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"Ugh!" Spike groaned as he drudged into the kitchen. As usual he didn't get enough sleep.
"What are you about to complain about now?" Jet asked grumpily.
"Why is that you always think I'm going to complain about something!" Spike replied defensivly as he sat down next to Faye and reached for the can of beans in the center of the round table.
Jet simply snorted. The lack of cash wasn't doing anyhing for anybody's mood.
"I have great news!" Faye exclaimed, trying to cheer everyone up a bit.
She barely captured their attention, but continued anyways. "I was thinking last night and decided that I don't really want to become a bounty hunter. Well, I was reading the paper the other day and there's this bakery shop around here that's in need of help."
The second she finished that sentence both Jet and Spike burst out in laughter.
"Hey! What's so funny!?" she cried, jumping out of her seat and placing her hands on her hips.
"You! In a bakery shop!?" Spike asked inbetween series of laughs, holding back tears. "We can't afford a lawsuit!"
"Hmph, I thought that you of all people would be happy Spike, and I thought that you would be supportive Jet," Faye replied, crossing her arms across her chest.
She was answered with even more laughter.
Faye gave up and stalked out of the room when Ed started laughing too.
"Faye Faye, the muffin man!" Ed chanted as she chased after her.
Faye ignored her and disappeared into her bedroom.
Spike decided to go and make amends with Faye when he finally calmed down.
Faye jumped out of her bed when she heard three consecutive light knocks on the door.
"What is it Spike? Do you want another laugh?!" Faye snapped, almost making Spike recoil.
"No... I'm sorry. I couldn't help it, I was just surprised that's all," he confessed, leaning heavily on her door.
Slowly, she got up and walked to the door.
"You mean that?" she asked him.
"I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it," he replied cooly.
"Gaaaah!" he cried when she opened the door, causing him to come crashing down to the floor.
It was now Faye's turn to laugh.
Within moments Spike started laughing too. Anyone who passed by would have thought that they were insane.
"Want a hand?" she asked him when she finally calmed down, extending her right hand to him.
He took it, and she attempted to pull him up. She failed miserably, and fell on top of her.
She began blushing immeadiatly and tried to hide it with her hands.
The more they tried to seperate themselves from one another, the more tangled up they got. In an effort to get up Spike's hands often slipped and touched things they shouldn't have, so did Faye.
Finally, Spike got to his feet, and helped Faye get to her's.
"I'll drive you there tomorrow so you ask about the job okay?" Spike offered as he headed for the door.
"Okay," she breathed, her face still red. She scolded herself silently, Spike wasn't supposed to make her feel that way anymore.

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