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Story: Beauty and the Beast and Collaboration with Oberon1211

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After some time Wolf reappeared back in the theater with an annoyed expression. He saw Yang, Coco, Nora, Winter, Velvet and Ruby with their clothes in tatters. Ruby and Velvet had sad expressions while the others looked at them just as annoyed as Wolf. Though Yang was still distraught at what she learned about her sister.

"So, we all better now?" Wolf asked sarcastically. The two sadly nodded. "Good. The parents should all be done by now so I'll bring them back, then I'll get to work setting everything up."

He snapped his fingers and the parents all appeared, though the dad's, save for Nicholas, were exhausted while all the wives had pleasurable and satisfied looks on their faces. Ghira had an ice pack on his pelvis. Qrow looked at him concerned.

"You okay there Ghira?" Qrow asked.

"I'm fine. This is actually normal with Kali." Ghira explained. Kali just chuckled a bit.

Tai then had a question. "How often do you-"

"Very." he interrupted. "I should be fine soon… probably." He wasn't exactly sure since this time she was hopped up on catnip.

Qrow put a hand on his shoulder. "I know your pain." he then turned to Summer who was giggling.

While Wolf was busy, Pyrrha was able to let Glynda know about the arrangement she and the others had. Glynda was slightly hesitant, but ended up agreeing.

While Glynda was busy, Neo had kidnapped her new 'cousin' Chance and was snuggling with him. She thought he was adorable. Glynda wasn't very happy about that one bit.

"Excuse me, but I will be taking my nephew back." Glynda said with some bite in her words. Neo then ignored her and kept snuggling the baby. Glynda had half a mind to snatch him away and throw Neo through a wall but was stopped when Wolf reappeared.

Wolf cleared his throat to gain everyone's attention. "Alright everyone, I'm going to start the viewing now." he said as he sat down. He then got ready for the screen to turn on… Right now… right now?... "Uh…"

"Everything alright?" Ruby asks, seeing Wolf becoming nervous about something.

"Hehe, don't get mad but… I seem to have misplaced the universe I was going to show…" He says, nervously rubbing his neck with his hand.

"How do you just 'misplace' a whole universe?!" asked Weiss who was shocked beyond anything.

"Hey cut me some slack!" he snaps at her "The multiverse is literally infinite, your going to misplace some every once in a while." he says as he starts pacing "And it's not like finding a needle in a haystack. No no, it's like trying to find one specific piece of hay in a pile full of infinite pieces. And like stepping into a few piles of needles along the way." Wolf snaps.

"So… what are you going to do?" Es asked him as she was still snuggling Cici.

"Well… I may know someone who could help…" Wolf says, grabbing his phone.

"Oh, do you mean-"

"Yes Es, I do." he says as he starts dialing the number. "He has someone who has been cataloguing the multiverse for 50 years. If anyone knows where it is, it's him." Wolf told her as he placed the phone against his ears.

"Who are you talking about?" asked Coco.

"Another writer like myself. I'm going to ask if I can borrow some help from someone in a world he looks after." Wolf explains as it begins to ring. The person on the other end picked up. "Hey Oberon, mind if I ask you a favor? Yeah, I kinda misplaced a universe… yes I do need his help… I'm listening… sounds interesting… alright I'll do it, thanks dude. Later." Wolf said as the call ended.

"So what's going on?" asked Juniper.

"I'm going to be bringing some people over for this viewing." Wolf said as he then made a portal. "Time works a little differently between universe's so Oberon probably already got them up to speed on what's going on." Wolf was then walking backwards toward the portal. "I should be back soon so you don't have to wait lo- wow aaaaaaAAHHHH!" Unfortunately, the portal did not reach all the way to the floor so he tripped on the bottom, and fell in.

As he fell through, the portal closed and Weiss face palmed a bit. "And he is supposed to be a god…" sighed the heiress.

Meanwhile in universe 12996529, we cut to the room of the super computer turned android, AIDA, with an alternate version of team rwby. They had just received a letter from Oberon, letting them know Wolf would arrive.

"soooo, how long do we have to wait?" Yang asks

"It depends, time runs differently in dimensions." AIDA explains "Hour's could be seconds, Decades can be minutes. Heck, even centuries can pass and it would seem like time was frozen."

However, just as he finishes that sentence, A portal begins to open in the room.

"...or right now. Now works too." AIDA says nervously.

"So… what's this guy supposed to be like?" asked Yang.

"I… don't know. I never met him." AIDA replied.

"Well the letter said he's nice, so I'm sure it's fine." said a hopeful Ruby.

"But it also said for Jaune to leave for his own 'protection'." Blake reminded her leader.

Just then Weiss heard something from the portal. "Wait… what's that noise?" They all listened carefully to the portal.

"-AAAAAAHHHHH- OOF!" Just then, Wolf fell out of the portal flat on his back groaning. "Ugh… I think I fell on my keys…"

Team rwby had a few sweat drops seeing him. They all had one thought go through their heads. "This guys a god?"

AIDA walked over to him. "I take it your Wolf?" he then offered his hand.

"Yeah… that's me…" Wolf groaned as he took the hand and was helped up. He was rubbing his backside to make the pain stop. "So… your AIDA, right?"

"Yes, that would be me." AIDA nodded.

"Alright. I kinda need help. I kinda… misplaced a universe and was hoping you would help." the god requested.

"Sure, what kind?" AIDA asked him.

"A tale as old as time buddy."

"Alright then, the one with Adam, or the one with Jaune? Also, drawn or live action?" Aida whispered that last part. Blake flinched at the mention of Adam.

"Jaune, and live action please." Wolf replied, also whispering the last part. AIDA nodded and went to download it into a USB drive. "Great. So, would you guys like to see this with the others?" Wolf asks them all

"Um… I don't know. Oberon's letter had Jaune leave for his protection, is it going to be dangerous?" Ruby asked nervously.

"What? Why would… Oh OH! Pfft, no he probably was worried about all the girls who are crushing on him there. That or his sister, parents and Salem." Wolf chuckled.

"Wait, there are girls there that like him?" asked Yang. The others were a bit surprised by that as well, though Blake, Yang and Ruby were a little concerned. They were also surprised by the fact that Jaune's sister and parents are there. But… who's Salem?

"Yep. Several in fact." the god nodded.

"W-who?" asked a nervous Ruby.

"Well there's my world's version of you Ruby, as well as Pyrrha." that made Ruby smile a bit knowing that she likes Jaune in several universes. They also chuckled at the fact it was the same with Pyrrha "As well as Weiss."

Weiss went wide eyed at that, as did the others. "Excuse me? I see him as a friend, nothing else."

"Well that's fine, but your counterpart had fallen for him."

"Huh, pretty surprising given their history," said Yang. "So who else?"

"Well there's also Velvet and Coco from cfvy. As well as Glynda and Neo."

"Really? Miss Goodwitch is in love with Jaune?" asked a surprised Blake. Wolf nodded.

"Wait, Neo? As in that ice cream colored girl from the train?" asked Yang. She remembered the girl's name from one of the universes she saw.

"Yep. Don't worry, there won't be any trouble." Wolf said. They all looked at each other and nodded.

Aida then handed the drive over to Wolf. "Here you go. I put it in here."

Wolf nodded. "Thanks. Alright everyone, let's get going."

They walked toward the portal. Before waking in, Wolf made sure to be careful this time. He didn't want to end up tripping again.

Back at the theater the portal then opened back up.

"Huh, guess we really didn't need to wait long after all." said W-Ruby. (Since we're having two versions of rwby, mine will be W-Rwby for as in Wolf's Rwby and Oberon1211's will be A-Rwby for AIDA's Rwby.)

Wolf then walked through. "Hey, I'm back and I'm here with our guests." he said as then Aida and A-rwby walked through.

Everyone in the theater was surprised to see another version of rwby enter the theater.

"Two rwby's? Awesome!" shouted Nora.

"This… is really weird." Coco said in a shocked tone.

A-rwby was surprised about seeing some of the people here.

A-Blake went wide eyed seeing her parents, as well as Sienna and Ilia of all people. Another thing that shocked her beyond words was that her counterpart, as well as all the female faunus in the room, had more than one animal trait. What was also strange was that there was a little baby that looked kinda like Ilia, dressed as an octopus, gumming on her counterpart's tail. She was also surprised and angry to see Roman Torchwick was here.

A-Weiss was surprised to see her sister Winter, as well as their mother was here as well.

A-Yang was told Neo was here but she still wasn't happy about it. But she was also shocked to see her mother was here as well, though she didn't know how to feel about this one since she had seen worlds where she is actually a good mother.. She and A-Ruby were also surprised that their dad and uncle Qrow were here. As well as-

"Mom!" shouted A-Ruby as she ran to Summer with tears in her eyes and gave her a big hug. "I can't believe it, it's you, it's really you!" She knew it wasn't her Summer but she was still happy. It's been so long since she could hug her mother.

Summer understood. She figured this Ruby's Summer died like she did, so she just hugged her right back lovingly. After a bit A-Ruby calmed down and ended the hug.

Just then A-Ruby was surprised when A-Yang punched Summer right in the face. "Yang! Why did you do that?!" she yelled at her sister in shock.

A-Yang's eyes were red and had tears in them. She glaring right at Summer. "You promised you would come back! You left and broke your promise! You left us just like Raven!" She had grown abandonment issues over the years. After Summer was gone and she found out about Raven, she had grown a fear of others abandoning her, she just tried to hide it.

W-Yang felt the same. She probably would have done the same as her counterpart when she saw Summer. She was just a little too shocked to see her come back to life, be kidnapped and brought to a theater in another realm and meeting a god. She was just happy that Summer was back.

"I'm sorry Yang. You have no idea how horrible I feel for not coming back. When… when I died, one of the last things I thought was how sorry I was that I wasn't going to keep my promise." Summer said as she got up. She walked over to the alternate Yang. A-Yang just let her tears fall and hugged Summer. They hugged for what felt like forever.

As that happened Aida saw Penny and went up to her. "Penny!" He exclaims happily as he gets her into a hug.

Penny was confused, but hugged back anyways. "Do you know me?" she asked.

"I'm currently in a relationship with my world's version of you."Aida explains as he lets her go "But I would be happy if we can be good friends." Aida told her.

"I would be more than happy to have another friend." Penny nodded.

"It's a good thing we are wearing different outfits. It would get quite confusing otherwise." A-Weiss said as she walked to her counterpart.

"Yes. I'm glad we decided to change outfits earlier." W-Weiss agreed with her counterpart.

"So while I have you, I'm told you had fallen for your Jaune?"

"W-well… yes I have." blushed W-Weiss. "I learned he really liked me for me, and I learned what a kind person he really is. I decided I want to give him a chance."

"Well, I guess that's fine. I just see him as a friend." A-Weiss said as she sat down.

A-Yang turned to her counterpart. "What about you? You got a thing for the white knight?"

W-Yang was surprised but shrugged. "I mean, I wouldn't be opposed to the idea. He's nice but I don't know."

"That's too bad. Me and my Ruby are currently in a relationship with him, and my Blakey is giving it some thought." A-Yang said with a smirk. W-Blake was surprised and turned to her counterpart, who nodded with a blush.

W-Yang then had a worried thought. "Please tell me your Ruby is sweet and innocent." she begged. She was hoping there was a Ruby in the multiverse that held on to her image of her sweet little sister.

"Uh… Why?" A-Yang was kinda confused.

Maria then decided to speak up. "It's because our version of Summers little girl is so kinky she's down for anything anytime." the Grimm Reaper cackled.

A-Weiss and Blake were both shocked while Yang and Ruby's brains needed a reboot while blushing hard. They were having trouble comprehending what they just heard.

W-Ruby blushed a bit while Raven was surprised by that while Tai was horrified at that. He still saw Ruby as his little girl, even if the truth was out.

Qrow went wide eyed but just sighed. She certainly took after Summer. He then went a bit down memory lane. He felt exhausted just thinking about those times. And then there was that one time at beacon. He shivered at that memory.

Just then, Coco had a thought. "Sooo… do they also have the whole… family situation?"

That caught the attention of A-rwby. "Uh… what family situation?" asked A-Yang.

Wolf just inhaled sharply through his teeth. "Oooh… well it's… pretty complicated." he admitted.

"How?" A-Blake. She was more than a little curious, and if her Yang wasn't just as curious she would have made a cat joke.

Wolf began sweating. "Weeell…" he then explained everything. He left out no detail. From the reveal of who someone's real parents are, to the ancestry, to relations and everything.

A-rwby's eyes went wide and were lost for words. They could not believe what they just heard. They looked at Ozpin and Salem, surprised that they have been around that long. Then to Es as she snuggled Cinder, the fact she was a god was crazy. They were also surprised that Cinder had her mind split between her good and evil half. And the fact Jaune is basically a prince?! They turned to Aida, curious if it was the same in their world.

Aida noticed the stares and sweat nervously. He knew what they were wondering. "Um… I could look into it when we get back I guess." he shrugged with a nervous smile.

They still couldn't believe it. A-Ruby and Weiss then looked at Qrow. It was crazy to hear to be perfectly honest. Especially when A-Weiss saw a universe where Qrow and Winter had a child together, so it kinda made this weirder for her.

A-Weiss then looked at Jackie. To think, she was a female clone of her father? And she was actually nice to boot?

Jackie then went over to her. "Hello, it's lovely to meet another Weiss. How are you? Are you eating well? How has school been?" she asked, mother henning her. She did the same to W-Weiss and Winter during the break. She was acting like a good parent, like both Weiss' and Winter wished their Jacques had.

It made A-Weiss really uncomfortable to meet a version of Jacques like this.

A-Blake was especially uncomfortable looking at Eve. Eve walked over to her to say hello, but A-Blake backed away a bit. She saw the hurt expression Eve had and felt bad. "I-I'm sorry… I just-"

"It's ok." Eve interrupted. "I know I come from someone who's… very cruel. I'm sorry for bothering you..." Eve said sadly as she went back to her seat. Jackie went over to comfort her.

A-Blake felt a little guilty now. She shouldn't be mad at Eve for everything Adam had done. And Eve was actually really nice too. She wanted to find a way to make it up to her.

"Oh, is your Weiss a secret gamer like ours, and her sister?" W-Yang asked. W-Weiss blushed a bit.

"E-excuse me?!" A-Weiss asked shockingly. "How can you enjoy something so trivial?" she asked her counterpart and alternate sister.

"Well… it was the only fun thing I could do growing up in the mansion…" W-Weiss tells her.

"Yes. And Klein was always kind enough to bring us some games to play." Winter nodded. A-Weiss couldn't believe this.

"Wow, now that is awesome. We have been trying to get our ice-queen into it for a while." A-Yang chuckled.

"Yeah, then we could be gaming buddies. But she is so difficult." A-Ruby sighed. A-Blake was neutral about this.

Then when A-rwby looked at Adrian and Juliet and remembered being told they were Jaune's, after seeing how cute they are all playing together with Chance, well… Aida's Yang, Ruby and Blake were starting to imagine them raising a child with Jaune.

It got even worse when the two crawled over to A-rwby and reached up wanting uppies. The girls gushed as they picked up the adorable bundles.

Aida saw the expressions the three girls that liked their Jaune had, and he then felt a chill. 'I will probably have to make sure Jaune is safe if they go baby crazy.' he thought.

Wolf also saw it and decided to change the subject." Well why don't we all relax and start-" but before he could finish a piece of paper materialized out of thin air. "Oh, it's a letter from Amp." he chuckled.

A-rwby remembered him saying that he is Cinder's father and an interdimensional being. Wolf cleared his throat and read aloud.


I took Adam and put him in a special torture room, listening to Barny all the time. I made sure to gag him, as well as put him in a straight jacket. I am sending him to you for the next viewing as I think it's one he should see. Also to the girls in the room, I made it so he can't die. Meaning if he pisses you guys off, go nuts in kicking his ass.

Adrian Midnight-Phoenix

Just then, Adam, who was gagged and bound up, appeared on one of the seats. He was struggling hard and was extremely angry. Both Blake's were shocked to see him. Though A-Blake was surprised that Ilia and Sienna were also unhappy to see him.

"Alright… now let's get started on the viewing." Wolf sighed. Everyone sat down and got ready.

A-rwby returned Adrian and Juliet to their mothers. A-Blake still thought the idea of Ilia being the mother of Jaune's child was kinda weird, even if she was a clone. But Ilia seemed happy with her daughter.

"Excuse me, can I have a glass of milk?" A-Ruby asked. Just then a glass of milk appeared in her hands.

"Wow, what was that?" A-Yang asked.

"Whatever drink or food you want, the theater will provide." Wolf told her. A-rwby was surprised by that but was happy about that. They summoned some snacks. A-Blake summoned a bowl of fish. She had stars in her eyes as she ate.

"Now we don't have to worry about missing anything to get snacks!" A-Ruby cheared.

"Wish we had this." A-Weiss said.

"What's wrong with my room?" Aida asked.

"Nothing. It is just a bit inconvenient to have to get up to get snacks. Plus watching in a theater is actually quite nice." A-Blake replied. A-Yang nodded.

Aida just sighed while Wolf patted his shoulder. "Don't take it personally. I made the theater to both make it relaxing, and stylish to watch universes in."

"I suppose that makes sense. My room was more for research than entertainment." Aida nodded.

As that was finished, A-Yang then turned to her counterpart and whispered. "So… are you uncomfortable with mom here?" she asked, gesturing to Raven.

"Well… I was at first. But now she is trying to patch things up with me and dad." W-Yang told her. A-Yang was surprised by that, but now felt there was hope between her and her Raven.

The screen then turned on and the universe started.

A magnificent castle. Resplendent, bespeaking great wealth and power. The grounds and stonework are immaculate.

"Wow, it's so beautiful." Velvet said in awe.

"Yes, it's quite lovely." Winter agreed.


"Once upon a time, in the hidden heart of France, a handsome young Prince lived in a beautiful castle..."

A single red rose clinging to a rose bush on a stormy spring night until a weathered hand plucks the rose.

"Although he had everything his heart desired, the Prince was selfish and unkind."

"Sounds like someone we knew when we first met them." W-Yang said. Her counterpart chuckled as they both looked to their Weiss'.

"Hey!" they both shouted. The rest of their friends chuckled a bit.

Tight on the Prince being groomed by his servants. A french maid paints an exotic animal mask on the Prince's face with a feather brush. A tall valet drapes the Prince with an elaborately bejeweled coat.

No one could tell if it was someone they knew because of the mask and wig, but they felt he was familiar.

"I feel like I know him somewhere." Saphron said with a squint. She tried hard to put her finger on it.

"He has a funny looking wig." Nora giggled.

"It was actually a common thing for those of nobility to wear during formal events." Ozpin told her.

"He taxed the village to fill his castle with the most beautiful objects..."

"What a dick." Coco said with a frown.

"It did say he was selfish and unkind." Pyrrha reminded them.

"I'm with Coco. That's no excuse for being an asshole." A-Yang told her.

"I never said I didn't agree with her. I'm just saying she shouldnt me surprised by how he acts."

The maid dusts his wig with powder while a Majordomo holds a pocket watch, indicating that they are running late.

"Master, it's time." The Majordomo says.

"His voice sounded familiar." Glynda said, trying to figure it out.

"Yes. I feel I have heard it before." Ozpin agreed.

A few of the students felt the same. They wished they could see everyone's faces, but the screen had it angled so that they couldn't see above the neck.

With a haughty wave, the Prince instructs his footman to bring more light.

"Oui, maître." The footman says

"Seriously I'm starting to get mad trying to figure out who they are." A-Yang said in an annoyed tone.

"What was that he said?" asked W-Yang.

"It's old Eastern Valian. He said 'yes master'." Pyrrha answered.

"Well in this universe it's called French." Wolf told her.

"It's called that in a lot of universes." continued Aida. Wolf was happy to have someone help explain these things and smiled.

A candelabra is lifted to the preening Prince as he looks at himself in an ornate hand mirror.

"... and his parties with the most beautiful people."

The ornate room is filled with beautiful people from all corners of the world, each on display for the Prince's pleasure. A circle of eligible maidens bow their heads. Seated on a throne chair, dominated by a majestic coat of arms, the Prince snaps his fingers impatiently at an italian maestro, who smiles, revealing comically rotten teeth.

Everyone blanched at that. They wished that this one only showed below the neck. It still didn't show the rest of the face though.

"That guy needs some better dental care." Tai said, grossed out.

"See Neo, that is why I won't let you only eat ice cream and make you brush your teeth. You could end up like that guy, or worse." Roman told his adoptive daughter. Neo jumped a bit in fright and put a hand over her mouth.

Jackie was very upset at hearing this. "Neo, I'm very disappointed. You should try eating better than that. I'm surprised you don't have a stomach ache. Next chance I get, I'm cooking you a decent meal young lady."

Neo didn't know why, but she actually liked this kind of attention. Maybe Roman having a woman like her in his life wouldn't be so bad. She then realized what she just thought and shook her head.

'NO! Roman doesn't need to date anyone. I refuse to have her be my mom! Roman doesnt need a good woman in his life!' she then flinched a bit when she thought that. She felt bad for thinking something like that, but she still refused to see anyone as her mom.

Chance then patted her face. That got her out of those thoughts. She went right back to cuddling him and gushing over how cute he was.

Roman chuckled a bit. He thought maybe he could show Chance to his mother. Maybe then she would be too distracted to nag about wanting him to marry.

Wolf then went over to Neo. "Hey, how about you let the kids have some of the ice cream Amp got you?"

Roman couldn't help but laugh. "Ha! Fat chance. Neo never shares any of her ice cre-" he was cut off seeing her give some to Chance in a bowl. His eyes went wide.

"Just so you know, Chance likes any kind of ice cream and Juliet loves strawberry." Wolf told her.

"Adrian loves chocolate and vanilla." Saphron told her.

Neo nodded and gave the babies all a bowl of ice cream. Adrian and Juliet then said "Dank you." while Chance said "Dank you Nene." Everyone awed at that while Neo's heart started to melt like a hot fudge sundae in summer.

Glynda especially couldn't stop aweing. "A-alright. You can have him for a while. Just don't give him too much, or let anything happen to him, or else." Glynda told her. Not even Wolf would protect the girl if anything happened. Neo nodded and snuggled Chance more.

The maestro sits at a harpsichord and motions to his wife, a large diva holding a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Zwei.

"Zwei!" shouted both Ruby's with joy. Just then the little corgi came running at the sound of his name. He was a little confused at seeing two of her, but walked over to both of them. Both reapers then went and snuggled him.

A-Blake groaned at the site of the dog. W-Blake put her hand on her counterparts shoulder. "Tell me about it." she sighed.

As the music begins, the Prince steps forward, and the diva fills the room with a voice as big as her frame, allowing the Prince to perform a round play with several debutantes


"Oh, how divine.

Glamour, music and magic combine.

See the maidens so anxious to shine.

Look for a sign that enhances.


She'll be his special one."

Ozpin couldn't help but feel her voice was eerily familiar. Like he had heard it long ago. When he tries to remember it made him feel sad.

Salem felt it was familiar as well. And trying to remember had the same effect on her.

"She has a lovely voice." Winter complimented.

"Yes, I would love to meet her. Perhaps a duet?" Weiss thought aloud. W-Weiss nodded in agreement.

The dance speeds up. The Prince connects momentarily with a beautiful woman but quickly moves on when his eye catches someone even more dazzling

"He seems to really like beauty a little too much." Ghira sighed.

"Looks that way." Nicholas nodded.

"What a display!

What a breathtaking thrilling array.

Every prince, every dog has his day.

Let us sing with passion, gusto

Fit to bust - oh

Not a care in the world!"


The Prince stops to look around. Then a gust of wind blows open the windows. Sconces flicker and go dark as the figure enters in silhouette, hobbling on a cane.

Furious, the Prince grabs a lit candelabra from the Footman. He rudely pushes through the crowd, sweeping people from his path. He crosses to the windows, finally revealing an old beggar woman shivering from the rain.

"Oh, the poor woman looks like she would catch a death of cold." Summer said sadly.

"Reminds me of the first few days after I lost my eyes. I didn't know where I was going, I was cold and alone. I thought I was going to die." Maria sighed going down memory lane. Summer went over to her old mentor and hugged her.

Glynda couldn't help but feel the woman was familiar.

"Then, one night, an unexpected intruder arrived at the castle, seeking shelter from the bitter storm. As a gift, she offered the Prince a single rose."

She looks to the Prince with hope and offers him the red rose. The Prince turns and laughs to his guests at how ridiculous this situation is.

"The guy seems like a real jerk." Tai growled.

"A lot of rich people are like that. They grow up spoiled and entitled. Think they deserve whatever they want and are turned into jerks." Qrow spat.

Winter and Weiss went to argue but their mother interrupted. "Sadly it's true. My father made sure to raise me honest thankfully. I hate to imagine if he hadn't."

The Weiss' and Winter were surprised by that. But thinking back, they may have been a bit spoiled years back. Winter changed because the military disciplined that out of her, and the Weiss' changed because of their friends. It was also thanks to Klien and each other as well. They supposed they could have been like this prince if not for that.

Infact, he seems a lot like their brother now that they thought about it.

He takes the rose from her hand and looks at it. Looking back at her and seeing her disfigured face and body, he drops the rose and refuses to let her stay.

"Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the Prince turned the woman away. But she warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within."

The woman lowers her head as if to cry.

"Asshole." A-Yang grumbled.

"Yeah, I'm with her. This guy seems like a real jerk." Emerald nodded. Neo nodded as well.

"And when he dismissed her again, the old woman's outward appearance melted away to reveal..."

Suddenly, the old woman's cape and hood cocoon. An eruption of light as she transforms into...

"...a beautiful Enchantress." To reveal her true form

Everyone was amazed by what they saw. Though the light made it hard to see her face, what they could see was mesmerizing.

The wind picks up inside the room. Looking at the beautiful and powerful Enchantress, the Prince falls to his knees frightened. This action causes the rest of his guests to run in fear and panic

"The Prince tried to apologize but it was too late. For she had seen that there was no love in his heart."

"It's hard to imagine someone with no love in their heart." Kali said sadly.

"Oh it's possible." Cindy said with a grin. Cici could only sigh at Cindy.

The guests scream in horror as they continue to flee. But pushing her way through the crowd, A young girl slips into the ballroom, watching in wonder at the Enchantress. The mother then hurries inside to grab her.

"Ruby! Ruby! Oh my..." shouted the girl's mother in fear, just as the doors slam shut, leaving the staff, the entertainers and the dog trapped in the room.

"Hey, it's me!" both Ruby's shout at the same time.

Both Weiss' sighed at their partners. They both had been in world's they have seen, yet they still get like this when seeing themselves.

"Aww, you are so tiny and cute my little roses." Summer gushed as she hugged both Ruby's.

"As punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast..."

As the Prince begs for mercy, his body begins to transform. His jewelry pops off. His clothing rips as he grows larger.

"Wow…" Coco said surprised. A lot of people were surprised to see him changed. It only showed the area around the eyes but the amount of fur showed it must have been bad.

"... and placed a powerful spell on the castle and all who lived there."

"Well that hardly seems fair." Pyrrha said upset.

"Life isn't fair I'm afraid." Salem growled. She knew that more than most. Ozpin looked at her sadly.

Close on a portrait of the handsome prince as the beast's giant paw slashes it.

Everyone grumbled. They didn't even get a chance to get a good look at the picture, so they couldn't find out who it was. Though the Schnee sisters thought it might be their brother, but the eye color was a different shade so that was out.

Years later, the enchanted castle stands isolated. The property is surrounded by an ice hedge. The only sound is the grim winter wind as we move closer to the castle.

"So it's winter everyday there now or something?" asked W-Yang.

"Looks that way." her partner's counterpart agreed.

"Awesome. You could make a snow fort everyday!" Nora shouted enthusiastically. Ren just smiled at his girlfriend's shenanigans

"As days bled into years, the Prince and his servants were forgotten by the world. For the Enchantress had erased all memory of them from the minds of the people they loved."

"That's kinda sad. Everyone you ever loved and who loved you back can't even remember you exist?" W-Ruby said sadly.

"I can't imagine how that feels." A-Ruby agreed.

"I'm certain it's a sad feeling." Ren sighed.

At the highest window of the west wing, we see the rose, already wilting, covered with a glass bell jar.

"But the rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose. For if he could learn to love another and earn their love in return by the time the last petal fell, the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time."

"So… he pretty much needs to become a decent human being?" Qrow asked.

"Looks that way." Tai shrugged.

"Well that could be hard. People take time to change after all." Ozpin told them.

We see the beast placing his claw like hand delicately on the jar.

"As the years passed, he fell into despair and lost all hope. For who could ever learn to love a beast?"

Hearing that, some felt a little bad. Sure he was a jerk, but no one deserves to think they could never be loved.

"That's kind of sad." W-Ruby's said sadly.

"No one deserves to feel like that." A-Ruby agreed.

"Yeah not gonna lie, he may have been a jerk but that's a bit much." A-Yang agreed. Her counterpart nodded.

"Oh please. I'd say he more than got what he deserved." A-Weiss spat.

"Indeed. I don't see how much of a difference it would make. I doubt anyone would have truly loved him before." W-Weiss agreed. Both Blake's agreed with her a bit.

"You weren't that different at the start of beacon ice queens." W-Yang retorted.

"E-excuse me?!" shouted A-Weiss.

"W-well that's not…" W-Weiss stammered.

A-Yang spoke up. "She's right. You were kind of an entitled bitch at the start. You were trying to persuade the teachers to change yourself to the leader, you were rude to my sister, even when she was trying to help you, and you had it out for her over an accident. How exactly is it different from you?"

Both Weiss's had nothing to say. They would be lying if they tried to argue. They all just turned back to the screen.

The front door of a cozy cottage opens to reveal Blake, a pure beauty blessed with intelligent, fiercely inquisitive eyes.

"Look, it's Blake!" A-Ruby shouted.

"Auny!" Juliet cheered seeing her aunt Blake. Her outfit then changed to match the version of Blake on screen. She then crawled to her aunt and wanted up. W-Blake gushed and put the baby girl on her lap.

Ilia got a little upset that her daughter was dressed as Blake and not her, but she would be lying if she said she didn't look cute. So cute that she couldn't stand it

Then W-Blake realized something. "Wait, but… I'm not a faunus here?" she asked, surprised.

"Oh we've seen a universe like that before." A-Blake told her.

"There are in fact, some universes where faunus don't exist." Wolf told her. That was a big deal to all the faunus in the room.

Just then Qrow, in a drunken stupor, called the god over. He whispered to him an idea and Wolf loved it.

Wolf went over to both Yang's. He whispered to them, and their smiles showed that they liked the idea. Wolf then created three laser pointers and gave them both one. The three then pointed them in front of Kali and both Blake's.

When the three cat faunus saw the red dots their eyes turned to slits. W-Blake put Juliet down and the three jumped and tried to grab the dots. Wolf and both Yang's were snickering at that. The three cat girls were running after them till the dots came together and the three girls hit their heads together.

Everyone was laughing, save for Ghira and Sienna, who just sighed. For being advocates for faunus equality, the Blake's and Kali were like huge faunus stereotypes. The three just blushed and went back to their seats.

A-Blake was especially embarrassed since she isn't normally like that. She must have been tired from everything lately and had a moment of weakness.

"You girls can keep those." Wolf told the Yang's. The two blondes thanked him as Qrow then gave Wolf the 20$ he now owed.

"I gotta say, that is money well spent." Qrow chuckled.

"Happy to do business with you." the god chuckled.

Juliet then crawled over to Juniper and asked her grandmother up. Juniper squealed and picked her grandbaby up and cuddled her.

"Dear, I love you, but you and Blake need to control yourselves better." Ghira sighed to his wife.

"Well at least we have better control then my cousins." Kali pouted.

Hearing that, everyone grew curious while W-Blake and Ghira shivered a bit. "Yes, thankfully." Ghira sighed.

"Alright, now I'm curious?" A-Yang asked.

"Please no." W-Blake pleaded with her mother. Talking about her cousins was always uncomfortable for her. A-Blake was kinda confused.

"Well, you know how much control me and Blake have over our lust and feline instincts?" Kali asked.

"You mean lack thereof?" Glynda asked. She remembered how Kali used to be at Beacon. No control whatsoever. A few of the boys she had crushes on she literally pounced on them. "You even pounced on Ghira the second you first laid eyes on him." Ghira blushed remembering that.

"I remember that. Ghira was a blushing mess!" Nicholas laughed. "He used to be terrible with women. He couldn't even talk to them without stuttering, and Kali just jumps on top of him, rubs her head on his neck while purring and makes him put his hands on her ass!" he laughed out. Ghira's blush got even worse.

"I-i wasn't that bad…" Kali defended.

"Kali, you even started licking his neck at one point. I even recorded it as proof." Glynda smirked. Ghira just sighed a bit. Though it is thanks to Kali being so forward he is now able to talk to women.

He couldn't even talk to his female teammates in the war when he was younger. He made Jaune look like he was great with women.

Kali just laughed awkwardly. "Hehe, yes well… my cousins make it seem like me and Blake have perfect control. They don't even try to keep their lust and instincts in check. I had even caught them trying to seduce Ghira several times in the past." Ghira sighed remembering that.

Everyone looked on with wide eyes. They then all turned to Es who was also astonished. She looked around noticing the looks. "Don't look at me, there not from my line. Kali is mine on her father's side, her cousins are on her mother's. I have no idea how they are like that." Es defended.

"Damn, I find it hard to imagine." Coco said astonishingly. "They have to be completely wild." Kali and her family sighed and nodded.

"Well… that's certainly… interesting old friend." Nicholas said to Ghira.

"Interesting isn't the word I'd use Nicky." Qrow said wide eyed.

With a book in hand, she takes a deep breath of morning air and gazes toward the church which peaks above the village rooftops.


"Little town, it's a quiet village.

Every day like the one before.

Little town full of little people.

Waking up to say..."

"Wow, you're a pretty good singer kitty cats." A-Yang told both Blake's. W-Yang nodded.

"T-thanks…" both Blake's said at once with a blush.

"Well my kitten has always had a lovely voice." Kali gushed. This made the Blake's blush even more.

"But why is she singing?" Mercury asked confused.

Blake looks at the clock on the church counting to 8am.

3. 2. 1.

On cue, the villagers begin their day. A housewife opens a window, nods to a woman shaking out a rug nearby. A butcher opens his shop, waves to a cobbler moving past with his cart. An old vagrant is the only one to notice Blake, smiling at her as he's tossed inside a holding tank by two gendarme.

"I wonder what he did to be locked up?" Kali asked.

"He looked drunk." Qrow spoke.

"You would know." Raven said with a smirk. That earned her a glare from Qrow.


Bonjour. Bonjour. Bonjour. Bonjour.



"Uh…" went both Yang's.

"It means 'hello'." Pyrrha explained. This got an 'oh' from both Yangs.

"How do you know so much about the old language's Pyrrha?" asked Velvet.

"I did a study of them over the years. I had a small fascination. I only know a small bit. A few things here and there." Pyrrha said with a blush.

"It's still quite impressive, Miss Nikos. Not many people take an interest in those languages anymore." Ozpin said with a smile. Ever since the four kingdoms came together there wasn't really much need for the old languages anymore.

Blake weaves between the villagers, making herself invisible


"There goes the baker with his tray like always.

The same old bread and rolls to sell"

She walks up to the hurried baker and buys a baguette, She then approaches Qrow, the potter, tending to his mule .

"I'm a potter in this world?" Qrow asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Wow, I'm surprised they would let anyone as unlucky as you work with something as delicate as pottery." Raven chuckled.

"Are you seriously going to be like this the entire time?!" Qrow shouted.

"Maybe…" his sister said with a smirk.

"Alright Raven, that's enough." Summer said while giggling. Tai was also laughing. This took them back to when they went to beacon.

"Every morning just the same

Since the morning that we came

To this poor provincial town"

"Good morning, Blake" Qrow the potter says as he scratches his head, trying to remember something. He searches his cart which is loaded with pottery.

"Good morning, Monsieur Qrow. Have you lost something again?" Blake asks with a smile

"I believe I have. Problem is, I can't remember what. Well, I'm sure it will come to me." Qrow says. As he sees her leave, he asks "Where are you off to?"

They were all curious about what it was he forgot. Raven chuckled thinking he probably forgot it because of how much he drinks.

"To return this book to Tuskon. It's about two lovers in fair Italy." Blake says swooning with a smile

"Tuskon?" asked W-Blake. "It's sad that no one knows who his killer is. I've been wondering if it was someone in the whitefang…"

"I've wondered that too." A-Blake agreed. They remember reading his death in the paper and seeing his store was turned into a crime scene.

Emerald and Mercury then looked between each other for a second. Sienna thought that the name sounded familiar. She didn't like knowing someone who only ran a bookshop was murdered by the white fang. Adam growled hearing the name, he was happy the deserter was dead.

"Sounds boring." Qrow says with a grimace

Both Blake's gave Qrow an annoyed look.

"Hey, different me." He defended with his hands up.

Blake, as she leaves, passes school boy's as they march into the school house. Their heads turn in unison.


"Look there she goes

That girl is strange, no question"

"Is this a musical or something?" Qrow asked.

"It looks like it, yes." Nicholas said.

"It is certainly strange indeed." Ghira spoke.

The nasty headmaster, in charge of teaching the kids, ushers them in impatiently.


"Dazed and distracted, can't you tell?"

They were all confused by that part. They didn't know why those kids and that man thought that way about her.

As the boy's scramble into school, Blake steps on the stones over the duck pond revealing girls forced into "women's work" chores. Such as washing clothes in the circular laverie. They're surrounded by women kneading clothes on barrels.


"Never part of any crowd

`Cause her head's up on some cloud"


"No denying she's a funny girl

That Blake"

"Okay, what's going on?" A-Yang asked.

"This takes place during a time when the idea of a girl reading was considered ridiculous." Wolf told her.

"That is idiotic." A-Weiss growled. Her counterpart nodded.

"He never said it wasn't." Aida told her.

A flirtatious farmer approaches a pretty fishmonger's wife.


"Bonjour, good day, how is your family?"



"Bonjour, good day, how is your wife?"

The Fishmonger pops up next to his wife, sending the would-be Lothario into retreat. Another fishmonger, the shrewish CLOTHILDE, accosts him:

"Denied!" W-Yang chuckled.

"I wouldn't have been surprised if that was a counterpart of Neptune." W-Weiss growled.

"Did something happen between you and your Neptune?" A-Weiss asked. She had seen a few things where Neptune was portrayed badly.

"The guy cheated on her with a whole bunch of other women." Nora told her. "She even got a list from uncle Amp."

"Thank you so much for reminding me Nora." W-Weiss growled through her teeth. Nora just giggled a bit.

"HE WHAT?!" A-Weiss shouted. She was going to have to see just how faithful her Neptune was. Her team's counterparts and her own seemed similar to them with only minor differences. Who knows how similar her Neptune is from theirs.

"That reminds me." W-Blake said as she turned to her counterpart. "You might want to keep an eye out for your Sun. Turns out mine has been stalking me."

"What?!" A-Blake asked. She couldn't believe she just heard that. Though that would explain why he was just hanging outside their window when they were trying to get some leads on Torchwick. She would have some questions for him when they got back.


"I need six eggs"

The FARMER points out the price as Belle moves past that.
"That's too expensive"


"There must be more than this provincial Life"

Blake escapes into the peace and serenity of a country church. A happy Tuskon looks up as she enters. "Well! If it isn't the only bookworm in town. So where did you run off to this week?" Referring to the book's location.

The Blake's felt a little sad seeing him. They used to go to his shop all the time. He was always nice. They hope the ones that killed him are caught.

"Two cities in Northern Italy . I didn't want to come back." Blake says as she hands "Romeo and Juliet" to Tuskon, who dutifully returns it to the shelves of the town's "library" which is only a COUPLE DOZEN BOOKS in total. She remains hopeful though for a new book. "Have you got any new places to go?"

"Well that's depressing." A-Blake said when she saw the small assortment of books he had.

"Yeah, especially compared to how many ours had." W-Blake agreed.

"You think this one also claims to have every book under the sun?" Mercury whispered to Emerald. That caused Emerald to roll her eyes. But she also had a small smirk.

"What's an Italy?" W-Weiss asked.

"A country. It's kinda like coastal Vacuo. It even has the same language." Wolf told her. He had a feeling he was going to have to explain stuff like this alot in this viewing.

With a sad smile, he says "I'm afraid not. But you may reread any of the old ones that you'd like."

Blake, choosing a book she has read many times before, says "Thank you, Tuskon. Your library almost makes our small corner of the world feel big."

"That's kinda depressing." Tai said sadly.

"Yes. It's sad when you feel so confined like that." Salem said. She remembered being trapped in that tower for so long, books were her only escape. Ozpin saw the look on her face and felt sad.

He smiles. Blake smiles back.

"Bon voyage." Tuskon says as she leaves the building

"Goodbye." Pyrrha said. She expected someone to ask.

We now see Blake with her nose planted in her book. She walks down into the crowded market which is just being set up for the day. Blake passes Tom, Dick, and Stanley, all burly, tough guys.


"Look there she goes

The girl is so peculiar"

Blake buys jam then glides past an apothecary's open cart:


"I wonder if she's feeling well"

Blake ducks under cheese seller's carrying their trays:


"With a dreamy far-off look

And her nose stuck in a book

What a puzzle to the rest of us is Blake"

Behind her, florists pass by with huge bouquets. It's a glorious parade but Blake remains oblivious as she continues to read…

"Hehe, that looks familiar." W-Yang said while looking at both Blake's. Her counterpart chuckled while both Blake's huffed with a blush. Meanwhile Kali was just chuckling at that.


"Oh... isn't this amazing?

It's my favorite part because you'll see.

Here's where she meets Prince Charming.

But she won't discover that it's him

`Til chapter three."

"Well guess I don't have to read it now." Mercury jokes. That got him a slap from Emerald and both Blake's who walked over to him. He was getting pissed off at how this was beginning to look like a theme.

Three fashion-crazed village lasses, all dressed in the same style, pop their heads from the windows of the dress shop. Their mother, who is besotted with Blake, heads outside when she sees her:


"Now it's no wonder her name means "Fair Lady"

Her looks have got no parallel"

"Oh I assure you. My looks make her look average." Cindy chuckled.

"Well someone's full of themself." Coco retorted.

"Look who's talking." Cindy spat. Coco glared at her.

"I'm sorry she's like this." Cici apologized.

"You have nothing to apologize about. It's her that I have problems with." Coco told Cici while pointing at Cindy in the mirror.

Her daughters follow, seething with jealousy:


"But behind that fair facade

I'm afraid she's rather odd"


(greets Blake)

"Very different from the rest of us"

Everyone was finding it weird that she is the odd one in town just for reading. Wolf must not have been lying with what he said.


"She's nothing like the rest of us

Yes, different from the rest of us"

Blake slips through the crowd.


"Is Blake!"

Looking down on the village is Adam Taurus, a dashingly handsome war hero clad in a dazzling gold breastplate. The only thing bigger than his muscles is his ego.

Both Yangs snickered at the comment at the end. The Blake's and Sienna felt like gagging at the compliments it gave him.

Adam was smirking under his gag seeing himself. Though he wasn't very happy at the fact he was human in this.

Strapped on his saddle is a musket and the spoils of his hunt: rabbit, fox, and fowl. Riding beside him is Adam's long-suffering aide-de-camp and devoted best friend Ilia. Through his spyglass, Adam spots Blake.

"Best friend?" Ilia cringed. Learning what Adam was really like made any respect she had for him fly right out the window. The idea that a version of her was his best friend made her pissed a bit.

"Look at her, Ilia. My future wife." Adam says as he hands Ilia the spyglass to see Blake. "Blake is the most beautiful girl in the village. That makes her the best." Adam explains

Finishing looking through the spyglass, Ilia tells Adam "But she's so well-read, and you're so... (about to say "not") Athletically inclined."

Adam glared at her while everyone else just laughed. None more so than Sienna and the Blake's.

"Now that, that is hilarious." A-Yang laughed.

"Yeah, bullboy being called stupid is pretty on the money." Roman chuckled. He wiped away a fake tear.

"I know. Blake can be as argumentative as she is beautiful." Adam says

"Exactly, who needs her, when you've got us!" Ilia says gesturing to the both of them

"Yes, but ever since the war I've been missing something. And she's the only girl I've met who gives me that sense of..." Adam says trying to find the right word

"…Je ne sais quoi?" Ilia offers

"I don't know what that means." Adam says as he begins to ride towards the town.

"And yet you live in a country where that is the main language." Wolf deadpanned.

"It seems your a thick headed idiot in multiple universes Adam." Sienna smirked. She was having a blast right now.

Adam and Ilia ride through the village gates. Adam motions toward Blake in the village square. Geese flock around her feet, seeming to follow her.


"Right from the moment when I met her, saw her.

I said she's gorgeous and I fell.

Here in town there's only she

Who's as beautiful as me.

So, I'm making plans to woo and marry Blake"

Both Blake's felt like gagging.

"Man, this guy is full of himself." Coco shot out.

"I didn't think it was possible, but it seems you can be that much of a self centered dumb ass." Maria sighed.

"Tell me about it. He seems like the type that thinks he deserves whatever he wants." Qrow chuckled.

As Gaston passes, the lasses try to catch his eye.


"Look there he goes, isn't he dreamy.

Monsieur Adam, oh he's so cute.

Be still my heart I'm hardly breathing.

He's such a tall, dark, strong and handsome brute."

As Gaston dismounts, the lasses get splattered with mud from his horse's hooves. Ilia, shooting them a look, whispers "It's never gonna happen, ladies."

"She's not wrong. My 'brother' is too bull headed to think of anyone other than himself and his desires." Eve sighed. The Blake's, Ilia and Sienna nodded while Adam glared at his 'sister'.

Noticing Blake crossing the market, Adam starts off in pursuit. He grabs flowers from the perfume stall and makes a bouquet. As they each make their way through the market:

"And we can add stealing to the list of your crimes." Sienna added. Ilia nodded.

"Seems you're also a bastard in any universe." A-Yang chuckled. Adam's rage was reaching new levels.

[WASHER WOMEN #1, 2, 3] (ADAM)

[Bonjour!] (Pardon!)


[Good day.] (Mais oui!)

[You call this bacon?] (What lovely flowers!)


[Some cheese…] (...Ten yards!)


[...One pound.] (`Scuse me!)

[I'll get the knife.] (Please let me through!)


[This bread…] (Those fish…)[It's stale!] (They smell!)

"Oh man, my head hurts." W-Ruby said trying to keep up with all the talking.

"Yes, it is quite confusing." Winter nodded.

"I'm sure Oobleck could keep up." Coco joked. A few people snickered at that.


"There must be more than this provincial life!"


"Just watch - I'm going to make Blake my wife!"

Both Blake's weren't very fond of the idea of marrying Adam.

The image swells to reveal the whole village, singing.


"Look there she goes a girl who's

Strange but special.

A most peculiar mademoiselle.

It's a pity and a sin.

She doesn't quite fit in!"



But she really is a funny girl."



A beauty but a funny girl."


"She really is a funny girl…that Blake!"

"Oh thank god, I thought the singing would never end!" Mercury exclaimed.

"I actually liked the singing." Emerald shot back at him.

"Of course you do. After all, someone whos annoying likes annoying things." the silver head smirked. That earned him a hard smack. "What the hell! I thought you said people couldnt harm others here?!" he shouted at Wolf. He had had about enough.

"Unless I allow it." Wolf chuckled. That just pissed Mercury off even more.

Slightly out of breath, Adam finally catches up with Blake. "Good morning, Blake! Wonderful book you have there." Adam greets

All the girls have blank looks on their faces. With a deadpan look they could only think of one word. "What?"

Blake seeing him, asks him "You've read it?"

"…Well, not that one. But, you know. Books." Adam says fumbling with his words. He hands her the flowers. "For your dinner table. Shall I join you this evening?" Adam asks

"I'm starting to wonder how I share any DNA with him. I actually enjoy reading. And I'm not a mean petty thief either." Eve mumbled upsetly.

"I'm starting to wonder that as well. How such a smart sweet girl could possibly come from a brutish idiotic oaf is far beyond me." Jackie agreed. Eve 'eeped' at the complement and covered her blushing face.

Adam however was getting angrier and angrier.

"…Sorry, not tonight." Blake says

"Busy?" Adam asks

"…No." Blake says with a mortified smile. She then runs off.

And it's with that everyone bursts out laughing.

Adam however was seeing red. He was now trying to get the gag out of his mouth.

Ilia approaching, asks "So…Moving on?"

"Please say yes please say yes please say yes." Ilia begged. She was just hating all of this.

"No, Ilia. It's the ones who play hard to get that are always the sweetest prey. That's what makes Blake so appealing." He explains "She hasn't even tried to make a fool of herself just to gain my favor…What would you call that?" Adam asks

"Smart?" asked W-Yang.

"Sensible?" Emerald added.

"Being too good for a no-good hoodlum like you?" spat Winter.

Each word pissed Adam off. He then doubled his efforts to get the gag off. It was starting to work.

"Dignity?" Ilia responds

"Yes, all those other girls have none whatsoever if they throw themselves at him." Eve agreed.

It was then a loud snap was heard and they saw that Adam had gotten his gag off. He turned to his clone with a hate filled look.

"You shut your mouth you worthless slut! You're a disgrace to my DNA and name. These idiots must only tolerate your assistance just so they can feel better about themselves." he spat at her. Hearing that really hurt Eve. She was actually starting to tear up. Jackie tried to comfort her.

"Leave her alone Adam." W-Blake spat. She and her counterpart glared at him.

"You stay out of this you two timing whore. You should be lucky I ever gave any sort of attention. When I get free, I will make you watch as I kill all your worthless friends. You are nothing more than a traitor to all the faunus, choosing to be the humans whore." he spat at them.

Both Blake's went silent at that. Just like Eve, they had tears in their eyes. The idea of being seen as traitors to their race was bad enough, but what he said about making them watch as he butcher's their friends? The thought alone is enough to shatter them.

Kali wrapped her arms around both Blake's. "It's ok my kittens. I'm here. Don't listen to him, he is just trying to get to you." Ghira glares at Adam with a growl.

Both Yang's eyes were red and their hair was flaming. "Hope you're ready for me to kick your ass you bastard." W-Yang growled. A-Yang cracked her knuckles. They were ready to make him lose his eye again.

Adam sneered at them. "You think I'm afraid of some talentless human slut who can't make anyone laugh? Your only saving grace is your giant chest. The only thing you could possibly be good at is a quick fuck. That's probably how we're able to move up through your grades instead of studying. I bet the only reason Blake wastes her time with you is out of pity." he spat.

That one hit closer to home for the Yang's then people would expect. Ever since she hit puberty, people said she was only good for a quick fuck. She would usually play it off, but it still hurt. She had lost friends because of it. Her old friends stopped seeing her the way they used to, and only saw her as that hot blonde with the big chest.

And the idea that Blake is their friend out of pity? That was the worst pain then any grimm could do. They were starting to break down in tears themselves. Their family went over to help. Raven wished she had her sword to cut Adam's prick off.

Eve saw both the Yang's and Blake's in tears and felt something stir inside her. She got up and walked over to Adam.

"Does the pathetic disgrace of my genes have something she wants to say?" Adam growled. "Perhaps when I get out I'll kill that idiotic excuse of a knight first since you love him so much."

And with that, something in Eve snapped. He insulted the three people she had feelings for and had enough. She then jumped Adam. She started beating him with an inch or his life. "You leave my funny dragon, cuddly kitty and gentle knight alone!" she shouted as she grabbed Adam's horns and snapped them off.

Adam ended up in a small coma from the beating. Everyone looked at Eve wide eyed. The Yang's and Blake's smiled at how she stood up for them. When Eve saw all the stares she got she blushed a bit in embarrassment when she realized what she did. She went back to her seat.

Jackie put a hand on her shoulder when she sat down. "Good job there sis." she chuckled. Eve had a small smile as she blushed.

They then went back to watching the screen.

"It's outrageously attractive, isn't it?" Adam says with a smile. He then looks at the village lasses standing outside of the tavern. They all give him the eye. Adam saunters over.

"He isn't even loyal when chasing after her." W-Weiss scoff. It seems Adam is scum in several universes.

"I can't believe I ever looked up to him." sighed Ilia.

Blake hears the tinkle of a sweet music box tune wafting out of her father's basement workshop. She descends into her father's dusty work room. Sunlight spotlights Ghira hunched over his workspace. She quietly watches as he sings along with the music box theme.


"How does a moment last forever?

How can a story never die?

It is love we must hold on to

Never easy, but we try"

"That's beautiful Ghira." Kali smiles at her husband. She snuggles up with him and plays with his chest hair a bit.

Ghira chuckled a bit. "Thank you, dear." he said as he kissed her.

He begins to tinker with gears on the box, which depicts an artist in a Parisian garret, painting his wife's portrait as she holds a red rose above their baby.

"I think you would make a damn fine tinkerer old friend!" Nicholas chuckled.

"Thank you. I always considered it but wasn't sure." Ghira chuckled nervously.

"I say give it a try. Won't know till you do." Tai assured.

"Yes Ghira. You've always been a very artistic person. You should also try painting." Kali smiled.

"Alright, I suppose it wouldn't hurt."

Kali had a smile on her face, but felt like the figures looked familiar.

"Sometimes our happiness is captured.

Somehow a time and place stand still.

Love lives on inside our hearts.

And always will."

"He's a lovely singer." Pyrrha smiled.

"Yes, but I feel like there's a bit of sadness behind the lyrics." W-Weiss said sadly.

"Yeah, I hear it too." A-Weiss nodded.

"Makes sense. You're the same person. If one of you hears it, the other probably does too." Qrow shrugged. Both Weiss' blushed at that.

Looking up from his work, he sees Blake at the stairs "Oh, good, Blake, you're back. Can you please hand me the-" Before he can say the word "screwdriver", it's in his hand. "And the-" Tweezers. Then Blake hands him a small hammer.

"No, no, I don't need…" he says just as a spring pop's off. "…Actually yes, that's exactly what I need."

This caused a few people to chuckle a bit while Ghira blushed.

He goes back to tinkering. Blake gazes at other music boxes, each a small work of art, depicting famous landmarks from around the world.

"Wow, look at them all." Pyrrha said amazed.

"We certainly don't have those in remnant." Ren agreed.

"That's because those are from Wolf's world." Aida told her. Everyone turned to Wolf.

He then noticed all the stairs. "Uh… yeah they are…" he nodded.

"Can you name what one of them is called?" Ozpin asked.

"Well... there's the Eiffel Tower. A huge landmark in Paris, the capital of france." the god explained.

"Interesting." the wizard said.

"…Papa, do you think I'm odd?" Blake asks

"My daughter? Odd? Where did you get an idea like that?" Ghira asks curiously.

"Blake, do you think you're odd?" Ghira asked his daughter.

"W-well… sometimes. I fight for equality but sometimes I feel like the biggest stereotype ever." W-Blake sighed. "Is there something wrong with me?"

Kali then hugged her. "No kitten. There is nothing wrong. You're just unique. That's a wonderful thing to be." Ghira joined the hug. W-Blake felt better from that.

A-Blake was now thinking maybe she should try and call her parents. If things are fine between this Blake and her parents, maybe there's a chance things will be fine with hers.

"I don't know. People talk." Blake says

"Oh. People." Ghira says understanding now why she asked that question "This village may be small, small-minded even, but small also means safe."

"How exactly does small mean safe?" A-Yang asked unconvinced.

"Well, a smaller town would mean you know everyone I suppose." W-Weiss said. "And perhaps then you would know if someone new comes.

"Not really that big of a deal." W-Yang remarked.

"But it would also mean if a plague or trouble came, it would be easier to get everyone out." Pyrrha interjected.

"That, or it would be easier for the plague to spread. Plus a small town would probably only have one old doctor." Coco argued.

It ended up turning into a full blown debate about this. Everyone kept going back and forth about this.

Wolf then gave a whistle, getting everyone's attention. "Can we just watch for crying out loud!" he complained. Everyone sighed but nodded.

He can see this line of argument doesn't do much for his daughter. "…Even back in Paris, I knew a girl who was so different, so daring, so ahead of her time that people mocked her until the day they found themselves imitating her."

He had a feeling he knew who his counterpart was talking about and smiled. He held his wife's hand. But that made him wonder where she is in this.

"Please, just tell me one more thing about her." Blake begs knowing who he was talking about.

Ghira turns to the music box as if to change the subject…but looking back up to Blake's eagerness, he relents.

"…Your mother was fearless…Fearless." He says with fondness

With that, Ghira closes his music box.

Everyone noticed the past hence. "Did something happen to my counterpart?" Kali asked. Both Wolf and Aida stayed silent.

No one liked that fact. It made them feel uncomfortable. The Blake's and Ghira especially didn't like that.

As Ghira carefully loads his music boxes onto his wagon, Blake tends to the family's old glue horse, PHILIPPE. Ghira climbs into the wagon, and smiles down at his daughter.

"What would you like me to bring you from the market?" He asks.

"A rose, like the one in the painting." Blake says.

"You ask for that every year." Ghira says complains.

"And every year, you bring it." Blake etorts.

"I would gladly do it too." Ghira chuckled as he looked to his daughter(s). Both Blake's smiled at that.

With a smile, Ghira says "Then I shall bring you another. You have my word." He grabs the rains and shouts "Come on, Philippe!" as they move forward.

"I wouldn't care if you didn't bring it dad. I'd just be happy you come home safe." W-Blake told him.

Ghira had a big smile and hugged his daughter.

"I'll see you tomorrow!" Blake says.

"Tomorrow! With the rose!" Ghira promises.

As Ghira rides away, Blake's warmth gives way to concern. "(to herself) Stay safe..."

"I will always try to be safe for you." Ghira told her with a smile.

"Thanks dad. That means a lot." W-Blake smiled.

A-Blake seeing this really missed her parents. That's another thing she needs to do when they get back.

Surrounded by design sketches, Blake's workbench features a small model of her `washing machine' prototype. She places the miniature barrel in position... fastens a rope to a leather strap... shaves chips off a block of soap... collects the soap chips in a small sack... and rushes out.

Just then, all the girls start snickering knowingly at what Blake on screen had grabbed. The guys however were left confused.

A young washer girl watches as Blake tosses clothes and some soap chips into an empty barrel and rolls it into the fountain! It bobs on its side. Tying the other end of the strap to the mule's harness, she sets him walking around the circular laverie…

All the girls then just start laughing at this.

"Looks like she just invented the first washing machine." Coco chuckled.

"Wait, that's What that was all about?" asked Mercury.

"Mhm." Emerald chuckled.

Thats stupid." he scoffed.

"You wouldn't think that if you lived in a world like theirs where clothes are all washed by hand." Emerald smirked. Merc just sighed.

"What are you doing?" The little girl asks

"The laundry." Blake says with a smile. She points to the rotating barrel, which now resembles a very early Whirlpool washing machine.

"Anyone bet she pulls out a book while doing her chores?" A-Yang asked. Her counterpart chuckled.

"I'll take that action." said a smirking Ilia.

"M-me to." Eve joined in.

"Hey, what makes you think I'd just do that?" W-Blake asked.

"Yeah, you can't just assume that." A-Blake agreed.

Blake takes her book and quietly begins to read. After a moment, she looks up to find the washer girl staring at her, speechless.

Cue everyone laughing a bit. None more so then the Yang's, Ilia and Eve. Both Blake's were blushing messes right now.

"You were saying kitty cats?" Coco chuckled.

"S-shut up!" A-Blake said to her.

"…Come!" Blake waves for the girl to join her.

The nasty headmaster emerges from the school house to see that the barrel is now filled with sudsy clothes. Blake is sitting with the washer girl with a book open, teaching the girl to read.


"(struggling) The blue bird flies..."


"...over the dark wood."

"I'm very proud of you, Miss Belladonna. It's wonderful to see you, even if it isn't actually you, trying to teach the young girl." Glynda praised.

"I'm also happy to see it." Salem nodded. "I wish there were more people who wanted to teach out of the kindness of their heart."

Both Blake's had huge blushes while Kali giggled.

"That's my little kitten for you." Kali said as she hugged both Blake's.

"Mom!" they both whined with a blush.

Enraged, he shouts "What on earth are you doing?"

He is joined by the fishmonger clothilde, outraged. "Teaching another girl to read? Isn't one enough?"

"That bastard reminds me too much of my father." Salem spat. She hated her father for locking her in that damned tower.

"And my moron of a brother." Es growled. She also couldn't stand him. She remembers how her brother would preach about the balance but always had things in his favor.

Blake locks eyes with the headmaster, then turns back to the girl, ignoring him. The headmaster seethes.

"I think you're doing the right thing, Miss Belladonna. Perhaps one day you could consider being a teacher." Glynda told her with a smile.

"T-thanks miss Goodwitch." W-Blake said with a blush. A-Blake nodded while also sporting a blush.

"We have to do something." Clothilde says in anger

"And you need to mind your own damn business." Kali spat at the woman on screen.

Everyone who knew her went wide eyed at that. "Seriously?" asked Qrow. "You're telling someone to mind their own business? Someone who at beacon was known as the nosiest person alive? That's like the pot calling the kettle black."

"It's true dear. You can be a little nosy." Ghira agreed.

"That's an understatement." Glynda said. Kali had a huge blush.

Blake's washing machine is hauled out of the laverie and dumped onto the ground. She collects her laundry from the dirt, trying to remain poised before the gawking crowd. While Tucson is the only one there to help her pick up her things.

Both Eve and Yang's were really pissed at that.

"Hey, she was just doing something nice. You don't have to ruin her laundry!" Eve shouted.

"Yeah. They're probably just jealous of how smart she is." A-Yang spat. Both Blake's smiled at their words.

"At least Tuscon was there to help" A-Blake says

"Yeah" W-Blake agrees

Adam shakes his head and laughs, absolutely smitten. "You are the wildest, most beautiful thing I've ever seen." A reverse angle reveals Adam was addressing his reflection in a shop window. "No one deserves you, but at least I know our children will be beautiful."

Eve then cringed at this. "Oh gods… I can't believe I'm related to him." she said with a blush.

"Don't worry. You're far smarter than he'll ever be." Jackie assured her.

"Yeah, and far less bull headed." W-Yang punned. Everyone groaned at that while Eve smiled. She felt better about her idiot brother.

"Am I catching you at a bad time?" Ilia asks as she stands next to him

"Oh, it's always a bad time with him." Ilia spat as she glared at the still unconscious Adam.

"(sigh)What is it, Ilia?

"A certain damsel is in distress." She says basically mentioning Blake

"Oh, well then, It's hero time. (to his reflection) I'm not done with you yet." Adam says as he walks away.

"If a hero is really needed then where's Jaune? He'd save the day no problem." W-Ruby pouted. Her counterpart was about to say the same.

"Yeah, where is the white knight?" A-Yang asked. "He should have shown up by now."

"A good question." Ren agreed.

Ilia is now seen to step up to the mirror. "Me neither." She says to her reflection

"Oh, I have plenty I have plenty to say. Just not appropriate for my little girl to hear." Ilia spat again.

Juliet was still cuddling with her grandma June. She was giggling as Juniper, every so often, gave her little kisses.

Adam follows Blake back to her cottage. "Blake! Heard you had a little trouble with the headmaster. He never liked me, either." He says to her at the gate. Seeing her ignore him he continues to the side. "Can I give you a little advice about the villagers, though? They're never going to trust the kind of change we're trying to bring." Pursuing her into her garden, trampling over the cabbages.

"Not surprising he didn't like you. Your ego is bigger than his, and he wasn't happy about that." Qrow spat out.

"For once, you and I agree." Winter nodded toward her biological father.

"Seems to me the brat needs his ego brought down a peg." Maria stated.

"All I wanted was to teach a child to read." Blake says frustrated

"And it's a noble thing to want to do miss Belladonna." Glynda said with a smile. "And if you ever wish to become a teacher, I can help you earn a degree."

"O-oh… thanks miss Goodwitch…" A-Blake blushed.

"Y-yeah." W-Blake nodded. They had to admit, it was a very tempting offer.

"I agree with Glynda. It's a wonderful thing you tried to do. When I was younger, I actually wanted to be a teacher. I would have loved it." Salem sighed.

Ozpin smiled at an old memory. He remembered when Salem tried teaching their daughters. She always had a smile on her face while doing it.

"The only children you should concern yourself with are... your own." Adam says as he gestures to her and himself.

Both Blake's cringed at what he implied. "Only when hell freezes over will I even think of sleeping in the same city as him." W-Blake spat.

"Same. The idea of having his kids makes me feel sick." A-Blake nodded.

Blake looks for a way out. She doesn't like where this is going.

"I'm not ready to have children." She says

"Especially his." both Blake's spat.

What about Jaune's?" Aida asks, causing the both of them to blush madly

"Maybe you haven't met the right man." Adam says

"It's a small village, Adam. I've met them all."

"And I don't like what I've seen." A-Blake glared.

"I'd sooner die than marry him. Even if he was the last man on earth." W-Blake agreed.

"Well, maybe you should take another look. Some of us have changed." Adam

"You don't even know how to change Adam." Sienna spat. "You're far too hard headed."

"Don't you mean bull headed?" W-Yang punned.

"Hah! Nice." A-Yang said as they high fived. The room was filled with groans.

She climbs the steps to her cottage door while Adam follows close behind.

Facing him, Blake says "Adam, we could never make each other happy. No one can change that much."

"Or at least he wouldn't make her happy. The opposite in fact." Jackie growled.

"…Blake, do you know what happens to spinsters in our village after their fathers die?" Adam asks

He motions to the street, where we find Glynda, a spinster, late 30's, dirty and homeless, rattling her cup: "alms for the poor?"

Glynda had an empty look on her face. She appeared calm and collected on the outside, but on the inside she was completely different. 'WHAT THE FUCK?!' she shouted in her head.

She was taken out of her thoughts however when she heard Chance."Nene ook Mama Gynn, Mama Gynn" he giggled while bouncing on Neo's lap. His outfit changed to look like Glynda's on screen.

Glynda felt her heart melt at that.

"They beg for scraps, like poor Glynda. This is our world, Blake. For simple folk like us, it doesn't get any better." Adam says begging her to consider.

Adam started to wake up from the beating he got. He was a little disoriented. He glared at Eve with hate in his eyes.

"I might be a farm girl, but I'm not simple. I'm sorry, but I will never marry you, Adam." Blake says with a tone of finality as she goes inside her house

"That's right. You tell that dick!" A-Yang chuckled.

"He doesn't deserve you." Eve told the Blake's. 'And neither do I…' she thought to herself. She wasn't the most confident.

"I agree. Such a man would be a nightmare to spend your entire life with." Winter nodded.

"Thanks guys. I can't even imagine being stuck with him." W-Blake shivered a bit.

Adam glared at everyone with a growl.

Adam continues to keep his gallant smile plastered as she shuts the door in his face.

"Denied!" all the girls shouted with a chuckle.

"Deny!" the three infants giggled trying to imitate everyone.

Adam glared at every single one with hate in his eyes.

Blake watches him from the window waiting for him to leave. When she sees that the coast is clear, she opens the door.

"Can you imagine? Me, the wife of that boorish, brainless..." Blake complains trying to figure out what to say. She turns away from the home she thinks she will never escape.

"I certainly can't." Ilia spat.

"Me either. He doesn't deserve her at all." Eve nodded.

"Preach." both Yangs chuckled.

"Madame Adam, can't you just see it.

Madame Adam, his little wife.

No sir, not me, I guarantee it.

I want much more than this Provincial life..."

Salem then spoke up. "Dear girl, I say follow your heart. I did, and though I ended up hurt, I'm glad I did." she said with a small smile. Both Blake's looked at her and smiled.

Ozpin however, looked at Salem with a sad look on his face. His mind went back to happier times, simpler times. Back when he was Ozma the hero, off to rescue a young woman from a tower. He never expected to find love that day.

