Hey guys LazerWolf1 here and this one is a story by an amazing author named Jauneforever, you should check him out he is amazing.

Anyway this is his story called 'ideas for vol. 5' and there is a part that is brand new he gave me to react to so I hope you enjoy

Story: Jauneforever's ideas for volume 5

The screen begins to start and they see the battle of Haven going on. Everyone is curious to see how this will go down.

"You might want to prepare yourselves, this one is a possible future and it's pretty dark." Stated Wolf, Neo had a smile on her face while others were getting uncomfortable.

Lionheart's POV

"What's pov stand for?" asked Ruby.

"It means point of view. In some of these the story will change between different people's perspectives of things." replied Wolf. This got people interested, they were curious about how things would be viewed by other people.

This can't happen, this can't be happening. Everything was going so well. I gave Salem the relic, I gave up the codes and other bits of info that she needed to hack the CCTS. I did everything I had to in order to survive and now it's falling all apart. Those seven students and that drunk Qrow ruined everything. They rallied a defense and insured that the White Fang and the Grimm were repelled, now only a few remain in the city, which only suffered relatively mild damage all things considered. Unfortunately, I'm stuck under some of that damage, a wall collapsed on me and broke my leg. All my struggles have failed to grant me release. Footsteps reveal that someone is near me. I try to wiggle lose and in my desperate struggle I get free. I get up and ignore the agony of my broken leg, aura may work miracles at times, but this is not one of them. I look to the right and see a figure running towards me down the street. I make to flee the other way.

Ozpin and the rest of his group were upset to hear this, they put their trust in Leonardo and he betrayed them because of his fear.

Raven didn't feel like he is in the wrong and that he was only trying to survive. It was only natural to do whatever it takes. But Wolf while reading her mind sent her a glare, one she had caught.

The students of Beacon couldn't believe this, that someone would betray everyone's trust for such a selfish reason.

Meanwhile Salem and her group were annoyed how their plan at Haven could be stopped so easily.

"AGGGH!" My good leg goes flying in the other direction and I collapse back to the ground. Then an intense burning begins at my stump, whoever attacked is cauterizing the wound. The one responsible walk in front of me and I look up. It's the leader of the late Pyrrha Nikos's team, Jaune Arc. A small part of me is impressed by how far he's come, to create a flying blade attack that cut through flesh is quite an accomplishment given what I saw of him originally. Of course, it wouldn't have worked if I had more aura. The rest of me is cursing his very existence right now.

Everyone was shocked at that, to see Jaune cut someone's leg off save for two people. For everyone else it was chilling to see.

"Wow, I didn't thing Jauney-boy had it in him." said a horrified Cardin, who is really regretting ever bullying him now.

Velvet was hiding her eyes behind her ears, horrified at seeing her crush, the person who was nice to her and didn't care she was a faunus, do something like that to someone.

Terra was covering Adrien's eyes so he couldn't see what was happening (A/N. Just assume that every time a scene like this shows up this is what happens, because if I write it everytime this happens most of my chapters will consist of this). Yang and Summer attempted to do the same with Ruby, but she stopped them.

"I think I'm gonna enjoy this universe." said Neo.

"I can't help but agree, though I wish it wasn't against my goddess' plans." said Tyrian.

"Figures you'd be trying to sneak away. Are you happy with this, with all the dead."? I glare at the fool that ruined my escape.

"I did what I had to in order to survive, Ozpin was going to drag us all down to Hell with him and I didn't want that. I worked hard to get my post as headmaster on Ozpin's recommendation, it was supposed to be a nice, safe post that didn't involve much danger and then Ozpin reveals that I'm in more danger than ever. I was nothing but a disposable pawn to him. Just like you, your partner, and everyone else that man meets." The boy stares at me with emotionless eyes for a second, the fire raging behind us reflected in his eyes.

"I don't have a team anymore. Ren and Nora died taking out those Chimeras that your friends let loose." I'm going to die, there is no chance that he is simply going to take me in. "I can't exactly argue against what you've said. Most of Ozpin's group seems to view what happened with Pyrrha as sad but unavoidable sacrifice. They didn't care about the fact she was risking her life for them." I can't help the chuckle that escapes my lips.

"W-wait we… died?" asked a shocked Nora who was being held by Ren.

"Sometimes it… it happens I'm sorry to say. Trust I don't like it either but sometimes bad things happen to thoughts who don't deserve it." said Wolf.

The students of Beacon were saddened at hearing this but it didn't deter them from wanting to be huntsman and huntresses, in fact it strengthens their resolve so they can keep it from happening to others. Those who are professional huntsman and huntresses or even those who have experience in the matter no this all to well.

"Boy, do you know the entirety of the risk Nikos was taking." The boy glares at me but the curiosity is there.


"They were essentially shoving a new soul into her. The chances of her coming out the same were somewhere between zero and non-existent. I'm sure Ozpin exaggerated her chances, but he would have at least told her the risks. She could have died, been taken over by the new soul, or become some fusion of herself and the new soul. Neither Amber nor Pyrrha but something in the middle." Aura surrounds the boy as his anger rises. It's an impressive amount and I can't help but wonder how much he'll grow if he doesn't die soon. I suppose being a teacher for so long has affected me somewhat.

"And of course Leo being as much a pessimist as ever. I mean seriously dude you didn't make the machine or have a hand in it so how would you know?" asked Wolf who was rolling his eyes.

"Wait so there is a good chance of me being the same after the procedure?" asked a hopeful Pyrrha.

"Well yeah. In some universe your perfectly fine, in some Amber just ends up a voice in your head, in some it's like Ozpin where you can swap control of the body and in one universe she still had her soul somehow so yeah. Sure some of the things Leo said happens but there is a good chance it doesn't, so like I said he was just being pessimistic." Wolf replied. Wolf always hated the coward and felt he got what he deserved in the end, a traitor's death at the hands (So to speak) of the one he betrayed everyone too, may he enjoy his stay in hell.

"Oh well that's good to hear, I'm glad I at least had a good chance." said a relieved Pyrrha. Her friends also felt a bit of relief at Wolf's words.

"Though it is a different universe so the statistics can be different I suppose." added Wolf to which the smiles on the students faces fell.

"Now do you see boy. Either side of this war, Ozpin or Salem, we're but pawns. Ozpin may have the decency to act like he cares about us, but he doesn't care about the losses as long as he wins in the end." The boy's hand grips his sword and the sheath wraps around the blade to form a larger one. I brace myself for impact but he merely steps to the side to avoid a Beowolf leaping from a roof and then cuts it in two.

"Maybe you're right. Honestly, I agree with you. but I know that at least Ozpin fights to keep humanity alive. Am I going to follow him now? No. Working with him is another thing. My father once said it doesn't matter if you hate the man beside you, all that matters is that you can fight side-by-side. I'm definitely that guy." He begins to walk towards the howls of more Beowolfs.

"Another thing he's got it wrong about is Ozzy Osbourne here does care about what happens to those who die under him, it sticks with him every step of the way he just has a good way of hiding it because of the amount of practice he's had."

Everyone of the heroes felt bad for the professor, it's not like he asked to fight a war like this, he only came back because he wanted to see the woman he loved and didn't know how much she had changed. Ozpin was a little confused by what Wolf called him but he decided to ignore it and continued watching.

"I'll leave you in Neo's tender care." I make to question him but stop when a weight drops on my back and my head is forced back. Sitting on me is Torchwick's assistant, the small girl that was considered MIA after the Fall of Beacon. Most considered her KIA given Ruby Rose sent her flying into a flock of aerial Grimm. A dagger entering my shoulder rips me from my thoughts. I'm forced to look back at the girl once more as she her grin becomes dark and bloodthirsty. I notice she has wearable Electrolarynx, you work as a hunter long enough you come to recognize most prosthetics and other devices meant to work around disabilities.

"This is going to be fun. Don't you think so?"

"Why the hell is vomit boy working with her of all people?!" shouted an angry Yang. Her eyes went blood red and her hair was on fire while glaring at the screen.

"Something you wanna tell me Neo?" asked a smirking Roman.

"No I've never met him before, I mean it's like that Wolf guy said its a possible future. Though I'm a little upset that we don't have any of those voice prosthetic thingies for when I couldn't speak." said a grumpy Neo.

Jaune's POV

I cut down another Beowolf as the screams stop. If this had been even three hours ago I would have never allowed Neo to have her way with Lionheart despite the fact he's scum. Now with Ren and Nora dead I find myself not really caring how the traitor's final moments are. I bash an Ursa in the head with my shield and follow up with a slash that cuts clean through its head. I hear something coming from behind and turn to see a Creep running at me. I ready myself to roll out of the way when Neo appears right above it and drives her main blade, as well as the hidden one at the end of her parasol into the creature's neck. The Creep trips and starts sliding towards me before stopping a mere foot from me. It raises its head up but I drive my sword into its cranium before it can rise. Neo hops of the decaying beast and look up at me with a look of exhilaration on her face. That electrolarynx is gone, stored somewhere on her person, its purpose served with her interrogation of Lionheart.

"Would Jaune really act like if we died?" asked a disheartened Ren.

"Yes it would seem so Mr Lie, sometimes a man can go into a dark place when losing those they care about most." said Ozpin. Qrow and Tai knew that feeling well when Summer died, Ren and Nora also knew that feeling after kuroyuri.

"It also doesn't help that this is only months after Pyrrha died, so losing your entire team in such a short time can really hammer that feeling in Ren." said Wolf. Pyrrha felt distraught again being reminded of her death at the fall of beacon.

"Get anything good from him." Neo holds up a scroll that she pulls out of nowhere, I really don't want to know where she was hiding it. I chose to ignore the bloodstain in one corner. "I'm assuming you got the access code." She nods. "The body?" Neo gestures in one direction and makes a pinching motion before repeating the same motion in multiple directions. "You scattered it in multiple directions?" Neo smiles and nods her head. I'm still getting the hang of understanding all her gestures but I'm getting there.

