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Howdy folks, how's it going?

So, here I am, with a new, and probably quite bizarre, tale to tell. Why a new story, some of you might be wondering?

Well, to be honest, I have grown quite fond of the BNHA series as of late, and have been considering quite a few ideas for stories in in this universe for a while now. I even got my buddy Chaos Productions into it, and many of our discussions lately have been on this topic. Then I recalled an old story idea of his, wondered how it'd go if transplanted into this setting, asked him whether he'd mind if I gave it a whirl, and here we are.

As always, a massive shout out to him for being such a bro.

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Also, obviously, I don't own either BNHA or Warhammer 40k. If I did, Izuku and Tsuyu would be dating in the former and the Deathguard would be loyalists in the later.

Now, without further ado, enjoy the beginning of 'Ere we go, Pluz Ultra!


"I wuldn't go see him if I wuz you…" The weirdboy rambled through his shroom induced haze, green lightning beginning to crackle in his eyes and making the lads all around restless.

Torug promptly headbutted the lightshow out of the little git, sending him flying across the room.

"But ye ain't me." The Warboss said. "Zoggin' Weirdboyz…"

If you weren't careful, they could make a mess all over the place with their big exploding heads. Fortunately, Torug Facebashah knew well how to keep them in line. Throwing a glare around the room to make sure nobody else felt like getting uppity, the towering ork turned and walked out the door with a grunt, the vents of his mega armor hissing out smoke and the pistons working steadily as he crossed a hall filled with statues of some 'umie or other, each and every one of them wrecked and redecorated in the right and proper orky way, with red paint and the skulls and helmets of the krumped foes.

Not too long ago, this had been a 'umie world, one of them places where the 'umies gathered around other 'umies in tall hats that would read books to tell them what to do. Personally, Torug never understood why 'umies would listen to a piece of paper, but they were stupid like that.

He had to give them credit though, when the space hulk he and his lads had been on had crash landed in this world of green plains and big fancy white cities, the 'umies had put up a good fight. It might be stupid, but if the gits with tall hats told them to fight hard, they fought hard and then some. Still got right proper krumped of course, they were up against orks and sadly no spess mehrines had shown, but it had still been great sport after how long that trip through the warp had taken.

So now, the planet belonged to the orks. The cities had been ransacked, everything that wasn't nailed down had been taken, and the 'umies who hadn't been krumped had been put to work on everything from helping the snotlings tend to the shroom farms to target practice. 'Umies were versatile like that, Torug had to give them that too.

But the fun could only last so long. There had been no more 'umies worth krumping for a while now, and the boys were getting jittery. Torug himself was rather confused. You'd think wrecking a 'umie world right and proper would've had the spess mehrines and other hardier 'umies rushing to come have a go, but it had been nearly a month so far and nobody had shown up. The pansies!

By the third time during that period a git had accused him of not leading the lads properly and got readily krumped for voicing opinions, Torug had decided that something had to be done. And it was roughly at that exact same time that the Big Mek of his warband had put forth an interesting idea.

If the zogging sissy 'umies didn't want to come get their planet back, why not take the planet to them? Then the 'umies would have to at least try, it was only proper.

It was zogging genius, so Torug had immediately told the git to get to work.

And now he was headed to his workshop, because he really needed to know what was the zogging hold up?!

As Torug walked deeper and deeper into the depths of the fortress, less and less of the 'umie stuff could be seen, and more and more pipes and plates and gears and cables. Pretty soon, the path the Warboss had been taking opened up into an absolutely massive chamber, with pipes and exhaust vents and hydraulics and sorts of techy things he preferred to leave to the mekboyz, all of it salvaged from the space hulk and whatever ships and gizmos the 'umies had lying around, and all repurposed for proper orkish teknologee, the darkness of the chamber offset by the intermittent green glow of the massive, coiling metal tower smack dab in the middle of the room. The Warboss blinked at the thing, it was like somebody built a force field generator big enough to fit a gargant.

And moreover, the faint tingling that had been growing in the back of his head was now a steady pressure, weighing down on him like someone had added more weight to his mega armor.

Even Torug could feel that the Waaagh was strong here. No wonder that weirboy had been getting all worked up…

He stopped walking when he felt something under his foot give way with a squeak and a crunch. Glancing down, the Warboss gave a disgusted sneer as he realized he had just stomped on a snotling. Stupid little gits, good for nothing but doing chores and being annoying. Why the Big Mek liked to keep them around was beyond the larger ork…

"Gritaz!" Torug bellowed, absent-mindedly scraping the snotling's remains off his foot on a nearby pipe. "I know you'ze dere! Show yerself, ya scrawny git!"

His call echoed in the large chamber, and shortly after a loud clank of metal on metal was heard. Grots and some more snotlings seemed to appear of every little corner, checking the cables and prodding the valves. Then with another metallic clank, the git he'd been looking for fell from the ceiling.

Gritaz Steelfingahs was a scrawny git for an ork, still capable of snapping a 'umie's neck easy, but scrawny. Between that, how his eyes didn't work so well since that run in with the shiny metal boys with their fancy lightning shootas and how that geen stealah had chopped off his legs back when they'd first gotten to the space hulk he doesn't even remember how zogging long ago, Torug had expected him to have been made part of the menu shortly after that.

But what the git lacked in strength, he had made up for in a sneaky cunning and zogging good skills as a mekboy. Any other git who had tried to stomp him down had quickly found themselves talking to all 4 power klaws at the tips of the metal arms coming out of his back-mounted rig, the very same ones he now used to walk around like some crazy giant metal spider. More Morky than Gorky, Gritaz was good at building things, both of the buildy kind, and most importantly, the killy kind, so Torug had decided he was worth keeping around after all, even made him the Big Mek of the warband.

"Oh, hey, Boss!" Gritaz said, as his klaws held him off the ground (though careful to not put him higher than Torug), the green lenses of his inbuilt goggles contemplating the Warboss with an odd cheer as the blowtorch where his middle finger used to be died down. "Didn't hear ya comin'."

One of his snotling assistants, wearing a ridiculously oversized set of goggles like an incredibly loose belt, tried to get the mekboy's attention with a squeaky "Boss?", but was ignored by both orks.

"Wot'z dah zoggin' hol up, Gritaz?" Torug snapped impatiently, the serrated talons of his own power klaw clanking together as if in anticipation. "How much longer fer yer gizmo tah be ready to get this grotcrap of a planet movin'? Or am I gun have tah feed ya and yer lil' gits to dah squigs?"


"Ah, yes." The mekboy nodded in understanding, a manically excited grin growing on his face as only a proper mekboy could. "Well, I haz great newz for ya den, Boss. The Waaagh Reactah is all but done! We'z just need tah try it out, and then build big rokkits tah be powered by it, and we'z gun have us an atak planet!"


"Den wot you'ze waitin' fer? " The more massive ork grumbled with a decidedly un-orky level of calm, which was swiftly shattered by the room shaking bellow: "START DAH ZOGGIN' THING YA GIT!"

"Roit away, Boss!" The mekboy answered again with that annoying cheer, before turning to address the grots in the room. "Aight ladz, ya herd dah Boss! Man yer stashuns and lez get dis fing goin'!"


Soon after, there was a a grot poking and prodding at every valve, making some last-minute connections at every cable, while Gritaz manned a console salvaged from one of them 'umie ships, Torug observing from behind him.