'If I knew how things would have gone back then, would I have done what I have? Would I have still saved her from that tower? ...Yes, I suppose I would have. Even if I knew I'd have happiness for only a short time, at least I would have had it at all.' he thought to himself. A small sad smile crept on his face.

Blake races up the hills to the outskirts of town. When she reaches the highest point, we circle around to reveal the town spread out beneath her.

"My, what a lovely view." Glynda said in awe.

Cici then turned to Wolf. "May I have a camera? I want to take a picture so I can paint it later." Wolf then snapped his fingers and a camera appeared on her lap. She took a picture and saved it for later.

"I want adventure in the great wide Somewhere.

I want it more than I can tell.

And for once it might be grand.

To have someone understand.

I want so much more than they've got planned."

Kali then turned to her daughter. "I have a feeling you may get what you wish my little kitten." she said with a smile. She didn't know how, but she had this feeling deep in her chest.

As the last rays of light fade, we rise to reveal a forest in the distance, where the skies begin to rage. A swirling wind and a streak of lightning. The sky flashes. The wind picks up. Worried, Ghira urges Philippe on.

"Wow, that is quite the tone shift right there." Roman blurted.

"Yeah seriously. Going from happy and empowering, to bleak and creepy." Coco nodded.

The three baby's whimpered a bit at the setting.

"The woods are lovely, aren't they Philippe...? I only wish I recognized them. Do you know where we are Philippe? Because I don't." Ghira admits

"Well… that's good to know…" Ghira sighed at that.

"You're almost as bad at directions as Ruby." W-Yang said. That earned a "Hey!" from both Ruby's while A-Yang chuckled.

As the woods get darker, a withered tree that looks like an elderly person's cane is struck by lightning.

Everyone jumped a bit at that. Juliet hid her face in Juniper's stomach while whimpering, and Adrian did the same with Saphron.

"Its okay Juliet. Granny's here." she said as she rubbed Julliets head.

"And Mommy's here for you Adrian." Saphron told her son.

Chance however smiled and giggled. His mother had a love for big booms and he inherited that love. Neo just giggled at his happy little face.

"Whoa!" He shouts trying to calm down his horse.

The tree splits in two, one half falling into the road, revealing... a hidden path. Philippe whinnies nervously.

"Hmm... yes, we can go this way. Walk on! One path closes, another one opens." Ghira says

"Well… that's not ominous at all." Qrow stated as he took a sip from his flask.

"Yeah, I have a feeling this is leading up to something." Tai agreed.

"Not like he has any other way to go." Maria told them both.

They leave the blocked road and head down the path. Along the path, Ghira looks down to see a light snow cover on the ground. Philippe snorts

"It's all right boy, it's just a bit of snow... in June. Mind your step, it's a bit slippery" Ghira says

"That's… huh…" Velvet couldn't find the words.

"Oh my gosh! Snow in summer? That sounds awesome!" Nora cheared. Ren just chuckled at his girlfriend's antics.

Winter then realized something. "Wait… wasn't the…"

"Something wrong Winter?" Willow asked her daughter.

"I have a feeling…" she answered.

And they descend, we enter another world. A light, whirling snow descends on Ghira, dusting his coat. The clippity-clop of hooves echo in stillness. Suddenly, a WHITE WOLF roars out of the bushes, barely missing them.

Once again everyone jumps at this. Now Chance was joining the other infants, scared of the wolves. He turned around and hid his face in Neo's shoulder.

His gaze darting around, Ghira notices at least a dozen white wolves running on an icy ledge above him. The wolves keep pace, massing to overrun him.

"Go, Philippe! Hurry!" Ghira yells urging his horse on, but his rickety cart starts to buckle due to a loose harness. The wolves leap in front of the cart, which comes undone, tipping over on its side. The chest of music boxes smashes open on the ground. Ghira is launched up onto a ridge as Philippe runs off with the wolves chasing after him.

Everyone was worried for the on-screen Ghira. None more so then Kali or the two Blake's.

Ghira pulls himself up and finds himself face-to-face with the snarling and scarred ALPHA WOLF. Terrified, Ghira turns and begins sliding down the snowy ridge towards a trio of wolves waiting below.

This caused Chance to be even more scared.

Roman saw this and went over to his nephew. "Hey, what's wrong little guy?"

"Scawy Unca Woman" said Chance who was so scared he was in tears.

Roman then started rubbing his nephews back. "Don't worry kiddo. As long as you're 'Nene' or 'Mama Gynn' is holding you nothing in the world can hurt you, as nothing in the world is as 'Scawy' as them." Roman chuckled.

Chance looked up at his uncle with big sad eyes. "P-pwomise?" he asked.

"Promise." Roman, Neo and Glynda all say at once.

Chance felt a tiny bit better but was still scared. Roman then had an idea. He took his hat off and put it on Chance. "Here. If you wear this then nothing bad can see you." he told his Nephew. He figured that could work since kids think sunglasses make them invisible and hiding under the covers keeps them safe from the boogie man.

Chance looked at his uncle with a big smile. Roman felt his heart warmed up at that. "I am so bringing him to meet my mother."

"I… suppose that will be fine." Glynda sighed. Roman smirked at that

"Philippe!" Ghira shouts

As he drops from the ridge, Philippe appears beneath him and Ghira lands on his back!

"Well that was a lucky landing." Qrow said, impressed.

"With your semblance it would have been way worse if that were you." Raven chuckled. Qrow sent her a glare.

"Behave you two." Summer told them.

Then they both spoke at once. "Oh come on Summer, you can't seriously thi-" they were both interrupted when Summer gave them both a glare. The one that had always kept STRQ in line. A good leader needed a way of doing that after all. Even without silver eyes, she could kill a grimm with that glare.

Even to this day, her teammates were afraid of that look. How was such a sweet girl able to be so scary? Raven actually respected her a lot because of how well she kept the team in line. Actually she did see Sumner as a sister, but would deny it if asked.

Both wby's hoped their Ruby's never learned to do that the moment they saw it, while both Ruby's wanted to learn it more than anything. Weiss wouldn't have questioned her leadership at the beginning of beacon if she had that.

"Good boy. Go! Go!"

Philippe rides. Paws crush twigs, slavering jaws, eyes mad with hunger, a gleam of fangs, all of this urging Philippe to gallop faster. Ghira, seeing the castle, races toward the icy gates which churn open as the wolves draw near. As he and Philippe speed through the gates, the wolves skid to a stop, their howls turning to yelps of fear.

"See little guy, even they are afraid of something." Roman told his Nephew with a smile.

Chance nodded with a big smile on his face.

"Wait, is that the castle from the beginning?" Velvet asked.

"I… think so." A-Yang answered. But something felt off about it.

"It seems I was right." Winter spoke.

Ghira stares in open-mouth awe at the Beast's castle. A grey edifice seemingly growing out of stone and reaching to troubled skies. It feels like a place hiding its face from the world.

W-Ruby then jumped up. "Wait, that can't be the castle. It looks different. Kinda spooky even."

"So what, another castle was cursed to have an eternal winter then?" Saphron asked.

"It does seem unlikely. Perhaps it's part of the curse. Maybe the enchantress also changed the castle, that way like how she made the prince's body reflect how he is, so too did he make the castle do the same." Ren theorized.

"An interesting theory mister Ren." Ozpin applauded. "I feel you may be right."

"Yeah Renny, that was super smart of you!" Nora giggled as she snuggled him. Ren smiled and hugged her back.

"Oh Philippe, you saved my life..." Ghira says to his horse as he looks back "They'll have to get their dinner somewhere else."

Both Blake's smiled and let out a sigh of relief. W-Blake then turned to Es. "Can you maybe bless that horse with a good life?" she asked her.

Es giggled at that. "Sure dear. I'd be happy to."

"That's sweet of you Blake." Ghira told his daughter. Both Blake's smiled at him.

Wolf was a little surprised she asked Es and not him, given he was the god they knew the longest. But he was pretty happy about it. The less mortals asking him for blessings and what not the better. Having a religion centered around you was more trouble than it's worth.

"Probably best that the Blakes asked Es and not you huh?" Aida whispers to him. "You know, since you're a Wolf and you have wolves, so weren't they like from your domain or something?" Aida asks since Wolf looked confused for a moment.

As he draws near the castle, he notices a colonnade filled with white rose bushes. Just beyond, he sees the door to the stables swinging in the wind. A lamp has been lit inside, as if inviting a tired traveler.

"Well, looks like I found that rose you wanted." Ghira chuckled to the Blake's. They both smiled with a blush.

Ghira strokes Philippe's neck. "Water, fresh hay. Looks like you're set, old friend. Rest here..." he says as he warily peers out at the intimidating castle. "While I pay my respects to our unwitting host... whoever that may be..."

Everyone grew a little nervous. If this is the same castle, then he might be in trouble.

He leaves Philippe, who stares uneasily at a statue of a horse.

Cautiously, Ghira approaches the castle door. He gazes up at a row of torches held by sculpted iron hands. The hands are so life-like, he does a double-take.

"Hm." He says in an interested tone

"Wow… those hands look so real." Cici said, amazed.

"It is interesting. But also strange." Salem said.

"Indeed. Quite peculiar." Ozpin agreed.

The door opens with a creak allowing Ghira to peer in. "Hello? Anyone home?"

Silence. Flashes of lightning illuminate a once-elegant space now fallen into disrepair.

The lighting scared Juliet and Adrian again. Both Ruby's actually cuddled up with Summer a bit as well.

"It looks so old and broken down." Pyrrha said sadly.

"Such an elegant place, reduced to this." Glynda sighed.

"Forgive me, I don't mean to intrude. I need shelter from the storm... Hello?" Ghira calls out. He puts his hat and coat on a coat rack at the entrance. He turns away, not seeing the coat rack shake the snow off.

Everyone went wide eyed at that.

"D-did everyone else see that?" Tai asked. He was thinking he was just imagining it. Everyone was nodding.

"So not just me? Good, I was afraid I finally had too much." Qrow sighed as he put his flask away. Raven was going to say something, but Summer sent her a look and she stopped.

He begins to explore, scanning the room and sees furniture tables, chairs, a feather duster. A mantle clock and a candelabra sitting on a table. As Ghira passes them, the candelabra slowly turns as if watching him. This is Oobleck, formerly head footman to Prince Jaune.

"Must have lost his way in the woods..." Oobleck whispers to the clock besides him

Once again everyone went wide eyed at that.

"B-Bart?" Glynda asked, surprised.

Glynda wasn't the only one shocked. Everyone couldn't believe it. Ozpin and Salem were especially having a hard time of it. They never heard of turning someone into an object. An animal maybe, but an object?

The three children were giggling and clapping seeing this though. They thought it was funny seeing a talking candle.

The candelabra continues craning while the mantle clock beside it remains rigid. Meet Peter Port, every bit the stiff-upper-lip majordomo.

"Shut up, you idiot." Peter whispers to Oobleck

"And Pete too?" Qrow asked.

"Well I suppose that makes sense. When you imagine a duo, Peter and Bart are one of many that comes to my mind." Ozpin sighed.

"I'm more surprised Bart isn't speaking as fast as usual." Glynda sighed.

Hearing this Ghira spins, but sees only an ordinary candelabra and clock on the table. Curious, he approaches, leaning down to the clock. "Mm... extraordinary." He says.

He picks up the candelabra, inspecting it. "This is beautiful..."

"Well, that will give them some big heads." A-Yang chuckled.

"Yeah, Port alright has a big enough ego as it is." W-Yang sighed.

"Yang, that isn't nice." Pyrrha chastised.

"Oh please P-money. You can't tell me you haven't given up trying to pay attention to his "lessons". I know ice-queen stopped trying." W-Yang retorted.

Both Weiss' opened their mouths, but didn't say anything. They would be lying if they said Yang was wrong.

Pyrrha then sighed. It's true she tried to keep paying attention in Port's class hoping to learn something. But… it was just too hard.

Suddenly, an echo of eerie harpsichord music makes Ghira turn toward the ballroom. He places the candelabra back down and exits.

"…A man of taste." Oobleck says smiling

"He was talking about me." Port says as if it was a competition

"Well… I suppose it's refreshing that some things are a constant in the multiverse." Glynda sighed.

"I agree." Ozpin chuckled.

"Speak for yourself." Raven retorted.

Ghira walks through a door into a dark cavernous room. His eyes adjust to the light and he realizes he's in a vast ballroom. Once the scene of joy, the ballroom knows only solemn decay.

"It's kinda sad seeing the place like that. And to know that people are forced to live like that." Summer said sadly.

"I agree. It's awful." Kali nodded.

"Oops!" The harpsichord says as he stops playing, now seeing the human.

"Alright, if I noticed the theme right, Port was the one with the watch in the beginning while Oobleck was the one with the candelabra. So that would make the harpsichord the one with the terrible teeth." A-Weiss surmised.

"Yeah but, who is it exactly?" Neo asked.

"A good question." Ren wondered.

"I think it's interesting that he can play himself." Tai chuckled.

Wary, Ghira goes back to the main entrance, he crosses to a crackling fire, speaking to his unseen host. "…Wherever you are, I'm just going to warm myself by the fire." He says as he warms his frozen fingers, rubs his hands together to spread the heat. "(sigh)That's better. Oh, much better..."

As Ghira turns to warm his backside, he hears the clink of silverware from an adjoining room.

"That's my husband warming up his sexy ass!" Kali giggled, causing Ghira to blush. Both Blake's groaned in embarrassment.

Ghira enters to find a vast dining room dominated by a banquet table where a meal has been set out.

"Wow, that looks like a really nice meal." Tai said, amazed.

"Yeah, definitely a meal fit for a king." Qrow nodded.

"Don't you mean prince?" A-Yang chuckled. Her counterpart laughed too. Tai did too. Everyone else groaned.

"That was a stretch and you know it." W-Weiss growled. Both Yang's just shrugged.

"Oh, thank you!" Ghira says famished. He sits down and tears off a hunk of bread, devouring it ravenously.

"Table manners dad." both Blake's told Ghira.

Ghira blushed while Kali giggled. "Didn't we always used to get on your case about that kitten?" now it was the Blake's that were blushing.

As Ghira looks around for something to wash down the food, a cup of tea slides close to his hand. Waiting for a moment for his mind to process this fact, Ghira calmly gives the cup a double-take. Meet Ruby, an 8 year-old girl tea cup.

Everyone, none more so then the Ruby's and Summer, were shocked stiff. But then Summer scooping up the Ruby's in a hug.

"Oh my gosh! You're a cute little tea cup!" she squealed. She was squeezing them super tightly.

"M-mom!" shouted A-Ruby.

"P-please… Stop…" gagged W-Ruby. They were having trouble breathing.

She whispers "Mom said I wasn't supposed to move because it might be scary…Sorry."

"A little late for that." Qrow said. He was stunned seeing his daughter like this.

"What do you mean?" A-Yang asked.

Ghira chews, smiles benevolently. "It's all right." He says…And then bolts from the table.

"That. That's what I mean." Qrow answered.

"Kinda makes sense. I mean, how else would you react if a tea cup was talking to you?" Tai asked.

"I would think it's cool…" W-Ruby mumbled.

"Yeah…" A-Ruby nodded. "I would think it's like a fairytale."

Like any sane person, Ghira heads back toward the door. He bows and calls into the shadows... "Thank you. Really, I cannot thank you enough for your hospitality... (takes his coat and hat) ... And kindness." As he continues out the door.

"I doubt it's that easy to leave a cursed castle." Glynda spoke up.

"Maybe it is." Summer said.

"Then why haven't any of them left?" Glynda asked her.

"Where exactly could they all go looking like that?" Raven pointed out. Glynda was going to speak, but then thought about it and nodded.

A flash of lightning briefly illuminates a beastly shape on the staircase, watching the man leave. At the next flash, the shape is gone.

Everyone felt a chill run up their spines at seeing that.

Ghira rides Philippe away from the castle. He notices the colonnade filled with rose bushes again.

"Roses! Yes..." he says, reminding himself of his promise. He dismounts, checking to see that he hasn't been followed from the castle. He strokes his nervous horse, leaving him outside as he enters the colonnade. "Can't go home empty handed... I promised Blake a rose, didn't I?

"Dad, I wouldn't mind if you don't get it. I care more about you." W-Blake told him.

"Yes, but the fact that I care about you is the reason I would do it." Ghira said to his daughter. Both Blake's smiled at him.

We catch glimpses of a dark shape moving atop the colonnade. A taloned paw. A swishing tail.

They all felt creeped out at that thing. They knew it was the prince turned beast, but still.

Philippe snorts, sensing danger.

Ghira spies a single perfect white rose among the others. Close on the beast's eyes shows them enraged and wounded as they look at the rose.

Everyone was surprised when they saw the eyes. They felt like they had seen them somewhere.

"Why do they look so familiar?" Velvet asked, trying to place it.

"I don't know, but it's driving me crazy." A-Ruby sighed.

Ghira reaches for it. "Ow!" he says as he gets Pricked by a thorn. He pulls his hand back to inspect the wound, then tries again. He picks the rose only to hear a booming roar from above.

"Well, at least he went out like a real dad. He tried to keep his promise to his daughter." Tai sighed.

"I'd rather he came back safe and sound." A-Blake said sadly.

"Yeah. Knowing he died as he tried to get a rose for me would only make me feel guilty." W-Blake nodded. Ghira looked sadly at his daughter(s).

Ghira is seen terrified as the dark shape leaps down from the colonnade. He drops the rose, stumbling and falling as a dark shadow is cast over him.

Everyone jumped a bit when they saw that. They knew Ghira was in real danger now. Kali and the Blake's were the most concerned for him.

Philippe breaks his harness, whinnies in terror and flees, charging through the castle grounds and out the ice gates.

"Guess his horse is smarter than he is." Mercury laughed. That earned a smack on the back of the head by Emerald and two slaps to the face. One from each Blake.

A first whisper of dawn as Philippe bursts out of the forest. He thunders down to the village. The sun is fresh on the horizon, and Blake is already up. A whine disturbs her focus on the garden. She looks up to find Philippe, thirsty and exhausted.

"That poor horse. He must have ran all the way home without stopping." Summer said sadly.

"It's no wonder it looks like it's going to faint." Salem sighed.

"He must have been so scared." said a concerned Ruby.

"Yeah, he looks quite horse." W-Yang punned.

"Hah! Nice." A-Yang told her double as they high fived. The room was filled with groans.

"…Philippe?" Blake asks as she strokes the horse's neck, seeing him drink deeply from the trough. "What happened? Where is Papa?!" she asks him

Adam then scoffs. "Hopefully he is dead by now." Just then, he gets hit in the head by a shoe. He glares at everyone trying to find the one that did it.

Coco and both Yang's just chuckled a bit. Both Blake's and Sienna have a smile on their faces.

She goes still as she notices Philippe's torn straps and tattered reins. In dread, her gaze darts to the woods.

"Take me to him!" She commands

"What?! No! Blake if you get on that horse, you are grounded!" Ghira told her.

"Fine. If it means saving you." A-Blake told him.

Sunlight barely seeps through the thick branches lighting Blake's way as Philippe gallops past the fallen cane tree. She races through the enchanted woods, coming upon her father's tipped over wagon. She sees the broken chest and scattered music boxes.

Kali and the Blake's were so worried for Ghira on screen. They hoped he was okay, and Kali hoped her daughter wouldn't get hurt trying to rescue him.

With a mix of apprehension and determination, Blake sets her jaw, and continues the gallop until the path brings her to The Castle. She dismounts Philippe, Finds a thick branch, and wields it like a club. She then bravely crosses to the castle and enters.

"You can do it Blakey!" A-Yang cheered her partner on.

"Yeah, you got this." W-Ruby cheared.

Both Blake's smiled at their teammates.

Club held high, ready to defend herself, Blake cautiously eased the door open and peeks inside. The atmosphere of the castle presses in on her. Creepy dragon statues on the staircase seem like they're watching. Eerie shadows stretch down impossibly long hallways.

"Look, Peter. A beautiful girl." Oobleck whispers to Port

"I can see it's a girl. I lost my hands, not my eyes." Port replies sarcastically

"Ugh. Do those two ever stop?" Qrow groaned.

"No, they do not." Glynda told him with a sigh. She couldn't even begin to tell him of all the annoying antics those two got into.

"But what if she is the one? The one who will break the spell?" Oobleck asks only to stiffen up as Blake reacts to the noise.

That had everyone remember the beginning. For the spell to be broken, the prince turned beast must love someone, and have them love him in return.

"Yeah… I think attacking her father is a bad way of starting a relationship with a girl." Coco cringed.

"Well… he did kinda break into his home without permission… and eat what was probably his dinner…" Ruby said, trying to think of some way to defend the beast's actions.

"Well… She isn't wrong. My counterpart wasn't very tactful about that." Ghira sighed.

"Still doesn't make it right." A-Weiss spat.

She quickly moves towards the voices. "Who said that? Who's there?"

She reaches the spot where she heard the voices only to find no one there. Only a clock and candelabra are in the area. Suddenly, a cough echoes through the castle. Blake grabs the candelabra and climbs a long staircase. The clock shudders with dread.

"Subtle there Peter." Tai sighs out.

"He's not very good at hiding is he?" Roman asked.

"Well what do you expect from a man as fat as him?" Cindy asked with a raised eyebrow.

"He's not that fat." Cici defended.

"Yes, he is." Cindy spat. Cici pouted a bit.

Blake begins to follow the sound of coughing up a labyrinth of stairs until she reaches the dark prison tower and a grated iron door.

"Papa!? Is that you?" Blake asks until she sees Ghira through a grate in the door. He looks terribly pale and sick, coughing.

"Wow, how did he end up like that? It couldn't have been that long could it?" asked Neo.

"Oh Ghira." Kali said sadly as she held her husband. She held him tightly and refused to let go. She couldn't stand seeing him like that.

"He looks like he has been through hell." Roman said.

"Blake? How did you find me!?" He asked worried

Blake puts the motionless Oobleck down and clutches his hands. "Oh, your hands are ice…we need to get you home."

"Blake, you must leave here at once. This castle is alive!" He warns her "Now go, before he finds you!"

Not knowing what he was talking about asks "Who?!"

The beast roars. Blake spins quickly, swinging her club to strike, but the figure jumps onto another staircase. She begins to search the shadows as the voice circles her.

Everyone felt a chill run up their spines at the roar. That really freaked them all out.

"Who's there? Who are you?" She asks

"Who are you?" The Beast asks

They felt like that voice was slightly familiar. It was really bothering them.

"I've come for my father." Blake says

"Your father is a thief!" the Beast says angry

"Liar!" Blake shouts defending her father

"He isn't a thief!" W-Blake shouted angrily.

"You're forgetting the part where he broke into the castle and ate his food without permission. That's kinda stealing. I should know." Roman told her.

"I'm… inclined to agree with him." Ghira sighed.

"But you were cold and starving." Kali argued.

"Be that as it may, it doesn't change what's right and wrong."

"HE STOLE A ROSE." The Beast states as fact

In Blake's wide eyes realizing why her father is in here, we see her guilt.

The Blake's were surprised by that. They felt just as guilty as their counterpart.

"That's why?! That's the worst reason to punish someone." A-Weiss shouts.

"Remember, a rose is why he is like this, so he probably holds some feelings toward it and got angry when Blake's dad took it." Velvet pointed out. Both Weiss' crossed their arms and huffed a bit.

"…I asked for the rose. Punish me, not him!" Blake says offering herself to be punished

"No, he means forever. Apparently, that's what happens around here when you pick a flower." Ghira says sarcastically

Everyone was surprised by that.

"…A life sentence for a rose?" Blake asked indignant

"I received eternal damnation for one." the Beast says with pain and anger "I'm merely locking him away." His shadow gestured to Ghira.

"Well… when you put it like that, I guess he got off easy in comparison." Roman said shocked.

"Still doesn't make it right." Pyrrha told him.

"Now... do you still wish to take your father's place?" the Beast asks Blake still in the shadows

"Don't do it." Ghira pleaded.

"But… if it's to save you-" A-Blake couldn't finish that because Ghira interrupted.

"I've lived a long life Blake. You're still young, you shouldn't throw your life away for me." both Blake's looked down sadly at that.

"…Come into the light." Blake says wanting to see this person's face

Everyone was actually curious about what he actually looked like.

"Now that I think about it, we never got to actually see him." Coco mentions.

"Yes. It is something I'm quite curious about." nodded Penny.

Fearing what her reaction might be, the Beast remains still. Grabbing hold of Oobleck, she thrusts the candle forward, illuminating a hideous horned face.

Blake's eyes go wide as she clearly sees the Beast's for the first time.

Everyone goes wide eyed at what they see. He looked like the combination of a human and a manticore. He had the aspects of a lion and a goat, a truly terrifying looking creature.

The only part of him that seems human are his eyes. BLUE, DEEP, SOULFUL, and flicked with pain when he sees Blake's revulsion.

Salem, the Ruby's, Summer, Kali and Velvet felt sad when they saw the hurt in his eyes.

But then both Ruby's realized something when they looked into his eyes. "Wait… that… that's Jaune." W-Ruby says.

"S-shes right." A-Ruby agrees.

"What? You have to be wrong sis. The way that guy acted at the start was nothing like our white knight." A-Yang told the reapers.

"No, she's right." Saphron spoke. She recognized her brother in those eyes.

"Unca Jauney?""Dada?" asked Adrian and Juliet who recognized him.

"But why was he such a jerk at the start?" W-Yang asked.

"Not all Jaune's will be the same. Some will be completely different from the one you know. But there's more to this Jaune than you think." Wolf told them. They were all confused by that but kept watching.

"…Choose." Jaune tells Blake

"...Okay, I don't care how or why he's like this, but this version of Jaune is kind of being a dick right now." W-Yang says.

"Yeah, what the hell could have made him like this?" Coco asked.

"That's what I'd love to know." Juniper nodded.

"Blake, I won't let you do this. I lost your mother. I won't lose you too. Now go!" Ghira says as he falls into a terrible coughing fit.

Kali then sadly grabbed her husband's hand. She squeezed it tightly.

Ghira looked at her with an equally sad expression.

"…Alright, Papa. I'll go." She says to Ghira. Turning to Jaune, she says "I need a minute alone with him."

Ghira then had a bad feeling in his gut. "Blake, if you do what I think you will, you're grounded when we get home!" Ghira told her.

"What? But that's not fair." W-Blake told him. A-Blake was now relieved that this wasn't her dad.

"I don't care." Ghira responded with an angry tone.

Jaune doesn't respond.

"Are you so cold-hearted that you won't allow a daughter to kiss her father goodbye? Forever can spare a minute!" Blake says

"Meany!" said Adrian, Juliet and Chance. A few people nodded with the children.

Intrigued by her defiance, Jaune moves toward her, reaching out with his massive paw. Blake closes her eyes, bracing herself for his retaliation.

Ghira with a growl got out of his seat. "I swear if he hurts my little girl…"

Instead, she hears a clang.

Many were left confused at that.

"Uh… What?" asked W-Yang.

Blake opens her eyes to find herself eye to eye with the beast's chest. He has reached high above her head to pull down an iron lever, unlocking the door.

"Oh… I was kinda worried." Velvet said as she sighed in relief.

"Same here Bunbun." Coco nodded. As did many others.

Ghira sat back down as he let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding.

"…When this door closes, it will not open again." Jaune says with finality, turning around to give them their moment

"He does have a heart. Sure it's a bit hard as ice, but it's still there." Cici said happily.

"Yeah well, I guess that's something…" A-Yang sighed.

"Definitely reminds me of how ice queen used to be then." W-Yang chuckled, earning a hey from both Weiss'.

Blake rushes in and embraces her father. "I should have been with you." She says with tears in her eyes

"Blake, listen to me. It's all right. Live your life. Forget me." Ghira says looking into Blake's eyes

"ARE YOU INSANE?!" shouted both Blake's.

"How could you ever think we'd forget about you?!" "W-Blake asked.

"We couldn't forget about you. We love you, you big idiot!" A-Blake continued. They both then gave Ghira a smack on the head.

Ghira then saw Kali giggling. "You kinda asked for that honey." Ghira just sighed.

"Forget you? Everything I am is because of you."

"I love you, Blake. Don't be afraid." Ghira says

"I love you too, Papa..." She says as she pulls him close into a hug. "I'm not afraid. (whispers) And I will escape, I promise."

"You're also an idiot if you think we'd just leave you to rot in that place." A-Blake added. Both Blake's had a smug look on their faces.

"What?!" Ghira says shocked at what he heard

With that, she pivots and swings her father through the door just as Jaune turns back around due to the commotion. Ghira trips and falls to the ground, giving Blake a second to close the iron doors, locking her in there. Jaune, confused and shocked for a moment, looks to Ghira and then at Blake until they lock eyes.

Ghira then gives an exhausted sigh. He then turns to his wife. "She gets this from you, you know."

"Yep." Kali giggled with no shred of denial. This caused Ghira to sigh again.

"…You took his place." Jaune says confused

"He is my father." Blake says

"...He's a fool... And so are you." Jaune says as he turns and drags Ghira away.

"They are not fools." A-Ruby stated.

"Yeah, what she did was sweet." W-Ruby agreed with her double.

"Don't hurt him!" Blake calls out as she watches Jaune drag him away. Through the latticework, she sees them disappear down the corridor. She rushes to the window and watches Jaune carry her father down the spiral staircase of the prison tower.

"Blake! I'll come back! I promise!" Ghira shouts out in desperation

"I would. And I would bring an army with me if it meant protecting you." Ghira told his daughter(s).

Both Blake's smiled at him and gave him a hug.

Once she is alone, Blake cannot help herself. She slumps to the floor and the tears come.

"You don't know how lucky you are to love each other as much as you do." Salem said to Ghira and the Blake's. She wished her father had loved her the way Ghira loves his daughter, instead of the bastard being the man he was and locking her in a tower.

Ozpin looked to Salem and had a sad look on his face. He knew full well how Salem felt about her father.

Hours pass by as we see Blake huddled in the corner when all of a sudden, the cell door swings open.

"Forgive my intrusion, mademoiselle, but I have been sent to escort you to your room." Oobleck says outside of Blake's vision

A-Blake then spoke up. "Wait, room? But I thought…"

"Yeah, what the heck?" Coco asked.

Blake wipes her tears and stands. Seeing a Shadow of a tall man, she grabs a small stool, ready to strike down whoever is there.

"My room? But I thought…" she asks confused

"What? That once this door closes it will not open again, RARRR? I know, he gets so dramatic." Oobleck says, making jokes about Jaunes attitude

"Not a very funny joke if you ask me." W-Yang spoke.

"Seems a little immature if you ask me." Jacqueline spoke up.

"Yeah, a little too far for my taste." Roman nodded with a smirk. Jackie blushed when Roman smirked at her.

Blake bounds out of the cell, raising the stool to hit a grown man. Instead, she sees a candelabra waving at her from the iron handle

"`Allo." Oobleck greets

"AHHH!" Like seeing a mouse, Blake bashes the candelabra with the stool.

Everyone flinched at that. Though the kids were giggling and a few of the adults just laughed.

"Well… can't say I didn't expect something like that…" Tai sighed.

"You got that right Tai." Qrow chuckled.

"Probably be how I'd react to a talking candle." A-Yang admitted.

"Candelabra." Winter and both Weiss' corrected.

"Yeah yeah." A-Yang sighed.

"Not everyone cares, Ice-queens." W-Yang told them. The three Schnee's glared at the blondes.

It grunts as it clatters on the stone floor, the candles extinguished.

WHOOSH - the first candle relights. WHOOSH - the second. Illuminated by the two arm candles, Blake makes out eyes and a rudimentary "FACE" in the design.

"Okay… seeing his face now is… kinda creepy." Velvet said, a little disturbed.

"And I thought my smile was unsettling." Neo agreed.

"Oh, you are very strong. That's a great quality!" Oobleck says as he recovers from the sudden attack

"What are you?" Blake asks, scared and confused

The arms light the main candle to reveal a rakish smile. "I am Oobleck"

"…And you can talk." Blake states, still trying to wrap her mind at what she is seeing

"Honestly, young miss Belladonna is being quite rational all things considered." Ozpin said as he sipped from his mug.

"Yes… I would have acted a bit… differently." Glynda admitted.

Peter appears out of breath as he had to climb so many stairs in such a bulky body

"Of course, he can talk, it's all he ever does!" He says taking a few breaths. "Now Oobleck, as head of the household, I demand that you put her back in the cell at once!"

"Hah! He's got some guts if he's saying someone else can't stop talking. At least more than what we can see." Coco chuckled.

"Miss Adel!" scolded Glynda.

"She isn't wrong though. Bart never seems to stop talking about himself." Qrow told her.

"Well it doesn't make it right to speak that way of a teacher."

"He seems a bit upset at letting her out." Salem pointed out.

"Do you think Jaune doesn't actually know Oobleck is letting her out?" Pyrrha asked, concerned.

"It is a possibility." Ren said.

Officially freaked out now, Blake retreats to her cell, in search of a better weapon.

"What do you want to be for the rest of your life, Peter? A man or a mantle clock?" He asks Peter. They turn back to Blake, re-emerging from the cell. "Ready, miss? (to Peter) Trust me." Oobleck says as he turns around heading down the stairs.

Holding Oobleck after a while of walking, Blake follows Port across a stone walkway high above the grounds. Her eyes dart around, looking for an escape route. Instead, she sees how vast the castle and woods are.

"Damn, that's a big castle." Raven said in awe.

"It almost rivals beacon." Ozpin added.

"You must forgive first impressions. I hope you are not too startled." Oobleck says to Blake to helpfully ease her into talking

"…Why would I be startled? I'm talking to a candle." Blake says thinking if she's gone mad

"But that seems like a perfect reason to be startled." Penny said, confused.

"She was being sarcastic Penny." Winter told her.

"Oh yes, of coarse." Penny giggled with a blush of embarrassment.

"Candelabra, please. Enormous difference." Oobleck corrects Blake

Both Weiss' looked at the Yang's with a smug look. The two blondes rolled their eyes.

"But consider me at your service. The castle is your home now, so feel free to go anywhere you like." Oobleck says gesturing around at the many towers and wide grounds

"Except the west wing!" Peter automatically says. Oobleck throws him a 'would-you-please-shut-up' look. "…Which we do not have." Port finishes

"Totally not suspicious, at all." Mercury chuckled.

"Yeah, what's in this west wing that's so secretive?" Neo asked.

"Castle treasury?" suggested Roman.

"What the hell would they even do with treasure with the state they are in?" Nicholas asked.

"Ooh ooh, maybe its the secret pancake vault!" giggled Nora.

"I doubt a castle would have such a vault." A-Weiss sighed.

"If I had a castle it would." Nora pouted and huffed. Ren patted her on the back and summoned pancakes for her. Her mood improved and she ate it all in the blink of an eye.

"…Why, what's in the west wing?" Blake asks curious

"Uh... nothing. Storage space. That's it." Oobleck says quickly trying to change the subject. Blake looks back at the spooky tower of the west wing.

"Now I'm really curious." Emerald said.

"Yeah, I feel like something there that they really want to keep from her." Velvet nodded.

"This way, please! To the east wing." Port says

"Or as I like to call it, the only wing! Watch your step s'il vous plait." Oobleck says and wars Blake as she continues on

"They suck at hiding stuff." Coco pointed out.

Ozpin took a sip of his coffee. "Why do you think I never told them about Amber or anything else? Though they are very reliable, Peter can never keep his mouth closed, and I feel like half the time, Bart's brain doesn't keep up with his mouth." the headmaster sighed.

"Huh… that makes sense actually." Pyrrha admitted. Though she never liked secrets. Mostly because she was bad at keeping them.

We now see Blake standing outside the bedroom door, anticipating worse squalor...

"Welcome to your new home. It's modest, but comfortable..." Oobleck announces as he opens the door and walks in

Instead, the door opens to the most beautiful, magical room she's ever seen. The entire ceiling is a painting of white clouds in a blue sky. Golden branches reaching out from the sealing to the walls. Within the room, there is a large dresser and a comfortable bed. Opulence.

"Wow…" was Pyrrha's intelligent response.

"It kinda reminds me of my room back home." W-Weiss said.

"You mean if it had more color?" A-Weiss asked. Her counterpart nodded.

Then all the Schnee's sighed. They wished their home had a bit more color to it and wasn't so depressingly bland.

"Well I think that room is beautiful." Velvet said in awe.

"Yeah, I'd love to have a room like that." Coco nodded.

"It's... beautiful." Blake says looking around the room in awe

"Of course. Master wanted you to have the finest room in the castle." Oobleck says as he leaps onto the bed and (POOF) dust fills the air.

"(cough) Oh dear! We were not expecting guests." Oobleck says jokingly

"Not surprising. I'm sure Miss Belladonna is the first guest they have had since the curse was placed on them." Glynda said aloud.

"That would seem like the case." Ozpin nodded.

Peach, a feather duster, swoops into the room, giving the surfaces a quick dusting. "Enchanté, Mademoiselle! Don't worry, I'll have this room spotless in no time!"

"Thumbelina too?" asked Glynda.

"My, other than you it seems the entirety of the teachers at Beacon worked as the staff of the castle in this universe." Ozpin said.

"Well then if that's the theme, i'm expecting to see you as something Oz." Qrow chuckled.

"Ten bucks say he's a coffee mug." Raven smirked.

"I can actually see that." Tai laughed.

She lands in the arms of Oobleck, whose candles burn a little hotter once she speaks in her sexy French accent.

"This plan of yours… it is dangerous." Peach whispers

"I would risk anything to kiss you again, Peach."

"So… they are together in this universe?" asked Pyrrha.

"Well that's very different from ours. Our Peach gets annoyed with Oobleck because of how he talks." Coco spoke.

"Yeah, I remember that one time our Peach was trying to kill Oobleck by throwing her dust infused needles at him for annoying her." W-Yang laughed at the memory.

"She does that with Port too. She can't stand either of them very much. Especially when the two of them flirt with her." Velvet sighed.

"She even called Port out, saying his ego is fatter than him." W-Yang laughed.

"Does she still try to castrate them?" Tai asked.

"It would be faster to answer when doesn't she." Glynda told him.

"Glynda has money on when she finally succeeds." Ozpin chuckled. Glynda had a huge blush.

He moves to embrace her, but she stops him. "No, my love. I've been burned by you before. We must be strong." Peach says wanting to kiss him so much but knowing she cant

"How can I be strong when you make me so weak?" Oobleck asks, trying to at least convince her to let him kiss her once.

A few people blanched at that while others found it sweet.

"Gods, that's gross." said Merc. He got another slap.

"Shut up! I think it's sweet to see this." Emerald told him.

"I agree with Emmy. It's cute." Cici nodded.

Port clears his throat, breaking the moment. Blake backs away from the strange creatures.

"…Is everything here alive? (picks up a HAIR BRUSH) Hello, what's your name?" Blake asks it waiting for a response

Oobleck face palms and Peach starts to giggle as Peter looks up at her, puzzled. "Um... that's a hair brush."

Everyone chuckled at that. This caused both Blake's to have huge blushes of embarrassment.

"Well in her defence, i'm sure anyone would make that mistake in that situation." said Tai.

"Doesn't change the fact it's hilarious." Maria cackled.

Blake hears a loud snore behind her, and turns to see the dresser bursting open with an operatic

"laaaaaa!" Blake shrieks and steps back.

The three babies giggled a bit at what they saw.

"Taking all bets on who it could be!" W-Yang said as she stood up. "Who do you think it is?"

"I bet itI's Granny." Cici spoke up. Salem smiled at Cici.

"Well I think it's Weiss' mom." A-Ruby spoke.

"Me too." W-Ruby added.

"Yeah, it's got to be ice queens mom." A-Yang agreed.

W-Yang nodded too. "Yeah, ice queens a singer, so the singer has to be her mom."

"Ditto." nodded Neo. Both Weiss' and Winter nodded in agreement. Willow smiled a bit.

Then Nora… was cuddling Ren.

"So we got one vote Salem, and eight votes Willow." W-Yang chuckled.

"Do not be alarmed, mademoiselle. This is just your wardrobe. Meet Madame De Salem. A great singer." Oobleck introduces

Salem went wide eyed. She didn't actually think it was her.

Ozpin then spoke. "That's where I recognized the singing from. Salem used to sing all the time When we were together."

"She still does sometimes. It's very beautiful." Cici spoke. "Also, I win."

The room filled with groans as those that voted for Willow gave Cici some lien. She giggled as they did.

"When she can stay awake." Peter says

"Peter! A diva needs her beauty rrr…" Madame De Salem yawns loudly.

"I'm going to kick that bastards fat ass so hard his mustache will spin." Salem said through her teeth. She had a deadly glare sent the clock's way.

"Ah, stay with us, Madame! We have someone for you to dress!" Oobleck says gesturing to Blake

Coco had a smirk. "And now you've peaked my interest." Velvet just sighed at that. She had a feeling this would happen given the talking wardrobe.

"Finally. A woman." Salem announces as her gilded arms stroke Blake's shoulder and face. "Pretty eyes. Proud face. Perfect canvas. Yes! I will find you something worthy of a princess."

"Pwincess, Pwincess, Aunty Blake Pwincess Mama." Juliet giggled.

"Hehe, yes she is." Ilia nodded with a chuckle.

"My kitten would be a beautiful princess." Kali giggled. Both Blake's had a huge blush.

"…But I'm not a princess." Blake states

"Nonsense! Now, let's see what I've got in my drawers." Salem says as her doors open and a few moths fly out. "Oh, how embarrassing."

Coco then just laughed a bit. Salem did as well, but more of in an embarrassed maner. A blush was noticeable on her pale complexion.

Salem places a large hoop over Blake's head, and proceeds to create an outfit using fabric and her pinking-shear hands.

"Come here, Zwei. Come help mama!" Salem calls out

"Oh Zwei would be a great help. He's really smart." A-Ruby said.

"I wish I had a dog that was that smart and loyal." Salem sighed.

"I don't." W-Blake grumbled.

"Tell me about it." A-Blake nodded.

Zwei, a piano stool, runs in, barking like a dog.

Then both Ruby's were laughing, as well as the babies and a few others.

"He looks so silly! Hahahaha!" laughed W-Ruby.

"Yet really cute!" giggled A-Ruby.

As the dress is being made, Zwei begins to tug at the fabric, helping Salem complete the outfit - which is garish and too much, all wrong for Blake.

And now it was Coco who was laughing. She fell out of her seat from how much she was laughing. "W-what is that?!" Coco laughed. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was an abomination. And it made her laugh.

"Perfecto!" Salem says

Oobleck and Peter put on a game smile.

"Mm. Subtle. Understated. I love it!" Oobleck says with a deep bow and a whistle for Zwei. He then drags Peter out as Peach and Zwei follow. Salem calls out after her beloved dog. "Oh Zwei, send my love to the maestro!"

Salem was curious about that. "Who is the maestro to my counterpart?" Salem asked.

"In this world, he's your husband." Wolf told her. Both Salem and Ozpin were surprised by that. Ozpin felt a bit of sadness.

The door closes. Blake is alone as Salem instantly falls asleep with a big SNORE.

"Granny Salem doesn't snore like that!" shouted Cici.

Salem then blushed. "W-what are you talking about?"

"Sure you snore, but it's very soft and cute."

"I can confirm that." Ozpin smirked. Salem sent him a glare while blushing. Everyone else just chuckled.

Blake has one beat of... 'where the hell am I?'

She ducks down, then crawls out from underneath the enormous dress, which remains standing.

Coco laughs some more. "It's more like a tent then a dress!"

"Coco, please stop." groaned Velvet.

"I-i can't! I can't stop laughing!"

Blake looks around the room with one thing in mind: escape. She quickly moves to the window, Opens it, and looks down at the 100 foot drop leading to the ground.

"Wow… that's a tall tower…" Tai gulped.

"Yes… reminds me of my old one." Salem sighed.

Blake turns back to the room, and gazes at the dress. An idea taking shape.

"Ooh, and what plan is that?" Nora asked.

"I'm sure we're about to find out." Ren told her.

A lamplighter is hard at work outside as we hear fiddle music coming from an inn.

"Or… not…" the ninja said with his eyes widened a bit.

"Gah! Tease, TEASE!" shouted W-Yang.

"Yeah seriously, why the hell would they cut it at that?!" asked a pissed off A-Yang.

"It's gonna get worse soon." Wolf sighed.

"Oh yes… I forgot about this part." Aida sighed.

"What do you mean?" Penny asked.

"You'll see." Wolf sighed again.

"I don't get it." Ilia spoke up.

Amidst the animal heads, antlers, and drunken villagers, there is an even sadder sight…Adam. He drowns his sorrows in ale while Ilia listens.

"Oh…" Ilia said in realization.

"Ugh… just great." Sienna spat with a growl.

"Why do we have to see him more?" A-Blake groaned.

"I could certainly do without seeing his face." W-Yang grumbled.

"Yeah. Same." Eve nodded. She didn't like her 'brother' one bit.

"Picture it, Ilia," Adam says looking off into the distance as he plays with a knife. "A rustic cabin. My latest kill roasting on the fire. Adorable children running around us while my love rubs my tired feet…but what does Blake say? "I will never marry you, Adam.""

"I'd sooner start a family with a grimm." W-Blake spat out.

"The most hideous and disgusting grimm there is." A-Blake finished.

Adam then glared at her with rage in his eyes.

"You know, there are other girls." Ilia says

"A great hunter doesn't waste his time on rabbits." Adam says

"Girls are not some prey to hunt you bastard!" shouted Coco.

"Yeah!" agreed Velvet. She was also none too happy about that rabbit crack.

"Any bastard who thinks I'm some prize to be won should be aware I'll chop off their manhood." Raven said with a piercing glare.

Tai chuckled a bit. "God it's cute when you act tough."

"What was that?!" Raven asked as she turned to her husband.

"Well you act tough, but when ever we were alone, you were always cute and timid. Especially in the bedroom. You were always shy and submissive." Tai smirked.

Raven had a huge blush on her face when he said that. Now everyone knew her secret about being the bottom and submissive in the relationship.

The Yangs were also surprised. A-Yang was wondering just how much was the same for her Raven.

Ilia decides it's time to cheer up her best friend/boss. Thus, begins singing

"Oh no…" Ilia spoke. They all knew where this was going.

"Gosh it disturbs me to see you Adam

looking so down in the dumps."

"Oh gods." Sienna felt physically ill already.

Adam sends his knife to strike a painting of a Deer right where the heart would be.

"Every guy here'd love to be you Adam

Even when taking your lumps."

"Please make it stop!" begged A-Blake.

"Is this some kind of new form of torture?!" W-Blake shouted.

Ilia seeing his stress, gets up and begins to rub his shoulders

"I would NEVER rub a man's shoulders!" shouted Ilia as she stood up. "Especially his!"

"What about Jaune's?" Aida asks, causing Ilia to blush and make confused lizard noises.

"There's no man in town as admired as you

You're everyone's fa-vor-ite guy."

"Probably because he provides the beers." A-Yang spat.

"Yeah, the only reason anyone could love him is that he gets them drunk." Coco chuckled.

"Then I'm sure Qrow would just adore him." Raven chuckled.

"I swear to whatever gods are listening…" growled Qrow.

"Hey! Leave us out of this!" shouted Wolf. Es nodded.

Ilia replaces herself with a drunken man to go to the band. Adam feeling his ears being played with, looks back and slaps the hands away

"I'm surprised he noticed." Ilia remarked.

"Yeah, he is so oblivious that he makes Jaune look like he is the least dense person alive." W-Yang said.

"Everyone's awed and inspired by you

And it's not very hard to see why."

Both Yang's, and many others, were holding back their laughter and from making any comments.

Ilia gives a large tip to the fiddle player in the corner, who nods back, and begins to play…

"Wow Adam, Ilia has to bribe people to help cheer you up." W-Blake smirked at the bullhead.

"How sad." A-Blake spoke sarcastically. Adam glared at the two of them.

He swore that when he gets out, he would make them watch what he does to their friends and make the both of them his. He was determined to have his Blake, but to have two? That was much sweeter to him.

"No- one's- slick as Adam

No one's quick as Adam

Ilia gets onto a table and grabs a man's head

No one's neck's as incredibly thick as Adams"

Sienna then wondered. "Exactly how thick is it? It could determine how difficult it could be to snap it."

"Doubt it's as thick as his head." Velvet grumbled. She didn't like Adam one bit, he gave faunus like her a bad name, and only set them up to be bullied.

"Good point." Sienna nodded.

She then turns the head, cracking it in the process, and leaves the man to feel that his crick was gone.

"For there's no man in town half as manly

She sings in a suggestive pose. The Girls behind her stand up and sing

"Perfect, a pure paragon!"

Eve then gagged. "Oh please. The only thing about my 'brother' that's manly, is his B.O."

"I'm sure that brute doesn't even know what hygiene even is." Jackie nodded.

"Yeah. If there is any faunus that deserves to be called an animal, it's him." Roman agreed.

"For once, I agree." Sienna sighed.

Ilia then gets up and points to each of the guys she mentions

"You can ask any Tom, Dick or Stanley

And they'll tell you whose team they prefer to be on!"

Roman, Qrow and Ren all looked between each other. They then all nodded.

"We'd sooner follow an Arc to hell and back if asked." Qrow spoke.

"Yeah, I want nothing to do with horn head. Or should i say stubs." Roman chuckled. Adam gave a very heated glare for being reminded about his horns.

"Indeed. Jaune is a far better leader." Ran nodded.

She hops onto the bar, squeezing herself between TOM, DICK, and STANLEY, gesturing to sing along


"Who plays darts like Adam?

Who breaks hearts like Adam?"

"The breaking hearts part is true, since he is an unfaithful bastard, toying with those poor girls and leaving them. He doesn't deserve my kittens." Kali spat.


Who's much more than the sum of his

parts like Adam?"


"(confidence growing)

As a specimen, yes, I'm intimidating"

"Hah! Uncle Ghira is far more intimidating." Eve laughed.

Kali nodded. "That's right. And my Ghira is incredibly gentle." Ghira smiled at his wife.

Ilia hails a barmaid and buys everyone a round of drinks. The villagers raise their mugs and cheer.

"And yet again, I need to bribe everyone to cheer you up." Ilia spoke.

"How easy it is to make them want to support someone when you give them something for it." Salem shook her head.


My what a guy, that Adam!

Adam stands, and clasps Ilia in gratitude...
"I needed encouragement; thank you, Ilia"

Ilia shuddered a bit. Everyone noticed and some chuckled a bit.

"What's wrong Ilia?" asked Cici.

"I feel very unclean right now." she answered.

Ilia then performs their handshake turning it to where Adam is embracing her

A-Weiss noticed Ilia didn't react well to that. "Can Ilia have a shower after this scene? She doesn't seem comfortable."

"Sure. I'm sure I would need the same if I were her." Wolf nodded.

"Well, there's no one as easy to bolster as you!"

That caused everyone, even Cici, to laugh.

... only to find herself in an uncomfortably tight hug.

Juliet saw an uncomfortable look on her mother's face. She turned to Juniper. "Gama, want down."

"Sure sweetie." she told her. She smiled at being called a grandma.

Juliet then crawled to Ilia and patted her leg. "Mama ok?"

"I'm fine sweetie." Ilia said through her teeth with a forced smile.

"…Too much?" Ilia asks

"Yep." Adam says

"No one fights like Adam"

Adam punches someone in the gut

"It seems he fights dirty." Ghira said with a sigh.

"Probably the only way he can win." Qrow spoke.

"I don't doubt it." Roman chuckled.

"Douses lights like Adam!"

Licks both hands and puts out candles

"Thats a stupid way to put out a candle." W-Ruby spoke.

"Yeah, he could burn his hand." her counterpart nodded.

"Well a lot of people do it to show off." Qrow sighed. He met a lot of idiots who burned their hands doing that.

"In a wrestling match nobody bites like Adam!"

Ilia moves her shirt up to show an old wrestling wound - a nice teeth impression courtesy of Adam on her stomach. The villagers gasp.

Willow, Kali, Salem and Juniper gasp as well.

"Forget cheating, that's just cruel!" shouted Juniper.

"That brutish idiot is nothing but a savage." Willow spat.

"When I hunt, I sneak up with my quiver

And beasts of the field say a prayer"

Adam mimes hunting Ilia who fakes her fear and runs away

"First I carefully aim for the liver

Then I shoot from behind!"

"Of course that's the only way a coward like him would hunt." Sienna growled.

Well, actually, most hunters do that to prevent the animal from running off. Especially if it's a matter of feeding their family or going without food for a week." Aida informs them

Everyone looks at him oddly for sticking up to Adam

"I'm not sticking up for Adam if that's what you're thinking." Aida says, seeing their looks "I'm just saying that when you roast him, think about what other humans or hunters would do"

They think about it for a moment and begrudgingly agree with him. Adam, hearing a human stand up for him (or at least his actions) didn't know whether to feel confused or sick at the thought.

Adam leaps onto the bar, and is handed a huge blunderbuss, with which he mimes shooting Ilia.

"Is that fair?" Ilia asks

"I don't care" Adam says

He fires the rifle into the ceiling! Plaster rains down.

"That isn't how a real man hunts." Nicholas said glaring at Adam.

"I agree. Seems very unsporting...also we should add property damage to your list of crimes in this world" Ozpin says nodding.


"No one hits like Adam

Matches wits like Adam"

"What wits?" W-Yang asked. That was the first time people had laughed at one of Yang's jokes. Both blondes smiled at that.

Grabbing a spittoon, Ilia backs up far away and waits for Adam

"In a spitting match nobody spits like Adam"


Adam spits a big gloppy mess into a spittoon: bullseye! Then, he moves around the inn, holding court.

Glynda stood up with a scowl. "That is not appropriate behavior in any setting!" she shouted.

"I agree." oddly enough it was Qrow that said that. He noticed a lot of the looks he got. "What? I may drink, but I never gave the girls any of my bad habits. If anything, I tried to set a good example."

"Well… that's not untrue." W-Yang nodded.

"Ten points for Adam!" The Villagers sing


"When I was a lad, I ate four dozen eggs.

Ev'ry morning to help me get large."

"What kind of parents allow that?" Tai asked.

"Irresponsible ones." Ghira said.

"Seems about right to me fuzzball." Qrow nodded.

On one shoulder, Adam lifts a pretty village girl. On the other, he lifts Ilia.

"And now that I'm grown, I eat five dozen eggs

So, I'm roughly the size of a barge!"

"How is he not dead yet?!" shouted Tai.

"Why would anyone wish to consume that many eggs? That sounds very unhealthy and more likely to cause him to induce vomiting." Penny proclaimed.

The crowd hollers. Adam jumps on a long table. The table's height plus his massive frame make him seem 10 feet tall. He engages in a dance-break sword-fight with several village men, besting them all, until he's perfectly positioned beneath a ceiling mural, mimicking it exactly: Adam, saber raised, victorious in battle - with Ilia swooning at his feet.

"With how things are now, I think the only way you could win now is if someone was paid to lose." Ilia told Adam. She was ashamed to have ever looked up to him.









"What brains? And entertain? What, did he join a circus as a clown?" asked Eve.

"Yeah, the guy isn't the brightest bulb." Roman agreed.

"Agreed. The fool would probably hurt himself if he thought too hard." Jackie agreed with her crush.


"Who can make up these endless refrains like Adam?"

"I feel bad for that version of Ilia." A-Blake spoke.

"How do you think I feel?!" Ilia shouted.

Juliet looked at her sadly. "Mama?"

Ilia gasped and picked her up. She gave her little girl a hug. "I'm sorry sweetie. Mommy didn't mean to worry you."

He then moves and arrives at his WALL OF ANIMAL HEADS and ANTLERS.

"I use antlers in all of my decorating!"

A loud eep came from Eve as she grabbed her tiny horns. "The idea of having my horns mounted on a wall scares me." she admits when people stare at her.

W-Yang and W-Blake patted her back to comfort her. Eve had a blush having two of her three crushes so close.


Say it again - who's a man among men?

And let's say it once more

Who's that hero next door?

Who's a super success?

Don't you know? Can't you guess?

Ask his fans and his five hangers-on

There's just one guy in town

Who's got all of it down..."

The girls all laugh at that.

"Those people are all idiots." Coco commented.

"Yeah, they need a new role model." A-Ruby spoke.


"And his name's `A-D... ' Uh, I believe there's another `D'... it just occurred to me that I'm illiterate... and I've never actually had to spell it out loud before...



Both Glynda and Salem winced a bit at that.

"How bad is the education of that village if she can't even spell a four letter name?" Glynda asked shocked.

"Clearly not a good one. Then again, they did get upset about a girl reading. Still, it's horrible that they would be so uneducated." Salem said upsetfully.

The villagers cheer as Adam returns to his seat. He slaps Ilia on the shoulder, genuinely moved.

"Ah Ilia, you're the best. How is it that no guy has snatched you up yet?"

"It's because she bats for the other team. And any woman would be lucky to have her." W-Blake said as she turned to Ilia. This caused Ilia's whole body to turn reddish pink.

"I've been told I'm clingy, but I really don't get it..." Ilia says

"I'm not clingy." Ilia said upset.

"Weeeell…. You can be a little clingy." W-Blake countered. "But any girl you date would be lucky."

A-Blake then turned to Juliet. "Or guy." she said with a chuckle. This caused Ilia's full body blush to worsen.

Just then, the door flies open to reveal a wild-eyed Ghira "Help! Somebody help me! We have to go... not a minute to lose..." He says

"Oh thank goodness. I'm so glad he made it back safely." Kali said with a happy sigh. She held her husband close.

"There's no need to be worried dear. It's Blake I'm more worried about." Ghira assured.

"I'm sure I'm fine. I know he isn't very much like him, but he's still Jaune." A-Blake told them.

"Not really seeing it." W-Yang grumbled.

"Whoa. Slow down, Ghira." The Tavern owner says

"He's got Blake... locked in a dungeon!" Ghira says aloud

"They're not going to listen to him when he says who has her." A-Weiss said.

"What makes you say that?" Winter asked.

"Yeah, they would probably think it was a grimm or something." W-Yang said.

"Maybe because grimm dont bring people to a dungeon?" Velvet pointed out.

"I mean because I don't think there are any grimm in this world." A-Weiss told them.

"Wait what?!" shouted Coco.

"It's true. We had seen a few worlds where they didn't exist." A-Blake noted. A-Yang and Ruby nodded. That surprised everyone, save Wolf, AIDA and Es.

Adam hearing this, focuses in on the conversation

"Who's got her?" The Tavern owner asks

"A beast... a huge, horrible, monstrous beast!" Ghira says in fear

The patrons begin to laugh.

"Huh… guess you were right." Qrow spoke.

"Still strange to know that there are worlds where the grimm don't exist." Nicholas spoke.

"Sadly they aren't as peaceful as I'm sure you'd think they are. If a world doesn't have one problem it has another." Wolf sighed. Aida and Es nodded.

"Well that's very unfortunate." Ozpin sighed.

"My daughter's life is in danger, why do you laugh!? It's not a joke!" He shouts "…His castle is hidden in the woods. It's already winter there!" He explains

"Winter in June?" Qrow asks laughing

"Crazy old Maurice." Clothilde Says

"My husband is not a crazy old man!" Kali shouted.

"Well the way he is putting it doesn't really help." Mercury quipped. That earned him more slaps from Emerald, Kali and the Blake's.

(A.N: Looks like I ended up unintentionally making a running joke in this fic.)

"LISTEN TO ME!" Ghira shouts shocking everyone who knows Ghira at how serious he is "…The beast is real! Do you understand?! Will no one help me?!" He asks everyone

Adam, ever the opportunist, Shouts "I'll help you, Ghira!"

"You will?" Ilia asks in shock

The villagers murmur in surprise.

Adam winks at Ilia and says "Everyone! Stop making fun of this man at once!" to the people

"The bastard is up to something." growled Sienna.

"That sounds like him alright." Ilia nodded.

Ghira approaches, So grateful. "Thank you, Captain. Thank you."

"Don't thank me yet, Ghira. Lead us to the beast." Adam says

As Ghira exits, Adam follows, gesturing to Ilia to follow.

Ilia finally gets it "Ohhh."

"Oh god why do I have to be such a slow idiot in this." Ilia whined into her hands.

Juliet snuggled up to her mama to help her feel better.

"It's alright Ilia. It's not really you after all." Eve assured her.

"It's still really embarrassing." Ilia told her.

The staff is excited as they scramble to get ready for dinner. Ruby, the 8 year-old tea cup, rides her saucer around like a skateboard. She circles her teapot mother Summer, a no- nonsense yet loving governess.

"EEEEEEH! So cute!" Summer shouted again as she glompted the Ruby's into a hug.

"Mama, there's a girl in the castle!" Ruby exclaims in joy

"Yes Ruby, We know. Slow down." She tells her daughter

"Is she pretty? Is she nice? What kind of tea does she like? Herbal? Ulong? Camamiel? Im To Excited" Ruby asks like a machine gun

"That's Ruby alright." W-Weiss spoke.

"It's certainly not hard to figure out." A-Weiss nodded.

"Yep. Pipsqueek has been like that since she was little." Qrow chuckled.

"Guys!" squealed A-Ruby.

"Stop!" W-Ruby continued. They both had huge blushes.

"Calm Down, before you break your handle!" Summer says

But Ruby doesn't slow down. Before Summer can chase, CUISINIÈR, the frustrated French chef-turned-oven, pours hot water into her to prepare tea. "Heads up, Summer!"

She flushes and reacts with pleasure as if stepping into a warm bath.

"Sounds like Shortstack. She always loved a warm bubble bath." Qrow chuckled.

"Especially when you're in it~" Summer said with a smile. Qrow let out another chuckle.

"This is so weird." A-Ruby whispered to her sister.

"Tell me about it." nodded A-Yang. "A universe where we're actually cousins and not sisters?"

"Makes me wonder if it's the same for us."

"So what. You'll always be my sister." A-Yang hugged her Ruby tightly.

Jaune is seen entering the dining room and sits at one end of a long dining table. He looks at his place setting, surprised to find flatware and crystal. Confused, he looks up. His head rises to find another place setting at the other end of the long table. When he notices the romantic candles, he swats his own place setting off the table in anger.

As that happened, Adrian's costume changed into a beast costume. Cici's eyes went wide. She ran over and scooped him up at a speed that put Ruby to shame.

"Oh my god's! Your so cute!" she squealed.

"Roar." Adrian said with a giggle. That made Cici hug him more.

"Why must I be stuck like this?!" shouted Cindy.

Es went wide eyed at this. She then just giggled. Cinder was definitely her daughter alright. She also couldn't resist cute things.

"Oobleck!" Jaune's voice bellowing from the dining room causes Oobleck and Peter to turn. Peter balks with terror.

"Welp, he's dead." Coco shrugged.

"I would be lying if I said I never thought it would be his mouth that would get him killed." Glynda sighed.

"Indeed. I always felt his mouth never wait for his brain to catch up." Ozpin chuckled.

"Be calm, let me do the talking." Oobleck says as he looks to the doors

"This can't end well. Everytime Oobleck says that, it never does." Glynda sighs.

"He does have a habit of that, doesn't he?" Ozpin chuckled.

A fuming Jaune storms in, and looks down at the assembled staff. Oobleck is as good a liar as Peter is not.

"YOU'RE MAKING HER DINNER!?" Jaune yells questioningly

"Am I supposed to starve?!" A-Blake asked.

"I believe it's more that they're treating her more like a guest and not a prisoner." Ozpin explained.

"That doesn't help." W-Blake growled.

"Yeah, seriously this version of Jaune is a dick." W-Yang spoke.

"We thought you might appreciate the company." Oobleck says so sure of his answer

"Master, I can assure you that I had no part in this hopeless plan. Preparing a dinner, designing a gown for her, giving her a suite in the east wing…" Peter rambles

Ozpin then busted out laughing. "A-and that, hehe, is another fine example of why you never tell Peter a-anything!" the headmaster couldn't stop laughing. Glynda was chuckling a bit.

"YOU GAVE HER A BEDROOM!?" Yells Jaune in fury at Port in finding out like this.

Cornered by the beast, Peter has no choice but to... "No no, he gave her a bedroom." Point the finger at Oobleck

Now it was Glynda who was laughing. "T-that is nothing like our Peter!" she spoke through the laughter. "He w-wouldn't have thrown someone under the bus like that!"

"Indeed. But it is quite amusing." Ozpin chuckled.

"That is true. But if the girl is the one who can break the spell, maybe you can start by using dinner to charm her. (turns to Peter) Good thinking, Peter!"

"What?!" Peter asks in shock at how fast Oobleck was able to reflect that bact to him

Ozpin and Glynda were laughing so hard they were crying. "Well that is definitely like them!" Glynda laughed. Tears were streaming down her eyes.

"Yes, their relationship is certainly the same." Ozpin was trying to calm down.

"That's the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard! "Charm the prisoner." Jaune says, pointing in the direction of the east wing.

"I don't see that happening." W-Blake spoke.

"Yeah. He's nothing like my Jaune, and I'm sure he's nothing like yours." A-Blake nodded.

"Certainly not." W-Weiss spoke.

"But You must try, master. With every passing day, we become less human." Oobleck explains

Everyone was surprised to hear that.

"What did he mean by that?" Velvet asked, concerned.

"I think it means… once time is up, they become actual objects." Ren surmised.

"I… I think he's right." Salem agreed. That made everyone realize how serious the situation is.

"She's the daughter of a common thief. What kind of person do you think that makes her?" Jaune asks them

That brought the Blake's out of their worry and replaced it with anger. "My dad isnt a thief!" W-Blake shouted. A-Blake growled in agreement.

"Well lets see," said Roman, "he broke into the kids castle unannounced, ate his food without permission, and took a rose without asking. Nope, certainly not a thief." he chuckled.

"Sounds innocent to me." Neo giggled.

Both Blake's glared at them, but then Ghira placed his hands on their shoulders. "Although I'm sad to say it, he is right."

Both Blake's tried to come up with a response. "B-but you-"

"Whatever the reason, it doesn't change that fact." Ghira sighed when his daughter(s) looked down sadly.

"Oh, you can't judge people by who their father is, now can you?" Summer asks him

It's a loaded statement. The staff cringes, ready for his retaliation. Instead, a grunt is all he does.

Once again everyone was confused by that.

"What did she mean by that?" Pyrrha asked.

"It almost felt like it was partly directed at friend Jaune." Penny spoke.

Juniper and Nicholas looked between each other when she said that.

KNOCK. KNOCK. Jaune stands at Blake's door while his servants stand by his side to play Cyrano.

"You will join me for dinner! ...That's not a request." Jaune says demandingly

Saphron was now the one that busted out laughing. "I-I honestly can't see my baby brother acting like that!"

"Yeah. Jaune would have probably stuttered going, 'w-would you like to j-join me for dinner?' while having a huge blush." Terra chuckled.

"Or one of the bad pick up lines his father taught him." W-Weiss spoke.

"Excuse me?" A-Weiss asked confused.

"Oh yeah. Turns out all the pick up lines, false bravado, lame and excessive attempts he did was advice from his old man." W-Yang chuckled. "He wanted advice for getting a girlfriend and went to the wrong place."

A-Rwby was surprised to hear that. They then turned to Nicholas who was sweating nervously.

"And then there was the fact that when he was supposed to give our son the talk, he was just going, oh, um, uh, over and over again." Juniper said with a clearly unhappy tone.

Now A-Rwby was glaring at him. Once again Nicholas was trying to hide in his seat.

"Gently, master. The girl lost her father and her freedom in one day." Summer reminds him

"Yes. The poor thing is probably in there, scared to death." Oobleck agrees

"Exactly." Summer says

The Yang's busted out laughing while Kali giggled a bit.

"Please, she is not scared at all." W-Yang chuckled.

"Yeah, she is trying to escape." A-Yang nodded.

"That's my little girl for you. She doesn't give up." Kali smiled.

Actually, Blake has been actively planning her escape. Her makeshift rope of fabric hangs 50 feet out of the window.

