A young child sits curled in a dark, barren closet. His head was tucked into his knees as he rocked himself back and forth. A hand hits the thin wall in the next room over. He can hear his mother's whimper and sob. He can hear his father, if you can even call him that, groan and laugh to himself. Another thud slams into a different wall and Izuku curls closer into himself, hugging his knees, and praying to whoever would listen. He didn't want anyone to hurt anymore.

"Useless bitch, not even worth your cunt. No one wants you. I'm all you have. You're lucky I even deal with you."

"Hisashi please," he hears his mother plead with a strangled cry. His eyes shut tighter and he covers his mouth, choking on sobs he cannot let be heard.

"Shut your stupid fucking whore ass mouth."

A crash could be heard and Izuku couldn't help but sob to himself. His panic clouded his head. He couldn't think, he could hardly see. A pounding headache jabbed at his eyes and his scars ached with phantom pains. The panic rose as the noises stopped, and the bedroom door opened with an ominous creak.

"Hi-Hisashi please he's a kid come back," his mother choked out through sobs and coughs. His door opens slowly, and his father walks in. He can hear the boots hit his barren floor. He can hear him lift the blanket to his bed and hum to himself.

"Now where could he be."

Panic rose in his chest. He could feel his pulse in his head. He could feel his throat close shut and his lungs revoke his privilege to breath.

He hated how the game he knew was about to play out. He hated the sickly smile he could hear on his father's voice and he hated the crackle of his father's fire in his voice. He knew smoke was pouring out of his mouth, it always was when he got like this.

Against his will another sob came out of his mouth. He immediately knew his mistake.

"There's my little boy," he said opening the closet door. "Come out here. Play a game with daddy."

Izuku collapsed to the ground, finally released from his father's searing hot chains. His wrists ached from the feeling of heated metal and his back was covered in welts, burns trailing down his back. He sobbed silently on the floor of the basement. He hurt in muscles he didn't know existed and had wounds in places that would ache for years.

"That's enough for tonight," his father said casually with a yawn. "I'm going to work."

Sunlight streamed through the window. A blue sky lit the world up and birds chirped, seemingly unaware of the dampness of a basement or his violently plight.

He didn't know how much time has passed.

Izuku's frail, puny body shook with every breath and his blood seeped onto the floor. He closed his eyes and pulled his knees to his chest – his body screamed in protest as burns pulled at his joints. Footsteps got quieter and he heard the door to the basement close. His father had left him alone to clean up after himself.

"Finally," he thought to himself, "some quiet."

It took him far too long to gather enough of his strength to get up. His shaky footsteps could be heard pattering quietly through the suddenly very silent house. His mother was passed out on the floor, tear tracks and blood staining her gorgeous, soft face. Izuku grabbed a throw blanket from the couch and waddled over to her, bending down and covering her up the best he could.

"Get some sleep mom. I'll be okay. I love you."

He grabbed a plastic bag from the kitchen and went to his room. It was as barren as his father's eyes had been. Izuku coughed as he bent down to reach under his bed and into his box spring. He pulled out a notebook and a well-worn pen and put it in the bag. He waddled over and reached up in his closet, trying to grab any clothes he could, and stuffed them in the bag too. Then he went to the bathroom, and grabbed some first-aid supplies, and packed them.

"I'm going away, mom," Izuku said with tears in his eyes as he looked down at the woman he loved so dearly. "I'm going to get away from daddy, so you can get away from him too. I know you stay because I'm here. You want me to be safe and protect me. But you won't protect yourself, but if I leave you will. Right mom?" he said with a muted, drawn out sob.

"I'm leaving mom. Please leave too. I love you."

And, with that speech to the unconscious Inko, a child left his house, going onto the street by himself for the first time since he was diagnosed as quirkless several years ago.