"Don't I know it, it took me forever to learn how to understand her. By the way you take way to much amusement in killing people." said Roman.

Neo just shrugged. She always thought it's important to enjoy what you do, and she really enjoys what she does.

"How can someone be so calm after killing somebody?" asked a horrified Ruby.

"I'm afraid not everyone shares your moral code miss Rose." sighed Ozpin. Yang just held Ruby close.

I met her about a month ago. She offered information and her aid but only if I kept quiet about her identity. I couldn't even tell Ren and Nora. I almost said no but decided that it was an asset I couldn't let go. The first time I told everyone about my source it was Qrow that got everyone to let me keep it a secret. He was fine with it as long as we kept getting reliable info. Neo kept getting good info, but she never heard a hint about what was about to happen, I trust her enough to know she would tell me if she did. She wants Cinder and all her allies dead, they're the ones she blames for Roman's death. I'm just glad she isn't trying to kill Ruby.

"Ah thanks shorty. I'm glad to know you'd do that for me." said Roman who was wiping a non existent tear in an overly hammy voice.

"Oh but of course big bro anything for you." replied Neo in an equally hammy voice. They both started to laugh a bit.

"Good, let the rats eat take care of their own. I'm going to go search for any straggling Grimm or White Fang." I'm currently having to bury all of my anger, guilt, and every other emotion that Nora and Ren's deaths have brought up. They're a hindrance now, I'll deal with them after this is all over. I make to walk off only to see Neo following me.

Jaune's friends felt that was rather dark of Jaune. They never expected him to act so cold, Nora placed her teary eyed face in Ren's shoulder while he tried to convert her. Jaune is like a brother to them and to hear him say that was not easy.

"I'm not going to get you ice cream Neo." Ice Cream, her second condition for information. I'm so glad Qrow offered to help pay off my source, of course as far as I know he thought I was giving her the money directly rather than buying her sweets. Neo shakes her head at my statement and draws unsheathes her blade, the meaning behind her action is clear.

"No one gets between Neo and ice cream, just letting you know if you want to live." stated Roman, to which Neo made a creepy grin and everyone scooted away from her a bit.

"Well it's not like I can stop you." Neo is on the long list of people that could kick my ass blindfolded, I like to think that list is slowly shrinking though. Neo sends me her smirk, but I can't bring myself to smirk back. I feel like I'm betraying my team's memory, but my lack of strength means I need to take every chance and advantage I can. My feelings on the matter be damned. A few White Fang members that work worse for the wear run out of an alley in front of us. Neo and I have already cut one down each by the time they notice us. No mercy, no second chances, these bastards helped take my team from me. They're all going to die.

"Let's wipe them out Neo." A vicious grin is all the answer I need.

"Wait what?! I cant believe Jaune would do that!" protested Blake. She may have not known much about Jaune but she knew he would never do something like that. Could it really only take one bad day for someone to do something like this?

Ruby, Pyrrha and Velvet were also uneasy about this. Hearing their crush talk like that is not an easy pill to swallow.

"So that's two academies you helped bring down Taurus, anything you have to say for yourself? It's one thing to steal from SDC facilities for their unjust use of faunus labor, but to attack places that teach those to fight off the grimm is another thing entirely.

"Its to send a message lady Khan. If we show the humans that their so called guardians aren't as invincible as they think, it will make them fear us." said Adam

"This is not the way I want things done Adam, you had better tread carefully." said the highlander of the fang, narrowing her eyes at the bull faunus.

Qrow's POV

The instant I heard about the N and R of JNPR dying I knew this would happen. The kid already distrusted us, and their deaths only made it worse. Oscar/Ozpin and Ruby are trying to talk him out of leaving but I know this isn't going to work.

"W-wait Jaune is… leaving, but why would he leave, it doesn't make any sense?" asked Ruby.

"*sigh* Sorry to say this pipsqueak, but sometimes when people go through tough times they lose faith in things." said Qrow who then took a sip from his flask.

"B..but Jaune you can't leave. You said we would stick together."

"I agreed to follow you to Haven to find out more about Cinder. We found those answers, your team is back together, and I don't feel like following Ozpin's puppet."

"Hey, I'm not Ozpin's puppet." The kid's glare actually gives me pause. I'm currently thankful he hates Salem as more than he does Ozpin.

Qrow really didn't appreciate that crack but Raven was just smirking at that, to which Qrow also wasn't to happy about.

"How long until that changes? What happens the first time your opinion is different from his? Ozpin has already proven he has no problem sacrificing people in his care. He'll write you off easily and take your body for his own." The sad fact is the Kid has a point. Oh, I doubt Ozpin would do that but coming from his point of view I can see why he'd think that.

"Jaune!" Ruby looks shocked at the Kid's statement.

"What!? Ozpin proved he could sacrifice the strongest huntress of our year, how long till he decides your or me or anyone else is next on the chopping block." Oscar shivers and his stance changes, Ozpin you couldn't have picked a worse time to do this. This is not going to help your case.

"Wait so that little kid is Ozpin?" asked Yang. Then everyone remembered a few small bits of what Wolf had shown them that the kid looked familiar.

"Oh so that's why he was in the future vision thingy. That was bothering me the whole time." said Nora.

"Wait Nora you remembered him in from the vision?" asked Ren.

"Well duh Rennie. You mean to tell me you didn't? Usually you're the one that pays the most attention to these things." replied Nora. Ren couldn't argue given that she has a point.

"Mr. Arc, I assure you that I was not trying to sacrifice Pyrrha. I assure you that what happened was an unfortunate tragedy."

"How high were her chances of coming out of that machine unscathed." It's not a question, the kid knows how low they were. Ozpin's frown appears on Oscar's face.

"I don't kno…"

"It's all on Lionheart's scroll. ZERO PERECENT! YOU FUCKING PUT HER IN THAT MACHINE KNOWING SHE WOULDN'T COME OUT THE SAME. BUT NO THAT DIDN'T MATTER, ALL YOU CARED ABOUT WAS YOUR PRECIOUS FALL MAIDEN!" Okay I was aware it was low but absolute zero. Ozpin definitely crossed a line. Ruby is looking at Ozpin/Oscar in shock. Ozpin opens his mouth to speak but Jaune beats him to it.

"Guess this was one of those universes where the odds are not good. But like I said, infinite realities infinite possibilities." said Wolf, "Well sorry to say this Oz but your other done fucked up."

"I won't disagree Mr Wolf. Miss Nickos I may be unable to speak for my other, I want you to know that I would never do that if I didn't think there was a chance for you to be alright." said Ozpin.

"Of course professor I know." said Pyrrha with a smile, but while she says that she is unsure whether to believe it or not.

'Damn you Ozpin, how many are you willing to let die you monster?' thought Hazel who continues to not see the irony of it.

"Did you have anything to do with Summer Rose's death?" I tense and Ruby looks hurt while anger appears in Ozpin's eyes.

"Wait what?!" shouted Ruby and Yang at the same time. Yang then glared at the headmaster with red eyes.

"You actually think I had something to do with that?"

"Possibly, I actually don't want to believe it but then I thought about it. Summer had two young daughters to think about, maybe that made her reconsider working alongside you. Perhaps she was worried you would sacrifice them on your alter of "Necessary Losses" and wanted to break ties. But you needed the power of the Silver Eyes under your thumb so you ensured she got sent on a mission she wouldn't come back from, maybe hired a few assassins to hit her when she was exhausted and wounded who then made it look like a bunch of Grimm finished her off. Ruby here gains a desire to follow in her mother's footsteps and from everything I've heard a rather inattentive dad the first few years after Summer's death. You find Ruby years later and invite her to Beacon early. She in-turn feels indebted to you and you gain a new pawn with Silver Eyes." My hand tightens around my sword's hilt, I'm scared to admit just how damn plausible it sounds. Ozpin has done some shady crap before, all of it necessary but still crossing some grey areas. Is it actually possible that's what he did?

Ozpin turned towards Ruby, "I would never do such a thing miss Rose, Summers death still haunts me to this day just as all those who died under me."

"It's alright Ozpin, I don't blame you for what happened to me. I know that the ones who killed me were after me because of my eyes." cut in Summer, reminding Ruby about something about her eyes having powers in the vision.

Ruby put that thought aside and just held on to her mother like she was going to disappear if she didn't.

'this is why I stopped trusting Ozpin, to many secrets. It seems this boy is smarter than I thought.' thought Raven.

"Jaune… you don't actually think that... do you?" Ruby looks like she's about to have a panic attack and her face is so pale. Ozpin was a mentor of sorts to her and someone she respected. This theory hits her hard.

"I don't know. I'd like to think Ozpin isn't that much of a bastard as to take away the mother of two young girls but honestly after all the crap I've learned I could see it happening." Ozpin/Oscar's eyebrow goes up and he opens his mouth.

"And what exactly have you learned."

"Like I said I looked through Lionheart's scroll. Every freaking thing he knew about you and what you've done was on it." The Kid pulls out a flashdrive and tosses it at Ozpin/Oscar's head, Ozpin catches it easily but it helps show how angry the kid is. "That's everything he had on Salem. I may hate you but I'd rather we work together against Salem. We can fight about your actions after she's dealt with." The Kid throws a few more things into his backpack and I notice some new editions to his outfit. Sown onto the right sleeve of his hoodie are the symbols of his teammates. He zips it up and slings it over his shoulder before ruffling Ruby's hair.

"Unfortunately you have to do things your not proud, sometimes… you have to do the wrong things for all the right reasons. I'm not saying I agree with a lot of things you do Oz but I understand why you felt it had to be done." said Wolf.

"Thank you mister Wolf and trust me I have more regrets than anyone else in the world. Sometimes I don't think that the end goal is worth what I did to achieve it." said a somber Ozpin.

"I'm sorry to hear that headmaster, sometimes wonder the same thing at times but giving up now would make everything we've done be for nothing." said Glynda while patting the headmaster's shoulder.