Kali and the Yang's were laughing even harder. Ghira however was freaking out. "You better not even think about it or you're grounded!" he told both Blake's.

"But dad!" they both whined.



"Just a minute." Blake says as she moves the fabric out of the way

The servants react to hearing Blake's voice.

"You see, there she is. Now, master, remember. Be gentle." Oobleck says

"...kind..." Summer says

"...charming..." Peach says

"...sweet..." Peter says

The words fly as they bury Jaune with advice.

That caused everyone to laugh.

"It looks like your just confusing him!" Saphron laughed.

"Yes, friend Jaune looks like he is having trouble keeping up with their advice." giggled Penny.

"And when she opens the door, give her a dashing debonair smile. Come come - show me the smile." Oobleck says and gestures

Jaune flashes the most hideous grin anyone has ever seen. The staff GASPS in horror.

"Oh mon dieu." Oobleck says in despair

"His smile is… admittedly pretty scary. But at least he's trying." Saphron said in his defense.

"Yeah, that's something at least." A-Ruby nodded.

"Yeah, but that smile wont get him any points." W-Yang cringed.

Contorting his mouth, Jaune turns back to the door. "…Will you join me for dinner?" He asks in what he hopes to be a kind voice but looks back at them not knowing what to do.

Blake is now shown as she moves to the door. "You've taken me prisoner and now you want to have dinner with me? Are you insane?" Blake asks

"Yeah, he is." Mercury chuckled. He was then smacked by Emerald, Saphron, and surprisingly, Cici.

Everyone looked wide eyed at Cici, even Cindy. She crossed her arms and huffed. "He doesn't have to be mean about how Jaune is due to his curse."

"I agree. Give Jaune a chance." Pyrrha said.

"I can understand how you guys feel, but I'm not so sure about this Jaune." W-Weiss told them.

"Yes, it seemed he deserved his curse." agreed A-Weiss.

"So does that mean you deserved having the white fang attack your family for everything they did?" Velvet asked.

Both Weiss' tried to say something, but they couldn't think of a remark. They huffed in defeat.

Jaune's temper rises. His eyebrows twitch, his tail thrashes, recognizing the signs, Peach inches away. "He's losing it..." She whispers

Ren then gave a sigh. "This won't look pretty."

"Yeah, he looks like one of your girlfriends grenades that are about to blow." Coco agreed.

"Wait, Ren and Nora are "Together-together?!"" A-RWBY all asked at once in shock. They turn to them, only to see them blushing but holding on to each other lovingly.

"Damn, I mean it's about time, but still hard to believe." A-Yang said. Her team nodded. Made them wonder when their Ren and Nora would finally confess to one another.

"Just a heads up, you're gonna have to give them a push. The reason they finally confessed is because Amp told them to." Wolf said

Jaune beats his fist on the door - WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! "I told you to come down to dinner!" He shouts at her

Blake hits back. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! "And I told you no!"

"Still better than I thought it would go." Ren sighed again.

"Really? I don't see how." Raven spoke.

All the banging finally wakes up Madame de Goodwitch.

"WHAT!? WHAT TIME IS IT!?" She asks only to see Blake at the door

Cici then starts to giggle. "That's exactly what Granny Salem is like when she wakes up from a nap."

"Once again, I can confirm that." Ozpin chuckled.

Salem was now blushing hard.

"I'd starve before I ever ate with you!" Blake says with anger and defiance

"Well BE MY GUEST! Go ahead and STARVE!" Jaune yells in anger and frustration. As he starts to leave, he turns to everyone with him "If she doesn't eat with me, then she doesn't eat at all!" He orders them

"That is how I expected it to go." Ren told them.

"This version of the kid has a temper like you Yang." Tai chuckled.

"Dad, were not that bad." A-Yang told him.

"Yeah, give us some credit." W-Yang nodded.

"All the people you've hospitalised for taking the tiniest piece of your hair off, on accident mind you, would beg to differ." he retorted. Both Yang's began blushing while stroking their hair.

"I remember when you did that all the time Raven. It's funny how Yang got her over protectiveness of her hair from you." Summer giggled.

Like her daughter, Raven began stroking her hair. "I'm not that defensive of my hair." Summer deadpanned and threw a piece of popcorn in Raven's hair. Raven shrieked like a banshee and tried getting it out like her life depended on it.

"I rest my case." Summer giggled.

The staff hides, terrified, as Jaune thunders off.

"Idiots!" Jaune shouts as he leaves

Once the coast is clear, Peter comes out of hiding with a tiny sword and puts on a show of bravery. "You can't talk to us like that! I forbid it! I... I... (to Oobleck) Am I too late? Shame. I was really going to tell him off this time." Port says with false bravado

Glynda begins busting out laughing again. "Once again, that's nothing like our Peter!"

Oobleck, knowing of his fake bravery, pretends that Jaune returned. "(looks past Peter) "Oh master, you've returned!"

Peter shrieks and spins, letting loose gears and such only to realize he's been duped.

"Oh, very funny." Peter says

"Eh, I got you there!" Oobleck says laughing

Glynda and Ozpin were laughing hard. "That is just like them." Ozpin spoke with a chuckle.

"Especially when they are both trying to ask poor Thumbalina out, only for her to try and disembowel them." Glynda snickered.

Fuming, Jaune returns to his lair. A chamber of shredded furniture and walls ruined in rage. He paces, muttering.

Gasps filled the room seeing how destroyed that room was.

"Did he do all that?" Velvet asked.

"I can't think of anyone else who could have." Emerald told her.

"That place is trashed." A-Yang spoke in disbelief.

He grabs a decaying hand mirror and commands "Show me the girl."

Salem's eyes went wide. "I've heard of mirrors that can show people what they want, but I've never seen them before. They were incredibly rare, even when magic was commonplace."

"It reminds me of that song of yours Weiss." Winter chuckled. Both Weiss's gave it some thought and felt that it did indeed remind them of their song, mirror mirror.

The mirror lights up and gives him a view of Blake at the bedroom door. She turns, sliding down the wall, and curls her knees up to her. A look of dread on her face.

Her look of fear and dread crushes Jaune.

Saphron then grew a small smile. "He still has his sweet and kind heart if he feels that way when seeing her like that."

"It really is my baby boy then." Juniper said with a smile.

The mirror magic fades, and he is left with his own reflection and self-loathing. He lowers the mirror to reveal the glass jar by the open window.

In the jar, the enchanted rose hangs in mid-air. The rose is wilting, with most of its petals fallen off.

"What does the petal falling mean?" W-Ruby asked.

"Just wait." Wolf told her.

"You'll see soon enough." Aida continued.

Rage evaporating, replaced by shame, he lowers his head... as ONE MORE PETAL DROPS. The image moves to inside of the jar. We see Jaune through the glass as he leans down, peering in at the petal as it reaches the bottom and shrivels. As it does, we hear a far-off rumble, as if the foundation of the castle is trembling.

From a distance, we see stone statuary crack and tumble down from the castle walls…

Everyone's eyes went wide seeing this.

"So the curse does affect the castle." Ozpin spoke.

"Makes sense how the castle looks different now." Nicholas sighed.

The staff is gathered; the beginning of their evening. Oobleck lights the fireplace. He hears the crash of falling debris.

"Another petal fell..." Oobleck states

"I guess that's normal for when a petal falls then?" Kali asked.

"Looks that way." Willow replied.

"Oobleck, I grew three more feathers! And I just plucked yesterday." Peach says as she lays down

He moves to help, but his legs stiffen. He holds his flame to his knee like a heating pad. "I know, darling - Ow! I'm getting more metallic every day."

Everyone grew worried hearing that.

"It seems I was right." Ren sighed sadly. He wished he wasn't. Nora held him closer. She had a sad expression.

"So when times up they…." Summer didn't know if she wanted to finish.

"Looks like it." Maria sighed.

Suddenly, Peter begins making clock sounds. "Oh, no! It's – (tick tock!) - happening again – (cuckoo!) Pardon me."

That had then ruined the mood as Everyone started laughing. The baby's all giggled at the silly clock man.

"And that moments ruined." A-Yang chuckled.

"Everyone, calm yourselves. We still have time." Summer says trying to lift their spirits

"Mama, am I ever going to be a girl again?" Ruby asks

"Yes, Ruby. You'll have your days in the sun again. You just leave it to me." Summer says

Summer then looks sad as she holds her daughter(s).

The two Ruby's hugged Summer right back. They both really missed this.

Blake throws her makeshift rope out the bedroom window. She looks down the rope to see that it's about 20 feet off the ground. Almost there. A KNOCK on the door.

Ghira was having a mini heart attack seeing this.

"Ghira, calm down. She'll be fine." Kali assured him.

"I just worry is all." He told his wife.

"I know. And I do too. But we need to also trust Blake's decisions."

Both Blake's smiled. But they also felt bad, it was one of their decisions that made them call their parents coward's and run off with the white fang.

"I told you to go away." Blake shouts at the door

"Don't worry, dear. It's only Mrs. Rose" Summer says from behind the doors

Blake begins to try and hide the makeshift rope as Summer bustles in on her cart with Ruby.

"Not going to work. Shortstack has a way of spitting these things." Qrow told them.

"Yeah, it was impossible to hide anything from her." Tai sighed.

"Tell me about it." Raven groaned. Summer just giggled a bit.

"Oh, aren't you a vision! How lovely to make your acquaintance." Summer says. As Blake tries to block Summers view of the escape rope, it becomes hopeless as Summer sees it. "…It's a very long journey. Let me fix you up before you go. I have found that most troubles seem less troubling after a bracing cup o' tea." She says as she pours the tea is poured into Ruby, who skates over to Blake.

"Told you." Qrow groaned. Tai and Raven nodded.

"Those were fun days." Kali giggled.

"They certainly were." Willow nodded. As did Nick and June.

"Slowly now, Ruby." Summer warns

Blake picks up Ruby and brings her up to her mouth and takes a sip. Little Ruby finds herself face-to-face with the most beautiful girl she has ever seen.

The Blake's smiled and turned to their leaders. "Thanks Ruby." they both said.

"No problem Blake." A-Ruby spoke.

"You are very lovely after all." W-Ruby complimented.

"Pleased to meet you!" Ruby greets "Want to see me do a trick?" She asks as she blows a huge bubble in her tea cup. It pops loudly.

A few people chuckled at Ruby's trick. Others however (*cough* Weiss *cough*) didn't.

"Really Ruby?" W-Weiss asked her partner with a deadpan expression.

"I swear it feels like you're always going to be childish." A-Weiss continued. Both Ruby's chuckled a bit while scratching the back of their heads.

"Oh, that reminds me." Es spoke. "My husband wanted to give everyone their own tea sets." she then snapped her fingers and some tea sets appeared. Even Aida's Rwby got a set.

For team RWBY

The tea pot has all four symbols on it as well as each of the girls favorite flowers painted on it. The cups have each owner's symbol and favorite flower.

Ruby's has rose petals falling around her symbol.

"So pretty." A-Ruby spoke.

"Yeah, it's like our semblance." W-Ruby nodded. They both giggled a bit at them.

Yang's has sunflowers blooming on all sides.

The Yang's both just smiled. Meanwhile Raven was writing down what Yang's favorite flower was. She planned on Yang's birthday to get sunflowers with a present.

Blake's has Sakura petals falling around her symbol.

Both Blake's looked stunned but then smiled. They then turned to all of their friends. "Would any of you like some tea now?" W-Blake asked.

Weiss' has bluebells growing around her symbol.

The Weiss' were surprised by that. "How close was his version of us if he knew this?" A-Weiss asked Es.

"You were like a daughter to him. Even if he was just your uncle feathers." Es said with a smile. "And unlike that jackass, he was there for your first words and steps."

Both Weiss' were surprised but smiled.

For team JNPR

The pot has all four symbols as well as the team's favourite animals painted on it.

All of jnpr was surprised, but smiled when seeing their pot.

Jaune's cup has his symbol sitting between a pride of seven female lions.

"Can i see that?" Saphron asked. Pyrrha handed her the cup. "These lions look like they might be me and my sisters." she chuckled.

Nora's has sloths sleeping inside her symbol.

Nora just starts pouncing and reaching for her cup, going 'gimme gimme gimme' over and over again.

"O-okay Nora. Just be careful." Pyrrha told her as she hoped Nora didn't break it.

The second it was in Nora's hand she calmed down. She was perfectly still as she stared at it with a big smile. "Thank you uncle Amp." she said very softly.

Pyrrha's symbol is being batted at by tiger cubs.

Pyrrha just blushed at how cute her cup was.

Ren's cup has his symbol being used as food by hummingbirds.

Ten smiled at his cup. Nora then snuggled up to him. "Your cup looks so pretty Rennie." she told him.

"Thanks Nora." he said as he booped her nose. Nora squealed in delight and hugged him tightly.

The Arc Family

The pot has the Arc family Symbol on one side, and the Pendragon's on the other. Each cup has the owner's name written in their favorite color on the side of the cup.

The Arc parents smiled seeing that both sides of the family were shown, and all their kids got a cup. But one thing had them confused.

"What's this sealed box for?" Nicholas asked.

"You'll see." Es giggled.

The Belladonna Family

The Pot has the symbol for Menagerie on one side. On the other is the Belladonna symbol.

The cups are all painted Black with the owner's name painted in white in the owners own hand.

Like the Arc's, Ghira and Kali smiled. Though they were wondering why they also got a sealed box.


The Pot is painted with their symbols.

Each cup has a heart on it. In the heart are each couple's initials. The owner is the top set of initials.

"Hehe, wish we had these back at beacon." Tai chuckled.

"Same. What do you girls think?" Qrow chuckled. Both Summer and Raven blushed a bit. Qrow and Tai were happy their cups matched their wives. Though they were also confused that they too get a sealed box for each couple.

The Torchwick's

The pot is painted white, brown, and pink with a black bowler with a small burning snowflake on the hat.

Roman and Neo were surprised but smiled. Jackie however was confused at why her tattoo was on there and blushed.

Each cup has the owner's symbol and colors on it.

"Hehe, this really nice, eh Neo?" Roman asked his adoptive daughter.

Neo smiled at her adoptive father. She then looked at Jackie's cup confused. "Yeah. But why did she get a cup with our set?" she asks, sending a glare toward Jackie. Jackie however had a huge blush, feeling she knew. Roman was just confused.


His pot has Beacon Castle painted on it.

His personal cup has his and Salem's symbols. The other three cups in his set all have Beacons symbol on them.

Ozpin smiled at his pot. But he felt a pang of sadness when he saw his cup. It reminded him of a different time. A time he was truly happy.


Her pot has her family symbol. In the background is a farm setting.

Glynda smiled a bit at her cup. "This background makes me think of my old family farm." she said with a smile on her face.

Her personal cup has a husky puppy on it.

When she saw the puppy, a few tears started streaming from her eyes. "This… this looks like Togo when he was a puppy." she placed her hand over her mouth remembering her best friend growing up.

Chance's cup has bunny's hopping around it.

"Bunny, bunny! Ook mama Gynn, bunny on cup!" Chance giggled while bouncing. Seeing that made Glynda smile a bit and feel better.

"You can give it to him if you want." Es told her.

"Are you sure?" Glynda asked, a bit worried.

"It's fine. My husband made sure they were indestructible." Glynda nodded and handed Chance his cup. He gave his bunny cup a hug then teethed on it. Several people went 'aw' at the cute display.

The other two cups have horses running across them

"These look like the horses my family used to breed." Glynda spoke as she examined the cup. She remembered fondly of how she loved to ride them when she was younger.

Cinder, Emerald, Amber and Mercury.

The pot has a portrait of them all laughing together on it.

Cici and Emerald smiled seeing that. Mercury however was trying to play it off. Though it was hard since he was smiling and tried to hide it.

Cindy was grumbling in the mirror. "I don't need friends to be happy." she growled.

"That's not true Cindy. You're happy to have friends." Cici told her. Cindy just huffed a bit.

Cinder's cup has her symbol with a bunny nibbling on it.

Cici had a big smile seeing that. She then heard Chance's voice. "Sissy, cup same cup same!" he giggled pointing at her.

That made Cici's smile get even bigger. Cindy was shocked when she realized he called her sister.

Neo's eyes went wide. "Chance, what did you call her?"

"Sissy, sissy!" he giggled. Neo wasn't too fond of Cinder so she wasn't liking the sound of that. But she gave it some thought and realized she liked Cici. It was Cindy she hated. So she chose to think he saw Cici as his 'sissy'.

Cindy on the other hand liked the idea he saw her as a sister. Meant she had someone that looks up to, and will help her gain more power.

Emerald's cup has her and her sisters' symbols painted in it.

Emerald had a huge blush seeing that. It got even worse when she saw her sisters all smiling at her.

"We need a day to get together and have a sisters day out." W-Ruby suggested.

"That does sound nice." Winter agreed. W-Weiss nodded. A-Rwby and Weiss were still not used to the fact of the different relationships their counterparts had.

Emerald was however smiling at all this

Amber's has her symbol painted on a running horse on it.

"I'll make sure she gets this." Cici said.

Es smiled at her daughter. "I know you will, my little flame." She then glompsed her daughter in a tight hug. Cici hugged her back while Cindy huffed while hiding a blush.

Mercury's has "Your gonna get Merced" written on it.

Mercury grinned at that. Emerald rolled her eyes but let him have this. Even if it's terrible. More than blond- er, Yang's puns.


Her pot has her castle on it.

Salem was surprised when the dark and scary castle changed to a brighter version. "What happened?" she asked.

"Your pot is enchanted to reflect your emotional state." Es told her. Salem was surprised by this.

Salem's cup has her symbol on one side, and Ozma's symbol in the other. Her set also has four cups with a painting of her daughters in them. As well as cups with Cinder and Amber's pictures and Symbols

She was sad seeing her personal cup. Like Ozpin, it reminded her of a time she was happy. She got even sadder seeing the cups that had her daughters on them. But then she realised one of them was a woman in her seventies. She looked happy and content, making Salem shed tears of joy.

Her smile grew when she got cups of Cinder and Amber. When she saw the bottom she was surprised to see their birthdays on it.


The pot has a family photo of Terra, Saphron, and Adrian painted on it.

Both Saphron and Terra smile seeing it. Adrian gives a tiny little clap at it.

Terra's cup has Jaune, Saphron and Adrian hugging and smiling painted on it.

Terra had a huge blush. It warmed her heart to see the woman she loved hugging the father of her child. As well as their son smiling.

Saph chuckled and tapped her with her elbow. Terra tried to hide her blush

Saphron's cup has Jaune, Terra and Adrian hugging and smiling painted on it.

Saphron smiled seeing them all look so happy. It was a wonderful thing for her to see.

Adrian's cup has his mother's hugging and smiling on one side and his Uncle Jaune smiling on the other

"That picture is wrong." Saphron said.

"Yeah. It should have us all be together." Terra nodded. They smiled though as Adrian hugged his cup.

For Ilia

The pot has Juliet's hand print on one side, on the other is hers.

Ilia smiled at that. She scooped her baby girl into a big hug. Juliet smiled and hugged her mama right back.

Ilia's cup, the white fang symbol on one side, and Juliet's picture on the other.

Ilia was shocked to see the white fang symbol. "Why is that on there?" she asked Es.

"Well, even though you're no longer part of the violent fang, you still believe in what the old fang fought for." Es told her.

"And your daughter is the new driving force in your life." Wolf said before she asked. Ilia smiled at her daughter and hugged her.

Juliet's cup is painted to look like a puppy in a bubble bath. The other two cups are plain white

Juliet giggled holding her cup. She had a big smile.

Eve's pot is painted to look like a rose garden. Her cup looks like it is a rose you can drink from.

Eve had a huge blush. "She definitely isn't Adam." W-Blake smiled.

"Got that right." W-Yang chuckled. Eve was now blushing even more.

Maria's pot has her symbol painted on it. Her cups all look like skulls for day of the dead.

Maria started cackling. "Now these are my kind of cups." she spoke.

"Definitely matches your style." Summer giggled.

Velvet and Coco's pot have their team's symbols on it.

"Wow, so it's not just us, but our whole team?" Coco asked, surprised.

"Looks like it." said an equally surprised Velvet.

Coco's cup looks like it has measurements for a dress on it.

Coco recognized those measurements all too well. She turned to Wolf and Es with a blush. "How the hell did he get my measurements?!"

Es just giggled a bit before answering. "Your counterpart is a frequent customer at Roman's shop for combat clothes." Both Coco and Roman were surprised to hear that. Coco calmed down a bit.

Velvet's have carrots going around all sides.

Velvet had a huge blush on her face. She turned to Coco when she heard her chuckling.

"Seems pretty fitting for you Bunbun." the fashionista spoke.

"Coco!" shouted the blushing bunny.

"Relax bun. I'm just messing with you."

Fox's has sleeping foxes on it raised so that he can feel every detail.

Coco and Velvet chuckled seeing the cute detail on the cup. Velvet then realized something. "Hey, the way the detail is raised, it makes it so Fox can enjoy it."

"Huh, your right bun." Coco agreed.

Yatsuhashi's cup looks like a calming babbling brook scene painted on it.

"Well I know he is going to enjoy this." Coco smirked.

Velvet nodded. "Yeah. He is such a gentle giant." Velvet let out a little giggle thinking about how gentle the muscle of their team is.

Sienna's pot has sleeping white tigers on it. Her personal cup has a tiger pattern that matches her stripes, and the rest of her set all match the pot with sleeping tigers on them

Sienna first felt surprised seeing her pot, but then she blushed at the personal cup. But when she saw all the others she couldn't stop herself from laughing at it.


His tea pot was painted to show a wolf pack running around the pot.

"These look really nice." Wolf smiled.

His cups all had a wolf pack standing on a cliff howling at the moon.

"And this just looks epic. It looks like it should be on a t-shirt." he continued.


His pot was painted to look like the innards of a clock.

"Looks like it's time for tea!" Aida jokes. That got a laugh from both Yang's, Tai, and Wolf while everyone else cringed.

His cups have the same design on them

He smiled at his cups. He couldn't wait to use his set to have tea with his Penny.

"I hope you all enjoy it." Es said to them with a smile.

"Ruby!" Summer reprimands. She then tells Blake "That was a very brave thing you did for your father, dear." She says sweetly

Madame Salem's doors swing open "Yes. We all think so." She says

"I think so too." Kali nodded.

"If not very reckless." Ghira said. Kali then smacked his arm.

"…I'm so worried about him. He's never been on his own." Blake admits with a few tears in her eyes

"Cheer up, my poppet. Things will turn out in the end. You'll feel a lot better after dinner." Summer says

Both Ruby's smiled at their mom. But then it was interrupted by Mercury chuckling. "Poppet? Who even talks like that?" that earned him a smack from not only Emerald, but also the Ruby's gave him a speedy smack. He got covered in rose petals from it.

"But what does she mean after dinner?" A-Blake asked.

"…But he said, "If she doesn't eat with me, she doesn't eat at all." Blake reminds summer of what Jaune says

"My point exactly." A-Blake spoke.

"Hey yeah, that's right." W-Yang nodded.

"People say a lot of things in anger. It is our choice whether or not to listen." Summer says as she starts rolling away towards the dining room "Coming?" She calls to Blake

"Reminds me of Klein. He often disobeyed father for us." Winter smiled at the memory.

"I remember that too. He had always been there for us." W-Weiss agreed. A-Weiss nodded as well.

"Klein had always felt like a part of the family." Willow smiled.

As Mrs. Rose continues to go out the door, Blake looks to Salem, unsure what to do.

"Go." Salem encourages

We see the kitchen door open. Oobleck races into the excited staff. "They're coming! Final checks, everyone, tout de suite!" He shouts in excitement

"Looks like they are going all out." Glynda said.

Indeed. They seem very eager." Ozpin chuckled.

Port waddles in after him as Peach flutters nervously about.

"No, you don't! If the master finds out you violated his orders and fed her, he will blame me." Peter shouts at Oobleck in fear

"It's funny how similar yet different this version is to our Port." Glynda laughed a little.

"Tell me about it. It's fun seeing versions where you can make a game of spotting the differences." Coco smirked.

"Well i find it fun spotting the similarities. It's nice knowing some things don't change no matter the world." Pyrrha giggled.

Oobleck jumps up onto the sink, navigating sudsy dishes as Tai scrubs them. "Yes, I will make sure of it. But did you see her stand up to him?" Oobleck asks "I am telling you this girl is the one. They must fall in love if we are to be human again, and they can't fall in love if she stays in her room." He explains.

"It's kinda creepy how they are trying to set me up with him like this." W-Blake spoke.

"Well it's hardly the weirdest. One world we saw, uncle Qrow and Weiss' sister were gods that made a bet between whether Jaune or Neptune end up with me." A-Ruby told her. "Jaune won of course." she said smugly. W-Ruby smiled hearing that.

"Wait what?!" Qrow and Winter asked.

"Yeah, and they used to be together." A-Yang added.

That made Winter really uncomfortable. First because she recently found out he is her father, second is because not too long ago, she didn't have a very high opinion of him. Qrow wasn't too sure about it himself honestly.

He picks up a dish and looks down at it. He sees a smudge on it. "Eh, Tai, you missed a spot!" Oobleck points as he tosses the dish back in the sink, skipping onto a passing tea trolley.

"Wait, I'm the coat hanger?" Tai asked, confused.

"Now that's hilarious. Guess you were the servant that took people's coats Tai." Qrow chuckled. Tai just gave a sigh.

Peter climbs up in pursuit. "You know she will never love him." Peter says trying to point out the obvious

"Not with that kind of attitude." said Kali.

"Mom?" W-Blake asked.

"Well if I'm being honest kitten, it's still an upgrade to Adam." Kali shrugged. Adam glared at her.

"Well… you're not wrong." W-Blake sighed.

"A broken clock is right two times a day, mon ami, and this is not one of those times." Oobleck says in defiance as he leaps onto the table, and uprights a champagne glass. "Stand up straight! It's time to sparkle!"

He leaps again, onto CUISINIÈR, and sips a spoonful from a bubbling pot. "…I have no taste buds, but I can tell this is exquisite." Oobleck critics as he jumps onto a trolley

The three babies giggled at how silly the candle man was.

"I'd hate not having taste buds. I'd never be able to taste cookies." W-Ruby shivered.

"That's a fate worse than death." A-Ruby dreaded.

But then seeing all the food, Juliet's tummy grumbled. She looked up to Ilia. "Hungy mama."

Ilias eyes went wide. "Does anyone have anything I can give her?"

Summer gave it some thought, and with a hard decision, she went over with some of her strawberry cake. Her precious.

Juliet had a small taste and her eyes went wide. She opened her mouth wide to get as much as she could.

"She really loves her strawberries." Es giggled. Summer and Ilia smiled at the baby.

Mercury thought she shouldn't eat all of it since there was too much frosting. When he thought she had enough he reached for it. But when he got close, Juliet bit his finger hard.

"My ake! My ake!" she said in a fit.

"Reminds me of Shortstack when it comes to her and strawberries." Qrow spoke. Summer let out a giggle.

"Off! Off me while I work! Pepper, get cracking! Salt, shake a leg!" The chef says

The Yang's, Tai and even Kali chuckled at that.

"Would the chef happen to be Tai?" Raven asked.

"No. He isn't." Wolf shook his head.

"Not so loud! Keep it down!" Port whisper shouts to everyone

"Peter would throw a fit if he saw this version of him." Ozpin chuckled.

"I'd pay to see that." Glynda smirked. Just then, an envelope lands in her lap. She opens it and sees a picture of Ports' reaction to this version of him. The picture has him flipping a table in anger.

Glynda couldn't stop laughing. Neither could Ozpin when she showed him.

"Of course, of course. But what is dinner without a little... music?" Oobleck says as he jumps of the trolley

"Music?!" Peter asks as he rushes after Oobleck. To his horror, Oobleck guides an ambulatory HARPSICHORD into the room. This is Ozpin, our neurotic Italian maestro.

"Hehe, he is freaking out." W-Yang chuckled.

"Well what do you expect?" A-Weiss asked. "He doesn't want Jaune to find out."

"Maestro Ozpin, are you ready?" Oobleck

Ozpin and Salem were surprised. That means they are married in this world. Salem had a bit of a blush.

"(coy) It has been so long since I've performed! I can barely even remember how..." Ozpin says. But with an abrupt flourish, he plays show-offy scales on the ivories until - PLUNK. "AGH…Another cavity." He says in pain

"And it looks like you're the one with the bad teeth Oz." Qrow chuckled. Raven was laughing her ass off.

Ozpin put a hand to his mouth. He wondered if it was all the coffee… No couldn't be.

Salem felt uncomfortable with that. She wasn't too fond of the idea of kissing someone with those teeth.

"Maestro Ozpin, your wife is upstairs, finding it harder and harder to stay awake. She's counting on you to help us break this curse." Oobleck begs

"…Then, I shall play through the dental pain!" Ozpin says with conviction

Salem then smiled at that. That was sweet of him. It reminded her of when he rescued her from her tower. She looked to Ozpin remembering those wonderful days.

"(whispers to Ozpin) But Maestro. Play quietly. Please." Peter asks

Ozpin then had a stone face as he looked at the screen. "Quietly?" he asked. Salem had a smirk as she gestured for everyone to move back. They did so.

"Quietly? Sotto voce? Of course." He chuckles. But then he puts on an angry face as he then asks "Are there any other tasteless demands you wish to make upon my artistry?"

Before Ozpin could start shouting and throwing stuff at the screen, Wolf grabbed him and covered his mouth. Just barely.

Everyone turned to Salem with confused expressions. She just chuckled. "He used to play when we went together. He always took it as an insult if someone told him to tone down his talent."

Ozpin managed to free his mouth. He had a pissed off look on his face. "Music is emotion! To play quietly is to play without your heart!" he shouted.

"No, that's it." Port says unfazed by his anger

Wolf let go of Ozpin as he calmed down. He sat back into his seat and glared at Port on screen. "That better be it you rusted piece of shit." He spat. That shocked many who knew him. Usually he never swears or insults his friends.

Summer is seen to lead Blake to the end of the long dining table. "There you are, dear." Summer says

Oobleck LEAPS onto the table. Floating at a high window, Peach uses a silver platter to turn a shaft of moonlight into a SPOTLIGHT, as Oobleck begins his introduction to tonight's entertainment

"Quite the flare for the dramatics." Maria chuckled.

"Looks that way." Coco chuckled

"Ma chere, mademoiselle. It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. And now, we invite you to relax."

Blake sits down in a chair, which moves in, bringing her closer to the table. During this, Oobleck motions up to Peach to steady her shaky spotlight.

"Let us pull up a chair... as the dining room proudly presents..."

"Is this supposed to be a meal or a play?" Mercury asked.

"Perhaps both." Ren suggested.

"I love dinner and a show." Nora giggled.

Ozpin plays a dramatic scale as a tablecloth unfurls, and Oobleck jumps up and lands in a pose. Ozpin ends his scale on the wrong note due to a cavity.

Oobleck shoots him a look of concern, until Ozpin plays the right note. Oobleck then turns to Blake and smiles.

"Everyone makes mistakes." Salem assured Oz. He just sighed in response.

"Maybe if he took better care of his teeth he would have hit the wrong note." Raven remarked. That earned her a glare from the headmaster.

"...your dinner"

He gets into position as the camera zooms in on his face

"Be…our…guest, be our guest

Put our service to the test"

"Seriously? Another song?" Mercury asked.

"I like it." Summer smiled.

The babies tried to sing along, but it only ended up in unintelligible baby babble. The only parts that could be discerned was the line "be guest". Everyone thought it was cute though.

The napkins on the place settings rise up and twirl as Tai offers Blake a napkin.

"Tie your napkin `round your neck, cherie

And we provide the rest!"

They all laugh at this.

"This is hilarious." Coco smiles.

"Yeah. It's so silly and i love it." A-Ruby giggled.

Spinning quickly, Tai presents the following to Blake:

"Soup du jour, hot hors d'oeuvres

Why we only live to serve"

"If you live to serve, then give me some damn fish." W-Blake growled. A-Blake nodded.

Es smirked as she snapped her fingers and some cans of tuna hit them in the head. They rubbed the spot they got hit but then they dug in.

"Ahem." Kali cleared her throat. Sienna blushed a bit. Es chuckled as she did the same to them.

Oobleck then shows a plate with a weird gray dish

"Try the grey stuff, it's delicious"

Blake reaches out to try it, but it's gone before she can.

"How can I? You won't let me." A-Blake grumbled, finishing her can of tuna. Everyone else laughed at her expense.

"Don't believe me? Ask the dishes!"

The hors d'oeuvres plates go off, leaving the dinner dishes to levitate and spin.

The babies giggle and clap at the show.

"Hehe, they really love this." Saphron smiled.

"Yeah. It's really cute." Ilia smiled.

"They can sing, they can dance

After all, miss, this in France!"

Oobleck drops A small guillotine on the table, slicing the baguette.

"And a dinner here is never second best."

"Let her have a taste then if that's your claim." W-Yang spoke.

"Yeah, kinda hard for her to if you move it away." A-Yang chuckled.

MENUS began to fly in overhead, buzzing a disgruntled Peter. Blake reaches up and grabs one.

"Go on unfold your menu,

Take a glance and then you'll

Be our guest, be our guest"

"She isn't really your guest." A-Weiss said, spoiling the mood.

"She is more your prisoner." W-Weiss finished.

"Weiss, don't ruin the mood." W-Ruby grumbled.

"We're just stating a fact." A-Weiss replied.

"Well it didn't seem necessary." Winter admitted.


"Be our guest!"

Peter, realizing what he did, shushes Oobleck. In retaliation, Oobleck jabs him away and turns to the kitchen doors. One by one they swing open, presenting their dishes.

Glynda and Ozpin laugh as they take note on another difference this version of Peter and Bart had from theirs. Usually Oobleck was a killjoy while Port caused a ruckus.

"At this point it's becoming a game." Glynda chuckled.

"Indeed. And an enjoyable one at that." Ozpin nodded.

"Beef ragout, cheese souffle,

Pie and pudding en flambé!"

The fish pie explodes! A piece of cod hits Peter in the face, knocking him over.

Everyone laughed at that, save for a few. And they all had feline traits.

"What a waste of perfectly good fish." Kali sighed as her ears flattened and her tail sagged.

"Yeah." both Blakes say as they let out a tear in remembrance.

"We'll prepare and serve with flair

A culinary cabaret!"

Flute glasses fill up with champagne and then break into a Bob Fosse homage. Blake grabs a glass, but Oobleck lowers it before she can take a sip.

Both Blake's were fed up now. "What the hell?! They made me dinner, but won't let me eat or drink?!" W-Blake shouted.

"What was even the point? To get my hopes up just to dash them away?!" her counterpart added. Everyone just laughed at how she acted.

"You're alone and you're scared

But the banquet's all prepared!"

Oobleck gestures to a feast that appears and then coaxes the flatware to come next to him.

Everyone was stunned silent by the feast and the sight they saw.

"Wow…" Pyrrha couldn't think of anything else to say.

"It's amazing." said Velvet.

"No kidding." Raven nodded.

"I could do better." Jacqueline grumbled. Eve patted her back.

"No one's gloomy or complaining

While the flatware's entertaining!"

The flatware's hold out a napkin, into which Oobleck jumps, like a trampoline. He is launched into the air, swinging between chandeliers a la Cirque du Soleil.

Salem was laughing her ass off. "I have to meet the sorceress now. I want to know how I can do that." She then has a serious face. "That way I don't have to worry about my moronic minions breaking my good china…. AGAN! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get new china I like when looking like this?!"

Cici was sweating bullets now. Her butt still slightly stings. "I'm sorry about that granny."

"That was years ago dear, and you were punished then." Salem told her.

"What happened?" Summer asked.

"When Cinder was young, she brought me breakfast for mother's day. She used my good china for a plate and cup. When she got into my room she tripped and smashed them." Salem explained.

"At least I didn't do what Hazel and Tyrian did!" Cindy spat.

Everyone was confused and looked at Salem. She sighed. "They up ended a table with my china on it." She made sure they were properly punished.

"We tell jokes, I do tricks

With my fellow candlesticks"


"And it's all in perfect taste

That you can bet!"

Laughter fills the room at his antics.

W-Yang turns to the Weiss'. "See, even he calls himself a candle." she said with a smug look.

"Eat it and weep ice queens." A-Yang chuckled.

"He said candle-stick!" A-Weiss glared.

"They are what holds the candle." W-Weiss continued. They had a look of annoyance.

"Sure Sure." both Yang's said smugly.

Oobleck falls and lands back in the middle of the champagne flutes. They rise up around him. Peach, seeing this, moves the light to strike the glasses, turning the room into a glowing pink due to the champaign in the glasses

"Come on and lift your glass

You've won your own free pass

To be our guest"

"She would if you gave her one." Ilia said. Everyone laughed at that.

(to Peter)

"If you're stressed, it's fine dining we suggest."

Glynda was laughing so hard from how he was acting, she was on the floor in tears.

"It's weird seeing her like this." A-Blake said to her team. They nodded at that.

"No kidding." W-Ruby spoke. "Turns out she was a lot like Yang when she was our age."

"Yeah, she apparently loved pulling pranks, but was still kind of a book worm like Weiss cream here." W-Yang chuckled, earning a 'hey' from W-Weiss.

A-Rwby went wide eyed and looked at the others. They all nodded. That gave them even more to think about. They wondered if their Glynda was the same. They may not see her the same way again.

(Back to Blake)

"Oui our guest

Be our guest, be our guest!"

The babies then sang along. "Be guest! Be guest!" they giggled. Many cooed at how cute it was.

Peter steps back as Oobleck again takes center stage in a Martha Graham inspired solo.

"Life is so unnerving

For a servant who's not serving"

"Klein would call that a vacation from Jacques." Willow spat.

"It's still bizarre to know his own family hates him." Sienna whispered to Ilia. She nodded in agreement.

Blake reaches again for food but is stopped by Oobleck's melodramatic histrionics. He wraps himself in a napkin for the full Martha Graham effect.

"He's not whole

Without a soul to wait upon"

Willow then had a sad expression. "But he would be a mess. Honestly he loves working for the rest of us…"

Winter then sighed. "He has been like family to us." Both Weiss's nodded. They can't imagine how their lives could have been without him.

After that, Oobleck does a `tragic walk' down the table, his shadow growing to show what he wants to truly be again

"Ah, those good old days when we were Useful.

Suddenly, those good old days are gone."

Everyone felt sad now.

"They must have really enjoyed working at the castle." Summer said sadly.

"It looks that way." Glynda nodded. She could tell from Oobleck's tone that he meant it.

Reaching the end, he slides down to the floor on the tablecloth, then gathers it around his neck and continues on. Blake tries to stab a bite as the food moves past her, as if on a conveyor belt. Sliding past her, Peter wobbles.

The Blake's lowered their heads groaning while everyone laughed. "Why must you do this?" A-Blake sighed.

"He must want to just tease us." W-Blake sighed.

"Too long we've been rusting

Needing so much more than dusting"

On the floor, snow swirls around Oobleck. We pull out to see several "ETTES" flinging salt at him to create the effect.

Glynda then coughed and choked from laughing. "He's lucky it's just salt. If Thumbalina had her way, they would be throwing dust."

"She had done so in the past." Ozpin chuckled. "She almost burned Ports mustache off with fire dust."

"Needing exercise

A chance to use our skills"

Reaching the end of the table, plates dive and spin into neat piles while Peter lands on Oobleck's lap below. Tai scoops them both up and drops them back on the table before Blake.

Qrow started laughing. "You got some skills like that Tai."

"Oh ha ha, real funny Qrow." Tai said dryly.

"I know. That's why I'm laughing."

"Most days we just lay around the castle...

Flabby, fat and lazy"

Oobleck playfully pokes Peter in his pot belly – then takes a flying leap!

Many in the theater were laughing. Ozpin and Glynda were laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes. Ozpin was even on the floor.

"You walked in, and oops-a-daisy!"

The scene now goes to the kitchen, where Summer hops along the edge of the sink basin.


"It's a guest, it's a guest!

Sakes alive, and I'll be blessed!

Wine's been poured and thank the Lord

I've had more napkins freshly pressed!"

Qrow chuckled a bit. "That's my Shortstack alright. She always sang like that when we were younger."

"I remember to. It was the only way to get Yang to sleep." Tai smiled.

Summer had a huge blush on her face. She wiggled in her seat in embarrassment. Both Yang's smiled though. Raven however felt bad. She wished she could have sang Yang to sleep.

She ascents to the top of a tiered, circular pastry table, as napkins twirl around her. Desserts appear and circle Summer. Then tea cups enter on the outer circle, moving in the opposite direction

"With dessert, she'll want tea

And my dear, that's fine with me!

While the cups do their soft shoeing,

I'll be bubbling, I'll be brewing!"

Qrow, Tai, and Raven laughed remembering all the times Summer sang. Summer was blushing even more. But the Ruby's just smiled at their mom.

"You have a lovely voice mom." W-Ruby giggled. A-Ruby nodded.

Summer's blush got worse. "T-thank you."

From overhead, a la Busby Berkeley, we reveal desserts, teacups, napkins, the floor, everything circling in opposing directions.

Summer descends, jumping onto her tea trolley

"I'll get warm, piping hot…"

She then notices a smudge of icing on Ruby.

"Heaven's sake, is that a spot!?"

Now it was both Ruby's turn to blush while scratching the back of their heads.

Both Weiss' shake their heads at their partners. "Some things never change." W-Weiss sighed.

"Looks that way." A-Weiss nodded.

She quickly steams it off her.

"Clean it up, we want the company impressed!"

Both Weiss' and Winter nod. "You should always go all out if you want to impress someone." A-Weiss spoke.

"Indeed. You'll never impress anyone with minimal effort." Winter agreed.

The trolley rolls through the doors and up to Blake. Summer then pours a cup into Ruby.

"We've got a lot to do.

Is it one lump or two?

For you our guest!"

Summer and both Ruby's were blushing hard. Qrow however just chuckled and hugged his wife, while also messing up his daughter(s) hair.

"Uncle Qrow!" A-Ruby whined.

"Please stop!" W-Ruby begged.

"Not a chance." he chuckled.


"She's our guest!


She's our guest!

Finally, unable to resist, Port joins in, pushing Oobleck out of the spotlight.


"She's our guest!"

"Looks like he finally caved in." Coco chuckled.

"Well, when in Rome." Wolf shrugged.

"Where?" asked Nora.

Wolf then sighs. "...nevermind."

"I know how you feel." Aida whispers, patting Wolf's back in understanding.

Wolf gave a small smile at that. It was nice to have someone that understood.

Peach and her "Ettes" descend on a chandelier, which is lowered by Oobleck. They dance; a Beyoncé homage.


"Be our guest! Be our guest!

Our command is your request!

It's been years since we had anybody

Here and we're obsessed!"

"They have such lovely voices." W-Weiss spoke.

A-Weiss nods. "And they're incredibly graceful as well."

"Reminds me of you sister." Winter smiled. Both Wess' blush at that. They smiled at Winter's praise. They always looked up to her.

Peach and the 'Ettes' dive into a massive punch bowl, leading her "Ettes" into an Esther Williams moment.

"With your meal, with your ease,

Yes indeed, we aim to please"

Splashes from the punch bowl launch us into a "Singin' in the Rain" moment, with Oobleck dancing under the fountain.

Adrian tilted his head in confusion at the candle man's silly dance.

Both Saphron and Terra coo at him. "Aww, he's so cute when he doesn't understand." Terra giggled.

"Yeah, he's trying to figure it out." Saph nodded.

"While the candlelight's still glowing,

Let us help you, we'll keep going –"

The grand finale is pure Bollywood, punctuated by explosions of candy-colored powders.

Chance then just giggles and claps his hands at the ''fire-works'. Glynda smiled at her nephew.

Neo turned to her adoptive father. "We're getting fireworks when we get back."

"What, why?" Roman asked.

"Because if he likes fireworks, he is getting fireworks." Neo said through her teeth.

"Fine fine." Roman raised his hands up.


"! One by one!

Til you shout "Enough, I'm done!"

Then we'll sing you off to sleep as you Digest!

Tonight, you'll prop your feet up.

But for now, let's eat up...

Be our guest! Be our guest!

Be our guest! Please! Be...our...GUEST!"

As the table clears itself, whooshing back into the kitchen, Oobleck whirls toward Blake, finally presenting her with "Pudding?!" Oobleck asks

Everyone was laughing hard again, save for both Blake's.

"So am I allowed to eat now?" A-Blake asked annoyed.

"I'm a little annoyed by the fact they keep stopping me." W-Blake nodded and growled. The fur on her tail standing up.

Overwhelmed, Blake laughs.

We now begin to see Summer, on her trolley cart, as she escorts Blake from the dining room.

"…I don't understand why you're all being so kind to me. Surely, you're as trapped here as I am. Don't you ever want to escape?" Blake asks Summer confused and curious

"I've been wondering that myself." Glynda said.

"Maybe we'll get an explanation?" Summer suggested.

"I hope so." Willow nodded.

"The master's not as terrible as he appears." Summer says "Somewhere deep in his soul, there's a prince…of a fellow, just waiting to be set free." She explains

Both Qrow and Tai laughed at that. Raven however sighed. "That is exactly why we never trusted you with any of our secrets." she said in a tired voice.

Summer blushed in embarrassment. "I'm not that bad, am I?" they nodded in confirmation, causing her to whimper a little.

Everyone then turned to the Ruby's with a raised eyebrow. "What?" one asked.

"Nothing." they all said at once. This caused the Ruby's to cross their arms and pout.

Blake takes this in, a valuable piece of the puzzle. She then looks up at the massive staircase. "Oobleck mentioned something about the West Wing..." Blake asks

"Never you mind about that. Off to bed with you, poppet." Summer says sternly

"You should listen to Summer, and get some sleep." Kali told her daughter(s). Both Blake's sighed.

"…Good night." Blake says

"Nighty-night. Straight to bed!" Summer says sweetly as she moves off as Blake climbs the stairs toward her room. At the top, she hurries up the staircase leading to the west wing.

"You're grounded." Ghira and Kali said at the same time.

"What? Why?!" both Blake's asked.

"For not listening to the woman who runs that castle." Ghira told her.

"But that's not me, that was the one on the screen!" A-Blake argued.

"Yeah, you can't blame us for what she does." W-Blake nodded.

"No excuses." Kali told them. They grumbled in their seats.

Blake sticks to the shadows as she walks up to a massive wooden door, which is slightly ajar. Entering the room, Furniture lies in rubble, curtains shredded, evidence of Jaune's temper.

"That place is trashed." Coco spoke.

"Pretty obvious this version has a temper." Aida pointed out.

"You're telling me." Roman nodded.

Wary, Blake investigates when she glimpses eyes peering at her off to the side.

Everyone got startled by that.

With a start, Blake wheels to find the eyes belong to a royal portrait. The subject seems to be a teenage boy but his face has been slashed beyond recognition. Only the eyes survived. Bright blue. Engaging. Resembling the eyes of Jaune.

"I don't know why he shredded his picture." W-Ruby said

"It is most likely a painful reminder of what he used to be." A-Blake said.

"And his mistake." Winter added.

She realizes that this is the "Prince of a fellow" Summer was referring to. Blake leans in to study the painting. A royal family stands by the castle. The father's image has been slashed beyond recognition. The Queen however, remains pristine. Kind. Beautiful.

"But why did he slash the part with his dad but not his mom?" Yang asked.

"Perhaps there is a story behind it." Ozpin said.

"You may be right." Glynda nodded.

Nicholas and Juniper looked between each other. They had concerned looks.

"You alright there Nick?" Tai asked.

"I don't know Tai, I don't know." he sighed. Juniper placed a hand on his shoulder.

Blake moves past a large four-poster bed, its faded coverlet gray with dust, like no one has slept in it for years. On the floor, she sees a makeshift bed made of straw, torn bits of fabric and crumpled blankets: the resting place of a nocturnal carnivore.

"Guess his beast form makes him have a more animal-like instinct." Willow theorized.

"He should be sleeping in a proper bed!" Juniper chastised. "Beast or not, I can't believe he would sleep in… in… THAT!" she shouted.

"Honey, calm down." Nicholas begged.

"I most certainly will not!"

"Mrs. Arc, shouting will not help." Ozpin told her. She glared at him for a minute before sighing and calming down.

She turns and sees the glow coming from a glass jar by an open window leading to the balcony. Inside the jar, the enchanted rose.

"It feels like that rose gets more and more beautiful each time I see it." Eve spoke.

"Well it's nowhere near as beautiful as my little Rose." Summer smiled as she hugged both Ruby's. The two smile at this.

"Funny, I was going to say the same about you Shortstack." Qrow chuckled. Summer smiled lovingly at her husband.

Mesmerized, Blake approaches the rose. She then slowly begins to reach out to touch the glass that protects the rose. Suddenly, a shadow cuts across Blake's face.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" Jaune shouts as he bears down on Blake, causing her to back up in fear. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO IT!?" He shouts in panic as he looks at the rose to see the damage that might have befallen it.

"Why is he so protective of it? Does something happen if something has befallen it?" Winter asked.

"Well the curse will be permanent if all the petals fall, perhaps something like that, or worse?" Ren theorized.

"Nothing!" Blake says scared


Everyone was frightened by Jaune's rage. The babies whimpered in fear.

"Never thought I'd actually be this scared of Jaune of all people." W-Yang shivered.

"You should have seen him when he was a killer robot." A-Blake spoke.

"A what?!" W-Rwby shouted.

Blake runs. As she does so, Jaune turns and looks at the rose, panicked and protective.

"This is what happens when you don't listen, Blake." Ghira sighed.

"B-but, but-" both Blake's sputtered but we're interrupted.

"No buts." Kali told them. They both sighed.

"Yeah Blakey. Or your curiosity will kill you." W-Yang punned. Tai and A-Yang laughed while everyone groaned.

Oobleck and Peter play chess on an upper landing, with Zwei resting on his back between them

"Checkmate…Again." Oobleck says

"Because you cheated…Again." Peter retorts

"And yet they never play a game with me anymore…" Ozpin grumbled.

"Because there is no point. All we would get is a humiliating defeat. It gets annoying." Glynda told him.

"I agree, Ozma. It's no fun playing with you." Salem nodded. Ozpin gave an annoyed sigh.

Blake appears, racing down the west wing staircase.

"Mademoiselle... what are you doing?" Oobleck asks shocked and concerned

"Getting out of here!" Blake says angry but mostly frightened. We can see she clearly can't take anymore of this insane place

"So it takes him being angry at you for breaking into his room, without permission, for you to have enough?" Roman asked with a chuckle.

The Blake's were about to retort, but before they did, they were interrupted. "I hate to say it, but he is correct." Glynda said. "You were told time and time again not to go into the west wing, yet you still went without permission. And yet you decide you've had enough because he gets mad at you for disobeying that rule?"

A-Blake sputtered. "But that's not…"

"I didn't…" W-Blake continued.

"Can't talk your way out of this one Blakey." both Yang's chuckled.

Peter jumps onto the chess board as Oobleck hops to the floor.

"Stop!" He shouts

"Go go, Zwei" Oobleck says helping Zwei up

Zwei jumps up and starts after Blake.

"Why are they trying to stop her?" Nora asked.

"Perhaps because they need her to break the curse?" A-Weiss suggested.

"Or more likely, because of the dangers out there. Remember it is like the heart of winter out there, and there are wolves about." Glynda reminded them.

At the top of the stairs, Port sounds a whistle. In quick cuts, WINDOWS drop and SHUTTERS close.

"The windows and shutters are alive too?" Cici asked.

"And yet that comb was just a comb." Coco deadpanned.

"Seems a little… inconsistent." Eve admitted.

"Yes Zwei, stop her!" Peter encourages Zwei

Blake barrels down the main staircase, Zwei in close pursuit. Summer enters from the kitchen, wearing a tea cosy.

Qrow chuckled at his wife. "Well isn't that cute."

"Qrow!" whined a blushing Summer.

"Well it's true Shortstack." Qrow then hugged her. She hugged back with a giant blush.

"You don't want to go out there!" Summer warns worried for Blake

"From her tone, I'd say you were right Glynda." Kali said, worried for her daughter.

"That's what I was afraid of." Glynda sighed. Everyone was worried.

Blake hits the bottom of the grand staircase and runs towards the door - only to watch it bolt itself locked.

"Okay, seriously?! Is that comb the only thing there that isn't alive?" W-Yang asked.

"I'm starting to think so." Jackie sighed.

"Stop her!"

Zwei runs in front of Blake to block her exit, his growls turn to playful yaps, as he stands on his hind legs and pants playfully.

"What? No, it's not playtime! Bad dog! Bad dog!" Peter shouts

"Hehe, that's Zwei." A-Ruby giggled. As she said that, Zwei jumped on her lap and licked her face. She giggled more and pet him.

Both Blake's growled at the dog. "Blake, stop that." Kali chastised. They both sighed.

Zwei spins and scrambles outside, scooting through the low postern door within the great front door. In his excitement, he's provided Blake with an escape!

Blake snatches her cloak from a bewildered Tai, and shimmies out through this same `doggie door.'

"Way to help there Tai." Qrow chuckled.

"Oh come on!" Tai shouted. This was just making Qrow chuckle more.

Both Ruby's and Yang's sighed. Those two have been like an old married couple for years now.

"Please, don't go! It's dangerous!" Oobleck warns. Summer rushes forward but it's too late. A look of dread settles on her face. "Oh my..." Summer says with worry

That was a full on confirmation. Everyone was extremely worried.

HOWL. Philippe's hooves hit the snowy landscape. Blake races through the woods. She looks back to see if anyone followed her. She only sees a glimpse of the castle. She thinks she has escaped. Surely, she has escaped. However, out of the corner of her eye, she sees shapes of A DOZEN WHITE WOLVES flitting through the trees, closing in on her.

Kali gasped as she held her kitten(s) in fright.

"S-she'll be okay, right?" A-Ruby asked.

"I… I don't know…" Ilia spoke. She was hoping she would be though.

Blake forges on as the wolves don't even bother to hide anymore. They've emerged from the trees to take down their prey, closing in fast.

Blake pushes through the undergrowth to find she has reached a frozen pond. Philippe doesn't hesitate as he gallops onto the ice, and across the pond. The sound of ice cracking under his hooves is deep and low. And increasing.

Worry increased at the sight. The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

"Please be okay, please be okay, please be okay…" Kali begged. She didn't want her kitten hurt, in any universe.

Philippe's hooves slide on the ice as the wolves close in. Philippe makes it across the pond onto land. But before Blake can feel any relief, a wolf's jaw snaps at Philippe's thigh. Then another. The horse bucks wildly, causing Blake to make a controlled leap onto a snow bank. She seizes a thick branch and wields it as a club.

"Come on, Blakey. You can do it." W-Yang muttered. She was worried for her partner. A-Yang was just as worried.

"I can't watch." Velvet said as she covered her eyes with her ears.

"Me either." Eve whimpered As she did the same with her hands.

As the wolves surround her, jaws slavering, Blake swings her club as one wolf lunges at her, its bared teeth like razors. She beats it away.

Some were starting to be a little hopeful. Others, well… they weren't too sure.

"She's doing it." W-Ruby said with a hopeful smile.

She turns to confront another, only for it to bite the branch clean out of her hands.

Those who were hopeful, now had that hope stripped away.

"Oh dear." Penny said.

"Poor kid." Maria sighed.

Blake turns and looks up on a rock promontory. The scarred Alpha Wolf is about to take a diving leap onto her. It jumps, and she flinches.

Gasps fill the theater, as Kali looks away. She couldn't bear to watch for even a second.

But just as the wolf is about to make its horrible landing, Jaune appears and catches it in mid-air! With supernatural force, Jaune hurls the wolf across the frozen pond!

Just then both Ruby's, Nora and Eve jumped out of their seats and cheered. "He saved her!" Juliet also cheered in a cute baby babble for her daddy saving auntie Blake.

"The white knight to the rescue!" A-Yang cheered.

Kali opened her eyes and let out a sigh of relief. She grabbed both Blake's and didn't let them go.

"Came just in the nick of time." Qrow sighed.

Ghira was thankful that his daughter was safe. The Arc's were proud that their son and brother saved the girl.

All the wolves seeing this, dive onto Jaune at once, tearing shreds from his cloak. He strikes and grapples at them, causing some of the wolves to scurry.

"That's it fearless-leader! Break their legs!" Nora cheered.

"Yeah, show those fleabags who's boss!" Coco nodded.

A-Blake blushed seeing Jaune fight so hard to protect her, even with everything that had happened. He didn't have to, but he did.

Snarling, the oversized alpha wolf leaps onto Jaune's back, and goes for his neck. Jaune, screaming in immense pain, slams together the wolves on his arms, dropping them, then reaches back and seizes the Alpha.

Everyone gasped seeing Jaune hurt.

"Bad bad doggy!" Chance shouted.

"Yeah, leave him alone you dumb wolf!" Neo shouted.

Those that loved and cared for Jaune were glaring daggers at the wolf.

The Alpha Wolf and Jaune snarl inches from each other. Jaune squeezes, then hurl's the Alpha into a stone ledge with all his strength, and with a loud CRACK, breaking the stone. The Alpha slowly gets up and begins to snarl at Jaune once more, about to attack again.

"Damn, that is one tough wolf." Qrow said in surprise.

"Yeah, usually they would be limping at the very least." Tai nodded.

"And there's also the fact it's unusually larger than the others too." Kali pointed out.

Jaune, getting tired of this, gets on all fours and Roars with all his anger and hatred. "RRRRROOOOOOAAAAAARRRRR!"

Everyone was slightly startled by the loud booming roar, especially since it shook the room slightly.

Immediately, the Alpha panics and runs off, the remaining pack retreating as well, their yelps echoing through the trees.

"Serves them right." A-Ruby said, upset at the wolves yet happy that Jaune won.

"You said it." W-Ruby says.

Adrian agrees as he sticks his tongue out and blows raspberries.

"That's right Adrian, those are very bad wolves." Terra nods.

We see Blake watching silently as Jaune whimpers in pain. His shoulders slump, Jaune looks towards her. His eyes begin to show relief that she is unharmed until they begin to roll into his head as he collapses in the snow.

Gasps sound throughout the room as they see Jaune go down. The children begin to tear up, and Juniper begins to hug her husband in fear and sadness.

"There there, it's going to be ok." Nicolas tells her, praying that his son is alright

"I hope you're right dad." said a worried Saphron. Terra hugs her wife with worry.

…This is her chance. Blake could run. As she begins to fix the harnas, she looks past Philippe, to the woods…to freedom.

"If you leave on that horse young lady, then you're gonna be grounded for 8 of your 9 lives." Kali says angrily.

"WHAT!?" Both Blake's shout out in protest. In their hearts however, they truly feel that it was fair for her mother to say that. 'I mean that would suck if my other left him to die just after he saved my life.' they think at the same time

…But she turns back, and slowly approaches the wounded beast.

Both Blakes sigh in relief that they didn't leave him there.

"Thank goodness, he's going to be okay." Pyrrha said, sighing in relief as well. As do Jaune's friends, family and the other girls with crushes on the dork knight.

She covers Jaune with her hood, as he begins to stir. One eye opening to look at her.

"You have to help me... you have to stand..." Blake whispers to Jaune

We now see Jaune, slumped across Philippe's saddle. As Blake takes the reins and begins the long walk back to the castle, we RISE into the sky, where we can see the border that separates the enchanted woods from the outside world.

Juniper smiles as she whipped the tears from her eyes. "He's going to be okay."

"Looks like I should thank you young lady." Nicholas smiled. Both Blake's smiled back.

As the wolves howl, we see Adam's carriage move through the scary woods, Ilia squeezed in back behind Adam and Ghira.

"Aaaand the moments ruined." Sienna growled seeing Adam. As did the others that hate him. Adam sent them all glares.

"No! I'm sure this is the way! Do you hear those wolves? That means we're getting very close to the castle." Ghira says listening and looking around closely

"Look, enough is enough. We have to turn back." Adam says

"Stop! That's it!" Ghira points up ahead to the withered tree that looks like an elderly person's cane. The tree is standing again, leaving the tunnel of trees now hidden behind it.

"Wait, wasn't that tree destroyed?" W-Ruby asked.

"Perhaps part of the spell is to help keep this forest from being destroyed?" Ren theorized.

"Then it would require very strong magic." Ozpin replied.

Ghira hops down from the wagon. "That's the tree. I'm sure of it. Of course, it was downed by lightning at the time, but now it's been restored to an upright position, through some sort of... magic. Or other."

"And now they will think he's crazy." Roman said bluntly.

Ilia seeing this, leans over and whispers to Adam "You really want to marry into this family?"

That caused Roman to laugh at being right.

Ilia however blushed a bit at her counterpart saying that.

Not hearing them, Ghira then says "So that means the castle is…" He begins to motion what happened with him in remembrance and then says "definitely that way!" Pointing down a path

An angry Adam now steps off the carriage and approaches Ghira "I'm done playing this game of yours. Where is Blake?" Adam demands

"The beast took her!" Ghira says

"Only sounding more and more crazy." Merc said.

"Oh shut up." Emerald growled.

"Well it's true." the grey haired assassin shrugged.

"There are no such things as beasts, or talking teacups, or... magic!" Adam yells "But there are wolves, frostbite, and starvation." He stresses.

"And looks like he is losing his temper." Ghira sighed.

"That's something Adam always had. Very low patience." Ilia sighed.

"Yes, he always got frustrated when not on a mission." Sienna growled. She remembered him always pacing.

"Deep breaths, Adam. Deep breaths." Ilia warns from the wagon

Hearing Ilia, he takes in some deep breaths to calm down. Adam then says "So why don't we just turn around and go back to Villeneuve? I'm sure Blake is at home, cooking up a lovely dinner..." Adam says

"If you think I've made all this up, then why did you offer to help?" Ghira asks

Adam, losing his patience, says "Because I want to marry your daughter! Now let's go home." as he turns and walks towards the wagon

"Telling someone that isn't going to earn anyone's blessing." Tai growled. He remembered all those perverted assholes that tried warming up to him so they could ask Yang out.

Ghira getting upset says "Blake is not at home! She's with the –"

"IF YOU SAY BEAST ONE MORE TIME, I WILL FEED YOU TO THE WOLVES!" Adam yells as he turns around and holds his fist to strike Ghira across the face.

"If you threaten my Ghira again, I'll strangle you till your neck makes a crunch!" Kali threatened Adam. He glared right at her.

Ilia runs over to intervene. "ADAM! STOP! Breathe. Think happy thoughts. Go back to the war. Blood, explosions, countless widows..."

"…Widows..." Adam says visibly calming down

"Ass." Coco spat.

"Bastard has no shame." Qrow nodded.

"Or any form of common decency." Glynda added.

"Yes, yes, that's it, that's it..." Ilia says

Ilia felt even more dirty. She really needed that bath later.

Her voice snaps Adam out of his rage. He puts on that Adam like smile like a Halloween mask. "…Ghira, Please, forgive me, old bean. That's no way to talk to my future father-in-law, now is it?

"He shouldn't have said that." Ghira growled.

"Future father-in-law...?" Ghira asks with a raised eyebrow. Seeing Adam nod, he then drops the proverbial bomb "You will never marry my daughter."

"And maybe you shouldn't have said that." Qrow sighed. He had a feeling he knew what was coming.



…Without a word, Adam hits Ghira, knocking him out.

"…I saw that coming." Ilia says

"Same." Qrow sighed.

Kali, and both Blake's glare at Adam with a murderous look.

Ghira is now seen, tied to a tree. Adam secures the knot and walks to the carriage. Darkness has come over Adam.

"Mama, papaw ok?" Juliet asked Ilia.

"Who's papaw?" Ilia asked.

Juliet then pointed to Ghira. "Papaw!"

Ghira was surprised by that. But he then gave the little one a smile.

"Who am I?" Kali asked her.

"Memaw!" Juliet giggled. Kali gushed at how cute she was.

"If Ghira won't give me his blessing, then he is in my way. Once the wolves are finished with him, Blake will have no one to take care of her but me." Adam says with conviction

"You're a sick bastard." W-Blake snarled. Her tails fur poofed out and stood up.

"Yeah, you have a messed up way of trying to get a wife, jackass." A-Yang nodded with red eyes.

"Honestly, I can't wait to put you down." Sienna growled.

Adam gave each and every one of them a hate filled glare.

"…For the sake of exhausting all of our options, do we maybe want to consider a less gruesome alternative?" Ilia asks thinking that this is a bit drastic

"Please, I don't want him to have to… to…" Ilia didn't want to finish.

"I believe we all feel the same way." Glynda sighed.

Adam climbs into the carriage without another word. "…Are you coming?" He asks Ilia

Ilia looks back to Ghira, an apology in her eyes as she climbs into the carriage. Adam and Ilia ride off, leaving Ghira to die.

Ilia sighed seeing that. It made her realise she was exactly the same. Adam had her do things she had thought questionable, but deep down felt he has a good reason. She looked up to him for so long. And only now does she see how blind and foolish she was.

Jaune is seen lying in his old human bed. Blake dabs a large gash on his arm. Jaune bares his fangs and lets out a roar. "ROOOOAARRRR!" Then in a pouting tone, he says "That hurts!"

Saphron begins to laugh out loud at his tone "That's exactly how he would react when he got hurt when he was little." making all the others chuckle in response.

Juniper and Nicolas began to chuckle as well, remembering those times when he was smaller.

"I remember Yang and Ruby were the exact same." Tai chuckled.

"Yeah, you two were pretty bad with that. Though not as bad as when firecracker got her first haircut when she was around those three's age." Qrow reminded, while he pointed to the babies.

Tai then shivered. "Don't remind me. That poor old man lost his whole barbershop to the fire."

"He was awful." W-Yang growled. "He was a monster armed with razor blades."

"He was a sweet old man who was kind and loving to kids. He was respected and beloved in the neighborhood. He built his shop from the ground up when he was around your age. He was in tears when his shop was on fire." Tai scolded his daughter. W-Yang had a nervous look as she stroked her hair.

"If you held still, it wouldn't hurt as much." Blake says

"I think it would hurt no matter how he moves." Roman says with a smirk.

"But it would go faster if he stopped." Winter told him.

"Lady, no one is going to hold still from that." Roman told her. Winter sent him a glare.

"If you hadn't run away, none of this would have happened." Jaune argues

"Well if you hadn't frightened me, I wouldn't have run away." W-Blake retorts. A-Blake nodding in response.

"Well if you hadn't frightened me, I wouldn't have run away." Blake retorts

Everyone begins to chuckle at the coincidence happening as well as the look on both of the Blakes. They had embarrassed blushes.

The household staff anxiously watches the battle of words.

"Well you shouldn't have been in the west wing." Jaune says

"That is true young lady. Don't forget your grounded for doing that in the first place" Ghira says to W-Blake, causing her to slump in defeat

"And don't think we forgot about you either young lady." Kali says to A-Blake, causing her to slump in defeat as well

"Well you should learn to control your temper." Blake demands

"...She does have a slight point." Juniper sighs.

"He is almost as bad as Yang." A-Weiss spoke.

"Hey!" both Yang's shouted.

Jaune, being too stubborn, turns away from her, revealing his wounds on his back. Blake, seeing this, looks down thinking that the one on his arm was the only wound she has been needing to clean.. It's worse than she thought.

Gasps go throughout the room once more as they witness the damage Jaune has received. Both blakes begin to feel guilty at how damaged Jaune appeared.

"He… he got hurt so much trying to protect me…" A-Blake said sadly.

"Yeah… even after everything…" said a saddened W-Blake.

"…Try to get some rest." Blake says

Jaune doesn't hear her though as his breath slows to a low rumble as his eyes shut.

"Thank you, Miss." Summer says to Blake

"We are eternally grateful." Oobleck says bowing to her in gratitude

"Yes, thank you for healing my son." Juniper says to both Blakes, causing them to blush.

Shocked at their loyalty to Jaune, she asks "…Why do you care so much about him?"

