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Men are peculiar animals.

Unlike most animals, they were capable of much more than fight or flight when faced with life or death.

Unlike most animals, they were able to think out and deliberate on their course of action when dropped into extreme situations.

This was a truth.

This has to be true.

Because if not, would you please explain to me why Sarutobi Hiruzen was currently sitting flat on his ass atop his own rocky head, calmly enjoying a smoke from his pipe as the Kyuubi rampaged towards his village.

"Minato, I retired and let you take control so you could deal with problems like this." Hiruzen took a long drawn out smoke from the lightly gripped pipe in his right hand, the sounds of dying men and women saddening but not surprising to the now retired Kage. "But now, you're nowhere to be found as this demon approaches the village I've fought so hard to protect all my life."

Hiruzen let out a sigh as he stared at the raging flames and destruction created by the Kyuubi that only grew larger and closer to his home as he continued to smoke.

"Then again, I shouldn't really complain. Afterall, I'm not out their taking the beast on."

Hiruzen, using only his left hand, quickly flashed through a series of seals before slamming his palm down next to him.



"Hiruzen, is that the Kyuubi no Kitsune I see?"

The Monkey King Emna now stood next to his summoner, his question coming out as more of a tired statement than anything else.

"Of course not, your old eyes are just playing tricks on you." Hiruzen said before taking another puff of his pipe, his tone dead and uninterested. This got a dry chuckle from Enma that was then followed with a more serious question.

"I'm assuming by the fact that you've summoned me and your attire, that you plan on fighting that beast?"

Hiurzen took another puff, before looking over himself. As Enma pointed out, he was dressed in his shinobi garb, a black jumpsuit with a mesh covering underneath and a single green gauntlet covering his right arm. He wore an armored head piece with his headband worn over it. The only thing missing from his attire was his sandals which were to his side.


Enma let out a sigh, his eyes drifting towards the west end of the village. A trench had been torn into the ground, every building and home that had previously been there completely destroyed.

"Old friend, your 210. Your body is far passed its prime and your chakra coils have nearly collapsed due to the strain. Go back just a decade and you wouldn't even be troubled by the Kyuubi, but now, a fight like this could kill you. Why not have Kushina, Minato, or Jiraiya handle this and just rest?"

Hiruzen let out a snort, his own eyes going to other side of the village where only a myriad of craters and the rubble from destroyed buildings remained.

"Jiraiya is out of the village, and my successor and his wife are currently nowhere to be found. As of now, I'm our villages greatest chance of survival Enma and you know this. Plus," A grin came to Hiruzen's face, "It's been forever since I've felt my blood pumping, I'm a bit excited at the chance to have another bout. Especially with an old time foe such as the Kyuubi." Hiruzen turned to face his close companion, "Don't you feel the same way Enma?"

The Monkey King stared back at his friend for a few moments in silence, before chuckling dryly and returning Hiruzen's grin.

"If we do this, you're gonna need to prepare your body for combat."

Hiruzen chuckled again, before taking one final drawn out puff of his pipe and exhaling the smoke.

"Why do you think I've yet to let all that smoke I've puffed disperse yet?"

High above Hiruzen's actual head, hung a chakra rich cloud of smoke that now covered the entirety of Konoha. Hiruzen then closed his eyes and set aside his pipe, before filling his lungs with chakra and sharply inhaling. With only a single intake of breath, Hiruzen managed to inhale the entirety of the smoke cloud without issue.

After a few coughs, the retired Hokage opened his eyes and revealed them to now be golden with the parting of his lips revealing his now more monkey-like fangs. With these visible changes to his appearance, Hiruzen also felt a grand sense of rejuvenation and power fill him.

'I have twenty minutes to go. Let's not waste any more time than needed."

Rising to his feet with a grin, Hiruzen slid his sandals on and held out his hand to Enma, the Monkey King quickly morphing into his staff state and landing in his wielders outstretched palm. As soon as Enma touched his palm, the aged shinobi felt both of their chakra networks flow together and the two become one of the same mind. Twirling the staff twice, Hiruzen filled his lungs with chakra once again before letting out a shout that was heard far and wide.


Though Hiruzen was unable to see all those on the battlefield, the aged man knew that most of the ninja would have enough faith in him to began their retreat in full force.