"Don't misunderstand miss Goodwitch, I don't plan on giving up anytime soon." replied Ozpin

"Take care of yourself Crater Face." Ruby opens her mouth to protest but a crack fills the air and Torchwick's little assistant appears. I knew all about her, I followed the Kid when he met her once when he went to meet her in order to make sure he wasn't in over his head. To my surprise he handled her pretty well. Clearly, she is still working with him.

Hey I just noticed something, doesn't Jaune's armor look different?" asked Yang.

"Yeah your right it looks like he had it reformed. Even Crocea Mors looked different, or at least the grip and guard does. Actually even his shield looks like it had another metal forged into it." said Weiss. Pyrrha noticed this too as well as the fact that the metal looked familiar.

"After Pyrrha died he had pieces of her shield mixed into his own so that he would always have a piece of her with him." said Wolf. Pyrrha's heart sank from hearing that, she was both sad yet she also felt flattered that he would do something like that.

"Oh, one more thing." The Kid moves faster than I thought he could and Ozpin/Oscar is sent flying into the wall with a bloody nose. "That felt really good. Let's go Neo." With a smirk at Ruby Neo latches onto the Kid and then they both break into pieces. Okay, going by that smirk I would think she did this solely to hurt Ruby it wasn't for seeing her actually open up to the Kid at one of their meetings. I mean I've seen the slight glances that Ruby sent the Kid but both of them are completely oblivious. Moving over to Ozpin/Oscar I plant my blade's edge against their neck.

"You get one chance, tell me you had nothing to do with Summer's death."

"I had nothing to do with Summer's death." I stare into Ozpin/Oscars eyes for a minute before removing my blade and setting it down.

"Fine I believe you." I look back at Ruby and lay a hand on her shoulder.

"Sorry Oz but I'm sure my other just wanted to be sure, you know just in case." said Qrow, hi was keeping an eye on the headmaster just in case.

"It's all right Qrow I understand." said Ozpin with a face the spoke miles of how depressed he is from this, Qrow had taken notice of this.

"You okay there Oz? You look like shit." asked Qrow.

"No Qrow, I'm not okay." simply stated Ozpin.

"Hey kiddo, you all right?" of course she's not all right, it the span of barely two days she's lost a team. Even if it wasn't her original team it has to hurt.

"Y..eah it I'll be fine. I mean it's not forever right." I carefully keep my mouth shut. The Kid only has Roman's old accomplice at his side and he's going to go against Salem. Those are not good odds.

"The odds certainly aren't in that young man's favor. It will take a miracle for him to survive." said Ironwood.

"It will take far much more than that general." said Salem with a smug grin.

Cinder couldn't help but agree, the fool pretending to be a knight was doomed to fail and die. He stood no chance whatsoever.

Jaune's POV
"So Neo you got everything you need?" Neo nods and pats her backpack.

"Good." I open up Lionheart's scroll and use the map function to double check our destination. Neo stands up on her tip-toes and looks at the screen. She then sends me a questioning look.

"I told Ozpin I gave him everything on Salem, not everything on the White Fang and her other supporters. I gave him the info on the most dangerous or important to her, but I kept most of the info for the two of us to act on. Let the others focus on her while we chip away at her support." Neo puts a finger to her cheek and seems to think before nodding in reply.

"Good, so I found out that the top dog of the White Fang got away but was injured. I went over Lionheart's notes last night and going by those this is the closest White Fang base that could treat him given that Blake nearly gutted him. Want to go torch the place?"

A sadistic grin is my answer.

"I hate to admit it but the young lad is being smart. Letting someone else focus on the small amount of major forces while he goes after the more numeral lesser forces. Well atleast then they won't have many allies to aid them." said Port.

"I agree it is a sound strategy. But can he accomplish it, we shall see." said Ironwood.

Neo's POV

I drag my partner out of the lake. We came here to take out a branch of Salem's unknowing saboteurs, not even high up in the food chain. It was going so well, we were killing them off one by one in their base overlooking this lake. It was like pigs to a slaughter. They couldn't even touch us until someone got stupid and pulled out a grenade launcher. Jaune shoved me out of the way and got shot out a window and into the lake, the blast also set the base on fire. I can feel the heat from the fire hitting my back as I check Jaune's pulse. I feel cold despite the blaze going on behind me when I feel nothing. I get Jaune's armor off of him and start pumping on his chest, desperately trying to get his heart going again. Come on you idiot, you can't die on me! With one more push I finally manage to get the water to leave his lungs but he's still not breathing. I grab a piece of lightning dust from my pack and slam it onto Jaune chest. He twitches, and I start giving him mouth-to-mouth. Switching between putting air in his lungs and pushing it back out I keep at it until he stirs. I step back as he rolls over and hacks up a little more water.

Jaune's friends and family let out a breath they didn't even know they were holding, they were worried that Jaune had died. Though Ruby, Pyrrha and Velvet were a little jealous about the mouth-to-mouth part.

"What kind of idiot fires a grenade launcher is such a small place?! I'd never do that." said Nora. That surprised a few people and she then noticed the stares, "Hey I'm hyper not an idiot." they accept this answer and continue to watch.

"Oum, what hit me." Jaune turns to look at me and smiles. "Good to see you made it." I don't hesitate for a second and smack him across the face as I glare at him.

"Okay I might have deserved that one."


"WHAT THE HELL NEO!?" I pin him to the ground and start punching him. How dare he make me worry, how dare he try and leave me. I throw another punch and Jaune catches it. His hand engulfs mine and he pulls me into a hug. I tense up, this is the most contact we've really had that hasn't involved first aid.

This caused the pint sized psychopath to blush abit, no one has ever held her like that before so it was a surprise to see.

Meanwhile a curtain three girls were sending glares of jealousy at the ice cream colored girl.

"I'm really sorry Neo, I just couldn't lose someone else." I feel myself tear up and quickly blink my eyes clear before Jaune sees. I refuse to let him see me cry, I am Neopolitan, the feared enforcer of Roman Torchwick. The streets showed me just what happens to people that show weakness. I pull back and glare at him, he wilts under my gaze.

"Wait a minute, Neopolitan? Oh my Oum, your a walking ice cream pun that is hilarious!" shouted Yang who was a little upset with herself she didn't put the dots together and think of that, given that she is the self proclaimed pun queen.

Neo thought back to the time before she met Roman. She was living on the streets and everyday was a challenge to survive, those who show any form of weakness usually end up dead or worst. But then he took her in and was the first thing she knew as family, and to know that she loses him in the future, well it takes all her effort not to shed a tear.

"Yeah, yeah. I won't do something stupid like that again. Now let's get out of here before anything unfriendly shows up." I nod and get off of him before helping him up. Jaune grabs his chest piece and we start hiking our way back to our camp.

"Hey Neo, any idea why I taste ice cream."

Now the three girls that like the knight were just seething with jealousy like no other.

Jaune' POV

I'm running as fast as I can towards Ren and Nora, the two of them leaning against each other utterly exhausted. Before I can reach them a Chimera lands behind them and rears a paw back. A swipe of a claw and Ren and Nora fall down to the ground, the ground absorbing their blood. Everything around me shifts to Beacon Tower on the night Beacon fell.

"I should never have believed in you." I turn around to see Pyrrha looking at me with a glare. "All my training and you were still useless. I should have at least let you come with me to be a human shield, it's all you're good for in the end." I don't even get to speak before an arrow pierces through her chest and she turns to ash before my eyes.

"PYRRHA!" I lunge forward and look around to realize that I'm in my bed. Neo and I are currently in one of her and Roman's old safe houses, one of the few he kept secret from Cinder in case they needed to run. Neo gave me a spare room and we've left Roman's untouched except for when Neo entered alone once to collect a few things. I should have known I wouldn't get a peaceful rest, it's the two-year anniversary of Beacon's fall. I hear that RWBY along with a lot of other Hunters and Huntresses cleared it out and the school will reopen soon, not like I'll be going back. I get out of bed and head to the kitchen after throwing a shirt on. I'm not going to sleep for a long time. To my surprise I'm not the only one up, Neo is sitting at the counter, wearing one of Roman's old coats that goes all the way to her thighs, with several bottles of scotch in front of her. Upon taking a closer look I can see that one is empty. "How long have you been up?" Neo looks at me and I can see her eyes are red and puffy.

Team NPR were a little unsettled with that, seeing how their deaths can haunt Jaune so much, they supposed it made sense hey had been like a family to each other but that didn't make it any better.

Nora was in Ren's arms crying again, and Ren had a solemn look on his face with his mind in complete disaray at this. The two of them are no strangers to loss but to see it happen to Jaune from their death was horrible to even think about.

Pyrrha was in tears herself at the mere thought that Jaune would even consider her feeling that way. She loves him more than anything and she probably sent him away so that he would be safe, but she felt horrible knowing that he was react with guilt because of her choice.

As Wolf went through their minds and could just feel the turmoil and felt bad for them especially for Pyrrha who was wondering if her other did the right thing. Sometimes the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

"Aren't you a little young to be drinking shorty?" asked Roman. Neo just shrugged, anyone else it would be a crack at her height, but Roman was serious since she was only seventeen and the drinking age limit for huntsman was eighteen.

"Why should I care I'm a criminal Roman. I've done worse things than underage drinking." said Neo to which Roman accepted that answer.

"…." Neo shrugs and pours herself another drink. She then fills another glass and hands it to me when I take a seat next to her. I nod in thanks and drain it, I've become accustomed to drinking during my travels with Neo. She has taught me quite a bit about the darker side of the world, sometimes I think she has decades on me rather than just two or three years.

"So, what woke you up?"

"…." Neo simply gives me a look and I know what she means.