"We've looked after him all his life." Summer says

"That's quite the commitment." Salem says. Winter, Willow and both Weiss's think of Klein and promise to get him something nice when they get back.

"But he has cursed you somehow." Blake accused. Not hearing a response from the staff, she then asks "Why? You did nothing."

"You're quite right there, dear." Summer says saddened. Seeing Blake's confusion, she explain's "You see, when the master lost his mother… his cruel father took that sweet innocent lad and twisted him up to be just like him." She says as she looks at Jaune

A brief moment of silence...and then every female turns to Nicolas with a glare that would kill him a thousand times over.

He begins to sink into his chair until his wife pulls him up by the ear, out of the chair. "OW OW OW HONEY THE EAR OW!"

"You are coming with me so that I can punish you" She says, pulling him towards Wolf

"But that's a different vERSION OF MEEEE!" He says only for his voice to go higher due to his wife squeezing it harder.

"Mr. Wolf, can you please send me and my husband to a room?" She asks with a sweet smile. But all the men begin to shiver knowing that the tone she used suggests that it's not a question.

"Sure, no problem." He says with a sweat drop as he snaps his fingers to send them off.

Blake looks to the Beast, and thinks of what she just learned

"…And we did nothing." Summer said in guilt and shame, which was shared with the rest.

Summer, as well as the others who represent the staff in this world, begin to become guilty about not doing anything for Jaune. There respected loved ones begin to comfort one another

Blake notes their shame just as we hear the first notes of a beautiful melody coming from the ballroom downstairs. This is Jaune's lullaby - "DAYS IN THE SUN."

All the babies yawned and snuggled with whoever held them.

Saphron smiled as she stroked Adrian's head. Neo snuggled up with Chance, and Ilia kissed Juliet's head.

"Let him sleep." Oobleck says

As the staff and Blake exit, Jaune stirs. We move from his face, shivering in a fever dream, to discover The young prince gazing down sadly.

"Aww, my baby brother looked so cute when he was that age." Saphron said remembering those days fondly.

"Yeah, he really is cute." Summer giggled.

The girls that like him nodded.


"Days in the sun

When my life has barely begun"

"He has a lovely voice." W-Weiss smiled.

"Yes, he certainly does." Winter nodded.

A-Rwby smiled. This wasn't the first universe they heard Jaune sing.

We move around to reveal that he is looking at the pale body of the queen on her deathbed.

Saphron gasped seeing that. Tears began to fill her eyes. She didn't like seeing her mother like that. Terra hugged her wife to try and comfort her.

"Not until my own life is done

Will I ever leave you."

Behind the prince, a figure approaches: his Father. Cruelty written on his face. Placing his large hand on the boy's shoulder, he pulls him out of the room.

Just then, everyone jumped as they could hear Nicholas screaming.

"He deserves what he's getting." said an angry Saphron. Everyone had a nervous look.

Jaune awakens for a brief moment to the sound of music. Following the music, we come to the gloomy ballroom. Ozpin plays the beautiful melody as Tai accompanies him with a violin.

"You been practicing Tai?" Qrow asked.

"Well… I've been kinda bored since the girls went to beacon." Tai said with a blush.

"Will I tremble again

To my dear one's gorgeous refrain?"

The melody drifts through the ballroom until we find Oobleck and Peach, dancing.

"It's a lovely dance, but he's lucky it's not our Peach. She would have castrated him." Glynda chuckled.

"Yes. A very dangerous woman." Ozpin smirked.

(Oobleck & Peach)

"Will you now forever remain...

Out of reach of my arms?"

Drifting to Summer and Ruby, as she tucks her into bed in the cupboard.

The babies all yawned and rubbed their eyes.

Both Ruby's snuggled up to Summer. "I love you mom." W-Ruby smiled.

"I missed you so much." A-Ruby said. Summer smiled and rubbed both of them atop their heads.


"Oh, those days in the sun

What I'd give to relive just one.

Undo what's done

And bring back the light"

Summer had a big smile. "I love you my little roses." she kissed the top of their heads. They smiled and snuggled closer.

The melody wafts up to the bedroom where Madame de Salem joins in, singing to Blake.


"O I could sing,

Of the pain these dark days bring!

The spell we're under,

Still it's the wonder of us...

I sing of tonight"

Salem had tears in her eyes. This made her think of her daughter's. She turned to Ozpin, and saw he was crying as well. He was looking at the tea cups with paintings of his daughters. That day was a sad one for both of them.

Blake, turning to the window, sings aloud her thoughts.

"How in the midst of all this sorrow

Can so much hope and love endure?

I was innocent and certain

Now I'm wiser but unsure"

Kali grabbed both Blake's and had them in a hug. "I love you my little kittens."

"I love you too mom." W-Blake smiled.

"Yeah." A-Blake smiled too.


("I can't go back into my childhood) [Days in the past]

[Ah those precious days couldn't last]

(One that my father made secure)

[Oh - hold me closer]

(I can feel the change in me)

(I'm stronger now but still not free")

W-Blake turned to her father. "I'm so sorry for what I said before running away." she said sadly. "I said such awful things. I called you traitors and cowards." tears ran down her cheeks.

"It's alright Blake." Ghira smiled as he hugged her. "I was never mad. I was only worried."

A-Blake felt sad seeing this. When they get home, she would call her father and say she's sorry.

From the window, we pan across to the castle, to the horizon - where the sun is rising. Jaune's eyes are closed as he feels his mother's hand on his head one more time. The whole staff looks on:

Everyone smiled at seeing how the castle looks in the sunrise, as even though it's falling apart it has its own beauty and appeal.


"Days in the sun

Will return - we must believe

As lovers do

That days in the sun

Will come shining through"

Everyone agrees that the sun will come again and the world can get better again.

"It will all be alright in the end." said a hopeful W-Ruby.

Jaune, opening his eyes weakly, takes in the low light of sunrise. As his vision adjusts, the silhouetted figure by his bedside is revealed. Not his mother, but Blake. A smile forms on his lips, and he closes his eyes again.

Juniper returns with Nicolas just as the song ends. Nicolas, shivering in fear, returns to his seat as Juniper sits down smiling.

Tai is about to ask him what had happened, but for some reason Nicolas shouts out "RULE 1 OF JUNIPER'S TRAINING! DON'T TALK ABOUT JUNIPER'S TRAINING!"

Of course, getting the reference of that world, Wolf and AIDA just try and hold in their laughter as everyone else looks at Nicolas as if he's crazy.

In the glass jar, a petal drops as if floating on the melody as Blake crosses to it.

"…What happens when the last petal falls?" Blake asks dreading the answer

Everyone, especially Ren, focuses on this due to his earlier theory about what would happen to them.

"The master remains a beast forever. And the rest of us become..." Oobleck trails off

"Antiques." Summer says

"Knick knacks." Oobleck adds

"Lightly used houseware." Peach suggests

"(Sigh) i was hoping that it was a fluke earlier, but i guess this just confirms my theory." Ren says as he hugs Nora. Everyone becomes saddened as well.

"Rubbish…We become rubbish." Port bluntly says

Only to then laugh, due to the depressing atmosphere being destroyed.

"Leave it to him to ruin a moment." Qrow chuckled.

"Yes, he does that." Glynda sighed with a smirk.

"…I want to help you. There must be some way to lift the curse." Blake asks

The staff exchange looks.

"Yea, you gotta claim him as your own" Mercury says bluntly. He received several slaps to the head as well as food summoned on top of him due to that comment.

"Learn to keep your mouth shut." Emerald spat.

"Well, there is one –" Port started to say, only for Oobleck's candle to smack him, leaving a waxy smear on his face.

"It's not for you to worry about, lamb. We've made our bed and we must lie in it." Summer says

"Why won't they tell her?" Penny asked.

"Because it would freak her out or make her try to force herself to love him. And you can't force love." Summer explained.

"It has to happen on it's own." Kali added.

"Oh. I see." Penny nodded. She believed she understood now. Maybe. She ever really experienced love before.

Jaune opens his eyes, as he's been listening. The years of shame and anguish haunt his face as he begins to remember what it is to be human.

The Arc's all look sadly at the screen. Seeing Jaune like that hurt to see.

Ghira is seen asleep. Suddenly, we hear the branches crack around him.

Everyone freezes at the sound. Kali holds onto Ghira to keep her relaxed. 'Please, whatever gods roam that world, please help my Ghira' She thinks as she watches

The sound gets closer, and just when we think that wolves have found Ghira, we see a hooded figure emerge from the woods.

Everyone sighs in relief, none more so than Kali.

"Thank goodness." Kali smiled.

The figure looks at Ghira, his breathing making fog in the cold. Alarmed, the figure rushes up and pulls down the hood to reveal Glynda. The beggar woman.

Chance sleepily giggles seeing her mama Gyn

Glynda, her arm around Ghira, guides him into a shelter in a small clearing. Gently, she lays him down and removes her cloak, spreading it over him for warmth. She pulls a bundle off her back and rifles through it, removes herbs, a mortar and pestle, and expertly whips up a concoction that she brings to Ghira's lips.

"Drink." She orders him

He blinks, reviving, as he drinks it down.

"Thank you… Glynda." He says with gratitude

"Yes Glynda, thank you for saving and healing my Ghira" Kali says with a warm smile.

Glynda blushes lightly and says "Anything for a friend" with a smile

We see Jaune lying in bed, still bandaged.

"Love can transpose to form and dignity."

Everyone begins to look at the screen intensely, wandering what was being talked about

He opens his eyes to see that Blake isn't reading, she's reciting from memory.

"Love looks not with the eyes

but with the mind. And therefore –"

He joins in by saying "And therefore, is winged Cupid painted blind."

Everyone blinks in surprise and shock.

"Dang, Vomit boy knows Poetry?" W-Yang asks. She flinched a little when she realized she slipped up and called him that again.

"Yep" Juniper and Both Weiss's say to the shock of the audience

Juniper raises her eyebrow at both of the Weiss's Questioningly

"He would use some when confessing to us" W-Weiss says blushing as A-Weiss nods in agreement.

Blake looks up, surprised. "So you know Shakespeare?"

"Whose Shakespeare?" A-Ruby asks

"William Shakespear, in my world, was an English poet, playwright, and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's greatest dramatist." Wolf teaches them passionately, causing most to listen in interest as well as awe

"Not only that, but most of his existing works (including collaborations) consist of some 39 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, and a few famous saying such as "Et tu Brute?", "A wild goose chase", and "Time to break the ice" Aida says to them all, causing some of them to go into shock.

"Wait, then how do we know those saying if we never heard of the guy?" W-Weiss asks

"Emphasis on MULTIVERSE. Not only that but since the English language is so common, it's not surprising that some famous quotes bleed into other worlds." Aida says, while Wolf just nods in agreement.

"Alright but… what's English?" Nora asked.

Wolf's eye twitched. "Old Western Valen. Which has become the basic language of Remnant" he said as he pinched the bridge of his nose. Nora let out an 'oh' in response.

"(grunt) I had an expensive education." Jaune explains as he tries to sit up

"…Actually, "Romeo and Juliet" is my favorite play." Blake says to him

"It's a tragedy written earlier in his career about two young, star-crossed lovers', whose death's ultimately reconcile their feuding families." Aida explains to them, knowing some of them were wondering about it.

Both Blake's, Weiss', and Pyrrha felt interested in reading.

"(Groan) Why is that not a surprise?" Jaune exaggerates with eye rolls

"…I'm Sorry?" Blake asks bewildered

"All that heartache and pining and - (a beastly shudder) There are so many better things to read." Jaune explains

"Pretty surprising." Coco spoke.

"Why's that?" A-Yang asked.

"Well he and his mom wrote ninjas of love." Coco explained.

"Wait what?!" shouted A-Blake. She turned to Juniper who giggled and nodded.

A-Blake got out a notepad. She had been writing down everything they would ask Jaune and Aida when they got back. When she wrote this down, she intensely circled and underlined it.

"…Like what?" Blake asks

We now see Jaune, dressed in nice clothing, leading Blake into a room. As Jaune continues, Blake stops at the door, frozen in shock

"Well, there are a couple of things in here you can start with..." Jaune says. Not hearing her footsteps, he turns to see Blake speechless. "...You alright?." he asks, concerned.

"Wonder what caused you to freeze up like that." W-Yang says to both of the Blake's

"Well, whatever it is, it can't be that good." A-Weiss says

Jaune has led Blake into the biggest, grandest private library in all of France. The chamber is vast and lined floor to ceiling with books

Gasps of awe and wonder filled the room as they take in the grand library

"You're right, It's not that good...It's spectacular!" Salem says, thinking that it's even grander than her own collection

The two Blakes continue to stare at all the books that are there. Wanting to read as many as possible.

"…It's wonderful." Blake says with awe

"Oh. Yes, I suppose it is..." He says in thought as he looks around. Seeing the wonder on her face, he makes a decision. "Well, if you like it so much, then it's yours." He informs her

Both Blakes went wide-eyed hearing that. "I-is he serious?" W-Blake asked.

"Oh gods I wish that were us now..." A-Blake spoke.

He starts to leave off to the side, but is stopped by Blake's question.

"Have you really read every one of these books?" Blake asks

Looking around, he says "…Not all of them. Some are in Greek."

"What's-" before Nora could finish, Wolf let out a giant groan.

Wolf then snapped. "Okay, let me just sum it up! Greece is Western Mistral, Japan is Southern, the Norse lands like Scandinavia is the Northern part, and China is the Eastern."

"English kingdoms is Western Vale, with England as the far west, Ireland as the southwest, and Scotland in the northwest, while France is Eastern Vale."

"Russia is Northern Atlas, formally Mantle, and Germany is Southern."

"And the green, mountain-like coast of Vacuo is Italy, while Spain is the desert inland, while the western part of the inland is like the old west, founded by both people from inner Vacuans and western Valens. The southern part is kinda like Egypt."

"Menagerie shares many of the cultures of the distant kingdoms, but mostly has southern Mistral and some of what is called Australia."

"The cultures and languages are all the same. Does that sum it all up!" Wolf asked as Aida helps with the visuals by transforming his arms into 2 screens to compare the 2 worlds. Everyone nervously nodded.

"…Was that a joke? Are you making jokes now?" Blake asks with an eyebrow raised

"…Maybe." Jaune says with a slight smile and a shoulder shrug as he leaves

Blake shakes her head but is also charmed. She then covers her mouth, letting out a yelp of joy, as she takes in all the books that are now hers.

Both Blake's did the same. They had never seen so many books. It was bigger than any library they had seen.

It's now supper time as Jaune eats at the table, reading a book which sits on a stand. He looks up to see Blake sitting at the other end with three books. She picks up her spoon and starts to eat.

Jaune looks down and plants his face in the bowl, eating it like a dog would drink water.

"Oh Jaune, I taught you to eat better than that." Juniper says exasperated as both RBY's chuckle and the W's look in disgust at his behavior.

"Guess being like that for so long has changed him quite a bit." Ren spoke.

"Why do you say that?" Winter asked.

"Because I doubt a prince would ever be allowed to eat like that." he answered. They all gave it some thought and nodded.

He looks up a second later having inhaled the soup, half of which is dripping from his fur. Blake attempts not to laugh as she smiles.

"Well, at least this version of you finds it funny." Kali says. Both Blake's blush.

Blake and Jaune are now seen crossing a stone footbridge. She reads aloud to the patient, who moves tentatively, favoring a wounded leg.

"The air is blue and keen and cold

And in a frozen sheath enrolled…"

Jaune stops. Blake, savoring the words, keeps walking.

"Each branch, each twig, each blade of grass

Seems clad miraculously with glass"

"Very nice use of literature." Ozpin says "But i feel that there's more to it."

Blake now notices that she's walking alone. She turns back to see Jaune staring out soulfully "…I feel as if I'm seeing it for the first time." He tells her

As she follows his gaze, we reveal a splendidly desolate landscape. The very thing Blake has just described, now spread out before her.

The others stare at the beauty as Cici takes a picture of it

"…Is there more?" he asks trying to be nonchalant

Saphron chuckles lightly "Yea, no way Jaune can be nonchalant about things"

Blake smiles, pleased that for a moment at least he's become a fan of poetry. She reads:

"But in that solemn silence

Is heard the whisper

Of every sleeping thing:

"Look, look at me.

Come wake me up...

For still here I be."

Blake meets Jaune's eyes. Both suddenly aware of hidden meanings in the poet's words.

Most of the younger audience try to figure out what it means, but those of elegance or vast knowledge such as the Schnee's, Salem, and Ozpin know exactly what it means, causing them to smile.

(Personally, I think that the "frozen sheath" is like a mask that hides your true self. So within the solemn silence, where your true self hides, it whispers to others in the world to look at it, to wake it up because it still remains.)[Oberon's words for those wondering. I'm not as poetically inclined that I can see the deep meaning]

In the fresh snow, Blake brushes Philippe's coat. Jaune looks at Blake, who gives a nod, and attempts to pet the horse. Philippe reacts skittishly, causing Jaune to withdraw.

Blake calms Philippe down, then takes Jaune's hand and slowly places it on Philippe with an encouraging smile. As Jaune continues to pet Philippe, she turns away and begins to walk a distance away…

"That was sweet of you my little kitten." Kali smiled.

Both Blake's blushed. "Thanks." they said at the same time.

"There's something sweet and almost kind...

But he was mean and he was coarse and Unrefined!"

"You can say that again" A-Weiss says as W-Weiss nods in agreement

She looks back and sees Jaune petting Philippe. The horse grunts and he imitates it.

"And now he's dear and so unsure

I wonder why I didn't see it there Before"

"Yes, I can't even begin to imagine why." Roman says sarcastically

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a snowball hits Jaune. He turns to see Blake smiling.

"Oh, that's not good" Saphron says shaking her head

"What do you mean?" Glynda asks concerned

"Jaune always finds a way to get back at someone." Saphron says as her parents nod in agreement

In retaliation, Jaune builds a huge snowball, and hurls it at Blake. It strikes her in the face and knocks' her clean off her feet and into the snow. Jaune chuckles, grinning in delight.

"Like that" Saphron says as the room chuckles, minus the Blakes.

Blake reads at her end of the long dining table. She looks up and sees the beast looking at her. "May I?" he asks with his glance

"Come on, let him join you." Kali says to the embarrassment of the Blake's of the room


"She glanced this way

I thought I saw"

She nods, and goes back to her book.

"Yes!" Kali exclaims

"And when we touched

She didn't shudder at my paw"

As he walks the length of the table:

"That's because I don't judge by appearances." A-Blake spoke.

"It would be hypocritical of me if I did." W-Blake nodded.

"No, it can't be, I'll just ignore

But then she's never looked at me that way before"

He finally reaches the edge of the table and sits. He goes to slurp down the soup like before, but then catches himself as he sees Blake watching him.

Laughter filled the room at that. Even the babies giggled up a storm.

After a moment, she picks up her bowl and drinks the soup like a broth. Jaune smiles and does the very same thing as her, loudly slurping and laughing together.

Both Blake's blushed as the laughter got louder.

"How unlady like Blakey." W-Yang chuckled.

Peach and several Ettes remove dust bags from the chandeliers, as Blake stands on a balcony, sleeves rolled up. She scrubs a dirty window, causing a beam of sunlight to strike Ozpin. Meanwhile, Tai mops the floor, cleaning off years of grime revealing the shiny marble underneath.

"What room are they cleaning?" Jackie asked.

"I don't know. But it must be fancy with all that marble." Eve spoke.


"New and a bit alarming

Who'd have ever thought that this could be?"

Through the cleaned windows she sees Jaune outside, walking Philippe and talking to him.

"Hehe, Jaune has always been good with animals." Saphron chuckled.

"I know. I remember when he begged us to let him keep that black kitten he found on the streets. He went on and on about how the ones with black fur are the most beautiful." Juniper giggled.

"Hear that kitty cats? He thinks black cats are the most beautiful." Maria cackled at the two Blake's. They started blushing.

Blake is now seen to be standing on a ladder, pulling down book after book, and handing them to Jaune.

"True that he's no Prince Charming

But there's something in him that I simply didn't see!"

Everyone started laughing knowing the truth.

"Oh if you only knew." smirked Raven. The others nodded.

The staff watches from the corner.


"Well, who'd have thought?"


"Well, bless my soul!"


"Well, who'd have known?"


"Well, who indeed?

And who'd have guessed

They'd come together on their own?"

Ozpin and Glynda began to laugh. "Their good friends, but terrible matchmakers." Ozpin chuckled.

"Yes, hopefully they don't join a dating service anytime soon." Glynda nodded.

The towering stack in Jaune's arms teeters until the library table scoots up behind him, allowing him to set the stack down.

"They had to have been lying about that damned comb!" W-Yang growled angrily.


"It's so peculiar, wait and see."


"We'll wait and see A few days more!

There may be something there that wasn't there before."

"I hope so. I want more grand kittens." Kali giggled. Both Blake's blushed. She then turned to Ilia and gestured to Juliet. "Speaking of, may I hold her?"

Ilia nodded and handed her daughter to Kali. The mother Belladonna smiled as Juliet giggled in her arms.

Jaune nods gratefully, and the wizened globe on the tabletop nods back.

"Seriously?!" shouted both Yang's

"I swear, that hairbrush is the only non-living thing in that whole castle!" A-Weiss says frustrated.

As the staff moves away:


"You know, perhaps there's something

there that wasn't there before."

Ozpin was laughing like a lunatic. Glynda wasn't too far behind. "Our Peter had always been just as blind to what's going on." she chuckled.

"What, mama?" Ruby asks Summer


"There may be something there that wasn't there before."

Summer nodded. "It's nice to see how close they are becoming."

"It sure is." Juniper nodded.

"What is it, what's there?" She asks as she looks back and forth

"I'll tell you when you're older." Summer tells Ruby

Ruby waits a long beat and then says "Okay, I'm older!"

Summer laughs. "Oh Ruby, you are a one!"

Summer and Qrow began to laugh. "That's her alright. She was like that all the time." he smiled as he ruffled his daughter(s) hair.

Sitting in the beautiful rose garden, Jaune is seen reading a book, hearing a sound, he looks up from his book and sees Blake approaches.

"What are you reading?" Blake asks curiously

"Nothing!" He says, hiding the book quickly but Blake catches the title.

"Oh yeah, like that wasn't suspicious at all." Cindy says sarcastically.

"Hate to say it, but my baby bro is pretty bad at hiding stuff like that." Saphron chuckled.

"…Guinevere and Lancelot." She says with a knowing smile as she sits next to him

"Well actually, King Arthur and the Round Table. Knights, and men, and swords and things..." Jaune explains nonchalauntly

"Jaune's ancestors are in this world too?" Ozpin asks Wolf as Salem and the Arcs look at the screen in shock.

"Well… Yeah. Some things are a… Universal constant I guess." Wolf nervously chuckled. "Aida back me up here." he whispered after elbowing the android.

"It's basically the same with the different countries and languages. All have a basis of similarity but there's always one factor that makes it different." Aida explains

"...But still... it's a romance." Blake says with a joking smile

Jaune nods, a bit shyly. "…All right, I felt like a change." He admits

"Is it a universal constant that Jaune is a romantic at heart?" A-Ruby asks

"Pretty much, yeah. More or less." Wolf shrugged.

"…I never thanked you for saving my life." Blake admits looking at him with both slight guilt and much gratitude

"Yea, you should give him a reward when we get back home" A-Yang says, causing both Blakes to blush at the thought.

W-Yang smirked at them and teasingly did a kissy face.

"I think that's a lovely idea." Kali giggled. She was already plotting for grand-kittens.

"…Well I never thanked you... for not leaving me to be eaten by wolves." Jaune says jokingly

"Yeah, that was sweet of you." Juniper smiled. She hugged both Blake's. She then looked to Kali and both mothers smiled.

Blake laughs. A quiet charged moment, which ends with the shouts and laughter of the servants in the castle. Blake and Jaune can't help but smile.

"They know how to have a good time." Blake says teasingly

"Yes. But when I enter the room, laughter dies." Jaune admits as he gestures to his appearance

"Well, you would be great at halloween parties" A-Ruby says

"Yea, better than the one Ihad on my sixteenth birthday." W-Ruby says with a grumble. They were both mad their friends made them where a trash can.

"Well you shouldn't have used the birthday line over and over. It gets really annoying." W-Yang responded. Both Ruby's pouted and crossed their arms.

"Me, too." She admits. Seeing Jaune's confusion, she explains "The villagers say that I'm a "funny girl," but I don't think they mean it as a compliment."

"I'm sorry... Your village sounds terrible." Jaune says bluntly

"Way to be blunt there Beast boy" Qrow jokes as everybody chuckles from how blunt Jaune was

"Almost as lonely as your castle." Blake says with a small laugh

He turns to her with a melancholy smile. Then, an idea strikes him. "What do you say we run away?" Jaune asks Blake, who is surprised by the suggestion.

"Oh how romantic, the young prince...there to take the damsel away from her boring life, too one filled with adventure" Kali says purring from how romantic it sounds. Her tail went into the shape of a heart.

"M-mom!" shouted both Blake's who were blushing hard.

"What? Is it wrong for a mother to want her kittens to find love… and give me grand kitties?" she giggled.

Back in the library, Jaune unlocks a desk cabinet. In it, resting on velvet, its gold-leaf cover faintly glimmering with magic, is a leather bound book covered in a thick layer of dust.

"Another little "gift" from the Enchantress..." Jaune explains as he begins to unlock it. He cracks open the book to reveal AN ANTIQUE WORLD ATLAS

(Not to be confused by Atlas the Place). Showing no countries. Just land and sea.

"A book that truly allows you to escape." He explains as he blows some dust away and sets it on a book stand.

Blake moves closer to find the pen and ink drawings alive. Waves lap the beaches. Green trees sway in invisible wind.

"How extraordinary" Salem says in wonder. Everyone just nods in agreement.

"In this viewing, I have been seeing magic the likes of which I have never seen before." Ozpin said in awe.

"How amazing." She says as she looks in wonder

"It was her cruelest trick of all." Jaune explains with a pained voice. "Just another curse"

Everyone was left confused by that. "What does he mean by that?" Eve asked.

"I'm sure we'll find out." Maria spoke.

Seeing her questioning look, he explains "The outside world has no place for a creature like me." He then looks at Blake and says "But it can for you."

"That's… really sad. He's right, it is cruel to give someone something like that, knowing full well, they have nowhere to go." Velvet said sadly, tears coming out of her eyes.

"You're not wrong Bunbun. Kind of a dick move." Coco nodded.

Jaune offers his hand and Blake takes it. He gently moves her hand to the book. "Think of the place you've most wanted to see. First, see it in your mind's eye. Then feel it in your heart."

Blake nods, knowing this isn't a difficult decision. The moment her hand hits the page, we enter it, Spinning through celestial flares which blur and recombine as the lights of Paris.

"So, that Paris…" Ozpin asks, looking at all the buildings.

"It's so pretty." Nora said in awe.

"It's also known as the city of love." Wolf told them.

Hearing that, many of the couples smiled and snuggled together. Nora smiled at Ren, who did the same.

We descend over the city and into the top floor of a windmill in Montmartre.

"Where did you take us?" Jaune asks

"Paris." Blake says looking around

Jaune looks out of a window and sees glittering lights. "Oh, I love Peris. What would you like to see first? Notre Dame? The Champs-Elysées?" he asks her in excitement.

"Wait, how does he know that place if he never left the castle due to him being a beast?" Roman asks, getting nods from most of the villain's turning good in the room

"Who says he didn't visit when he was human?" Aida answers the question with his own

Not getting a response, he then asks "No? Too touristy?" he asks her.

Not getting a response a second time, he turns to find Blake silent. Her eyes brimming with tears.

"It's so much smaller than I imagined." Blake says mostly to herself

He watches Blake walk through her childhood home. The artist's garret that Ghira recreated in his signature music box. Abandoned years ago, the room is crumbling.

"Now that's just sad" Mercury says.

"Oh wow, you can be sensitive." Emerald teased.

"Shut up!" Mercury shouted.

Blake finds the remains of her father's easel. A tarnished wall mirror. Her own broken crib.

"This is the Paris of my childhood.

These were the borders of my life.

In this crumbling dusty attic…

Where an artist loved his wife.

Easy to remember.

Harder to move on.

Knowing that the Paris of my childhood Is gone."

Kali had tears in her eyes as she hugged her daughter(s) tightly. They hugged her right back.

Blake notices something tucked into a corner of the crib and pries it loose. It is a baby's rattle carved into the shape of a rose..

"What happened to your mother?" Jaune asks, noticing that in that brief song/talk, that she didn't mention her

"That's the only story Papa could never bring himself to tell. And I knew better than to ask..." Blake responds as she turns to him.

Both Ruby's and Yang's look towards Tai and Qrow when hearing that. The W-RY remembered how loving and shocked Qrow was when reuniting with Summer while the A-RY thought about how their Tai reacted to the news of Summer.

As she was speaking, Jaune noticed something on a chair. The dark, pointed mask of a plague doctor. "A doctor's mask…" he whispers as he lifts it up.

Knowing what possibly happened to her mother, due to the same illness taking his own, he turns to her and simply says "...Plague." saddened for her.

"...What...what kind of plague?" A-Ruby asks, fearing the worst as the others look on in worry.

Aida and Wolf look at each other in a silent conversation and nod in agreement. "The plague they are talking about is a contagious bacterial disease characterized by fever and delirium. It typically starts with the formation of buboes and sometimes with the infection of the lungs." Wolf says sadly

"The worst one that happened was known as the "BLACK DEATH" which killed over 75 million people" Aida says sadly as well, looking at the reaction of horror and sadness of all that are listening to this reaction.

The revelation lands on Blake's face. She looks around and glimpses at what must have happened. A doctor stands in the doorway, his face covered by the doctor's mask.

"You must leave. Now." The doctor says

A bag is hastily packed, Blake's younger father (barely seen) taking only what is necessary. He stops to gaze at Blake's mother, who lies on her deathbed, surrounded by medicines.

"See the black spots forming around her face...those are the buboes we were describing earlier." Wolf says

Ghira wrapped his arms around his wife seeing that. He didn't like seeing her like that.

"Quickly... before it takes her too..." She says to him

She closes her eyes, and turns away. Ghira picks up the baby who drops her beloved rose- shaped rattle. Blake's mother touches it to her lips as husband and child disappear.

Back to the present, Blake stares at the rattle.

"I'm sorry I ever called your father a thief." Jaune apologizes with guilt

"Well at least he's sorry about that" W-Yang says trying to lighten the mood.

Roman then decides to ruin it. "Well he still is kind of a thief. Just from circumstances." Neo then punched him right in the side.

Blake lifts her head with her wet eyes looking at him. "Let's go home."

Both Blake's blushed when their counterpart said that.

"Oh my, already seeing his home as yours?" Kali giggled.

"Mom!" said both Blake's blushing.

Jaune nods in understanding and takes her hand.

Wind and rain dance in front of the inn. Music and drunken laughter inside.

"Oh great, back here." Coco grumbled.

"Wow, this is some storm... At least we're not tied to a tree in the middle of nowhere, right?" Ilia asks Adam

Not getting a response from him, she tries again "You know it's not too late, we could just go get him..." Ilia says as they walk to the inn

"Please listen." Ilia begged.

"At least she has some sense." Jackie said

"All she needs now is a spine." Qrow chuckled. Ilia wanted to say something in her counterpart's defence, but he was right.

Adam doesn't react.

"It's just, every time I close my eyes, I picture Ghira stranded out there. And then when I open them, he's –"

They enter and see Ghira surrounded by Tukson and Qrow the potter.

"Well looks like bull boy it's going to get his just deserts." W-Yang chuckled.

"You can say that again." said Kali with an evil grin.

"(excitedly) Ghira" Ilia says happily. However, realizing she shouldn't be happy, tamps down her smile. Ghira and Adam lock eyes. Adam quickly assesses the situation.

The tavern keeper then asks "Adam, did you try to kill Ghira?"

"Yea, he did! Throw him in prison!" Nora shouts

"YEA!" shouted the Blake's, Yang's, and Rubys

Just when we think Adam might run or fight or deny, he smiles warmly.

"Uhh why is he smiling?" W-Weiss asks

"Because you're about to see something that Roman over here would actually be impressed about" Aida says frustrated. Everyone looks to Wolf in shock, but all he does is nod in agreement

"Oh, Ghira! Thank heavens. I've spent the last five days trying to find you." Adam says in a relieved tone.

Jaws begin to drop on the floor

Suddenly, the villagers shift their gaze to Ghira as he exclaims "You tried to kill me! You left me for the wolves!"

"Wolves?!... it's one thing to rave about your delusions. It's another to accuse me of attempted murder." Adam says

"...i gotta admit, he's good" says Roman "Planting the seeds of doubt with half truths and misdirection"

"He's not wrong." Sienna sighed. "It's how he was able to get so many in the fang to follow him." Both Blake's and Ilia looked down.

As Adam's argument lands, the gentle Ghira feels the room slipping away from him.

"Ghira, do you have any proof of what you're saying?" Qrow asks

"Ask Glynda! She rescued me!" Ghira says gesturing towards her

"That's right! Miss Goodwitch will tell him!" W-Ruby said with a smile.

Before Glynda can speak however...

"Glynda? You'd hang...your accusation...on the testimony of a filthy hag?" He questions Ghira incredulously "…No offense, Glynda." He says to her

Glynda raises an eyebrow, but says nothing.

"Oh…" W-Ruby's smile sank. Glynda's eye twitched as she glared at their Adam.

Seeing that his hope was dwindling, he begins to look around the room until he spots Ilia. "Madam Ilia! She was there. She saw it all." Ghira says

"Me?" Ilia asks shocked at being put on the spot

"Yeah, she could prove it." Nora smiled.

"No… she won't…" Ilia sighed.

"What do you mean?" A-Blake asked.

"She's… so blind to what he really is. She thinks he has some kind of reason for whatever he does." Ilia sighed once more. It was just like how she was.

"You're right. Don't take my word for it." Adam says as he puts his arm around Ilia and pulled her closer to him. "Ilia, my dearest companion, did I, your oldest friend and most loyal compatriot, try to kill the Father of the ONLY woman I've ever loved?"

"...when he puts it like that, it does sound ridiculous" Ghira admits

"But that doesn't change that it's true." Kali growled.

All eyes turn to Ilia, who is clearly torn.

"…It's a complicated question on a number of accounts." She starts. But then on seeing Adam's upset eyes, she says "… but... no. No, he did not."

Ilia, hearing her counterpart's response, slowly lowers her head in shame and guilt, tears slowly but steadily falling from her eyes. Juliet, seeing her mother's tears, comforts her as best she could "It's awight mama"

The crowd reacts. Ghira, seeing how cruel Adam played the truth, lunges at Adam with his palm, attempting to smack him. However, Adam catches his hand, and easily subdues him.

"Ohhh, so close" W-Ruby says

"Ghira, it pains me to say this, but you've become a danger to yourself and's no wonder Blake ran away."

"...I'm gonna kill him!" Kali says in a venomous voice that causes all the men to shake in fear. The only exceptions were Wolf (who is a god) and Aida (who is a Robot).

"You need help, sir. A place to heal your troubled mind." Adam says as he rubs and squeezes Ghira shoulders painfully He signals to Tom, Dick, and Stanley, and Ghira sees them block the exit.

Adam leaning closer, continuing his action which causes Ghira to wince, says "Everything's going to be fine." With a fake grin

Adam in the theater also had a large grin. "Because Blake will be safe with me."

"I'd rather die than be with you." Both Blake's spat.

We now see Jaune sitting in a tub far too small for him. There's shadow-play on the curtain, hiding his form and only showing a shadow of him.

"Dang it, I was hoping for a show..." A-Yang says, disappointed.

W-Yang blushed hard and tried to hide it. "Y-yeah… s-same…" she stuttered. A-Yang was wondering what was up with her.

"Yang Xiao-Long, you should not be saying those things in front of the children!" Tai says angrily while pointing at all of the babies

Jaune explains to his staff why he's troubled. "I saw her in the ballroom, and I said "Well, you're making this place look so beautiful, we should have a dance tonight." he says casually

"Ok, so far so good." Coco says, invested in this short story so far

"I never thought she'd actually say yes! What was I thinking?!" He then says panicked, nervous, slightly hopeful, but mostly scared.

"Aww, Blake, you're going on a dancing date with Jaune." Kali says happily. Both Blake's blushed hard.

"No, Master, it's perfect! The rose has only four petals left which means tonight... you must tell her how you feel." Oobleck says

"Wait, how many petals have fallen since then till now?" Salem asks

"Let me see…give me a moment." Aida says to them. They watch as his eyes become blue while numbers and calculations fly within them.

"What's he doing?" W-weiss asks

"Probably getting the relevant info for your question. He does this all the time." A-Blake says

His eyes return to normal and informs them "The rose had about 12 petals on it and they started falling at the start of his 21st birthday. 4 had fallen already before Blake had even arrived, 1 fell before she ate that one entertaining dinner, another fell after Jaune saved her from wolves, 1 fell after she healed him back to health, and the latest one happened after their trip from France." Aida says.

"And how long has it been since his 21st birthday?" Penny asked.

"2 months ago, so the first 4 were 2 each month, and due to the process of it speeding up due to the rose dying faster as the days past, the rest have fallen within the time period of 2 weeks. So the rest should fall in about 2 days...maybe 2 hours" Aida calculates

Jaune stands, his head appearing above the curtain, sopping wet. "I feel like a fool.

"Hahahahaha, he looks like zwei after a bath!" W-Ruby laughs

When his name was mentioned, Zwei hopped on her lap with a big dopey smile. She then gave him a big hug.

"She'll never love me." he says discouraged

"Damn, he's just as self deprecating as our Jaune." W-Yang spoke.

"Is it normal in the multiverse for Jaune to always look down on himself?" Pyrrha asked sadly.

"Lets just say, it's a lot." Wolf sighed.

"Do not be discouraged…" He says as Jaune shakes his coat dry like a dog, the spray extinguishing Oobleck's candles. "...She is the one." He says reigniting them

"I wish you'd stop saying that!" Jaune says as he plops into his seat in front of the mirror in a robe. "There is no one." Not believing in that kind of superstition

"True...but no matter what, there is always at least a 'Someone'." Aida says

"And he seems to have a lot of options." Wolf whispered to Aida. He then gestured for all the girls that like Jaune.

"...fair point, But it's not everyday that someone becomes a harem protagonist." Aida counters

Wolf shrugs. "True."

"You care for her, don't you?" Oobleck asks. Seeing Jaune nod, he then says "Well then, woo her with beautiful music and romantic candlelight..."

"Yes, and when the moment's just right..." Peach says trailing off, letting Jaune fill in the blank for himself.

"But how will I know?" Jaune asks

"You will feel slightly nauseous." Port says with a factual tone

All the women begin to chuckle at that silly phrase, only to stop as they notice that most of the men in the room, including Wolf and Aida, nod in agreement at that simple fact.

"Seriously?" Coco asked.

"Oh yeah. Take it from a guy, we know how guys feel when they're in love." Tai nods.

"Don't worry, master, you'll do fine." Oobleck says

"Just stop being so nervous and tell Blake how you feel." Summer joins in smiling. "…Because if you don't, I promise you'll be drinking cold tea for the rest of your life." She says angrily

"...I can't tell if that was a cold truth, or if it was a threat." Qrow says

Everyone turns to the residential world experts and they give a shaky hand indicating it was kind of both

"In the dark." Oobleck

"Covered in dust." Peach says

"Dark and very, very dusty." Oobleck emphasized

"Ok, I think we get the picture" Roman says sarcastically

"Really like to drive the point home, don't they?" Raven asked.

"Well it's so he gets the message." Es explained.

"Just to let you all know, this Jaune is the least Dense of them all and he still needs help with romance. So if you want any shot with him, you just need to confess and let him sort it out." Aida says to all those who are crushing on Jaune.

"That is if he doesn't think it's some kind of cruel joke. Denseness and self deprecation can be a very sad duo." Wolf sighed.

As Jaune takes this in, A brief montage is shown as the castle staff give him a makeover.

"Start with the hair! Women love nice hair." Oobleck says

"That is a truth if I have ever heard one." Raven says stroking her hair carefully. Both Yangs begin to do the same as well.

"He meant on guys, not themselves." Summer told them with a deadpan look.

"That too." Raven nodded.

"I'll take the fingers and toes!" Summer says as she pours hot water into Ruby

"Tai, brush those teeth! They need it!" Peter says as Tai begins to brush them aggressively.

Everyone chuckles at the faces that Jaune is doing due to the toothbrush in his mouth

Jaune is seen to be pushed and pulled, primped and snipped.

"Dip, dip. Snip, snip." Oobleck says

His fingers are dipped into Ruby, his nails buffed by Summers' steam.

"Polish the nails" Oobleck says

Oobleck then climbs onto his horns.

"Shine the horns" Oobleck says, shining them

"So if he's getting a mani-pedi, what would you call shining the horns?" A-Ruby asks

"A Horny?" A-Yang says, causing all the women and girls to blush.

"Yang Xiao Long, I swear I will shave your head in your sleep!" A-Weiss shouted.

"Try it Ice-queen, you'll lose both your hands." A-Yang threatened.

Peach powders Jaune's face "Eyes closed, poof poof!"

"And the pièce de résistance..." Oobleck says as Tai places one of the Prince's old wigs on Jaune.

With the finishing touch in place, Jaune spins in his chair to see himself in the mirror...and sees that he looks totally ridiculous.

A brief moment of silence...and then rambunctious laughter echoes around the room. Some falling off their seats and some pounding their chairs.

"He...he looks so stupid!" Mercury weazed.

"I *snorts* I can't stop laughing!" said Pyrrha. Eve was also snorting from laughter. Ren smiled and shook his head.

The staff, dejected, takes in its handiwork.

"…OK, I can fix this!" Oobleck says

"Good luck, you're gonna need it old friend." Ozpin says chuckling

Salem is seen finishing dressing Blake in some beautiful Golden accessories worn on her ears, hair, and neck.

"Oh, Beautiful…but something is missing." She says, trying to think of what's missing.

"Really? What could be missing?" Salem asks herself

"Actually, I think it could use a little something." Coco said. Velvet sighed, knowing her partner/leader would think that way.

Looking up, the Golden paint around the gilding glows in the moonlight. A moment of inspiration. "Ahh, yes. The finishing touches." She says as she sweeps her arm. We follow as the gold paint magically whooshes downward as flecks, combining and settling on Blake's gown in complex designs. Zooming slowly outward after watching the Golden dust settle onto the dress, Blake is breathtaking as she is revealed on the upper landing.

"Oh my." Kali says, holding a hand to her mouth as she tries not to cry at how beautiful her daughter looks in the gown. "My baby girl is all grown up…" she says as she begins to tear up

"Yes honey. Our little kitten has grown to be as beautiful as her mother." Ghira said with a smile. Kali hugged him tight.

"Aunty Blake pwitty Mama!" Juliet said as her costume changed to match Blake's gown. Ilia laughed and smiled.

Blake gazes over at Jaune, who looks resplendent, seeing him in a new light.

"Not bad... Jaune cleans up pretty good" Coco says admiring the suit

Adrian, seeing his 'uncle', and transforms his costume to match his suit. Now he had his beast costume and a nice little suit on.

"Oh, you look so cute in your little outfit!" Terra and Saphron squealed. Adrian giggled and clapped his hands.

Jaune, gazing at Blake, does the same and smiles bashfully. They slowly meet on the center landing and, arm in arm, they descend the staircase. From the bottom of the staircase, Summer begins to sing as she watches this happen with Ruby next to her.

"Tale as old as time.

True as it can be."

"You have a very lovely voice, aunt Summer." Cici smiled.

"Indeed. It's lovely." Salem nodded.

"O-oh, thank you…" Summer blushed.

"It's actually a constant for every world I visit that Summer has a beautiful voice." Es told them. "I love to listen to it."

Summer's blush got worse. "H-how often do I sing?"

"Everytime you visit. And you even sang on a street corner to get the money for my husband's hat." Es explained. Summer had a few tears in her eyes and smiled. She thought it was nice knowing she went that far for him.

They enter the absolutely resplendent ballroom. It has been cleaned and scrubbed to its former glory. The great windows offer a magnificent view of the starry night.

"Such a beautiful room. I would have loved to clean it myself." Eve smiled. Everyone was curious about that.

"She's a workaholic." Jackie explained. Eve blushed when she did.

"Barely even friends.

Then somebody bends unexpectedly."

Oobleck and Peter are seen watching atop of Ozpin as he plays along the words and melody of Summer

Salem and Glynda both laughed hard at the fact that Oobleck and Peter were pretty much on his head. Ozpin however didn't find it so funny.

"Just a little change.

Small to say the least.

Both a little scared.

Neither one prepared.

Beauty and the Beast."

As the music rises, Blake bows and Jaune bows in return. She offers him her hands, and nervously, he takes them. They begin to dance, gliding across the ballroom.

"Damn Blakey, you're a pretty good dancer." W-Yang smiled.

"Yeah, where were these moves at the dance?" A-Yang chuckled. Both Blake's blushed.

"Ever just the same.

Ever a surprise.

Ever as before.

Ever just as sure.

As the sun will rise."

All the couple's begin to snuggle up closer. Juliet smiled cuddling with her Memaw and Papaw.

We move up to see CARVED INSTRUMENTAL FIGURES, VIOLIN, VIOLAS, HARPS which have come to life and are playing accompaniment with Ozpin sparkling with polish.

"Tale as old as time.

Tune as old as song.

Bittersweet and strange.

Finding you can change.

Learning you were wrong."

Everyone agrees with her about learning you can change, Neo thinks about how she now wants to live a legal life and visiting the little boy on her lap as he grows into a man.

'I wonder what you'll be like.' she thought to Chance.

Right now, in this moment, nothing in the world exists except each other. Despite his bulk, Jaune is careful, gentle, graceful. The lights in the ballroom grow dim and reflect off the crystal chandeliers as he lifts her, spinning, as Blake is swept away in the moment. The room glittering and shining as if they were in the middle of the cosmos.

"Oh, I'd love to learn how to do that with my magic." Salem said in awe. The girls who have magic nodded in agreement. The glittering and shining effect would be incredible to learn.

"Certain as the sun.

Rising in the East.

Tale as old as time.

Song as old as rhyme.

Beauty and the Beast."

The lights come back up as the terrace doors open, allowing Blake and Jaune to step outdoors. Looking at the staff, we see them watching in mounting hope and excitement. On top of Ozpin, Oobleck puts an arm around Peter, pulling him closer.

Ozpin then let out a chuckle. "Looks like the idiot brigade is going to join."

"Looks that way." Glynda snickered.

"Tale as old as time

Song as old as rhyme

Beauty and the Beast"

Ruby nuzzles her mother, as Blake and Jaune move outside

Both Ruby's did the same. Summer smiled at them and gave them a hug.

We now see Blake and Jaune standing together under the stars.

"I haven't danced in years... I'd almost forgotten the feeling." Jaune says reminiscing as he looks out.

"Really?! Years? Huh, guess he really is a dance master." Pyrrha says

"That's right. I raised my baby to dance like a master." Juniper smiled.

"Explains how he was so good at the dance." A-Ruby giggled.

"Yeah…" W-Yang grumbled. She's still ticked Jaune pulls off a dress better than she does.

Looking at Blake, as beautiful as she is, he muster's his courage and says "It's foolish, I suppose...for a creature like me to hope day he might earn your affection."

"Oh Jaune…" Pyrrha said sadly.

"It's kinda sad…" Terra sighed.

"...I don't know..." Blake says, really not knowing how she felt, but knowing that it's something.

"Really? So you think you could be happy here?" Jaune asks with growing hope

Everyone begins to hold their breath as they watch intensely, anticipating her answer.

After a bit of thought, she turns to him and asks "Could anyone be happy if they're not free?"

Jaune's hope is suddenly dashed as he realizes what she means. You can have everything you ever wanted, but if you can't even leave the place that binds you there, then it would mean nothing.

Everyone looked sadly to Jaune. It was clear how much it hurt him that Blake felt that way.

"…My father taught me to dance. I used to step on his toes a lot." Blake says gazing wistfully toward the forest.

"Yea, and i got the scars to prove it" Ghira says jokingly

"Dad! I wasn't that bad." W-Blake says blushing

"…You must miss him." Jaune says

"...Very much." She says with tears starting near her eyes

Jaune thinks for a moment on what to do. How can he help her not be sad anymore?

"(sigh) that's Jaune for you. Helping others even if it means sacrificing his own happiness" Saphron says sadly

Gaining an idea and making a decision, he asks "…Would you like to see him?"

"And how exactly are you going to do that?" A-Weiss asks

We now see Blake staring into Jaune's hand mirror. "I'd like to see my father." she says hopefully.

"Oh...right." A-Weiss says sheepishly

A glow of magic ripples across the glass. When it clears Blake sees Ghira being manhandled in the village square! He looks terrified.

"Papa! What are they doing to him?! He's…he's in trouble!" Blake shouts out as she looks at what's happening in front of her

Kali gasped as she held her husband's arm.

"No… Damn you Adam…" W-Blake trembled.

Jaune reacts to her suffering not knowing what to do or say. And then…A moment of choice.

"What? What choice? What is he going to do?" Kali asks worried for her daughter

With his heart in pain, he looks out into the woods and says "...You must go to him."

A heavy silence goes through the room as they try to process what they heard.

"What...what did he?.." W-Blake ask while A-Blake looks at him in shock

Looking at Jaune she asks "…What did you say?" with confusion and hope in her eyes

"...You must go to him...No time to waste." Jaune says determined, turning to look her in the eyes.

"He's letting her go!?" Salem asks in shock

"Of course he is. He wants her to go help her father. Why wouldn't he?" W-Ruby asks

"Because without her, he will remain cursed. And from what i can see, there's only three petals left."Ozpin says

Overwhelmed with emotions, and unsure of what to do, she moves to return the mirror to him.

"No...Keep it with you...then you'll always have a way to look back on me." Jaune says with a small smile

The hearts of both Blakes begin to resonate with his words and cant help but feel truly grateful for what he's doing for them

"I'm glad that Jaune is like this in this world." A-Blake whispers to her counterpart

"I know what you mean. I can't help but wonder if our Jaune is just as self sacrificing." W-Blake whispers back

"You have no idea" Aida and Wolf whisper to themselves, hearing what they were talking about

She looks at Jaune in a way she has never done before…with pure gratitude and appreciation."…Thank you." Blake says gratefully. She begins to rush out of the room, looking back one last time, before continuing on through the doors.

Unknown to her, right as she leaves his sight, Jaune releases a breath of deep sadness. Heartbreak reflecting off his eyes as he tries to regain control of himself.

Those that have become close to Jaune begin to feel their hearts break as well from seeing such sadness. The Blake's, seeing how much heartbreak she caused by leaving him, begin to cry and seek comfort from those closest to them.

"Shhhhhh, it's ok. Everything's going to be just fine." Kali says, trying to soothe her daughters

Salem, being the most affected, begins to remember her heartbreak at when Ozpin died, causing her to cry for the first time in years

She runs down the grand staircase towards the door. However, she stops seeing Tai as he bows to her, silently, sadly.

Choking back tears as she bows back to him, the doors open for her and she is gone. Tai then looks up to the landing, and sees Summer standing there, watching. Heartbroken.

"Man, this is getting depressing now. Where's the comedic relief when you need it" A-Yang says as she wipes some tears away.

"Yeah, no kidding" W-Yang says, doing the same as well

Jaune is seen to have removed his fancy clothes, leaving him in his pants, loose shirt, and a Dark cloak that he begins to put on.

Peter enters, eager for news. "Well, master, I may have had my doubts, but everything is moving like clockwork. True love really does win the day!" He says happily

This causes the room to chuckle at his eagerness. "There it is" Ozpin says chuckling

"Where were you when we needed you?" Coco joked.

"…I let her go." Jaune admits to Peter

"It was the right thing to do." Juniper said, smiling.

"And I'm happy he did it, and cares enough to do so… but…" A-Blake didn't know how to finish.

"It's sad why he did it…" w-Blake finished. Her counterpart nodded.

"You... WHAT!?" Peter shouts shocked just as Oobleck and Peach enter behind him, followed by Summer

"He did the right thing." Glynda smiled. The other woman nodded and agreed.

"Master... how could you do that?" Oobleck asks in despair, hearing what he said to Peter.

"...I had to." Jaune explains

Many women agreed, and the Blake's started thinking about their Jaune's and how they would give up their own chance at happiness to help out a friend. But then someone spoke.

"You didn't have could have kept her forever and left her father to an Insane asylum" Cindy says within the mirror

"Cindy!" Cici chastised.

"But why?!" Peter shouts in confusion

"Yeah, I don't exactly understand myself." Mercury spoke. Just then, Emerald, Cici, Summer and Juniper either smacked him or threw a shoe at him, or both.

"Because he loves her." Summer explains, knowing why he did what he did.

Both Blake's pause and let that sink in as they didn't fully expect him to have fallen for her.

Juniper and Saphron both sighed. "That's how he is. He would do anything for the ones he loves." Saphron spoke.

"Yes, that's my baby." Juniper nodded.

"That's it then, that should break the spell" Roman says laying back, relaxing as he drinks a toast to them.

"...but then why haven't they turned back then" W-Weiss asks

"Then why are we not human?" Oobleck asks confused

"That's what we want to know!" Both Weiss's say exclaim as the other chuckle at the similarity

"(angry) Because she doesn't love him! And now, it's too late." Port says in despair

"O-oh…" both Weiss' said in realization.

"Oh, now that can't be true." A-Ruby said aloud.

"Yeah, it isn't too late! I'm sure she does!" W-Ruby nodded.

Both Blake's think and realizes that their counterpart is falling for him but isn't sure yet.

"He is an idiot, they are dealing with a vaguely worded spell so they don't know exactly how she has to show her love to break it." Glynda spoke.

"You're right," Aida says, gaining their attention. "But so far...she hasn't shown any form of love to him."

"What are you talking about?! Of course she has!" Kali says upset that Aida is talking bad about her daughter

"Really? Let's make a list shall we? 1. She only helped him back to health due to him saving her from the wolves. That's Gratitude, not love. 2. She only stayed at the castle due to him claiming her a prisoner, even if she was treated as a guest later on. Again no sign of showing love to him. And finally, when Jaune releases her, she goes back to her father to help him. That's a personal gain to her as she loves and cares for her father...not that there's anything wrong with that. So where in those "scenarios" did she show that she loved him? Aida lectures and asks/ Kali just pouted and grumbled.

"…But she might still come back." Peach says hopeful

"…No." Jaune admits "I've set her

free." He explains to them, believing that the only reason she stayed was because she was his prisoner.

"Oh...Jaune" Juniper whispers as tears fall from her eyes.

"…I'm just sorry I couldn't do the same for all of you." He apologizes, turning away, unable to face them. "Now go. Our time is almost past." He says as he listens as the staff retreats.

"That's the boy I raised." Juniper said with a smile. Nicholas was about to say something, but Juniper sent him a glare. "Don't forget this is your counterparts fault."

"I was the one who had it all...

I was the master of my fate."

Jaune looks around the room remembering his past.

Ozpin and Salem remember the past and when they were happiest before Fate intervened and ruined their plans. Tears formed remembering their daughters and everything they lost.

"I never needed anybody in my life...

I learned the truth too late."

He looks down at the rose and closes his eyes for a moment

Both Weiss' begin to remember their past. How when they first came to Beacon, they acted uptight, and thought they deserved to have what they wanted. Even tried to steal the role of leader from Ruby.

They realized this could have been them if it wasn't for their friends.

"I'll never shake away the pain."

He opens his eyes and sees something that we do not

"I close my eyes but she's still there."

Both Blake's blush when he said that. They start to think how similar their Jaune's are. They think of how kind he is. And how he doesn't care if someone is a faunus or human.

He begins to walk onto the balcony of his lair.

"I let her steal into my melancholy Heart.

It's more than I can bear."

Both Blake's begin to tear up listening to him.

Adam sneered at them when seeing this. He thought it was disgusting how they were feeling sorry for some magically cursed human.

Looking from his POV, we see Blake setting off.

"Now I know she'll never leave me

Even as she runs away."

"What does he mean by that?" Penny asked confused.

"It means he loves her, and even though she is gone physically, she's still in his heart." A-Weiss told her.

Jaune begins to climb the castle turrets.

"She will still torment me, calm me,

hurt me, move me, come what may."

"That's the effect a good woman has on a man in love." Ghira sighed. Qrow, Tai, Nicholas and Ozpin all agree.

The wives all blush, and Salem starts to think the man she fell for so long ago was still there.

He climbs the stairs until he reaches a window to see her getting further away.

"Wasting in my lonely tower.

Waiting by an open door.

I'll fool myself she'll walk right in.

And be with me for evermore."

All the girls that have fallen for Jaune think to themselves that they would if they could. Even both Blake's. They then realize they just thought that and try to figure out why.

Higher and higher he climbs, to keep Blake in sight as she gets further and further away.

"I rage against the trials of love.

I curse the fading of the light."

Salem thinks about how she and Ozma lived each day until he died. Qrow thinks about how his life was so much brighter before Summer died and it seemed as though he was living a nightmare without her. Qrow then wraps his arms around his wife.

He begins to walk along a bridge to get a better view of her

"Though she's already flown so far beyond my reach.

She's never out of sight."

Qrow has a sad smile on his face. "He's right."

"What do you mean?" Summer asked him.

"Even when you were gone, I still always saw you in our little girl, and in my dreams." Qrow told her. That caused Summer to not only blush badly, but to cry happy tears as well. Both Ruby's seeing this, get up and move to their seats as Summer tenderly embraces Qrow in a loving kiss.

We see Jaune looking at Blake at a distance with pain and longing in his voice wanting her to come back.

"Now I know she'll never leave me.

Even as she fades from view."

Both Blake's tears are coming even stronger now as they realized that they do love him, and is sad for how their counterpart is leaving him

We see him climbing even more stairs until he reaches another window

"She will still inspire me, be a part of everything I do."

"Wasting in my lonely tower...

Waiting by an open door…"

"That's so romantic. I hope I could be so lucky." Eve sighed with a blush. Adam sent her a look of disgust. He couldn't believe she wished to be with some human.

Jaune climbs as Blake continues riding, until he reaches the highest turret of the castle

"I'll fool myself she'll walk right in.

And as the long, long nights begin…

I'll think of all that might have been.

Waiting here - for - Ever-MOOOOORE!"

Jaune stands at the edge of the turret as the castle shrinks due to the distance until we reach Blake finally disappearing through the castle gates.

"Oh Jaune, you don't need to wait for me. I'll be right here for you always…" W-Blake says aloud with tears streaming down her face.

"It doesn't matter if you were Human, Faunus, Monster or Beast, we would still and always will love you…" A-Blake cries aloud as W-Blake nods in agreement.

In that very moment, just as Kali and Juniper were about to comfort the distraught girls, 2 Jaune sized d #$%! Fall from the sky and onto their laps.

"..." No response as both Blakes continue to stare at the object between their legs (Comedy Punchline Rimshot)

"...uhhhhhh, what just happened?" A-Yang asked, looking at the two Multiverse experts as she pointed towards the Blake's.

" Hey don't look at me, I've got nothing to do with this!" Aida says waving his hands frantically.

"Don't worry Aida, I can explain…" Wolf says calming Aida down. He turns towards the recent guests of his theatre and explains "Another God, known as Adrian Midnight-Phoenix, has enchanted this room with one of his gifts so that all those who have fallen for or are in love with Jaune, would get a life sized replica of his *cough* Sacred Sword *cough*."

"Wait, that's supposed to be Jaune's?! What is he, a horse faunus?!" A-Yang shrieked.

"I said the same thing." W-Yang said.

"Wait, if that's true, then how come Yang or Ruby didnt get one when we came here?" A-Weiss asks, trying not to look at the appendage, though it was hard not to look.

"Due to getting a heads up from Oberon1211 on who's in love with your version of Jaune, I had set up a temporary barrier around you until the world was over. Must have forgotten to add the part of falling for him into the barrier."

So...we're getting one as well?" A-Yang asks, indicating her and Ruby.

"Yep, but only until after the world."

"Just so you know, I also gave the girls who love him some special gifts of my own." Es giggled.

"What?" asked A-Yang.

Just then, Es gestured to W-Ruby, who appeared to have a lollipop stick in her mouth.

"Is that a lollipop?" A-Ruby asked.

W-Ruby nodded and started to take it out. A-Rwby was then freaked out that it was longer than they thought. When they tried to say something, W-Ruby raised a finger to have them wait. She finally got the whole thing out and it was like the 'toys' both Blake's got.

"H-how…" A-Weiss couldn't think of words. Neither could A-Blake.

A-Ruby and Yang felt their minds shatter and needed a reboot at that. They soon managed to recover but we're still freaked out. W-Yang was just crying.

Then Adam buts in. "I can't believe you Blake" he says as he shakes his head disappointedly and disgusted. "Not only are you a traitor, but also a human whore?!" he shouts.

"Hey! Leave them alone." Eve snapped. "They're in love with a good, kind man. Someone who doesn't care if you're a faunus, and cares about his friends and family. His kind, warm smile that makes you feel safe and-" just then a d #$% fell on her lap. She had a giant blush on her face, and hid her face behind her hands.

That was when Adam hit his boiling point. "You...are a disgrace... to my DNA. A brain dead slut who is only good for being a fuck toy for a weak human as no real man would Ever touch you!" he projects venomously.

That last bit is what causes Eve to break down crying and making Salem, Jackie, Summer, and Cici comfort her.

The Blake's, who just saw an innocent version of him crumble into sadness like that, jump Adam and beat the ever-living crap out of him before all the other women who aren't trying to comfort the poor girl get involved. Kali hands Juliet over to Ghira before she jumps him and starts to wail on his balls with all her strength. Neo handed Chance over to Roman, while Saphron handed Adrian to her dad.

Winter was teaching both Weiss' the best way to snap an arm. Raven was teaching the Yang's the right spot to kick to break a spine, and even taught the Ruby's how to cave someone's rib cage in. Wolf was enjoying the show with some popcorn.

Glynda is teaching Nora the most painful way to shatter a knee before making a leg bend in 5 places.

Adam was soon a bloody mess and in a mini coma, his balls crushed, spine broken, ribs caved in, legs shattered and bleeding out from the face.

"...Shouldn't you heal him?" Aida asked Wolf.

"...I should, shouldn't I." Wolf chuckled as he just sat there.

"...Wolf." Aida said sternly.

"Alright alright fine." Wolf sighed as he begrudgingly healed Adam. "Grumble grumble grumble."

"Did...did you actually say grumble while grumbling?" Aida raised an eyebrow.

Wolf said nothing as he sat back down.

"...well at least he's still unconscious if that makes you feel better" Aida points out

Wolf just huffed a bit.

As everyone was settling down, Pyrrha went over to W-Blake and whispered. "Let's talk later."

A horse-drawn asylum wagon thunders into the square where Ghira is surrounded by taunting villagers. The eerie driver, Monsieur Watts, steps out as Tom, Dick and Stanley throw Ghira into his cage on wheels.

"And now we leave that touching scene for this." Glynda sighed.

"Yeah, this sure knows how to make us go from happy, to sad, to pissed off real quick." Maria nodded.

"The poor man is sick! He needs a Hospital, not an Asylum!" Tuscon begs aloud to the villagers.

"Finally, someone in that village with half a brain." Raven spoke.

The Villagers, deaf to his pleas, approach the wagon like 18th century rubberneckers. Adam leans into the wagon as the gathering crowd is just loud enough to mask his private plea to Ghira.

"What is he planning with my Ghira now?" Kali growled.

"Can't be good." Sienna snarled.

"Have you ever seen the inside of a mad house, Ghira?... You wouldn't last a week. Just give me your daughter's hand, and I'll set you free."

"That bastard is gonna end up dead, even with Amp's enchantments up." Aida whispers to Wolf. Wolf nodded in response.

"Never." Ghira says, defyance shining through his eyes

"That's my husband...protecting his little girl no matter what." Kali says as she snuggles up to Ghira

Adam clenches his jaw and locks the door with a CLANK. "Take him away!"

The wagon begins to move. The villagers *cough* rubberneckers *cough* watch as the wagon leaves until they are silenced by the call of Blake


"Blake to the rescue!" Nora and both Ruby's cheered.

"Yeah, because I'm sure her telling them he's right won't backfire." Mercury said sarcastically. I think you know what happens next.

Blake's voice cuts through the crowd. She fearlessly strides right in front of the wagon on Philippe, blocking the wagon's path. The horses jump up, startled, until they come to a complete stop. She then dismounts Philippe and moves to the wagon, running to the locked door. The villagers gape at Blake, DAZZLING, IN HER EVENING GOWN.

"Way to make an entrance." Coco chuckled.

"Yeah, pretty nice kitty cat." W-Yang smiled. Both Blake's blushed.

"Blake?! I thought I'd lost you!" Ghira says relieved as Blake sees her father injured on the floor of the wagon.

"Open this door! He's hurt!" Blake demands Monsieur Watts as he climbs down to calm her.

"I'm afraid we can't do that, miss. But we'll take very good care of him." Watts says monotonous

"Remind me to punish Watts for this transgression when we return to our world." Salem says with narrowed eyes

"You don't really have to since he's just trying to do his job." Salem hears. Surprised, she turns to Wolf and Aida and sees that only Aida is looking at her. "It's entirely up to you of course, but just keep in mind that he's more of a neutral party in this situation." Aida continues.

"Now now, Aida, if the lady wants to punish him, let her punish him." Wolf told him.

"You just want Watts to get his ass kicked, don't you?" Aida asked.

"Do not fucking take this away from me." Wolf said through his teeth.

"My father's not crazy!" She yells at the man. Turning to look at Adam, she shouts "Adam... Tell him!"

"Uhhh, I feel like I'm gonna throw up from hearing myself beg to him." A-Blake says with a light-green complexion

"Blake, you know how loyal I am to your family, but your father has been making some unbelievable claims." Adam says with his charming smile

"Hah! Loyal? You don't know the meaning." Sienna laughed.

"How dare he claim to be so loyal when leaving him for dead."

"It's true, Blake. He's been raving about a beast in a castle." Qrow explains

"I have just come from the castle and there is a beast!" Blake exclaims

"You'd say anything to free him. Your word is hardly proof." Adam argues

"He kinda has a point. You'd need proof to convince them." Roman pointed out.

"I hate to say it, but he's right." Sienna sighed.

Blake pulls out the magic mirror from her sash. "You want proof? SHOW ME THE BEAST!" She shouts to it. In the mirror, Jaune sits slumped against a turret wall. She reveals the image, causing the villagers to gasp. Adam's face registers shock. "There is your proof!" She says as the villagers back away in fright.

"...It always baffles me that through the multiple ways that she could have proven that the Beast is real...she chooses to show him to them. I mean she could have countered on how she got the dress, The hand mirror is magical so she could show them the other side of the world. But nope...she shows a town a horrifying creature."Aida says sadly

"Well it's not like she thought of all of those things at once. She chose a more direct approach to reveal something that is absolutely true." Ozpin argues

"Oh no dont get me wrong, I agree with you. But for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction, and sadly this one is a bad reaction." Aida says as he looks back at the screen

"This is sorcery!" Adam exclaims as he snatches the mirror from Blake. Knowing he was about to lose the villagers to the truth; he uses their fear against them as he holds the mirror up to the villagers. "Look at this beast. Look at his FANGS!HIS CLAWS!"

The villagers' recoil in fright.

"(Sigh) see what i mean" Aida says pointing at the results

"No, don't be afraid! He's gentle and kind." Blake explains

"Like father, like daughter I guess. Just like earlier, she sounds just as crazy as her father." Roman says

Neo then delivered a harsh jab to his ribs.

"The monster has put her under a spell!" Adam says, pointing at Blake "If I didn't know better, I'd say she even cared for him."

"...He's not a monster, Adam. You are." She says to his face. She then tries to appeal to everyone "The beast would never hurt anyone."