"Aight, den." The mekboy said with a sudden, intense look of concentration, a small spark of green flashing through his eye goggles... "Waaagh levels be stable, all vents be at full capacity, powah output at ezpected levels… We'z all set. Hol' on to yer mega armor, Boss, cuz 'ERE WE GO!"


… And he promptly smashed the big red button at the center of the console. Loud hisses of blowing steam and the ponderous groaning of gears followed as the machine whirred into life. The whole chamber trembled as the metal spire within started crackling with ever more green light and electricity.

Suddenly, every ork, grot and snotling on the planet turned their heads in the direction of the chamber, all of them feeling the growing Waaagh presence that came from it. And Torug… As he gazed at it all, the Warboss had never seen anything so zogging beautiful.

This was it. This was the break that he and his lads needed. With this reactah, he could turn this entire zogging planet into a a fortress that'd fly through the galaxy. Entire tribes and warbands would flock to their banner looking for the promise of a proper scrap. Soon, they'd have a Waaagh rolling, and bring the galaxy to its knees.

Waaagh Facebashah… Torug sure liked the sound of that…


The orks' temper flared.

"WOT?!" They screamed in unison, turning toward the little snot, and Gritaz then added. "WotwotwotwotwotWOT?! Wot da zog is so impurtent dat you gotta keep annoyin' us liek dis at the moment of mah biggest achivmunt?!"

Completely unaware of the danger that it was in in the presence of two very annoyed orks, the snotling proceed to raise whatever it was that it had been holding for them to see.

"Look, look!" It said with eager excitement. "Shiny!"

It was indeed shiny, the small piece of metal the snotling was holding.

"Wait…" Gritaz said, his eye goggles flashing green for a second in confusion. "Wot'z dah main sprocket doing not inside dah main engine…?"`

His question was answered by the sudden blaring of klaxons, red alarm lights joining the green of the Waaagh in lighting up the suddenly shaking chamber. Valves burst all around them, steam hissing furiously and boiling whatever grots and snotling were too close, even as the others made panicked dashes out of the room. The monitor on the console, where the "Waaagh Levels" counter was, had jumped from "Good" straight to "ALL DAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-" before fritzing out and catching on green fire.

In fact, everything in the chamber was starting to go very green…

"…Oh zog."

And those were the final words of Warboss Torug Facebashah and Big Mek Gritaz Steelfingahs as the Waaagh Reactor suffered a catastrophic malfunction and exploded. Violently.

The chamber, the fortress, the city, the continent, the planet, the solar system and a reasonable chunk of the sector suddenly disappeared in a flash of green so bright that it shone even throughout the warp, pressing down upon the minds of many a psyker throughout the galaxy.

However, as quickly as it had appeared, all the rampant Waaagh energy suddenly… disappeared, fading as if it had never been.

Whatever warp sensitive minds there were that were drawn by curiosity at the strange phenomenon, however, knew that an amount of psychic energy that massive could not have just disappeared.

It had to have gone somewhere.


Katsuki Bakugou had no idea what the fuck was going on.

There they'd been, him and the two dumbasses whose names he could barely be bothered to recall, showing some other shitty extra just where their place was, when as always, shitty Deku just had to step in.

"S-stop it, K-Kacchan." He had whined, standing between them and the other kid, clearly terrified and still acting like they were anywhere on the same league, always with that pitying, infuriating look. "C-can't you see he's crying? That is n-not what heroes do…"

Whatever else the little nerd was saying was lost to Katsuki as the explosive boy let anger and outrage smother the begginings of that nagging feeling he never understood and thus despised. Deku was nothing, it was in the name. Useless, weak, pitiful, quirkless. How dare he lecture him? How dare he judge him like he was less than the little shit?

Letting a dangerous smirk grow on his face, Katsuki had been quick to challenge the little shit to put his money where his mouth was, and was just about to beat into him just how fucking worthless he was again…

…When the other boy suddenly gasped, fell to his knees, and grasped at his head while crying out in pain. The shift was so sudden, the wail of agony so genuine, that even Katsuki hesitated, the two other extras even backing away in alarm, the gutless shits, all three of them watching what was happening as if entranced.

Things got weird after that.

As Deku kept screaming, tears beginning to trail down his face, a strange pressure seemed to press down upon the playground. For the briefest of moments, the entire world seemed to tremble, as sparks of… green lightning?… begun to crackle all around the boy.

And then suddenly the day turned green, as if emerald lenses had been put over Katsuki's eyes.

The three bullies looked up in confusion, and saw there, strange green lights weaving around the cloudless skies, dyeing the world in tones of that same color, intensifying in tune to the crescendo of Deku's screams. A small part of Katsuki's mind, remembering something he had seen on tv the other day, went 'Aurora Borealis…? Here…?'

Then, as suddenly as it had happened, all the green lights disappeared. The pressure stopped, Deku went silent, and the world seemed to resume its normal pace.

Breathing raggedly, dazed, and unbalanced, the green-haired boy unsteadily got back to his feet, eyes clamped shut, shaking his head as if trying to brush off the dizziness, his hair suddenly sporting highlights in several lighter shades of green.

And despite whatever had been going on between the two boys, despite whatever he might think of the little shit, Katsuki still couldn't help but quietly ask:


Those eyes opened with a flash of green, and when that died down, there was only blood red glaring at him.


The abrupt bellow was so unlike anything Deku had ever done before that Katsuki couldn't help but freeze up, barely even registering how the other kid was charging at him. And before he could even begin to make sense of what the fuck just happened, the dirty blond boy suddenly found himself on the ground, feeling a lot of pain in his face and stars floating at the edge of his vision. What the fu-?

A voice he recognized as one of his tagalongs cried out in pain, and when his sight cleared, he saw Deku drop-kicking the winged fatso from the air, long-fingers also on the ground, crying and grasping at a clearly injured hand. Slowly, the blond boy reached for his face, and winced at the pain the touch caused around his right eye…

…He had punched him.

Deku had fucking punched him!

Whatever confusion, shock, and concern Katsuki would never admit to have felt there had been melted away before the searing rage the simple conclusion ignited, and with a wrathful shout, the explosive boy joined the fray. But unlike every other time before, Deku met him head on, with a savage grin on his face and that weird bellow on his lips.


The day had been going averagely well for Inko Midoriya, as she prepared a lunch for two while waiting for her son to return from his little playground run. Then it got a bit weird when everything had turned green for a few moments. Could someone out there be trying to pull a prank with heir quirk?

And then it took a turn for the frightening when her boy returned and she saw the state he was in, not quite being able to stop herself from a panicked:


The poor woman nearly had a heart attack. It was a sadly not entirely uncommon occurrence for her special little guy to come back home bearing a few bruises, or even a burn or two every once in a while, things that tore at her heart when her son soldiered on through them, refusing to give her a straight answer on what happened, always with an excuse at the ready when he couldn't dodge the subject.

But this… This was beyond anything that had happened before.

Her son had returned home, clearly limping, battered, beaten, his shirt in tatters, and covered in cuts, bruises and minor burns that no amount of playing around or roughhousing among kids would justify.

Her little Izuku had been in a serious fight, plain and simple.

After the initial motherly panic faded, however, and Inko had returned from the bathroom with the first-aid kit, she noticed something was different.

All the other times, her son would try to soldier on, to fight of falling tears while trying rather unsuccessfully to ease her worries with a smile as fragile as glass, and it always tore at her heart to seem him like that…

But this time, the excited, cheery, thousand-watt grin on his face was genuine, as her son looked up at her with excited red eyes (when had that happened…?) and all but yelled:

"It'z awight, Mah! I went down' foitin'! I'z gun stomp'em good next time!"

