them as the flames on his shoulders shot to the side, turning whatever was in it's path to ash.

"Fine then! I don't need help from some boy like you!" Endeavor proclaimed furiously as he turned heel. Stomping out of the training building with his feet leaving imprints.

Midoriya continued to sweep, standing tall until he was sure the Number one Hero was gone before sliding down onto his knees. The broom he had being the only thing keeping him upright instead of laid out on his front.

"Jeez… I forgot how scary Mr. Todoroki could be." The lone hero said with a shaky tone. Grabbing at his beanie to pull it off since the sweat he refuses to spill now dropped like bullets. "My heart felt like it was about to burst!"

"Then it's a good thing you lasted as long as you did, Midoriya." Jumping at the voice he didn't expect to hear, Midoriya spun around with the broom. Gripping the shaft like a bo staff as he lowered his center of gravity and widened his stance. What he found behind him however was just Principal Nezu with his smile that he had gotten used to over the years he spent in his original timeline.

"Principal Nezu?" The name was said with clear confusion, the disheveled appearance of his hair plus with how odd the Greenette looked overall in the 'disguise' Aizawa gave him made him look adorable. Nezu couldn't deny that.

"Yes, I am!" Nezu said with excitement.

"What are you doing here? Is it about the training camp?"

As Midoriya tried to deduce why the intelligent-animal-turned-principal had shown up, Nezu rook a moment to observe the cleanliness of the training grounds before speaking.

"Always the detective, but you're wrong for once. I'm actually here about that run-in with Endeavor you had just a few moments ago."

Was Endeavor going to be reprimanded? Oh god, was he going to be reprimanded? Given the sadistic nature of the rat-bear-dog, he could be punished with all sorts of things he didn't want to think about. It made him shiver just trying to imagine the least embarrassing or painful situation he would be sent into.

"Judging from your expression you don't want to play guess the reason. Such a sour sport." Despite the use of disappointing context, Nezu was smiling in amusement. After all, Humans provided the best form of entertainment.

"Anywho, his reason for coming today. He asked you for help."

The older Midoriya nodded.

"He did, but when I told him my answer, he got mad."

Nezu chuckled amusingly, looking towards the sides of the building where piles of ash and remnants of fire flickered and lingered.

"Speaking of which, why did you tell him about me. Isn't it risking the flow of time?"

"Who knows? Where's the fun in knowing if it does or not."

Midoriya had to take a moment to to take in the fact that the principal to a hero academy sought to bring chaos. It was such a good thing he was a good guy, if he wasn't, Japan would have been in trouble.

"So, why are you here about Endeavor?" Midoriya asked, bringing the original topic of the conversation back.

"Ah, that's an easy question to answer. I want you to help him."

Midoriya took another moment. This time, to process what Nezu had requested of him.

"You… Want me to help Endeavor?"

"That's correct."

With the sunglasses he had borrowed from Aizawa off his features, Midoriya's deadpanning expression was clear to see. Staring at his principal in disbelief.

"You're probably forgetting the part where he almost set the building on fire." Midoriya said to try and dissuade his temporary boss from his request.

"The building is fireproof and should it catch on fire, there are countermeasures installed to keep damage to a minimum." Nezu responded, sounding like he had read off some lines to a brochure.

"That's not the point!" The time traveler groaned.

"I'd love to help, but this is something he overcomes by himself. If I help, he might never turn into the Endeavor I know from my time."

It was a sound argument, but Nezu stood tall. Well, as tall as he could.

"Yes, but think of the possibility of him reaching acceptability sooner rather than later. He becomes a new beacon to stand in place of Mr. Yagi. A beacon we desperately need now after the death of-"

Nezu didn't expect a hand to raise. Certainly not expecting to see an expression of being crestfallen on the future Hero's face.

"Stop, I get your point. Just…" Midoriya turned away, taking a moment to put on the sunglasses and beanie.

"Look. Classes are about to begin. They'll be all curious when they see you so I want to limit it." Sighing, Midoriya placed the flat of his fingers against his cheek. Thinking for a bit to himself before ultimately shaking his head.

