Really it was Robin's fault the game had ended before it was properly finished with a single lantern still light and floating on its own near support beam of the ceiling but then again It wasn't like letting it burn could risk burning down the cabin anyway thanks to Regina's protection spell.

Thinking she could take out one of the remaining two lanterns over by the space Alice used as a painting nook before her rival spotted it the over-eager archer makes a jump over the back of the sofa firing off an arrow as she goes. Unfortunately, her shot over her girlfriend's shoulder to catch her mark spoked said girlfriend enough that Alice stumbles back into the sofa just as Robin landed so instead of the couch cushions Alice ended up falling directly into Robin's lap. Okay maybe due to the angle its more like she falls back onto her stomach but in the confusion, Robin's isn't paying that much attention.

"Hi, baby." The archer laughs not caring at not being able to properly catch her breath if it means having Alice so close. They'd both stripped down to their under clothes. Robin to one of her comfier sport bras and matching boy brief style underwear and Alice to a lace-up corset undershirt she knew Robin liked seeing her in and a long slip covering her lap instead of underwear leaving their damp clothes to dry out in front of the fire.

For her part, Alice was trying to shift off of her but Robin's arms around her middle stalled most of her attempts. "Earlier you were complaining you weren't close enough to me now you can't get away fast enough." Robin says with a genuinely wounded undertone in her voice as she sits up moving Alice into her lap.

Alice turns her head pressing her lips against the hollow of Robin's throat before she answers. "I'd prefer you to be breathing while we're like this and with how I was sitting you weren't." she corrects reaching one hand back to slide her fingers into Robin's hair while the other dropped to intertwining her fingers with Robin's hand resting against her stomach holding her back against the other woman's body.

Robin leans back against the arm of the sofa again tugging Alice with her only noticing once she'd allowed herself to actually relax against the back of the couch that Alice had magicked it enough to accommodate them both laying down on it and still be comfortable.

"I have to say I did like that game of yours Nobin. But I like this better." Alice says breaking the sleepy quiet of watching the flames crackling in the fireplace while the storm picked up outside "Me too." Robin agreed pressing her lips against the back of Alice's neck "So much better." A warm line of kisses followed trailing from the base of her neck over her shoulder.

Robin's surprised gasp was swallowed by Alice's mouth pressing down on her own as the archer's back hits the curve of the sofa "Don't start something you don't finish love." Her realm jumper taunts settling over her archer making her girlfriend's breath hitch at the dampness waiting for her as their hips slot together. "Who said I wouldn't?" Robin questions fisting her hand with Alice's against the armrest she's using as a pillow while the other toys with the laces of the corset Alice's is using as a bra. She waits for the consenting node before she tugs the ties free, so it drops away from the curve of Alice's breasts leaving her exposed to Robin's hungry gaze. In the same instance, Robin feels more than sees a swirl of blue-gray smoke surrounding her own bra so hers joined Alice's in the vicinity of either the bedroom or the front door neither woman cared where.

"Just keeping in practice." Alice grins at the show of magic. Her eyes close as Robin's hips rock up against her own savoring the groan her rouge lets out when she grinds her own back down in retaliation against Robin's still clothed ones. "Minx."

"Vixen." Alice giggles watching the green of Robin's eyes turn steadily to black on every teasing grind of her hips.

"You're playing with fire spy." Alice shudders at the sinful drop of Robin's voice along with the scrape of short trimmed nails along the side of her back before the hand not still fisted with her own drops back onto the sofa cushion. God, she loves it when Robin calls her a spy possibly even more so than being called her Tower Girl.

"Funny I thought I was playing with you."

If possible, Robin's eyes darken more at the tease. "That you are spy." She agrees sliding her arm back around Alice's waist as she sits up pressing her back against the armrest letting her fingers trace the smooth skin of Alice's back. "Time to even the score I think." She whispers against the valley between Alice's breasts peeking up to meet the now lust darkened eyes she loved for the agreeing node before she takes the right breast in her mouth bringing the hand that had been holding Alice's up to massage the left as she lavished the one in her mouth with licks and soft kisses.