"Sandaime-sama!" A dark haired jonin with two scars across his face and his hair in the style of a spikey ponytail, wearing the standard clothes of a Konoha jonin landed before Hiruzen with a kneel.

"Hi there Shikaku. How may I help you?"

The now named Shikaku looked up at the retired kage with a look of worry and fear.

"Do you truly plan to take on that monster by yourself sir?"


"Sir, if I may, why not have the support of your shinobi as you do such an act? Wouldn't it be much safer that way?"

Hiruzen grinned down at Shikaku before patting him on the head with his empty hand and saying,

"Son, I purposely called back all of you for both my safety and yours."

"What do you mean by that sir?"

"What I mean by that is that you would all just be in my way, plus, our casualties have already reached the thousands. Let's have no more than necessary tonight."

"But sir, you're not as young or as strong as you used to be. Battling the Kyuubi on your own seems suicidal."

Hiruzen chuckled once again, before ruffling the hair of Shikaku.

"Skikuka," Hiruzen's tone became more serious, "I need you to get some Inzuka members and Kakashi and have them locate either Kushina or her new kid. If you find Kushina alive, send her my way. And if she's dead and/or if you find her kid first let me know as soon as possible through a signal above the village. Time is of the essence Shikaku, only one of those two can hope to contain the Kyuubi and neither seem to be within five kilometers of the village. Though that might just be my sensing skills having grown poor over the last decade."

"But Lord Thir- "


Hiruzen looked towards the Kyuubi and a small smile came to his face as vast amounts of ying and yang chakra began to condense and converge in front of the monster's mouth.

"And you're right, I'm not as strong as I used to be." Hiruzen's small smile morphed into a vicious grin as he looked back at Shikaku, "The Kyuubi just might make me sweat now."

And with those words, Hiruzen took his hand from Shikaku's head and leaped off his head atop the Hokage Monument and towards the Kyuubi. Sailing across the village and much of the nearby forest in a single bound, Hiruzen raised his staff over his head with both hands and enlarged it to the point that it was nearly a kilometer long before slamming the giant pillar like staff onto the head of the raging beast.


Dust, dirt, and trees flew into the air as the Kyuubi's maw was slammed shut and its head was forced into the ground, the chakra the monster had been gathering dispersing harmlessly.

Hiruzen pulled his staff off the head of the Kyuubi and tossed it into the air without ever shrinking it down. Instead, he chose to utilize one of the unique facets offered to him as a sage of the monkeys.


The Kyuubi began to lift its head but a single hand wrapping around its jaw and snout halted any attempts of this. This hand then dragged the Kyuubi's head up until it was eye level with a newly enlarged Hiruzen. The beast fruitlessly clawed at the man's chest, its claws only able cut into the mans clothing and bounce off his skin.

"Hmm." Hiruzen pondered aloud as he stared into the snarling beast's eyes, the Sharigan within them bringing problematic thoughts to his mind, "It seems someone is gonna have to have a chat with the Uchiha's after this."


One of the Kyuubi's tails smacked Hiruzen across his face, dog sized spittle filling the air as the man's head snapped to the side. But instead of letting go of the beast, the Sandaime lifted its head higher until its torso was exposed. He then used his right hand to ram his newly caught staff into the Kyuubi's belly, a roar of pain filling the air as the adamantine dug into its form. Moving his mouth to the monster's left ear, Hiruzen simply said,

"Now that was just rude."

Hiruzen then let go of the Kyuubi's head before willing his staff to extend. The monster was launched into the sky and over scores of forestry before Hiruzen grabbed his staff with his other hand and used both to slam the Kyuubi into the ground once more.

'Ten mintues left Hiruzen,' Enma told the retiree through their mental link, 'Now that we've gotten the Kyuubi further away from the village you should shrink, unless you've forgotten just how costly your Chikyū no Henkei: Kyodai is.'

'Yeah, yeah Enma. I'll shrink in a sec.'

Hiruzen leaped up into the sky, shrinking both himself and his staff down as he flew towards the Kyuubi. Landing within two seconds of his jump, Hiruzen slid to a stop just before he could touch the Kyuubi's nose.

The Kyuubi attempted to bite down upon the Sarutobi, but the man quickly blurred out of the way and reappeared above the beast with his staff held behind his back with his left hand while his right was rearing back for a punch.

