Last Goodbye
Written by Evanish2Florence

Fanfiction | Good Morning, Miami
Focused characters | Jake, Penny, Dylan and Gavin
Title inspired by | Jeff Buckley's Last Goodbye


Jake have been crunching over Dylan since he took the job as executive producer of the show Good Morning, Miami. The only reason he stayed was because of Dylan. In his mind, Dylan brought beauty and reason to the show.

Hey Dylan. Jake grinned. Here you go... He picks up the Hazelnut creamer for her coffee.

Thank you Jake. I'm sorry, I'm out of it again this morning. Gavin... Dylan allowed her words to trail off.

You guys at it again? Why are you even with the guy? Jake asked as he poured his French Vanilla cream in his coffee. He never took his eyes of her.

I don't know. I love him. And I do believe that he is still not strong enough to be out there... alone and fishing. Dylan said as she takes another sip of her coffee.

I don't know, Dylan. Is that really a good enough reason to stay with the guy? Jake asked.

I don't know. Isn't love just enough? Dylan cringed.

Is it? It is if you still love that someone as much as you did when you knew you loved them. Jake said taking his coffee. Think about it Dylan. Jake walked away.

Jake walks in his office as Dylan runs after him.

How is that a good thing? I mean, you don't know how I feel. I just told you I loved him. Dylan questioned.

That's the thing Dylan, don't you remember last time. You said love doesn't work in any ways. Love doesn't exist with reason. You just know and feel it. Jake snaps his fingers in front of Dylan's eyes.

Dylan smiles, turns around and walks away.

What was that about? Penny walks in and asked. Exhausting girl, exhausted herself? She closes the door behind her.

Jake looks at Penny and looks away with disappointment. Penny. Why can't you just be nice to her for a change? You don't understand her. You hardly understand anything. Why don't you just walk out that door and maybe outside this office. It is not like your worth keeping around. Jake said.

I know everything, Jake. Don't you tell me I know zilch! You don't know me. Jake, Dylan is with Gavin, Gavin is with Dylan. Jake, you're alone. You'll always be alone until you open up those pretty eyes of yours and see that the person you're meant to be with could be right in front of you. Then again, you're Jake. No one expects you to be happy or to spend a lifetime with someone. You're a jerk, you know that. That wasn't necessarily a question. Penny turns around and walks away.

Jake yells behind her. Penny stops and Jake walks up to her. You really think I have pretty eyes? Jake joked. Penny begins to turn away. I'm sorry. I never meant to say you're unworthy. Because you know you are. You've always been there for me. You've been a great friend. Jake continued.

Penny disappointed, still let out a smile. I know. She replied. In fact, if you ever want to get your mind of Dylan. I'm here for you.

Jake said.

Of course. I'll be out there. All ready in my car. I'd run you over, then go back and then I'd run you over again. Penny continued.

Jake playfully punched Penny. I've said this before, before Satan calls you home. Get something actually done.

Chapter 1

When Jake walks away, Penny sits down and opens the drawer. She begins to pat the bottom, where she have kept an envelope. She grabs it and walks to the bathroom. She walks in and locks the door. She opens up the envelope where she have put away a copy of a letter Jake had written to Dylan. She, for the thousand time, reads it again...

Dear Dylan,

I know this is weird, receiving a letter from me. But don't worry,
it's not me being the boss, this is not a firing letter. The only
letter who'd be receiving that is Penny. Ha ha. Yes, I know, I
should just stop messing with her. I will, eventually. Anyhow,
the day we met was the day my whole life changed, in its own way.
When I told you that you were beautiful, I covered it with saying
that you were beautiful at your job. But the truth is, I think you're
simply beautiful. You're too beautiful for words. You're exquisite.
The reason I took this job was because of you. You're the reason,
you were the only reason I stayed. When you touched my hair
that day, you lit up a candle and it shined to a road full of beauty.

I love you, Dylan.


Penny folds the letter and seals it back again in the envelope. She looks at the envelope one last time and gets up off the counter. She unlocks the door and opens it and sees Dylan. Oh, good morning, gorgeous. Penny smiles and walks away. Being sarcastic to Dylan was Penny's only way to get through her. Being sarcastic to anyone was the only way for her to get through life, without people finding out anything else about her. She was a hopeless romantic.

Penny rests her head down on the table.

Jake calls for her from his office. Penny, can I see you for a moment? Jake yells from the door. I don't know, can you see... for a moment? Penny yells in return. You know what I mean. Get in here. Jake shrugs. Leaving the door open, he walks back to his desk.

Penny walks in and closes the door. She walks right to the couch and lies down. What's up? Penny asks. She already have her ears ready to listen to Jake talk about Dylan. Jake got up off his chair and walked in front of Penny. You know what's up. Jake said sitting down next to Penny. Penny said as Jake came closer to her face. I love you, Penny. Jake said and began kissing her.