"Yeah, nightmares woke me up as well. Tch, the worst part is that they're right." I slam my fist against the counter and snatch up the refill Neo gives me. "I was so useless! Pyrrha saw me as a liability, I couldn't save Ren and Nora, and honestly, it's not like you need me. You could have done everything by yourself with one hand tied behind your back." I down my drink and feel the back of my throat burn. I look and see Neo placing an empty glass down before she looks at me and smacks me upside the head. When the stars go away I can see Neo shaking her head. She pulls down as section of the coat to reveal a scar on her collarbone, a slightly jagged line that comes dangerously close to her neck. She got that scar when some idiot started throwing around homemade shrapnel grenades. It did more damage to the enemy then us but some of the shrapnel was laced with earth dust; hardening the shrapnel and allowing it to pierce Neo's aura. The scar is more from the rudimentary stiches I gave her to keep her from bleeding out than the wound itself. Neo points at the scar and glares at me.

"What?" Neo jabs her thumb at herself and then drags it across her throat.

"And you've saved me about a hundred times by now." Neo shakes her head and holds up a finger, her message clear. It only takes one time. I stop arguing with her and refill my drink, I rarely win with her and never if it involves ice cream. After that we just started destroying the alcohol supply, trust Roman to have a large supply of his favorite drinks in his safe house, and keep telling each other stories about before we started working together. The stories get more slurred on my end while Neo begins to have trouble with her gestures as time passes and one by one the bottles were emptied but we didn't feel a need to stop. We were having fun, something we both wouldn't have thought possible tonight.

"I hate to say it but you and vomit-boy work well together." said Yang.

"Sometimes we learn we work well with those we would have never expected miss Xiao-Long." said Glynda.

When watching this, Neo couldn't help but think of all the times she's worked with Roman, but there was something else to it too.

"Hey Roman you got quite the collection there, maybe you and I should have a drink sometimes." said Qrow.

"Eh why it? Sounds like a plan to me." replied Roman.

Light shining through the window wakes me up, my head is aching but Qrow taught me how to use my aura to keep hangovers mild while we were in Mistral after we shared a night drinking. I look around and notice this isn't my room. I feel weight on my chest. Looking down I see Neo sleeping on my chest, judging from what I can feel we're both naked. Oh, Oum I am so dead. I have seen what Neo does to people that piss her off and it is not pretty. I start trying to move out from under Neo only for her to start moving. She looks up at me with her eyes full of sleep and then smiles at me of all things before snuggling back into my chest. Is she still drunk? Oum, did I take advantage of her while she was drunk. Revulsion fills me at that thought. I stay as still as possible and don't move. I just know that I am going to die. When Neo get up she looks at me for a second before her eyes go white for a second before returning to their original color.

No-one was expecting this. For some their eyes almost pop out of their skulls and they had huge blushes on their faces.

None more than Neo whose face was riveling that of Ruby's cloak or Pyrrha's hair. She was usually the calm and collected type who never lost focus but not this time, though she also felt a strange warmth in her chest for some reason that she couldn't explain.

'Why did it have to be her, why not me?!' shouted Pyrrha in her head with a atomic blush, and glaring daggers at Neo.

'No fair I liked Jaune a lot longer than her, so why does she get him?' thought Ruby who was pouting with her arms crossed and her face the color of her namesake.

'Why is life so cruel, why can't it be me in that posti- ahh what am I thinking?! Bad thoughts, bad thoughts!' was going on in Velvet's head. She was covering her eyes with her bunny ears and blushing up a storm.

"Jaune Miles Arc, I raised you better than that young man!" shouted Juniper. Meanwhile Nicholas was smiling and couldn't be prouder of his son for getting a girl.

"Neo before you kill me I would like to say I am so sorry. Oum, I can't believe I took advanta.." I'm stopped by Neo putting a finger on my lips and smiling at me. She then sits up on her knees causing the covers to slip off her back, it takes a lot of willpower to keep my looking at her face. Neo then reaches past me and grabs her scroll from the bedside table. She then starts typing into it before stopping and pressing a final button. A robotic voice then starts playing what she typed out.

"Please, I was the one that shoved you onto the bed and then started things off. Yeah we were both pretty drunk, but I don't regret anything. There are a lot of worse people I could have done that with."At this point Neo licks her lips right as the next part starts playing causing a blush to spread across my face. "But I didn't think you'd get so into it, it's always the innocent ones. Don't worry though, we remembered protection."Yeah I'm getting some memories from last night back. Now that I know I didn't take advantage of Neo I really don't regret anything. Oh, sure I was raised not to do this kind of thing but after the shit I've seen while working with Neo a drunken hook-up isn't that bad of a thing by comparison.

"Wow Neo, I didn't think even you would do that kinda thing, I also didn't think he was your type." said Roman with a huge grin on his face. Neo then sent him a glare and he through his hands up defensively.

"Wow I didn't think vomit-boy had it in him." said Yang.

"I can't believe he would do something so… so… indecent!" shouted Weiss.

"Listen ice-queen junior, when you live the kind of life we live you look for comfort wherever you can, you never know when each day could be your last." stated Qrow.

Winter wanted to vomit at the mere thought of it but she had no choice but to admit that Qrow was… was… right. Yeah she vomited a bit in her mouth.

"Okay, that makes me feel a lot better. I know I said last night that you could kick my ass, but I was really worried I might have done something while I was drunk, and you weren't exactly in the best shape either." Neo looks at me in disbelief before she starts doing that silent giggle of hers, it's honestly incredibly cute. Neo starts typing away once more after she stops giggling.

"You actually think you could do something like that, honestly the first time I met you I thought you were nearly too innocent. At least until you told me about your desire to kill Cinder."Neo looks uncomfortable for a second before typing out another message. "I know that this is an unusual way to go about things, but then again we're not normal people. I feel something for you, I wouldn't say it's love but I really like being with you. And maybe someday it could be something more. Would you be willing to give us a try? If not I understand, we'll just never talk about this again and its business as usual." Neo refuses to look me in the eye any longer and looks away.

Three girls were chanting in their heads 'please say no please say no' to this hoping that Jaune doesn't except.

I start thinking on it for a few moments. Neo and I both know it can never be business as usual after this. Last night changes everything. I actually entertained the idea of a relationship with Neo once, but it was a passing thought of an impossible event.

'But so was Pyrrha loving you.'

Pyrrha felt her heart clench at That. To know that Jaune can't seem to clear his mind of that moment and to have it haunt him, well it just fills Pyrrha with guilt.

That thought sobers me up quickly. Neo and I are under no illusions of just how likely we are to die during this vendetta of ours. We've both learned to cling to the little things that make us happy, for Neo it's a bowl of ice cream while for me it's the X-ray and Vav comic series. This has a chance of making us happy.

"Neo … I feel the same. Love isn't what I'd use to describe what I'd feel for you, but I'd like to give this a shot. But let's not hop into bed again for a good long while. I'd rather this not turn into something purely physical." Neo smiles at me, a smile I haven't seen on her before. This one is a lot gentler than any I've seen before, it's a good look for her. Neo than kisses me on the cheek and hops off the bed. I am not ashamed to admit that I watch the extra swing she puts into her hips as she walks into the bathroom.

The same three girls were now shouting in rage and and sorrow in their heads, devastated by This turn of events. They vow that when they get back to their world they are gonna try their hardest to go out with Jaune.

Neo on the other hand had a smile on her face but when she realized it she jump a bit in surprise. Why was she like this she never met the guy in her world, it didn't make any sense whatsoever?

This has every chance of biting us in ass. If this relationship goes south it could destroy our teamwork, however I can't stand the thought of just losing another chance with someone. I'll take this risk and deal with any consequences when they come.

Neo is definitely worth the risk.

"Aw you hear that Neo? Lover boy says your worth the risk. Isn't that just the sweatest thing? Hahaha." teased Roman. Neo with a blush on her face jabbed him in the side causing the infamous criminal to recoil in pain.

Ruby, Pyrrha and Velvet were all left to wonder if Jaune would feel the same about them if they were to date. Jaune has always been such a nice guy, always been there for them and trusted them. He would feel the same way right?

Reunion (takes place a year after the last part) Ruby's POV

We are now officially Huntresses, top of our class. Or at least what remains of it. Ren, Nora, and Pyrrha were given their licenses post-mortem, Jaune is still in the wind. He sends notes to us from various places but on the times we've checked them out he and Neo have been long gone. Yang wanted us all to go out and celebrate, to get our minds off the people we lost. She dragged the four of us out to go to Junior's. We all left our weapons behind as Junior insisted that Yang is never allowed inside the place armed. We walk inside, and the pulsing music sets my body on edge.

"And why exactly is that Yang?" asked Tai giving his daughter a disapproving look.

"N-no reason." sheepishly replied Yang.

"Young lady, you tell us right this minute." said Summer with a look that could kill a grimm, and I'm not talking about with silver eyes either. This was the look that all those of team STRQ knew well. Summer was the leader for a reason, she kept everyone in line with that look even Raven. They all saw that look and shivered memories of it smacking right into them.

"I may have… trashed his club when looking for some information." answered Yang who was sinking deeper and deeper into her seat.

"You did what?! Yang Xiao-Long do you know how much trouble you are in right now young lady?" shouted Tai.

Meanwhile Raven was only impressed, 'Well done Yang, I would have done the same if someone was withholding something from me.' thought Raven.

"Come on Ruby, let's have some fun." I nod but I'm not really into this place.

"Um, guys." I look at Blake and then see she's pointing at the bar. I almost miss what she's pointing at until I see the mop of blond hair. I don't get my hopes up but then the guy turns to the side to signal the bartender and it is definitely Jaune. I rush forward as quickly as I can without my semblance.

"JAUNE!" Jaune turns to looks at me and I crash into him, my aura takes a dip since he's wearing his armor but it's worth it. I wrap my arms around him and hear him laugh.

"Really Ruby, you need to learn to control yourself, this is getting ridiculous." said Weiss.

"Sorry I'm sure my other self is just happy to see Jaune again." 'I know I would be.' thought Ruby with a blush.

