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I sighed

"ARF!" The dog bark at me then immediately run away. Dragging me to the streets, I don't know.

You see, I do not live here. I'm just visiting, and this is my first time in Japan. And while a speak English, French, Chinese, and a little bit of Malay and Spanish. I speak no Japanese. Not a squeak. Unless you're referring to the Ohaiyo, Mushi Mushi, and Arigato gozaimas(z) thing. But I'm sure those would have been part of the dictionary of words you should know unless you live on other dimension or planet.

It didn't help everyone was looking at me everywhere I go, and I hate being stared at. Despite wearing a hoody, my blond hair stands out. And when this damn dog ran, my hood will fall, and I will give off an aura of an exquisite foreigner ( that's what my cousin told me). Well, to the Japanese's credit, they don't really look at you in a way like they are scrutinising some other-world species. But there's still that look I get, especially when they stare at my eyes. Yes, yes, it's supposed to be brown, but sometimes depending on the angle of the light it resembles crimson. That's what I've heard from other people anyway. No, I have no idea why it's such a peculiar shade of colour.

"ARF!" The dog barks again, but this time it stops in front of a bakery. I can't read the signage but based on characters or letters written on the paper I'm holding (given by Lindy), this is the bakery where I need to buy the bread. Yup this is all because of an errand. And I swear after this, I will never go outside my room until my vacation ends.

I went inside with my dog. The staff immediately went to me to help, assist me or stops me because I have a dog. Only to find out that yours truly did not understand a single word they were saying. I wasn't sure whether I should be amused or embarrassed at the way they tried to gesticulate and get their point across. In the end, they give up and direct me to the cashier where I handed another piece of paper and some cash.

While waiting for my order, I saw a young woman (we probably have the same age) went out from the kitchen with some cupcakes. I gawked. And my heart fell as well as the leash of the dog.

Everybody screams, and I was like an electrified cat. My world starts again when I saw the young woman laughing.

I kept saying sorry, and in my hurry, I forgot the bread and my change.

When I got home, Lindy got mad. But it's okay because finally, I'm genuinely in love.

The Midori-ya Cafe is like a story fit for a movie plot. They not just cheap but they also have a wide selection of sweets. But my sole desire can't be bought with money.

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