"Tease." Alice groans when Robin switches to the right earning a pleased smile from her archer at the praise. The breathy giggle Alice lets out has Robin pausing to peek up at the other woman releasing her breast with a soft pop from the suction of her mouth. "Your hair tickles." Alice explained putting a momentary pause to the lusty mood for an impromptu tickle fight to break out between the two.

A mock fight that ends with Robin bent over the side of the armrest with Alice draped over her back her arm wrapped around Robin's front and her hand resting against Robin's damp sex. "Alice." Robin pleads rolling her hips against Alice's hand needing the friction from the stilled hand cupping her under the wet remains of her boy shorts. "Sshh I've got you Nobin." Alice promises peppering her neck with soothing kisses earning a whimpering sigh as her fingers slide against slickened lips in time with Robin's still rocking hips.

"Alice don't call…. Nah, fuck." Robin pants trying to sound more annoyed than she felt her anger melting away into a whined moan when two delicate fingers slide passed her pulsing dripping lips easily. She could feel the smug grin on Alice's lips pressed against her shoulder as the fingers inside her started to move thrusting against her like a slow building tide.

She lost track of just how many times Alice made her fall over the edge only that she did with both her fingers and that teasing tongue of hers once they'd moved from the couch over to Alice's bed. Robin had tried to return the favor several times but Alice would shake her head and once again drive the panting archer into delicious oblivion.

"Hey, beautiful." Alice coos what could have been days later climbing back onto the bed while Robin stretches out like a contented cat in the tangled sheets.

"Hi" Robin grins rolling over onto her stomach beside her pleased looking spy of a girlfriend. "Why are you still in clothes?"

Alice laughed aloud at question tugging her pouting archer out of bed following Robin's blurry gaze to the wet remains of her slip. "Cause I was looking after you so it didn't matter what I was wearing." She answers with a shrug handing over one of her bigger fluffier blankets to cover Robin's distracting nakedness and keep her warm as Alice picks up both cups of the long-forgotten hot chocolate giggling at Robin's muttered "matters to me." as she leads her girlfriend out to the front porch to watch the rain.

Almost immediately Alice finds herself pulled into the warmth of Robin's blanket covered arms so she's sitting between her legs on a rocking chair that after a quick enlarging spell was able to seat both of them without too much fuss.

Alice hadn't intended to node off. After all, she wasn't the one that had climaxed close to a dozen times that afternoon, yet she found herself cuddling up in Robin's protective arms welcoming her warmth to drifted off to the sounds of the rain falling against the wooden planks of the porch roof.

"Hey, sleeping beauty I think it's time to go back inside." Robin purrs against her ear. The rain had slowed to a lazy drizzle instead of a full storm but Alice groans not wanting to move. "Too comfy." She counters after a few more prods for her to wake up.

"Alright, but after another nap, it's my turn." Robin smiles making a new flood of wetness between her legs chase all thought if sleep from Alice's mind "And I have one last little game for you my spying Tower Girl." She adds in warning.

"Oh yeah?" Alice asked her voice breaking at the once again lust darkened eyes of the woman she loved as Robin carried her back toward the front door. Robin nodes dipping her head to press a kiss against Alice's shoulder while her girlfriend tugs the falling blanket back around Robin's shoulders for her as she moves. "For every lantern you had to 'save' earlier I'm going to bring you to the edge."

Alice gulped at the idea and it takes her a few more seconds to remember words let alone how to say them. "How is that a game? Sounds more like cruel punishment."

"No, it's going to be a game, Alice." Robin promises pressing a kiss against her pouting girlfriend's hairline. "because before you get to cum you are going have to relight all those lanterns we put out."

More wetness pooled between Alice's legs "And if I can't?" she asks knowing already how unstable her magic was. Robin didn't answer but she didn't have to given the sinful glow in her darkened eyes.

"Oh, you are wicked." Alice rasped trying to remember just how many of those dammed lanterns Robin had brought with her that morning.

"But you love me anyway." Robin points out letting Alice down just to back her up against the closed front door.

"God help me I do." Alice agrees tugging Robin in for what turned out to be a sinful kiss as the blue-gray smoke coiled around them taking them back into the cottage.