"Hey Ruby. It's been a while." I back up and look back up at him and then slug him across the face. I'm shocked when he doesn't even move an inch. He reaches up and pulls my hand away from his face and then rubs his cheek. "That was a decent blow Ruby. And I'll admit I might have deserved that one."

"So, what are you doing here Vomit Boy?" Jaune's glare is not unexpected but it's scary how easily he slips into it.

"Wow what's with that look?" asked Yang.

"Maybe it's because you always call him that Yang." replied Ruby.

"Hey you use it to sis." defended Yang.

"Yeah but I don't use it as often and I only use it to joke around, you may use it to joke around a bit but there's always a little bit of spite in it. It's not his fault he got some vomit on your boots!" retorted the red reaper. This left Yang to wonder if she really was being spiteful everytime she used that nickname, sure she wasn't to happy about him barfing on her boots but has she really been subconsciously holding it against him. She has a bit to think about.

"Well I think Arc has certainly changed a lot don't you think bun bun?" asked Coco.

"Uh y-yeah, he certainly has g-gotten stronger from the looks of it." replied the shy little rabbit faunus.

"I'd appreciate you stop using that name. As for why I'm here, well Neo had some people she needed to talk to." The four of us bristle at that. We can never forget how she was involved in the Breach and the Fall. Weiss is the one that ask the question we all want answered.

"How can you forgive her?" Jaune's face is set into a dark glare.

"How can you forgive Ozpin?" I frown at that. I haven't been able to get Jaune's thoughts on Mom's death out of my head. Oscar has also been acting more like Ozpin as of late.

"She helped attack Vale."

"Ozpin was willing to sacrifice Pyrrha and signed us up for a war without even telling us there was a war. Has he even ever used his puppet to apologize? At least Neo has tried to make up for everything."


"WHAT DO YOU THINK I'VE BEEN DOING!" I look around and see people have started backing away from Weiss and Jaune's argument. "MY HANDS AREN'T EXACTLY CLEAN! AND NEITHER ARE YOURS FROM WHAT I'VE HEARD!" We back away from him at that outburst. None of us are actually surprised, Jaune wasn't in a situation where he could afford to hold back. He's also right about that second part, we each have a few kills to our names. Jaune takes a deep breath and takes a sip his drink. "Sorry. Look, Cinder threatened her and Roman to help her, Ozpin willingly did everything he did. I won't say Neo is innocent, we had that same argument early on, but we have been through too much for me not to trust her." A scroll buzzes on the bar and Jaune picks it up and looks it over. Anger slips onto his face and he puts some Lien on the bar before rushing out. I start running after him with my team following me.

"Wait that's why you stole all that dust for her, she's threatening the two of you?" asked Blake.

"Pretty much kitty cat. If we don't do as she says she said she'll leave us as nothing but ashes, so I'm sure you can understand our situation here." said Roman to which Neo nodded in agreement.

Cinder just had a smirk on her face, "Sometimes people need a bit of convincing for them to do as you want."

"How can you just do that? You're a monster." said Blake to which many of her friends agreed. Cinder didn't care however to her power, no matter how it's obtained, was all that mattered.

"Where are you going?"

"Someone sold Neo out, that freaking psychopath Tyrian is after her." My eyes widen, and I start to panic.

"Ooh I get a chance to play what fun!" said the deranged scorpion faunus.

"Calm yourself Tyrian." said Salem.

"Yes my goddess."

"Jaune stop! We need to get help, we couldn't even scratch him without Uncle Qrow's help last time!"

"Neo is leading him into a trap and I'm not waiting for help, Neo could die." I don't try arguing with him after that, something in his eyes tells me it would be a bad idea. I just keep following him till we reach a junkyard, gunfire can be heard from inside. The front gate is locked but Jaune simply cuts right through it. My team and I stop for a second and call out weapons while Jaune runs on ahead. It only takes a minute for our lockers to reach us. Now that we're armed we run to the fighting and find Jaune standing in front of Neo, who looks both exhausted and injured, with his sword in its larger form deadlocked against Tyrian's weapons. The stinger I cut off Tyrian is now replaced, a miniature Death Stalker's stinger grafted onto the flesh I cut through at one point.

Tyrian couldn't believe what he had heard, that little girl had cut off his tail? Oh the humiliation, the indignity. This was unacceptable and he hopes he gets his revenge.

Ozpin and his allies were uncomfortable about what their seeing, "Is… is that even possible Ozpin?" whispered a horrified Glynda.

" Evidently so miss Goodwitch, but to see it… to see grimm flesh melded to someone is not an easy site to see." said Ozpin.

"With you on that one Oz. And it might just make this harder or at the very least more complicated." said Qrow who took a sip from his flask to calm his nerves.

"Ooh, you really have grown up. I was right to be interested in you." With a roar Jaune pushes Tyrian back and sends a blade beam at him but he flips over it with a smile. "Oh yes, that anger of yours has come along nicely. I wonder how much more it will grow when I take your replacement partner." Tyrian grins at Neo only to frown when she shatters. He dives forward to avoid her when she reappears above him, Neo's blade pierces the ground where he once stood. Tyrian doesn't get a chance to recover before Jaune is on him, Neo follows soon after. I want to get involved but we'd only get in the way in this situation. None of us know how to fight alongside Jaune now. Where he once relied mostly on defense now he switches near seamlessly between offense and defense, switching between his sword and shield to his two-handed blade whenever the situation calls for it. Neo and Jaune fight completely in sync, they seem to know exactly what the other person will do. When Neo moves in to attack Jaune is there to block any counterattacks. When Jaune forces Tyrian into another deadlock Neo is ready to pierce the Faunus's side. Tyrian eventually manages to trip Neo up and kicks her into Jaune who slides back while clutching her to the chest. Tyrian grins madly at them while that twisted tail dances around him.

Jaune's friends and family were all worried about him. Well all save for one.

Ruby was to busy mesmerised by Jaune's weapon, "OH MY GOSH! Look at that, he can combine his shield and sword to make a greatsword that's so cool. Just look at it it's amazing." said Ruby bouncing in her seat.

"Uh sis I think we have something else to worry about." said Yang who was trying to calm Ruby down. When she did, Ruby noticed what it was and was filled with worry.

The headmaster wasn't worried however he had a feeling mister Arc would get out of this just fine. Meanwhile miss Goodwitch was amazed to see mister Arc hold his own against Salem's top assassin, she had always doubted him and never understood what the headmaster saw, now she feels terrible she should always try to help her students, she feels as though she had failed as a teacher.

Jaune's parents were as well impressed by Jaune's level of skill and strength. It also makes them feel guilty with how they refused to train Jaune when he had asked them. They feel as though they told him to give up on his dream and they wonder how things could have been if they trained him, or at the very least let him go to a combat school.

"You two really are worthy of being a thorn in my Goddess's side. Little Cindy said you two wouldn't be a problem but the countless dead peons you've left in your wake say otherwise. The plans my Goddess made would be much further along if not for you two." Jaune smirks down at Neo.

"What did you call me?!" demanded Cinder with her left eye ablaze.

"Why little Cindy of coarse, hehehehe." said Tyrian with a huge smile on his face. Cinder was trying to make a fireball to torch him but forgot the physical law in this place, causing her to lose all her strength.

"You hear that Neo, we got the great and mighty Salem's attention. She even sent her attack dog after us, guess we're moving up in the world." At Neo's nod in response Tyrian points his weapon's barrels at the two of them but we put ourselves between them. His mad grin only grows at that.

"Oh, this is glorious, six thorns to be removed from Salem's side today. This is going to be so much fun. I will be taking you away this time Little Ro..se" Tyrian pauses as his weapon points itself at his face and he ducks when it fires at him. A cold laugh draws our attention to Jaune and Neo who are now smiling at Tyrian with an equal amount of bloodlust in it. Jaune's hand glows with aura and everything clicks into place.

Everyone was surprised at this, none more so than Pyrrha herself. That looked just like her...

"Jaune... you have..."

"Polarity, yep. One final gift from Pyrrha. Now then, time to finish this." I now see why Jaune said Neo was leading Tyrian into a trap. This junkyard is filled with scrap, all of it flying at Tyrian now. He dodges the best he can but slowly his aura runs out and cuts from all over him. A pipe pierces his leg and it's over as more pieces of metal run through his body. In the end, he's held up by multiple pipes and beams piercing his body and the ground. A broken laugh leaks from the madman's body along with his blood.

Many were horrified at this site before them. But then a thought went through someone's head.

"Wait I thought you said Jaune's semblance was aura manipulation, why is it polarity here?" asked Ruby.

"Hey yeah thats right what's the deal?" agreed Yang.

"I said in most universes, in some it's completely different." plainly said Wolf.

"Wait so is it not in our universe?" asked Ren.

"Oh it is, he just needs to discover it. I did some digging in your universe to learn that." answered the god.

Now the one person You would suspect to be mad wasn't in fact he was the exact opposite. "Well well well, consider my curiosity peaked, this boy sure is interesting." said Tyrian, surprising his cohorts.

"Um Tyrian my uh… friend, you aren't angry at him for killing you like that?" asked Watts.

"Why of course not. That was quite clever of the boy, I'll be keeping an eye on him." said Tyrian who just started to laugh, creeping everyone out in the process.

"You stay away from my son you creep or else I'll be the one to rip your tail off, and shove it down your throat for good measure!" shouted Juniper.

"Yeah you stay away from Jaune, we won't let you get anywhere near him." said Ruby.

"Oh we'll see about that now won't we?" stated Tyrian with a big grin.

"That dude creeps me out man." whispered Sun.

"I know right he is giving me the chills." replied Neptune.

"You rea..l..ly ar..e inte..rest..ing. Pr..ai..se Sal..em." With those last words, he slumps over and stops moving. I look back at Jaune carrying Neo in a princess hold and squash a bit of jealousy that raises up in me. Blake looks at them with a raised eyebrow.