"Tetsuzaru no Nigirikobushi!"


The Sandaime's hand rapidly gained a fur covering before it struck the Kyuubi in its head, slamming it into the ground once again. With another cloud of debris and dirt forming, Hiruzen flashed through another set of single handed hand seals before filling his lungs with chakra and puffing up his cheeks.

'Fūton: Daitoppa!'

Sarutobi exhaled a massive gust of wind that easily cleared the air of the dust and dirt that filled it.

With that out of the way, Hiruzen adjusted his position atop the Kyuubi's snout and looked it in the eyes with a grin still on his face, each of its eyes nearly twice his size.

"You know Kyuubi no Kitsune, it's nice to fight you again after over 115 years. Though back then, I was much stronger, and you were much smarter and in control."

Though the Kyuubi looked at Hiruzen in pure rage and malice, the retiree knew that it would be a second before the creature could move since nature chakra now paralyzed it.

"After all, even before our battle, you knew the nature of the Senjutsu utilized by the Monkeys. Like how it made them immortal and invulnerable. That's why when I tried that exact same stunt of grabbing you by the snout in our original bout, you knocked me off my feet with your tails and then pinned me to the ground before hitting me with two fully powered Bijūdama right in the face!"

Hiruzen began to laugh fondly as the memory came to his mind.

"That stung like a bitch."

A sudden spike of chakra from Konoha caused Hiruzen to snap his head towards the village, a flash of light occurring above the village. A frown came to Hiruzen's face before he turned back to the Kyuubi.

"It looks like you're getting a new container tonight. What a shame." Hiruzen did a quick tilt of his head, "For us, for you it might just be a chance to finally like one of your-"

A slight twitch was the only warning Hiruzen received before the Kyuubi snapped its head upwards and launched him into the sky. Quickly righting his tumultuous spinning, Hiruzen found himself looking down upon the Kyuubi as it once again began condensing and gathering ying and yang chakra before its mouth.

"Hmm. You're not as fun when you're doing stupid things." Hiruzen said to himself as he readied his staff to strike the Kyuubi again. "Now let's muzzle you one las- Did you just lose your Sharigan?"

Instead of attempting to charge its attack any further, the Kyuubi preemptively swallowed its bomb. Inflating much less than normal, the monster then dropped its head and aimed towards Konoha.

"SHIT!" Hiruzen shouted before angling his body towards the village and throwing his staff like a spear.

The weapon flew towards the village with a boom just as the Kyubi opened its mouth and a beam of destruction was let loose.

'SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! YOU'RE AN IDIOT HIRUZEN!' The Sandaime thought as his perception of time slowed, watching helplessly as the beam grew closer and closer to the village.

1 second.

The beam was a fourth of the way there, everything within its path being incinerated.

2 seconds.

The journey was already halfway done, with the fire that raised the forest being forced to wrap around the attack as it traveled.

3 seconds.

It was nearly there, and though it wouldn't come close to completing destroying the village, the attack would most definitely be costly for the people of the leaf.

4 seconds.

It was going to hit. There was nothing there to stop it. Hiruzen almost wanted to close his eyes-


That was until he found himself right in front of it.


"That was a close one."

Dust and the debris from a few destroyed buildings was kicked up as a supersized Hiruzen stood right before the gates of Konoha, the kage having taken the full brunt of the lesser Bijūdama.

With a few heavy and shaky breaths leaving him, Hiruzen returned his attention to the Kyuubi. The beast looked even angrier than before, its legs set in position that betrayed their readiness to charge and its tails having begun to grow more frantic in their motions. But before the Kyuubi could take a step forward a little something landed atop of it.


Hiruzen felt the ground shake beneath his feet as his now mountain sized staff completely crushed the Kyuubi beneath its weight.

Hiruzen felt a foreign chakra emit from a seal on his shoulder as yellow flash appeared to quickly be replaced by a blonde haired man, wearing the robes of the Hokage with a small bundle nestled between his arms.

"Hey Hiruzen, you've been busy."

"And you haven't Minato. Where have you been?"

The Yondaime shrugged, his robe blowing in the wind as he looked over the wreckage that had befallen his village and the surrounding area.

"Ah you know, busy having my kid."

The Sandaime sighed exasperatedly.

