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"For a spider? No."


"Too medieval."

"Grissom! We've gone through practically the entire alphabet!" Catherine threw her head back exasperatedly, dropping the book of
baby names she had been going through for the past hour into her lap, "Just choose a name!"

Grissom looked at Catherine with a calm expression, "Catherine, naming a spider takes time. This can't be rushed."

Rolling her eyes, Catherine took a deep breath, "Remind me next time never to help you again with anything related to your spiders."

"You volunteered." Grissom pointed out innocently. At Catherine's glare, he smirked, "Would it help if I told you how much I enjoy your

"No." Catherine answered with an air of childishness, though her pout was hardly able to hide the smile she had on her face.

"Would it help if I told you, you could choose the name?"

Considering it for a moment, she answered cautiously, "Maybe."

Smiling again, Grissom made one last attempt, "Would it help more if I told you I'll treat you to breakfast after you choose the name?"

Catherine narrowed her eyes at him, "Waffle House and I get to order as much as I want, deal?"

Grissom couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation. With anyone else, he would've lost his patience long ago. With
Catherine, however, he found himself wanting to talk more, to hear more from her. "Deal."

"It's fun doing business with you." Catherine's eyes twinkled as she smiled.

"Why's that?"

"Cuz you're such a softie."

Grissom only managed to chuckle, neither confirming nor denying Catherine's observation, though deep down inside, he thought to
himself, "Only for you, Cath, only for you."

The End