Just like her on screen counterpart Ruby as well as Pyrrha and Velvet were also squashing any jealousy inside them, as well as surprisingly Weiss. She couldn't explain it but it just felt weird to her that Jaune moved on and was with someone else, like she had been replaced and it was not a good feeling. Maybe it was all because of her father who raised her to be perfect and be something any man would desire. Yes that must be it right, there is no way she had feelings for Jaune… right? She shook the thoughts away and went back to the viewing.

"Why didn't you finish it sooner? You were clearly able to."

"I can't always rely on Pyrrha's semblance, we know Cinder for a fact uses glass weapons. This allowed us to see just how far we've come. I say we didn't do too poorly, what do you think Neo?" Neo shakes her hand in a way that implies decent and then makes several gestures I don't understand.

That made Pyrrha realise that she does rely on her semblance far too much. Sure she uses it subtly but in the end she still relies on it in all of her fight. She was just always worried What would happen if she lost and disappointed all of her fans, she's supposed to be the invincible girl, it's made her think she has to always win.

But what would happen if she were to fight someone who doesn't use metal weapons, infact Jaune had just said that was one of the variables in which Cinder killed her. Maybe she should train more without her semblance.

Weiss had realized something, "Wait why does he keep calling it Pyrrha's semblance instead of his?" asked the Heiress.

"It's probably because mr Arc refuses to think of it as such because miss Nikos had the same semblance, and prefers to think of it as a part of his partner always being there with him." deduced Oobleck. Many decided to accept this explanation but others were still curious since that was just the prof-DOCTOR! spitballing.

Pyrrha was a little flattered by that thought but that still didn't change her sadness. She still feels horrible for how Jaune is taking her death.

"Yeah we could improve in that area." Jaune looks over Neo and his tone softens considerably. "You are okay, right? I've seen what Tyrian's poison could do before he got that Stalker stinger." Neo smiles at him and then gives him a quick kiss before pulling out her scroll and typing something on it that she shows to Jaune. A small blush spreads across his cheeks and he grins at Neo.

"You're insatiable. Well, not the reunion I thought would happen, but I'll take it. Keep yourselves safe." Jaune starts to walk off but stops, shifts Neo around to hold her in one hand, and grabs something from his pocket. He turns around and tosses it to Weiss. She catches it and I can now see it's a USB. "Found out quite a few secrets of your fathers during one of our hunting trips, that should help you with taking back your company." Neo smirks at us and then the two of them shatter into nothing, just like last time.

"Weiss was surprised by this, that Jaune would help her get everything back? She remembers slightly how in the vision her father took away her status as heiress of the SDC. Even after all the horrible things she said and did to him he would still help her? She felt horrible now, maybe she could have been a bit nicer to him, and she even regrets what she said about him before they got he. When they get back she is going to apologize profusely.

"How did those get ahold of info on Jacques like that?" asked Ironwood.

I don't know but maybe we should do some digging ourselves if he has that kind of info on him James." replied the Headmaster.

"Hehehe, well I'd happy to see that bastard get what's coming to him and at the hands of his own daughter, oh that would be deliciously ironic." laughed Sienna. Ilia couldn't help but agree, she hated the SDC ever since her parents died from a cave in, in one of their mines because of the poor conditions.

Epilogue – Jaune's POV

My blade slices through the last Grimm, it's body turning to dust. Ever since RWBY took care of Salem the Grimm have been less in numbers but they're still a threat. This was the largest group to come near the village since Neo and I moved here. After the war, we both wanted to settle down out of sight, our battle with Cinder came with some complications. We had managed to meet up with Team RWBY before their assault on Salem's fortress and tagged along. When Cinder got in our way Neo and I stayed behind in order to give the others time to kill Salem.

Salem and her cohorts couldn't believe this, they had managed to kill her?

"Impossible no one can kill my goddess, they would fail before they even raise their weapon!" raged Tyrian.

'That can't be right can it, then does That mean everything was for nothing? No calm down Cinder it's only another universe we can still win." thought the false maiden. Emerald and Mercury could see the conflict on Cinders face and Emerald was worried while Mercury didn't really give a damn.

"Cinder are you alright?" asked the thief who placed a hand on the maidens shoulder.

Cinder shook the hand off, "I'm fine Emerald, it's nothing." spat Cinder whose eye was twitching like crazy.

Raven was one of the most awestruck, she thought the only way of escaping Salem was to run, she never thought it would be possible to beat her. So many regrets she's had over the years because she ran away, thinking nothing she could have done against Salem. Could they have all been for nothing?

She looked towards Yang and thought of all the years she's missed. Yang's first words, her first steps, picking her up after school and she had missed them all because of her fears and she felt a tear run down her cheek. She had quickly wiped it away before anyone could see it.

'That shouldn't be possible, the god of light cursed me with immortality so how did they do it? Wait the Wolf individual said That there is a way so they must have found it somehow. But what could possibly do such a thing?' thought Salem as she was trying to figure this out.

That battle was without a doubt the toughest we've ever been in. Neo gained some burn scars all along her back from them while I lost two fingers from my left hand and gained a scar right under my right eye where she nearly blinded me. In the end, Cinder's final mistake was when she underestimated me after disarming me and while Neo distracted her I managed to send Crocea Mors flying into her back. She actually survived that, but Neo made sure she regretted it. That had the effect of making Neo the last person on her mind. Turns out that Maiden does not necessarily equal virgin. Neo and I got out of that place as soon as we were sure Salem was dead, didn't bother saying goodbye to anyone. We knew that Ozpin and his ilk wouldn't have a second thought about ripping the Fall Maiden aura out of Neo and putting it into their own candidate/puppet. Neo and I ended up settling down in the same village that team RNJR fought that Geist near. I was quickly shoved into the position of Head of Village Security after taking down a few more bandits, it helps that Neo and I are still considered boogeymen in some circles, the few Fang that remained after the war made sure it was known the damage we could cause. Criminals remember that when we went after them they rarely survived, that it is a bad idea to put themselves in our sights.

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" shouted Cinder, "I die at the hands of that demented dwarf and she gets the powers of the maiden?" Cinder couldn't take this, to have the power she had sought and have it all be for nothing, and to top it all off she ends up dying and it being taken away. Possible future or not she could not except this.

"Well we'll well, she threatens us on every occasion she gets and yet in the end she dies by your hand. Well done Neo well done." said Roman congratulating his literal partner in crime.

"Thanks it feels satisfying by proxy to say the least. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to try it in our world." replied Neo

"It seems dangerous to have the power of the maiden in the hands of a known criminal don't you think Oz?" whispered Ironwood.

"Let it be James, she had a hand in that worlds victory. I see no reason to worry." replied the headmaster.

There was one loose end we had to take care of first, Raven Branwen's bandit clan. They had proven they had an interest in the Maidens and they lacked what morals Ozpin had. Finding them was the hard part, killing them was easy. A few hundred of Nora's high-explosive rounds, well worth all the time and Lien put into making them, thrown at high speeds using Polarity took care of most of them and the survivors were in no shape to put up a fight against the two of us. I'll admit if Raven Branwen still ran the clan it would have been a different story but with her dead in the war long before then their easy escape route was gone.

Raven was both shocked and horrified at that. To have her tribe utterly decimated and destroyed so easily was not easy to see. And to also learn that she dies during the war was certainly not an easy pill to swallow either.

Neither Tai nor Yang could believe it either. She may have left them and he may have moved on, but there was still a part of him that missed her to this day.

Yang was having a hard time because she spent so long looking for her mother, she wanted to know why she left and when she was a child she wanted her to be with them again. She may now be filled with anger for Raven but she was still her mother so this really hit her.

After that I thought we would have been good but then RWBY and Qrow showed up on our door. That very nearly turned ugly. Luckily Ruby managed to make sure Neo and I understood that Ozpin's/Oscar's group had no idea we were here. As it turns out Oscar really is Oscar, but he learned a bit too much from Ozpin for me to ever go near the kid. Qrow was no idiot, he knew Neo was the Fall Maiden but kept his mouth shut. He promised us that it wouldn't be from him that anyone found out. After that it didn't become unusual for team RWBY to drop in every-few-months. After all Ruby is our kids' Godmother while the others are their beloved aunts.

'Kids?!' shouted a certain three girls in their heads. They were all fighting back few tears at this. One of them were happy to at least be the godmother but it still stung.

Neo was blushing even more then before. Never in her life did she think she would ever have kids, so this was an even greater surprise not that she was against it mind you.

"EEEEEEEEEEEH, GRANDBABIES!" squealed Juniper at such a high volume that every faunus in the theater covered their ears to no success. It's well know fact in the Arc household that Juniper wants as many grandkids as possible, so she can have someone to spoil again and since Saphron moved she never gets the chance to spoil Adrian, so she has been pressuring her other kids that are old enough for years to make some for her, including Jaune.

Pyrrha and Roman, our ten-year-old twin terrors, and boy did Neo make me pay for us having two at once. I love them both, but they are handfuls. Pyrrha takes after Neo in both looks, having a blue eye and a pink eye, and love of Ice Cream but acts more like I did at her age. Roman looks like a carbon copy of me but takes after Neo. Both are interested in being Huntsmen and they have the talent for it. When they both turn thirteen I'm going to give them a talk about the darker truths of being a Huntsman. Two years after that Neo and I will would educate them about the darker side of Remnant, tell them the reason they can never talk about their parents to others, and tell them everything about the people they get their names from. A growl reaches my ears and I turn to see a Beowolf getting ready to leap at me. I ready myself to cut it down the moment it's in the air only for it to fall to pieces.

"Well I'm flattered you'd do such a thing Neo… Neo?" Neo was unresponsive to Romans words. He waved his hand in her face and even snapped his fingers in front of her too, but nothing it was strange.

What Roman didn't know is that Neo was still a little awestruck that she ended up having kids so her mind kind of shutdown a bit.

