Chapter 4

Penny turns her undivided attention to Dylan. Excuse me? Penny asks. I know I'm smokin' but I'm not like that. She continues. Dylan laughs. No, no. Well, I am going to be there. Dylan says. Once again, let me put out my Choice o mate card. Penny says as she hands Dylan nothing. Dylan takes it and looks at her hand. Dylan says and looks up to Penny and smiles. Penny slightly tilts her head and gives out a smile. Her eyes showing otherwise. Are you willing to go on a date along with Gavin and I? Dylan asks. She sits back and waits for Penny's response. Ooo, are we doing a Three's Company? Hmp? Hmp? Penny jokes. She sees that Dylan wasn't playing around. No. Okay, then. Um, no, I'm not willing to go out with you and supposedly your boy. Penny said. Oh, come on. I already told the guy... you're going to be there. Dylan pleads. Well, that's not my problem. You should have asked me first. Penny said. I know. I didn't know you were this complicated. Penny, what do you want from me? I'll do anything. Just go with us tomorrow night. This guy really needs to go out with someone. Dylan continues to plead. Who is it? That is what you can do for me. Tell me. Penny said. He seem to be like this... he have those puppy love eyes. And, I really believe that they are for, well... you. Dylan said. Penny's eyes widens and is still waiting for Dylan to say who it is. Penny asks. It's Jake. Dylan finally said. Penny laughs. It's not funny, Penny. Dylan said. It's just... puppy lovee dovee eyes, for me? Penny laughs as she points at herself. You are a drug, Dylan. Penny continues to laugh and stands up. Are you going? Dylan asks, not turning around. Fine, fine. Penny replies. Dylan turns around. I'll make your dreams come true... Penny says waving her hand, in a way of intruding herself. I'll go out with you and I will... well, we'll just go from there. Goodbye, Dylan. Thank you for the adrenaline you've given me. Penny walks away laughing. Maybe you'll give me a rush next time. Penny yells behind her.

Yeah, okay. Dylan says. Yeah, okay what? Gavin asks, kissing her forehead. She stands up and allows Gavin to sit down and she sits on him. You have to go out on a date with me tomorrow night. Dylan tells Gavin. Sweetie, maybe I will, if it was a question. Gavin says and smiles. I'm sorry. I didn't know my plan was going to exhaust me. Dylan said as she gives Gavin a quick kiss on the lip. It's okay. Where we going? Gavin asks. Oh my gosh, I don't even know where we are going! Dylan exclaims. She stands up. She walks back and forth over and over until Gavin grabs a hold of her. Sweetie, I don't think you planned out this plan of yours. Gavin said. He stands up and gives Dylan a kiss and walks away. But, I will go. Gavin yells behind him. I love you! He yells one more time. I love you too! Dylan exclaims.

A few minutes after the show was off-air; Penny walks in Jake's office and sits down on his chair. She opens the drawer, where he keeps his tennis ball. She takes it out and begins to throw it up in the air. Jake walks in, holding loads of paper. Penny throws the ball and Jake drops everything. Jake yells. He bends down to pick up the papers. I'm not sorry. Penny says. She stands up and sits on the floor and begins to pick up the papers. Jake sits down on the floor as well. Jake looks at Penny, What are you doing here? he asks. Why so glum? Penny asks. She stops picking up the papers and allows Jake to finish picking up the rest. Jake said standing up. Penny stands up and sits down on the couch. Jake places the paper on his table and sits next to Penny. I'm going to go out on a date with her and Gavin and some girl. I feel so guilty that I'm going so I get a chance to spend time with her outside work. I don't think I'm going. Jake says. He lies back anc closes his eyes. You're going to disappoint Dylan. And and, you don't want to do that. Penny said. Jake sits up and looks at Penny. No. I would never do that. If I even could, I wouldn't. Jake said. Penny grabs a hold of Jake's face and closely faces him. You are such a cute loyal pug! Penny says and begins to squeeze Jake's cheeks. Jake smiles and looks at Penny. He leans over and begins to kiss her.