Inko Midoriya had absolutely no idea what to make of that.


"…But who am I kidding?" The teacher said to his class, throwing the papers he was supposed to be handing out up in the air in jubilation. "You wall want to be heroes right!?"

The rhetorical question was met with a wave of cheers from all the students in the classroom, all of them making a show of their quirks as if in celebration.

All except for the blonde, boisterous teen that immediately launched on a rant about being compared to the rest of the class and on how he was going to be the greatest hero, like no one ever was, much to the aggravation of his peers. And the green-haired teen, sitting at the back corner of the room, the furthest from the window, who seemed to not be paying any attention at all to the world around him. In fact, a closer inspection by the teacher made him realize that this second boy was fiddling with something metallic, poking and prodding at what seemed to be a cartridge of some sort with the heated tip of a small, needle like length of metal.

A professional side of the teacher made him think that this was hardly an appropriate time and place to be handling such materials. A curious side made him wonder were had he even gotten the items from. And a final, sane and absolutely done with everything side of him, born from years of experience and exposure to the boy, cautioned that any sort of reprimand was useless when it came to Midoriya, and so with a weary sigh the teacher defaulted to the safest route and proceeded to ignore it.

Probably the best thing about the upcoming entry exams was the promise of how the green-haired teen was soon going to stop being the school's and more importantly his problem. Many people within the field of education would likely be appalled at this rather unprofessional opinion of his, but then again, those people had never dealt with Midoriya.

Speaking of, the man grabbed the records, to check whoever were going to be the poor bastards that were going to have to deal with that calamity next-

…Oh no.

"…Midoriya's also applying for UA?" The man couldn't help but breathe out in horror, face suddenly ashen at the terrifying prospect of the madness that loomed on the horizon.

The room went silent. Every single student slowly, very slowly, turned towards the boy in question as if fearing that the mere mention of his name would trigger something terrible. Midoriya, for his part, just kept poking and prodding at his contraption, until the dreadful quiet seemed to finally register in his mind, making the boy look up, red eyes blinking owlishly as he looked around in confusion.


And it was at this point that the teacher finally realized his mistake because-

"Deku!" Bakugou ground out, approaching the boy's seat with sparks crackling out of his hands even as he glared venomously at the other teen. "What the fuck are you playing at, trying to go for a place like UA?! You really think a crazy piece of shit like you would stand a chance?!"

-Of course the "rising star" of the school would not take it lying down. Sure, Bakugou had the talent and the drive to make it big in the world and the faculty staff may or may not have gone out of their way to overlook some of his less savoury aspects in order to reap some of the benefits from riding on the boy's coattails, but dammit all, why did nobody but him and the rest of the class seem to realize that these two were like gunpowder and a lit fuse? Putting them anywhere near each other was a horrible idea!

And sure enough, to the growing panic of everyone else present, Midoriya's look of confusion quickly gave way to a worryingly excited grin.

"Ooooooohhh? You wanna foit, 'Splody boy?" The teen asked with almost childish cheer, hand slowly reaching for his pocket, a movement that had everyone else slowly backing away and even Bakugou hesitating, if only for a second, teeth grinding in fury even as his hands were raised, crackling and smoking.

The tension in the air as the two teens squared off was thick enough you could cut it with a knife.

"T-that's enough!" The teacher, suddenly remembering his voice, all but screamed, desperate to disarm the incoming calamity. "Boys, s-stop it this instant! We do not need another wrecked classroom on the school's budget! Need I remind you that such r-reckless quirk usage will be held against you in your applications?"

That last, almost pleading question seemed to do the trick. With enormous reluctance and a lot of dirty glaring, Bakugou stood down, tsk'ing in attempted dismissiveness before returning to his seat, while Midoriya did the same with a shrug and a mildly disappointed grunt, going back to whatever the hell it was that he had been working on.

Everyone around breathed a sigh of relief, and none more so than the teacher. Another disaster barely averted. He really wasn't getting payed enough for this shit.


The end of the school day found Izuku returning home, still working on his little project as he went. Whether the way he managed to avoid ramming into walls and people, tripping over anything or crossing a street with a red light on while his eyes never left the small object in his hands was indicative of a great deal of special awareness, a great deal of familiarity with a very trodden route, a massive amount of dumb luck or any combination of the three was anyone's guess. And he proceeded like this, all but dead to the world around him, up until he reached the overpass he crossed daily on the way home. There, under the shadow of the road, as if a switch had been flicked, the green-haired boy halted, and stopped prodding at the gizmo in his hands, with a few blinks giving it a small inspection.

"…It's done!" He ultimately declared out loud, a satisfied grin on his face at a job well done even as he put the gadget back in his pocket.

"Yes it is, kid."

Blinking in confusion, Izuku stared down at his feet, which had just been smothered by some brownish-green, slimy substance. A slimy substance that was rising.


"How lucky of me-" The gurgling voice the boy realized was coming from the slime said nastily, with a hints of relief and sadism in its tone, as eyes and a large, twisted mouth sprouted from the substance in the twisted mockery of a face. "To find a meat cloak just as I was being chased by that guy. Don't try to fight me, kid. Just lookin' for a place to hide. It'll hurt for a bit but then you'll feel-"

The slimy villain had expected a few reactions from this latest victim out of personal experience. Paralyzed terror, a lot of horrified screaming, desperate and ultimately futile struggles to break free…

The kid reaching into his still goop-free pocket and pulling out a fucking big ass gun hadn't been one of them.

"What the fu-?!"



He was getting old, All Might found himself thinking ruefully, old and sloppy.

In the good old days, at the peak of his illustrious career as the greatest hero, he would have caught a small fry like this in his sleep, and taken seconds at worst to do it too. But that had been before… before that fight, before the crippling injuries, the countless surgeries that had saved his life at the cost of leaving him a shadow of his former self, forced him to only take on the mantle of the Symbol of Peace on a way too short and ever decreasing time limit. For years now, he had known on an intellectual level that eventually he'd not be able to go on like this, that he'd have to give in, to retire and find someone else to pass on the mantle to, but now the notion was truly starting to sink in.

It was a sobering thought, and one that wrang hauntingly in the back of his mind as he found himself running through the sewers, straining to keep up with the mugger that thought to evade him.

Then he heard the indistinct yell, and the ensuing gunfire.

Could the villain have been carrying some firearm he hadn't noticed and using it to threaten a civilian?!

His depressing, self-deprecating thoughts were instantly smothered by the ever-present, constant urge to protect, and so All Might surged forward, jumping out the manhole cover the smile traces led him to with his reassuring grin and trademark catchphrase-


…Only to stop short at the scene before him.

Of the villain looming over a young, green-haired boy (not threateningly, a perceptive side of his mind noted. With cautious surprise, clearly off guard…), the boy himself holding a strangely designed weapon (self-defence, probably panicked given the volume of gunfire he'd heard…) staring at him with bright crimson eyes open so wide they threatened to spill out of his sockets.

"Ooooooooaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…" The boy breathed out in awe. "All Might's here!?"

Snapping out of his momentaneous confusion, All Might burst into action, and a fast, well-applied Missouri Smash at the base of what passed for the staggered villain's head incapacitated the crook long enough to be restrained in the plastic bottles he'd been carrying for just that purpose.

That task accomplished, the hero then turned to the boy, fully intent on apologizing for letting him get caught up in this-

-When he found said boy inches away from him, a pen and notebook in his hands as he stared up at him with bright, crimson eyes filled with that excited spark the hero was quick to recognize.


