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It's a normal day at Beacon Academy, a renowned school for future huntsman and huntresses, the protectors of mankind from the creatures of grimm. In the cafeteria we see team RWBY and it's sister team JNPR, have a conversation about how there training has been going. But when Jaune decided to bring up how his training for the vytal festival was going, Weiss chose to interject.

"Please Arc, you're just going to hold your team back during the tournament, given your 'situation'." said Weiss. Jaune had shared with his team and his sister team about how he used fake transcripts to get into beacon after the incident at Forever Falls. They all had different reactions at first some (*cough* Weiss* cough*) weren't too happy about it, but after he explained why he did it so he could be a hero and help people,as well as inspire others to do the same, they understood and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, but Weiss still wasn't too happy about but decided to let it slide. She was trying to also give Jaune a chance at being friends after helping her with Neptune at the dance, even if things didn't work out between them when Neptune was caught flirting with another girl. Jaune even stopped asking Weiss out but she still slips up from time to time.

Back to the matter at hand everyone wasn't very happy about what Weiss had said and Ruby was the first to speak up about it, "Weiss, don't say that! Jaune has gotten better, remember how well he did during the breach and how he killed some of the grimm."

"I won't deny that Arc has gotten better, but he is still nowhere near any of our levels, so he will go down way too easily or get in the way." no one liked what Weiss said.

Pyrrha was the next to step in, "Jaune also comes up with well thought out plans and strategies, so he will be of great help in the tournament. You really should give him some more credit Weiss."

"Look I'm just stating the facts, sure he does come up with great plans but even still with him in the arena and his skill level you will spend too much effort keeping him from getting hurt that you won't be able to focus on yourselves." this erupted into a full blown argument between Weiss against team JNPR and Ruby, and even Blake and Yang stepped in Jaune's defence.

Jaune was starting to feel a little down because of Weiss' words, so he stood up and went to leave the cafeteria, before he left Pyrrha asked, "Jaune are you ok, where are you going?"

"I'm just going to the training area, maybe if I get some training done I can be of use. See you guys later." Jaune then walked away and left, leaving everyone to give angry scowl at Weiss. Weiss was now feeling kinda bad about what she said when seeing how her words had effected Jaune, but her pride made her refuse to admit she was wrong.

When Pyrrha was about to leave and go after Jaune, Ren grabbed her shoulder to stop her, "Let him be Pyrrha, he just needs time to himself, I'm sure Jaune will be fine." Pyrrha didn't like it but knew he was right and sat back down.

Just then as they all when they all when they were about to start eating again a bright flash of light blinded them, and when they opened their eyes they found themselves falling and fell on each other. Some of them let out a pained groan and all got tangled up together.

"Ruby, get off of me!"

"Sorry Weiss!"

"Who's hand is that?!"

"Woops, my bad."

"Ow my head."



In order that was Weiss, Ruby, Blake, Yang, Pyrrha, Nora, and Ren. They all got up and looked around and saw that they were in some kind of theater, then they notice that there were more people here, some they knew and some they didn't. They saw professor Ozpin and Ms. Goodwitch, as well as professor Port and prof-doctor Oobleck.

They were just as confused as everyone else and Ozpin was the first to speak "Well this is certainly interesting, where exactly are we.

"I don't quite know Ozpin, but it looks like a theater." said the Deputy Headmistress.

Everyone then noticed Velvet, Coco and Cardin was here as well, and they are just as confused as everyone else. Cardin spoke up and said, "I think the better question is why the hell are we here in the first place?!"

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Cardin for once." said Coco said with Velvet giving a sheepish nod.

After Forever Falls, Cardin started to turn his life around and apologized to everyone he bullied, he even became (kinda) friends with Jaune and Velvet. Jaune and Velvet started to hang out more and he even got to know Coco and the rest of team CFVY.

Sun and Neptune walked in and sun spoke up, "Man this is really weird."

"Yeah man what's going on?" asked Neptune.

"I agree as well, this is very strange indeed." everyone was surprised by that and when they looked to see where the voice came from they saw a man that looked like an older Jaune with a beard and two blonde haired and blue eyed women, as well as a dark skinned woman with black hair who was holding a baby.

When seeing them Ruby stepped in and asked, "Um who are you and why do you kinda look like Jaune?"