"Speaking of your kid, where's your wife?"


Hiruzen could only let another sigh, this one tired as he merely confirmed what he was already sure of.


"The answer pains me too much to say."

Hiruzen sighed once again.

"Then I guess I'll just have to ask you later."

A nervous chuckle left Minato.

"Quick question, how much longer can you maintain your current state?"

"One minute, why?"

Minato looked down to the bundle in his arms before letting out a sigh of his own.

"Then you're going to have to wait a lot longer to get that answer you want."

Warning bells immediately went off in Hiruzn's head, several thoughts flowing through his mind before finally settling on one.

"You mean to use the Shiki Fūjin."

Minato chuckled once again, this one dead and grim.

"You figured me out so quickly. And you also know just why that's the one that needs to be used."

"You seek to finally give Konoha its first ever combatant Jinchuriki. One that actually utilizes the power of their tailed beast." Hiuzen words were said with a tone of dissatisfaction and disappointment.

"You won't live forever Hiruzen." Minato responded, having already expected this response from the old man, "Even now, you've fallen far from grace. And when the day comes that you're no longer around, the enemies of our village will try in mass to extinguish our flame."

"Shintai. But why not let me do it, and leave you to raise your child and prepare our home?"

"It's simple really. Because while I might one day prove to be great leader, I might one day prove to be exactly what this village needed, I might be able to prepare and arm all of our men, women, and children for the big change that is terrifyingly close, why fix something that ain't broke?"

"But Minato-"


The sudden shout, surprised the retired Kage and the bundle within the current one's arms, causing a crying noise to began to fill the Kages' ears.

"Tonight I met a man with a Sharingan, who easily murdered all of the guards for my wife and ripped the Kyuubi from her body. I briefly fought the man and during out battle, he made it clear that what he had done was mere child's play. That he had much bigger plans in the future, and in this future that he had planned our village would not exist. Though I managed to separate him from the Kyuubi, he escaped and has now disappeared."

Minato gestured towards the entirety of Konoha with a wave of his hand.

"This was a power play, meant to set us up for catastrophe. And I believe that it was the sole intention of this individual to rid us of your protection. To have you, removed from the picture because even now, with your old and tired body, you can still surpass any of the living. That's only part of the reason why it has to be me who does this, why it has to be me who makes this sacrifice. Because as the Hokage of Konohagakure, I must always act in the best interest of the village. And the best interest of the village is to have you, the man who led us through two Ninja wars, you, the man who once held off three entire armies by himself and won, you, the man who has consistently gone toe to toe with worse this world has to offer and lived to tell the tale, you, the man who somehow happened to become the oldest ninja to ever live in the history of our world, it is you who is best prepared to set our village up for the trials and tribulations to come. So as my final order as Hokage of Konohagakure, I order you to once again take up this mantle and prepare us for the worst. Because while I might be able to do it, you sure as hell can."

And with those words, Minato flashed away presumably towards the Kyuubi no Kitsune. And Hiurzen didn't even bother chasing after him, instead choosing to solemnly stand over the home he would once again lead. After nearly an entire minute had passed, the man turned to look towards the Kyuubi, the beast looking as if it was being split in half. Hiruzen leaped towards the rapidly disappearing Kyuubi once again, landing in his normal size only after the beast had been sealed into a blonde and blue-eyed baby that struck a striking resemblance to his father, the man now laying dead with his arms protectively wrapped around the weeping child. A newly formed seal briefly showed on the kid's stomach before disappearing and leaving the area seemingly bare. Taking the crying child into his arms, Hiruzen looked down upon his dead successor and left him with these parting words.

"If you truly believe that I'm our homes best option for the future, I'll trust you on this Minato, and I'll make sure that our village stands tall even when I'm gone."

Hiruzen then smiled down at the kid in his arms, soothing the child quickly before letting out a sigh and looking up into the night sky.



Chikyū no Henkei: Kyodai - Earthly Transformation: Giant

Tetsuzaru no Nigirikobushi - Iron Monkey Fist

Shiki Fujin - Reaper Death Seal

Bijūdama - Tailed Beast Bomb

Fūton: Daitoppa - Wind Release: Great Breakthrough

Shintai: Absolute Truth

And that's that.

I hope you enjoyed and come back for the next chapter, whenever i release that.