The hero couldn't help but blink at the exuberant praise, a small part of his mind wondering how the boy managed to speak Japanese with such a heavy, cockney-like accent and still manage to make himself vaguely understood. Still, he couldn't help but chuckle at the puppy-like excitement, seems like he had come across a fanboy.

"Ahahah, of course! " He laughed is trademark laugh as he obliged the boy with a signature (what a heavily scribbled, barely legible notebook…), and to his growing amusement the boy seemed over the moon at it. "I am glad to see that you're fine, young man. My apologies! I generally don't let civilians get caught up in my work, but this villain was giving me some trouble."

"Yeah, dah git tried tah be all sneaky sneak-like on me before you'z showed up. I showed'im good tho!"

"I suppose you did, young man. But regarding that-" All Might crouched down briefly, grabbing the weird gun the kid had dropped in his excitement. "Where did you get this… weapon from, young- actually, what's your name?"

"Oh, I'm Izuku!" The boy replied, that strange accent fluctuating weirdly, after a brief mutter that sounded suspiciously like 'All Might wants to know my name!' "And dah shoota? I made it!"

Blinking at the words, All Might gave the weapon a once-over. It was a clunky contraption, straight out of one of those ancient post-apocalyptic movies he could vaguely recall, big enough he could confortably wield it one handed (which had him wandering how the boy managed the same) and although All Might wasn't by any means an expert, it seemed haphazardly built.

"You… made this, Young Izuku?"

"Ahuh!" The boy confirmed, nodding excitedly. "You see, I want to be a hero just like you, but me quirk dun make me capable of smashin' errythin' like yerz does, so I build gizmos to make up for it!"

Uh, so the boy wanted to be a hero?

"…I see." All Might said at length, briefly unsure of how to proceed, then nearly recoiled as he felt the familiar feeling of blood rising up his throat. Damn, he was running out of time, he'd have to rush things here.

"Well, Young Izuku, normally I shouldn't condone the usage of such measures." He couldn't help but feel a bit like he kicked a puppy at the suddenly downcast look on the boy's face. "However, given how it was clearly self-defence, I will let the matter lie, provided you let me confiscate the thing?"

"Uh, you want to take the shoota?" The boy blinked, face set in a reluctant, undecided frown, before he eventually relented with a sigh. "Sure, go right ahead."

"Very well. Now then, I must be off, still need to deliver this villain to the proper authorities after all. Farewell, Young Izuku, and good luck on your path to being a hero. I have no doubt that you can do it!"

The look on the boy's face at those words, was like the Christmases and birthdays of the next 10 years had just come early.


With a nod and a laugh, the hero proceeded to leap out of the scene, but even from the distance, All Might could still hear the cry of 'BEST. DAY. EVAH!'

What a weird kid he had come across.


A quick drop by the police station and a mad dash later, the number 1 hero landed himself in an alley, took a minute to make sure nobody was watching, and allowed himself to deflate, going from tall, strong, easily recognizable All Might to tall, skeletal, only really conspicuous in how creepily emaciated he looked Toshinori Yagi, and promptly coughed up a decidedly unhealthy amount of blood.

After that however, he was quick to leave the alley and move towards his destination. His latest bout of heroics has already made him late for this appointment, and just the thought of what the fallout of that would be made his stride all the more hasty.

And very soon after that, the man found himself at his destination, crossing the entrance arc with no fuss, and taking a moment to gaze upon the large walkway lined with the busts of renowned heroes (he could see himself further ahead, and it flustered him despite himself.) leading up to the large, glassy building towering before him.

"UA Highschool." Toshinori muttered, a wave of nostalgia washing over him. "It has been quite a while…"

"Indeed, it has."

The unexpected reply from a very familiar voice had the tall man nearly jumping out of his skin, before looking down to a very familiar, not human figure.

"P-principal Nezu." The man sputtered, trying his damnest to not let his mild panic show. "Apologies, I didn't see you there!"

"That is me!" The short, sharply dressed, white-furred being with an ambiguous phylogenetic background replied cheerily. "And it's quite alright, Yagi-san. Though I must wonder why the Number 1 Hero has left me to wait at our humble high school's entrance quite a bit past the appointed meeting time."

"Ah, well, you see…" Toshinori replied, picking his words very carefully, knowing full well what giving Nezu an inch would result in. "I am afraid that I was… occupied with a small altercation today. Nothing serious, I assure you, but, you know, I couldn't just stand by and watch when I saw villainy occur right in front of me."

The Principal's small beady eyes seemed to bore into the pro hero's very core, and the man could do little but sweat nervously as the other man considered the words.

"Yes, I can understand why that'd be the case." Nezu replied at length, always with that cheery tone. "I would admonish your inability to delegate and happily provide a few pointers, but alas, we're on a schedule as it is…"

Toshinori just barely managed to avoid a sigh of relief.

"Which is why we shall leave that for another time."

Shit, it was too good to be true…

"For now, however." The Principal continued, as if completely unaware of Toshinori's nervousness, which the man knew was a damn lie. "Let us go to my office and handle the necessary paperwork."

With that, the little critter about turned and walked in the building's direction, and Toshinori followed.


A couple of hours and a shitload of paperwork later had Toshinori not even bothering to mask the sigh of relief this time.

"And with that, I think everything's settled." Nezu said, as he gave the pile of the papers in question one last check. "It might not be official until the next school year, but regardless, welcome back to U.A, Yagi-san, I do hope your time as a teacher here will be as fruitful as your time as a student."

The emaciated man knew there was a lot of hidden meaning in the Principal's words, but for now he decided to overlook it, replying only with a nod.

"Now then," The mouse-like critter continued. "How about a small tour of the place? Quite a few things have changed since the last time you were here, and though it's a school day you might even meet some of your future co-workers."

"That sounds like a great idea." Toshinori replied, he was feeling quite curious if he was being honest.

"If you'd follow me then!" Nezu said as he got off the seat, and once more Toshinori followed.

For the next hour or so, he was shown around the campus, everywhere from the main building's classrooms (still exactly as he remembered them.), to the cafeteria (a phantom pang where his stomach used to be had him mourning for all the delicious foods he wasn't capable of eating anymore…) to all the training facilities available to the students (much larger and more elaborate than they'd been in his time. The attention to detail in those pretend city blocks was staggering…), and all in all, Toshinori could not help but feel both incredibly nostalgic, and a tad bit overwhelmed.

He had come to U.A for a teaching position with a very specific goal in mind, but even now he couldn't help but nervously wonder if his own rather… unorthodox academic journey would lend itself well to teaching the next generation of heroes. If nothing else, he took a small bit of comfort in the thought that if Nezu didn't say anything against it, it probably meant the Principal had some faith in him. Probably.

"Now then." The furry being was in the process of saying. "To cap off this tour, let me show you to the teacher's lounge. We'll see if anyone's there now."

"Other than Recovery Girl, are they aware of my… condition?" Toshinori couldn't help but ask with some worry, which he felt was justified given how important this particular secret was.

"Indeed they are. Rest assured though, all the U.A's faculty staff are pro heroes that I can vouch for. And you've met a few of them on occasion, so I believe you got nothing to worry about." Was the assurance he received, which he decided to accept.

With that, Nezu opened the door to the lounge, a quaint little place with a few couches, where there were currently only two people, one familiar to Toshinori, the other only known by reputation, both turning to see who had just entered.