The man looked at her with a raised brow, only to give off a big laugh ,"HAHAHAHA! Why that's because I'm his father of course, the names Nicholas Arc. So am I right to assume your friends of his?"

"Yeah we know vomit boy, were his friends from beacon, so I'm guessing you two are his sister's right?" said Yang while pointing to the two blonde women.

The older looking one stepped forward, "Actually I'm Jaune's mother Juniper, but lovely lady is my daughter Saffron and that's her wife Terra with my beautiful grandson Adrian." Terra then took Adrian's arm and made him do a cute little wave that Yang and Weiss found adorable. But they got out of there gushing state when they realised what Juniper had said. Everyone was surprised at how young Jaune's mom looked, she looked old enough to be his big sister.

Yang addressed this, "Wow, you look good for your age, especially for someone who had Jaune as well as seven girls." Juniper felt flattered and laughed when she said that, but everyone who didn't know about Jaune's family were shocked to hear that.

"Wait wait wait, you had eight kids?! Do you not have a hobby or something?" asked the monkey faunus, and only got a few chuckles from the Arc parents.

Neptune stepped up and asked, " Quick question, are any of them around my age and single? Because if you and your daughter there are anything to go by, I'd like to try my luck." this earned a glare from Weiss, which caused him to stiffen.

Ruby then saw that her uncle Qrow was also here and charged at him, "Uncle Qrow!" the dusty old bird was unprepared for this and nearly falls over when she tackled and hanged from his arm, "Did you miss me, did you, did you?!"

Qrow gave a amused smirk and said, "Nope." in a joking tone. He then takes a swig from his flask.

"Ugh my head, what happened?" came the voice of Taiyang, Ruby and Yang's father, and when they saw him then ran up to him and hugged him.

"Dad!" Shouted both girls. Tai then returned the hug, happy to see his girls.

"Hello Tai, it's been a while." Qrow and Tai both flinched when they heard and all too familiar voice, and saw that Raven Branwen.

"Mom?!" Shouted Yang as her went from lilac to crimson at seeing her mother, who had abandoned her.

Talk grabbed her shoulder and looked at his ex-wife, "Raven." he simply said

"What not happy to see me after all these years? I'm hurt." said Raven in a sarcastic tone. Although it did secretly hurt her but she would never admit that.

Qrow then stepped in, "Maybe it's because you left to run that band of thugs all those years ago." Raven narrowed her eyes at her brother for that.

"Blake, is that you?" the young faunus turned to where the voice came from, and saw two faces she hadn't seen in years, her parent's.

"Mom, Dad?" Blake was of what they might say, it had been years since she had seen her parent's and she had said some things she had regret. She was unsure of what they would do or say, but she knew it couldn't be good. However something she did not expect happened, Kali ran to her and embraced her in a great big hug.

"Oh my baby! I've missed you so much." Kali started to squeeze tighter and then Ghira started to join the hug as well. Blake couldn't believe it, how could they possibly forgive her for what she said? She said they were cowards for leaving the Fang and yet they don't seem mad at all. Blake began to tear up and return the embrace in kind.

The rest of RW(B)Y and (J)NPR were happy see Blake reunite with her family, but then Weiss notice two people she knows, she runs up to them. Others were surprised to see that Blake's parents are faunus, to which they realized she must be one as well.

"Winter, Mother?! What are you two doing here?" Asked the heiress.

Winter was the first to speak, "Weiss? I don't rightly know myself. One minute I was in my quarters, and then I'm here. I'm just as surprised as you.

"Well well well, if it isn't the Ice Queen herself, oh and hey there Willow, it's been a while." Said Qrow as he walked up the the Schnee women. Winter glared at him for the nickname, but was then surprised to see that he knew her mother.

"Why yes Qrow, it has been far too long." Said Willow with a grin, something her daughter's haven't seen in a long time and were surprised at.

"Mother, you know" asked Winter while glaring at the drunk.

"Oh yes we know each other...very well~." said Willow in a way that made Qrow chuckled but made the sisters unsure if they want to know the story or not.

Just as Ruby was watching this, she was suddenly tackled with a familiar voice shouting, "RUBY!"

It was in fact Ruby's friend who is secretly a robot Penny Polendina. "Friend Ruby, I am ever so happy to see you again!" Said Penny as she was squeezing the breath out of Ruby.