'Well I'm a little happy he at least thought of me when naming his daughter, though I always imagined me and him settling down and having kids of our own someday.' thought a sad Pyrrha.

"DADDY!" I sheathe Crocea Mors and catch Pyrrha as she runs into my arms. I look over her shoulder to see Neo and Roman walking up the path, Neo must have cut the Beowolf to shreds with the wind. Roman begins to make fun of his sister for acting the way she did. Pyrrha instantly let's go of me and gets up in his face, she definitely has a great deal of Neo in her. I watch as Roman and Pyrrha are pulled away from each other by their ears, Neo having a smile on her face that promises pain if they don't stop.

Many parents in the audience whose children are grown now remember a time when their children were that age and are close to crying. Kali then gives blake a giant hug as does Summer for Ruby and Yang.

Both Ozpin and Salem begin to wipe away a few tears remembering their now deceased daughters. The thought to this day still brings them pain.

I wouldn't trade this for anything. This wonderful family of mine, they make it all worth it. I know people still look for the Fall Maiden, that they seek Neo's power, that if they found out a Maiden had children they would want to examine my kids under a microscope. If someone ever actually tried that I would make an example of them that the world would never forget. The world isn't a truly safe place, I don't think it ever will be, but watching my family as we set up a picnic lunch I can forget all about it. Neo smiles at me and my family calls me over from my daze. I walk towards them with a smile on my face.

As the screen fades to black many begin to speak.

"That was kinda nice at the end, the story was kinda dark at the beginning I'm glad it at least had a happy ending." said Ruby.

"Oh really sis, then why was it that during a lot of of scenes with vomit boy and the ice cream girl you kept having a sad expression, hmm~?" asked Yang with an inquisitive smirk.

"Hey yeah Pyrrha was doing the same thing." said a giggling Nora.

"No I wasn't!" denied the champion.

"You were too bun bun, something you wanna tell us~?" asked Coco with a toothy grin.

"Coco!" shouted Velvet who was hiding behind her ears.

"It was nothing Yang, butt out!" demanded Ruby.

"Aw c'mon sis you can tell. I can tell somethings up with how rosey your cheeks are." punned the blonde bombshell, earning a groan from many in the theater.

'I had almost forgotten all about Tai's puns. He must of infected her with his… unique sense of humour.' thought Raven as she cringed at the pun her daughter made.

"Hate to interrupt but we're not done with this one yet I'm afraid." cut in Wolf.

"Wait what? But that was the perfect place to leave off." said Kali.

"You'd think wouldn't you? Well get ready this is gonna be a doozy." replied the god.

Atlas, a city of technological marvels and military might that hovered miles up off the ground. The latter only increasing over the years following the defeat of Salem and the Grimm's reduced capacity; fear was rampant among the other kingdoms that soon Atlas might try to expand their boarders. Faunus were terrified they might soon be facing enslavement by the SDC despite Weiss Schnee being practically an angel to them compared to the males of her name. Even Ghira Belladonna was readying Menagerie for the possibility of invasion rather than calling for peace talks.

Winter couldn't believe what she was hearing. Atlas would never do such a thing… right?

"Ghira was none to happy about this himself, he would hope that things settle down a bit when the grimm are no longer as much of a threat, but it seems in this universe it isn't the case.

"I'm surprised Ghira, I never expect you to fight instead of rolling over and trying to talk." said Sienna. Blake sent a glare towards the tiger faunus.

Ghira was surprised by this, "what exactly are you getti-"

"I remember during our travels back when you were highleader, when we were attacked you tried to talk things out and even chastised Adam for killing one of them. Funny how things change eh Ghira?" slurred Sienna. Now Kali was getting mad as well.

"*inhale* This is different Sienna. My alternate is merely preparing for the worst and wishes to protect his people, unlike you going out of your way and starting violence." retorted Ghira. They both stared each other down but rather then continue this argument they went back to watching the screen.

Meanwhile as all that was happening, Ilia was surprised to hear that Weiss Schnee had taken back her company and how the faunus were perceiving her as an angel of sorts. To hear a Schnee helping faunus was strange to her and left her with much to think about.

Currently General Ironwood was in his office, going over reports as he awaited news of an op he had recently sanctioned. He had put some of his best and brightest were on it, the soldiers assigned to the job only surpassed by people like Winter and team FNKI. The door opened, and Ironwood looked up, fully expecting the commanding officer of the team he sent out only for a black glow to surround his prosthetics and slam him against the wall. Ironwood's actual arm made to go for his pistol only for a bar of metal to slam into it and wrap around it to form a bracelet which restrained it as well. Ironwood cursed in his head, only one person had this power and the fact they were here meant the team failed.

"Ironwood; you son of a bitch!" Jaune Arc glared at the General, his hand covered in the same glow as that which kept the older man slammed against the wall. Long gone was the boy stuck to a tree; before Ironwood stood one of the most dangerous men in Remnant. A scar stood prominently under his right eye while two fingers on his left hand were now replaced by prosthetics. Sprouting up to 6ft 7, the image of a knight still stuck in subtle ways with his armor now painted black, only his Crocea Mors still bearing the white and gold color scheme he once favored. Jeans and a hoodie still seemed to be his favored clothes of choice but now a grey, high-collared jacket joined the assemble. Stitched onto the coat the symbols of his fallen teammates which formed a triangle on that part that would rest over his heart when the jacket was closed.

"What's Arc doing, is he crazy?!" shouted Weiss.

"I think we'll find out Weiss." said Willow.

"YOU ABSOLUTE BASTARD! YOU SENT A STRIKE TEAM TO CAPTURE MY WIFE AND CHILDREN! I thought the last group I sent back to you in critical condition would have been enough of a warning but no! You sent a Black Ops unit armed with plastic bullets to kill me and steal away my family!" Jaune glared at the general as he shouted, every piece of metal in the office vibrating with Jaune's rage. His semblance may be like that of his deceased partner, but his methods were much less subtle. Preferring to crush his foes in their own armor, turn their weapons against them, or send their own bullets flying back at them rather than the subtle methods his partner used to become a tournament champion. One perfect example and one of his most famous acts was to crush a slave gang under a shipping container they were using for Faunus-trafficking after all the victims had been rescued.

Many save for some members of the fang were horrified at what Jaune did to a trafficker. Many thought that he had to be stopped but being crushed like that, that was horrifying to picture.

But what sent everyone off was what Jaune had said to the general.

"What does he mean by that James?" demanded Goodwitch.

The general didn't answer but felt he had an idea what it was about.

"Hey Pyrrha can you do something like that? It would be so cool!" asked Nora.

"I don't know, I've never tried before I always tried to be subtle about how I use my semblance and keep it secret, I never learned what the full extent of it was." replied the spartan

"Well miss Nikos, I'd say the next chance you get you try to find out. It is important not to heavily rely on your semblance otherwise it will become a crutch, but it's also important to learn the limits of it as well to use it to its most effectiveness." said Ozpin. This gave Pyrrha something to think about for the future.

"Your wife is a criminal and assisted in the Breach and the Fall of Beacon. On top of that she contains the power of the Fall Maiden, she may possibly be the last Fall Maiden if we don't learn to harness that power. I suggest you leave before security… AGGGG!" Ironwood was cut off as the area on his shoulder where muscle merged with metal shifted painfully.

"Given it was your army that was shooting up Vale's citizens I suggest you shut it. I don't want to hear condemnation coming from a monster like you. Also your security needs a serious overhaul, I hacked in easily. The fire alarm went off on every floor of the building but this one and then the building went on lockdown. We're the only two people in this building. " Ironwood's fury rose with each word.

"I'm impressed that was quite clever of the boy, I'm beginning to like him." said Sienna.

"But lady Khan, he's a human." said Ilia.

"And your point Ilia? I only hate humans that look down on us and deserve our wrath. This one however has shown he doesn't care whether someone is faunus or not, in fact he shows that he wishes to help our people." explained Sienna, to which left Ilia to think while Adam just scoffed.

"I assume he gets that from you Nicholas?" asked Ghira.

"Me and my wife raised him right old friend." said the head of the Arc clan.

"Wait dad, you know each other?" asked Blake.

"Why yes Blake but that is a story for another time." said the chief of Menagerie


"HOW DARE I! You're the one that sent an Atlassian black ops unit into another Kingdom to kidnap a mother and her two children, you are the one that had a device built to rip the souls out of people, and don't think I haven't forgotten about Penny, how did she get a soul?" Jaune's tone makes it quite clear what he thinks, and Ironwood refuses to answer him. "If you think I'm going to let you take my family so that you can steal my wife's soul and turn my children into breeding stock you have another thing coming." Jaune was well aware of what fate would await his children, and possibly his wife till she could bear children no longer. With the twins having shown signs of semblances that granted them control of the elements like what the Maiden's power granted its bearers they would be turned into cattle so that Atlas would have pseudo-Maidens at their beck and call.

"I won't lie that would be a smart move?" said Ironwood.

"Wow wow wow, Jimmy you can't be serious? That's messed up even for you!" shouted Qrow.

"Qrow your not thinking of the big pict-"

"No James, I was not happy about even considering putting Amber in that machine, but felt it was the only option but this… this is going to far." raged Ozpin.

Ironwood was couldn't believe this, Ozpin would really turn something like this down? "Schnee back me up here, surely you would understand right?"

Winter just looked at the general, someone she looked up to, and felt like she was looking at a complete stranger, "No gener- *inhale* No Ironwood, I may have supported you through a lot of things but this… this is not one of them. This is something I could never stand by." Ironwood couldn't believe this, his most trusted liaison even side against him?

Neo was the most enraged by this. They may not have been technically hers, but they were still her children and her motherly instincts where screaming at her to tear Ironwood apart. And she would if it hadn't been for the rules of this reality keeping her from doing so.

"Is everything ok Penny? You seem upset about something." asked a concerned Ruby.