"Well, I'll be darned." The first man, donning a cowboy outfit complete with spurs, wide-brimmed hat with an inscribed "S" and an accessory gas mask said as he got up from the couch. "If it ain't All Might. How ya doin'?"

"Ah, Snipe, it has been a while." Toshinori replies with a grin. "Eight months since that kidnapping villain in Tokyo, right?"

"Aye, a mighty big mess that was if I do say so myself." The man replied with a tip of his hat. "I still owe ya a drink for yer part in it. Good thing ya'll gonna be joining our merry crew, it'll allow me to settle that debt."

"I'll be looking forward to it." The emaciated blond replied, and turned the other man, a hunched over redhead wearing a huge yellow helmet faintly reminiscent of a weird mix between a dinosaur and a backhoe. "I don't believe we've met, but you must the the Excavation Hero: Power Loader, correct?"

"That's right." The man replied with a nod, leaving Toshinori wondering how could he move his head with that thing on it. "I oversee the development studio and the support course classes. Welcome aboard."

"Thank you. I hope I'll fit in well." Toshinori replied, then looked around. "Is it just the two of you here?"

"For now, yeah." Snipe replied. "My classes in gen-ed are done for the day, Power Loader's takin' a small break before headin' to lock up the studios. Mic, Midnight, Cementoss, Ectoplasm and Vlad King are still wrapping up their own classes, and Eraserhead, well…" He turned to Nezu. "I think he was actually headed to see ya, Boss, something about expulsions that needed to happen…"

"Indeed?" The Principal inquired, joining the conversation he had been glad to allow to develop so far. "I cannot fault him for his logic, but still… How many this time?"

"Uh, pretty sure he said somethin' 'bout an entire class…" Was Snipe's reply, to which the mouse-like creature sighed.

"I… take it that's not an unusual occurrence?" Toshinori couldn't help but ask awkwardly.

"I swear." The Excavation Hero grumbled with a shake of his head. "That man can't go a week without expelling anyone."

"I will talk to him about it later." Nezu assured with a wave of his paw. "For now, however, I believe that would conclude the tour. Do you have any questions, Yagi-san?"

"Uuuuuuhhh, nothing that I can't learn by myself in the next few months, I believe…" Toshinori considered, but then a thought came to mind. "Oh, I do actually have something I could use your input on, Snipe, Power Loader, although not related to the school."

The two men perked up curiously at that, as Toshinori went for the backpack he'd been carrying.

"You see, earlier today, I was chasing after a villain made of slime who had been mugging people near a residential area. I lost him for a brief moment, and in that time he tried to take a young man as a hostage. The young man however, surprised him and used this in self-defence." Here he took out the strange gun, now fitting poorly in his thin hand, and handing it over to the cowboy. "Claimed to have built it himself. What can you tell me about it?"

The hero took the thing in his hand, giving it a once over, before giving it over to Power Loader for him to make his own inspection. After a little while, the two gave each other a nod and turned back to Toshinori, who couldn't help but notice they seemed quite mystified.

"Ehrm, are you sure ya saw that right?" Snipe asked confusedly.

"Is… something wrong?"

"Only that this is a piece of junk." Power Loader replied gruffly, looking at the weapon distastefully. "The handle's from a hair dryer, the barrel's a couple of soda cans welded together, the receiver looks like it was made out of a toaster, the ammo magazine seems to be part of a plastic vase, I am pretty sure there's Lego pieces keeping the whole thing together… It's just a bunch of random crap put together in a vaguely gun-like shape. Even the green paintjob is shoddy."

For emphasis, the Excavation Hero held the thing properly and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened.

"And even if it could somehow fire." Snipe took over, his tone dubious. "The thing's so off balance, whoever used it wouldn't be able to hit the broad side of a barn much less aim properly. Are ya sure you saw it getting fired?"

"Uuuuhh… I didn't quite see it no." The skeletal man admitted. "When I got there, the boy had this aimed at the villain and the later was backing away, but I could've sworn I heard gunfire…"

"Well, not that I want to doubt ya or anything…" The gunslinging hero started hesitantly, rubbing the back of his head.

"But you must have been hearing things due to stress, cause there's no way this thing could fire." The helmeted redhead said as a final verdict, handing the contraption back to him.

"I see…" Toshinori replied at length, not quite able to mask his confusion. He had been so sure… "Thank you both for your input, then. Perhaps taking up the mantle of a teacher and easing up on hero work will be good for me if I am starting to make such mistakes."

Even as all of his business at U.A was concluded, however, as he said is farewells and the Principal escorted him back to the gate, Toshinori couldn't shake the feeling something wasn't right in this scenario.


It was dark by the time Toshinori had returned to the neighbourhood where he had taken up residence for the foreseeable future, and quite honestly, the man was quite looking forward to a little bit of rest. As he took a moment to wonder if there might be a store nearby where he might actually get to purchasing the groceries he'd been getting before the sludge villain interrupted, however, instincts born from a lifetime of fighting crime and villainy blared at him. He was being followed.

A discreet glance behind him showed three figures approaching quickly, not even bothering to be discreet about it. Toshinori veered off into a side street and picked up the pace trying to lose them, but whoever they were, they proved persistent, and paranoia began to creep into the hero's mind as he wondered who could have sent them after him, any thoughts of the possibility of that person being quickly and violently squashed.

This game of cat and mouse proceeded for a little while longer, but alas, Toshinori was not all that familiar with the area yet, and eventually a hasty turn in the wrong street brought him into an alley, where the emaciated man knew he wouldn't have time to backtrack before whoever was following him caught up.

"Shit…" He grit out in frustration, as his pursuers finally did just that.

They were indeed a trio, now splitting off to clearly cut off his escape. A tall, muscled man with larger than average fists of a metallic sheen stood at his right. The wiry, pasty-white skinned woman with violet hair stood to his left, grinning at him with very sharp teeth. And right before him, a modest looking young man, in a hoodie, a pair of small horns jutting out of his forehead.

Toshinori wracked his mind, but try as he might, he couldn't remember ever meeting these people before. Why had they singled him out like this…?

"Hey there! You've been leading us on quite a chase, haven't you?" The horned crook asked with a friendly smile. "How's about you hand over your wallet and phone right now so we can avoid any further fuss?"

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me…" Toshinori couldn't help but mutter in English, as he often did when he felt the need to curse. And who could blame him?

Was he, the Number One Hero, the freaking Symbol of Peace, seriously getting singled out and mugged by a bunch of random lowlifes…?

"Oh?" The woman said in a taunting, hissing snicker. "You hear that, fellas? This guy thinks we're fucking kidding him."

"This is not a joke, no." The horned one clarified, speaking in an insultingly slow manner, as if he believed Toshinori to be an idiot. "Give us what you have, or we're going to have to get rough on you." As if to emphasize, the hulking crook cracked his knuckles in a threatening display.

Toshinori bristled at the implied threat. These morons had no idea who they were dealing with, but he'd be glad to show them…

Unfortunately, the emaciated man made another miscalculation, and as he tried to change his form to dispatch these thugs, a sudden spike of pain and a bout of bloody couching wracked his skeletal body.

"Dammit all!" The man hissed, having all but forgotten he'd already gone past the time limit for the day and that forcing things would have long lasting consequences…

"Check it out!" That annoying harpy of a woman laughed out. "We haven't done anything yet and the old man is having a fit."

"And it's making us loose time, so I suppose we'll just have to do this the hard way." The horned one said, that taunting smile giving Toshinori the overwhelming urge to smash it off his face. "Get him."