"I've heard of the effects of dark magic, but never seen it with my own eyes before! This is a threat to our very existence!" Adam says. Raucous cries of "Yea!" rise.

"Says the man who said that magic didn't exist earlier" Salem says

Adam holds the mirror up. "We can't have her running off to warn the beast...lock her up too." He says. Tom, Dick and Stanley strong-arm Blake into the wagon with her father.

"NO! You won't get away with this Adam, you'll see!" She shouts as the doors close

"Yeah, you just wait, Jaune's gonna kick your ass" W-Yang says to him with red eyes

Yeah, fearless leader will make you cry for mommy!" Nora cheers.

Ilia, seeing what Adam was becoming and what he was doing, grabs his shoulder and says "Adam, with all due respect…"

"What respect?!" W-Yang laughed. That caused Eve to chuckle a little with tears still in her eyes. She was still upset by what Adam said, but that helped a little.

"DO YOU WANT TO BE NEXT?!" Adam whisper yells at her. With Ilia not saying anything, he tells her "Fetch my horse."

Adam hops onto the back of the wagon and addresses the crowd. "That creature will curse us all if we don't stop him! Well, I say we KILL THE BEAST!" Adam declares

Everyone was surprised as Juniper and Saphron got up and kicked Adam in the balls with a running start. The men all cringed at the sight. Even some of the women too.

"Damn, I don't have a pair and even I felt that." Coco cringed.

"Yeah, same." A-Yang nodded. "I think my none existent balls are in my throat."


"We're not safe until he's dead"


"He'll come stalking us at night"


"Set to sacrifice our children

To his monstrous appetite!"

Nicholas is barely holding back his rage at what they say.

W-Ruby starts yelling at the idiots comments. "You shut your damn mouths!" startling everyone with the language she uses.

"Ruby?!" W-Yang said in shock.

"They're saying terrible things about Jaune, I won't apologize!" W-Ruby exclaims angrily

"Yea, and Uncle Qrow, how could you say such things about Jaune like that!?" A-Ruby asks upset

"Hey, that's the other me. I personally think that the Arc kid is alright." Qrow says as he points to the screen

"Enough for me to marry him later on?" W-Ruby asks to the shock of everyone in the room

"...maybe...i don't know... don't push it squirt."


"He'll wreak havoc on our village

If we let him wander free!"

"Isn't that what Adam's already doing?" Kali growled.

"Yeah. That bullheaded jerk is just manipulating you all." Coco spat.


"So, it's time to take some action, boys!

It's time to follow me!"

Adam grabs a torch from a villager and tosses it into a barrel of pitch. Flames rise to the sky.

Ozpin then pinched the bridge of his nose seeing this and sighed. "I thought I saw my last fucking linch mob a hundred years ago…" everyone was shocked by his language.

"Through the mist, through the wood

Through the darkness and the shadows"

Adam lights Clothilde's torch, and Monsieur Watts locks the doors of his wagon.

"Is there any way I can go to that world? I wish to punch that particular Watts and that Clothilde woman." Salem asked while glaring at them.

"Sorry, no." Wolf told her. She just huffed.

"It's a nightmare but it's one exciting Ride"

Adam then clasps the shoulder of Monsieur Watts, who watches helplessly as his asylum wagon horses are commandeered by the mob.

"I'm happy that Blake and Ghira aren't going to the asylum, but I feel bad for Watts losing his horses to Adam's insanity." Cici said

"I'm not. The bastard deserves it." Cindy spat.

"Say a prayer, then we're there

At the drawbridge of a castle

And there's something truly terrible Inside"

We see some villagers pulling down a Lamp-post, possibly to make a Battering Ram out of it.

Ghira let out a sigh. "Fear makes people do stupid things. I'm certain humans would have done the same thing if the white fang continued to use fear as a tool." Sienna and Ilia felt guilty when he said that.

Aida then spoke up. "As a wise man once said. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering."

"Uh Aida… I kinda already did that…" Wolf told him.

"O-oh…" Aida blushed in embarrassment.

"It's a beast, he's got fangs, razor sharp ones.

Massive paws, killer claws for the Feast"

We then see the villagers making many weapons to attack Jaune with. Some villagers seize shovels, pitchforks, axes. Some light torches in the pitch.

"With those numbers they… they might actually kill him…" W-Weiss said in fear.

"Yeah… even with those poor excuses for weapons." A-Ruby nodded.

"Hear him roar, see him foam,

But we're not coming home…"

They all mount their Horses, gather their weapons, and prepare to march.

"`Til he's DEAD!

Good and DEAD…

Juliet starts to whimper and hides her face in Ghira's coat. He comforts her as best he can but doesn't know how to answer her when she says "Papaw, daddy be safe?" as he doesn't want to lie to his new granddaughter.



They then begin to march out of the town. Tucson goes to the side and leans up against some building to let the mob pass through, watching as his thoughts begin to lean on leaving the town due to everyone becoming insane.

"Can't blame him for wanting to leave, but they might turn on him for not joining." Raven sighed.

"Yeah, when people are like that, it's either your with us or against us." Qrow agreed.


"Light your torch, mount your horse!"


"Screw your courage to the sticking place."


"We're counting on Adam to lead the Way"

"Well you're doomed then." Roman said to lighten the mood. There were a few chuckles, but they were all nervous ones.

We now see Adam, Ilia, and the mob crash into the woods at a steady and slow pace.


"Call it war.

Call it threat.

You can bet they all will follow.

For in times like this they'll do just as I say"

For those who are or were in the White Fang (Sienna, Ilia, Blake, Ghira) The image begins to shift in and out for them. Adam on the screen begins to be replaced by their version as the villagers become cruel Faunus soldiers.

Sienna is filled with more and more guilt as she is continued to be reminded that she let him gain his power in the fang. Ilia because she followed him for so long and thought of him as a hero.

Ilia's doubts are growing:

"There's a beast, running wild there's no question.

But I fear The wrong monster's released"

The guilt flooded Ilia more and more. "I was so stupid for following that madman…"

W-Blake put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a reassuring smile. "It's okay Ilia. You didn't know." Ilia smiled back.


"Sally forth, tally ho

Grab your sword, grab your bow

Praise the Lord and here we go!"

Adam holds up the mirror. "Show me the castle!" he speaks. In the mirror, Adam sees the hidden path to the castle.

Everyone gets nervous and a few start to get angry at Adam for stealing Blake's gift to find Jaune.

"How dare he?!" Winter growled.

A-Weiss was surprised by personal Winter seemed to take it. W-Weiss saw this and decided to explain.

"Winter is also a gamer. Turns out me, Winter and Jaune all met each other in a game and Jaune ended up her best friend. We just never knew it was each other." she blushed.

A-Weiss was shocked. First her counterpart and now Winter?

Peach's head rests on Oobleck's shoulder as Summer nuzzles Ruby.

"At least he has finally learned to love." Oobleck says proud

"Yes, I'm happy for him." Juniper said sadly. Both Blake's blushed at that, but they were still worried.

"A lot of good that does us if she doesn't love him in return." Peter says

"I'm going to slap him the next time I see him." Salem growled.

"I'll hold him for you." Glynda told her grandmother.

"Thank you."

"No." Summer says, sharing her own thoughts "This is the first time I've had any real hope she would."

Angle on Ruby, she hears a distant sound, a horse neighing in the distance. Hopeful, she hops to the window embrasure.

"Did you hear that, mama? Is it her!? Is she coming back?!" Ruby asks

Both Ruby's looked down sadly. "No… It isn't…" A-Ruby said.

The staff and Zwei jump up, excited, and move to the window. They see torches in the distance.

"Could it be?" Oobleck asks

"Sadly no…" Saphron sighed. Terra held her wife's hand.

They look through the glass, distorted with frost, as the mob moves through the garden. Oobleck warms the windowpane with his flame to see more clearly.

"Sacrebleu! Invaders." Oobleck says shocked

"Ruffians!" Summer says angry

Cici starts to giggle uncontrollably. Everyone turned to her confused. When she noticed she had an embarrassed blush. "I thought it was funny how aunt Summer talked like that…"

"Well, there you go. So much for true love. Man the barricades, and hold fast!" Peter commands as they hop down from the embrasure.

"I think I might join you two in teaching Peter a lesson." An annoyed Ozpin to Salem and Glynda.

"Ha, like that's going to work out for them." Roman says sarcastically

"What do you mean by that?" Summer asks annoyed

"Well, how is a clock, a candle, and a teapot supposed to hold the doors against all of the villagers?" Roman asks her

"...(sigh) I hate to say this dear, but he has a point" Qrow says hugging Summer

As they reach the doors, Ozpin comes rushing in near the stairs "Move aside!" He shouts as he crab-walks in, standing vertically and propping himself against the door. The others gather around him.

"...ok, i'll admit that's a bit better" Roman admits when he sees Summers smug look

Salem was surprised that Ozpin is willing to risk being broken to hold the door shut. She looks to her ex husband, and a small smile crept up her face.


"Hearts ablaze, banners high

We go marching into battle -

Unafraid, although the danger just Increased"

"If our counterparts raised him, then there is no way in hell we'd let some drunkards hurt him." Summer spoke. "No offense Qrow."

"None taken." Qrow told his wife.

The mob hauls their boar's head battering ram up to the door.


"Raise the flag, sing the song

Here we come, we're fifty strong

And fifty Frenchmen can't be wrong

Let's kill the beast!"

"You may have the numbers, but you're making the biggest mistake of your lives." Pyrrha said angrily.

"Yeah! You're all a bunch of idiots!" Nora agreed.

CRASH! The battering ram breaks through the postern door, which falls out of the door frame.

"We need help!" Port shouts as He hoppes towards the staircase.

"Where is Jaune in all this?" W-Ruby asked.

"Yeah, you can't tell me he doesn't hear what's going on." Coco agreed.

Blake, gazing out the prison bars, sees Watts pacing by the fountain. She whispers to Her father "I have to warn the beast."

"Warn him? How did you get away from him?" Ghira asks her

"He let me go, papa. He sent me back to you." Blake explains

"To which I'm grateful. And I agree, you need to go help my future son in law." Ghira chuckled.

"D-dad!" both Blake's were blushing badly.

"What? He is a big improvement from Adam. And he is a good lad. Reminds me of his father." Ghira smiled. The Blake's were blushing more.

"Thanks old friend." Nicholas chuckled.

"…I-I don't understand." He says, stammering in confused

She reaches and holds up the rose-shaped rattle from a pocket in her dress. Ghira, even after all these years, recognizes it immediately. "Where did you…?"

"Any father would remember their child's favorite toy, even after not seeing it for years." Ghira smiled. All the other fathers nodded in agreement. Ghira remembered how his version of Blake had this chew toy shaped like a fish she loved to chew on.

"He took me there... I know what happened to mama." Blake explains sadly

Ghira takes the rattle…Stunned.

"…Then you know why I had to leave her there. I had to protect you, I've always tried to protect my little girl...probably too much..." Ghira tries explaining, eyes filled with tears.

Both Blake's just stand up and hug Ghira, Kali, and Juliet. Both parents smile and hug them back. Juliet just giggled a bit.

"I understand." She says as she takes his hand and kisses it. "Will you help me now?"

"I would always do what I can for my little girl." Ghira hugs both Blake's tighter. They blush and when the hug ends, they go sit back down.

"It's dangerous." He warns her, worried for her well being

"Yes…Yes it is." Blake says with conviction

Ghira sees the courage and determination in her eyes, just like her mother's. And his own eyes light up with an idea.

"You're so much like your mother Blake." Ghira said to his daughter(s). He then lovingly kissed Kali on the lips. "Stubborn, fearless, prideful, and loyal to your friends." Kali and both Blake's blush at his words.

"Stubborn, am i?" Kali asks him with a raised eyebrow

"...the fact you kept constantly pouncing on me and demanding to give you babies when we've only been dating for a week might have something to do with it" he says to his blushing wife

"I could try to pick the lock. After all, it's only gears and springs." He says as he feels the lock with his hands through the bars. "…But I would need something long and sharp –" He stops as Blake, a step ahead, removes and hands him one of her long hairpins.

"…Like that. Perfect." Ghira says happily, getting to work.

Everyone just laughs. "Ghira, you really should learn to tinker with things when we get home." Nicholas told him.

"Yes… I suppose." Ghira sighed.

Port hops up the spiral staircase and out onto the turret. He spots Jaune, perched among the gargoyles. Without the lighting of the torches from down below, you could almost mistake him for one.

"...Pardon me, master. I'm sorry to disturb you, but –"

"She's not coming back." Jaune says sad but knowingly

Every girl in the theater feels sorry for Jaune. None more so than Juniper and Saphron. Seeing him so heartbroken was hard to see. Both Blake's felt guilty.

"…No" Peter says knowingly as well. However, remembering what is happening right now, he informs Jaune "... they're breaking down the doors!" says nervously

"It doesn't matter now. Just let them come." Jaune says in a defeated tone

"Oh Jaune..." Juniper whispers, crying for her heartbroken son as she snuggles into her husband.

"Man this is just as depressing as that one world when Jaune took care of Weiss and Blake when they were turned into kids for a week." A-Ruby says as she cleans her tears

"Wait, what was that?" W-weiss asks her in shock

"Oh yeah, there was a dust accident that turned you and Blake into like 7 year olds and Jaune ended up taking care of you for a while. He had to go on a mission one day and when he came back, he saw the two of you back to normal with no memories of what happened. The emotional pain of losing a child, even if it was a temporary experience, can be devastating to someone. For Jaune, he was basically a husk of a man until he got sent to the hospital and passed away." Aida says, showing a short clip of that version of Jaune "Luckily in the end, Blake and Weiss gain back their memories before he passes away and comforts him during his final moments."

Many were shocked and saddened to hear that.

The battering ram smashes against the door.

"Kill the beast! Kill the beast!"

The door is starting to give way, the mob is too strong.

"This isn't working!" Summer says frightened

"…I know what to do." Oobleck says with an idea forming

"Oh this should be good." Mercury chuckles.

"Do you always have to shoot down other people's ideas before finding out what they are?" Emerald asked. Mercury just shrugged.

The battering ram smashes again.


Kill the beast! Kill the beast!

The door unlocks itself...

"KILL THE BEAST!" The mob shouts one last time as they swing the battering ram. Only for the doors to swing open easily and the mob tumbles inside, to find It's empty.

"What's going on?" Cici asked.

Mercury starts laughing as he figures out the plan.

"What's so funny?" Emerald asked annoyed.

"Just watch." Merc told her.

Met by eerie silence, Adam and the mob cautiously enter. The door barely hangs on its hinges. Villagers hold up torches. The flickering light reveals furniture, Chairs, A coat-rack, A feather duster, A candelabra, A tea-pot and teacup, and a harpsichord.

Everyone else starts to get it and smile evilly.

"Oh this should be good." Coco smirked.

"You can say that again." A-Yang spoke.

"…Are you not the least bit concerned that this castle might be haunted?" Ilia asks

"Don't lose your nerve, Ilia." Adam says as he looks into the mirror. Ilia notices something and walks towards it. Among the mob, Qrow the Potter, stares at the eerie castle foyer.

"I hope Summer and Ruby make it out okay." Qrow said. That earned him a hug from Summer and both Ruby's.

"What about me?" Tai asked.

"Meh, you'll be fine." Qrow said to his brother in law in an uncaring voice.

"Well it's nice to know you care..." Tai grumbled.

"This place seems familiar... like I've been here before..." Qrow says with a sense of familiarity

"You think it has something to do with whatever it is he forgot about at the beginning?" Velvet asked.

"Maybe." Neo shrugged.

"There is a good chance." Salem placed her hand to her chin in thought.

As Adam approaches the west wing stairs, Ilia brings her face down to the teapot and teacup. She brings her torch close to study them.

"Oh, hello there. You must be the talking teacup." She says to Ruby with a joking smile. She then looks at Summer "And you must be the grandmother."

"Ohhhhhh boy. That's not good." Qrow says, slowly inching away from Summer.

Summer turned to Ilia instantly. Her face was red with anger and Ilia jumped in her seat in fear. She was nervously sweating. "GRAND-MOTHER?!"

Summers' eyes open furious. "Grand-mother!? ATTACK!" She yells

Everyone chuckled a bit while Qrow was holding Summer back from killing Ilia, who was shrinking in her seat in fear.

"Do I look like a grandmother to you?!" Summer shouted.

"N-no ma'am." Ilia shook her head. She had never been more scared in her life.

"I'm not so old I can't put you over my knee and teach you some manners young lady!" Summer shouted more.

"S-shortstack, please call down." Qrow begged.

"No! Let me go Qrow, she needs to learn some manners!" Summer tried to get out of his grip.

Ilia jumps back. ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE as the furniture comes alive. Chairs kick the shins of several villagers. Peach feathers villagers' faces furiously, causing them to have sneezing fits. As other villagers funnel in, the "Lend-a-Hand" lights outside the door bonk several of them on the head. They're alive after all.

Tai taps Adam gaining his attention and puts his hanger fists like he was about to box. His gesture basically said "BRING IT ON!"

"Ha, no matter the world, you're always going to be a boxer like fighter aren't you Tai?" Raven says jokingly. Tai just chuckled and shrugged.

Adam grabs Ilia and puts her in the line of fire. The sound of a bell dings and Ilia becomes a human punching bag as Ozpin approaches and rears up on his hind legs. His shadow falls across Adam, who dives out of the way - leaving Ilia exposed.

"ADAM!" Ilia screams as Ozpin comes crashing down on her, squashing her flat. Adam looks down at his friend as the tune for someone being dead or defeated plays.

"(giggle) you always had a way of making things as dramatic as possible" Salem whispers with a smile. Ozpin chuckled a bit.

Ilia however was angry and horrified at how Adam was using her as a shield.

"(weak, muffled) Adam... help..." Ilia pleads as she reaches for him

Adam looks from Ilia to the enchanted mirror, then to the grand staircase. "Sorry, old friend. It's hero time." Adam then rushes up the staircase.

"…Ouch." Says Ozpin as Ilia passes out.

"That bastard!" Ilia shouted. "How dare he just leave me. My counterpart trusted him, and he just leaves thinking he's the big hero!"

"Yeah, dick move there." Coco growled.

"I hope Jaune tears him apart." W-Yang growled.

Monsieur Watts paces in the square, when he notices the lock on the door to the asylum wagon is missing. He runs to the wagon and flings open the doors, only to find it empty.

With eyes wide in shock, he slams the doors shut, revealing Ghira, smiling beside him as he leans against the carriage.

"Hello there." he says smiling. "...Oh, I believe this is yours." Ghira says as he casually hands the wagon's padlock to Monsieur Watts.

Everyone chuckled at Watts' misfortune.

"Looks like the bastard gets what he deserves." Cindy smirked.

"For once, you and I agree." Neo nods.

Blake rides past them on Philippe! As she charges out of the village gates, she tosses her ball gown to the ground.

Ghira waves goodbye to her proudly, then turns back to Watts. "She's very headstrong... Do you have children?" he asks internally laughing at Watt's confusion.

"You certainly are headstrong. Much like your mother." Ghira chuckled. Kali and both Blake's blushed again. He chuckled and hugged all three of them.

Ilia, bruised but alive, opens her eyes. she begins to sit up when Peach furiously begins feathering her face. "(laughs) No one to protect you now, eh?!" Peach says

A few people chuckled while Ilia grumbled. "This isn't funny…" she huffed.

"Oh yeah it is." Mercury smirks. But Emerald and Ilia smack him.

"You need to keep your mouth shut." Emerald spat with a killer glare.

Ilia swats at Peach, until she flies away laughing.

Adam finds himself at the landing of two staircases. Unsure which one leads to the beast, he holds up the mirror, which illuminates the right way. He bounds up them.

Ruby rapidly fires saucers at attackers, counting them off as she dispatches them with glee, each and every one of them a headshot. "One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!"

"Yeah, we're kicking butt!" A-Ruby exclaims joyfully.

"Yeah, and it's awesome to know our sniper skills exist even in a world like this one" W-Ruby says.

"Well I guess I'm never playing shooter against her." W-Weiss sighed. A-Weiss was still unsure how she felt about her counterpart being a gamer.

"Yeah, I would probably invite Shiro or Sora to train before playing against her" Aida whispers to Wolf. Wolf nodded.

Above, Peter looks down from the balcony, a tinhorn general surveying the battlefield. "Hahaha Good show, Ruby!" he says with pride.

Just then, a platoon of books arrives on the large table from the library, battle-ready. "Excellent! The infantry's arrived. Now go and teach them a lesson!" Port says pointing at the mob. The books rocket down into the fray, thwacking villager after villager.

"If everything is alive, then I demand that the hair brush be alive as well. It can't be the only thing that isn't alive" Salem demands.

"Yeah, why was it that the comb was the only thing in the entire fucking castle that wasnt alive?!" It's like it was meant to make Blake look silly. If this was a movie or a book I'd call shitty writing." A-Yang huffed.

Que the massive sweat drops that appear on Aida's and Wolf's Forehead 'They must never know' they think at the same time

"Yes! Those are called books, you third- rate musketeers!" He shouts mockingly

This draws the attention of Tom, Dick and Stanley.

Port shudders. "Oh, I'm off!" and jumps down from the balustrade, as they bound up the stairs.

"Well he's in trouble." Raven chuckled.

"He really needs to learn to keep his trap shut." Coco said.

"Miss Adel, that is no way to talk about a teacher… but you're not wrong." Glynda sighed.

They face off against Port, and he backs up quickly. "Ah, terribly sorry, pardon me, I'm just a clock!"

Suddenly, Salem leaps out, blocking the brutes' path.

"Oh, I wonder what I'm going to do to them." Salem asks as she leans forward in anticipation.

"Probably crush them with your large size." Mercury whispers to himself.

Emerald then slapped him. "Mouth. Shut. Now!"

"HAHA come here little boys" she says as she unfurls her fabric, wrapping them up. "Yes, that's it... put it on... pretty little boys!" Salem says dressing them up

Once the chaos is done, Tom and Dick look at each other and shriek, horrified at their girly make-overs.

The theatre busts out laughing at them and how ridiculous they look. Coco, on the other hand, studies the designs of the dresses and tries to think of ways to incorporate them into her style if she ever decides to dress like that.

She then thought of also having Jaune dressed like that. She was starting to wonder if she had a fetish. Glynda was wondering the same.

W-Yang however was reminded once again about how Jaune pulled off a dress better than her. "I can be girly damnit!" She shouted with a pout and crossed her arms.

A-Yang, shocked at her counterpart's reaction for no apparent reason, she whispers to someone next to her "Hey, what's up with my counterpart?"

Turns out it was W-Ruby she leaned up to as she responded. "She hated how some guys called her a tomboy and said she couldn't be girly. She got annoyed by it, and didn't like being thought of as a guy. It really annoyed her when she thought Jaune looked better in a dress then her."

"Huh, interesting" she says in thought. She never really had problems like that. She came to accept that she likes doing things that guys would do, but she knows how to be girly as well. "Hopefully the Jaune in your universe will help her with that" she whispers

"How would he do that?" W-Ruby asked

"Well he does have seven sister right, maybe he has one thats similar to Yang so he understands what he needs to do." A-Blake whispers, overhearing their conversation

"Well there is his sister Verte. His mom said she is a tomboy and she described her like Yang." W-Ruby replied.

"Then he could probably help." A-Yang said.

Stanley, however, doesn't seem to mind his new look. Salem cackles. "Beautiful! Go, Be free! Be free! Be FREE!" She tells/sings to them as Stanley skips away while the other two run away.

"Huh… good for him." said Terra.

"Yeah. Let him express himself." Velvet nodded.

'Even though in reality he would have been killed due to how the ideals of Gays and Lesbians would be seen as Satanic' Aida thinks privately

"Way to bring down the mood." Wolf whispers after reading his thoughts.

"Well at least it didn't ruin their moods...just ours. And that's all that matters in the end" Aida says

Wolf gave him a light smack on the back of the head. "Don't be a wise ass."

"Mentally, im older than you...i old did you say you were again?" Aid asks as he rubs his head

"I can't remember by god years. It sped up. By my worlds years I'd say 21. But being a god and going by that time makes me a lot older." Wolf shrugged.

Blake continues riding on Philippe. She whips past the withered tree and down the path toward the castle grounds.

From the balcony, Summer leaps onto a chandelier "How do you take your tea?! Piping hot?! Or BOILING!" and douses villagers below with boiling water.

"Ooooo, somebody call a medic." Coco says with a wince.

"That's going to hurt in the morning." Maria cackled.

She looks down, seeing Qrow the potter and gasps. "Qrow?!"

"So… I guess I know you in that world too?" Summer asked her husband.

"Looks that way Shortstack." Qrow shrugged.

Suddenly, she slips and drops down towards the floor, screaming in fear along the way. Qrow the potter looks on in confusion while Ruby looks on in terror.

"Mama!" Ruby cries

Gasps fill the theater. Qrow and both Ruby's hold Summer tight.

But just as she's about to shatter, she is caught by a pair of human hands. Summer gazes up at Ilia, who seems as surprised as she does.

"Oh! Thank you." Summer says

"Yes, thank you… but I'm still a bit mad at the grandmother statement young lady" Summer says with stern eyes towards Ilia. Ilia sweated nervously.

Suddenly, two villagers charge at Ilia from either side. Just as Ilia ducks, the villagers wallop one another. Summer then spits hot water in their faces, and Ilia punches one out to finish the job.

"Nicely handled!" Summer says

"HA, i knew you loved puns!" Tai says triumphantly.

"Not even a little." Summer deadpanned.

"Well I used to be on Adam's side, but we're in a bad place right now." Ilia admits

"You're too good for him anyway..." Summer says as Ilia nods, emotional.

"They are talking like Ilia broke up with Adam." Sienna spoke.

Ilia shivered at that. "Please don't say that again. I don't even want to think about dating him."

"Shall we get back to it, then?!" Summer asks

Below, Ozpin bucks and rages against villagers, besting them repeatedly as he plays elaborate trills. "Such sweet music! Ha ha, I'll play you like a concerto!"

"Seems like you're having the time of your life Oz" Qrow says.

"It would seem that way." Ozpin chuckled.

Clothilde watches this, and seethes. "Silence that harpsichord!" She yells as she points at Ozpin. Her cry rallies a group of villagers, who raise their axes to turn maestro Ozpin into firewood.

"You can not silence art!" shouted Ozpin.

"Maestro!?" Salem yells in shock as she sees Ozpin

Ozpin looks up to see his wife after so many years. "Darling! At last!" He says with love and Joy

"Aww, how sweet!" Cici says aloud

Salem and Oz blush at this moment.

Her shock at seeing him in such a disadvantage becomes rage. "I'm coming, my love! This is it! The fat lady... is singing!"

A moment of silence...then laughter burst throughout the room. Salem blushed a bit. "I'm not fat... am I?" She looked at her hips. They were pretty big. She blushed more.

Salem belts out a deafening high note as she throws her massive girth off the balcony, sending Clothilde and the villagers below scattering.

"LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" She lands with a graceful THUD, sending those around her flying off

"Bravissima!" Ozpin shouts in Joy

More laughter exploded. Salem blushed more while Oz smiled

Before the villagers can retaliate, Ozpin's "teeth" shoot out of his mouth like machine gun rounds.

"...hope you know some good dental people Headmaster" Glynda says jokingly.

"As do I miss Goodwitch." Ozpin said as he rubbed his mouth. He imagined himself without any teeth.

As that happens, Oobleck runs around with gunpowder trail, creating a line of firecracker explosions that send villagers scattering. "Watch your toes!" He says as he ignites it.

"Hehe, this is hilarious." Eve giggled.

"Yes, very much so." Jackie nodded.

Yeah, looks like quite the blast." Tai punned. Groans filled the room.


In the chaos, we find Glynda, moving quietly through the villagers and up the stairs, as if her presence is hidden somehow.

'Hmm, what am i doing exactly' Glynda thinks to herself, as well as the other adults in the room

As villagers pour out the doors, Oobleck and Port meet at the base of the stairs.

"Bon voyage! Safe trip home!" Oobleck says cheerfully

"And stay out!" Port shouts in defiance

"They won!" Nora cheered.

"There is still Adam." Ren told his girlfriend.

"O-oh…" Nora sank in her seat

Blake rides Philippe towards the castle, finally reaching the entrance. She kicks his flanks and they double their speed in order to pass through the mob.

"...Hey, Wolf..." Aida whispers

"What's up?" he whispers back

Aida gestures to the side of the room, which Wolf follows him to.

"...I know that my group can handle what happens soon since they've seen it happen to him before...but how are your guys going to react to Jaune's death? Not to mention the supposed others deaths?" he whispers

Wolf cringed at the question. That was more than enough of an answer.

The others notice how the two beings went to the corner of the room and wonder what they're talking about.

"I… Don't think they would be ready for it. They never saw him die before." Wolf admitted nervously.

Adam steps slowly up onto the beast's turret. Jaune senses his presence behind him but remains silent.

"Hello, beast." Adam says lifting a pistol to Jaune

Jaune turns and locks eyes with Adam as he cocks his pistol.

"The names Adam...Blake sent me." Adam says with a victorious smile.

Believing in Adam's words due to all the villager's attacking his castle and with no hope left in his heart, Jaune turns away from Adam, whose finger tightens on the trigger.

"N-no! Don't believe him!" W-Blake begged. Tears were beginning to form.

"Were you in love with her?" He asks Jaune mockingly "Did you honestly think she'd want you?"

"Of course we would you bastard!" A-Blake shouts in sadness and anger

"…" no response as tears threaten to fall from his eyes

Adam fires, hitting Jaune which causes him to scream in pain. He then drops over the edge.

"JAUNE, NO!" Everyone shouts in pure fear and worry for him. Adam however, had a look of triumph. Enjoying the looks of horror that the others were expressing. 'Excellent, now i just need that other version of me to kill the filthy human and Blake will be mine'.

On the turret below, his claws make contact with the slanted rooftop and break his fall. He hugs the rooftop, heaving.

Everyone then sighs in relief that he's ok for the moment

"Oh, I don't think my heart can take this much worry." Juniper says as she leans against her husband.

Nicholas held his wife. "I'm sure he will be okay."

"Try saying that to her when I kill him in front of your very eyes." Adam says to them

"...I completely forgot that he was here." Aida says as the others look at Adam in anger

Adam looks down over the edge of the turret as he pulls his crossbow out and reaches back over his shoulder to draw an arrow from his quiver.

"Oh, come on! Give the guy a break for once in his life!" Mercury shouts aloud to the heavens as the others look at him in shock

But there's nothing there.

" give me a million Lien and a girlfriend!" He shouts aloud to the heavens again. All he received were boots and food to the face.

Realizing this, Adam spins to see Blake, and his arrows gripped in her hands.

"Blake?!" He asks shocked

"Where is he?!" Blake asks as she snaps Adam's arrows over her knee, and tosses them away.

Filled with rage, Adam slowly grabs his pistol again and says. "When we return to the village, you will marry me... and that beast's head will hang on our wall!" with unbridled fury reflecting from his eyes.

"Like hell I'd marry you!" both Blake's shouted. Adam glared at them both.

"NEVER!" Blake shouts, grabbing the barrel of Adam's pistol and begins to struggle with him for it. With Adam on the back foot for a split second, Blake yanks the pistol hard. Adam, not letting go, swings with it, causing him to lose balance on a loose stone and fall off the side of the turret!

"Yes!" Both Blake's, Yang's, Coco, Eve and many others cheer thinking he was dead.

Adam's reflexes are quick however. He lets go of the pistol, grabs a gargoyle and swings himself down through the window of the turret, landing on the spiral staircase.

Damnit!" went many in the theater.

"As if a pathetic fall could kill me." Adam glares.

"That's what he thinks." Wolf whispers to Aida.

Adam's pistol, in the meantime, clatters down, coming to rest on the landing of a stone footbridge below.

"I'm coming for you, beast!" Adam shouts towards Jaune as he begins making his way to him

Wounded, Jaune climbs around the lower turret. All around him, turrets quaver and crack due to the castle imploding.

"Come on Jaune, get up." begged Pyrrha.

"Please be okay…" A-Yang chanted to herself. Meanwhile both Ruby's were filled with fear.

"J-Jaune…" Velvet was close to tears. As were many of the girls who like Jaune.

Adam continues down until he reaches the bottom of the spiral staircase. He drops to a window box below, and jumps sideways onto another.

Jaune makes a second leap, onto another parapet. Tiles slide away beneath him as he scrambles to hang on.

"Come on kid, don't let something as small as a bullet wound or crumbling towers stop you." Roman shouts.

Neo looks to him with a raised eyebrow

"What?! The kid's grown on me" Roman says defending himself

Blake reaches the landing at the bottom of the spiral staircase, and leaps down onto another adjacent landing. She looks out, trying to see Jaune through the turrets. He swings around a third parapet and leaps onto another. He's now as far as he can get from Adam. Finally, Blake reaches a point where she can see Jaune on the faraway turret.

She screams out as his grip slips. "NO!"

Jaune, hearing her, begins looking around to see where her voice is coming from. "Blake?" he whispers to himself

He continues to search for her until he spots her. "(roars) BLAKE! YOU CAME BACK!" He yells shocked and overjoyed

"I tried to stop them!" She shouts.

"Yes, you did an excellent job in trying to stop them. Being the one who sent them by showing them the fool, and then manhandled and locked into a wagon." Adam says sarcastically

Adam was then pelted mercilessly with boots. "We didn't ask for your input beaf boy!" shouted W-Yang as she threw another boot.

"Stay there! I'm coming!" Jaune exclaims as he leaps off the parapet. With superhuman agility, Jaune makes a giant leap from the far parapet back toward the central turrets. Back toward Blake.

"Aww, how sweet. He's trying to get back to you" A-Ruby says while hugging a blushing A-Blake.

"R-ruby, stop." A-Blake begged. W-Ruby giggled and W-Blake hid her face in her hands.

And with one final leap, as Jaune barely lands onto the gargoyle walk, a massive piece of stone comes down on Jaune's back. He roars in pain, and falls to one knee.

Gasps of shock come from a few in the audience due to them not expecting something like that to happen to him

"What happened? Did some of the castles debri fall on him?" Velvet asked worried

As if to answer her question, Adam drops onto the walkway lined with gargoyles, revealing himself to be the one who hit Jaune with the stone, and lands directly between Jaune and Blake.

"Cheater! That was a cheap shot!" Nora exclaims as Ren tries to hold her back from breaking the screen.

He sneers as the upper hand is still his. His eyes search for a weapon and he grabs a stone spire, and breaks it off.

"Either he's very strong, or the castle is just that weak from it crumbling for him to break that stone spire" Ozpin says

"I'm hoping its the later" Salem says

Adam swings with all his might and strikes Jaune, sending him into the tower, but he pushes past Adam. With Adam landing blow after blow on Jaune's back, he staggers down a set of stairs onto the landing of a stone footbridge (where Adam's pistol came to rest earlier).

The others, watching the battle, miss this little tidbit. All except the two Multiverse guardians, knowing how this ends out.

"Come on Jaune, you're stronger and bigger than him! Go, confront the battle. Fight! WIN!" A-Yang shouts wanting Jaune to actually hit Adam

"...did she just?" Wolf asks

"Indeed she did." Aida says understanding his train of thought.

"Stop! Adam, no!" Blake shouts as she sees this happen, descending down the stairs, finally reaching Jaune's lair.

"(groan) I hate seeing my alternate self not being able to do something for him" W-Blake says in frustration.

"Well you aren't exactly a fighter in that world." Es told her.

"I know, but still…" A-Blake sighed.

She watches Jaune lumbering across the footbridge which crumbles under each mighty footfall. He finally reaches the cupola on the far side, directly parallel to the lair. One giant leap stands between him and Blake…

"Come on, you're almost there!" Saphron shouts out, encouraging her brother while crying from seeing him getting hurt so much from Adam's blows

Adam lifts the club to deliver the death blow…

Juniper closes her eyes and looks away, not wanting to see her son die. Nicholas tried to comfort her, but it was hard since he wasn't taking this any easier.

When Jaune catches it in mid swing. With his face filled with fury, he yanks' the club away and hurls it against a far wall, destroying it in the process.

Pure silence surrounds the room, seeing that brief moment of strength from the man turned beast.

With a snarl, Jaune's paw is around Adam's throat. He lifts Adam and swings him out over the edge of the landing, holding him in place.

Gasps come from his friends and family, as they watch Jaune about to kill someone with hatred and anger in his eyes.

"I wanted him to fight Adam...but not like this" W-Yang says scared as she looks into Jaune's angry eyes

Adam, seeing where he now begins pleading to Jaune. "(snivelling) No. Don't let me go. Please. I'll do anything. Don't hurt me, beast."

Adam became furious hearing his other self begging to this...Human. But then he thought about how this man was about to prove how right he was about humans.

Jaune hearing Adam calling him a beast, brings a sense of realization into Jaune's eyes. His features, twisted with rage and hate, softens as he controls himself letting his anger fade. He slowly brings Adam towards his face, and looks him in the eyes

"I am not…a beast." Jaune says slowly, causing Adam to be confused as to why he would say that. Tossing Adam down and away from the edge, Jaune says. "…Go. Get out."

If one were able to read thoughts, they would hear the error messages popping up in Adam's mind.

Adam scrambles to his feet, and runs away down the outer staircase of the cupola.

Blake gazes proudly into Jaune's eyes, across the final chasm that separates them. He has just enough distance for a head start to leap across to the lair balcony.

"Wait, is he going to-?" W-Blake asks worried

"I think so! Is he nuts!?" A-Blake asks worried as well, unaware of the stares they were getting from the others since they didn't understand what they were thinking

Blake realizing what he is going to attempt shouts "No! It's too far!"

Sound of understanding and worry sound throughout the room as they understand what their Blake's were talking about now

"H-he can't make that!" W-Weiss said.

"Don't do it!" Velvet pleaded.

But Jaune has already gotten down on all fours. His hind claws digging into the stone. And then he's off, gaining speed as he runs on all legs. She gasps as Jaune leaps.

All collectively hold their breaths as they watch him soar through the air...

He's airborne, flying over the chasm and he just makes it to the balcony landing on all fours!

Sighs of relief go through the room as he makes it.

"Thank goodness" Pyrrha says relieved that the fight was over. The others begin to relax as well.

He rises and begins to smile as he looks at Blake once again. (BOOM!) only to roar in agony as he falls to the floor.

Everyone recoils in shock as they were not expecting the sound of an explosion nor the cry of pain from Jaune.

"What happened?!" Terra asked, concerned.

Past him, across the chasm, Blake spots Adam on the crumbling walkway, pistol back in hand.

"NO!" Everyone shout out in fear

"You bastard! He just spared your Life!" Juniper shouts, crying as she has to watch her son get shot at again. She tries to get up, but the emotional rollercoaster that she has been riding these last few minutes has been extremely tiring on her body, causing her to collapse back into her chair.

"MOM!" Saphron shouts, getting up and heading towards her mother in worry

"I-i just...i can't…" Juniper cries as she leans into her husband. Everyone looks at her with worry until they hear something from the screen.

They watch as Adam grins as he reloads for the kill shot. The bridge that he's on crumbling beneath him without him noticing.

"...Do you think-?" Mercury asks

"I hope it does!" Every female in the room exclaims. The men just nod their heads in agreement.

"PLEASE!" Blake begs Adam, not wanting to watch Jaune die

"Yes! PLEASE?! Please don't let us watch anymore of this" W-Weiss exclaims, tears coming down at a fast pace.

A- RWBY had seen this happen to him before...but that doesn't mean that it doesn't affect them any less.

Adam, ignoring Blake as she watches helpless while trying to help Jaune up, takes aim again…and fires.


Jaune roars in pain and drops down once again, sending him down the stairs into his chambers, right next to the table with the Enchanted rose on it.

"NO!" Exclaims everyone who loves Jaune, tears streaming down their faces.

Adam, after defeating Jaune, finally takes in his surroundings just as the walkway beneath him collapses. In an instant, there's nothing beneath his feet, and he disappears, screaming, in a cascade of stones.

The adults cover all the babies eyes as they dont want them to see what happens next

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!" He screams as he falls faster and faster towards the ground. And within the mist that he passes through, a distinct thump could be heard.

Everyone watches this happen, but none get any satisfaction from seeing it as they just want to see how Jaune is doing

Blake cradles Jaune's head, Anguished. He lies there, breathing heavily. Softly, Jaune rests his paw on Blake's hand. Fading, his eyes look at her with perfect love. "…You came back." Jaune says softly

"Of course, I came back. I'll never leave you again." Blake says with conviction

Tears stream from everyone's eyes as they dont want to say anything that can ruin this fragile moment.

"...I'm afraid it's my turn to leave." Jaune says as his breath quickens and becomes shorter

"No…" Juniper whispers in shocked sadness, tears streaming down her eyes. "...please don't let it be true…"

"We're together now. It's going to be fine." Blake says with a watery smile

"Yea, we just- we just gotta patch him up and he'll be good as new." W-Ruby says trying to remain hopeful, but failing as she cries, knowing that he's not gonna make it.

"At least I got to see last time." Jaune says just as the last petal begins to fall. His head falls and his eyes glaze over as Jaune dies in her arms.

"No… Jaune." Pyrrha cries softly as she recieves hugs from a crying Nora and a saddened Ren.

"…No, please no... come back..." Blake begs as she tries to think of something she could do. Next to her, inside the Bell Glass, the last petal reaches the bottom and shrivels up.

"Oh no…" Ozpin and Salem say in tandem

"What, what is it?" W-Ruby asks, cleaning her eyes from tears and looking at the screen, gaining everyone's attention as they look to the screen again

As villagers stagger away in defeat, Oobleck turns to Peach, takes her in his arms, about to give her a V-Day kiss.

"We did it, Peach! Victory is ours!" Oobleck shouts in victory

Peach is silent in Oobleck's embrace.

"Peach...?" Oobleck asks as he looks at her again. It is revealed that she has turned into an unmoving handle. Just a simple tool. "Oh! My darling Peach...oh no" Port helps Oobleck lower Peach to the ground as Oobleck mourns.

"Oh no…" Glynda says as she covers her mouth with a hand, shocked and saddened as she watches those that she knows die as well

Opposite them, Salem stands beside Ozpin, reunited at last.

"Oh, maestro! You were so brave! Goodbye, my love..." Salem says feeling completely exhausted. Her arms retract as the footlights inside her dim and die, leaving her to an eternal rest

Salem, shocked to see her own death at last, turns to Ozpin to see his reaction.

"Darling! No, don't leave me!" Ozpin sobs. We move along the few keys he has left, listening to them play, until they freeze into silence. We look to the music stand showing no hint of a face as the candles, signifying his life, extinguish.

Ozpin turns to look at Salem, wanting to see her reaction, only to stare directly into her eyes.

Emotions that have been buried deep down have resurfaced as the both of them stare into one another's gaze. Sadness and grief shines more prominently at the start, but their love for each other, one they thought was truly gone and destroyed for all time, still showed through.

" still?" Salem silently ask him in shock

"...always have, always will" he replies with pain and sadness

Zwei emerges from the foyer, pawing at his master and mistress, until he goes still. Falling backwards and on his back. Nothing more than a piano stool now.

Zwei whimpers and cuddles up to Adrian wanting to be comforted and to comfort as well. Adrian wrapped his arms around Zwei. He was close to crying.

Summer frantically approaches Port and Oobleck as she looks around frantically. "RUBY!? RUBY! Have you seen Ruby!? She ran off!" she asks them crying

"No...not again! I can''s- its too…" Qrow stutters as he stands and walks towards the screen, becoming pale and shaking uncontrollably

"Qrow?" Tai asks worried

"Honey?" Summer asks as he continues to shake. Summer was worried about him.

Oobleck and Port watch in horror as Summers' face disappears into the painted ornamentation of the teapot just as she asks "Oh, where is my little Rose?."

"NOOOOOO!" Qrow shouts in agony, falling towards the ground, tears streaming down as they hit the floor.

"Qrow! Honey, I'm still here! I'm still here!" Summer says panicked, as she and Willow tried to comfort him ' this how he reacted when I..?' she thinks as she watches how broken he's become.

During this, Both Ruby's sought comfort from their respective teammates. "...why? Why did she have to die again?" W-Ruby asks, tears streaming down her cheeks once again

I...I don't know." W-Yang replies, tears in her eyes as well

"It's just not fair!" A-Ruby cries aloud

"I know sis...i know." A-Yang says, comforting her

A moment of silence as they mourn their friend just as the cry of "Mama!" is heard in the distance

Qrow suddenly stops as he looks up at the screen " her too...not my little girl."

Oobleck turns to Port, panicked that Ruby might see what's happened. Looking upward, they both see Ruby, about to jump off the balcony to try and reach her mother.

"Oh no." Port says in sadness

"Mom!" Ruby shouts. And just as she leaps off, her features fade away and gravity takes over.

The pain and sadness became too much for him, causing him to pass out. Summer and Willow become frantic, and try to get him back to conscious

"Oh no! Friend Ruby!" Penny shouts in worry as both Yangs cry for the loss of Ruby

The saucer plummets, shattering, but Tai catches Ruby in mid-air, and lovingly places her, inanimate, onto the trolley cart beside Summer.

"(Sigh) thank goodness I saved her in time." Tai says.

Tai then straightens himself nobly, and becomes a coat rack. All around Port and Oobleck, the remaining staff goes still.

Raven then wraps her arms around her husband. The idea of him dying actually made her tear up. She was always afraid he might hate her, but to see him die… That hurt even more.

"I-its okay Rae… I'm here." he stroked her hair to calm her down. He was the only one she ever let touch her hair. She just held him tighter.

And then...Port begins to turn inanimate.

"Oobleck... I... (TICK)...I can't...(CHIME)... speak..." Port tries to say

"It's all right, Peter." Oobleck says, trying to ease Ports fear

"...Dang, now i feel a little bad about teasing him a while back." Coco says aloud. Ozpin and Glynda, hearing this, begin to feel guilty since they're the ones who have mostly been roasting them.

"I can't... (TICK)... friend... (TOCK)... it was an honor to serrrve…(TICK)… with you." He says in his last moments. Now he remains still. The only sound Port makes is the traditional `tick tock, tick tock.'

"This is the saddest part for me personally." Aida whispers to Wolf. "Everyone transforms after they finish speaking, but for Port, he fights the power of the spell to say those last few words that mean the most to him."

Oobleck is now all alone, surrounded by objects.

Facing what was once Peter, he says "The honor was mine." as he does a final twirl. During his twirl, he stiffens, becoming a normal candlestick. His face fading away, and the candles extinguishing as well

Ozpin and Glynda were both saddened seeing their colleagues and friend's fade.

"Should we give everyone a moment to collect themselves or should we just continue on?" Aida asks Wolf.

"I think we should continue…" Wolf sighs. He knew once they saw what happens next would help them feel better, if not a little hurt that their feelings were played with.

Looking at the bell jar, a hooded figure appears and approaches it. We move up to reveal Glynda that has walked up to it.

"W-what am I doing there?" Glynda asked through her tears.

"Please, don't leave me.

Please come back!" Blake begs to Jaune. Getting no response whatsoever, she slowly lowers her lips and touches his forehead in a featherlight yet heartfelt kiss. "...I love you." Blake whispers to him in sorrow

"She finally said it…" said a teary eyed Velvet.

"But now it's too late…" sighed Winter.

Both Blake's were crying. They felt so guilty.

Juliet then turned to Kali. "Why daddy no wake up Memaw?" Kali began to tear up. She couldn't bring herself to tell her. She just hugged Juliet tighter.

Somehow hearing these words, Glynda smiles benevolently and places her hand on the bell jar, which explodes and releases a wave of rose petals, whirling into the air. A golden light begins to emanate from her as her hag-like appearance fades away into her elegant form.

"Mama Gyn! Mama Gyn!" Chance giggled and clapped.

"(GAAAAAAAAAAAAAASP) Miss Goodwitch was the Enchantress!" Nora exclaims in shock and awe as she teleports in front of her. "(GASSSSSSSSSSP) You turned him into a beast and gave him that book!" She says angrily!

"I… I…" Glynda didn't know what to say.

It encircles Jaune, and he too, begins to rise. Blake, seeing this, gets to her feet. She watches as Jaune is lifted and enveloped by the swirling aurora.

"What's happening to him?!" Juniper ask's in worry. 'He's already d-dead, what more must they do to him?' she thinks sadly

We see him losing his claws, turning back into hands. His paws turning into feet, Fur slowly melting away, healing the wounds in his back at the same time, and then is lowered gently back down facing away from Blake.

Everyone went wide eyed seeing this.

"I-is he…" A-Ruby didn't know what to say.

"I… I think so…" Pyrrha spoke.

The man begins to look at himself for a moment, only to turn around to reveal Prince Jaune looking at Blake.

"HUBBA HUBBA!" A-Yang says aloud as she fans herself exaggerated. She admits, he looks handsome, but she prefers the wild look from the world she married him

Those who love him romantically, begin to blush heavily and squirm in place. old is Jaune in this world?" W-Weiss asks

"21" Aida says "and Blake in this world is about 20 i think...maybe 18."

"...dang." Coco says surprised. 'If he looks like that in 3 years, then I've hit the jackpot' she and most of the girls think

In silent disbelief, Blake slowly walks up to him and runs her fingers through his hair.

'Is it really…' she thinks to herself feeling his hair which seems familiar.

Still unsure, she looks into the Man's blue eyes. Filled with Love and Hope. It is him. Tears of grief turn to tears of joy as they lean in for their first kiss.

"YES!" Both team RWBY's shout in joy and victory

"Take that Adam!" Nora exclaims towards their version of him. No response from him as his brain is still trying to restart from seeing Jaune spare his life.

Ugh...what happened?" Qrow asks as he grogly awakes and is helped back into his seat by Summer and Willow

"Blake confessed her love and Jaune turned back to normal!" Both Ruby's exclaim in joy

He smiles for a moment as he watches them celebrate until a thought reaches his brain 'wait, if Arc returned back to normal even after he died...then that means…' his thoughts are interrupted as everyone hears large crumbling noises coming from the screen

During their first kiss, it's as if time was being rewound, due to the crumbled and destroyed castle repairing itself.

As the dawn breaks, the castle transforms like someone is giving it a wash of gold. The magic spreads across the balcony as the sun rises on the terrace, traveling down the castle façade, creepy stone gargoyles turn into noble statuary. The frozen snow, drifting into the wind, bringing warmth and sunshine.

Everyone's jaws drop as they watch the magic that had cursed Jaune transform the castle back to its former glory.

" that right there...that's Magic" Ozpin says in shocked awe

" certainly is" Salem agrees

As the light passes over, an upside-down Zwei transforms back into a tiny Corgi basking in the sun. He leaps up and chases his tail (still a tassel).

"Wait, why is Zwei's tail like that?" W-Weiss asks, beating her counterpart to asking that question

"Well, although the magic was able to be reversed, they became objects for quite some time before it was reversed. So obviously some kind of aspects would remain…" AIDA explains

He then trots over to Tai and relieves himself on his leg which changes into a human foot. As Zwei does so, his tail slowly goes back to normal.

"Oh, never mind. Guess it just had to get out of his system" Aida says as everyone laughs, except for Tai as he glares at Zwei.

It is revealed that Tai has transformed back into a valet and shoos the dog away. As the dog weaves through his legs, he loses his balance and bumps into the trolley cart holding Summer and Ruby. It starts to roll very slowly towards the stairs.

A few worried gasps spring out from that and they hope they change back soon.

Salem awakens and sings, letting the wardrobe's doors fly open, sending out a flurry of garments into the air. As the garments fall down, we follow them back to the ground, where the human DIVA now lies on top of the human MAESTRO

"Oh, Madame." Ozpin says with love

"Oh, Maestro." She says with love as well

It was a loving moment. Ozpin and Salem both smiled toward each other.

Ozpin smiles his now-toothless grin As she tearfully embraces him - as their dog joins in.

It was then the moment was ruined as Salem started laughing while Ozpin put his hand to his mouth.

Moving to Port, we spin around him as he is bathed in sunlight. We move around only to stop to reveal the pudgy Majordomo, human except for his moustache, which still resembles the hands of a clock.

A few people laugh at Ports new mustache.

"He looks ridiculous!" Nora giggles.

"Yeah, it makes him still look like a clock!" Emerald laughed.

He peers through his monocle, and watches as a French Footman (formerly Oobleck as a Candelabra) comes into view. "Oobleck!" He says happily

"Port, we beat the clock!" Oobleck says victoriously

Groans filled the room while Tai and both Yang's laughed.

They greet each other as a feather floats by, brushing the footman's nose. They look over to see A pile of feathers from which Oobleck pulls the sexiest French maid in history, her feathers blossoming into a dress around her.

"Peach... Mon amour..." he says as he finally gets to give her the greatest kiss ever. Their passion ignites a tiny flame on his head, which Peach quickly pats out.

"If Thumbalina saw this, she would try to strangle Oobleck." Glynda chuckled.

"Yes, I'm sure she would." smirked Ozpin.

They turn as they hear the trolley squeaking as it nears the steps, about to crash down. Summer and Ruby rattle on a tray, which suddenly jerks to a stop on the precipice Due to Port hooking the cart with his walking stick.

Worry passes through Qrow once again as they fly through the air 'please...please change back in time' he pleads in his mind

However, Summer and Ruby are sent flying into the air due to the sudden jerk. They shoot off the tray... and start to transform in mid-air! As the tray falls onto the stairs, they begin to sled down to the bottom of the steps and skid to a halt, fully human again. Ruby hugs her mother because she finally got her mother to skate!

"Oh, Ruby! Look at you. You're a little girl again! What did I tell you, darling! Oh you smell so good!" Summer says, tears of joy springing into her eyes as they laugh in relief and happiness.

Summer smiles happily as she hugs both Ruby's lovingly. Both girls hugged her right back. The three had big warm smiles on their faces. They are then caught by surprise as Qrow snuck his way in and gives them a hug as well

"I'm so glad that you're both okay" He whispers in relief. A-Ruby begins to blush since she's still unsure if Qrow was actually her dad in her version of Remnant, but still returns his hug with one of her own.

From the castle grounds, astonished villagers' approach, blinking, as the veil is lifted from their memory.

"Darling!?" Qrow asks as he finally figures out what he's forgotten all these years

"Qrow!" Summer shouts with joy

"Summer! Ruby! I remember now! I really do!" He shouts in joy as they embrace, a family reunited.

Raven looked down feeling guilty for earlier at this. "I'm… sorry for what I said before Qrow…"

"Uh… it's... fine Raven." Qrow said as he hugged Summer and both Ruby's more. "Is something wrong with Raven? She just apologized…" he whispered to his wife.

A wonderful emotion-filled reunion. STABLE BOYS, KITCHEN MAIDS, ARTISANS, GROUNDSKEEPERS, GUARDS, and SEAMSTRESSES are reunited in human form. Among the happy villagers, we find Port.

"Peter?" a voice sounds behind him

He stiffens for a moment...then slowly spins around to see Clothilde - his wife.

(Gulp.) "Oh dear..." he says with a bit of dread

"That's his wife?!" Coco asked.

"I… don't know if i am seeing this right…" spoke a dumb struck Neo.

"Does seem kinda crazy." Emerald nodded.

She hugs him. "I've been so lonely"

He shuts his eyes tight and whispers to himself "Turn back into a clock... turn back into a clock..." even as he tightly embraces her, revealing his true feelings.

Everyone chuckled a bit at the scene.

Oobleck and Peach embrace, then peach notices something within the crowd "Oobleck, look!"

"Oh, my Prince!" Oobleck announces bowing towards Blake and Jaune as they emerge.

He rushes to Oobleck and embraces him in a hug. "Hello, old friend.

Oobleck is taken aback by the warm embrace of his master. "It's so good to see you!"

Smiles fill the room at the warm and touching moment.

"Such a lovely sight." said Salem.

"It certainly is." Glynda nodded.

"I'm glad to see everything ended well." Ghira chuckled.

Blake and Jaune are then surrounded by the staff, Peach curtsies to Blake. "You saved our lives, mademoiselle."

Then Ruby runs up and hugs her tightly.

"Blake, it's me! It's Ruby!"

Both Summer and Qrow chuckled as they hugged their daughter(s) more.

"I wish I was there when you were that old." Summer sighed. Both Ruby's hugged her tighter.

A week passes by as the entire village celebrates within the castle's ball-room. Ozpin - smiling with dentures - plays the harpsichord with his beautiful wife Salem singing.

"Oh thank heavens!" Salem sighed loudly in relief. Everyone turned to her with a raised eyebrow. She blushed when she noticed. "I'm not going to kiss my husband when he is toothless." That surprised everyone to hear. Especially Ozpin.


"Tale as old as time.

Tune as old as song.

Bittersweet and strange.

Finding you can change.

Learning you were wrong."

Salem walked over to Ozpin and just sat next to him before kissing his cheek and curling up with him. He was surprised but said nothing. He just enjoyed this moment.

Meanwhile Raven would kiss Tai and then go hug her Yang. "I love you." she told her. W-Yang blushed but hugged back.

A-Yang looked on with a sad expression and thought about it being her with her Raven. Just then, Raven scooped her up to join the hug. She was surprised but smiled into it.

We glide past various familiar faces: Ilia, Oobleck waltzing with Peach, Peter with Clothilde, Ruby and her father, Qrow the Potter with his wife Summer... and finally Glynda. She beam's as she watches Blake dance slowly with Jaune, then crosses to acknowledge Ghira, who sits at an easel, sketching the celebration.

Chance changed into a little blue suit to match his aunt's dress. "Mama Gynn pwetty!" he giggled while clapping. Glynda smiled at her nephew.


"Winter turns to spring.

Famine turns to feast.

Nature points the way.

Nothing left to say.

Beauty and the Beast."

Ruby snuggled up to Summer and the kids started yawning again. They try to fight sleep but we're failing.

Blake runs her hand down Jaune's smooth cheek, thinking about something…

Adrian is now in Jaune's outfit and Juliet is in Blake's ball gown.

"So cute!" Terra, Saphron and Ilia squealed as they hugged their babies.

"What? What is it?" Jaune asks

"…How would you feel about growing a beard?" Blake asks

Many people laughed, causing both Blake's to blush.

"I guess us Belladonna ladies just love our men hairy and fuzzy." Kali giggled as she ran her fingers through her husband's beard and chest hair. This made Ghira smile and blush.

"Mom!" whined both Blake's with bigger blushes.

Hearing her question, he growls playfully, sounding just like he used to as the beast. As they laugh, we pull out to reveal the ballroom in all its restored splendor.

"Such a beautiful room." Eve said in awe. "It even has white marble with gold inlay."

When everyone looks at her Jackie explains."A part of her job is to know what material a room is made of incase repairs are needed and she can inform them what material is broken and needing replaced." Eve blushed a bit.


"Certain as the sun.

Rising in the East.

Tale as old as time.

Song as old as rhyme.

Beauty and the Beast!"

As the screen turned black, everyone was happy with how it ended and started talking about what they just saw. With Cici ignoring everyone oddly enough as she draws the castle from the movie to be painted.

"That was so beautiful." A-Weiss said.

"Yeah, and I'm happy it had a happy ending." Nora giggled.

"It was like a fairytale!" cheered both Ruby's.

"I was worried near the end, but I'm glad it turned out okay." Pyrrha smiled.

"I know, right? These Universes always have some way to pull at our heartstrings." A-Blake says knowingly

"I'm glad you all liked it. Now we should send Adam on his way." Wolf said as he made a flaming portal. From inside the song "I love you" from Barny could be heard. Adam started kicking and screaming in fear the second he heard the first note. Wolf turned to both Yang's and Blake's. "Ladies, care to do the honors?"

They smirked evilly and dragged a kicking and screaming Adam to the portal and tossed him through.

"Well now that he is gone, I want to take that bath now. I feel unclean seeing an alternate me kissing up to him." Ilia sighed.

Hearing the word bath, Juliet was no longer tired and had stars in her eyes. "Baf time, baf time!" she cheered.

Some were surprised by that. But then Esmeralda began to giggle. "She really loves baths."

Ilia was surprised but picked up her baby. "Guess we can take a bath together."

"I'll give you a room where time is sped up. That way we won't have to wait long, and you can take all the time you need." Wolf told her. She nodded and left.

As they waited, Chance and Adrian were trying hard to fight sleep. Eventually they came back. Ilia was no longer in her white fang uniform and now in regular clothes. (Her volume 6 outfit.)

"Feel better Ilia?" Sienna asked.

"Much better, yes." Ilia nodded

"I aww cwean!" Juliet giggled. She then let out a yawn.

"I think it's time for these little guys to take a nap." Juniper smiled.

"Here, let me help with that." Wolf said as a baby pen appeared. "This will let them sleep peacefully. Its magic makes it so we can see and hear them, but they don't hear anything outside the pen and don't see what's on the screen." 'For the universes that aren't suitable for babies.'

Glynda, Ilia and the Cotta-Arc's put their babies on some blankets. Adrian fell asleep, but as Chance and Juliet began to, they looked around. They suddenly teared up and began crying.

"Oh no, what's wrong sweetie?!" Ilia asked. Glynda tried to calm Chance down.

"Fwuffy!" cried Julliet.

"Bupe!" whined Chance.

"Oh, I completely forgot." Es said as she made a stuffed bat with dark blue body and purple wings and belly. Juliet suddenly had a red Lion with a golden mane. The two stopped crying and snuggled the stuffed toys and fell asleep.

Glynda and Ilia sighed in relief as they placed the babies down.

"Why do those seem so familiar?" Cici asked.

"I'm glad they are." Es said with a smile. "The bat used to be yours when you were little. You named it Blupe. And the lion was Ambers fluffy. After your father gave them to Chance and Juliet, they couldn't sleep without them since."

Cici was surprised to hear that, but turned to the babies and smiled.

Well now that that's out of the way, we have a few more things to show. One of which is for Aida and his group." Wolf said.

"Really?" Aida asked. His rwby was just as surprised.

"Yep." Wolf smirked as the screen turned back on.

Displayed on the screen is an image of a Pitch Black Phoenix giving off some flames with its wings wrapped around a single white rose. Across the screen it says Phoenix Warehouse Productions Delivery Announcement Please Standby For List and Delivery Thank you

"Is that normal when getting a video from this Amp guy?" A-Yang asked.

"Pretty much." Wolf shrugged.

Static goes across the screen

We see Jaune talking to Adrian with Gale, Sally, Rouge, Winston, and a little girl of six all in a garage around Jaune's car.

"Wow, that's a pretty sweet ride." A-Yang said.

"It's Jaune's. My husband gave it to him." Esmeralda giggled.

Sally is now wearing black skinny jeans, a black turtleneck sweater, and black dress shoes.

"Is that Salem?" A-Blake asked.

"Well, more specifically, that's Sally. She is an alternate version of Salem that works at the warehouse." Es explained.

Rouge is wearing blue sweatpants, her fiance's blue sweater over a white and gold shirt, and a pair of bear slippers.

Coco felt herself having a heart attack seeing her fashion idol dressed like that.

"So who's that?" A-Ruby asked.

"That's my oldest child, Rouge. In our world, she is a famous fashion designer." Juniper explained.

"So that means she is Jaune's big sister?" A-Yang asked. That got a nod from the Arc family.

Winston is wearing a nice dress shirt, and dress pants. He is bare foot.

"So who is that?" A-Weiss asked.

"That's Rouge's fiance Winston." Nicholas said.

"And as you can see by his feet, he is a gorilla faunus." Wolf spoke. A-Blake smiled hearing that a human and a faunus were engaged.

Adrian is wearing his black leather cowboy boots, black dress pants, a white long sleeve silk dress shirt, a black silk vest, and a black and red over coat. His black cowboy hat, that is beat up, cut up, and even has burn marks on it, is currently sitting on the roof of Jaune's car.

"So that's AMP know i always have these ideas of how certain gods would look like from worlds I would watch or visit, and I must admit, he looks completely different from what I was expecting." Aida says aloud in thought.

"He gets that a lot. Hell, by looking at me, you'd think I was just some schmuck since I wear jeans and a hoodie." Wolf said.

The little girl has blond hair, tiger ears, a tiger tail, and is wearing a tiger striped leotard with face paint to make her look like a tiger and even make her amber colored eyes seem sharper. This is Angel Arc-Khan, daughter of Jack and Sienna Khan.

Sienna blushed in surprise while Juniper squealed in joy. "Grandbaby!" she cheered.

"Who's Jack?" A-Yang asked, slightly confused.

"A version of Jaune who starred in more…Adult films. Jack is just short for his nickname. Jaune Jackhammer Arc." Wolf explained. "Though now he is a movie star."

A-Rwby blushed and went wide eyed at that. Though A-Blake and Yang were curious.

"But, why is she dressed like that?" Sienna asked.

"She went trick or treating with Jaune." Wolf told her. (Damn I'm late.)

"Can I please get a picture of her in her costume?" Juniper begged. Wolf had given her a few. She and several girls squealed at how cute she was.

Jaune is also wearing a new outfit. This one looks more mechanized than normal and even has it to where his sword and shield will slide from his back onto his arm if he channels aura through his armor. His hair has been cut to where it is now shoulder length and pulled back into a low ponytail.

"Damn, he looks good like that." Coco said. She dipped her sunglasses and looked at him.

"But why is his hair longer?" A-Blake asked.

"Oh, that was me." said Es. "I turned him into a toddler with the cutest bunny hooded onesie. When I changed him back I made his hair longer. Though I guess he cut it a bit."

"Did you have fun trick or treating with Doc?" Asks Adrian

"Yep, now we're going out for ice-cream before we run an errand for you. Then we get to go see mommy, daddy, and my new brothers at the hospital." Says a very happy Angel.

Another high pitched squeal came from Juniper. More grandbabies for her. Sienna was now red as a tomato.

"Oh, your just so cute." Rouge could no longer help herself and scooped up her interdimensional niece and cuddled her.

"That she is," exclaims Winston. "You can see that she is her father's daughter in her face. But her personality is all her mother."

Sienna had never blushed this much in her life.

"I just want to scoop her up and hug her!" said a giddy Juniper.

"What about you Sienna? Want to give your daughter a hug?" Kali smirked.

"S-shut it!" snapped a flustard Sienna.

"Aunty Rouge put me down! I gotta help Doc run errands!" Shouts a giggling little girl.

"But I don't want to put this cutie pie down," Rouge says while pouting. "I just want to take you home with me and cuddle up with you... That's what I'm gonna do!"

"(Chuckle) brings back memories aye Tai?" Qrow asks, remembering Ruby being adorable when wanting to help him fix his weapon

"...yea" he says as he remembers the horrors of damage bills he had to pay for the destruction that Yang caused when someone called her cute.

W-Yang blushed a bit. When she was young, she was a tough little kid and she didn't like being called cute. But now that she's older she wants to be seen as more girly than a tomboyish girl. She actually kinda misses being called cute now.

"Yes Rouge! Take that little cutie home so I can hug her and squeeze her!" cheered Juniper. Nicholas chuckled and his wife did as well.

"You can't take me home with you Aunty! I have to go see my new brothers after I change my clothes." States Angel

"Oh, ok." Rouge pouts playfully.

Juniper crossed her arms and huffed in disappointment. Nicholas patted her back in comfort.

"Jaune, remember your sending the first batch of gifts by video to Aida and RWBY from his world. Then you're driving your car to Wolf's and giving them gifts in person. Take Angel with you, and make sure to introduce her to your parents." Adrian says, reminding Jaune of what he is to do.

"...Well Wolf, I wish you the best of luck with all the damage control that you're gonna probably fix from the girls' hormones that are going to be chaotic when Jaune arrives here." Aida says, patting his shoulder comfortingly

"...gee, thanks" he deadpans to Aida

"No problem" he says happily

"Got it Uncle. What about Winston's gift?" Jaune whispers to his uncle.

"After you leave, we don't want her seeing what I am going to do to him and being scared do we?"


They were confused and curious at what they were talking about.

"Angel, when you see my counterpart give her this," Sally says while handing Angel a wrapped box.