"Tell him to come back whenever he's free."

Deciding now was not the best time to make a quip, Nezu turned to make the long trek back to his office. Passing by the flooding in of students who greeted him.

"Sheesh, I don't think I can keep it up today." Kirishima, the manly hero in training, said after settling into his role call spot.

"If anyone can't, it's Jamming-yay over here." Jirou smirked, poking at the arm of Kaminari with her earjacks as the steam practically evaporated off of the blonde's head.

"At least he doesn't have to take kicks from some dork in a spider suit!" Mina added with a gruff. "Yaomomo, switch with me!" Mina would plead as she sunk into the side of the raven haired genius.

"Forgive me, but I feel myself improving leaps and bounds. If I were to switch with your regimen, all of it would go to waste. So in short, my answer is absolutely not." Momo eloquently denied the acid user's request. Though, all it did was garner an accusing smirk from the punk rock girl sitting next to her on the floor.

"Eh? You seem awfully protective of your regimen, Yaomomo. It couldn't be because you want to hog your training partner all to yourself?" Momo blushed at the accusation Jirou conjured. In an attempt to rid the childish notion she had thought up, she vehemently denied that she only wished to continue improving further with her training partner.

"Hm… alright. I get it. No need to be so possessive." Jirou said which made the genius redden considerably. On the other side of the group rested the rest of the students. All looking fatigued and dead on their butts, which they were sitting on. Although, Tokoyami insisted he saw something fly out of Mineta's mouth. An added guest to the revelry in the dark, he said.

"How are all of you doing with your training regimen?" Asked Iida, the class representative who always worried (a bit too much) over his classmates.

"I feel like I'm making progress with my fire." Shoto seemed proud as he said that, but you wouldn't be able to tell from his stoic expression. Though, Izuku was able to see it and it made him happy to see his friend improving.

"You seem to be smiling again, Izuku." The green headed teen looked surprised at Iida, who had been calmly smiling back.

"Ah, I guess I am."

"Did you sort out what you needed?" This time, it was Shoto who spoke.

"Yeah! I found out all I needed was a good talk."

(A few days ago…)

Izuku grunted painfully when the smack of wood reverberated against his already aching side. A small sigh came from the person who had whacked him, the wooden item they possessed lowering and meeting the ground as a female body loomed over Izuku's hunched over one.

"That is the fifth time I've landed a hit against you since Green Might has paired us together, Izuku." She said, causing Izuku to sigh as he rose slowly to stand straight.

"Yeah, I know. Your ability with that Bo Staff is terrifying, Momo." The Vice Rep turned pink at the compliment, but made it clear that the topic wasn't going to stray away from him.

"I would thank you but I find it odd that I'm able to land any hits at all. Your speed usually competes with Iida's at top gear." Momo said, thinking to herself while her fingers rested against her cheek.

"Your performance today is obviously different from before. You seem distracted. Is something troubling you?"

Izuku had been flinching the entire time she spoke. He had desperately hoped she wouldn't go where she was going because out of everyone in their class, she was incredibly perceptive.

"Troubling? Ah, I mean, why would anything trouble me? I think I'm fine! We should get to training!" Izuku said in an attempt to derail the conversation, but he never expected Momo to frown at him even more than a few seconds earlier when he got hit.

"You have to be focused, Izuku. How can you do your best if you're distracted?"That caused Izuku to pause for a moment. He was trying his best, really. He was. But how was he supposed to get past this wall of nightmares? He had failed which caused in the death of his mentor's friend. He had been so close. He could of pulled him away and fought, but now he could never do so. His hand would always reach out in the dark, but he knows he can never reach Sir Night-eye when they're now permanently six feet apart.

A clouded look passed over his expression. His once vibrant green eyes now had been fogged over with a dark emotion which made it seem like he was angry, but more so disappointed with how his brows dipped and how his lips pursed.In seeing this, Momo gasped. Every thought and encounter she had with her classmate had always had him smiling or beaming with life. But here? She saw Izuku for what he really was. Despite what their class had been through, she saw a boy who had doubts that weighed heavily on him. Taking into account what had happened a while back, she could understand. She went through something similar when her resolve had been tested after a humiliation defeat at the sports festival.