The three thieves began to close in.

And for the first time ever since his younger day, finding himself cornered, alone, and with no way to fight back, Toshinori felt utterly helpless, and he hated it so much dammit there had to be something he could-

A yell in an oddly familiar voice suddenly pierced through the night, catching both him and his attackers by surprise.



The horned thug barely had the time to turn around and voice his surprise when a small figure was upon him with a bellowing war cry:


And Toshinori's eyed widened in recognition as young Izuku, come out of nowhere, slugged the man across the face so hard he fell with a heavy thud. Not satisfied, the young man proceeded to stomp his foot down on the man's stomach, causing him to gasp out a gurgled scream as he took a fetal positioning, groaning in agony.

With that surprise entrance, the boy glared at the other two thugs, with a wide, oddly cheery grin on his face. Now, having been in the hero business most of his life, Toshinori was an expert at smiling in the face of adversity, and at telling what people who did so were thinking. When he did it, it was meant to be a reassurance, to let those he was protecting know that he had arrived and everything was going to be alright. It was in his catchphrase, "I am here!".

This boy, though?

At this point, all his face screamed was "Bring it!".

"HOW'Z ABOUT YA GITS PICK ON SUMONE DAT CAN PUT UP A FOIGT?! LIEK ME!" The boy bellowed with just a hint of excitement, as if just to confirm the emaciated man's suspicions. "COME HAVE A GO DEN!"

A moment of silence followed, as both Toshinori and the two still standing thugs just stood there, blinded by the cheer reckless guts the kid has just shown. Then the woman seemingly snapped out of it, and with an outraged shriek, her jaw all but unhinged as she lunged at the boy. An almost panicking Toshinori still tried to shout a warning for the kid to watch out, but it turned out to be an unnecessary precaution, because the boy fearlessly charged back at the woman, and at the very last moment, ducked under her leaping frame and brought his leg up in a mule kick, the heel of his shoe meeting her jaw and slamming her mouth shut with a sickening crunch. She fell tumbling to the ground, shrieking in pain as she held the bloodied ruin of her maw.

"You little shit!" The last, burly man yelled hatefully, charging the kid with fist coming down like sledgehammers. The pavement cracked under the blows as the boy dodged one blow, then the other. The thug followed up with a bear hug that caught the kid off guard, picking him of the floor and straining his muscle to crush him in his grip. Toshinori looked on in horror as Izuku found himself at the crook's mercy.

"Not so tough now, are you, brat?" The man rumbled with a spiteful grin.

The grin faded however, when the kid's only response to the predicament was a deadpan stare, before he promptly swung his head back and slammed it right into the man's face with a loud smack.

Toshinori's eyes widened even further as the crook, a mountain of steely muscle over twice the boy's height, loosened his grip and slumped backwards into to the ground, knocked out cold.


The first two thieves, having recovered enough to unsteadily get up, seemed to finally decide this was more than they had bargained for, and each grabbing one arm of their fallen comrade, they proceeded to drag him away in a hasty if not particularly fast retreat.

"DATZ' ROIGT, ZOG ON OUTTA HERE! AND DUN COME BACK!" The boy bellowed after them, making the hapless thugs pick up the pace. Then, he turned to Toshinori, staring up at the lanky but towering man with big, wide red eyes.

"You alright?" He asked, all reckless boisterousness gone from his voice, giving place to a jarring, oddly innocent curiosity.

"Aaaahhh…" Toshinori hesitated, not sure what he should say. He had always been the one who rescued people. Being rescued was something he had never imagined would happen, and now that it did, in such an abrupt and unexpected manner to boot, he quite simply didn't know how to respond…

His bout of uncertainty, however, was interrupted by another bloody coughing fit, and he noticed the boy's eyes widening at this.

"You'ze bleedin'! We should get you to a hospital!" Izuku said, already reaching for his cell phone.

"No!" Toshinori was quick to shout in between coughs, startling his odd saviour. "Sorry, it's just… Hospitals are unnecessary, Young Izuku, this is not because of what just happened, just an illness I've been dealing with for years now. I am fine, I assure you."

The boy just stared, occasionally blinking in apparent confusion, standing still for a long enough time that Toshinori starts to feel really awkward.

"Hhhhmm, awight den." The boy finally said. "Come with me."


"Yer comin' with me." The boy repeated, reaching to grab the man's wrist. "Back home we can at least get you checked. Come along now."

"My boy, I assure you that is quite une-Holy shit!" The much taller man barely managed to avoid falling flat on his face, and he still stumbled, as the young man pulled him away from the alley (what a grip on this kid!), unheeding of his sputtered protests. Eventually realizing there'd be no slipping away from this, Toshinori reluctantly decided to go along, wondering what the hell did he just get himself into.


The kid had dragged him to an apartment complex not too far from where he'd been attacked. Without a care in the world and dragging the much taller man along all the while, the greenhead swiftly moved up the stairs and all but kicked a door open, leading Toshinori into a quaint, cosy little abode. A mouth-watering smell was in the air, coming from what was clearly the kitchen area, enough so that the emaciated man could feel the phantom pangs of hunger where his stomach had once been…

"Mah, I'z home!" Young Izuku called out into the house. "And I brought company!"

The activity he'd been hearing from the kitchen briefly ceased, and from the corner came a woman, very clearly the boy's mother given the similar soft, rounded features and green hair, though hers being pure dark green. She approached the entrance with a kind, soft smile that the man was fairly certain could've melted what was left of the polar ice caps with how much motherly warmth she could cram in it.

"Ah, Izuku, back from your little errand I see." She said fondly as her eyes met the boy, before shifting curiously over to the man her son had brought home. "And who might you be, sir?"

"Ah, well…I, that is…" Toshinori could not help but stammer awkwardly, still not any closer to figuring out what to do about his current situation than he'd been fifteen minutes ago.

"I found dis civilliun bein' mugged in an alley!" The boy saw fit to answer for him with a cheery grin. "I stomped dah gits good, but he was bleeding and didn't want to go to the hospital, so I brought him here instead."

"Oh, goodness. Then we had better get the poor man checked." The mother said, a sudden indulgent quality to her tone said poor man picked up on, as she glanced at him. "Be a dear and go grab the first aid kit, will you?"

"Sure fing!" Was the kid's enthusiastic reply as he finally let go of Toshinori's wrist and rushed out of sight behind the corner, leaving the two adults to stare at each other.

"Hello, I am Inko Midoriya. Nice to meet you,…?"

At the prodding pause, the hero seemed to finally find his voice.

"T-Toshinori Yagi." He replied awkwardly, growing increasingly more uncomfortable by the second at the almost knowing bend the woman's smile seemed to take as she considered his answer...

"Yagi-san, then. I do apologize for my son."

"Oh, oh, not at all!" The man replied, waving his arms in a desperate attempt to emphasize his point. "Y-young Izuku really did save me from a spotty situation, please, he's not-"

"You misunderstand." She cut him off, her eyes twinkling with mirth. "I have no doubt Izuku stepped in to help you, it's just how he is. And it's because of how he is that I apologize. I know he can be… a bit too much when you're not used to it."

Toshinori's mouth opened and closed a few times as he tried to reply, but the woman's words and her disarming smile did a lot to ease the tension he was feeling.

"I suppose that is one way to look at it." He conceded with a weak chuckle. "He does seem like a good kid, though."