"What friend Jaune said is really getting to me Ruby. How do I have a soul? Is it a soul That was ripped out of someone and put inside a machine, or is it a artificial soul that was created? I guess I never really thought of that until now, but now that I am it really bothers me." stated Penny.

Ruby hugged her friend and reassured her, "It doesn't matter Penny, all that matters is you are you and you are my friend. I'll always be by your side if you need me, that's what friends are for after all." This made Penny feel a bit better and even returned the hug, but there was still a part of her that wondered.

"So this is it? You kill me and think it ends, plenty of people know about what your wife is. Her life is no longer her own." Ironwood glared at the blonde in front of him; remembering the fact he snuck his way into Beacon and then ran off after the attack on Mistral with a criminal. His actions in fighting against Salem and her forces changed nothing. Both he and his wife were criminals and as such deserved what came their way.

"Looks like I was right to call you tinman Jimmy, given that You seem just as heartless as your robot soldiers!" said Qrow who then looked towards Penny, "Present company excluded kiddo."

"Their criminals Qrow!" shouted Ironwood.

"And what about their children, should the sins of the parent be placed on the children and even so they at least helped stop Salem in that world, that's more than I can say about you." said Glynda causing the general the scowl.

Many were confused by what Ironwood meant about Jaune sneaking into Beacon but figured they would learn later on.

"You and your pathetic little cabal; always sacrificing people like pawns." Jaune flicked his wrist to the side and Ironwood's prosthetic arm is ripped from its socket. "You and the Wizard are the ones I despise the most, even more that that traitor Lionheart or the Fall Bitch." Another flick and a leg now flies across the office.

Ozpin was not happy to have mister Arc scorn him so. Had his actions really been so abhorrent that he would be viewed as such? This gave him much to think about.

"And yet … we saved the world."

"And now you're taking credit that isn't your own James? I expected better of you." Glynda glared at the general with disdain.

"Don't flatter yourself, RWBY saved the world. You just kept it alive till they came along." The last leg flew off and then Ironwood's pistol flew into Jaune's free hand. He looked it over before sticking it in one of his jacket's pockets. "And honestly, did you actually think we didn't track down the rest of your circle. News Flash Ironwood! We've been in the city for days; right now all of your inner circle are gathering in one place and my wife is about to light them up." An explosion rocked the room and the two looked out the window to see one of the governmental buildings supposed to be closed by now spewing smoke from one of the higher floors.

"Why did Jaune take his gun?" asked Ruby.

"I… I don't think he'll be needing it anymore Ruby." said Blake. Ruby wasn't very comfortable with that answer.

"no…" Ironwood's voice was barely a whisper at the sight, even if the buildings security was compromised the private security his allies employed was formidable. For even a Maiden to supposedly kill them all so easily…

"I can't believe Jaune would do such a thing." gasped Pyrrha.

"There is nothing a father won't do for his children." said Tai, to which all the fathers in the theater nodded in agreement.

"Wow, right on schedule. Then again I should expect nothing less from my wife." Ironwood turned his gaze back on Jaune.

"Winter, Glynda, even Qrow …." Jaune cut him off by releasing his magnetic grip and letting Ironwood crash to the ground.

"Want nothing to do with you; you think they would after what you tried to do. Qrow's worried about when you'd go after Ruby, Winter is the same for her and her family, Glynda is still checking up on every student she's ever taught or known with hereditary semblances terrified she'll find one went missing mysteriously. I doubt she will, your army says a lot about you. Go big or go home; you would want to start big and Maiden Powers or Silver Eyes would be the first things you'd target." With that Jaune walks out the door, leaving Ironwood on the floor.

"That's a good point Jimmy, are you ever gonna go after my niece next? Because if you do, then I will skin you alive." snarled Qrow. Yang also sent a glare toward the general's way.

Winter and Glynda were also worried at that. Would James really be capable of doing such a thing? If he is capable of doing this then what wouldn't he do they suppose is the better question.

Using his last limb Ironwood pulls himself to his desk and up onto it, it's a herculean feat given his condition. It takes him several minutes before he manages to get up on his desk to grab at his scroll only to find it broken beyond repair. The room rumbles again, no that wasn't it the entire building is shaking. The support beams quiver and groan as they're bent out of shape. Outside the crowds begin to run as the building collapses inward, the debris falling inward and away from the fleeing forms. A block away Jaune starred at the collapsing building with cold eyes as his hands glowed once more.

"Ok Pyrrha I have to agree with Ozpin, it's a little sad that Arc knows how to use your semblance better than you do." said Weiss, making Pyrrha blush in embarrassing. She realises she really needs to learn more about her semblance.

"No one is taking another family from me; no one." Someone enveloped his arm in their grasp and Jaune smiled as he looked down at his wife. Torchwick's hat, now with orange thread sewed onto the red band in the shape of Roman's symbol by Jaune, securely perched upon her head, a grey ascot around her neck tied just like her father-figure's orange one once was. Her hair now flowed free, less controlled than when they met. A corset sharing all three colors of her hair held up by leather straps framed her chest and revealed her voluptuous figure. Detached sleeves and white gloves covered her arms hands. White pants hugged legs while her

"I know this a bad time but I have to say, she looks good like that." said Coco. Velvet groaned at her team leaders words, Coco will take any opportunity be it appropriate or not, to talk fashion.

Neopolitan Arc smiled up at her husband; her parasol hooked on her arm as she enjoyed the feeling of his proximity; enjoying the way his eyes roamed over her body as he took in her form as though he didn't get to see it whenever and however he wanted. He always had a way of making her feel like the most beautiful thing in the world. Always ready to pamper her while still acknowledging she was a deadly woman that could kick anyone's ass. Before she could react Jaune had scooped her up in his arms, swinging them around into an ally and planting her against the wall. Her legs wrapped around his waist while his hands rested on the back of her waist and neck, they crashed together in a passionate kiss as Neo ran her hands through his hair. Sirens filled the air as police cars and fire trucks sped past the ally; if any peered into the alley they would have seen some random couple necking courtesy of Neo's semblance.

Many of the woman in the theater felt kinda jealous. They sigh because they could only dream of having a man that treats them as special as that.

When they come up from air no more cars were passing by the alley and Neo fixed her husband with an amused stare.

Neo could only blush at hearing that. Who was this boy who could do such a thing as make her flustered? She was normally so calm under pressure but this boy, no this man was actually affecting her.

"Come on Neo, I had to go a day without my favorite flavor. Forgive me for dealing with withdrawal." Neo was not using her semblance to hide her blush, no she was not and anyone that said otherwise would find themselves waking up with a pillow over their face and a blade in their chest. Ignoring the warmth flooding her cheeks Neo gestured to the cameras posted all over the block.

"Give me some credit Neo, fried long before I entered their range of vision." Another neat perk of a magnetism semblance, the ability to mess with most electronics like cameras. The paparazzi was lucky Pyrrha was so nice; Jaune was much less so.

"And he continues to impress, this boy just can't stop surprising me." said Sienna. She was starting to want to meet this boy now.

Pyrrha then whines and asks, "I didn't even know I could do that. Why does Jaune know how to use my semblance for more than me?"

"Maybe because he has actually put practise into learning miss Nikos." plainly stated miss Goodwitch. Pyrrha's embarrassed blush grew even bigger now.

A gust blew through the alley and sent shivers through Neo before she used the power of the Fall Maiden to warm herself up; Jaune chuckling as he wrapped his coat around both of them while Neo latched onto him like a limpet.

"Come on; I'm sick of this place. Let's go home and see if Ruby's built her Godchildren new weapons that we'll need to install all sorts of safety features on." Neo nodded as she rested her head on the crock of his neck. Home, before the Fall Neo's home was wherever Roman was and that was lost to her that day. Now it was a remote village with a comfy two-story house and her small little ice cream parlor in town that she ran while her kids were at school. Come afternoon she'd pick Roman and Pyrrha up and take them back home to see wait for their Jaune to come back from his job as the head of village security. Come night she would fall asleep wrapped up in her Knight's arms, often after expressing their love for one another.

Neo was drooling now at the thought of owning an ice cream parlor. To Neo that was living the dream. Roman only chuckled at seeing her face.

Ironwood had violated that home, he had sent men to kidnap her and her children and kill her husband. And just like the Grimm that attacked their village, just like the bandits that attempted to raid them, and just like Cinder Fall he died in the end with everything he built utterly destroyed. That was the fate of all those that tried to hurt their family, their home. There would be consequences for this, international ones that they had no way of predicting but the two of them didn't care. Hell if Atlas tried something like this again they'd drop it out of the fucking sky.

Ok now this just getting sad, everyone stared at Pyrrha who just starting whining from pure embarrassment again and was hiding her face.

But a few were left to wonder if he could actually do something like that. Some were left horrified, others left intrigued.

They would destroy all those that attacked their family, they would leave untold destruction in their wake however many times they needed to until the message was delivered.

Don't Fuck With The Arcs!

And it was those last words that sent a chill up the spines of many in the theater, while Neo could only grin and the rest of the Arcs could only nod in agreement with those final words. And with that the screen went black once again.

"So I know I'm gonna usually play these at random but I feel like we should have a more light hearted one next. Is that ok with any of you?" asked Wolf.

"Yes please." plainly stated Ruby. Many frantically nodded their head in agreement.

"Alright let's take a small break while I set this up."

As everyone was getting up to stretch their legs, both of Jaune's parents walked up to Glynda.

"Excuse us miss Goodwitch, your the combat instructor at Beacon correct?" asked Nicholas.

"I am." answer the deputy headmistress.

"We would like to thank you for helping our son achieve his dream and not giving up on him, as his parents we should have supported him but were glad you are helping him. We're glad someone like you is striving to train him to be a great huntsmen and hero. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts." said Juniper who then hugged her.

"O-oh, it's nothing I was… simply doing my job." said Glynda with a forced smile. She now was even more guilty for everything she did and thought about the young Arc scion. When they return to their world she will truly strive to teach mister Arc, and make up for her mistakes.

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