I woke up shivering in the familiar cold metal chair which I've sat in for a week. Tears poured out of my eyes when I remember where I am. I catch my breath and blink away a few tears then take a desperate glance around me, or as far as I can see with the metal restrances restricting my movement. I sigh and let the tears flow freely again.

"Ok br-eath the-they're n-not here y-yet," I mutter between sobs. The cuts and bruises on my face hurt when I constrict it, but it's not as painful as the sore in my throat and the ache in my stomach. I think of trying to going back to sleep; the villains have never tried to wake me up before. I don't even try. Soon enough Toga walks through the door into the small room with little light and no windows.

"Hehehehe~, hi Deku-kun!" I back away on the chair as much as I can with a terrified expression. My vision gets blurry looking at her and the tears start to fall again. I start to mouth the word "No," but my stomach responds first and the little food I've been given gets violently removed out of my mouth and onto my lap.

Toga only giggles more, "Oh c'mon Deku-kun don't be like that!"

"Please no, please.." My words come out scratchy from the stomach acid that just destroyed my already sore throat. She undoes the metal restrances and pulls me out of the chair. I think about making an grand escape, but I know it wont work. I don't have a clue where the exit is if I even make it past Toga.

Instead I scramble to gain my balance, clenching my teeth from the pain of my injuries. I try to stop my head from swimming while my leg bleeds from one of the deeper cuts that I got yesterday. One of the many things that bother me about this situation is that I don't remember ever being let out of that chair all week. My question doesn't go unanswered long because just then, a man in an white and black bodysuit bursts through the door, narrowly missing where I was standing. My body screams in pain as I leap back in shock.

"Hey what's going on!? I'm so sorry, but your taking a long time just to get Deku and we have to go RIGHT NOW! Hey Midoriya how ya doin'? Ok, we have to go~!" Twice quickly leaps out of the door and slams it shut loudly. Still shaking from that encounter, I slowly turn to look at Toga who is smiling widely and blushing at the space Twice was just a moment ago.

"S-so..what is-" I stop talking suddenly noticing how still Toga was standing. So used to her always bouncing around, or well, she's always like that with me.

She sighs happily and turns to look at me wide eyed with her fists pressed against the sides of her chin. "So~, the pros found out where we are and now we have to bring you somewhere else~! Isn't it fun~?!" So the pros are looking for me, huh?

That was a little bit of a comforting thought especially since they managed to find me, It's been a week though! I hope my classmates aren't too worried about me. I miss Todoroki, tears start to flow out of my eyes and fall off my checks, I miss Uraraka, more tears, I miss… I sigh, not bothering to wipe the wetness still in my eyes, and I walk out the door Toga opened for me.

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