'Hmm, i wonder what it could be' Salem thinks to herself as she gazes at the present

"Ok Miss Sally."

"Well get going kids, those gifts won't deliver themselves now will they?" Adrian asks with a smirk on his face while he grabs his hat and puts it on.

"Alright we will be back later. Come on kiddo let's go to your house so we can get changed." Jaune says as he makes sure that the gifts are all in the right spots in his trunk.

"K, Doc."

"Hey, why is Angel calling Jaune Doc?" A-Ruby asks.

"Because Amp trained that Jaune how to be a medic." Wolf simply stated.

Angel climbs into his passenger seat and buckles up.

Jaune gets in, turns on the car, and let's it run for a moment while he messes with an odd device on the dash.

"Uh… what's he doing?" A-Yang asked.

After finding what he wants on the devices read out he hits the enter button and a rift opens in front of the car.

"His car makes dimensional rifts?!" shouted a shocked Aida.

"Looks like it." shrugged Wolf.

"Coolest. Car. EVER!" Coco and Both Yang's and Ruby's shouted.

"Lucky bastard…" grumbled Roman and Mercury.

He takes a moment to wave before driving through the rift.

"Alright Winston you ready for this?" Asks Adrian.

"More than ever."

They were all puzzled by that.

Adrian hands Winston a vial of Gender Bender Dust. And Winston dumps it on himself.

Those that recognized the dust went wide eyed.

"I-is that…" W-Weiss didn't know if she wanted to finish.

"What? What's going on?" A-Blake asked.

Winston turns into a petite woman with a booty that puts the Belladonna family to shame. He has now turned into who he was always meant to be, Lena Watch.

Aida and his Rwby went wide-eyed at that.

"What just happened? What was that?" A-Weiss asked.

"Gender dust." Es said. "I made it myself. It's dust that changes the gender of someone. Just don't use it too much."

"Why? What would happen?" Aida asked.

"Well they basically have their alternate gender have a reversed personality." Es replied. "Apparently my idiota husband used it on their Jaune so much that that happened."

"So… what's he like when a woman?" A-Yang asked.

"A kinky perverted lesbian." Es deadpanned. Aida and A-Rwby went wide eyed again.

Her clothes even change form to fit her better now, showing that this was Rouge's special project.

Lena looks at herself, while Rouge looks on smiling with tears in her eyes and a wide smile on her face. Then launches herself at Adrian grabbing him in an enormous hug just babbling out thank you's the entire time.

"Thank you so much for doing this for us," Rouge says.

"No problem, glad I could help her be more comfortable in her own skin. There are a lot of people born the wrong gender who never get the help they need. You have her the support. I just made her outside match her inside." Adrian states while hugging his niece and her fiance. "Now what did you want to tell me Rouge?"

"Huh…" said a few people. There wasn't much else to be said really.

Rouge looks down sadly. "When Aunt Es changed form so we could cut her hair, I saw bruises and cuts in her back."

Es began to nervously sweat.

"Es has always been a fighter Rouge, what makes these seem so bad?" Adrian asks puzzled.

"Uncle...they glowed silver. And some of them even looked like they came from a whip."

"Is something wrong Mama?" Cici asked.

"N-no…" Es was incredibly nervous.

Camera closes in on Adrian's eyes. The whites turn pitch black, the iris turns from his normal steel blue to blood red, his pupils gain a slit, and from the corners of his eyes black flames that seem to absorb all the light around them leak from his eyes. "...tell me everything."

Everyone looked at Es unconvinced. She just looked away and whistled.


Jaune is still in his costume sitting on the hood of his car waiting for Angel to get finished changing her clothes. And notices the camera is now on.

"So… how are we seeing this right now?" Neo asked.

"Hey guys, if you're wondering, the camera is a small drone that uncle uses to see how people are doing when he can't check in person." Jaune states with an amused look on his face.

"Well, that explains that." Velvet said.

"Did you start without me?" Says a sad sounding Angel coming up behind the camera.

"Nope, just telling them how the camera works Cub." Says a smiling Jaune as he helps Angel get on the hood of his car.

Angel is now wearing blue sneakers, blue jeans, a t-shirt with the rose from the Beauty and the Beast on with "Beauty is found within" written on it, she is also wearing a light jacket as it is fall.

"She is so cute!" Juniper squealed.

"She certainly is." Nicholas chuckled.

Sienna couldn't stop blushing seeing her 'daughter'. She would be lying if she said she wasn't cute.

"Well let me give the first gift then you can give the next one ok? And remember we are just telling them what they got and a little about them, Wolf will make sure the right gift leaves my trunk and lands on their laps." Jaune says while looking at Angel.

"Ok Doc," she states very seriously while looking at him.

"Well that is certainly convenient." A-Weiss said.

"This is gods and magic we are talking about." A-Blake reminded her. A-Weiss sighed and nodded.

"To Aida, we send a Sonic Screwdriver. This is basically a super computer in your hand. With it you can hijack any machine and computer. We also send you this red and blue steampunk style hat that will also allow you to store items inside a pocket dimension." Jaune said with a smile.

"YES! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My plans will come together nicely with these items!" Aida shouts as his hat landed on his head and the screwdriver on his lap.

"Wait, what plans?" A-Weis asks suspiciously, with A-Blake gazing at him cautious as well

" plans to help Penny of course" Aida says with a strained laugh

"Help me with what?" Penny asked as she cocked her head slightly.

"I think he means the one he's dating" A-Ruby whispers to her.

"Ooooh, I see" Penny says

"To Aunt Ruby, we give a collection of hand-made plushies of your friends and families. Uncle Feathers made them, just like he made all the plushies he gave out. Like mine." She says while holding a plush version of her parents, while also looking so serious it's funny. "He also sends a version of his staff that uses Dust to mimic his plasma. Ask your other what it can do, k?"

"What can it do?! What can it do?! What can it dooooooooo?!" A-Ruby asks desperately as she clings to her counterpart

" this how I always acted?" W-Ruby asked her teammates

"Yep" They say in agreement

W-Ruby blushed in embarrassment at that revelation. "W-well it can turn into a Bo Staff, a Ton-fa, and revolvers. When you channel your aura into it you can create a dual headed plasma scythe, plasma sickles, and fire plasma bullets." She explained, remembering what Amp said.

A-Ruby had stars in her eyes and began to drool. W-Ruby was embarrassed seeing this, realizing that's how she is with weapons.

She began looking back, realizing how… creepy it was saying crescent-rose was all she needed instead of friends.

Jaune just laughs at how cute she looks.

"What's wrong Doc?"

"Nothing, nothing, it's just you look so cute when you act like your mother."

She just puffs out her cheeks and starts smacking his arm. "I AM NOT CUTE! I AM A FIERCE TIGER!"

"Oh god. I'm getting flashbacks…" Tai sighed. When Yang was little, she would do the same when she was called cute, she would shout she was a fierce dragon and start causing trouble.

Now, W-Yang actually kinda misses those days. Being called cute instead of boyish. She never realized how much she would want to be cute again until it was gone.

Jaune just laughs and pulls her into a one armed hug. "Not yet kiddo. Right now you're a cute little cub."

She just pouts.

"Yep, just like you firecracker." Qrow chuckled.

"S-shut up!" shouted a blushing W-Yang. A-Yang was blushing a little trying to think back to see if she was like that.

"To Weiss, we send a six finger sword. The blade is engraved with a beautiful design, the guard unbreakable, and the hilt took the crafter a full year to get right. This blade is a piece of art. The blade is capable of cutting through Aura like a hot knife through warm butter." Jaune states before adding, "and this is the same blade your counterpart got. Some of these gifts are traditional for Uncle to give."

"Huh, that's very interesting to hear how it was made. And the ability of the sword will definitely help against those like Roman." A-Weiss says aloud. Then, realizing what she said, blushes and says "No offence" To the Roman in the room

"Some taken." Roman replied.

"Up nex-"

"Let me do Blake so you can give Yang her gift, ok?"

Angel just smiles up at Jaune before saying, "k Doc."

"To Blake, we send signed copies of your favorite book, as well as a copy of the movies," Jaune states. " We also ask that you keep those hidden as Jack stars in those movies. And they are both the clean and uncut versions."

"Kind of too late to hide them since he announced it to the theatre" Aida points out jokingly as A-Blake blushes at the thought of Jaune staring in her favorite series

"To Aunty Yang, you get the Nemia- the Nema-"

"The Nemean Cestus."

"What he said. It's a set of gauntlets that cover your hands and forearms. It can even be used to grab enemies. Inside it has long chains that let you throw a punch and hit someone over ten feet away." Says a bouncing Angel.

"That sounds pretty cool!" A-Yang says "I wonder if it has a shotgun feature."

"What she didn't mention is that it doesn't have any shotguns in them…"

"Aww man!" She pouts

"However, it is hard enough you can punch a diamond and break it."

"Go on…" She says, excited once again

"It will also turn you into a lion Faunus able to hit as hard as when your semblance is activated. And when you do use your Semblance it's now three times as strong." Says a smiling Jaune.

"Sweet! Now me and my partner can be a Purrrrfect pair during fights" A-Yang puns. Everyone groans except those who found it funny.

He then looks at Angel and asks, "why do you call Ruby and Yang your aunt's?"

"Because they are Aunt Amber's sisters and she is Aunt Cindy's sister, and Aunt Cindy is my daddy's sister. So that makes them my Aunties." She says this like it's the most common thing in the world.

"...ok, that's a bit confusing." A-Weiss says trying to ease her headache

"True, but remember, this might not be the case in our world anyways so might as well just go along with it." A-Blake says

"It's going to be explained later, don't worry." Wolf explained.

"Is that so?" He asks with a chuckle in his voice.

She just nods her head with a grin on her face.

"Alright let me go get changed and we will go give the next gifts in person, k?"

"Given how time moves differently, he should be here after another two viewings." Wolf told them.

A loud aww filled the room. It was the girls who like Jaune, his friends, and his family.

"Now it's time for my gifts to you girls." Wolf said to A-Rwby. With a snap of his fingers, A-Ruby had her 'model' landed on her lap.

A-Yang looked up. "Where do those keep coming from?" just then her 'model' fell and hit her right in the face. "Ah! My eye!" she said as she now had a black eye.

"You shouldn't have looked up." Wolf deadpanned. He leaned over to Aida and whispered. "Just in case your Weiss falls for him, she will instantly get one if and when she does."

"Uh… Okay…" Aida replied.

"Now for the final gifts." Wolf said. He gave A-Rwby their volume 4 outfits (both of Yang's) and their volume 7 outfits.

They were surprised by this. Like W-Ruby before, A-Ruby looked at the chests of the outfits with a confused look.

"Just like your counterpart, your body will develop to where you are when you wear that. And don't worry, you'll naturally be able to wear it in a few months." Wolf told her.

Like their counterparts, A-Rwby went wide eyed that it would only take a few months for their Ruby to grow that much. And A-Weiss was filled with jealousy.

W-Yang looked at Weiss's volume 7 outfit. "What's with all the belts?"

"Huh, yeah that is a lot " Coco nodded. "You sure you need that many ice-queen?"

Both Weiss's blush at them giving opinions on their future clothes.

"K, Doc...can we go get ice cream before we go? Miss Neo said she was getting a new flavor in soon and that I could try it."

Jaune just chuckles, "sure thing Cub."

The screen begins to fizzle out as the room begins to pick up a slight breeze from all directions. A chill sets in the air as darkened clouds begin to form above the audience.

Everyone begins to huddle together as they try to withstand the storm that has begun in the theatre.

"WHAT'S HAPPENING!" Aida shout aloud as he tries to stand his ground, sliding back a few inches due to the winds getting stronger

"I DON'T KNOW!" Wolf exclaims over the howling winds, trying to use his magic to settle it. He managed to lessen it, but then he noticed something. He gazes up as an extremely loud roar of thunder sounds throughout the room and the clouds begin to alight. "Oh, no. EVERYONE GET BEHIND ME!" he shouts as he begins to set a barrier.

Everyone begins to run to him, trying to protect the children from the strong winds and harsh rain. And right as everyone gets behind it, a Lightning bolt, 10ft wide in all directions, strikes the floor with overwhelming power. An explosion happens as dust and debri are scattered across the room, the barrier protecting everyone from the large stones of debri.

As the dust begins to settle, they begin to see a figure appearing from the crater formed from the lightning bolt. A Goliath of a male, easily 7'6", stands in the center. Heavy plated armor is upon him from neck to toe. A Gigantic two handed warhammer, infused with the colors white and yellow, pulses with power as it rests beside him. The only part of flesh you can see is his head, which is tan. His hair, short yet stylish. His beard, which is known as a Hollywoodian beard, is lush and well kept. His eyes, as brown as chocolate, shines like Tourmaline (a brown gemstone)

Everyone holds their breath as he turns to look at us. He regards us for a moment

"...Sorry about that" He says in a gruff and deep voice (Morgan Freeman's voice) as he looks around. "I'll fix this up in a sec, just gotta get out of this crater."

Everyone fights to face vault as he walks up from it

"And...Who are you?!" Wolf says angered as the whole room is completely trashed. He is closer to the being now, but he still has the barrier up to protect his guest just in case.

"...For a being such as yourself, you are not as patient as I would have hoped." He says "Now stand back, i need to focus"

Wolf, insulted somewhat, begins to argue only to stop as the Man in front of him, channels raw magic and reverses all the damage. Similar to how the castle repaired itself in the movie.

After that he turns to Wolf and smiles. "Now then, forgive me if I sound differently over the phone, but you did ask to borrow something from one of the worlds that I watch over." He says in a smile

Those that heard him, gape at him as they realize who they're facing against.

"Wait...OBERON!" Wolf asks, shocked as he gazes up at him.

"The One and only!" He says with joy

"My LORD!" Aida says running up to him and bowing in place "It truly is an honor to meet you!" He shouts in fear

Oberon bursts out laughing and picks up Aida "Now now Aida, there is no need to fear me. Although I am a god of Destruction such as Berrus, I am not that quick to anger." He then lightly puts him down and turns to his versions of RWBY "I simply came to return my versions back to their home" He then turns to Wolf and says "And to give some gifts to your guests as well Wolf"

"Really?" Wolf asks

"Really." He says with a smile "Now to give them my gifts and then we'll head back home"

"You sure you can't stay until the end? We were gonna show them their future kids" Wolf whispered to Oberon

"Hmm, I guess we could stay for that. But afterwards were headed home" Oberon says "Now for the gifts

He turns to the guests and walks towards them, startling some due to his Immense size. "Now now, no need to worry, just need to give out some gifts. Now may I first see team Wolf's version of team RWBY?" He asks

They look to each other, and then slowly and nervously stand before the man.

"My gift to you are these cards" He says as credit cards materialize into his hands "I got them from a special casino, so don't worry about running out of money or reaching a limit any time soon." He says with a smile. "If you have questions, i'm sure Wolf can explain it to you"

Dazed and shocked, they each grab a card.

"Now for NPR" he says walking to them "To Nora, I give a copy of my mighty weapon, known as the Wrath of Earth." He says handing her a version that matches her size. "It stores up aura into charges, and it contains up to 4 charges. When you use one up, you will automatically strike the ground, which will create a fissure 5ft wide and 30 ft long. To recharge it you must infuse your aura into it." He says with a smile. He then becomes more serious and says "Be warned, 1 charge is about 45% of your aura."

"...Awesome" Nora says with stars in her eyes

"That's twice a god has given her a hammer that will make her give me a heart attack." Ren mumbled with a sigh.

"To Lie Ren, I give you this cloak of invisibility." He says pulling out a cloak made of silver and black "It will completely hide your presence, and I also added a silencing spell so that even if you ran with it, no one would hear you. It'll help you get a break from constantly using your semblance when in battle"

"...thank you." He says with a bow.

"To Pyrrha, I give you this book of Magnetic manipulation. Theories, tips and tricks to help improve your semblance control and power. Signed by the one and only Magneto" He says materializing the book.

"Oh, thank you." She says as she begins to skim the front of it. Though she didn't know who magneto was.

"Now for the 2 members of CFVY." He says turning to them "For Coco, a 1 day trip to earth for a shopping spree with a card you can use for said purchases. Here's a list of malls on earth." He says handing it to her "And for you Velvet, Carrot cake from the version Jaune "Ramsay" Arc, a world renowned chef"

"...Holy shit" Coco says as the list rolls down and continues for about 5 feet. Velvet grabs the box with the cake in it and decides to taste it later. She now had multiple cakes from a Jaune. She had a giant grin.

"To all the Parents in the room with a loved one, I filled your accounts with 10 million Lien to help with any future little ones that you have" He says with a smile

The parents all blushed hearing him say that, save for Kali and Summer who giggled.

"Lastly, to Ozpin and Salem" He says turning towards them "For Ozpin, This enchanted Wizarding Chess board. It allows the pieces you put on It to move magicly, and it will evolve and learn every move you can use so that it can try and beat you. And if it becomes impossible to beat, there's a reset button on the bottom of it. You can also set it to multiplayer if you have a guest to play against." Materializing the chess board. "You will also get this magical mirror. The effects of it will be explained after I give my gifts to Salem."

Ozpin smiled at the board, now he can play without needing an opponent. Something Glynda sighed in relief over.

"As for you Salem, This unbreakable set of fine China, and a magical mirror as well. Now, what these mirrors actually do, is that it will allow you to speak to your children once every 3 months."

Salem and Ozpin went wide eyed. Salem was on the verge of tears.

"Now then, let me just adjust my power and we'll get your video back on track." He says, reducing his lightning abilities.

"Oh, one sec. Mind if I have a word with you Obi-ron Kinobi?" Wolf asked Oberon.

"Uh, sure." Oberon nodded.

Wolf went over and grabbed his collar and brought Oberon's face to level with his own. Wolf had a calm smile. "If you ever trash my theater again, you're gonna lose your knee privileges. Got that cupcake?" he asked, his smile never leaving. Behind him, Oberon could have sworn he saw some kind of massive figure in wolf style armor, and it had an ominous aura.

"Uh… Yeah?" Oberon said, confused.

"Glad to hear it." Wolf let him go and gave his cheek a little pat. "Let that be a warning. It's more than I give most people. And for much smaller things. I once made a guy implode through his own ass just for pissing me off on which character in an anime is better."

Everyone went wide-eyed at that. One at that fact he could do that, two that he did, and three for the reason. Though everyone, save for Es, Aida and Oberon, were confused at what an anime was.

As the screen begins to fizzle back to normal, A Beowolf sniffing a red cloak is seen on the screen, in a red ribbon above it are the words written in black, Darkness Tracking Records.

We see Jaune's car pull up to a small ice cream shop that's named Neo's Sweet Treat's. Right across the street is an elementary school.

"Wait, so the place they are going for ice-cream is mine?" Neo asked.

"Yep." Wolf nodded.

"Smart move putting it across an elementary school Neo. Those kids probably rush over, or drag their parents to your shop after a boring day of school." Roman chuckled.

"I will admit, that is a very smart idea. Children certainly love a nice cold treat after school." Jackie nodded.

"So it's a job I enjoy, on a street that will make my business boom." Neo chuckled.

Angel gets out of the car before bouncing up and down impatiently while waiting for Jaune to get out.

"I remember when Yang and Ruby were like that." Tai chuckled.

Both sets of girls blushed a bit.

"I'd say Ruby is still like that a bit." W-Weiss responded. Her counterpart nodded.

Now both Ruby's were as red as their name sake.

However when Jaune gets out of the car a lot of the women around stop and stare at him due to how he is dressed. He is in black dress shoes, white dress pants, a white vest over black shirt with a red tie. He has his dual belts on, as well as a leather jacket that looks like the sleeves are armored. On his hands are black gloves. His hair is now pulled into a Wolf's tail.

All the girls who have fallen for him had huge blushes seeing Jaune dressed like that. None more so than Coco, who may or may not need a new pair of panties.

"Those bitches better stay away from him if they know what's good for them." Neo growled.

"Oh that won't be the only time that kinda thing happens." Wolf chuckled. He used his powers to show the scene in volume 7 when Jaune is acting as a crossing guard for children, and a few single mothers show their appreciation. One giving him a casserole while blushing, and others blushing or winking at him. "And just by being his normal dorky self." Wolf chuckled.

The girls that like him all go wide eyed, but soon have murderous expressions.

"Damn, kid got a bunch of single moms to want him?" Roman chuckled. Neo glared at her adoptive father. As did Jackie.

"Lucky bastard…" Mercury grumbled. I think you know what happens next.

"But what's with that hair?" W-Yang asked, confused.

"It looks… awful." Ilia spoke.

"I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I prefer his regular shaggy hairstyle." A-Weiss said.

"Yeah, that one is so much more Jaune." Terra nodded.

"He looks like he has bananas on his head." Nora giggled.

"You ready for some ice cream Cub?" Jaune asks.

"Yep, Miss Neo said that this flavor is for a limited time due to it being for daddy's new movie." Angel states looking very happy.

Neo was now curious as to what those flavors were. Maybe she could search for it herself.

Jaune just laughs and walks to the door before opening it for Angel. "After the lovely young lady."

"Such a gentleman." Winter smiled.

"He's great with children." Velvet giggled

"Yeah, he would be a wonderful father." Pyrrha nodded.

"Thank you Doc." Angel says before walking and seeing that the store is in a rare state of being empty except Neo Torchwick.

"Doc this is Miss Neo," Angel introduces him when he comes in. (Miss Neo this is Doc, he is Dad's cousin)

(Nice to meet you Doc) Neo signs.

They could tell what they were saying thanks to subtitles.

"Wait, that reminds me." A-Yang said as she turned to Neo. "So are you from a universe where you're able to talk?"

"Nope." Neo shook her head.

"I used my powers to make her able to talk." Wolf said.

"Oh…. Huh." replied A-Yang

"I also made Penny human." Wolf added.

"Wait, really?!" Aida asked.

"Yes, he indeed did. I'm so happy." Penny smiled.

"You can actually do that?" Aida turned to Wolf.

"Hell yeah." Wolf grinned.

Aida hugged Penny. "I'm so happy for you." he knew what a dream come true this must have been for her.

"Thank you." Penny smiled as she hugged back.

"But should you have done that?" Oberon asked.

"Pfft, like I care. I do what I like, and I like what I do." Wolf responded.

"Wait, so Penny isn't human?!" A-WBY ask. A-Ruby grew worried now that the Blake was out of the bag.

"Nope. She is an android created by Doctor Pietro Polendina in Atlas and given a piece of his aura to make her soul in her power core to make her truly alive." Wolf responded. "However the process permanently took a piece out of his aura. So he had to take away some of his life to give life to Penny."

Penny went wide-eyed at this. She had no idea creating her was so costly for her father. The next time she saw him, she would show just how grateful she truly is.

"Huh, so your old Pietro's girl eh? He was actually the one that gave me my mechanical eyes you know." Maria chuckled.

"Speaking of eyes, why are the parts of your eyes that are supposed to be white black?" A-Yang asked.

"Oh, I just returned her eyes with a little something extra." Esmeralda giggled.

"Nice to meet you too Miss Neo." Jaune states. "So what's this new flavor Cub has been wanting to try?"

"Wait, Doc you can understand sign language?" Angel asks.

"I can understand it, and I can even sign a little myself." Jaune states. "Whenever one of my sisters got grumpy with me and gave me the silent treatment, this was the only way they would communicate."

"Hehe, guilty!" Saphron giggled.

"Saphron!" Juniper chastised.

(Interesting, and the flavor is actually two flavors. The first is called Blue Belle. It's a blueberry flavored Ice-cream served in a caramel flavored waffle cone bowl.) Neo signs before preparing five bowls of each flavor. (The second is called Black Beast. It's black berry ice cream in a chocolate waffle cone bowl as well)

Neo drooled a bit hearing those flavors.

Wolf, Oberon, and Aida snickered a bit at the reference.

"But why are there five bowels? There are only three of them." W-Ruby asked.

"Sounds good, but why did you bring five bowls? There are only three of us." Jaune asks curiously.

W-Ruby blushed at that, while both Yang's and Summer laughed a bit

Just then the doorbell rings and in walks two women.

The first is Cinder 'Cindy' Fall. She is wearing red pants, a white low cut shirt with a red button up shirt that is unbuttoned over it. She is also wearing black leather shoes. Her hair is cut short with a bang covering one eye.

Emerald blushed at how Cinder looked in that. She looked amazing. Especially with that hair. Cici looked at her hair and thought about getting it shorter.

"Meh, to bland for my taste." Cindy spoke.

The second woman is Emerald 'Emmy' Sustrai. She is wearing a white summer dress with sandals, and a wide brimmed white hat. Her hair is down to her mid back and loose.

"Why am I wearing a summer dress in the fall?" Emerald asked.

"Because you're pregnant and that's the loosest thing you had." Wolf plainly said.

"W-what?!" Emerald asked with a blush. "H-how?!"

"Jack donated and you were impregnated by an artificial insemination." Wolf explained.

"AUNT CINDY!" Angel screams before launching herself at her beloved aunt.

Cinder just puts her feet apart to brace herself before opening her arms and screaming, "KITTY KAT!"

Emerald and Jaune can't help but laugh as Cinder catches her niece and starts laughing with her as she spins her around.

Many others in the theater were also laughing a bit.

"Do they do this often?" Jaune asks.

"All the time"/(All the time) Neo and Emerald answer at the same time.

"That's my little girl alright." Es smiled as she hugged Cinder.

"Mama!" Cici blushed hard. She hid her face in her mother's hair.

Neo pulls on his sleeve before signing, (I made enough bowls for you two and the two crazy girls who I love)

Neo was blushing hard at that. Roman went wide eyed at this. "What?!" he shouted as he stood up.

Jackie then grabbed his ear." Sit down and shut up. Your embarrassing Neo." she scolded.

"Ow ow ow! Alright jeez!" Roman grumbled and sat down.

Meanwhile Neo wasn't taking it much better. She didn't like Cinder for threatening her and Roman, and she couldn't stand how much Emerald practically kissed Cinder's ass. She was feeling… stabby.

"You're dating both of them?" Jaune asks

"Yes she is. And I still say you're too good for us Neo." Emerald answers as she walks over to the counter before kissing Neo on the lips.

Emerald is now as red as Ruby and Cici is hiding even further in Es' hair. Mercury however had a smirk. "That was hot." he said... before being slapped again.

(And you two are too good for a reformed criminal like me)

"Oh please, you both are too good for me. I still don't get what you two see In me." Cinder states as she carries her niece to the counter before sitting her down on the counter.

"Yeah… You are." Cici nodded.

"Oh please. Neither of you are worthy to lick my shoes." Cindy spat. Neo glared at her. She really wanted to stab Cindy.

As she bends down Jaune can see that her covered eye is covered in a burn scar.

"What happened to her eye?" Emerald asked, concerned.

Just then, Es began cursing under her breath. If you listen closely, you can hear something about abusive boyfriends.

"Cinder, we both know you don't mean that." Emerald says with a sigh before looking at her a little disappointed.

"Yeah." Emerald said. She then walked over to Cici, before looking at Es and seeing her smile, goes through with grabbing Cici's face and kissing her.

As Emerald removes herself from the kiss, it reveals Cici with a very dark blush and a small, shy smile. Just then, they heard Mercury laugh. "Ha! I Knew it! Hazel and Tyrian owe me money. I knew Hazel was full of shit saying Cinder was bisexual." he chuckled.

Just then, a knife went flying and impaled his chair between his legs, just below his crotch. He paled at that. He saw it came from Neo.

Emerald then walked over and slapped his face. "Keep your mouth shut asshole." she spat.

"Aunt Cindy, did you just get back from seeing Aunty Verte off to Beacon?" Angel asks.

Cinder just sighs before telling Angel everything she wants to know about Beacon.

"What's wrong with Cindy? Everytime I see her she is usually a little moody, but this time she seems down in the dumps." Jaune asks Neo and Emerald low enough that Cindy and Angel can't hear him.

(Cinder suffers depression)

"And the Bitch Goodwitch has been trying to get in her life after nearly thirty years of ignoring her." Emerald states with venom in her voice. "She won't leave her alone and even took to showing up both here and at the Dance School."

"Is she trying to get into their life due to her wanting something from them or is she genuinely wanting to be a part of their lives?" Oberon asks aloud "Because if it's the former then i would say F! # em' and just move as far away as possible. If it's the other one however, then I would give them just one chance to prove themselves."

"Not exactly that simple. You see that Glynda was going to be Cinder's godmother, but since she blames Amp for her brother's death, she kinda broke his jaw before he could explain to her. She wanted nothing to do with him and only recently realized her mistake after that world's Amp had been dead for years. Before he died, he chose to have Jaune's parents be her godparents instead." Wolf explained. "She is trying to make it up to Cinder, but has ignored her all her life. Kinda hard for Cinder to just forgive her." Glynda was filled with guilt hearing what her counterpart did.

"Sorry I-

"It's fine, you didn't know." Emerald states while placing her hand on his shoulder. "I am just happy that she is sharing her problems with us."


"Guess she isn't very good at sharing her problems with others." Coco spoke.

"Seems that way." Maria replied.

"So let's eat this ice cream before it melts and you go run that errand for my dad. Sounds good Kitty?" Cinder tells her beloved niece.

"Yeah, don't let perfectly good ice cream melt!" Neo spoke.

"Ok Aunty Cindy." Angel says before turning to Neo. "So which flavor are we starting with Miss Neo?"

(Blue Belle first, Sweety) Neo signs before handing them their bowls. (Let me know what you think)

After everyone eats not only the scoop of ice cream, but the edible bowl as well, they take a moment to think about what they just ate.

(So, what do you think?) Neo asks very nervously. She didn't let them know that these two flavors were her recipe and wanted honest opinions on them.

"Huh, so you made those flavors, eh shorty?" Roman chuckled.

"I think that's wonderful Neo." Jackie said with a smile. Neo blushed a bit at that.

"It's very good Miss Neo. Can I get some more to take to Mommy and Daddy?" Angel asks.

"I agree, Blue Belle would sell very well." States Jaune.

"Very good, Beloved." Cinder says before giving Neo a kiss on the cheek.

"Agreed," Emmy says before kissing Neo's cheek as well.

Emerald and Cici blushed, while Neo was more focused on the fact they liked it. 'T-they liked it? Actually really liked it?' she thought to herself. She felt incredibly happy.

Neo just blushes up a storm before handing them the other bowls she prepared.

After everyone tries this one, Neo waits nervously to hear how they like it.

"I like the ice cream Miss Neo, but I think it needs a different bowl." Angel says while looking sorry about her opinion.

"Agreed, a chocolate bowl isn't good with this ice cream. Though I would like to know where I can get more of it when I get home." Jaune states causing Neo to blush as she would have to give him the recipe for her ice cream.

"Well I guess I won't use a chocolate bowl for it then." Neo said.

"N-now hold on. I'm sure it's fine." Cici chuckled nervously.

"Y-yeah. Let's give it another chance." Pyrrha nodded. Those that knew Pyrrha that much chuckled.

"I loved it, and thought the bowl fit it perfectly." Cindy states before cleaning up her face a bit as she couldn't help but get a little messy eating the bowl.

"I agree with them Neo, you need a different bowl. And Cinder, you love anything with chocolate so you would think anything was good in that bowl." Emmy says with a small laugh at the end.

"Same with Pyrrha. If it's chocolate, then she instantly loves it." Nora giggled.

"T-that's not true…" Pyrrha denied with a blush. Just then everyone who knew her gave her a deadpanned look, causing her to blush more.

Neo just can't help but blush at the fact they like her ice cream.

(Well thank you for tasting it with me guys.) Neo signs. (And yes Angel I will get you some for your mom and dad. If you want you can come into the back and help me pack up a tub of each for them. And Doc I didn't buy these, I made them)

"Which is amazing." Jackie smiled. She had thought of Neo like a daughter and wanted her to see her as a mother, after all, she was in love with Roman.

"T-thanks…" Neo blushed. She still didn't like her though.

(Ok Miss Neo) Angel signs before turning to Jaune, "I will be right back."

"Take your time Cub, we don't have to be there for a little bit." Jaune assures her before turning to Cindy and Emmy. "Ok, I know you two know who I am. Why doesn't Neo?"

"Neo hasn't met father yet," states Cindy. "So how have you been doing Jaune?"

"Oh, don't want to introduce your girlfriend to your old man?" Mercury chuckled. He then covered his head, but got surprised by an elbow to the gut.

"Been good Cindy,' says Jaune before he looks nervous. "Can you answer a question for me?"

"If I can Jaune. What did you want to know?" Cindy asks while looking at Emmy confused as to what a boy she has known since he was 5 could want to know.

"How are you Jack's sister? And Amber be Yang and Ruby's sister?"

"Finally, an explanation." A-Yang sighed.

"Well after our parents died, Amber lived with her godfather, Qrow, and his wife, Summer. Her godmother was our Aunt Raven and she couldn't get custody due to a run in with the law. But she was raised with both of them and called them her little sisters whenever some jerk would bully them in school." Cinder says while looking sad.

"What did you do this time?" Summer, Qrow and Tai said all at once to Raven.

"Hey. That's a different me. And what do you mean this time?" Raven asked.

"You know what." The three said at once again. Raven blushed while stroking her hair.

Both Yang's and Ruby's looked dumbfounded before they realized that they had a big sister in that world who looked after them and made it so Yang didn't fight as often, causing them to complain a bit about how lucky those versions are.

"Aw man, wish I had her in our world. Would have been nice having someone help look after Ruby." A-Yang sighed.

"Tell me about it." W-Yang grumbled.

Cici stumbled, as she was still blushing from her kiss, over to Summer and Qrow before hugging them. "Thank you for keeping my sister safe." she said.

"No need to thank us." Summer said as she hugged back.

"Ok, but how is Jack your brother?"

"Well, and dad told me that it's always different depending on the world, your father was my godfather. He and your mother took me in and raised me as Jack's older sister. Jack was actually their first born. And when they died when I was almost eighteen, and Jack was fifteen." Cinder says.

As Cici was heading back to her seat, Juniper grabbed her and hugged her. "You're coming to our house for a family dinner when we get home." Juniper told her.

"O-okay miss Juniper…" Cici blushed.

"Oh dear, we're family. Call me aunty." Juniper smiled. Cici blushed more.

Glynda still felt guilty. She turned to Cici. "I'm sorry for everything my counterpart missed out on…"

"It's alright Aunt Glynda." Cici smiled.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Jaune says looking sad to hear that.

"It's fine, after a court battle and your grandparents helping me get custody of Jack and our siblings, I dropped out of highschool to pay the bills. Jack dropped out as well and got a job working construction, before he somehow got a job in adult films. He won't tell me how." Cinder says looking pissed at that last bit. "And together we put all seven of our sisters through school so far. Jack even bought the building so I could open my own dance school. And put Rouge through fashion school."

"He shouldn't have been in those films…" Cici pouted.

"I agree." Cindy nodded. Everyone looked at her and she just rolled her eyes. "No brother of mine shall debase himself like that." she said this while looking at a sleeping chance, who was now laying on his stomach chewing on the stuffed bats ear.

"Sounds like he stepped up when you needed him to."

"I would rather my little brother never have done what he did. But at the same time I couldn't make enough to pay the bills and feed us on my own. I hate that he had to drop out just to help me with that."

"I wish neither of you did what you did." Juniper scolded.

"I wouldn't want my sibling to worry, so I can see why I did it… your not disappointed, are you aunty?" Cici asked Juniper sadly.

Juniper let out a sigh. "As long as you are happy, I could never be disappointed." Cici smiled at her.

"Cinder, he did it because he saw you come home after double shifts everyday and barely have the energy to even take off your shoes." State Emerald, "he told me that he found you passed out on the couch or asleep at the kitchen table more often than not."

"That Cinder does that too?!" asked a shocked Emerald. "I can't tell you how many times I had to take Cinder's heels off and change her clothes. I've done it so much I know exactly how she organizes her closet and dresser. She never seems to relax for more then two days a week.'' This caused Cici to blush in embarrassment.

"Cinder, you're grounded." Salem told her.

"What? Why?" Cici asked.

"I didn't raise you to put your health at risk for work." Salem scolded.

"O-okay Granny…" Cici pouted.

Cindy however growled. "I only did it to make the stuck up perfectionist bitch that raised me proud!" Salem was surprised by that.

Just as Cindy was about to respond to that Angel comes out of the back carrying four big ice cream buckets.

As Jaune goes to help her with them she slips and one of them fly's from her arms and bursts on Jaune's suits staining the clothes.

"I am so sorry Doc!" Angel says close to tears. "Miss Neo gave me enough to share with the people we were going to see and I slipped and and and..."

Sienna gasps seeing her cub about to cry. She feels her motherly instincts kick in, making her want to do something to cheer her up.

"It's fine Cub," Jaune says trying to keep her from crying for having a simple accident. "I have a spare set of clothes at your house I can change into."

"He's really great with children." Kali giggled.

"Yeah, it's sweet how he is trying to help her stop crying." Pyrrha nods.

Sienna can't help but smile seeing it.

"Well how about we go with you?" Asks Emerald, "and while we are there I can give you a new haircut. Your hair looks a little long to me."

"I say he keeps the wolf tail look. It looks good on him." A-Yang chuckled.

"Yeah. definitely a good look." W-Yang nodded.

"Ok, as long as it's no trouble for you Emmy," Jaune states while rubbing the back of his neck.

"It's fine Doc, I work at a beauty salon. So I get lots of practice cutting and styling hair." Emmy says with a smile. "You guys go on ahead and we will follow behind you. You want to come with us Neo?"

"Huh… never really thought about owning a salon." Emerald said.

"I think you should. I bet you'd be great Emmy!" Cici smiled.

(Sure just let me lock up and I will be good)

The screen turned black at that. Wolf then gets up. "Alright, now I have a big surprise for all of you."

"What is it?" A-Ruby asked.

"I'm going to show you some future kids from alternative universes." Wolf chuckled. Many went wide eyed as the screen turned on. "Just remember that most of these kids are from alternate universes, so your kids may not end up like this."

Velvet Arc

First picture shows a 5yr old son and 3yr old daughter, both rabbit Faunus, being hugged by Velvet and Jaune. The son has his mother's hair and father's eyes. Daughter is blond with her mother's eyes. In the picture, Velvet has a soft smile, long hair and loving eyes wearing a light brown sundress that matches her hair.

Velvet blushes at the picture of her with Jaune and her children. All the girls that like Jaune look at her in jealousy.

Juniper shriek with glee as she glomped Velvet. "They are so cute!" she squealed. Nicholas just chuckled at how his wife was acting at just the first baby pic, while Velvet just blushed more.

Second picture shows the son Graduating from Beacon looking to be 20 dressed to look like a Knight just like his father.

"Guess you and Jaune's genes go well together Bunbun. You have a pretty handsome son." Coco chuckled.

That wasn't helping Velvets blush. "Coco!"

Third picture is of the Daughter working in the kitchen of a bakery with a happy smile on her face. Seen in the photo is a young man who looks like a younger long haired version of Cardin looking very nervous as she looks at him.

"Hmm, I don't know how to feel about this picture." Velvet says as she gazes at the boy. Though looking at him made her feel angry. It didn't help that he looked like Cardin.


Name: Alexander "Xander" Arc

Race: Rabbit Faunus

Parents: Jaune and Velvet Arc

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Occupation: Huntsman

Weapons: Dual Short Swords with shotgun gauntlets

"Hehe, guess he got some inspiration from yours truly." W-Yang chuckled.

"Well can't blame him for having good taste." A-Yang nodded. Everyone rolled their eyes at that.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Tri-Blade. Allowing him to create two additional arms on each side of his body complete with weapons in combat if he has enough Aura he is also able to create two additional faces so as to see enemies on both sides of his body and fight to his full potential.

"Oh my gosh, his semblance is so cool!" both Ruby's said at once.

"Yeah, that's pretty badass." Coco chuckled.

"Imagine how many people I could punch with that." A-Yang said as she cracked her knuckles. W-Yang nodded.

Magic Potential: Low

Magic Preference: Only able to make own weapons unbreakable

Dating: NA

Personality: Strict, Caring, and a Workaholic

"Sounds like ice-queen with that strict workaholic part." W-Yang said as she rolled her eyes.

"Hey!" both Weiss's shouted.

Note: Xander Arc is loyal and Caring to his friends and family. At the same time he is very strict about rules being followed in the house or class, but understands that when on a hunt they are meaningless. He was trained by Lie Ren in tracking and hunting and loves to spend time with his Godmother Coco Adel when she is in town.

"Hell yeah. I'd be the best god damned godmother ever." Coco smirked.

"And I'd be happy to have you." Velvet smiled.

"Thanks bun."

Name: Violet "Honey Bun" Arc

Coco snickered at that nickname. "Aw your little honey bun." she chuckled. "I bet she's as sweet as her nickname."

Velvet was blushing red, but smiled seeing her little girl.

Race: Rabbit Faunus

Parents: Jaune and Velvet Arc

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Occupation: Baker

Weapons: NA

Aura Status: Locked

Semblance: NA

Magic Potential: High

Magic Usage: High Elemental use with cooking and cooling treats faster than Ruby Rose can eat a cookie (Insert clip of her using magic to bake then cool a cake for icing in under 20 seconds)

Both Ruby's and Summer drooled at the sight.

"Imagine how many cookies she could make…" A-Ruby giggled.

"Yeah… It would be like heaven…" W-Ruby nodded.

Dating: Red Winchester

Velvet's eyes went wide at that. She was seething. Suddenly she got out the life sized practice dummy of him Amp gave them, and used her weapon to make a construct of Ember Celica. She kept bashing the dummy… in the crotch. This caused all the men to cringe.

A-Rwby was surprised to see someone like Velvet act like that.

Personality: Shy, Loving, Naive and Peaceful

"Guess the apple doesn't fall far, eh bun?" Coco chuckled. Velvet didn't answer as she kept thrashing.

Note: Violet is a born pacifist. She couldn't stand to train as a child as she didn't wish to hurt a living thing. Her parents supported her in living a civilian life and helped her open her own Bakery after school. She has known and been friends with Cardin Winchester JR, AKA Red, ever since his father rescued her from a kidnapping attempt. Both fathers approve of who their children are dating and see each other's children as family.

"Wait… Cardin saved my daughter?" Velvet asks as she stops thrashing the practice dummy.

"I guess so. And it says that Jaune and Cardin approve of the relationship, so maybe he changed alot" A-Yang says with a shrug

"Well, ours did. Him and Jaune are… kinda friends now." W-Ruby said, putting emphasis on the kinda.

Velvet sighed and sat down. She still doesn't forgive him for all the bullying he did to her.

Ruby Rose-Arc

First picture is of Ruby and Jaune eating ice cream with a pair of fraternal 4yr old twins, the son in Ruby's arms, the daughter in Jaune's. The son has blond hair with reddish tips, the daughter black with blond. Both have silver eyes.

In the picture, Ruby was shown to have become a goddess. She had a motherly figure. Her chest was bigger than her sisters, and she also put the bellabooty to shame. Her hair had grown to reach her backside. However, she hadn't grown an inch since beacon. And she was wearing an eyepatch, with her symbol on it. But even so, her face was beautiful and still adorable. She also had a prosthetic hand that went just below the elbow and was covered in scratches. She was wearing a black gothic blouse, with a red cape, with the hood having a fur line, attached to it as well as a dual red and black combat skirt.

Everyone went wide eyed at the picture of Ruby. Some for different reasons then others.

"I… I can't believe it… I'm still short!" W-Ruby shouted.

"Yeah, what the heck?!" A-Ruby nodded.

"Wait, that's what you're focusing on? What about the fact you grow in… other places…" W-Weiss blushed while covering her chest.

"Or that you look like a goddess?" A-Blake asked in awe

"Or that you lose an arm and eye?!" both Yang's shout. They can't believe that would happen to their baby sister

"Who cares about that? I'm still as short then as I am now!" A-Ruby said.

"I've been drinking milk for years hoping it would help me grow, but it's betrayed me!" W-Ruby shouted.

Summer sighed, remembering when she was that young. She also hoped to grow some, but ended up staying short too. "I know your pain, my little Rose…"

Second Pic is of both children now 20 graduating Beacon with their teams. Son is wearing only jeans, sneakers, goggles and his blue hood is being used as a face mask/scarf while hugging a girl in leather clothes with green hair and amber eyes. Daughter is wearing a female version of her father's old outfit with a black hood being used to hide her eyes while hugging a boy with orange hair and pink eyes.

"Oh god! What is your kid wearing?!" Coco shrieked. She was close to having a heart attack.

"And who is that girl with him?" Emerald asked. She didn't know why, but he felt familiar. And it was weird since she was sure she never met him.

Third Picture is of the kids sitting down and playing board games with their aunts, uncles (Weiss, Ren, Blake, Nora, Saphron, Terra, Pyrrha, and Yang) and significant while in the hospital. Ren is winning.

"Well yeah he's winning. Renny is super smart." Nora giggled. She hugged Ren, who just smiled.


Name: Nicholas "Nicky" Arc

Nicholas smiled seeing that his son chose to name his own son after him. He felt proud.

Race: Human

Parents: Jaune and Ruby Rose-Arc

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Occupation: Huntsman

Weapons: Twin Sickle Revolvers

Emerald was surprised to see his weapons were just like hers.

"Huh, I was expecting a scythe or a sword." A-Yang said.

"Well… a sickle is close enough to a scythe so…" W-Blake shrugged.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Time Stop. Due to his inheritance of the Rose family Speed semblance and his father's Aura Enhancement his semblance evolved to the point where his body can move at the speed of light. The few clothes he wears are due to how fast he moves and are all custom made withstand the speed at which he moves.

"Damn, now that's a badass semblance. W-Yang said.

"Imagine the possibility of being able to stop time itself." W-Weiss said in awe.

"Yes, it is incredible just to think about." Winter nodded.

"And it's my son with the super awesome semblance." A-Ruby said smugly. W-Ruby stuck out her tongue.

Magic Potential: High

Magic Usage: Capable of using his magic with his Aura in order to heal even fatal wounds on both huntsman and civilians.

"That's awesome. So he can stop time, and has healing powers." Nora said in awe

"It certainly is impressive." Pyrrha smiled. Though she hoped to see her children soon.

Dating: Sky Fall-Sustrai

Just then, they heard the voice of Amp shout. "FUCK YES! THEY FINALLY GAVE ME A GREEN HAIRED AMBER EYED GRANDBABY!"

Emerald, Cici and Cindy were blushing while Cindy growled. "That fucking idiot…" she spat.

Es then laughed. "Yes he's an idiot. But he's our idiot."

Personality: Childish, Joyful, and Caring

"Well that sounds about right." W-Weiss said.

"If it's the child of those two, it makes sense." A-Weiss nodded with a chuckle.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?!" both Ruby's yelled.

Note: Nicky discovered his semblance on accident at a young age. As such he has found over use can land him in the hospital. He has a limit of how long a day he can move that fast before his body suffers. He grew up surrounded by his family and friends and never lost his desire to be a hero like his dad. He met the daughter of Cinder and Emerald Fall-Sustrai when attending Signal and was her best friend until the Beacon yearly dance when he got the courage to ask her out. They are currently engaged and wanting a spring wedding.

Es then grabbed Summer and Juniper. The three mothers squealed and hugged that their grandbabies are together.

Their kids however were blushing a lot.

Name: Fleur (Flower in French) "Angel" Rose

"So… Flower Rose?" Neo asked.

"Seems kinda redundant." Roman nodded.

"I think it's pretty." Summer countered.

Race: Human

Parents: Jaune and Ruby Rose-Arc

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Occupation: Huntress

Weapons: Crocea Mors

Nicholas smiled seeing the Arc legacy is still strong. "That's my little girl." he said proudly.

"Well… I guess I might be fine with them." Qrow smiled. He thought his granddaughter looked a lot like Ruby.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Regeneration. Fleur can internationalize her Aura and heal any wound on her body in seconds including brain damage and has even regrown limbs and organs after a Grimm had cut her stomach to the point she had no stomach.

Everyone cringed reading that.

"My baby!" shrieked both Ruby's.

"That… is both incredible and… scary." A-Weiss said.

"Yeah. Don't know if I want to think of that." Coco nodded. Others nodded as well. Salem felt bad since she commanded the grimm.

Magic Potential: High

Magic Usage: is only able to use Silver Eyes at this time in combat. Able to create training weapons at will however

"Really hope she doesn't hate me…" Salem cringed.

Dating: Thor Ren

Nora gasp as she held her boyfriend tightly. Ren was surprised to see this.

"Renny! We have a son, and he's dating fearless leader and Ruby's daughter!" Nora cheered happily. She squeezed Ren harder.

"I… can… see that." Ren choked out.

Personality: Realistic, problematic, and caring to those she gets close to.

"Huh… that's surprising." Neo sayed.

"Yeah, you'd think a kid of little red wouldn't end up like that." Roman nodded.

"I'd hate to say it, but he's right." A-Blake nodded.

Note: After her first training session she went for a walk on her family's property. It is that walk that unlocked her semblance and allowed her to know she can regrow organs. After that event she rarely smiled or laughed. Her brother was the only one able to make her smile until meeting Thor during initiation. While looking like his father Thor being like his mother broke her shell. They are currently engaged and plan for a Summer wedding.

Nora tackled both Ruby's and squeezed them into a giant hug.

"I'm so happy!" Nora squealed.

Both Ruby's were choking hard as they tried to escape from Nora's grasp.

"Nora! If you don't sit back down and watch the rest, no pancakes for a month!" Ren said. Nora gasped and instantly sat back down. Both Ruby's gasped for air.

"Wow…" said Coco. "Guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship."

"Yeah, you'd think that with their personalities, it would be Nora." A-Yang nodded.

Pyrrha Arkos

First Picture shows Jaune and Pyrrha training a 6 year old strawberry blond girl with green eyes, and a 5 year old red haired boy with blue eyes.

In the picture, Pyrrha has her hair let down, and looks like a red haired goddess. Her smile is softer, more natural looking and less forced. Her eyes are now showing nothing but pure joy and love. She was dressed like the goddess Athena. Elegant, yet ready for war.

Pyrrha was in la la land seeing her and Jaune have two beautiful children together. However, all the other girls looked at her in jealousy.

"Oh come on, first Ruby, and now Pyrrha? How do they look like utter goddesses?!" asked both Weiss's.

"I don't know, but it's definitely not fair." Emerald grumbled.

Second picture is of the girl now 21 wearing brown leather teaching a young blond girl of 4 to hold a bow and smiling as she sees the determination on the child's face.

Third picture is of the boy now 21 working on an old truck with the same girl as in the last pic handing him tool's.

"Oh my gosh, who is that little cutie?!" squealed both Juniper and Pyrrha.

"You'll see." Wolf chuckled.

"You are enjoying yourself way too much, aren't you?" asked Oberon.

"Oh yeah." Wolf nodded with a smirk.

Name: Artemis "Arty" Arkos

Race: Human

Parents: Jaune and Pyrrha Arkos

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Occupation: Teacher

"It's a nice surprise to see someone help children grow and learn." Salem smiled.

"I agree. It's really wonderful to see." Glynda nodded.

Weapons: Bow

"A bow? What else is it?" W-Ruby asked.

"Nothing. Just a bow, and that's it." Wolf said.

"Just… Just a bow?" W-Ruby asked. "I mean that's fine, not a lot of people appreciate the classics, but I just think a weapon should be more personal and special for that person."

"Yeah. I mean I don't have a problem with it, but-mmph?!" A-Ruby started before both Yang's placed their hands over their respective Ruby's mouths so they didn't start ranting.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Amplification. Artemis inherited her father's semblance to a T only she has more control than he does.

Pyrrha smiled while both Weiss's were surprised. "Wait, so Jaune's semblance can basically be inherited?" W-Weiss asked.

"It looks that way." responded A-Weiss.

Magic Potential: High

Magic Usage: Rune on her Bow to allow her to create her Arrows

"That can be useful. And given her potential, she could basically fire arrows for days." Salem spoke.

"Arrows for days?" asked Nora.

"Arrows for days." Salem nodded.

Dating: NA

Personality: Loving, Kind, and Motherly

Everyone laughed. "That is basically the perfect blend of P-money and Jaune." A-Yang chuckled.

"Yeah, seems about right." Saphron nodded.

Pyrrha had a huge blush.

Note: Was trained by her parents to be a huntsman when she asked when younger, those plans were derailed when at the age of 17 she became pregnant and her at the time boyfriend ran. She dropped out of Beacon to raise her daughter, Aphrodite aka Dotty, herself even though her parents said they would watch her during the day so she could get her license. She got a job teaching and training kids for the very tournament her mother had won years before. She doesn't regret her decision to be a mother instead of a Huntsman.

Everyone is stunned that she dropped out to raise her daughter, while Pyrrha somehow got her weapons back and is now sharpening them angrily. "What is that deadbeats name?" Pyrrha demanded.

Wolf just looked at her concerned. "Uuuuuh." he intelligently responded.

"Tell me!" she shouted as he pointed her spear at him. Everyone scooted away from the crazy girl.

Being here has really helped Pyrrha learn about new sides of herself. Like before they decided to share Jaune, Pyrrha had been having... thoughts about the other girls that like Jaune. A few of her friends struggled to calm her down.

Name: Apollo "Doc" Arkos

Race: Human

Parents: Jaune and Pyrrha Arkos

Age: 20

Pyrrha went wide-eyed. "Why are their ages so close?"

"Wolf just chuckled. "There's a nine month difference between them."

Everyone went wide-eyed at that. Pyrrha tried to speak. "Y-you mean…" she had a giant blush.

"Yep. After you gave birth the first time, you tried for another one as soon as you could." Wolf chuckled more seeing Pyrrha blush more.

Sex: Male

Occupation: Medical Student

"Oh my, a doctor in the family!" gushed Salem.

"It's nice to see an Arc man using their brains to help the world and save lives." Juniper smiled.

"Wait what?" asked Nicholas.

"I'm sorry dear, but it seems like the Arc men all seem set on being huntsmen. It's just a nice change of pace." Juniper said. That caused Nicholas to sigh.

Weapons: Bow, Spear, Sword

"Wow, his weapon can be a spear, a sword and a bow?" A-Ruby asked, amazed.

"Actually, he carries three different weapons." Wolf spoke.

"W-wait what?!" shouted W-Ruby. "Why would he do that?! It would be easier just to have three in one!"

"It's a long story." Wolf explained. Both Ruby's crossed their arms and huffed.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Polarity

Everyone then just turned to Pyrrha. "Only the two of you would end up having your semblances become hereditary." sighed A-Weiss. Pyrrha just blushed a bit.

Magic Potential: High

Magic Usage: His weapons have runes to either create arrows or channel elements. He has however mastered every healing spell he could find.

"I'm surprised. Healing magic is one of the hardest magic to learn." Salem said with a smile.

"I certainly hope he doesn't abuse that knowledge." Ozpin replied.

Cindy however was curious about something else. "So what elements do his weapons have?"

Wolf just grinned. "Well his sword is on fire, his spear is coated in lightning, and his bow uses wind to make his arrows fast enough to pierce stone." Both Ruby's drooled hearing that. Everyone else was surprised.

Dating: Jason Schnee

Both Pyrrha and the Schnee's go wide eyed at this.

"Just a heads up, he's Winter's son." Wolf chuckled.

"Can we have pictures?" Pyrrha and Winter asked at once.

Wolf snapped his fingers and on the screen showed three pictures. He as well gave them copies.

First pic is Apollo wearing jeans and a blue t-shirt hugging Jason, who looks like a male version of Winter and is wearing a white shirt with blue jeans, from behind.

"He certainly takes after you sister." A-Weiss smiled. W-Weiss nodded.

"Thank you Weiss." Winter smiled.

But then, Willow just squealed.

"M-mother?" Winter and both Weiss's asked.

"I think she is just happy seeing she has a grandbaby." Kali giggled.

"Yeah, I know I am." Juniper giggled as well.

Second pic is of a young Jason with his hair grown out and dressed in goth clothes.

Winter then went wide eyed. But then she noticed Raven laughing. "And what's so funny?"

"The fact it looks like he takes after his grandfather." Raven smirked while looking at Qrow. He just shrugged.

And the third pic is of Jason sitting on a picnic blanket with Dotty sleeping on his lap as he reads her a fairy tail book.

Winter, Pyrrha and Juniper all smiled seeing that.

"That's so sweet." Willow said with a smile.

"Yes, it certainly is." Juniper nodded. The screen then went back to Apollo.

Personality: Kind, Fatherly, and a workaholic

Saphron and Juniper laughed a bit.

"That definitely sounds like Jaune." Saph chuckled.

"Yes, my baby boy can tend to work a lot. But it shows how determined he is." Juniper laughed.

Note: Apollo trained as a child with his sister only to find he preferred to heal. His parents encouraged him to follow his heart and allowed him to go to Atlas for medical school. It was there he met Jason Schnee, son of Winter and Ciel Schnee with an unknown donor. They became friends after a few chance meetings, only to become more over the years. Apollo and Jason are currently engaged to wed and love to spend time with Dotty. Apollo, Jason, and Jaune are the closest thing to a father Dotty has and all love her very deeply.

"I'm happy my son is happy." Pyrrha said with a sweet smile.

"And I am overjoyed to hear my son is getting married." Winter smiled.

"EEEEEH!" squealed Juniper. "I'm so happy my son, grandson and grandson in law are all helping to raise my great granddaughter!"

Nicholas chuckled at his wife. He then turned to the screen and looked at his grandson with pride.

Name: Aphrodite "Dotty" Arkos

Race: Human

Parents: Artemis Arkos and a male whose name has been forbidden to say

Both Pyrrha and Juniper had a look that could kill. "What is the bum's name?" they both demanded.

"U-uh… I don't know…" Wolf admitted.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!" they shouted.

"Uh… Amp couldnt find out. It's like all the records of him were deleted…" Wolf told them.

"Hey… P-Money, you're kinda creeping everyone out." W-Yang said.

Pyrrha's eyes went wide. "I'm sorry!" she said.

Age: 4

Sex: Female

Occupation: Child

Weapons: Bow and foam arrows

Just before either Ruby's could rant, both Yang's covered their mouths. The young Rose's struggled. "Calm down sis, she is four. She doesn't need a complex weapon." A-Yang said.

"Yeah, relax." nodded W-Yang.

Aura Status: Locked till age 7

Semblance: NA till age 7

W-Weiss raised a brow. "What does that mean?"

"It means her mother, and grandparents agreed to not unlock her aura till she is seven." Wolf answered.

Magic Potential: Med

Magic Usage: Is able to create earthquakes and strong winds with a stomp and scream. Jaune feels she will only gain in power as she ages

Ozpin sighed and shaked his head. He felt sorry for them.

"Tantrums are going to be dangerous." Salem said, feeling the same.

"THAT'S MY GREAT\GRANDDAUGHTER!" Juniper and Pyrrha cheered. Everyone sweat dropped.

Dating: Boys are Icky

Everyone laughed at how cute that was.

Personality: Shy, Determined, and adventures

Note: She grew up with only her mother, uncles, and grandparent with their friends. She loves to bake with grandma and garden with grandpa. She wants to learn to be an archer like her mommy and win the same tournament as grandma with only a simple weapon to show that it takes brains not weapons to be a huntsman. She loves to help Uncle Apollo work on his truck and go for hikes with Uncle Jason when they visit.

"Oh my god! She is so cute!" Juniper squealed. Everyone cooed and nodded.

Everyone, but the Ruby's who were pissed. They had about enough. "But every good huntsmen needs a good weapon!" A-Ruby said.

"Yeah! Like my baby! What is wrong with that family?" W-Ruby asked.

"It's all about preference and maintenance, little Rose." Oberon says to them "With a simple weapon, you only need the basic supplies to maintain it, and to keep it remaining reliable. On the other hand, with a complex one, you need a substantial amount of supplies and wealth to even attempt to maintain it."

"For example, say you obtained a dual wielding chainsaw, shotgun, laser earrings with detachable missile launchers and soda dispensers. How much do you think it would be to maintain that kind of weapon?" Aida asks

Both Ruby's pass out due to how epic the weapons sound. W-Ruby may need a change of underwear.

"(Sigh) thank goodness, now we can get through some of these without hearing her complain about the weapons every time." Oberon says

"You can do it sweetie!" cheered Pyrrha, ignoring what the others were doing .

Neo Arc

The first picture is of Neo, and Jaune laughing in a park as their son and daughter wrestle on the ground while play-fighting. The son has blond hair and his mother's eyes, while the daughter has her mother's hair and father's eyes. Both are 6 and fraternal twins.

In the picture, Neo was seen to still be short, but she now had big breasts, a big booty, long hair, and wearing tight black pants with a tight white shirt. Her face has a loving and motherly smile. She calmed down having children.

"Huh, well i'll be darned. Never thought I'd see you so calm Neo." Roman says, looking at her warm smile on the screen.

Neo didn't pay attention, she just smiled seeing her children.

The Second Pic is of the son, now 22, working in a Hat shop with a top hat on his head and using a cane to stand properly. He is wearing Romans old suit recolored black.. Standing next to him is his mom while she looks up and smiles. As well as a red haired younger version of Coco Adel, looking at him lovingly.

Coco's eyes go wide seeing this.

"Kid has style." Roman chuckled seeing how his grandson dressed.

The second picture is of the daughter training a young woman that looks like Glynda Goodwitch. She is wearing her mother's old outfit.

Now it was Glynda's turn to have her eyes grow to saucers. "I… is…" she couldn't find the words to speak.

Name: Roman "Blonde" Arc

"And you named him after me, I'm touched, Neo." Roman smiled.

"Yeah yeah, don't get a bigger head over it." Neo chuckled as she rolled her eyes.

"I agree. Don't let it get to you Roman." Jackie nodded. Neo blushed at her agreeing, but shaked it off. She still refused to like her.

Roman just started grumbling at being ganged up on like that.

Race: Human

Parents: Jaune and Neo Arc

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Occupation: Hatter

Roman just smiled a bit reading that.

A few people looked to Roman. "You sure you and your grandson aren't blood related?" Qrow asked.

"It does seem you share a bit much for it to just be an adoptive relation." Ghira nodded.

Weapons: Weaponized Clothes

"Coco perked up hearing that. "Did I-"

Wolf then interrupted her. "Yes, you were the one who made them." Coco smirked hearing that.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Telekinesis. Ro uses his semblance to make his hats as well as to use the items in his shop to defend himself

Glynda just laughed a bit. "Yes, telekinesis semblances make everything easier."

"Yes, I'd hate to think what state beacon would be without you, given our more… destructive students." Ozpin said.

Nora giggled, while both Yangs scratched the back of their hair while chuckling, and Coco just smirked when he turned to them.

Magic Potential: NA

Magic Usage: NA

"Wait, why does he have no magic?" Salem asked.

"That's something I'd like to know." Ozpin nodded.

"Arc's dont always produce magic users anymore." Es reminded.

Dating: Alexis Adel

Coco blush seeing this. "C-can I get a picture?" she asked. She was then given a picture of an older Coco hugging a little girl who looks just like her. Coco blushed even more while smiling.

Personality: Nervous, shy, and Loyal

"It seems a lot of Jaune's children are loyal." Pyrrha said with a smile.

"But… Why is he shy?" Neo asked.

"Yeah, I find it hard to believe that any of Neo's kids are shy." Roman nodded.

"You'll see." Wolf said.

Note: Ro was born mute. His parents however didn't care. When Ro first learned to make hats he surprised his family when he found what he wanted to do. His mother gave him a copy of his grandfather's old clothes and he had an altered copy made. He keeps the original suite on display in his shop. He uses a cane due to a robbery gone bad and his knee being destroyed as a result. He has never fully recovered mentally from the incident. His fiance Alexis runs the front of the shop while he makes the hats in the back.

Neo teared up a bit hearing her son was born mute. Just like she was.

Roman was a little sad, but perked up a bit. "Well I may be gone in that world, but at least my grandson looks good in my clothes."

"I wouldn't say that." Emerald replies.

"You have something to say about my style?" Roman glares.

"More like your lack of one, mister guyliner." Mercury chuckled. Cindy snickered a bit at that.

Everyone else was pissed at the fact that he got injured in a robbery.

Name: Holly "Call me a nickname I dare you" Arc

Roman and Neo just chuckled at that. "She certainly is your kid Neo." Roman said.

"You can say that again." Neo smirked

Roman then smirked as well. "Guess she is your little Holly Berry."

Just as he said that, a boot to come out of a portal hit him in the head, followed by a voice shouting, "That is not my name! So a dumb mother fucker should shut his fucking mouth unless he wants to lose his damn teeth!"

Everyone was kinda surprised by that.

Race: Human

Parents: Jaune and Neo Arc

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Occupation: Huntress/Teacher

"The thought that that kid is a teacher is scary…" A-Yang said.

"Yeah well, if she is anything like Neo, those kids will either learn, or die trying." Roman said.

"That is not a comforting thought." Glynda spoke.

"And I highly doubt a teacher is permitted to kill their students." Penny added.

Weapons: Whip Sword

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Solid Illusions. Inheriting her mother's illusions they were enhanced thanks to her father's semblance being used on her at birth. She can create and use her illusions as actual weapons or allies

"Oh come on, even her daughter has a stronger illusionary semblance than me." Emerald whines.

"Guess you just got the short end of the stick." Mercury chuckled.

Cici then hugged Emerald. "It's okay Emmy, I think your semblance is just fine." that made Emerald feel a little better.

Magic Potential: Low

Magic Usage: Only able to enhance her body and regain her aura quickly

Both Salem and Ozpin then sighed.

"What is it?" Aida asked.

"Those are the barest skills of magic." Salem replied.

"Indeed. Something a child in the old days could learn." Ozpin nodded.

"Well magic isn't as prevalent anymore since me and my brother left." Es said.

"Yes but... to know there is someone with magic, and they are only capable of that much…" Salem sighed.

Dating: NA

Personality: Mischievous, loving, and strict

"It seems she has your mischievous nature." Roman chuckled. Neo had her signature grin.

"Hopefully Jaune's loving and strict nature keeps it in check." Nicholas said.

"Yeah, I don't know whether or not I should be worried about two of her." A-Yang nodded.

"Tell me about it. She almost killed me on the train…" W-Yang huffed. Raven then had a scary thought of what would have happened if she hadn't shown up in time.

Note: While born able to talk she only speaks when she has too. She will be the first to admit that while she will fight her brother, it's their way of saying they love each other and anyone else hurting him is a death sentence. She has taken over combat class for Glynda Goodwitch and has even taken her daughter on as an apprentice.

"Well I'm glad my kids get along." Neo smiled

"Same. I was worried they would be at each other's throats." Roman chuckled.

"But… Who is the father of my daughter?" Glynda asked.

Wolf sweat dropped. "O-oh…. Shiiiiiiiiit."

"What? How bad can it be?" Oberon asked.

"It's… Ironwood." Wolf sighed.

Glynda's eyes went wide. Without a word she got the ironwood dummy out, used her quirk, and made it twist and bend in ways the human body should. Not without breaking all its bones. All. Of. Them.

Aida, Oberon, and A-Rwby all sweat dropped at that and were confused.

"Yeah… they learned some things about him they don't like. Though Glynda also gets pissed about how he used to take every opportunity to flirt with her." Wolf said.

"Wait, what kind of stuff?" Aida asked.

"Well for one he is the kind of guy who would sacrifice a few people to save more. He agreed with one of his counterparts when he tried kidnapping Neo and her kids when in that universe she obtained magic powers, and he wanted to see if he could extract the power to make a magic powered army, and he said he doesn't trust Roman and Neo going straight and condemned Blake for being in the white fang, because he things once a criminal always a criminal. And in one universe where Jaune was a superhero, James made his anger known, calling him a vigilante and a criminal." Wolf listed. He had to take a few breaths for that.

Oberon and his group went wide-eyed. "I… may have to check on ours just in case…" Aida spoke.

"Good idea." Wolf responded.