"Hey Penny, it's nice to see you too, but I kinda need to breath." Rasped the red reaper. When Penny heard that she saw that Ruby was turning blue and jumped up, then apologized to Ruby. When the scythe wielder got up she took in each breath like it was the greatest treasure in the world.

"Specialist Schnee." called out a voice that Winter recognized.

"General Ironwood sir!" said Winter as she saluted.

Qrow just took a sip from his flask, "Well isn't this a surprise Jimmy." both Winter and Ironwood just glared at Qrow for his lack of respect and couldn't understand how Ozpin can rely on him.

They then noticed that Cinder, followed by Emerald and Mercury show up. They decide to stand back and observe for now, not certain of what was happening and wanting to rectify that.

"Ugh, my head. Neo do you have any idea where we are?" asked the infamous thief, Roman Torchwick, to his mute accomplice, Neapolitan. She merely shrugged to his questions. Roman then noticed Ruby and sighed, "Well if it isn't little red and her friends. Why do I keep running into you?" Ruby could only glare daggers at the thief.

Suddenly a red haired girl with strange freckles came up and notice a certain cat faunus-in-hiding, "Blake, is that you?"

Blake was surprised to see her old friend from the White Fang, "Ilia, what are you doi- oh no…." Blake had then noticed another figure she had hoped she would never see again.

"Blake my love, it's been a while." Blake could only stare in horror as she saw Adam Taurus.

Just then Sienna Khan had came out, "Ugh, Taurus calm down and leave her alone, now is not the time. Anyway it's good to see you again Ghira." said the current high leader of the fang to the first.

"It has been a while Sienna." said Ghira.

Ironwood was surprised to see both Sienna Khan and Adam Taurus here, and to find out they had some sort of connection with the Belladonnas.

Suddenly more people had show up, though these ones didn't look friendly at all. Ozpin as well a Goodwitch, Qrow and Ironwood were shocked to see them, specifically the woman with white skin and hair, blackish red veins on her body and red eyes with black sclera. Many who saw her felt a chill run up there spines at seeing her.

She walked up to Ozpin, "Well hello Ozpin. How long has it been since we saw each other face to face?" she said with venom in her voice. Ozpin could only glare at her

Then a scorpion faunus walked up to her and gave of a creepy cackle, "My lady, shall I kill them for you?" but then the pale woman put her hand up telling him no, to the faunus' chagrin.

Hearing how the man wanted to kill them made everyone reach for their weapons, but then they noticed that they were gone, Ruby being the most upset and shouting, "MY BABY!" Ozpin very was upset when he noticed his mug was gon.

Then a man in a suit with black hair and a mustache walked up and said, "This is quite interesting, I'm curious as to how we came to be here, what about you Hazel?" at hearing that name, Ozpin's eyes went wide.

The man now named Hazel, saw the professor and his face was one of pure rage, "Ozpin, you're dead!" said the large man, and just as he was about to run towards Ozpin, he fell to his knees "It's like all my strength is draining."

Ozpin noticed this and spoke upset, "This could be the doing of whoever brought us here. But you did all of this, who brought us all here?"

"That would be me."

Everyone was startled at the voice that broke out and looked to where it came from. Suddenly a spectral wolf came out of the wall with a majestic howl, it then descended to the floor and in a puff of smoke changed form to that of a man in his twenties. The man had brown, hair blue eyes, and was wearing a blue hoodie and cargo pants. The man then broke the silence, "Hello. Nice to meetcha."

Nora just ran up to the man "HelloI'mNoraIlikepancakesdoyoulikepancakes? Alsothatthingyoudidbyturningintoghostwolfwassocool" asked Nora in a very fast and nearly inconceivable manner.

The man in question smiled and then began to laugh, "Pfft HAHAHAHA!" He then wiped away a tear he got from laughing so much, "Why yes I do like pancakes, and I had a feeling you would like my little entrance." Nora smiled at that.

"Ahem. Excuse me but if you don't mind my asking, who and giving that display, what are you?" asked professor Ozpin.

"Ok to answer the who, my name is LazerWolf1 or Wolf for short. As for the what, I'm what you would call a god."

That revelation left everyone shocked to hear that, except Nora who was all starry eyed. But then Weiss got out of her stupor and stepped forward, "What kind of name for a god or a name in general is 'LazerWolf1'?"

"Hey, it's hardly the weirdest name among my fellow writers." said a slightly hurt god. Everyone was confused. What did he mean by writers?

