What would happen if the Hero of Time and the Hero of Winds were to meet? What could be bad
enough to require two Links to face? This story takes place (mostly) one year after The Wind
Waker (Link is 13). It also had parts that take place a year or two after Majora's Mask (Link is 14).

To really understand this story, you need to play through Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and
Wind Waker. By the way, for those of you who refuse to play Wind Waker because of the cell
shading . . . don't be stupid! It is a very good game! Give it a chance.

Anyway, this is my first (published) Zelda fan fic. I just was not satisfied with the ending of Wind
Waker (the ending is a little disappointing) and I wanted to connect it with Ocarina of Time more.
It said that the Hero of Time disappeared. But how? This is my take. Someone else published
something with a similar idea, but I think mine is quite different. I also had this in mind before the
other was published.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own The Legend of Zelda. If I did, I would be making a new game, not
writing a story about it.

The Legend of Zelda
The Golden Land

Chapter One
On the Winds of Discovery
Tetra stared out at the waves an sighed. It had been a year since her crew had set out to find
a new land. Apparently, the Great Sea was bigger than anyone had imagined. They had not found
any suitable land. They had made their course circular, so they would soon be returning to Outset
Island, which was good, because they needed supplies.

On the positive side, they had charted many new islands. Some of them had towns, but most
were wild. They had even found a few ruins. Tetra guessed that these ruins were from the original
Hyrule. She rested her head on her arms, which were on the railing.

"Tired? Or is all the excitement too much for you?"

Tetra chuckled as she turned to the young man behind her. She gave Link a lopsided smile.
"Excitement? Where? Where?" she said, looking around.

Link chuckled and walked up to the railing beside the female pirate. Together, they gazed
out at the sea in silence. The quite reverie was broken by a commotion behind them. The two
turned to see the crew running around, actually excited for once. Tetra raised an eyebrow. "What's
going on?" she asked.

Instead of one of her crew answering, Meldi, the young Rito maiden explained things.
"Zuko has spotted an island. It looks like ruins, but is mostly intact."

Tetra and Link exchanged grins. "Finally. Ruins are usually interesting. Let's take a

Medli smiled. "We're already headed in. The crew seemed quite anxious to get off the ship
for a bit."

Tetra rolled her eyes. "And they don't even consult me? Sheesh. I thought I was the
captain." Link chuckled, before being silenced by a glare. He then pretended to act innocent.

* * * * * * *

Within an hour, Link pulled the King of Red Lions up to shore on the island. A few meters
away, two landing rafts from the pirate ship were settling in as well. Tetra hopped off of the lead
boat, followed by the pirates Nudge, Mako, and Gonzo. Medli came from the other boat, followed
by the rest of the pirates and Makar, the small wooden Korok.

Link examined the ruins in front of him. A stone ziggurat stood, covering most of the island.
It was overgrown and in poor repair, but it still stood, mostly intact. The island itself seemed to be
covered by ominous clouds.

"What a gloomy place," Makar commented. That pretty much summed it all up.

Tetra shrugged. "Oh well, I want to explore that pyramid. Let's go." She led the was up to
the arching doorway. It took several of the larger pirates to push it open. They finally entered the
tower, which was pitch black.

Link groaned. "Perfect. No lights," he said, stepping forward a few feet. The Hero of
Winds suddenly recoiled back, as torches on either side of the hall sprung to life a few feet ahead.

Medli blinked. "Well, that was . . . odd."

Tetra nodded. "Let's keep going. Maybe the place will light up as we go." She walked on
ahead of Link. Sure enough, more torches lit up as she approached them. The group traveled
slowly down the hall, Link and Tetra in the lead. The hall was very long. It began to incline, and
lead in a spiral fashion towards the center of the ziggurat. Apparently, it lead to the peak.

After what seemed like forever, the hallway abruptly ended. The torches went on ahead,
lighting up a large room and igniting several large basins. Everyone entered the room and stopped
near the entrance.

In the center of the room was a large statue. It was on a raised platform of stone. The statue
itself consisted of to stone figures. One of the figures looked like a normal person, but Link instantly
recognized it. It was identical to the statue of the Hero of Time, which had been in Hyrule Castle.
The other figure stood opposite the Hero. This one was taller and wore a strange type of armor. It
had face paint depicted on the statue by grooves. It's eyes were haunting and lifeless, containing no
pupils. The sinister figure looked vaguely like an older version of the Hero of Time. It had the
same hair and basic shape. The two figures stood, expressions of hate etched on their faces. The
Hero of Time held a giant sword that looked too big for him. It had intricate rose patterns on the
blade. Another, smaller sword was slung over the Hero's back. The sinister figure held an even
more massive sword, which consisted of two blades wrapped in a double helix. The two figures had
their swords crossed, like they were trying to overpower the other.

Link walked up to the statue and climbed up on the raised platform. He walked over to the
statue of the Hero of Time. The statue was life-size and had immaculate detail. A quiver of arrows
could be seen on the Hero's back, under his shield. An item that Link recognized as a hookshot
hung from his belt. Link stood next to the Hero and examined him.

Tetra let out a soft whistle. "He looks a lot like you, Link."

The Hero of Winds nodded. "Yeah, a bit. It's the Hero of Time. Remember the statue from
Hyrule Castle?"

Tetra nodded. "Yeah, you're right. But who is the other guy?" Link shrugged in response.

"Mistress Tetra! Look over here!"

Tetra turned to where Gonzo and Mako were crowding around something on the side of the
room. Tetra walked over to them, followed by Medli and Makar. Link jumped off of the statue and
followed them.

Tetra approached what she realized was an alter. On the alter, six medallions were
displayed. Unlike the rest of the tower, the looked shiny and new. Each had a symbol etched on it,
and each was a different color. Behind the medallions, was a stone slab with an ancient language
carved on it.

Link turned to Tetra. "Can you read that?"

She shook her head. "Nope." Medli and Makar also examined the slab, but neither could
read it.

Tetra sighed. She reached out and picked the yellow medallion up off the alter. "Maybe
these are worth something."

Medli glared at the pirate captain. "You know, for the Princess of Hyrule, you really have
no respect for ancient artifacts. Put it back."

Tetra, who was also Princess Zelda (though she would hurt you if you called her that), rolled
her eyes. "What's the big deal? I mean it's -" she was interrupted by the tower beginning to rumble
ans shake violently. Tetra quickly put the medallion back. "Maybe you're right." Medli crossed
her feathery arms and scowled. After a moment, the tower ceased to vibrate. Tetra scratched the
back of her head sheepishly. "You know," she said, "Maybe we should leave now. Quickly."

Everyone agreed, and the took off, back down the hallway. The trip back was much faster,
considering they were running. They reached the shore and piled into their boats. In no time, they
were back in the pirate ship, headed away from the island. Soon, the island was barely visible on the

Tetra and Link leaned against the railing. "You know," Link said, "sometime I want to go
back there. That place was interesting."

Before Tetra could respond, the sky was filled with a bright light, and a fierce wind threw
the two to the deck. When they recovered and got back to their feet, Tetra gave a low whistle. "I
don't think you'll be going back THEIR, pal." Where the island had been, there was now a column
of dust, smoke, and ash raising to the sky.

Link blinked in surprise. "I guess not."

Medli was close by. "Gee, I wonder who's fault THAT was." Tetra glared at her.