Rain poured down on the empty road. Streetlights beamed on the pavement, the darkness making them seem bright. Everything was at peace. And everything was in place.

Except her.

Walking silently down the road, a lone demon was walking down the street, her fog-grey eyes stoic and impassive. Her blood red hair clung to her face. Keeping her pace, the girl lifted her hand to her collar, gripping the charm there. It was as black as ebony, but seemed to swirl a deep violet, the motion like an unheard rhythm. The shape was that of a tear. Sighing to herself, the demon closed her eyes, the rain falling on her cheeks and eyelids. She was looking for someone, someone that might help her find what she's been looking for, for the past seven years. Who she's been looking for. Looking at the houses she nonchalantly passing, she suddenly stopped at one particular house. The house was a mint-green, with a tree that looked as if it was made to reach the window it was near. Staring at the window, she saw the person that could help her. He had red hair, and bright green eyes. He seemed to be looking for someone. But not her. Sensing another's youki, the demon turned her head to where it seemed to be coming from. Narrowing her eyes, the girl followed the being as it jumped from another tree onto the tree she was looking at before. When she finally saw the figure's face, her heart sunk. The being had on a black attire and hair to match. The other boy's face brightened slightly, not enough for any human to notice, but this demon was too quick to not see it. The girl growled.

".Kurama." The black haired one must've heard her. He quickly turned his head to her direction, his ruby eyes staring into her equally stone ones. Before the being could even think about going after her, she sped away from the house, masking her own youki. Not realizing that she was still near, the youkai searched once more with his eyes before jumping into the red head's room. The girl, watched them until the window was pulled shut. Gracefully, the demon started to walk again, this time going further up the road, heading towards a particular temple.


"Kurama, I think I know that girl." Hiei whispered to his only friend. He has been staring out the window ever since the girl came out of the shadows and walked up the street. The boy Kurama sighed, shaking his head.

"I doubt it Hiei. She is just another ningen if you ask me." Kurama replied, hiding the fact that he did indeed know the young girl. Rather well, in fact. Hiei scowled.

"No, she wasn't ningen. I felt her demon youki. She's in our class it seemed, but she was fast. Too fast. She must really train herself hard."

"Yes, but that doesn't mean you know her." Kurama countered.

"Hn." Hiei muttered, sitting on the boy's bed, crossing his arms across his chest. "I still think I've met her, or at least seen her somewhere. Those eyes."

"Hiei, I saw her too, I don't think-"

"Well, I do think!" Hiei growled, the temperature in the room increasing. Kurama calmly stared at the fire demon, his eyes narrowing slightly.

"Ok Hiei. If you say that you have seen that girl, then you have." Nodding, Hiei, sat up a little straighter, his youki going back to normal.

"Now, I wonder why she stopped near your house."

"She only stopped for a second, she looked like she was heading to the temple, the way she was going." Hiei closed his eyes, thinking to himself. Sighing, he opened his eyes, rolling them in the process.

"Well, it doesn't matter. We'll probably never she her again." Hiei sighed, lying on the bed.

"Speak for yourself." Kurama muttered, making a bed near his own.

"You say something fox?" Hiei whispered sleepily.

"No." Smirking to himself, Kurama laid on the make shift bed, already falling asleep.