The god noticed their confusion, "Oh right, well to answer that question you all have let me ask you a question, who here has heard of the multiverse theory?" a few hands went up but most were confused, "Right well, for those that don't know the theory states that there are infinite universes. Some where you made a different choice, some in which you were born in a different time or place, some where you have different parents. It's all a matter of circumstance really."

Blake raised her hand and spoke, "So what does that have to do with writers?"

"Well you see there are many like me, gods, extra-dimensional entities/explorers, psychic, and prophets are able to travel to, or see different universes and like to chronicle them for others to see. Some beings are able to make universes and write them down. Now there are some who don't know they can see or make universe and think they are just imagining things, and write them down. So who knows, maybe some of your favorite story writers are one of us or not, who knows." everyone was amazed to hear something like this, that there are beings in the multiverse like that.

"So is there a reason you took our weapons, and why did the big guy get tired before attacking professor Ozpin? asked Ruby.

"For the first one, it just makes things easier. For the second, I made it a physical law that you can't attack people, otherwise you lose your strength, it just makes things easier. explained the god, getting a nod from the reaper even if she is upset to not have Crescent Rose, "I had also taken the liberty of disabling your semblances and other powers as well." this surprised everyone to hear that he could do that, "Which reminds me." he then teleported in front of cinder and grabbed her arm, "We need to get rid of this." he said as he destroyed the grim inside her arm, which only added to everyone's surprised state.

Pyrrha had then stepped up, "Um excuse me, but where is Jaune?"

"Yeah where is Vomit Boy?" asked Yang. The Arc family were confused until they remembered Jaune's motion sickness, something a lot of the Arc children got from their fathers side of the family.

"Oh he's fine, he's back on Remnant right where you left him." said the god. He then showed a glowing orb that then expanded to show Jaune in the hallways of Beacon. Everyone then noticed something about it, that Jaune was frozen mid walk.

"Hey I think you hit the pause button there pal." said Yang, but then Blake stepped forward.

"No I don't think it's the image, I- I think he froze time!" this startled everyone. To think there is someone who can do that, it was unreal.

"That's right, I froze time in your world and made it so that you don't age while here, so when I send you back it will be as if you never left." said Wolf.

Watts then asked, "I'm sorry but our world, where are we then?"

"You are in a realm of my creation, this theater is just one of the many rooms here, but you'll see them later. For now let's get to the next step, will Neo and Penny step forward." the two were very confused at that but did so. When they were in front of the god, his hands were covered in blue flames, and then slammed his hands against them and sent them flying. Both Roman and Ruby ran to them individually.



"What the hell was that about?!" demanded an enraged Ironwood.

"Penny please tell me your ok?" asked a concerned Ruby.

"I don't know, I can't... I can't seem to see any readings, friend Ruby." this was concerning for the huntress in training, thinking that her friend was badly damaged, but then Penny realised something, "Wait I- I can actually feel and not like with my sensory nodes, this feels different, real. Friend Ruby I think I became a real girl, this is sensational!" she said as she jumped up her with her arms in the air.

Everyone was surprised. Ironwood and Winter because this man that claimed to be a god, just turned Penny into a human girl. Everyone else was surprised for another reason.

"Wait hold up, so all this time you've been friends with a robot sis?" asked the blonde brawler into group. Ruby sheepishly nodded, to say everyone was surprised was an understatement but those who met Penny felt it explained some things.

"So what's up with the ice cream girl, don't tell me she's a robot too?" asked Qrow. The god just shook his head and chuckled a bit at that question.

"No nothing of the sort, I did something else for her. Neo if you would be so kind as to say something for me?" requested Wolf. Roman was surprised at this, he and Neo had always wondered what she what she would sound like.

Neo was a little nervous, there was always a part of her that wished to speak but she would never fool herself into thinking it possible, but when this Wolf guy actually said he made it so she could, she was exploding with hope, "Uh, Ro-Roman?" said the diminutive criminal. The two were ecstatic, Neo had always seen Roman as a big brother or father figure after he took her in, so he couldn't be happier for her.

"I can't believe it shorty, I always knew you'd have a great voice!" Stated Roman with overly hammy tears. The two of them began to laugh, but Neo was still really happy.

"Yes yes I am just that good. Now I need a moment to perform my next miracle, we need just one more guest." stated Wolf as he disappeared. Everyone was curious what he meant when he said next miracle or another guest.