Weiss Schnee-Arc

First Picture is of Weiss, Winter, Whitley, Willow and Kleine playing with a silver blond haired girl girl of 7 and a silver haired snow leopard Faunus boy of 3 while Jaune is seen grilling in the background with a smile on his face.

In the picture, Weiss is seen in a white dress, her hair is down, with a soft smile on her face. She now looks like an actual snow angel. She also has a body like her sister and mother, only with a smaller wait and a bigger bust.

Everyone was flabbergasted for different reasons.

"Wait, why is one a faunus?" asked A-Blake.

"Yeah, did the Ice-queen have an affair?" Roman asked. That caused all the Schnees to glare at him.

"Actually it's because of a recessive gene. If your parents have faunus ancestry, there is a chance you can have a child who is a faunus." Wolf explained.

"Alright but when do I start… looking like that?" W-Weiss asked. She placed her hands on her chest.

"That's what I'd like to know." nodded A-Weiss doing the same.

"In about… three years." Wolf responded.

"T-three years?!" both Weiss's shouted. They couldn't believe they had to wait that long.

"Sorry, but all Schnee women are late bloomers. Your mother was, and so was your sister." Wolf explained. Both Weiss' went wide eyed and turned to their mother and sister. They nodded with blushes on their faces.

"Oh I remember. It was in our fourth year at Beacon when one month you were slowly going from A cup to D." Kali giggled.

"W-wait, a month?!" both Weiss's shouted in shock.

Nicholas started laughing. "Oh yeah, Willow found out the hard way that when a Schnee woman finally hits that stage of puberty, it hits all at once. She spent a fortune on bras getting new ones every time she went up a cup size!" Everyone that knew her at Beacon laughed at the memory.

Willow blushed hard. As did Winter as she went through the same, before speaking. "A word of advice sister, wait till the end of the month for it to stop before getting bras."

Both Weiss's sighed a bit at that. Though when W-Weiss looked back at the picture and saw how happy they all were together, she couldn't have helped but smile lovingly.

Second picture is of the silver blonde girl now 27 working as a lawyer going into a courtroom

"Got to say Weiss, your daughter looks good in her woman suit." Coco smiled. This caused the Weiss's to both blush and look proud at their daughters figure, which matches Winter's.

Third Picture is of the Silver Faunus haired boy now 23 graduating the police academy in his new uniform

Both Yang's start laughing at the fact her son is a cop only for Wolf to speak up. "He has arrested you twelve times already for destruction of public property due to your hair being damaged."

The Yang's started to nervously stroke their hair a bit while now both Weiss's were laughing. "That's my boy." W-Weiss smiled

Name: Elsa "Snowflake" Schnee-Arc

Both Yang's just laughed. "Only Jaune would call his daughter one of his nicknames he used for her mother." W-Yang chuckled. W-Weiss blushed a bit.

Race: Human

Parents: Jaune and Weiss Schnee-Arc

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Occupation: Lawyer

Willow, Winter and both Weiss' smiled reading that, but both Yang's were curious. "So… do I call her if I ever need a lawyer?" W-Yang asked.

"Nope. She's actually usually against you in court." Wolf responded.

"That's my girl " W-Weiss smirked. Both Yang's pouted and huffed.

Weapons: Rapier

Now the Weiss's were blushing seeing that their daughter use their weapon.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Glyphs

All the Schnee's in the room laughed a bit at that. "That's a given in our family." Willow smiled.

"Yes, I'd be surprised if there was a Schnee that didn't have it." Winter nodded.

Magic Potential: Low

Magic Usage: Doesn't use

"Wait, what does it mean doesn't use it?" Salem asked.

"Yes, that seems quite curious." Ozpin nodded.

"Well some don't learn magic at all or don't even experiment." Es explained.

Dating: NA

Personality: Practical, Strict, and loves cute things

Reading that made both Rby's look at their respective Weiss.

"What?" A-Weiss asked.

"Are we sure she isn't just your clone?" W-Yang asked.

"What is that supposed to mean?" W-Weiss asked, feeling insulted.

"Because that is exactly how you are sister." Winter said.

"How all the women in our family are it seems." Willow spoke.

Wolf then showed a picture of Elsa's bed completely covered in cute stuffed toys.

"Willow blushed. "...she is definitely a Schnee."

W-Weiss and Winter blushed remembering that they aren't too different. W-Weiss's bed was covered in cute puppy and kitten stuffed toys. Winter's was full of teddy bears, and Willow had stuffed birds. Every birthday and christmas they would get another.

"You wanna know where you all got your stuffed toys?" Wolf chuckled. Qrow began to sweat.

"What do you mean? Didn't Klien and the staff get them?" Winter asked.

"Nope. it was a certain dusty old bird." Wolf chuckled.

The three Schnee's all looked to Qrow with wide eyes. "Ehehe…" Qrow chuckled nervously.

Just then the three girls pinned him into a big hug. A-Weiss was surprised by all this. She's not really one for stuffed toys, but she can admit she has a soft spot for cute things as she thinks of Zwei. Somehow sensing her thoughts, Zwei walks up to her and demands cuddles from her, which she gives.

Note: Elsa is the heiress to the SDC. Instead of just living off her family name she wanted to try and make the world a better place. She went into law school to try and make the world a better place. She has one of the highest success rates for court cases won. She doesn't date after having found her fiance, a man she dated for 5 years in their bed with another woman.

Both Weiss's were happy about what their daughter had done, but both Willow and Winter were completely pissed hearing about her ex fiance. They wanted to find the cheating deadbeat and freeze him alive, crotch first. His testicles would become tesicles.

"I'm proud of her skills." Juniper smiled.

"I'm also happy for her. And that she is being herself." Nicholas said. He wished he had supported Jaune at being himself.

Name: Jacob "Jack" Schnee-Arc

Race: Snow Leopard Faunus

Everyone looks at Roman. "Not a word." Winter told him.

Parents: Jaune and Weiss Schnee-Arc

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Occupation: Police Officer

Winter and Willow smiled at that. They were proud to have an officer in the family.

"I'm so happy to have someone like that in the family." Willow smiled.

"Yes, sometimes a huntsman and huntress and even a soldier can be too busy to do that kind of work." Winter nodded.

"Yeah that one universe we saw showed that." Coco nodded.

"What universe?" A-Ruby asked

"OH OH OH! We saw a universe where Jaune was a superhero called Spiderman! He was super strong and fast, he swinged on webs and even had a cool costume!" W-Ruby said.

"Really? That's pretty cool." A-Yang said.

Weapons: Handgun and baton

"Oh come on, that's so boring!" W-Ruby whined.

"Yeah, why do-MMPH?!" A-Ruby's mouth was covered, as was her counterpart.

"Ruby stop. That's normal for a cop." W-Yang sighed. So did A-Yang.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Glyphs

W-Weiss just smiled a bit. Her son looked so much like Jaune, but it showed he still takes after her.

Magic Potential: NA

Magic Usage:NA

Ozpin and Salem sigh. "Yet again, another one with no magic." said Ozpin.

"Looks that way…" nodded Salem.

Dating: NA

Personality: Driven, Protective, and Caring

Both Rby's look at each other and nod. "Yeah, he definitely takes after you." A-Yang said.

"I hope Jaune's caring nature balances out." W-Blake spoke.

Note: Due to a recessive gene in both parents, Jack was born a Faunus. Treated differently by others, and mad fun of as they think his mother had an affair, Jack set out to prove himself. However before he entered Beacon he witnessed a White Fang Robbery and intervened. The first cop on the scene thanked him and even asked if he was interested in joining the force. That one act made Jack decide to become a cop, and to make the first person not related to him who ever showed him gratitude proud. Jack now serves under that man and is a rising star in the Vale police force.

"Huh… I wonder if any kids I have would be like that…" Roman wondered aloud.

W-Weiss stands up looking pissed. "Who dares to utter such lies about my little boy?!" A-Weiss also felt pissed.

Nicholas however was bursting with pride. "I'm proud he helped stop that robbery, and for deciding to become a police officer."

"You know, he is actually about to take his detective exams. If he passes, he can actually work on homicide cases." Wolf said. They were now even prouder. He is close to completing his dream.

A-Weiss, looking at all of the pictures and reading about her children's lives, begins to contemplate her relationship with Jaune 'ok, so all of our kids are cute and are accomplished in life. Aside from his corny attempt of asking me out, he was kind and sweet towards me. Hmm...I'll just stay as his friend for the moment. If anything builds later on then I'll consider a relationship. Until then, he's just a friend.'

Blake Belladonna-Arc

The First Pic is of Blake, who now looked very much like her mother, motherly figure and all, holding her newborn blonde Faunus daughter, while her father holds her 5yr old black haired human son, with her mother leaning into Ghiras side. All of them are crying. They are in a graveyard in front of an open casket. In the casket is Jaune Miles Arc.

Everyone's eyes went wide seeing this. "W-what happened…" A-Blake spoke. She and many others were on the brink of tears.

"You… you'll just have to see…" Wolf sighed.

The second Picture is of the boy now turned into a man of 25 walking through the city gate with Adam Taurus in chains and being dragged on his back. The boy now has an open wound over his eye and you can tell he is blind in that eye.

Both Blake's gasped and were starting to cry seeing their son's eye. Both Weiss's placed a hand over their scarred eyes. They thought how close they were to losing them.

"M-my poor kitten…" A-Blake said sadly.

"What… What did that monster do…" asked a heart broken W-Blake.

However, seeing Adam being beaten half to death and dragged like an animal carcass into town made Sienna, Ilia and surprisingly Eve start to growl and darkly chuckle.

Eve blushed when she realized she did so. "I-I don't know what came over me."

"It's fine, you're just understandably happy to see that bastard get what he deserves." Sienna said.

The third picture is of the little girl now age 20 working in a library talking to her grandmothers as they lean on the counter.

The Blake's smiled slightly. They were glad their daughter was happy.

Kali and Juniper however squeal with joy. "I'm so happy we and our grand kitty are so close!" Kali said with pure happiness.

"Yeah, and she grew into a beautiful young woman!" nodded Juniper. Ghira and Nicholas chuckled at their wives.


Name: Jaune Miles Arc Jr aka JJ

"Huh, weird how Jaune would have his son named after him." Nicholas said.

Juniper turned to her husband with a glare. "And what is that supposed to mean?"

"N-nothing dear. It's just kinda weird to have a child named after yourself is all. I didn't mean anything by it." Nicholas stuttered.

Race: Human

"Wait, I thought you said that if the mother was a faunus then so would the child." W-Weiss said.

"No no. I said that the child of a human faunus couple is more likely to be whichever the mother is, but there is a chance for the child to take after the father, though the chance isn't as high." Nicholas explained.

A-Blake was surprised by this. She thought the faunus gene was dominant. "Wait, but how do you know this?"

"Oh, that's because it turns out our Jaune's grandpa is a huge lion faunus." W-Yang replied.

"And he is a hero in the great war." Wolf added. "He was known as the Golden Lion."

"Wait, what?!" shouted both Blake's.

"You guys only said he fought in the war, you never said he was one of the greatest heroes to fight in it!" W-Blake said to her parents. She was trying to calm down, but she now had the biggest urge to pounce on her Jaune. She was becoming as crazy as her mother.

A-Blake couldn't believe this either. She wrote it down as another thing to ask her Jaune.

Parents: Jaune and Blake Belladonna-Arc

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Both Blake's deadpanned. "Explain to me why my son is doing something so stupid like that?" A-Blake asked.

"You'll have to wait and see. It will explain." Wolf told her.

Not too happy with that answer, W-Blake growled. "JAUNE MILES ARC JUNIOR, YOU ARE SO GROUNDED!" Everyone was a little surprised Blake was going full mother mode already.

Just then, they heard a voice. "Fuck my life…"

"Uh… what was that?" asked Qrow. No one answered.

Weapons: unknown. JJ changes his fighting style after every hunt so as to keep his bounties guessing

Both Ruby's goes wide eyes and slips into a weapons lala land imagining all his possible weapons and scaring her sister while doing so. They just keep speaking in tongues a bit.

"U-uh… Ruby?" A-Yang said worried

"S-snap out of it. P-please." W-Yang begged.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: UNKNOWN, only those he has killed have ever seen his semblance

"I have to say, that is very smart. A bounty hunter that has his weapons and semblance known can be countered, but he takes precautions." Raven complimented.

"Well… at least he is successful…" W-Blake sighed.

"But I wish he didn't have blood on his hands." A-Blake growled.

Magic Potential: DANGEROUS HIGH

Magic Usage: UNKNOWN all that is known is he needs to bleed off his magic every few days to prevent his body being destroyed by his power


"Fuck…" Ozpin and Salem said in that order. Their eyes were wide.

Everyone looked at them confused until Es spoke up. "His magic is so strong that unless he bleeds it off, it could act as cancer and destroy his body from the inside out."

No one was expecting that. Blake, Ghira, Kali, Nicholas and Juniper could only say one thing all at once. "Shit..."

Dating: UNKNOWN FEMALE, JJ Refuses to put anyone at risk and thus only a few people even know he dates, and fewer have met her. To date only his mother and sister have

Both Blake's were surprised by this. "Why is there so little info on her?" A-Blake asked.

"Oh for the love of- you know it's going to explain more on him soon, why do you keep asking?" Wolf asked, slightly annoyed.

"S-sorry…" both Blake's apologized.

Personality: Paranoid, strict, lethal

The Blake's just shrieked. "What could have caused my kitten to be like this?!" W-Blake shouted.

Wolf just sighed in resignation. "...he watched his father die." Everyone went wide eyed from shock.

"W-what?..." Pyrrha said on the brink of tears.

"That… wow…" Coco couldn't find the words.

Note: After witnessing Adam Taurus kill his father for the sole crime of loving Blake Belladonna and siring a human with her, JJ was changed. He is still a kind caring boy but only to those he knows and loves. Few people count for that to him. He isn't racist but hates everyone not a member of his family. He is of the belief that if it is known he is dating Taurus will come back to kill her as he did Jaune Sr. He trained for 20yrs to take Taurus down legally. He plans to propose after Taurus has been locked in the VAULT a high security prison located in the middle of the ocean

Ozpin then sighs. "Perhaps I should get started on this vault when we return home." he said as he made a note of it on his scroll.

"Perhaps I shall help." Salem growled.

"J-Jaune…" W-Blake said in tears. A-Blake wasn't any better. To find out Adam killed Jaune just for loving her and having a child… it hurt so much just to read.

"Sssh sssh, it's okay my little kittens." Kali said as she hugged them to try to comfort them.

"I feel like we should give Adam a "talk"." Nicholas growled. Many nodded in agreement with pissed looks. Eve wanted to make her brother pay.

Name: Goldie "Princess" Arc

"*snickers* princess?" W-Yang chuckled. A-Yang was trying not to laugh. They felt it was a nice way to take the edge off.

"Yang!" shouted both Blake's.

"You know, Princess is a family only nickname, and it was what Jaune would call her before she was born and his death. He claimed she would grow up to be his little princess and JJ promised that nothing would ever hurt his sister" Wolf informed them. Hearing that made both Yang's feel bad for laughing.

Race: Cat Faunus

Parents: Jaune and Blake Belladonna-Arc

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Occupation: Librarian

"Looks like she has your dream job kitty." A-Yang chuckled.

Both Blake's blushed with small smiles. A few others also smiled a little.

Weapons: NA

Aura Status: Locked

Semblance: NA

"Why is her aura still locked?" W-Blake asked.

"Well… You and the rest of her family couldn't bring themselves to train her and put her in danger, you all agreed to that after seeing her brother train till his aura shattered and he broke his own bones training daily." Es told them.

"What?!" screeched many in shock.

"I am putting that boy over my knee!" shouted an angry Kali.

It was only after that for them to hear the voice from before. "I am so dead when I get home."

Magic Potential: Low

Magic Usage: Uses it to repair the books in her library

Salem then suddenly started to laugh. Everyone looked at her confused, save for Ozpin who just smiled. "That was her favorite way of keeping her books in good condition. And it was the first spell we taught our daughters." He explained.

Dating: NA

Personality: Loving, Funny, Kind

Everyone, especially the Blake's, smiled at that. But then A-Yang spoke up. "She is definitely her father's daughter."

"Excuse me? What is that supposed to mean?" W-Blake spoke.

"What about me?" A-Blake asked.

"Sorry kitty, but loving? You can be incredibly distant. Rarely ever participate in anything and just sit in the corner reading." W-Yang answered.

"T-that's not… true…" W-Blake said with a blush.

"And as for funny, I'm pretty sure you don't have a sense of humor." A-Yang added.

"H-hey! I can be funny!" A-Blake pouted.

"And I'm a bit fifty fifty on the kind one." A-Yang chuckled.

"Seventy thirty tops." W-Yang nodded.

"What is that supposed to mean?" W-Blake hissed with her pupils turning into slits. A-Blake had an annoyed expression.

"Quite simple, kitty…" A-Yang said.

"When we first met…" added W-Yang.

"You were super cold." they both said at once.

"E-excuse me?!" shouted both Blake's.

"Yeah. You were kinda being rude to me and Ruby when she was trying to make friends with you before initiation." W-Yang explained.

"Yeah. We were just trying to socialize. Though you were nowhere near as cold as Weiss." A-Yang snickered.

"Hey!" shouted both Weiss's.

Note: Being born days after her fathers murder she never knew him. She grew up with her grandparents, brother and mother. She was sheltered and protected by not only her family but all of Menagerie as her father was beloved by them all and he had helped improve the island until his murder. She knows what her brother does for a living and doesn't like it. She loves her future sister in law and hopes that when Taurus is tried he will start living for himself and not just revenge as he has all these years.

Everyone's ear drums were shattered when hearing Kali squeal in joy really loud hearing that her daughter was so happy and loved.

Ghira then used his pinky finger to clear his ear. "Ahem, if you don't mind me asking, what exactly did the young man do to make him so popular?"

"Well it's thanks to Jaune that they reclaimed more land and expanded the city to twice its size." Wolf explained.

Everyone went wide-eyed at hearing this. None more so than the faunus that live in Menagerie. Ghira then turned to Nicholas. "How would you feel for a long term mission when we get back to Remnant?"

"I'd say it sounds like fun, old friend." Nicholas chuckled.

Yang Xiao Long-Arc

The First Picture shows Yang and Jaune talking to Raven as two blond twin girls play in the yard. The only difference in the girls is that one has purple eyes, the other blue. Yang has only one arm, and is wearing a white sundress that shows off her curves. She looks like a blonde Angel that fell from heaven.

Both Yang's smiled a bit seeing this. Though W-Yang didn't see Jaune that way, she felt something in her chest at this. Both Yang's always wanted to be a mother deep down. They loved helping raise Ruby, but were also afraid if they would be bad at it. If they would turn out like their mother.

Raven is however shocked to see herself there. She was shocked to see she is actually in her family's life. She was filled with a number of emotions. Surprise, joy, guilt. Surprise to see Yang happy with her. Joy knowing she is a part of her daughter's, and granddaughters lives. And guilt that she had missed so much until now, and that she could have missed even more had she not come here.

Everyone else is either stunned by her missing an arm or how beautiful she has become.

"Y-Yang! Your arm! What happened to your arm?!" shouted A-Ruby. She saw that Yang seems to lose so much more of her arm then she does in her future photo. It was also hard for Wolf's group to see, they however knew of it from him showing the future.

"And why is it that so far all of us seem to end up looking drop dead gorgeous in the future?" Coco asked.

"Well… for the first one im not sure if I should say since you are not of a world I manage, for the second, guess aura just makes you age like fine wine. I mean, look at Jaune's mom. She looks young enough to be his sister. His grandmothers look like they could be young moms." Wolf chuckled.

The Second Pic shows the blue eyed twin standing in a mechanics garage with her hair tied back and grease on her face.

Both Yang's just chuckle while both Ruby's are happy her niece is a gear head as well.

"Looks like she takes after her aunt sis." W-Yang chuckled.

"Yeah. I'm glad." A-Ruby smiled.

The Third Pic shows the Violet eyed twin standing in a Dojo teaching a self defense class to children. Raven is seen setting up Kendo swords for the next lesson in the background.

Raven and Tai are shocked to see her in the pic. "What is that a picture of?" Raven asked Wolf.

"It will be shown in her bio." Wolf responded.

"Has anyone noticed that both girls look exactly like Yang with different hair?" A-Blake mentioned.

"Hey yeah. The only difference is the blue eyed one has the same hair length in a ponytail, while the violet one has shoulder length." Coco nodded. Both Yang's blushed when they noticed.

"Guess it runs in the family to take after the mother, eh Rae?" Tai chuckled.

"S-shut up…" Raven blushed. Tai chuckled at how cute it was when she tried to act tough around him.

Name: Joan Arc

Juniper and Nicholas are surprised that she is named after their ancestor. "That's… unexpected." Nicholas said.

"It's more likely Yang simply wanted to name one of their kids after Jaune to be funny." W-Blake said.

"Yeah, sounds about right." both Yang's said simultaneously.

Race: Human

Parents: Jaune and Yang Xiao Long-Arc

"Names a bit of a mouthful, isn't it?" Roman asked.

"Shut it!" A-Yang growled. She didn't want him ruining the moment of her seeing herself with her and her white knights kids.

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Occupation: Mechanic

"Wait, seriously?" Nora asked. "I would have thought any kids of both Jaune-Jaune and Yang would love to be a huntress." the pink bomber said surprised.

"Yeah, between Jaune's wish to be a hero, and Yang adventure lust, you'd think all their children would be huntsmen and huntresses." W-Weiss nodded.

Weapons: NA

"AWWW… you mean to tell me I don't give my niece a super awesome weapon?" A-Ruby asked, feeling upset.

"She is a mechanic Ruby. She doesn't exactly need one." W-Yang responded.

"Yeah. What, you think a mechanic has some kind of… machine gun battle axe or something?" A-Yang nodded.

"Yeah, that would be so cool!" W-Ruby responded. It caused a few to just sigh.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Endurance, she can push her body past the point most people's limbs would break before she tires

W-Yang turns to Wolf. "Is that because she inherits my semblance combined with Jaune's?"

"Oh, your semblance is hereditary. It just slightly changes over the generations." Wolf responds. (Call it lazy, but me and PWP made all of the rwby inherit their semblances from their parents.)

"That brings up another question, we keep hearing about Jaune's semblance, what is it?" A-Ruby asked.

"Well I don't know about yours since it tends to change a lot, but the Jaune of their world has aura amplification and in some worlds manipulation to some extent." Wolf chuckled. A-Ruby went starry eyed at that, thinking it sounded awesome.

Magic Potential: NA

Magic Usage: NA

Oz and Salem just sigh seeing that not every child will have magic and hope that she will be safe without it.

Dating: Divorced

Both Yang's and Ruby's, as well as Tai, Raven, Qrow and Summer all had murderous expressions, as they turned to Wolf. "What happened?" they all said at once.

"You will just have to wait." Wolf responded.

Personality: Kind, Determined, absent minded

W-Weiss then smirked. "I guess she takes more after her father."

"HEY!" shouted both Yang's.

Note: Joan was trained as a child only unlike many she didn't enjoy it. It wasn't until she helped her mom fix her bike that Joan found something she enjoyed. She spent years learning mechanics and dreaming of opening her shop. She did and met a man she thought was nice. However after being married a few months he turned abusive. She filed for divorce only for him to try to assault her in court. Raven Branwen was the last one to see him.

W-Yang just walks up and hugs Raven. "I hope you would do that in ourworld if that happens mom."

Raven is surprised but hugs back. "Of course I would Yang."

Everyone else is either pissed at him, or happy she has a successful business of her own.

Name: Yin Xiao Long

The people who like puns start laughing when they realize her name is a pun.

"Really Yang, you name your daughter Yin?" W-Weiss sighs.

"I don't see a problem." A-Yang chuckled.

"Same." W-Yang nodded. They both actually like the name Yin.

Race: Human

Parents: Jaune and Yang Xiao Long-Arc

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Occupation: Martial Arts Teacher

"Miss Xiao Long's daughter is a teacher?" Glynda asked, surprised. She didn't know whether to be proud or worried.

"I feel sorry for her students." Coco remarked.

"I'm sorry to say this, but so am I." Pyrrha said.

"You to P-Money?" W-Yang asked, slightly hurt.

"I'm sorry!"

Weapons: Ton-fa and bare-hand

"I can't believe any niece of mine would have something so basic!" shouted A-Ruby.

"Those are traditional though." Ren informed her.

"All the more reason it's wrong! My niece should only have the best. And most unique weapons!" W-Ruby responded.

"I give up…" W-Yang sighed. As did A-Yang. Keeping the Ruby's from ranting was going to be a whole thing.

"That's it." Raven growled as she used the magic of the theater to summon duck tape. Then before anyone could realize what happened" she taped and gagged both Ruby's. "You can be unbound when you stop criticizing my granddaughter's choice in weapons." Raven growled.

Everyone chuckled a bit, save for Summer, who had an annoyed look. "Really Raven?"

"She should have stopped whining." Raven shrugged.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Kinetic Absorption, every hit makes her stronger than even her mother. She can at full power lift 3 tons

Everyone is surprised before remembering that Yang's semblance is naturally hereditary and evolving

Magic Potential: NA

Magic Usage: NA

Dating: NA

Personality: Fun Loving, Determined, Protective

Everyone then chuckled. "This one certainly takes after you my sunny little dragon." Tai chuckled. Both Yang's blushed a bit.

Note: Yin was trained alongside her sister and took to it like a duck does to water. She decided to open a school to teach kids and women self defense after seeing a friend being bullied. The child had no one willing to teach her to defend herself, so Yin did so. She decided against entering Beacon to get the credentials needed to open her school. When her Grandmother heard her plan she decided to aid her with the teaching of students. While Raven does think only the strongest will survive she does realize that with training anyone can become strong. She has her son in law to thank for making her see that.

Raven blushes before thinking about what she has seen of Jaune. She was just barely stopping herself from demanding Yang and that Arc boy give her grandbabies.

Yang and Tai are both proud of why she became a teacher but a little disappointed she decided not to go to Beacon.

"I'm surprised actually helped teach sword fighting to civilians for self defense sis." Qrow chuckled.

"The weak can grow strong." Raven stated very softly surprising everyone who hears her.

"Should I also mention she didn't inherit Yang's obsession with her hair? In fact she sometimes asks Jaune to give her a haircut since she prefers it at shoulder length." Wolf stated.

Raven and both Yang's went wide-eyed. "WHY WOULD SHE WANT TO CUT HER BEAUTIFUL HAIR?!" the three shouted while grasping their hair in shock. Everyone either sighed or chuckled at them.

Coco Adel-Arc

First Pic shows Coco sitting on a bench holding a little girl of 2 with brown hair and blue eyes as they watch and laugh at Jaune helping his oldest daughter, age 6 with blonde hair and dark brown eyes, pick out an outfit to try on in a fashion store, both daughters are wearing white dresses. Coco is seen to be wearing a tight brown shirt that shows off her slightly larger bust, tight black pants that show off her shapely legs and tight ass. Her hair is slightly longer and she isn't wearing her signature sunglasses or beret. Her youngest is wearing those.

Coco blushed seeing her daughter's. Just then, she heard Velvet squeal. "My niece's are so cute!"

"Niece's huh?" Coco chuckled.

"Yep. If you're the aunt of my kids, then that means I'm the aunt of yours." Velvet smirked.

"Makes sense." Coco nodded.

Everyone else just laughs at the antics of Jaune and his oldest.

Second Pic is of the older sister, now 20, wearing punk clothes and with white stripes dyed into her hair arguing with her mother as her family watch concerned from the background. Missing is Jaune.

Coco is shocked at what she sees for a number of reasons. "What happened for us to be fighting like that?"

"It will explain." Wolf said.

"Alright. Second question… WHY IS ANY DAUGHTER OF MINE DRESSED LIKE THAT?!" Coco couldn't understand how someone who came out of her could dress like a punk and dye's their hair with white stripes. Everyone sighed at that.

Third pic is of the Younger sister, now 26 herself, at a fashion show she is hosting with her Aunt Rogue, her mother, her father, now in a wheelchair, in attendance. Peeking from one of the curtains we can see the older sister still wearing punk clothes and striped hair looking on with a smile.

That made Coco's mood do a one-eighty. She jumped out of her seat. "HELL YES!"

Everyone laughed a bit. That was until they saw Jaune in a wheelchair. Before anyone asked, Es spoke up. "It will explain.


Name: Rebecca "Cheshire" Arc

Race: Human

Parents: Jaune and Coco Adel-Arc

Age: 32

Sex: Female

Occupation: Anti Car theft Tester

"Not exactly the most glamorous job out here, but it's certainly going to have a solid income." Roman said.

"And why is that?" A-Weiss asked with a raised brow.

"I don't think any of you realize how common car theft is." the infamous criminal replied.

Weapons: NA

Both Ruby's began to angrily mumble through their gags. This caused Raven to smirk.

Aura Status: Resealed

"Excuse me? But they only reseal the aura of convicted criminals, what the fuck did she do?!" Coco shouted. Everyone else was just as shocked

Semblance: Fade, like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland she could fade her body leaving behind the image of her smile and reappear wherever she desired.

Salem and Cici then sighed. "I wish I could have seen that." Cici spoke. Everyone then looked at her with a raised brow. She blushed a bit and spoke. "G-granny used to read me Alice in Wonderland when i was a little girl…"

That gave Emerald an idea. She used her semblance to make herself disappear like the Cheshire cat for Cici. When she reappeared, Cici squealed happily and hugged her, making Emerald blush.

Magic Potential: Med

Magic Usage: Low to little of Note

Es then spoke up. "Yes she uses magic, but it is such small spells that they don't have any actual records of what she does." This made Ozpin and Salem sigh.

Dating: NA

Personality: Reckless, Always Bitchy, and a loner.

Everyone that knows her parents were surprised. "Where did she get this from? She is nothing like Coco and Jaune." Velvet said.

"Some families just have that one black sheep." Wolf said with a shrug.

Note: Rebecca was always a wild child. She preferred to sneak out and drink then train. One of her late night escapades led to her father being hospitalized and unable to walk. She had turned herself into police and her Aura was ordered resealed. After being released from prison she found a job testing, making, and designing anti car theft devices. She still breaks the law to see her father and sister.

Juniper asks with a stutter. "W-what happened to Jaune?" she was trying not to cry as her husband held her close.

Wolf then let out a sigh. "He followed her one night and stopped her from getting drugs, only for the dealer to be higher than an airship and think Rebecca was a snitch and shoot at her with Aura piercing rounds, only to hit Jaune in the spine. The shock of what happened is what made her turn herself in and clean up while in jail."

"S-so… what law is she breaking to see us?" Coco asked?

"She is breaking her parole visiting her father and sister." Wolf told her.

Name: Alice "Butterfly" Adel

Everyone began to chuckle a little at her nickname. It helped lighten the mood that last one made.

Race: Human

Parents: Jaune and Coco Adel-Arc

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Occupation: Fashion Designer

Coco then smiled proudly. "That's my girl." This made many roll their eyes.

Weapons: Scissors capable of turning into a sword

Both Ruby's have a glazed look in their eyes. They begin geeking out and try to speak through the gag, but remain muffled.

Raven just laughs at this fact. "Seriously Raven?" Summer asked annoyed.

"Yep." Raven chuckled.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Butterfly Dance, able to summon butterflies to teleport or do as she wishes.

"Oh wow, I bet that would be so pretty." Velvet said in awe.

"Yeah, I'd love to see something like that." Pyrrha nodded.

"I bet butterflies explode everywhere." Nora giggled.

Magic Potential: High

Magic Usage: Uses her magic to replenish her Aura and to help summon her butterfly army

Ozpin and Salem are stunned silent at this. Then Salem spoke up. "I have to meet someone who can do that without training!" she said with a smile.

"Indeed. I'm sure that would be quite the sight." Oxpin chuckled.

Dating: NA

Personality: Loving, Cheerful, and a worry wort for her family

Several people laughed. "Looks like she takes after both her parents." Velvet giggled.

"Well someone has to watch out for my Bunbun. So I have to be a worry wort for you when you're always getting bullied." Coco smirked. Velvet pouted cutely.

Note: Alice has always loved fashion. Instead of following her parents footsteps she followed her aunts. Alice has always had a fascination with butterflies and was surprised when that manifested with her semblance. She knows her sister comes to her shows and that she doesn't want their mother to see her, as both think the other hates them. Alice hopes to help them reconcile after all these years.

Everyone smiles at how successful she is and that she is trying to help her family heal. None smiled more than Coco, who was so proud of her little girl.

Glynda Arcwitch

First Picture is of Glynda in a hospital bed holding a newborn baby in a pink blanket while Jaune is holding a little blond hair boy with bright green eyes on his hip. The toddler on Jaune's hip is sucking his thumb. Jaune looks to be as old as he was in the last viewing, while Glynda looks like a tired golden Angel. Her hair is loose and going down to her shoulders while she looks at her daughter with pure love.

Both Kali and Juniper squeal. "Oh my gosh Glyndie! Your children are so cute!" Kali said.

"G-Glyndie?!" asked a blushing Glynda. Kali used to always call her that at Beacon and it always embarrassed her.

"Yeah, they are just so precious! Who would have thought I would be so happy to see my son have children with one of my old school friends?" Juniper chuckled. Glynda blushed even more.

The girls who like Jaune stare at how loving and HOT Jaune is holding his son and looking lovingly at his wife and picture themselves in Glynda's position. Many of them blushed at this thought as they let their imaginations run wild.

Second Picture is of the blond boy now a man of 32 sitting at a desk in a nice office on his wall is a degree stating him as Dr. G. N. Arcwitch.

Juniper and Glynda go wide eyed at this. They both Jumped out of their seats. "YES!" they both cheered. They couldn't help but jump for joy at him being a doctor of some kind, while everyone else notices he looks like an older green eyes version of Jaune.

Third Picture is of the baby girl now a woman of 30 teaching combat class as her mother before her. Her blond hair is in a french braid and you can see happiness in her baby blue eyes.

Everyone is surprised to see that she looks like a blue eyed version of Glynda. But then, a different thought came to mind.

"Wait… She's also a teacher?...those poor kids…" A-Yang said.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Glynda asked with a glare.

Every student in the theater went pale. "N-nothing!" they replied.


Name: Gale Nicholas Arcwitch

Glynda's eyes went wide. "I-is that a world where… my brother existed?" Glynda asked.

"Yes… it is." Es answered.

Race: Human

Parents: Jaune and Glynda Arcwitch

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Occupation: Therapist to Hunters

"Hm, that is a rare profession, but we could really use more of them." Ozpin said.

"Yes, I agree." Glynda said with a smile as she beamed with pride at her son.

Weapons: His Pipe

Glynda's smile then vanished. "His WHAT?!" she said with a dark tone as she had a fierce glare. Everyone nervously sweat at this as they scoot away from her.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Smoke Control, able to shape and control any smoke around him

Glynda just stared at the words for a few minutes before she slumped with a sigh. "So… that's why he has that for a weapon…" this caused everyone to sigh in relief that she isn't going to go on a rampage

Magic Potential: High

Magic Usage: He uses transfiguration to make and control smoke when his Aura is gone

Salem just sighs. Everyone looked at her confused before Ozpin spoke up. "That is a basic control exercise for elemental control making." He sighed.

This made Cici and Cindy realize they need to learn to control their magic. "U-um… Granny Salem? Could… could you teach me how to control my magic?" Cici shyly asked Salem.

Salem just stared at Cici making her nervous before walking over to her and glomping her in a bear hug. "I WOULD LOVE TO!" Salem states. Cici smiled and hugged back.

Dating: Married to Carol Arcwith formerly Carol Winchester

Everyone is shocked to see he is married to Cardin's daughter. "So… that's another world where Cardin changed then?" W-Ruby asked. A good question as they don't see Glynda being happy with her son dating a racist's daughter.

Personality: Jokester, always planning, loves detective novels

"Huh, guess he takes after his uncle then." W-Yang said.

"Well...yes. How do you know that?" Es asked, surprised.

W-Yang chuckled. "Kinda figured he was like that thanks to his "Joke" book I got." Glynda still wanted to find a way to steal it.

Note: Gale was named for his Uncle. He found his uncle's old journals when young and read them all. Later he discovered his uncle had written in the books in invisible ink. From there he decided to fulfill his uncle's goal of becoming a licensed therapist for Hunters. His mother cried when he got his doctorate saying if only his Uncle could see this day.

Everyone is proud to see that he found his dream and succeeded in it. Glynda is shocked at hearing that her brother wrote in invisible ink in his journals. "Can I have a black light to check the journals?!" she asks. Wolf then had one appeared. She began looking through them only to find that his real journal is in invisible ink. She couldn't believe this. How secretive was her brother to do this? Now she had so much more about him to learn.

Name: Elphaba "Ellie" Arcwitch

Glynda went wide-eyed with a blush. "T-that… That's the name of my mother…" Everyone was surprised to hear that.

Race: Human

Parents: Jaune and Glynda Arcwitch

Age: 30

Sex: Female

Occupation: Combat Instructor at Beacon

Everyone then chuckled. "She is certainly her mother's daughter." Ozpin said with a smirk.

Glynda had a smile on her face. "That's my girl." she thought proudly.

Weapons: Whip and Dagger

"Wait… Why does the whip look familiar?" Glynda asked.

"That's because it belonged to your brother. She found her uncle's weapons in a trunk in the basement and you let her train with them " Es answered. Glynda was surprised. She got her brother's whip out, which she got when they were receiving gifts.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Telekinesis, she has inherited her mother's semblance to a T.

Everyone laughs at the fact that most of Jaune's daughters inherited their mothers' semblance.

"Seems we have a bit of a trend." Winter chuckled.

"Yeah, seems that way." A-Yang said while laughing.

Magic Potential: High

Magic Usage: Same as her mother

Ozpin sighed in relief. When everyone looked at him puzzled, he cleared his throat. "W-well… it's no secret that beacon may not be still standing were it not for miss Goodwitch. So its good to know that there is still someone keeping it in one piece."

Glynda smiled hearing that. Then she had a smirk. "So does this mean i can finally get that raise?"

"I-i well… we don't exactly… have the budget." Ozpin admitted.

"That's probably why the food is weapons grade." Wolf remarked. That got a chuckle from many.

Dating: Widowed

Juniper and Glynda both went wide eyed and turned to Wolf. "WHAT HAPPENED?!" they shouted at him.

"It will explain." he sighed.

Personality: Strict, Kind, and demanding of her students

Everyone then begins to laugh. "Looks like she is the perfect blend of her parents." Kali giggled. Doing so causes Glynda to blush and smile even more at the thought of her being her daughter

Note: Ellie idolized her parents. She did everything she could to grow and be as strong as them. After graduating Beacon she fell in love with and married a young Faunus from Mistral. However he died in a mission gone bad and she spiraled into depression. After talking to her brother she decided to teach. Only for students and Parents alike to curse as it seemed the Goodwitch blood was strong in her and she was as much of a force of nature as her mother.

Glynda is happy that her daughter looked up to her and smiles proudly.

Meanwhile all of the faunus in the room are happy Ellie was in a happy relationship with a Faunus and even married him, before they grow sad at hearing he died and she fell into depression.

"That's… Really sad…" Velvet spoke.

"Yeah, it is." Eve nodded as she wiped away a tear.

But then everyone is happy her brother talked to her and suggested she try teaching. Her students all realize that if a Goodwitch is teaching then they will all be a force of nature like Ms. Goodwitch is.

"Those kids will need a lot of help if they are going to survive." W-Yang spoke.

"Yeah. I kinda feel bad." Coco nodded.

"Anyway, now the next bunch of kids are actually in your future." Wolf said with a smirk. This made everyone both surprised and confused.

"U-um… before we start…" Cici said as she went over to Aida. She stutters out "M-mr. Aida?"

Aida then turned to her. "Yes?" he asked.

Cici gets nervous and takes a deep breath before "ThankyouforcomingIpaintedthisforyouhopeyoulikeit!" She then held out a painting of the castle. Everyone was confused.

Save for both Ruby's. Their semblances let them understand. They began mumbling for then to be untaped. A-Yang went over and pulled the tape of their mouths.

"OWIE!" they both shouted. They had tiny tears in their eyes.

"So? What did she say?" A-Weiss asked.

"Oh right, she said she made you a painting and that she hopes you like it. Also thank you for coming." W-Ruby said as A-Yang unbinded them.

"O-oh. Thank you." Aida said, surprised. He didn't know where to keep it though.

"Just put it in your hat. Like their Jaune said, it had infinite space." Es said.

"Oh, right." Aida nodded as he did so.

Unsure of what he saw, Oberon leans over and whispers "Was she nervous because she likes him or was it something else?" towards Wolf

"She never really gave her art to someone before. So you know, there is that." Wolf shrugged.

"Ah, okay." Oberon nodded.

"Well anyway, let's get started." Wolf said.

Saphron and Terra Cotta-Arc

Pic 1 is of Jaune holding a 2 1/2 year old Adrian as Terra lays in a hospital bed with Saphron curled against her holding a newborn baby in a pink blanket.

Terra looked on wide eyed with a massive blush. Saphron then chuckled. "Well, you did say you wanted another baby.." She then held her wife's hand.

Terra blushed even more. "Y-yeah." she nodded with a smile.

Pic 2 is of Adrian now age 23 having a picnic and proposing to his cat Faunus girlfriend while his mothers, his 6 younger sisters, and his Aunt Cinder (though he still calls her Cici) all smiling and looking ready to cry.

Both Saphron and Terra covered their mouths as tears began to build up. They couldn't believe they were seeing sir baby propose to a girl.

But then, Terra's eyes went wide as he saw all the girls there. "W-wait, are those…"

"Yep. They are all Adrian's little sisters." Wolf chuckled.

"Huh. Guess she liked taking a ride on the crochea mors." A-Yang punned. Everyone groaned at that. W-Yang however blushed hard, confusing her counterpart.

"Really Yang? Naming his… that, after his weapon?" A-Weiss cringed.

"Yep." A-Yang nodded

Kali however felt the faunus girl looked familiar. She couldn't figure out why.

Pic 3 is of Terra and Saphron's oldest daughter now a 20 year old blue eyed blond who looks like Jaune's female form graduating from Beacon with her mothers, her brother, and Salem (Looking human with graying blond hair) all hugging her.

"Oh my gosh, she looks so beautiful!" Both Terra and Juniper squealed.

"Yeah, she certainly is." Saphron smiled.

Salem was surprised to see her human form. And with greying hair. She figured it was because of the ring Amp gave her.


Name: Adrian Jaune Cotta-Arc AKA The Black Night

"You had his middle name be after Jaune?" Pyrrha asked.

"Well… we wanted a way of thanking him." Saphron said.

"You mean besides the sex?" Mercury chuckled. That earned him yet another smack.

"Not funny." Emerald growled.

"But what's with the black knight bit?" Nora asked, confused.

"I'm sure we will find out." Ren told his girlfriend.

Race: Human

Parents: Saphron (Mama) and Terra (Mom) Cotta-Arc, Fathered by Jaune Arc

"It's still crazy knowing Jaune isn't a virgin." Coco said.

"Yeah, you never would have guessed." A-Yang nodded. They both nervously sweated when Juniper glared daggers at them.

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Occupation: Hunter/Archeologist/Comic Artist

"Kid have any free time?" Roman asked.

"Does seem to have quite a few jobs." Jackie nodded.

"I think it's AWESOME!" Nora and both Ruby's shouted.

Weapons: Varies as it changes as he uses his semblance

Everyone was confused by that.

"Uh… what?" Tai asked.

"I'm drawing a blank." Qrow stated.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Cosplay Mimicry, able to use the weapons and skills of whoever he dresses as, has a preference for the costumes of Men who used pure skill.

Everyone went wide eyed at that.

"So cool!" A-Ruby said.

"Yeah, he just dresses like someone and he can fight like them?" W-Ruby nodded excitedly.

"Seems a bit similar to yours Bunbun." Coco snickered. This made Velvet blush.

"But it seems like he has to wear the right costume beforehand to have it be effective. What if he wears a costume that has abilities that won't help?" Winter asked.

Magic Potential: High

Magic Usage: Uses his Magic to switch his costumes in the midst of battle to better use his semblance

"O-oh…" Winter was blushing with embarrassment.

"Hmm… That does seem very interesting." Ozpin said.

"I agree. I had only seen a rare few with storage magic before." Salem nodded.

Dating: Engaged to Catherine "Cat" Belladonna (Kali and Ghira's second daughter born 7 months after they return to Remnant)

Kali, Ghira and both Blake's eyes go wide at this. "W-wait, seven months? Then… does that mean…" Kali asked as she looked at her belly.

"Yep, you are currently around two months pregnant. You just haven't started showing the signs yet." Wolf chuckled.

Kali then started to smile. She hugged Ghira tightly. "We're going to have another baby!" she squealed. She hasn't been this happy since the times she found out she was pregnant with Blake and when she was born. Followed by when Blake said her first word and took her first step.

Ghira was smiling happily. That was until his wife started hugging a little too tight. First he was having trouble breathing, then he felt like he was going to break. As he thought that, a loud SNAP filled the theater and Ghira went limp. Everyone cringed at it.

"OH MY GOSH, GHIRA!" shrieked Kali.

"Oof. Here Ghira, let me help." Wolf said. He then healed Ghira's snapped spine.

"T-thank you." Ghira groaned.

"I am so sorry Ghira." Kali said as she hugged him more gently.

"It's fine Kali, really." Ghira assured. He tried to recover a bit from how woozy he was.

Kali just sighed and relaxed. Both Blake's however wondered what kind of relationship they would have if they were an older sister.

"Anyway, seems like Belladonna's seem to have a thing for Arc's at this point." Emerald said.

Kali then laughed a little. Everyone looked at her quizzically. "Well, back when we went to Beacon and before I ever met Ghira, Nicholas was one of my earliest crushes. I was about to go pounce on him and tell him, but then I bumped into Juniper who just gave me a serious glare. It was like she was looking into my soul." Kali said with a pout.

"Sometimes I think the reason she was team leader was because of her ability to keep us under control." Willow sighed.

"That is exactly why I put her in charge." Ozpin smirked.

"Wait… Kali had a crush on me?" Nicholas asked.

"Yes dear. You were just too dense to realize." Juniper nodded.

"Well I can't blame her." Maria cackled. "Back in my younger days, I had the pleasure of sleeping with an Arc. Best I could have ever had. His name was Henry."

"Wait, uncle Henry?" Nicholas asked, surprised.

"He's your uncle eh?" Maria asked.

"Yeah. My father Richard had two brothers. John and Henry." Nicholas nodded. (Try to guess who those three reference together.)

"Huh. So how is he? Maybe we could catch up after all these years." Maria smiled.

"He… died during the war… that bastard John betrayed the Arc family and all of Vale by selling us out to Mantle. Henry sacrificed himself to cover our retreat. His son David was devastated. He was taken in by my father soon after everything. He now runs a camp. John was disowned by the Arc's and his son Felix was also taken in. From what I last heard from Felix, he became a mercenary." Nicholas sighed.

Maria looked down saddened. "I.. I'm sorry to hear that… hard to believe he's gone…" Maria sighed. "How old was he?"

"He was 28. My father was born quite a bit before his brothers. My father was two years from beacon when he became a brother." Nicholas sighed.

"28… so only a couple years after we met… Damn noble idiota…" Maria said sadly.

Everyone listened on to the story. They all felt a little sad hearing about Henry while also being pissed at John.

Personality: Kind, Fun Loving, Caring

"He may not look like Jaune, but Adrian seems to take after him in personality." Terra chuckled.

"Yeah, seems so." Saphron nodded.

Note: Adrian possesses a perfect memory, meaning he remembers everything from the age of 1 to now in perfect detail. Adrian learned to draw from Cici as a young child. He always loved to see her and his Uncle Jaune growing up. Cici is the one who always encouraged him to draw and to follow his dreams. Jaune taught him how to use a sword for when he couldn't use his semblance. He is the oldest of 7 and loves all his sisters. He met his girlfriend when Blake was babysitting him and her sister at the same time when he was 6, they became best friends and eventually started dating in Signal. Adrian loves to write comics based on the worlds his family and him saw when he was younger. He is the founding member of The Thirteen Knights of Arcadia, the other members are 12 of his half siblings. They are an organization respected by each Council and are known to follow only the Old Code as it was taught to them by Jaune.

When reading that Adrian has a perfect memory, everyone couldn't help but stare at him.

Just then, Emerald didnt slap, but punched the back of Mercury's head. "OW! What the hell was that for?!"

"That's for swearing so much in front of the baby with the perfect memory!" Emerald chastised.

"Wait, so he helps found a group of knights?" A-Yang asked.

"Looks like it." Ren nodded.

Name: Salem "Sally" Rouge Cotta-Arc, AKA The Azure Knight

Salem's eyes went wide seeing that the baby was named after her. She couldn't believe her eyes at this.

Saphron and Terra smile at Salem's surprised look. "I think that's a perfect name for her." Saphron chuckled.

"I agree." Terra nodded. This made Salem blush.

Race: Human

Parents: Saphron (Mama) and Terra (Mom) Cotta-Arc, Fathered by Jaune Arc

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Occupation: Huntress/Artist

Everyone is shocked to see she is an artist. "Can we see some of her work?" Cici asked, only for Es to create a life sized marble statue of Ozma and Salem titled "Eternal Lovers"

The two had massive blushes on their faces at this.

Weapons: Sword and shield

Both Ruby's grumble while everyone laughs a bit. "She is certainly Jaune's alright." Pyrrha smiled.

"Tell me about it." A-Yang smirked.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Enhanced Reflex, she is faster, and stronger due to how she sees the world going slower around her than it does for others.

Everyone is shocked at that and think that that would help her out not only in fights but at home. Maria however cackled. "Nice to see someone with a similar semblance."

Magic Potential: High

Magic Usage: All we know is she was trained by Salem in the basics before she started to create her own magic fighting style.

Salem just stared at the screen blankly for a minute. Cici was beginning to get concerned. "G-granny? Are you okay?"

Just then, Salem let out a very, VERY loud squeal, hurting the ears of even the none faunus in the theater. "I can't wait to train her!" Salem gushed.

Everyone was surprised by this, until Ozpin started laughing, before he explained. "She always did want to teach the kids more magic, so now she gets a chance to be a magic teacher." he chuckled.

Dating: Recently broke up with her girlfriend, it was mutual and they are still friends.

Everyone is disappointed it didn't work out, but are happy they are friends.

Personality: Kind, motherly, shy

Everyone begins laughing. "She is certainly her father's daughter." Nicholas laughed.

"Yes, seems so." Ozpin nodded.

Note: Sally was born 9-10 months after her parents returned to Remnant. Named for her ancestor who she calls Nana, Sally is a skilled mage. She learned to use her Uncles weapon style and even loves to practice her sword skills in her Nana's home as she creates Grimm for Sally to fight, starting with the weakest until she can single handedly take out a hoard of Grimm. She is considered one of the best sculptors in Remnant, able to carve Flesh from Stone, meaning able to make a statue that looks to be alive. She is the Azure Knight, 3rd in command of the Knighthood. She leads a team of 40 soldiers in the Knighthood and earned her position as 3rd in command.

Everyone is proud of what she can do. "You know, the hoards she goes against are all Alpha class Grimm." Wolf said.

"Wait, what?!" shouted Summer.

"Seriously?!" Qrow asked.

"So cool!" cheered Nora. This caused the experienced Huntsman to be shocked and proud, and the students to look at her pic in awe

Winter and Ciel Schnee-Soleil

1st pic is of Winter and Ciel holding newborn babies in the hospital. In Winter's arms is a baby boy with white hair. In Ciel's is a baby girl with Ciel's skin tone and Jaune's hair.

Willow, and both Weiss' squeal at how cute their grandchildren/niece and nephew were. Though, A-Weiss was surprised to learn her sister was in a relationship with the girl named Ciel. Winter just smiled happily at this.

Just then, Qrow spoke up. "Your kids are pretty cute Ice-queen." Winter rolled her eyes thinking he was poking fun, but when she turned around, she was surprised to see him with a proud smile on.

2nd pic is of the white haired boy now 20, with long hair pulled back into a ponytail teaching one of his half sisters by Terra, she looks just like a younger version of her mother, how to fence, his shirt is off showing his torso in scars. His eyes look like a hawks and his fingers have claws on them. On his face you can see a proud smile.

Everyone will be shocked to see his animal features, only for Wolf to cut them off before they can ask any questions. "It will explain." he told them. Terra squeals seeing her daughter learning from her half brother. She thought it was so wonderful to know how close they were.

3rd pic is of the little girl now 20 working in a flower shop, she is wearing a sundress with a wide brimmed sun hat on. She is smiling as she hands a bouquet of flowers to a little girl who looks like Ruby.

Winter's smile is so big that everyone else's facial muscles hurt just from looking at it. Meanwhile, Summer and Ruby, seeing the little girl are both shocked and happy to see another generation of Rose.

Summer then looked to her husband with a big smile. She was already planning to wring him dry, and Qrow could sense that. He felt a chill run right up his spine.


Name: Nicholas "Nick" Qrow Schnee-Soliel, AKA The White Knight of the Faunus

Nicholas chuckled a bit. "I'm flattered you would name him after me."

"Actually… she named him after her grandfather, Nicholas Schnee…" Wolf chuckled nervously.

Nick then deflated with an embarrassed and depressed look. June patted her husband's back. "There there dear."

Qrow is just shocked that the boy is also named after him. He is also both surprised and is proud that he and his oldest daughter actually do get along... eventually. Winter was just as surprised as he was to see this.

Race: Human

Parents: Winter (Ma) and Ciel (Mom) Schnee-Soliel, Fathered by Jaune Arc

"Wait, what?!" asked a shocked A-Weiss.

"Oh yeah, earlier after finding out Adrian was Jaune's. Ice-queen senior asked if Jaune would be willing to do the same for her and Ciel." W-Yang chuckled.

"Hehe, even after all the times you turned him down, he still has a kid with a Schnee, and they are cute as hell. Guess you miss your chance Weiss-cream." A-Yang smirked.

"Shut it Xiao-Long!" A-Weiss said annoyed. W-Weiss just deflated, hoping she didn't really miss her chance.

W-Ruby placed her hand on her partner/half sister's shoulder. "It's okay Weiss." she said with a smile.

"Thank you Ruby." W-Weiss smiled back.

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Occupation: Hunter/Miner

Everyone is shocked by his second job, especially the Faunus in the room.

"Well that's… surprising…" Sienna said.

"You're telling me." Ilia nodded.

Weapons: Rapier and dagger

Winter then beamed with pride seeing her son have the same weapon as her.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Glyphes, he inherited his family semblance.

The Schnee family all feel smug that he has the family semblance.

"Don't really know why you're so smug. You know damn well he was going to have it." Neo said as she rolled her eyes.

"Well… yes. But it is still nice to see." Winter blushed.

Magic Potential: High

Magic Usage: uses his magic to shape shift his body into animals, and to shift parts of his body to gain attributes of animals. He also uses his magic to create his glyphes in the air.

Everyone is shocked. But then Es spoke up. "You know, he actually inherited the ability to turn into animals from Qrow, and he experimented to see if he could turn into a Faunus and found he prefers to be a faunus to a normal human. He is usually a bird one as it has to do with repressed faunus genes combined with the magical ability Qrow has."

"...huh." responded Qrow and Winter.

Dating: A nice rabbit Faunus

Winter then had a smile. "May I have a picture?" she asked. Wolf snapped his fingers and a picture appeared in Winter's hands. It showed Nicky and a white haired rabbit Faunus girl smiling at each other as if they are the only people in the world. Winter smiled even more seeing how happy he was.

Personality: Loyal, Kind, Honest

This .ade Winter smile, and A-Weiss chuckle. "Seems he took the best from Jaune." she said. This made everyone chuckle.

Note: His Mothers named him after Nicholas Schnee, an honorable man Winter wished he would become like, and Qrow Branwen a man who after Winter got to know him came to realize he is a dedicated husband and a dedicated warrior. He grew up knowing his grandfather as a sober man, as he cut back on his drinking to the point of giving his flask to Winter whenever the kids visited to let her know he was sober the entire time. He believes in the old code and trains to keep his family honor intact. Nick is ambidextrous, but prefers to use his dagger in his left hand as that is his natural dominant hand. His dagger that was a gift by Salem Umbra is his medium for his magic. While he is a licensed Huntsman he prefers to work in the Dust Mine when he isn't on a job. He makes sure his Aunt's policies are being followed and due to his ability to disguise himself he is able to be the mole his aunt needed to uncover who was corrupt and who is honest in following her policies. Due to this he earned the name he poses in the Arcadian Knighthood, The White Knight of the Faunus. He earned his position as the second in command of the knighthood. All the "Soldiers" in his battalion are Faunus Miners who he taught to fight. They protect the outer towns where the Miners live and do more good than the town Guard when bandits or Grimm or Bandits show up.

Qrow is surprised he goes that far for his grandchildren before realizing that he wouldn't want them to turn into drunks like him. Winter, Weiss, and Willow are all proud of Nicky and how he helps the faunus and his aunt. Meanwhile, Salem is surprised that his dagger is medium and that she made it for him.

"Why were bandits listed twice?" Raven asked.

"Wolf then spoke up. "Well bandits with a little b are regular criminals, while Bandits with a big B are bandit clans like your clan."

"Ah, I see." Raven nodded.

"You know, I feel I should also mention that time is always changing, so there is a huge chance that the knight order won't happen." Wolf mentioned.

"Wait, what? How does that work?" W-Weiss asked.

"Time is complicated. It isn't really a straight line. It's all a bunch of… wibbly wobbly… timey wimey… stuff…" Wolf said elecuantly. Oberon and Aida snickered at the reference.

"Well put…" A-Weiss deadpanned.

"Lost your train of thought didn't you?" W-Weiss asked.

Wolf then cleared his throat. "Ahem, y-yeah kinda… anyway, sometimes it only takes a single change, no matter how small, to affect everything in a major way. Anyone here heard of the butterfly effect?" Wolf asked. The only ones to raise their hands were Aida, Oberon and Es. Wolf sighed and face palmed.

"W-well of course. I-it's so simple. But why don't you explain so i know if you know." A-Weiss said.

"Oh don't even pull that shit. I am not putting up with one of those." Wolf glared. His eyes actually glowed for a second, making A-Weiss eep with a blush. Wolf then sighed. "To put it short, if you mess with the tiniest detail, you could end up changing the course of history. Like if you step on a butterfly, you could prevent or cause major things." Wolf explained. That got an 'oh' from everyone.

"Sounds complicated." Summer said.

"To add to the complicated mess, sometimes you could affect things that had happened before your meddling." Wolf said.

"Wait, that makes no sense." Tai said.

"How can changing the future affect the past?" Penny asked confused.

"Well like I said, time isn't a straight line. And if you're not careful, you could create a time boom. Break the sonic barrier and you create a sonic boom. It's similar, except it sends ripples through time, past, present, and future. Of course that usually only happens when speedsters time travel." Wolf said. Everyone then turned to the Ruby's and Summer. This made the Rose's blush.

"Of course, there is the other theory that time travel is actually similar to traveling to alternate dimensions like what we're doing right now. Whereas even if you made an epic change to prevent something, it doesn't even affect the time you originated." Oberon says

"Oh don't even get me started on the differences between a universe and a dimension. It's like a minor universe that's connected to other dimensions. And all those dimensions together still add up to a single universe." Wolf sighed. Those in the theater couldn't really wrap their heads around how confusing all this was.

Name: Juniper "June" Willow Schnee-Soliel

Willow blushed hard, While Juniper had a proud look on her face.

"Um… June, I feel I should mention that she was named after Ciel's mother who passed years before." Es said.

Now it was Juniper's turn to deflate. Nicholas chuckled and patted his wife's back. "There there dear."

"Don't patronize me Nicholas." Juniper growled.

"I'm sure it would make you feel better to know you and all the other Arc's call her June bug." Wolf said. That made Juniper smile a little from how cute it was.

Race: Human

Parents: Winter (Ma) and Ciel (Mom) Schnee-Soliel, Fathered by Jaune Arc

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Occupation: Floweriest

Winter and everyone else was surprised. But then Winter smiled knowing that she at least has a safe profession.

Weapons: NA

"AH COME ON!" shouted both Ruby's.

Winter had got annoying. "Knock it off!" she shouted as she instinctively threw her hands up at the two. Just then, massive snow balls shot out and hit both Ruby's in the face. Winter looked at her hands in surprise.

"Huh, looks like you activated your magic. Guess you have ice elemental magic." Wolf chuckled. Everyone was surprised by that.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Aura Enhancement, she inherited her "Father's" semblance to a T

Everyone just laughs at this. "Looks like she takes after her birth father." Sienna chuckled.

Magic Potential: High

Magic Usage: She uses life Magic similar to the Deceased Gardner Family, growing her flowers faster and in any season

Salem and everyone is shocked that she has the magic of one of the extinct clans, and proud of how she uses it daily to make others smile with her flowers. Salem just couldn't stop smiling imagining herself having her and her granddaughter garden together.

Dating: NA

Personality: Loving, Kind, a Pacifist

"That would be the only reason I wouldn't train my daughter wouldn't be trained to defend herself." Winter stated. Everyone gave it some thought and decided they would be the same.

Note: She and her twin brother were born 10 months after her Ma returned to Remnant. She did train as a child before finding she was unable to bring herself to hurt even a fly. She later found a love of flowers and opened her own flower shop. She loves all of her half siblings, and loves talking to them. She is the one they go to for advice in their personal lives. She is a kind loving woman who even the most die hard Faunus in her small town will agree isn't like Jacques and is instead a kind girl who cares about their health and well being. She is considered the town's Blond Angel of Kindness. She loves her Funcle (Father-Uncle) Jaune, as Adrian started calling him when they discovered Jaune was their father, and is the apple of her mother's eyes. She and Nick are the only children Winter and Ciel had as Ciel was informed she couldn't have any more children after June was born, due to ovarian cancer. Winter refused to have more children when her wife couldn't.

Everyone is shocked at what happened to Ciel. "Well… now that we know it will happen, we can prepare for it and try to either prevent it or catch it early on." Winter said. She could hopefully help her.

"I'm glad she is so caring of the faunus in her town." Velvet smiled. She and all the other girls who like Jaune realize that she is the perfect big sister for their children.

Pic One is of Ilia holding Juliet with a smile on her face and with Kali and Blake making cooing noises at their niece and granddaughter.

Ilia was surprised, but then she, as well as Kali and both Blake's all smiled and looked at Juliet.

"She is certainly a little cutie." Kali giggled.

"She certainly is." A-Blake smiled.

Pic two is of her, her in a bridesmaid dress at her brother's wedding to two women.

"Oh look Ghira, it's our second daughter's wedding!" Kali smiled.

"Yes but… who is the second girl?" Ghira asked.

"Huh, guess Arc's are just natural ladies men." A-Yang said with a chuckle.

Pic three is of her store front. The storefront was made of a dark wood, which according to Adrian, is made from a splinter of wood from A world tree , the wood is carved with many creatures and warriors doing battle, all reaching for the faded gold handle. Desperately trying to get into the building. Above the door are the words "Pheonix Warehouse" and where the EST. the date was broken because all that's left is an 8 laying on its side. She is seen standing in front of it with Adrian Midnight-Phoenix, Jaune Arc, all her siblings, and her mother next to and around her as she cuts the ribbon

Everyone was surprised she owns a shop, especially one named after the warehouse. Ilia was happy to see her daughter have a job she can enjoy.

Name: Juliet Amitola

Race: Chameleon Faunus

Parents: Jaune Arc and Ilia Amitola

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Occupation: Shop Owner

Ilia just smiled more. She was happy to know her little girl would be happy and safe.

Weapons: She uses a whip similar to her mother

Just then, both Ruby's rushed towards Ilia. "You got to tell us about your whip!" they squealed.

Ilia was blushing and was overwhelmed. Just then, a blast of snow hit them and knocked them down.

Winter had a big smirk as she looked at her hands. "I believe I am getting the hang of this." Just as she said that, she ended up blasting herself with snow. "...or not…" she sighed.

"Ah, don't worry about it Ice-queen senior." W-Yang said.

A-Yang smirked. "Yeah, you just need to…"

"Wait a minute…" W-Blake realized.

"Yang don't you dare!" A-Ruby warned.

"CHILL!" both Yang's punned. They began laughing as everyone, save for Tai, groaned.

" know, i like puns. I like dad jokes. I laugh at even the dumbest of them...but i'm sorry to say that that pun was one of the worst snow related puns i have heard." Oberon says, causing both Yang's to pout sadly. After a brief moment, he then says "Now normally i'm a ICE (nice) guy, but when you try to out SNOWMEN (Showmen) the king of puns, you gotta SNOW (show) some class." He says as he puts on sunglasses and an awesome guitar riff play's in the background

"Oh come on Oberon, let COOLER heads prevail." Wolf said with a wolfish grin with his hands in his hoodie pockets. "Try not to GLACIAR (glaze) over the fact that they are the pun queens of their world. It would be COLD of you to insult them like that. Besides, if IGLU (I knew) you would get like this, I wouldn't have let you stay." Wolf smirked.

"...let's call this a draw. I can't think of anymore that could pre-HAIL over you." Oberon says

"Eh, SNOW problem." Wolf shrugged. "Wouldn't want our puns to be SLED (dead) tired." he had a grin like sans from undertale. Fitting since he wears a blue hoodie. Everyone, save for Tai and both Yang's groaned at these puns.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Life Sense, able to sense all life around her from Humans, and Faunus, including Grimm.

Everyone is shocked and impressed with her semblance. "That… that could be incredibly helpful." Winter said.

"Yes, I can only imagine how it could help in many missions." Glynda nodded. Ilia just smiles more.

Magic Potential: High

Magic Usage: She uses her magic to create explosions to throw her enemies of balance

Ilia's smile fades into a deadpan expression. Nora however jumped out of her seat and cheered. "It's like she has magic grenades!" Ren tried desperately to calm her down.

Dating: Currently dating a nice Female Cat Faunus...with a tail.

Everyone who remembered how Ilia blushed when she saw W-Blake with a tail laughed. W-Blake blushed, but then turned to Ilia with a smirk. "Like mother, like daughter." Ilia blushed more.

"I… don't get it." A-Ruby said.

"Turns out Ilia has a thing for tails since she blushed when she saw our Blake with one." W-Yang said. That got an 'oh' from A-Rwby.

"Huh, guess you could say, she loves chasing tail." A-Yang smirked. That got groans from everyone, but a massive blush from her counterpart. "Okay, what's going on with you?" she asked.

Just then, Wolf appeared besides her and whispered. "Your counterpart is actually a massive virgin. She never even kissed someone. Just don't tell anyone, she wants it kept a secret."

"W-wait seriously?!" she shout whispered. Wolf just nodded. A-Yang was confused to hell and back that there is a version of her that is a blushing virgin. She expected that more for Ruby, then again, the reverse was true for her sister's counterpart. These versions were weird like that she supposed.

Personality: Loyal, Loving, and Fun Loving

"She is certainly her parents daughter." Sienna commented, making Ilia smile.

"That's right, she got Jaune's loyalty." June spoke with a smile.

"And she also got Ilia's loving nature" Kali giggled. Ilia blushed when she said that.

"And she has her father's fun loving side." Saphron nodded.

Note: Though created in a lab, her family loves her just the same. She was raised by her mother, father, and Grandparents to be a good person. She loves Ghira and Kali enough to the point that she calls them grandma and grandpa. She believes that one day Humans and Faunus will be equal. She is currently the Owner of Phoenix Warehouse Menagerie Branch.

Kali squealed reading how much Juliet saw her as family. Ghira smiled a bit and spoke. "I'm proud of how close we are to her." Ilia smiled when he said that. She was happy she has close friends and family that love her daughter.

Es then spoke up. "You know, the store she owns is a branch of my husband's Warehouse and it has items from across the multiverse, but only those that need what she sells can enter."

"Then I question how she can make a steady income." Winter said.

"Oh you'd be surprised." Es chuckled.