"Believe you me, he is the best." Inko said, and the way she had said it made it sound not like biased praise from a loving mother, but as a simple statement of fact. "Now, please do come in, Yagi-san. My son will be back shortly, and dinner is almost ready. You're our guest."

Toshinori startled at that.

"M-Midoriya-san, there's no need for- I couldn't possibly intru-" A bout of bloody coughing interrupted him once again. Dammit was his own body out to get him today or what?!

"Nonsense, Yagi-san." She replied, smile unfaltering and tone completely dismissive of his concerns. "My son brought you here out of concern for your health and safety. You're our guest, and as good hosts we would see you properly fed and looked after before you leave. So please, do come in."

Toshinori really wanted to protest more, but he wasn't an idiot. The woman's smile and kindness were unchanged, but the words had a sheen to them that he recognized with some dread. And so like a good guest, the emaciated number 1 hero removed his shoes and followed his host inside.


A quick if awkward check-up, where he finally managed to get it through to them that yes, the bloody coughing was a regular issue and no, there was nothing they could do to help, later, Toshinori found himself sitting at a dinner table with the odd mother and son duo, as dinner was being served. It was, quite honestly, some of the most delicious food that had ever passed through his lips, even if didn't take more than a few nibbles here and there. He was quite grateful that the older Midoriya did not press the issue.

"So, then, Yagi-san." The woman in question inquired, barely acknowledging the depressing spectacle of her son savagely attacking the bowl of katsudon. "If it's not too much to ask, why were you in the streets when my son found you? What do you do for a living?"

That got the boy's attention, as he stopped his feral feeding to stare curiously at the man, sauce dripping down his chin.

"Ah, well…" The man hesitated, wondering how best to answer the delicate question. "You see, I am… in the middle of a transition of sorts, you could say. I have taken a teaching job here in Musutafu, and moved to a place not too far from here. Unfortunately, I am not too familiar with the area, so when those thieves targeted me I was not able to lose them."

"It was alright, though." The kid intervened. "I stomped'em good!"

"You did beat them quite handily, I will give you that, Young Izuku." Toshinori conceded, smiling despite himself at the boy's exuberance, before forcing his tone to become stern. "But what you did was also quite reckless. What if you had gotten hurt? And even if it was well-intentioned, don't you know your actions could be interpreted as vigilantism, my boy?"

The boy blinked at him in confusion.

"But vigilantism's about using your quirks to fight crime without a license, right? I dun need mah quirk tah stomp some stupid gits. And besides, isn't fighting the baddies so others don't have to kinda what heroes do?"

Toshinori couldn't help but spit take. He didn't know what sort of answer he had been expecting, but this earnest, confused question certainly hadn't been it. He sat there for a long while, staring wide-eyed at the kid, jaw working but incapable of figuring out a comeback.

"Is… that why you want to be a hero?"

"Ahuh!" The boy nodded excitedly. "I wantz to be dah best hero there iz! Dah biggest, strongest, ded'hardest of 'em all! I wantz all dah baddies to get one look at me and know I'z comin' for'em and there'z nothing dey'z can do about it! I'll stomp, shoot, smash and chop'em so good dey'z nevah gonna want tah be baddies again!"

By the end of the boy's speech, Toshinori was leaning back, mildly disturbed by the sudden bloodthirst in the boy's grin…

"And when I'z dat hero, people won't have tah fear dah baddies again, cause when dey do, I'll be dere tah let'em know it'z awright. Why? Cuz, I'll be dere! Just like All Moigt!"

"That's my Izuku." Inko said proudly, with a soft chuckle.

And inside Toshinori's mind, gears were turning.

Young Izuku was… quite atypical, as young hopeful heroes went. Brash, reckless, with a clear and somewhat disturbing penchant for violence… but from what he had seen, and from what he had just heard, the boy clearly had his heart in the right place.

He didn't seem to be quite what Toshinori was looking for, but still, it would be a shame to see all that potential going to waste…

"Well, my boy." He eventually stated, matching the kid's grin with one of his own. "I will say, you do seem to have the right mindset for it. You'd make a great hero."

"Ya think so?!"

"I know so. And in fact…" Toshinori excused himself briefly, getting up from the table, reaching for his backpack, from where he pulled the contraption he had confiscated from the boy earlier.

"Me shootah!" Izuku squawked in surprise as his eyes fell on the fake gun. "Where didja get it?!"

"Well… You see, the truth is that that All Might is a good old friend of mine." Toshinori said, earning an awed 'Oooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…' from the boy. "I met him earlier today, and he had told me then about a young men he had met, who had built this thing."

"Oh, so dat'z why ya knew me name."

Shit, he hadn't thought of that…

"Ehr, yes, exactly. I recognized you from what he described to me. And you know what?" The skeletally thin man reached out, giving the thing back to the boy, who held the facsimile almost reverently. "It was All Might who first told me "Young Midoriya has what it takes to be a great hero.". And given what I've seen today, my boy? I agree 100%!"

The boy stood there, staring at him with those wide, bright red eyes, face slack in surprise for a good long while. Then, a soft, tender smile not unlike his mother's bloomed in his face, a jarring but welcome change from all the grinning he'd been doing before.

"Thank you." He said simply.

"Think nothing of it, my boy." The number 1 hero replied with a smile. "In fact, as thanks for helping me out, I'd be glad to help you out in your path to being a hero. And I am sure that, if I ask my good buddy All Might, he'd be happy to lend a hand as well."

The boy was on him with a speed the man didn't think was possible without the appropriate speed quirk.


"Yes, really, really." The hero's grin widened, caught up by Izuku's infectious exuberance, before his eyes once again fell on the boy's mother, who had been watching the whole conversation unfold with that smile of hers steadily growing. "I mean, if your mother's ok with it, of course?"

"Oh, of course." The woman stated. "If it's to help Izuku being a hero, I agree."


It was at that moment that young Izuku, being so caught up in his elation and excitement, pointed the gun at the ceiling and fired a stream of bullets in between celebratory yells.

"Izuku." Inko said, scolding but not quite sternly. "What did I tell you about shooting at the dinner table?"

"Whoops, sorry." The chastised boy said, having the decency to look a bit sheepish. "Got a bit carried away…"

And Toshinori, picking his jaw of the floor at the display, decided there and then that keeping an eye on the kid was going to be a matter of vital importance…



That was a thing.

The very first, to my knowledge, crossover between BNHA and WH 40K, featuring and Orky Izuku of all things. What fresh Heresy have I just unleashed?

Hopefully, the entertaining kind.

Also, a couple of things I can probably tell you right now:

-The Waaagh is the only crossover element we'll be seeing. No Imperium, xenos, or Emperor forbid, Chaos will be showing up. Just one orky boy raising hell all on his own.

-Orky references. Expect a lot of them. WH Fantasy orcs too. Some fans of the later might even find a few bits of the chapter's beginning familiar.

I really hope you guys liked this idea and are eager to see the crazy adventures of Orkzuku, but be free to tell me what ya all think.

Next up, I will be updating Through the Eternities, somewhere during February if the schedule holds. I'll cya all on the next one.

9/4/2020 Edit:

Orkish Translation Corner

"I wuldn't go see him if I wuz you…"- "With all due respect, it is my humble opinion that seeking him out is not the most advisable course of action…"

"But ye ain't me.(…) Zoggin' Weirdboyz…"-"Just as it is not for you to decide on the most proper course of action for me to take.(…) How quaint, these unusual fellows…"

"I know you'ze dere! Show yerself, ya scrawny git!"-"I am quite aware of your presence here. Please reveal yourself for there are matters to be discussed, you particularly physically unimpressive lout."