When Wolf reappeared he decided to explain some things, "Ok so just a heads up, I had to go to another plain of existence for her, so stay calm for this. Also I got her up to speed and explained some things to her, things I'll let you know in a bit."

Everyone was confused but then a woman in a white cloak appeared, and when she lowered her hood many were left surprised to see she looked like an older version of Ruby. It was Summer Rose, the mother of Ruby who died years ago, both Ruby and Yang ran towards her with tears in their eyes.

"Mom!" shouted both girls, even Yang who may not have been her biological daughter, but Summer raised her like she was.

When they got to her, she embraced them both in her arms with tears running down her eyes as well, "Oh my girls, I've missed you so much. I'm so happy to hold you in my arms again, but I've never stopped watching you."

Raven wouldn't say it but she was happy to see Summer again, she was the only person at Beacon that Raven really respected. Tau ran over to see her but what confused the girls was he didn't act like someone who was seeing their dead wife come back to life, instead he acted like he was seeing an old friend after so many years.

Also to the girls confusion it was instead Qrow who was dumbstruck to see her again, he just walked over to her with a face that told a thousand words. He refused to blink afraid she might disappear if he did, S- shortstack, is- is that really you?"

She just jumped toward him and gave him a huge huh, "Yes Qrow it's me, I'm so happy to see you." Qrow did everything he could to keep himself from crying, which only further confused the girls.

"Why, why do this and what's your endgame in all of this?" asked a confused Qrow.

"Several reasons really. But one of the biggest reasons is to stop a terrible future that will come about during the vytal festival." explained Wolf. This made Cinder and her cohorts nervous, they were afraid that this god like being was going to ruin their plans.

"And what is that?" asked Ozpin.

"Why this of course." Wolf then snapped his fingers and suddenly the more important pars of volume 3 all the way to the current part of volume 6 flashed before their eyes. Everything to the fall of Beacon, the battle of Haven, their trip and escape from Argus, and even the origin of Ozma and Salem.

No one could believe what they had seen. They could only recall all the more important details since it all happened in nearly an instant. The students and teachers of Beacon couldn't believe what Cinder was planning. Pyrrha was in tears over her death. Ironwood was ridden with guilt that he would let his robots get hacked and attack civilians. Adam was enraged to learn he was just being used. Roman and Neo couldn't believe how he died by a griffon. Raven was upset that now her secret was out. But most of all many were shocked and angry to find out Salem couldn't be killed, but then the god cleared his throat and got everyone's attention.

"Yes I'm sure this is all shocking to learn, but don't lose heart because I intend to help stop this, furthermore Salem can be beaten." this surprised everyone to hear and hoped he would elaborate, "I mean when have you needed to destroy someone to defeat them, furthermore Ozzie what was the exact question you asked Jinn?"

"It- it was how could I destroy Salem. But how does that help…?" inquired the headmaster.

"Exactly, you asked how you could destroy Salem."

"Wait so that means…?"

"Yep that's the thing about genies, you have to be careful what you ask for, they take things literally and that includes Jinn. Just because you can't doesn't mean others can't." Wolf then glanced towards Ruby and Summer for not even a second, so no one had noticed.

Ozpin couldn't believe what he had heard, that all this time he didn't even think about something like that and now he might have a way of beating Salem, he just now had to find just what he needs to destroy her. But then he remembered that the villains are here and listening to all this, they may now know their plans but that advantage doesn't matter since they will lose the element of surprise.

Seeing the professor's worry (and maybe reading his mind) Wolf decides to get things moving, "Don't worry about them being here either, because when I decide to send you all back I will erase the memory of all the villains who haven't turned over a new leaf, so that they won't remember being here *finger snap* just like that." no one was sure they heard that right, he was going to give the good guys a huge advantage. The heroes were ecstatic if not a little suspicious. The villains were worried and enraged, they were about to lose all the ground they've made, all because this god was playing favorites.

"What exactly to you have to gain from all this, I highly doubt your doing this out of the good of your heart?" asked Ironwood, his words just dripping with suspicion and everyone could help but agree.

Wolf just shrugged, "Nothing really, I just like stories where the good guys get a happy ending." that answer caught everyone off guard to say the very least, they weren't expecting him to help them just for that reason.

Wolf decided to go to the main point of all this, "So you may be wondering why brought you to a theater room, well remember when I told you about the multiverse? Well that's because we are going to watch different universes revolving around a single person, someone who is one of the most important people in the multiverse, Jaune Miles Arc.