Pic one is of Juniper holding triplet girls, all with blue eyes and blond hair. One is a wolf Faunus, one has shaggy hair, the last has long flowing hair.

Juniper and Nicholas both went wide eyed at this. Saphorn just chuckled. "Looks like I got some new sisters. And triplets this time. A new record." she chuckled.

"But… Why is one a wolf faunus? Do you have any wolf faunus in either of your ancestry?" Velvet asked.

"Not that i know of, no." Juniper said.

"Same. The only faunus ancestry I know of is my father's lion dna." Nicholas nodded.

Pic two is of the girls all dressed in the Beacon uniform.

"Oh my god, they look so cute!" Juniper squealed.

"Hehe, they certainly are." Nicholas chuckled.

"It is like all the Arc girls are drop dead gorgeous." Coco smirked.

"Seems like it." Emerald nodded.

Terra blushed a bit as she looked at Saphron. She could certainly agree.

Pic three is of the Wolf Faunus now age 22 in a gym.

"Oh, looks like Verte has a new workout buddy." Saphron chuckled.

"I'm sure she would appreciate that." Terra chuckled.

"From the sound of her, I'd love to have a spar with her. Hope she exists in our world." A-Yang chuckled as she cracked her knuckles.

Pic four is of the shaggy haired sister with the whites of her eyes black using Ruby's Black Rose with Black Fire instead of the usual Plasma.

Both Ruby's just looked in awe with starry eyes. Summer even joined in this time.

"Wait, why are the whites of her eyes black?" A-Weiss asked.

"Yeah, it's kinda creepy." A-Yang nodded.

"You got a problem with that?!" Maria and Salem shouted with glares.

"N-no!" A-Yang replied with a nervous sweat.

"Really don't want to piss those two off." Wolf chuckled.

"I bet." Oberon chuckled.

Pic five is of the long haired sister, using two hand guns while in a black trench coat, a red scarf covering her mouth, a black hat, and a black women's pants suit on. (Look up The Shadow, that's the only way I could describe his clothes for a woman)

Nora then giggled. "She looks like an edgy superhero."

"Yeah, just look at her. A little heavy on the black." W-Yang chuckled.

"Hey!" shouted both Blake's, Ruby's, and as well as Salem and Summer. Them being the ones that wore the most black.

"S-sorry…" W-Yang chuckled as she nervously scratched the back of her head.

Name: Lupa Arc, The Golden Wolf

"Lupa huh? I think that's a lovely name." Juniper smiled.

"And pretty fitting." Qrow chuckled.

Parents: Nicholas and Juniper Arc

Race: Faunus

Everyone was still curious about how she was a wolf faunus.

Age: 22

Aura: Unlocked

Semblance: Ghost Pack, summons a pack of Ghost like Wolfs

"WOW, SO COOL!" both Ruby's squealed.

"Now that sounds like an awesome semblance." Coco smirked as she adjusted her sunglasses.

"Yes, it certainly seems like it could be very useful." Glynda nodded.

Weapon: A pair of gauntlets that creates 3 blades on each hand

"Oh my gosh, she has claws?! That is so amazing!" W-Ruby cheered.

"Yeah, she could be all swish swish, STAB!" A-Ruby said as she swung her fists around. She then had her arms in an X style.

Oberon, Aida and Wolf all looked at each other as they snickered at the reference.

Magic: Medium

Magic Use: Uses her magic to shift to full Wolf large enough for her Grandfather Richard to ride like a horse

"That must be a very large wolf then. My father is a giant after all." Nucholas said.

"Tell me about it. The guy makes a tall guy look small." Qrow nodded.

Occupation: Huntress

"She definitely turns out like Verte." Saphron chuckled.

Dating: Single

Juniper then pouted. "Why doesn't my baby have anyone special…" she huffed and crossed her arms.

"Well most of us don't seem to have our eyes on anyone mom. I'm the only one married." Saphron said. "I mean, Violate just went through a break up, and Verte doesn't really want to think about that right now."

Juniper huffed again. "Well still…"

Personality: Gruff, Loyal, and strict

All the guys except Nick laugh. "Looks like she takes a bit after you and your old man, Nick." Qrow chuckled.

"Especially when angry." Tai chuckled.

Juniper then sighed. "I hope he doesn't have his stupidity…"

"Hey!" whined Nicholas.

Notes: Her and her sister were conceived in the Theater, a Nexus of reality. They each absorbed a sliver of the power of the Gods that their parents were around. Lupa is the eldest, and most loyal. To fight a member of her Pack is to ask to be killed. She possesses Wolf's power. She can either be found on a mission, at the Arc house, or in her log cabin she built on Patch. All her nieces and nephews love to hunt in the woods with her as she hunts deer and moose while in wolf form and they learn to shoot guns and bows and arrows from her back.

Everyone is stunned that the kids all have powers similar to the three God's they met. Just then, all the girls who like Jaune think about how they would be a good influence on their kids.

"Do I name my children after any of you in some way?" June asked. It was only then for Wolf and Es to nod.

Name: Midnight Arc, The Black Flames Return

Chuckles then filled the room. But Cici was curious about something. "Is she named after daddy?" she asked.

"More like his family." Wolf responds.

Parents: Nicholas and Juniper Arc

Race: Human

Age: 22

Aura: Unlocked

Semblance: Black Fire, able to create Adrian Midnight-Phoenix's signature black flames that can burn a person's Aura.

Everyone was so shocked, their eyeballs threatened to pop out of their sockets from how wide their eyes got.

"Um, did i help her learn to use it?" Cici asked.

"Pretty much, yeah." Wolf chuckled. Cici smiled at that. She was happy to help someone learn.

Weapon: A Bo Staff/Scythe similar to Black Rose only with Flames carved into the design

W-Ruby then had a smug look on her face. "I probably made it for her."

"Hate to burst your bubble sweetie, but Midna found it among my husband's items in your world." Es told her. That made W-Ruby deflate with a pout.

Magic: Medium

Magic Usage: Able to create her Flames without any Aura.

Cici is beaming while Salem is happy to see that she will have a way to use her semblance without risking her life

Dating: Single

Juniper huffed even more at this while pouting. She even started grumbling angrily, making Nicholas back away from her.

Personality: Stoic, Kind, and dedicated to her job and family

Juniper and Nick are happy to see she takes after them. But a question was at the back of their heads. "Where did she get her stoic nature from?" Nicholas asked.

Esmeralda speaks up to answer. "When they inherited our powers, they also inherited a bit of our personalities. My husband Adrian was a stoic man when sober and sane."

"Then explain why Lupa is strict? I am anything but. Hell, I usually break the rules other gods make for shits and giggles." Wolf asked. Es just kinda shrugged.

Notes: Same as her sister, she is also one of the few who decided to study for more than just a Huntsman lifestyle. Her cousin Cinder taught her how to blow glass, and is recognized as one of the best in the field. She smiles so rarely that her family believes that she can put the sun to shame when she shows how happy she is. To date only her family has ever seen her show ANY emotion aside from sarcasm, or a smirk.

"Oh I can't wait to teach her!" Cici cheered.

"Oh just shut up." Cindy growled.

Everyone else is stunned to hear that she rarely smiles. "That's actually another part of my husband. As to date, aside from the kids, only Gale, Summer, Elsa, and myself could make him smile, and Gale was the only one able to make him laugh." Es explained.

Name: Esmeralda "Ella" Arc, The Shadow

Esmeralda just blushes at this, while everyone laughs.

"Wait, why is she called the shadow?" Nora asked, confused.

"It will most likely explain." Ren told her.

Parents: Nicholas and Juniper Arc

Race: Human

Age: 22

Aura: Unlocked

Semblance: Shadow, able to hide all but her own shadow as well as use shadows to form melee weapons

"It appears to be a stronger version of my semblance." Ren states. He supposed that made sense. His semblance came from him being a descendant of Es.

Weapon: Twin swords that form a Bow, and when as The Shadow she uses two .45 Cal Pistols

Both Ruby's drool at seeing what her weapons are. But Nora was getting annoyed. "But why is she called shadow!" she yelled as she threw her arms up.

Magic: Medium

Magic Usage: Uses the Shadows to hide allies or even hypnotize human, Faunus, and Grimm

Salem starts giggling about all she can teach her. She begins to make so many plans in her pale little head about what kinds of lessons to give the young girl.

Dating: Single

June's face was red with anger. She looked like she was going to explode. Nick was currently on the other side of the theater from her till she cooled off.

Personality: Motherly to Family and Friends, Sadistic to enemies, and Loyal to those who earn it

"She certainly takes after her mother." Nicholas says, still keeping his distance.

"Wait, am I known to be sadistic?" Juniper asked.

"Sometimes. But only to those that deserve it." Es told her. June blushed a bit at this.

Notes: Same as her sisters, she possesses Esmeralda's power. She has a sadistic side that she has suppressed until she stopped a rapist. She now acts as a Vigilante when not on missions. She is the one who Midnight goes to when sad if Rouge isn't close by.

Nora then jumped up. "Thats why she is called that! She is an edgy superhero!" she laughed. Everyone else kinda laughed at how ridiculous that was.

Pic one is of Qrow and Summer holding a newborn baby with silver eyes

Summer, Qrow and both Ruby's looked on with their eyes wide. Summer looked at Qrow with a look he knew all too well. It was her "I'm going to wring you dry" look. He was definitely not going to sleep for a while now.

Pic two is of Qrow and a little boy playing in a park

Summer smiled at this. "Look who is an awesome dad." she giggled.

"Hehe, thanks Shortstack." Qrow chuckled as he kissed the top of her head.

Pic three is of the little boy now grown and looking like a silver eyed version of Qrow holding his new hunting license with a smirk on his face

Summer giggled again. "And it looks like he takes after his handsome father." she said as she stroked Qrow's face. Willow was feeling very jealous right now.

Name: Garnet Rose

"Oh that's a lovely name for him." Summer smiled giddily.

Parents: Qrow Branwen and Summer Rose

Race: Human

Age: 22

Aura: Unlocked

Semblance: Speed, he has his mother and sister semblance

Summer and both Ruby's laughed a bit at this. "Guess us Rose's are a speedy bunch." Summer smiled.

"Looks like it." Qrow chuckled.

Weapon: Same as his father

Qrow had a proud look on his face.

Magic: Low

Magic Usage: Same as his father

"So a whole family of bird brains." Tai chuckled. Raven pouted at him. "S-sorry Rae."

"Watch it Tai." Qrow warned.

Career: Huntsman

"YEAH! I can help train my baby brother!" W-Ruby giggled.

"...lucky…" A-Ruby pouted. Isn't really possible for her to have him in her world.

Dating: Single

"Aw…" Summer pouted.

"Hey don't worry, Shortstack. I'm sure he will find someone." Qrow assured.

"Thanks Qrow." Summer smiled.

Personality: Cocky, kind, and a little Crazy

"Seems like your kid." Willow smirked.

"Hey!" Summer whined.

"Not exactly wrong." Juniper chuckled. Summer pouted at this assault.

Notes: The only son of Qrow Branwen, Garnet grew up looking up to his sister's. He considers being a Huntsman his duty and loves a good fight. He turns into a bird simply because he loves to fly when thinking.

YEAH! Ruby Rose, world's greatest big sister!" cheared W-Ruby.

"Aw, I'm sure you'd be a great big sister, sis." W-Yang chuckled as she noogied W-Ruby.

"ACK!" W-Ruby groaned.

First pic is of Qrow and Willow holding a newborn girl with black hair and red eyes.

Willow and Qrow's eyes went wide at this. Summer just laughed a bit. "Looks like i have a sister to share my husband with." that made everyone blushed as she said this.

"S-Summer!" Willow squealed.

"What? It's true." Summer chuckled.

Second pic is of the same girl now in a Beacon uniform chasing Adrian and Cat with ropes, a collar, and whips in her hands.

Summer and Maria are now laughing their asses off as Qrow, Willow and the Belladonna family stare in shock.

"Damn, she makes the Belladonna's seem like they don't have a kinky bone in their body." Coco said.

"She kinda looks like Weiss with a pallet swap." W-Yang pointed out.

"Yes, she looks like how I was worried about her turning out in the past, hoping Jacques never found out." Willow sighed.

"Yeah. But she dresses like a punk rocker." W-Yang nodded.

Not untrue. She was seen wearing a torn red shirt with the Schnee logo on it, a black, spiked, leather jacket, torn up jeans and boots. She also had spiked bracelets and a choker. She even has black eyeliner and lipstick. Strangely enough she also has the same scar as Weiss.

Both Weiss' notice something else about her. They then placed their hands on their chests. "Why is she so much bigger than me?" W-Weiss asked. She had a body like Yang's.

"Probably her Branwen genes. She does seem to have more of her father's characteristics then you." Wolf shrugged.

"OH COME ON!" both Weiss' shouted. They couldn't believe they had to wait a few more years, but their future sister grows up faster.

Third pic is of her, Adrian, and Cat getting married with her in a black wedding dress, tied up, with a ball gag in her mouth.

"...w-well… at least we now know who the second girl in the wedding is…" Kali said.

Everyone is more focused on the fact that the girl is tied up and gagged. None more so than W-Weiss. "WHY IS MY SISTER DRESSED LIKE THAT?!" she screamed.

"It will explain." Wolf told her.

Name: Bleiss Arc (formerly Branwen, formerly Schnee)

Everyone was surprised she changed her name twice. "Why did she do that?" Willow asked.

"Wait and see." Wolf restated.

"Well the name definitely fits. She looks like a black Weiss." A-Yang chuckled..

Parents: Qrow Branwen and Willow Schnee

Race: Human

Age: 22

Aura: Unlocked

Semblance: Glyphs, inherited the Schnee family semblance

All the Schnee's here sign. "Well atleast that holds true." Winter said.

Weapon: DO NOT ASK! Everyone who has is STILL in therapy and calling her Mistress Branwen

Both Ruby's raised an eyebrow. "Uh… why?" A-Ruby asked.

Then Jackie and Eve interject. "DO NOT ASK ABOUT MISTRESS'S BRANWEN'S TOYS!" they shouted. Everyone looked at them wideyed.

"Uh… what's with them?" Roman asked.

"Yeah, it's weird." Neo nodded.

"Well… Amp had to interview all these kids. And Bleiss… wanted to kill some time…" Wolf explained.

"Wait… so she… and they…" Oberon asked.

"Yep. She made them her playthings and broke them." Wolf nodded.

"I… feel bad for them." Oberon sighed.

Magic: High


Eve and Jackie then began having flashbacks. And like that, they snap. "I'VE BEEN NAUGHTY MISTRESS!" Eve shouted.


"...damn, she really broke them…" Neo said.

"We are still trying to help them. They had gotten better, but mentioning Bleiss kinda triggers them." Es explained.

Dating: The happy sexpet (wife) of Adrian and Kat

Everyone deadpans at her self given title only for Mercury to start snickering. "Kinky." he chuckled.

Just then, Emerald, Willow, W-Weiss, and Winter punched him repeatedly. He ended up black and blue all over. Qrow then glared right at him. "If you even think of making one more comment about my little girl, you're going to lose your balls." he spat.

Personality: Kinky, Dominating, and loyal

Maria just starts laughing as does Summer. "S-she might have spent too much time with me and Ruby!" Summer said through her laughter.

"Yes, it appears you corrupted her to be just like you." Willow sighed with a blush.

Notes: A kinky ass girl who makes the Belladonna's look like nuns. She fell in love with Adrian and Kat when they looked past her mask of being a dominating bitch. She considers them her master's and will only one them and her family. She gave up the Schnee name so that she wouldn't undo what Weiss did when she took over the company with her own escapades.

The Belladonna woman blushed hearing how Bleiss makes them look like nuns.

Everyone else is shocked at how she is, and the fact that she wears a mask. Emerald was laughing her ass off at her youngest sister's actions. The Schnee's were embarrassed about how she acted, but were surprised about something else.

"Wait, that's why she changed her name the first time? So as to not drag the family name through mud." W-Weiss asked.

"That's right." As nodded

Wolf then had a grin fitting for his name. "You know, Bleiss sometimes takes your place in the multiverse. Other times she is your twin, others she is you going through a multiple personality issue, or from a dust incident, or one time when Yang dared you to eat grimm meat." he chuckled.

"WHAT?!" both Weiss' shout as they glare at their respective Yang. Both blonde's were sweating profusely.

"Also, in almost every single one, she is constantly trying to get into Jaune's pants." Wolf chuckled.

Hearing that caused W-Weiss' eye to twitch. "She has her own Arc, so she has no right to stalk mine!" she shouted. This made A-Weiss blush.

"Anyway," Wolf chuckled. "In every single one of those universes, she is a huge pervert, is rude, crude, and swears like a sailor. This Bleiss has also been known to pinch her old man's infinite flask on a number of occasions, till she was old enough to have her own."

"She did what?!" Qrow and Willow shouted.

"Yep. Usually when she is caught, Summer spanks her. But she ended up enjoying it." Wolf added.

Qrow and Willow turned to Summer. "Why do I feel like that would be your intention?" Qrow asked. Summer just shrugged with an innocent smile.

First pic is of Tai and Raven holding a baby boy with black hair and red eyes

Raven had a massive blush on her face at seeing this. Tai saw this and smiled a bit. He always thought Raven had the cutest blush.

W-Yang then jumps out of her seat with her hands up. "HELL YEAH! I got a baby brother!" she cheered.

A-Yang gumbled and crossed her arms. She was a little jealous.

Second pic is of the little boy now around ten, in a martial arts class

Tai and W-Yang cheered seeing that he was a melee fighter like them. This made Raven smile a bit while shaking her head fondly.

Third pic is of the boy now a grown man with his hair in a ponytail, walking into a MMA arena with his tattoo of a howling wolf head showing on his back

"Yes!" cheered Raven. She was happy to see her son is such a badass. Tai however was looking on silently. He knew a bit about MMA, unlike his wife and daughter.

Fourth pic is of the man sitting at a family dinner with his parents, sisters, aunt and uncle, as well as his four year old daughter, on the wall behind him is the heavyweight title belt. His face is bruised and his arm in a sling with a huge smile on his face

The whole family were happy to see they were so close. They were also happy to see he was the champ. Pyrrha, as a fellow champion, was impressed.

"Wait, why does he have all those injuries?" Raven asked.

"Yeah, shouldn't his aura help with that?" W-Yang asked.

"MMA fighters don't have aura." Tai said.

"WHAT?!" shouted everyone.

Just as she was coming down from her surprise, Raven noticed the little girl. "And… who is she?"

"It will explain." Wolf said.

Name: Fenrir Branwen

Raven had the biggest smile seeing her son take her name.

Parents: Taiyang Xiao Long and Raven Branwen

Race: Human

Age: 22

Aura: NA

Semblance: NA

Everyone is shocked to see that what Tai stated is true.

"Told you." Tai said. "It's due to different aura levels in people. So the MMA made it a rule where only those without Aura can compete, as they see it as an unfair advantage using aura enhanced strength" he explained.

"Thats dumb…" A-Yang grumbled. Guess she can't join. Too bad. It sounded fun.

Weapon: His whole body

Tai then chuckled. "That's a given if he is in the MMA." Both Ruby's grumble however. They can't believe any cousin\brother of theirs wouldn't use weapons.

Magic: Med

Magic Usage: He uses his magic to help with his bodies training by increasing the gravity on himself

Salem and Ozpin smile. "Very clever." Ozpin stated.

"Yes. Could greatly help his training." Salem nodded.

Career: MMA Fighter

"So… Do we ever watch him?" W-Yang asked.

"Yep. And if you can't make it in person, you're usually watching it on tv." Wolf chuckled

Dating: Divorced single father

Raven suddenly had a murderous glare and had her sword out of nowhere. "What. Happened?" she demanded through her teeth.

"It'll explain." Wolf told her.

Personality: Humble at home while cocky in the ring, dedicated to his family, loving father

"Looks like he takes after his old man." Qrow chuckled

"Not wrong." Raven smiled. Tai chuckled as he hugged his wife, making her blush.

Notes: While his parents were surprised to hear he didn't want to be a hunter, hearing he wanted to fight in the MMA is what convinced his mother to not unlock his Aura. He has dedicated his entire teen years to training till his bones cracked. His ex wife was a gold digger who abandoned him and their daughter when he had to take off due to his shoulder. His family loves his daughter and Raven loves to spend time with her and all her grandchildren.

Everyone is pissed hearing about his ex, as they can't believe she would just leave him because he had to take time off and isn't earning money.

Well, as long as he is happy with his career choice I will support him." Raven said, shocking her family.

Everyone is shocked that Raven is a doting grandmother of all people. A-Yang wondered more if there was a chance with her and her Raven.

Name: Hela Branwen

Raven perked up at this. She was eager to learn about her granddaughter.

Parents: Fenrir Branwen and (NAME DELETED)

And like that, her smile vanished. Raven glared at Wolf. "Tell me that sluts name so I can kill her for leaving my son and granddaughter." she demanded.

"Sorry, but no. The name was deleted so that Hela would be born as if you kill the bitch, Hela won't exist." Wolf told her. Raven huffed and crossed her arms.

Race: Human

Age: 4

Aura: NA at this time

Semblance: NA at this time

"What is that about?" Raven asked.

"Fenrir decided that if she wants her aura unlocked they will do it when she is 10 and about to go to Signal." Es told her. Raven nodded with a sigh.

Weapon: Training Sword

"She is actually learning Raven's style." Wolf explained before the Ruby's started their rant. Raven smiled hearing that.

Seeing his wife smile made Tai smile at how beautiful she is, and W-Yang realize that her mother is changing for the better.

Magic: medium

Magic Usage: Turns into a bird to fly with Grandma

Laughs then fill the room, and Qrow turns to his sister with a smirk. "So, what was it you said about me having a family of birdbrains?"

"Shut it." Raven growled.

Career: Pre-School

Dating: Her best friend is one of Jaune's nephews, and it is believed they will be dating later on.

Everyone is happy that they are that close. "So which of my daughter's is his mother?" Juniper asked.

"His bio shows up later." Wolf told her.

Personality: Bubbly, loves to read with Grandpa, and loves to do puzzles

Tai had a massive smile seeing he and his granddaughter were so close.

Meanwhile everyone who knows Raven is laughing. "She must take after the Xiao Long side of the family." Summer laughed.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Raven huffed.

"Oh I think you know." Kali chuckled.

Notes: She loves her family, does good in school, as well as watching her dad's fights. She was taught from a young age to never raise her fists in anger. She looks up to Raven, Summer, Ruby, and Yang. She was never close to her mother before she left.

Everyone was happy for her, and proud that they could meet her. Raven, Summer, W-Yang, and W-Ruby are all happy she looks up to them. Meanwhile, everyone else is pissed at her mother, who it looks abandoned her daughter to go party.

"I swear, I want so badly to murder that slut." Raven growled as she grinded her teeth together.

"Calm down Rae." Tai told her as he stroked her hair gently, making her relax.

Pic one is of Kali, Ghira, and Blake playing with a little baby girl with cat ears and a tail

Kali squeals at the site, while W-Blake smiles and Ghira laughs seeing his baby girl. Everyone else coos at how cute the little girl is. A-Blake was now jealous and wanted to have her in her world.

Pic two is of the little girl playing with Adrian and Bleiss

Kali just smiles and fantasizes. "Oh I can't wait for the children to grow up together!" she said giddily.

Ghira then remembers that his yet to be born daughter marries those two. "Well… I'm glad she will be happy." he sighed, remembering Bleiss' personality.

Pic three is of the girl now a woman in a white wedding dress, holding Bleiss' leash

Everyone blushed at the sight. But then, A-Blake noticed something about Cat. "Is… is she smirking?"

"Hey, she is." W-Blake said confusingly.

Name: Catherine "Cat" Arc

Both Yang's began to snicker. "Really? Cat?" W-Yang chuckled.

"Zip it!" W-Blake told her with a glare.

"Alright." A-Yang chuckled as she held her hands up.

"You know, Catherine was actually the name of an old friend in the old white fang. She used to spoil you as a kitten." Ghira smiled sadly at his daughter. W-Blake was surprised by that.

Parents: Ghira and Kali Belladonna

Race: Faunus

Age: 22

Aura: Unlocked

Semblance: Same as her sister

That caused a few laughs to fill the theater.

Weapon: Clawed Gloves

Both Ruby's start drooling and imagining how it looks, as well as any of the special abilities her gloves might have.

W-Blake just deadpans at the Ruby's for going "fangirl" over her sister's weapons. She then just sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose. "Really Ruby? They are just clawed gloves."

"You don't know that!" they shouted.

"I do, and they are." Wolf interjected.

"Awwww!" groaned both Ruby's

Magic: Unlocked

Magic Usage: Uses her magic to hide in battle to better patch up

"Well she is certainly smart. Using her magic that way would only help her team." Salem stated.

"Yes, it certainly would be helpful." Ozpin.

Career: Stay at home mother

"YES! GRANDKITTIES!" Kali cheered. She was going to spoil the living hell out of them.

Dating: Married to the loves of her life Adrian and Bleiss

Terra, Saphron and Willow all smile seeing that their children are the loves of Cat's life.

Mercury then gagged. "Can we skip the sappy shit?" he asked.

Just then, Ghira hit him in the stomach so hard and fast no one saw him move, and Mercury actually puked from the blow. "If you make another comment like that, I will knock you out so hard, you might not wake up. Do I make myself clear?" he growled. Mercury nodded as he wiped his lip from the puke.

Kali had a huge blush seeing Ghira go into papa bear mode. Next chance she gets, he won't be getting any sleep. When Ghira sat back down, Kali sat on his lap and cuddled him.

Personality: Kinky, loving, and Motherly

Kali and Blake blush a bit, with Kali laughing a little. "That's my girl." Kali giggled.

"You know, she is actually way worse than you both." Wolf chuckled. This caused everyone to go wide eyed in disbelief at hearing this. Kali just felt prouder.

Notes: She is like all of her mother's line, perverted. She is able to push it aside to be a good woman just like her mother can. She decided to dominate Bleiss as she saw it being the only way to not lose her beloved. Her and Bleiss were teammates in Beacon. The fourth member of the team is Godfather to the children of both Bleiss and Cat.

Everyone just sighs at her being a pervert, but also shocked she can push it aside better than her mother or sister.

"How can she be a bigger pervert, yet hide it better?!" A-Weiss asked.

"You got me." W-Yang shrugged.

Everyone is also shocked that she BROKE Bleiss just as badly as Bleiss broke Jackie and Eve. Those very same girls were blushing hard and were shocked more than anyone, and Summer felt disappointed at this. She crossed her arms and huffed that her step daughter was beaten.

Everyone was also surprised that Cat broke her so that she could have both her and Adrian.

"Wait, who is the fourth member of their team?" A-Blake asked.

"You'll see." Wolf said.

First pic is of Ren in a hospital room holding two newborn girls and Nora in the hospital bed holding two newborn boys. Nora is shown to have longer hair and a bigger bust and had a smile on her face that made her look like the happiest woman on the planet, while Ren has long tied back hair and a small smile.

Nora and Ren are shocked. And their friends and family are just as shocked as well, before Cici breaks and squeals while glomping Nora. "Oh my gosh! You're saying kids are so cute!" she squealed. Nora smiled and hugged her cousin back.

Wolf just chuckles and then speaks. "You know, Nora gave birth to healthy quadruplets." Everyone was surprised that she beat the Arc's record for how many kids at once.

Second pic is of the four children, who all look like there grandparents standing next to each other smiling about to get on the Bullhead to Beacon

Ren smiles, while Nora cheers that her babies are all going to beacon.

"You should know, they aren't all on the same team. Only the sisters." Wolf told them.

Nora deflated and pouted. But then Ren chimed in. "At least our children will meet and work with more people that way."

This caused Nora to go from sad to happy. "Renny's right!" she giggled and hugged her boyfriend. Ren just chuckled and booped her nose, making her squeal and hug tighter.

Third pic is of the oldest boy who likes like a younger version of Ren's father in a kitchen cooking and talking to his mother

Ren's eyes go wide at this. He wasn't expecting his son to look so much like his father. Nora however, was so happy that she and her son were so close.

"Just a heads up, each pic is of the kids in order of birth, same with their bios." Wolf explained.

Fourth picture is of the oldest girl who looks like Nora's mother, sitting in an armchair with a book in her hands and a cup of tea next to her

Glynda and Esmeralda both gasped. "D-Dia?" the both said.

Hearing them say that made Nora gasp and turn to them. "Does my daughter look like my mom?"

"Yes, it's the spitting image of her when she went to beacon." Glynda told her. Es nodded. This made Nora look at the screen. She then had a smile on her face.

Fifth pic is of the youngest daughter who looks like Ren's mother, shopping with her father and a big smile on her face and Ren laughing hard enough he has tears in his eyes

Nora gasped. "She must be VERY funny to do that."

"What do you mean?" A-Yang asked.

"Renny doesn't laugh easily." Nora said. Ren was more focused at the fact she looked so much like his mother.

Sixth pic is of the youngest child who looks like Nora's father, cutting firewood and and showing one of his younger cousins how to do it safely

Glynda gasped. "Thorston…" she said softly. Hearing that, Nora whipped her head right toward the teacher. She had the look of a confused puppy. Seeing this, Glynda explains. "W-well… like the rest of his siblings, he seems to have taken after his grandfather…"

Saphron notices that in the picture, there seems to be what looks like a mini Jaune. "Who is that?"

"That's Jaune's five year old son." Wolf answered. All the girls who like Jaune go wide eyed seeing that he has a blonde blue eyed son. Juniper starts giggling, seeing that she has a grandbaby.

Name: Li Ren

Ren's eyes went wide at this. Nora noticed this. "You okay Renny?"

"Nora, that's… my father's name…" Ren replied. Nora was surprised by this.

"Just so you know, you named all your kids after your parents." Wolf explained.

Nora and Ren were surprised, but then looked to each other with sad smiles. No-one spoke not wanting to ruin the moment.

Race: Human

Parents: Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie

Mercury then started laughing. "What kind of name is Lie?"

"You got a problem with that?!" Nora growled.

"So what if I do?" Mercury replied.

"Then you have no problem with me breaking your leg!" Nora spat.

"Jokes on you, my legs are made of metal." Mercury smirked.

Nora then had a vicious grin. "I was talking about your third leg."

Mercury then went pale and covered his crotch. "I-I'll be good." Emerald smirked, feeling like Nora gave her over nineteen years worth of birthday presents.

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Occupation: Huntsman in training

Nora then laughed. "Of course my babies would be huntsmen and huntresses!" Ren just smiled at the antics of his girlfriend.

"Still crazy how this version of Ren and Nora are finally together." A-Blake whispered.

"No kidding." A-Yang nodded.

Weapons: Crossbow

"What else can it do?" A-Ruby asked.

"Yeah, can it turn into anything awesome?!" W-Ruby nodded.

"Sorry, but that's all it is." Wolf said. "The only thing special about it is that it has special dust arrows." Both Ruby's groaned, but both Weiss' felt how similar it was to their weapon. A standard conventional weapon that utilizes dust.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Same as his father

Ren had a smile seeing that.

"He inherited your family's semblance y'know." Es smiled. Ren was surprised at this. He didn't know his semblance was hereditary.

Magic Potential: High

Magic Usage: He is able to make his semblance stronger and hide from people at night

Salem then starts to laugh a little. "I'd be happy to teach any of your children." Salem said to Nora and Ren.

That made Nora glomp her into a big crushing hug. "Thank you nice and scary magic lady!" Nora giggled. Salem laughed a bit at the nickname.

"We really appreciate it." Ren smiled.

"It is no trouble." Salem replied.

Dating: Single

Ren and Nora both just shrug. "They will date when they find someone." Ren said. Everyone else who WANTS their kids dating look at them oddly. They honestly couldn't understand that one bit.

Personality: Stoic, Kind, and Loyal

Nora then gasped and started shaking Ren. "Look Renny! I made a Ren 2.0!"

As he was being shaked about, Ren just smiled and shook his head at his girlfriend.

Notes: He can be mistaken for his father personality wise. He loves his siblings and has only ever lost his temper once when someone thought it would be funny to make Thor cry. Even Salem shivers remembering what he did that day.

Nora is now smiling at her son being a good big brother. She was so proud of him, and couldn't wait to have him one day. Everyone else is shocked he is so like his father,

Salem is curious about what he did when he lost his temper. Es noticed this and started shaking. "D-don't think about it." Everyone grew nervous about the fact that when he loses his temper, even a goddess fears him.

Name: Diamante Valkyrie

Nora just started giggling and bouncing up and down at the fact she named her daughter after her mother.

Glynda then let out a sigh. "I certainly hope she takes after her grandmother. She was one of the kindest people I ever met." Nora was surprised, but at the same time, happy to hear that about her mother.

Race: Human

Parents: Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Occupation: Huntress in training

Nora squeals again and Glynda just smirks at her "niece" and at the knowledge that her "great-niece" will also be a huntress

Weapons: Dual chain whips

"What does it do!" both Ruby's shouted.

"Oh, sorry, she didn't tell my husband any of its functions." Es told them.

"Oh come on!" groaned A-Ruby.

"He has to find out for me." W-Ruby said. This made everyone sigh.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Fire base Glyphs (Fall Family Semblance)

Cici was surprised. "That's not my semblance."

"Oh, you and me have always been oddballs sweetie. I never got the family semblance, but my sister did." Es explained.

Cici then sighed. "Well, i can't wait to meet her at least."

Nora then glomped her. "Me either!"

Magic Potential: Med

Magic Usage: Uses her magic to create flames for her semblance without Dust

Salem smiles, and is happy that Dia has the skill to use her semblance without dust. The Schnee's on the other hand, feel insulted, and start to grumble, not really knowing why.

Dating: Single

Personality: Shy, Caring, and Loving

Nora gasped, she honestly can't believe any daughter of hers would actually be shy.

But then, Glynda began to laugh. "She is just like her grandmother."

Es was also laughing. "Yeah, she was always so shy around new people. I'm honestly surprised she ever ended up dating, let alone marrying." That was a surprise for many in the theater. The fact that someone like Nora had a mother that was shy, that was a big surprise.

Notes: Most are shocked to find out who her mother is due to the fact she likes to sit down and read more often than not. She volunteers at local orphanages and is considered the 'Big Sis' of all the orphans not only in the orphanages but in the academies as she will visit and help them when she can.

Everyone is surprised to see how different she is from her mother.

Glynda just smiles. "She is just like her grandmother. That was the kind of person she was, and she did the same thing when we were in Beacon."

Nora and Ren are proud of their daughter, and Nora is still smiling, seeing how her daughter is such a loving person and so like the mother she never got to meet.

Name: An Ren

Everyone then turned to Ren. "So… is that your mother's name?" Pyrrha asked. Ren sighed and simply nodded.

Race: Human

Parents: Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Occupation: Huntress in training

Weapons: Chinese Sword

"What else does it do?" W-Ruby asked.

"Nothing. She uses a simple blade as she prefers low maintenance and repair weapons as they don't break down in the wilds and require parts that she has to haul with her in case that happens." Es said.

Both Ruby's then had a smug look. "That would never happen with a weapon I make." A-Ruby smirked.

"Yeah, I make only the best." W-Ruby nodded. Everyone sighed and shook their heads at their pride and arrogance.

"Technically my Ruby can boast about that with total smugness since she recreated the equivalent of vibranium in her world now" Oberon telepathically whispered to LazerWolf when he sees everyone shake their heads.

"I'm sure mine could do the same. But still doesn't change how arrogant it is." Wolf replied

"True, true…" Oberon thinks

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Same as her father

"Hmm, so she inherited the family semblance?" Ren asked.

"It would seem that way." Winter nodded.

Magic Potential: Medium

Magic Usage: She likes to shape-shift into a tiger

Everyone is surprised by this. But Nora turned to Es. "Can I get a picture please?" Just then, she got a picture of a black tiger with white stripes, making her gush.

Dating: Has started to date a young man in Beacon

Nora then had a big smile. "As long as she is happy, so am I." she giggled. But if he ever hurt her daughter, there would be nothing left of his legs.

Personality: Loving, Funny, and Caring

Ren then smiled. "Looks like she takes after her mother." saying that made Nora blush hard, and everyone else just smiled at the two.

Notes: An loves to make her family laugh. She has recently started to date a young man and doesn't want to tell her siblings until they have been together for at least a month. She thinks that if she can't make her dad laugh then her jokes aren't funny.

"Why doesn't she want to tell us?" Nora asked.

"She doesn't know whether or not he wants to date her for her or just her name or popularity." Es explained. Nora hoped he really did love her for her.

Ren then just smirks. "If she can make me laugh aloud, then she must be able to make others piss themselves laughing." This made everyone look at him wide eyed at what he said.

Name: Thorston Valkyrie

Race: Human

Parents: Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie

Nora bounced up and down in her chair while giggling seeing she named her son after her dad. Glynda also smiled at seeing this as well.

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Occupation: Huntsman in training

Weapons: War hammer and short axe

Nora stands up and shouts "YES! MY SON SHALL TAKE UP MY HAMMER AND BREAK THE LEGS OF JERKS EVERYWHERE!" Causing Ren to shake his head and smile at her antics and everyone else to back away slowly.

"I really hope she mellows out with age…" W-Weiss said slightly desturbed.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Same as his mother (Valkyrie Family Semblance)

Nora was surprised, but then Glynda spoke up. "It's true. Your father had the exact same semblance. He also once said that he got it from his grandfather, while his own father was immune to heat and cold."

Nora smiled hearing more about her family, making Glynda realize that she will have to tell Nora more about her parents later on.

Magic Potential: High

Magic Usage: He charges his weapons with lightning and either slams his hammer into them blasting them away or uses his axe and releases the energy inside his target

"Huh, that must be a very, shocking experience." W-Yang punned.

"Yeah, i'm sure that really, hertz." A-Yang punned back. The two laughed and high fived as the room filled with groans.

Dating: single

Personality: Innocent, Kind, Fun loving

Glynda just chuckled. "It seems both you and your son take after your father in that regard."

Nora smiled, before glomping her 'aunt'. "Thank you for telling me that." she told her.

Glynda smiled and hugged back. "Of course."

Notes: Despite his size, he has a child like innocence. He sees the world as a child would and is VERY naive. He has moments when he can act and think his actual age, but he can't keep it up when he is stressed. The teachers only push him on his academics as even when he is man child he is still very smart. He likes spending time with his cousins, who all know of his problem, and teaching them how to do things that he knows how to do.

Wolf, Oberon, and Aida all thought of a familier blue armored soldier who was both child-like, and very strong. One who has a history of hurting teammates. The three all sweat dropped at this.

Glynda is happy to see that he is very smart and able to do the work, but is sad that he only has moments where he is as he should be. She gives off a small sigh and hopes he ends up alright when he gets older.

Everyone now knows why Li is so protective of Thor. "you know, his team all consider Thor their baby brother, and have kicked a lot of bullies asses for picking on the loveable giant." hearing that made Nora and Ren happy to know he has close friends like that.

First picture is of Eve and Jaune holding two newborns, one boy, one girl, both Cow Faunus

Eve lets out a startled and flustered moo seeing she and Jaune have kids. Her face was as red as her hair.

Both Blake's and everyone else smile at her. "I'm happy for you, Eve." W-Blake said.

Just then, Eve got glomped by a smiling Jackie and Juniper. They couldn't believe how cute her kids were.

Second picture is of the boy, shown to be six, learning to ride a horse

Eve was still a blushing mess. She was so happy seeing her little boy being happy.

Cici was more focused on the fact that her sis, Amber was teaching him how to ride.

Third picture is of the girl, age six, watching her Aunt Raven practice her sword forms

Raven smirked seeing she has an apprentice. Eve then turned to her. "You think you could train her if she is bored?"

"I'll… think about it." Raven replied.

Fourth picture is of the boy, now seventeen, wearing work clothes and working on a ranch

Everyone was surprised at this. But then both Yang's snickered. "So… does this make him a cow-boy?" W-Yang asked, making her counterpart laugh. Groans filled the room.

Fifth picture is of the girl, age seventeen, in the ring at Beacon holding a Katana and about to start sparing.

Eve had a massive smile seeing her baby girl at beacon. Raven had a big smirk seeing that she trained a future huntress. Juniper however just felt overjoyed and had the biggest smile on her face seeing that her grandbaby was happy.

Name: William "Wild Bill" Arc

Eve then had a deadpan expression. "Why is my sweet little William calling himself Wild Bill?"

"Oh, it will explain." Wolf chuckled.

Race: Faunus

Juniper then started giggling. "I think his little cow ears are cute."

Eve then blushed a bit. "Y-yeah."

Parents: Jaune and Evelyn Arc

Everyone turns to Eve. "Is your first name actually Evelyn?" A-Weiss asked.

"Y-yes… but it's embarrassing. I prefer Eve." Eve said while blushing.

Salem then smiles. "I think it's a lovely name."

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Occupation: Ranch Hand

Eve smiled seeing her son had an honest job. But then, both Yang's began to laugh. "What's so funny?" Eve asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" W-Yang asked with a snicker.

"He actually is a cowboy!" A-Yang laughed. Eve went wide eyed in realization, before laughing with them, while everyone else groaned.

Es sighed then spoke up. "You know, the ranch he works on belongs to Willow, and provides Beacon with fresh beef, steaks, and ribs." Everyone then turned to a surprised Willow.

"How soon can you start the ranch?" Ozpin asked.

Willow blushed a bit. "I suppose… when we return home…"

Weapons: Bull Whip and revolver

Everyone who watched westerns laughed a bit seeing his "classic" weapons.

"That is actually the same kind of revolver from my husbands favorite western movie." Es giggled. "And it was Nicholas that had gotten it for William." Nicholas was surprised, but then felt happy knowing he would do that for his grandson.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: His father's semblance

Everyone smiles seeing that he takes after his father. Especially Eve, seeing that her baby boy takes after one of her three crushes.

Magic Potential: Low

Magic Usage: He uses his magic to keep himself from getting tired during cattle drives

Ozpin and Salem sighed. "That is a very simple skill…" Ozpin said.

"Yes, it can make him go a while without sleep, and still feel well rested." Salem nodded.

Dating: He is currently dating a coworker who finds his ears 'cute'

Eve then had a deadpan expression seeing that. "...what…" she had hoped it wasn't a human that was only dating him to not seem racist.

But then her worry vanished as she saw a picture of the girl. She was a black haired sheep faunus. Eve then smiled seeing her son was happy with the young girl.

Personality: Hard working, Loyal, and Driven

Everyone then chuckled. "Looks like it's another one of Jaune's children that takke after their father." Pyrrha giggled.

"It would appear so." Ren smirked.

Notes: Bill fell in love with the western movies that his dad would watch. When he got a chance to ride a horse for the first time he was hooked. He is in a happy relationship with a coworker and wants to propose after the next season.

Eve smiled seeing Jaune and their son had something to bond over. "Is that why he called himself Wild Bill?"

"Certainly is." We nodded.

"Can't blame him. I love Western Vacuo movies." Tai chuckled. "Me and Yang watched them together all the time." Everyone felt like that explained why they both dressed like cowboys. Juniper was more focused on the fact she could get some great grandbabies.

Name: Belle Arc

Both Blake's look at Eve with raised brows at this, making her blush.

Race: Cow Faunus

Parents: Jaune and Evelyn Arc

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Occupation: Huntress in training

Everyone is laughing at seeing Jaune's daughter is a huntress. They figured as much with it being his daughter.

Weapons: Katana and throwing knives

Raven then had a massive smirk remembering she was the one who trained her.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Same as her father

Everyone laughed at this. But then a few had a thought. "Hey Eve, what's your semblance?" W-Blake asked.

"That is a good question." A-Blake nodded.

"O-oh well… i don't really know. I never had my aura unlocked…" Eve blushed. Everyone, save for Jackie, was surprised for a second, before thinking that actually made sense, given she was just a maid.

"Well it's probably the same as Adam's since you are his clone." Wolf said.

"Though it could be different though since she is the opposite of him." Es said.

Magic Potential: Med

Magic Usage: She uses her magic to summon more knives when her blades run out

Salem then started laughing uncontrollably, while Ozpin just sighed with an embarrassed look. Everyone was confused. "Um… might I ask what's so funny?" Glynda asked.

"Oh, it's just that Ozma could never get that spell right when trying to summon or duplicate flowers." Salem laughed.

"Can we please not bring that up?" Ozpin sighed.

"Not a chance." Salem smirked.

Dating: Single

Eve wasn't too worried about that. "She can date when she is ready." she smiled. That confused many of the parents who want their children dating as soon as possible.

Personality: Hard working, Sarcastic, Loving

Everyone laughs at how like her parents she is. But then a thought came to A-Yang. "Where did the sarcasm come from?"

"She picked it up from Raven." Wolf said.

"Sounds like her." Qrow smirked. Raven shrugged

Notes: Belle was taught by Raven Branwen. She is driven to be a Huntress, as well as mother hens her team. She loves to be a sarcastic smartass when around those she doesn't know or trust.

Everyone is shocked that she was taught by Raven, who just smirks hard. She was happy to know she has an apprentice that learns her style.

Eve and Juniper are proud of her not only being driven to be a huntress, as well how much she cares for her team. It was nice for them, knowing how she looked after them.

Everyone is shocked about how she acts around strangers and those she doesn't trust.

"She seems way too much like Raven." Qrow sighed.

"Raven is basically Belle's aunt and Godmother." Es giggled, making Raven blush.

First picture is of Roman holding a white haired Racoon Faunus boy of 2 while Jackie holds a newborn orange haired Racoon Faunus girl.

Roman, Jackie and Neo are all stunned. Eve then glomps Jackie. "Look how cute your babies are!" she squealed.

Jackie blushed. "T-thank you."

Roman however felt uncomfortable seeing that his kids were racoon faunus like his deadbeat dad. He just hoped they wouldn't take after him. Neo was busy glaring at Jackie.

Second picture is of Roman teaching his now ten year old son how to pick a lock.

Roman starts smiling seeing he is close to his son, but is still shocked to see that his kids are racoon Faunus like his father. It's going to take a bit for him to come to terms with that little fact.

Neo then sighed. "Am I at least close to my new siblings?"

Es then giggled. "More often than not, they would do homework in your ice cream shop after school."

Neo had a small smile. If she is going to have siblings, she would at least want to like them.

Third picture is of the girl now age eight standing in her mother's kitchen learning to cook

Jackie had a big smile on her face. She was so happy that she and her daughter could be so close. Especially since she has someone to teach how to cook.

Fourth picture is of the boy now twenty-two sitting in an office going over paperwork

Both Weiss' then began to laugh. "What's so funny Ice-queens?" A-Yang asked.

"Can any of you honestly see Roman or his kids doing office work?" A-Weiss asked.

Everyone gave it some thought, then nodded, much to Roman's annoyance. "Hey!"

Fifth picture is of the girl now twenty setting the table in the Rose/Branwen home with Willow seen smiling and thanking her

Willow smiles, seeing that she was close to the young woman.

Jackie then turned to Es. "Does she work for them?"

"It will explain." As replied.

Name: "Sly" Cooper Torchwick

Everyone just laughs at the nickname. It was fitting for Romans kid. Roman however was focused on his son's first name.

Nick noticed Roman's expression. "What's with the look?"

"It's just that… that's my mom's maiden name…" Roman replied. Everyone was surprised by that fact.

Race: Racoon Faunus

"Fucking genetics and recessive genes… such a pain in the ass…" Roman mumbled.

Parents: Roman and Jaqueline Torchwick

Roman turned to Jackie, who was passed out with a massive blush and a huge smile. Eve was a little worried for her.

Neo however, was kinda pissed. She began mumbling how she will never call Jackie mom.

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Occupation: Security tester, professional thief

Roman is curious about the security tester part, but both Weiss' sighed at the part about him being a thief. "Seems he takes too much after his father." A-Weiss said.

"Don't worry. He only robs other criminals. No one else." Wolf told them. That made Jackie happy to hear, and was proud of her son for not stealing from innocent people.

Winter then sighs. "He could come in handy with his skills." she grudgingly admits. Roman is now proud of his son's skill as a thief

Weapons: Cane with grappling hook, flare gun, stun baton

Both Ruby's begin to drool as they begin drawing up plans. Everyone else was honestly surprised his weapon was non-lethal only.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Hiding Shadow, when wearing dark clothing you cannot see him when he hides in a shadow now matter how weak

"Well, that would certainly help him with robbing someone." Roman chuckled.

"Has he ever used it to help huntsmen?" Winter asked.

"Yes, he used his ability to infiltrate and map out bases of the Rogue Fang that Adam leads." Es nodded.

"Hehe, i'm sure that idiot hates that." Sienna grinned.

Magic Potential: NA

Magic Usage: NA

Oz and Salem were about to say something, until Es spoke up. "Keep in mind, neither Roman nor Jackie are related to you." the two nodded understanding.

Dating: He is dating a female cop

Roman then began to laugh his ass off. Jackie turned to Es. "Can i have a picture?" Just then, she got a picture of Sly with a female fox faunus.

"Her name is Carmelita Montoya." Es told her. Jackie thought she looked beautiful.

Personality: A Gentleman, Witty, and Driven

Jackie then had a smug look. "As if my son would be anything but a gentleman."

"Well he's worse than his old man if he shares his wit." Mercury smirked.

Neo and Roman were about to both try and kick his ass only for Eve to bitch smack him. "Never, ever, insult my nephew again." she glared.

Notes: He learned how to be a thief from his father at a young age. He later on decided to start his own security company when he found he could beat any system on the market. His company has installed systems in everything from a simple shop to Wiess Schnee's office. He claims that if he can't beat what his team can come up with for his clients no one can. And so far that claim is true.

Wolf then started laughing hard. "Weiss actually gets her system updated every few months and he has never cracked it." Weiss had a smug look.

Roman is proud of his son and his skill. "So is that slogan of his true?"

"Every time someone tries to crack a Sly Security System, they are knocked out and the police arrive in minutes to drag them away. Sly informs them when he is testing the system and still winds up knocked out before he manages to crack the system." Wolf explained.

This made everyone, even Roman, laugh at how often his son has to be knocked out while working.

Name: Marilan "Mary" Torchwick

"That's a very lovely name." Jackie said with a smile.

"It's actually my mother's name." Roman said.

Everyone looked on surprised. "I'm surprised you would let Roman decide the names of both children." Willow told Jackie. It took all she could to keep Jacques from deciding her children's names. She knew the bastard wouldn't be bothered to give them good names.

"W-well… to be honest, I wouldn't really know what to name them otherwise. Plus, I think they are lovely names." Jackie said.

Race: Racoon Faunus

Parents: Roman and Jaqueline Torchwick

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Occupation: Private Chef

"I hope my little girl can find a good job as Racoon Faunus have a stigma against them more than most Faunus." Jackie sighed.

"Yeah, many of them are persecuted as criminals because of stereotypes." Sienna growled.

"To be fair, a lot of faunus are stereotypes." Wolf said.

"Excuse me?" Sienna glared.

"Well Blake likes fish and hates dogs. Adam has a massive temper. Sun is playful and thieving. Velvet is super shy. Just feels like a lot of faunus are slaves to their stereotypical instincts." Wolf said.

Every faunus in the room went wide eyed in realization that he was right. That… that was a bit of an eye opener for them. Learning that some of the stereotypes humans have on them had some fact to it.

Weapons: NA

"Oh come on!" both Ruby's whined.

"Why would a chef need a weapon?" Jackie asked. "It makes no sense,"

Both Ruby's pouted and crossed their arms.

Aura Status: NA

Semblance: NA

"I'd only unlock it if that's what she wanted." Roman said. That made everyone have a surprised look. "What? I may be a criminal, but I would love my own daughter. Neo chose to have her aura unlocked." Neo nodded in confirmation.

Magic Potential: NA

Magic Usage: NA

Dating: Single

Jackie then pouted. "Why isn't she dating anyone?"

"Because no daughter of mine would date till she was thirty." Roman said. All the dads nodded, making their wives and daughters sigh.

Neo was laughing, till a realization dawned on her. "Does that include me?" she asked worriedly.

"Honestly Neo, I'm more worried about you hiring anyone you'd be with then them hurting you." Roman replied.

Neo then huffed. "Nice to know you care."

"It's more that I know you better than that." Roman retorted. Neo sighed and nodded.

Personality: Caring, Strict, helpful

Eve laughed a bit. "She certainly takes after you Jackie."

Neo then sighed. She had a feeling Jackie marrying Roman was inevitable. But that didn't mean she liked it.

Notes: Named for her father's mother, Mary learned she loved to cook at a young age. Her mother taught her everything she knows about being in a kitchen. When she was having problems finding a job Willow Branwen, formerly Schnee, hired her as her, her husband, and wife all can't cook actual meals but bake. She helps her grandmother with her soup kitchen every week.

Jackie smiles and turns to Willow. "Thank you."

"It's no problem. Especially since if Qrow and Summer are as bad at cooking as me, we may need her." Willow said.

Summer then chuckled nervously. "Well… me and Qrow had been living off either takeout or Tai's cooking…" she honestly only knew how to bake.

"Yeah, he was pretty much the team chef." Qrow chuckled. That made Tai huff. Though Raven had to admit, it was one of the many things she missed after leaving.

First pic is of Glynda holding a strawberry blonde baby with bright green eyes, with Roman making faces at him and making the baby laugh while Neo is just cooing at his cute form, and Jackie is getting him a cup of apple juice.

The four mentioned smiled at how they spent time with Chance. "My little cousin is so cute!" Neo giggled.

"He certainly is." Glynda smiled.

Second pic is of the little boy now age ten dressed as a vampire with fangs, white hair, and red eyes holding hands with Salem going trick or treating.

Salem then squealed. She actually got to spend halloween with one of her grandbabies. And since it was Halloween, she could go out in the open without disguise.

"He looks so cute as a vampire!" Velvet gushed.

"Yeah, so cute!" Nora nodded with a giggle.

Third pic is of the little boy still, with shoulder length hair loose and wild, wearing cut up jeans, an open vest and showing off tattoos of fairies on his arms, the Goodwitch symbol over his heart, and Salem's symbol on the other side of his chest, on stage becoming a team with Adrian, Cat, and Bleiss.

The Cotta Arc's, the Belladonna's, as well as Qrow and Willow, were all happy to see their kids were his teammates.

But then, Mercury ruined the moment by laughing. "What kind of guy has fairy tattoos?!' he laughed. Which earned him a beatdown from Chance's family members. Something Emerald smirked at.

Fourth pic is of the boy now age 25 in a nice suit, with long hair pulled back into a neat braid (think Ed Elric) leaving a theater with his best friend, teammate, and partner Bleiss after seeing Grimm Hearts: Frozen Night.

"I'm happy they became such close friends." Willow smiled.

"Yes, they seem to really care for each other in the picture." Glynda nodded.

Name: Chance Goodwitch

Race: Human

Parents: Gale Goodwitch and Rebecca Torchwick

"Still strange to know I have a sister in some worlds." Roman said.

"And that i have a brother." Glynda said.

"Or that they get married." they both say at the same time.

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Occupation: Huntsman, School Teacher

Glynda had a proud smile on her face, seeing that her nephew is a teacher as well.

"Hmph… borning…" Neo huffed and crossed her arms. Her little cousin deserves to be something much more exciting.

Weapons: Sword cane, throwing knives, and his .45 pistol

Both Ruby's begin to grumble. "None of them even change." A-Ruby grumbled.

"Yeah, it's so boring…" nodded W-Ruby.

"Well if his cane is like Roman's, then it is good for offence and defence." Neo said smugly.

"Still" both Ruby's huffed.

Aura Status: Unlocked

Semblance: Telekinesis (Goodwitch family Semblance)

Glynda smiles seeing that her semblance is hereditary. It was nice to know that her semblance was a big part of her family. And that her nephew would have it.

Magic Potential: High

Magic Usage: He has mastered his family's branch of magic to the point he can change into animals, and also change the colors of other peoples hair, eyes and clothes.

Salem begins to giggle at the thought of teaching him.

Glynda then turned to Salem. "Could you… possibly teach me? I'd like to use my magic for more than just my semblance…"

Salem was surprised, but then smiled. "Of course dear."

Dating: Single

Personality: Prankster, Sadistic to his enemies, and a lover of old movies and horror

W-Yang starts to laugh before gasping to catch her breath. "He is his father's son!"

"Man, wish i had that joke book." A-Yang huffed.

"NO!" her teammates shouted.

Esmeralda the giggles. "He actually takes after Glynda, Neo, and Salem when it comes to his enemies."

This caused the three of them to blush or try and deny it. "T-thats not true!" Glynda said. Everyone gave her a look, which made her blush more.

Wolf then spoke up. "He also got his love of old movies from movie nights with Glynda, Amber, and Roman, while his love of Horror comes from Neo and Jackie… oddly enough." those who he mentioned all smiled, while Jackie just blushed a bit.

Notes: Chance was raised by Glynda when his parents weren't able to due to their own mental health. Salem taught him the basics of magic before he discovered he is skilled in his family's magic. He loved spending time with his cousin, Neo, and sisters, Cinder and Amber, as a child and still visits them even as an adult. Chance was the partner of Bleiss Branwen, and a member of Team BACC. He has been named the godfather of Cat and Bleiss' unborn children. He followed his Mama Glynda's footsteps and became a teacher after Beacon. is the current Dust teacher at Signal.

"What does it mean by their mental health?" Glynda asked.

Es then sighed. "Becky had spent that last decade in an insane asylum. And Gale has shown to be suicidal at times." Glynda and Roman felt sad hearing that.

Though Salem felt happy knowing she and Chance were close. And she was especially proud of how far he got with learning magic.

Neo and Cici were also happy that they are still close with Chance when they are older.

"He is just so cute!" Cici gushed.

"Yeah, the absolute best!" Neo nodded, before going wide eyed, realizing that she was getting along with Cici.

Just then, Cindy started being a bitch and spoke. "I hope he is ready when I teach him how to kill his enemies."

"You stay the fuck away from him you fire bitch." Neo glared. Cindy glared back.

Ghira, Kali, Qrow, Willow, Saphron and Terra are happy that he is that close to his team and that they named him godfather.

Wolf then chuckled. "The pic of Chance and Bleiss is actually of their weekly "date" night where they go out watch a movie, eat dinner and talk about what's happening with them." he told them. They all thought that was kinda sweet.

Glynda will smile seeing that Chance follows her footsteps and will always see her as his Mama Glyn.

"Chance actually teaches more on theory, after a student nearly blew up Signal and the incoming students to Beacon are more weary about playing around in dust class after being in his classroom." Wolf told them.

Glynda and Ozpin smile at that. But Tai just sighs in relief. "Thank god! The current teacher can't tell his ass from his elbow and only got the job due to connections."

"That's how a lot of people got jobs at or became students for combat schools or huntsmen academies. Either their parents are in the council, their parents know someone in the council, or they know someone." Wolf sighed.

Ozpin sighed as well. "Yes, it's very common." he has had a lot of obnoxious students thinking they could do whatever they wanted to their classmates just because their father was in the council or knew someone who was a member. They weren't so smug when he expelled them and black listed them from ever going to another school.

They always said that their father would hear about this, only to find out the council has no say in the schools. That always shut them up real quick.

"Alright, time for the last kid." Wolf told them.

"Oh thank god. I have had enough of Ruby whining about weapons." Coco groaned.

"Hey!" both Ruby's shouted.

"Sorry sis, but it is kinda annoying." A-Yang said.

Raven then turned to Summer. "They definitely take after you."

"H-hey! I wasn't that bad." Summer pouted.

"You kept begging us to let you tinker with our weapons, and demanded that Tai let you make him one." Raven retorted, making Summer blush.

First pic is of Talon and Hazel holding a newborn baby boy as his three older sisters all sit close and coo at him

Everyone is shocked, save for Cici and Cindy, who then both begin to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Salem asked.

"Sorry granny, but we had always thought that Tyrian liked Hazel." Cici giggled.

"Yeah, it was obvious." Cindy chuckled.

Everyone was surprised by this, but Salem just laughed a little. Shs honestly found that funny.

Second pic is of Xeno at age four starting preschool while hiding behind his mother's legs with his tail wrapped around himself

Salem, Juniper, Willow, Saphron and Terra all can't help but gush about how cute he is being a shy little thing.

"He is so cute!" Salem squealed.

"Just look at him!" Juniper giggled. The others who were gushing nodded.

Third pic is of Xeno hanging upside-down from the ceiling talking to Fenrir and Hela as Fenrir is working out.

Everyone was surprised at him hanging upside down.

But then, Juniper realized something. He was the "nephew" it mentioned before. She was hoping this would explain.

Name: Solomon "Xeno" Rainart

Salem looked curious about the nickname. "What is that about?"

"It will explain." Wolf told her.

Race: Scorpion Faunus

"He actually has more than one trait, and prefers wearing a stocking on his stinger so he doesn't stink anyone." Es smiled. "It's actually Salemwhlh knits them for him as a Christmas present every year." Hearing that made Salem smile, knowing that she is still close to her two "henchmen"

Parents: Hazel and Talon Rainart

"Called it! Watts so owes me five hundred lien." Cici giggled. Everyone was shocked Cinder bet on two allies getting together.

Age: 4

Sex: Male

Occupation: Student

Weapons: Claws and Tail

Both Ruby's began to grumble from this.

"He doesn't use weapons because he is learning to fight from Fenrir, and hopes to enter the MMA when he is old enough." Wolf explained.

Hearing this made everyone look proud at Fenrir's dedication to the sport and willingness to teach others. Especially Raven and Tai.

Aura Status: Locked

Semblance: Unknown right now

"Well if Solomon is able to join the MMA like he wants, it may just stay that way." Salem giggled.

"Why use his first name and not his nickname?" Ozpin asked.

"Because he has a lovely name, and I refuse to use that silly nickname." Salem replied.

Es then giggled. "You're actually one of the few people that don't use his nickname." Salem smiled hearing that.

Magic Potential: NA

Magic Usage: NA

"Hmm… maybe I can adopt him into the family like Ozma did with the Branwen twins." Salem giggled.

Ozpin was surprised by this, but Es just giggled.

Dating: It is believed he will date Hela when he is older.

Raven smiles seeing that her granddaughter will have a good friend. "But how is he Jaune's nephew?" Juniper asked.

"It will explain." Wolf told her. He felt like that was becoming his catchphrase at this point.

Personality: Prankster, Fun loving, and caring

Everyone laughs at this.

"At least he took the best from Hazel and Talon. Tyrion seems to really love to prank the castle." Salem sighed.

Cici began to grumble. "He turned my hair pink for a month on his last pranking spree." this caused everyone to laugh at that.

Note: Solomon got his nickname of Xeno after he scared Tai during a marathon of Alien. He is the only son of Talon and Hazel, as well as the godson of Jaune Arc and Cinder Phoenix-Fall. He loves to spend time with his best friend and is at her house so often that everyone is taking bets on when they will date. His family was shocked to see that aside from his tail he also has sharp fingers and toes that allow him to crawl on walls and ceilings.

(Raven starts to laugh seeing this.

Wolf then chuckles a bit. "Tai started to scream that a Xenomorph was trying to eat him when he saw him." this caused everyone to laugh, while Tai blushed from embarrassment.

"So what's a xenomorph? I never heard of the movie alien." Velvet asked.

"It's a movie from my world. Guess Amp managed to give you guys access to some stuff from my world." Wolf shrugged.

"Is that what caused him to get his name?" Salem asked.

"No. It was only because Hela could only say Xeno correctly, and she called him that around Tai so much it stuck as his nickname." Es told her. "He also really likes Raven. And calls her miss Raven, even though she told him to not be so formal." she giggled. Raven blushed at this.

Juniper is surprised to see that he is Jaune's godson and that's how he is Jaune's nephew. But then Es got her attention. "You know, Xeno spends a lot of time with you and Salem, as he sees you both as his grandma's." hearing this made Juniper and Salem feel really happy.

Cici is shocked she is his godmother. "Who named me that?"

"Hazel and Talon both wanted you as godmother. Hazel because he sees his late sister in you, and sees you as one. And Talon as she will see her as her best friend now that she no longer has the Grimm in her head making her see Salem as a goddess to be worshipped." Es explained. Cici was shocked and didn't know what to do or say at this.

"Aaaaand that's all the kids." Wolf sighed in relief.

"Well, that took a lot longer than i thought it would. Thank you all so much for allowing us to stay here, but now that it's over, I believe now is the time to go." Oberon says as he grabs his Hammer and points it to a wall. Lightning comes forth from the Hammer and strikes the wall, creating a spiraling portal. "Say goodbye everyone, the portal will close in about 5 minutes. Now if you will excuse me, I need to return to my realm for some important matters."

"No problem, thanks for coming over." Wolf says, offering a hand shake.

"The pleasure was mine." Oberon says, shaking his hand and leaving him something in it. Wolf looks down and sees the title Suction Cup Man 1-3. He looks up only to see Oberon raise his hammer. Lightning strikes it and teleports him away.

"...Well, I guess this is goodbye for now" A-Ruby says hugging her mother goodbye.

"I'll miss you too. I kinda liked having two little roses." Summer giggled and hugged back.

"Yea, were gonna miss you all so much." A-Blake says, hugging her parents.

"You too my little kitten." Kali smiled.

"I'm sure your version of us misses you though." Ghira said. A-Blake looks down and nods.

Raven walked up to A-Yang. "I guess this is goodbye."

"Yeah… i guess it is…" A-Yang replied. She was then surprised by Raven pulling her into a tight hug.

"If your Raven is anything like me, then she has probably not gone a day without thinking of you."

A-Yang was surprised, but then hugged her back. "I… I hope so…"

A-Weiss hugged Winter and Willow. "It was wonderful to see you both. If not… interesting to learn what we have…"

"Yes, it was certainly wonderful." Willow smiled.

"Hope to see you again soon." Winter smiled.

"We'll try and see if you can visit in our world after a while has passed." Aida says hugging Wolf and Penny.

Penny giggled and hugged back. Wolf just chuckled. "See ya later bud."

A-Blake then went over to Aida. "Hey Aida, hope you're ready for some questions when we get back, I have a list of things I learned from our counterparts, and want to know how much is the same."

"You just want to know if our Jaune also wrote ninjas of love." A-Yang smirked. A-Blake looked away with a blush.

Aida sighed. "I'll see what I can find out."

Before they left, Wolf called to A-Rwby. "Hey girls, make sure to take care of your Jaune. If I know Jaune's, it's that they are known to have low self esteem and large depression. So make sure to be there for him. And to help him pick himself up. I have seen more than enough times what happens when no one helps them. And it ain't pretty for them."

The girls looked down sadly and nodded. "We will." A-Ruby said, determined.

Everyone begins to enter the portal and as the last one enters it, it closes and fizzles out of existence.

"I'm actually gonna miss having two Ruby's." Yang said. "Especially one that is actually the innocent baby sister I thought I had…"

"Yang! I'm still me." Ruby groaned. "Just because you found out my secret doesn't automatically make me a different person…"

"Still… I don't know if i can look at you the same way anymore…" Yang said in a devastated tone.

Wolf then cleared his throat, gaining everyone's attention. "Well, we have one last thing to do, and it involves your Jaune."

"What is it?" Raven asked with a raised brow.

"Him going to therapy." Wolf said plainly.

"WHAT?!" shouted everyone.

"Yep. Gale has been acting as his therapist for a bit while we have been here. Amp decided to send them over." Wolf said.

"Isn't that invasive? It goes against the trust of a therapist and his patient." Glynda said.

"Hehe, probably." Wolf chuckled. "But first we are going to be taking a little break. See you all when i have everything set up." he said as he vanished, leaving many nervous of what they might see.

And that's the chapter everyone. God that took way longer than it had any right to be. I have to thank Oberon for being here and doing this crossover. It was a lot of fun working with you.

Also, as you can guess by the ending, yes, we have Jaune in therapy. You are going to see just how deep his depression really goes.

I also want to thank Phoenix Warehouse Productions for being a big help with this series. You are amazing dude, thank you so much. Well, see you all next time guys.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go cry in a corner now…