"Wot'z dah zoggin' hol up, Gritaz?(…) How much longer fer yer gizmo tah be ready to get this grotcrap of a planet movin'? Or am I gun have tah feed ya and yer lil' gits to dah squigs?"-"What seems to be the reason for this bothersome delay, Mr. Steelfingers? How much longer until your invention is ready and capable of setting this planet into motion? Or will I be forced to feed you and your assistants to the squigs?"

"Well, I haz great newz for ya den, Boss. The Waaagh Reactah is all but done! We'z just need tah try it out, and then build big rokkits tah be powered by it, and we'z gun have us an atak planet!"-"I believe I have some wonderful news for you, Sir. My creation, the Waaagh reactor, is complete. All we require now is the regulation mandated test run, and the building of the appropriate propulsion system and we'll have ourselves a moving attack planet."

"Den wot you'ze waitin' fer? (…) START DAH ZOGGIN' THING YA GIT!"- "Then what could possibly be the cause of this intolerable delay?(…) Please do kindly activate the machine at once, you lout."

"Roit away, Boss!(…)Aight ladz, ya herd dah Boss! Man yer stashuns and lez get dis fing goin'!"-"Right away, my good sir! Alright, my good fellows, you have all heard our superior commanding officer. Please do man the posts necessary for the activation sequence so that we may promptly begin."

"Aight, den.(…) Waaagh levels be stable, all vents be at full capacity, powah output at ezpected levels… We'z all set. Hol' on to yer mega armor, Boss, cuz 'ERE WE GO!"-"Very well, then.(…) The levels of Waaagh energy suffusing the engine appear to be stable, all vents are working at full capacity, power output does not exceed the expected parameters… It would appear that we have reached the proper conditions to begin. I would heartily recommend that you brace yourself in your armored suit, sir, because here we go."

"WOT?! (…) Wot da zog is so impurtent dat you gotta keep annoyin' us liek dis at the moment of mah biggest achivmunt?!"-"What? (…) What is so seemingly and vitally important that you would feel the need to be this disagreeable at the cusp of the greatest accomplishment of my entire and distinguished career?"

"Wait… (…) Wot'z dah main sprocket doing not inside dah main engine…?"-"Hold on now… (…) Just why is it that the main sprocket is not placed in its rightful position within the prime engine…?"

"…Oh zog."- "…Oh bother."

"It'z awight, Mah! I went down' foitin'! I'z gun stomp'em good next time!"-"It is quite alright, Mother. I was not defeated without a significant effort to fight back. Next time this occurs victory shall be mine."

"Ooooooohhh? You wanna foit, 'Splody boy?"-"Oh? Do you intend to challenge me to a duel, my explosive fellow?"

"SNEAK' UP ON ME, WILL YA?! WAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!"-"Attempting to cowardly catch me unawares, are we? Have at you!"

"ALL MOIGT! (…) YOU'Z HERE! I'Z YER BIGGEST FAN! YOU'Z TOTALLY STOMPED DAT GIT GOOD WIV'DAT SMASH, T'WAZ THE COOLEST FING I EVAH SEEN UP CLOSE! CAN I HAZ YER AUTOGRAPH?!"- "All Might. (…) I simply cannot believe that you are here. I am your greatest, staunchest admirer. Your masterful application of force against that miscreant was the single most incredible thing I have ever witnessed. May I have the sublime honor of having your autograph?".

"Yeah, dah git tried tah be all sneaky sneak-like on me before you'z showed up. I showed'im good tho!"-"Indeed, that miscreant attempted to cowardly sneak behind me and catch me unaware before your timely intervention. However, I showed him what for."

"And dah shoota? I made it!"-"And as to the firearm? It is a humble creation of mine."

"You see, I want to be a hero just like you, but me quirk dun make me capable of smashin' errythin' like yerz does, so I build gizmos to make up for it!"-"You see, it is my aspiration to pursue a career in heroics as inspired by you, but my particular quirk is ill-suited to feats of physical prowess like yours, thus I instead use it to build the tools that'll allow me to compensate."

"THANK YOU'Z, ALL MOIGT! I WUN'T LET YA DOWN!"-"Words fail to convey how grateful I truly am, All Might. I shall endeavour to prove that your faith in me is not misplaced."

"A GIT SEZ WOT?!"-"A miscreant with obvious ill intentions towards innocent civilians speaks the expression indicative of confusion 'what?'."

"HOW'Z ABOUT YA GITS PICK ON SUMONE DAT CAN PUT UP A FOIGT?! LIEK ME!(…) COME HAVE A GO DEN!"-"Why don't you reprobates cease your depredations against those too weak to properly defend themselves and face an opponent capable of fighting back? Such as I.(…) Then have at thee!"

"AN' STAY DOWN!"-"Do cease your attempts at rising from the prone position I put you in."

"DATZ' ROIGT, ZOG ON OUTTA HERE! AND DUN COME BACK!"-"Abandon the premises immediately. And do not return."

"Mah, I'z home!"-"Mother, I have returned to our humble abode."

"I found dis civilliun bein' mugged in an alley!(…)I stomped dah gits good, but he was bleeding and didn't want to go to the hospital, so I brought him here instead."-"I happened upon the scene of this innocent civilian being accosted by a pack of miscreants in an alley. (…) I showed those reprobates what for, but in spite of his apparent injuries the man declined to seek professional medical assistance, thus I have brought him here to ensure his health and safety."

"But vigilantism's about using your quirks to fight crime without a license, right? I dun need mah quirk tah stomp some stupid gits. And besides, isn't fighting the baddies so others don't have to kinda what heroes do?"-"I was under the impression that the questionable nature of vigilantism stems from the legality, or lack thereof, of the unsanctioned usage of one's quirk. My quirk was very much unnecessary to show those miscreants what for. And more over, is a hero not obliged to perform such deeds just so others will not find the need to?"

"Ahuh!(…) I wantz to be dah best hero there iz! Dah biggest, strongest, ded'hardest of 'em all! I wantz all dah baddies to get one look at me and know I'z comin' for'em and there'z nothing dey'z can do about it! I'll stomp, shoot, smash and chop'em so good dey'z nevah gonna want tah be baddies again!"-"Quite so.(…) I intend to become the best hero that ever existed. The greatest, the strongest, the most enduring of them all. I intend to be the one that villains and miscreants will know is coming to end their wicked activities and despair. I shall inflict upon them such paroxysms of violence that they will realize the error of their ways."

"And when I'z dat hero, people won't have tah fear dah baddies again, cause when dey do, I'll be dere tah let'em know it'z awright. Why? Cuz, I'll be dere! Just like All Moigt!"-"And when that goal has been achieved, no more shall people have to fear the villains, for I will be there to tell them all is well and so inspire hope and courage in them. Just as All Might does."

"Me shootah!(…) Where didja get it?!"-"That is my firearm.(…) How did you come by it?"

"Oh, so dat'z why ya knew me name."-"I see, so that is why my name was known to you."

"REALLY!? YA MEANZ IT?!"-"Truly? Do you truly mean what you are saying at this moment?"

"YAH! I'Z GONNA TRAIN HARD TAH BE A HERO WITH YAGI AN' ALL MOIGT'Z HELP! YOU'LL SEE, I'LL BE DAH BEZT EVAH!"-"Jolly good! I shall be training with the assistance and supervision of Yagi and All Might himself to become a right and proper hero. You will find that I shall become the best hero ever."