Everyone who knew Jaune was surprised to hear that, some who knew Jaune has potential were happy, while others couldn't believe it. Weiss stepped forward and addressed this, "Excuse me, but how can Arc be one of the most important people in the multiverse?"

"He is a fan favorite in my world, and has a lot of potential, I mean he is able to learn how to fight incredibly fast given how far he had come since coming to beacon. Also he has a knack for strategy, and comes up with great plans for fighting, there is also the fact that in most if not all the universes I've seen in which he discovers his semblance, it is usually quite powerful, especially the one he has in most universes including yours and the main one." explained Wolf.

"Wait you know what Jaune's semblance is, what is it?" asked Ruby.

"Simple, his most common semblance is aura manipulation." stated Wolf in a matter of factly tone. It surprised everyone to no end when they heard that, they have never heard of a semblance like that, in fact such a semblance has never been recorded before and they wanted to know what it entailed.

"Could you tell us the capabilities of such a semblance?" asked a curious Salem who thought it sounded useful.

"Well the most common in the multiverse is that he can weaken or strengthen his own or other people's aura and increase their defence making them a nearly indestructible juggernaut, overclock their healing so they can recover from any wound that doesn't immediately kill them, and even strengthen their semblance to be more powerful, hell theoretically he could power up his own semblance which will give him more aura which will power up his semblance which yet again give him more aura and so on essentially giving him infinite aura and maybe make him immortal. I have even seen universes where he can turn his aura into attacks, like in one universe I saw him perfectly copy Adam's moon cutter attack." explained the god. Everyone couldn't believe it, that Jaune could have such an amazing semblance and use it in such incredible ways. Ozpin, Glynda and Qrow thought that maybe they could use him to heal Amber. Ironwood was considering abducting the boy to run tests on him and see if his semblance can be duplicated, much to Wolfs disdain when he read the general's mind. Those who are/were in the white fang could believe that he could copy Adam's attack.

"So how did Jauney discover his semblance?" asked Cardin.

Velvet chimed in, "T-that's right if we know how he did it then we can h-help Jaune when we get back right?"

"Oh boy *sigh* well he discovered it when trying to save Weiss' life after… she got impaled." Weiss as well as her friends and family were shocked to hear this but then Wolf continued, "He didn't want you to die so he thought he was giving you his aura when in reality he was using his semblance to enhance it, so that you would heal from it."

Wolf could see that everyone was now uncomfortable at that so he decided to change the subject and get back on track, "So any way, we won't just be seeing other universe's but also possible futures too, and we will also be seeing Jaune with different love interests, the most usual ones being you seven." he said while pointing to RWBY, Pyrrha, and the girls of CFVY. This caused different reactions from said girls. Ruby, Pyrrha and Velvet were blushing because the tree of them have a crush on the dork knight, Blake, Yang and Coco gave it some thought and they wouldn't say they have a crush on him, but they will admit they wouldn't be opposed to a relationship with him, after all he is really nice and been there for them.

Weiss on the other hand couldn't believe what Wolf had said, "Excuse me, you mean to tell me there are universes where I go out with that dunce? He and I are just friends at best and that is a shaky friendship, besides a relationship between us would never work out.

Weiss' friends and family, as well as Jaune's weren't too happy about what Weiss had said, but before any of them could say anything Wolf had cut in, "Really? Funny you say that because in a lot of universes I've seen, the ones were you get together with Jaune are where you are at your most happiest. After learning that do you still say it wouldn't work out? I mean after all he doesn't care about you being Weiss Schnee the heiress to the SDC, but instead just Weiss a girl he knows." after hearing that Weiss started to blush and feel bad about what she said and how she used to think Jaune only wanted her for the benefits, but she still wasn't convinced a relationship would work between them.

Wolf then clapped his hands together and ready to get this going, "Alright then now that that's out of the way, please take your seats, then we can get this show on the road, pun very much intended." he said with a smirk as wolfesh as his name sake. The joke made Yang and Tau laugh while everyone else just groaned, "Also I'll be popping in and out every now and again and if you get hungry or thirsty, just think of what you want and it will appear. And who knows maybe some secrets about some of you will be revealed?" he then made a glance at Qrow, Summer, and the Schnee family, "Thank you and please enjoy my the show."

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