"You aren't being forced to tell your darkest secret, Izuku. But I want you to know that bottling up whatever you're feeling and hoping it goes away will not help." Speaking from experience, Momo laid a hand on Izuku's shoulder. Gently squeezing as if to to affirm something.

"You're strong. Asking for help will not make you any less."

That's right. He had been so used to hiding his emotions that he had forgotten. Asking for help, pushing your pride aside, doesn't make you less of a hero.

"I.. See. Thank you."

It was a simple reply, but Momo understood. He needed time.

"If it helps, I wouldn't mind at all being a shoulder you can lean on." To that, Izuku chuckled. The slightest of smiles had formed and he couldn't be any gladder.

"Of course."

After that, training soon came to a close and later that night, once he got passed the jittery and nervousness of the prospect of a girl's room of course, Izuku found himself seeking Momo out. From there, he had opened little by little.

First saying it was doubts that troubled him, then the following day said it was bad thoughts about someone. It progressed and progressed until Momo learned the truth of what plagued the hero hopeful. It made her heart ache to see her friend in pain from an incident that was beyond him.

So she resorted to trying everything she knew that helped cheer people up, to get the boy out of the slumps. Not knowing that she had already been doing it without even trying.

"I wonder who it is you talked to." Bakugou, who had been listening in on the conversation, snickered at the obliviousness of the white and red haired boy. Wanting badly to mock him for his sheer densenes but found that he couldn't since, well, he didn't want to be caught listening in on his rival's conversation.

"What have you been doing for training, Katsuki?" The explosion quirked student growled at Iida, his glare being reflected off the Class Rep's glasses.

"What's it to ya, Glasses!?"

"We just wanted to know how you were doing Kaachan!" Izuku quickly interjected, laughing nervously as Iida dejectedly repeated the name he was called.

Bakugou stared at his former childhood friend. A tense silence falling over their group while the others chatted away until he scoffed and looked away.

"I'm training at a junkyard."

"A junkyard? Ah! That's a perfect way to help increase your destructive power while showing a visible improvement scale!" Izuku exclaimed with a huge smile. Which annoyed Bakugou as the successor started to drone on about how much of a genius their T.A was in quirk development.

"Shut up, Deku!"

(Scene Shift)

The door to the factory closed once again after accepting a group of cloaked figures.

Rustles came about and the cloaks flew off, what remained of the League of Villains being revealed as the leader of the group hummed while going over to his stool.

"You were right. They aren't even close to talking about that stupid Culture Festival." Tomura had said, looking over to the suited version of himself.

"You never needed to doubt me." Older him smiled, resulting in both Shigaraki's smiling with malice.

"Why is it different this time though?" Dabi had shrugged a the question Toga had brought up, uncaring to it's relevance while Shigaraki had sauntered over to the young pair.

"It's quite easy to explain, Toga." The girl. excitedly beamed, her firsts clenching in anticipation as her mouth opened in an 'O' shape. You could practically see stars shining in her eyes from how hyped she was.

"Tell me, Tell me!" Chuckling, Shigaraki did just that.

"Time is such a sensitive natural wonder. Fragile like a flower. Me being here has caused cracks to appear in it's once straight time flow. And from those cracks, Time itself is moving differently than it used to, causing different outcomes to similar events." The blood enthusiast nodded in understanding, bumping her hand down into her palm while Tomura smirked widely.

"In other words, it means we have a greater chance at destabilizing the foundation of heroes and making it crumble."

The Future Villain nodded at that.

"And we'll have everything we need to do it." Shigaraki followed up, instilling a villain's hope into the League who had forgotten being at rock bottom due to it.

"If you don't mind me asking, what exactly do you mean by that?" The purple mist asked.

"I brought a toy with me from the future." Was the answer from the smirking future Villain. Who had known that as they all spoke, a shadowy figure sat in the darkest corner of the cell that rested somewhere in the world. A faint pink glow illuminating from the figure as various materials clattered and collected at the floor.

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