Welcome everybody! Welcome to the prologue of this new story called 'Monkey or Charlotte? The Rubber Pirate'. You probably already read the summary but here are some important points:

Luffy's mother will Charlotte Brulee. Meaning his grandmother is Big Mom.

He won't be raised by Garp, but will know Ace and Sabo. You'll see how in the future.

In this chapter, we are going to see a bit of Dragon and Brulee's relationship. Why only a little bit? Because in the future, I will give like flashbacks of their relationship across the story.

And with that said, let's go to the story!




Prologue: The Revolutionary and the Pirate

Monkey D. Dragon knew he was fucked.

It was only a year since he started forming the revolutionary army that would one day end the tyranny of the World Government. One year was all it took for him to be attacked.

It was so sudden and so powerful, that he knew he wasn't the only one surprised when the first cannonball impacted. He only knew one man that could throw like that.

His father.

Monkey D. Garp, Dragon's father, had been tracking him for months now. At first, he knew that his father thought that he was going across a rebel phase. Quitting the Marine, stealing boats from the World Government and the Marines and causing havoc around the world.

It all was good until the Revolutionary Army took out the World Government in an island.

That, infuriated Garp.

They still don't have a main base that they can hide and plan safely, they can only move from island to island evading any big fights.

"Men! Get ready!" Dragon exclaimed as the whole crew started to mobilize. Kuma and Invankov where in a mission so they aren't here with him to help.

"Dragon! Come here! You are grounded young man!" He could hear Garp scream from his boat and many revolutionary members sweat dropped.

Dragon gritted his teeth as more and more cannonballs fell. To add salt to the wound, a storm was coming.

One of those cannonballs, made the boat move and making Dragon lose balance and fall from the boat.

He could hear the crew members scream at him and even threw ropes for him to grab. But the storm was making the boat go far from him. Plus, Garp was still attacking it.

Dragon was hit by waves and more waves making him sink. He could feel the water getting inside his lungs as he started to lose consciousness.

His vision got blurry as he closed his eyes. Guess that it was it for him and his revolution...

Dragon felt pressure on his chest as he opened his eyes and spit the water out of his lungs. He sat up abruptly and coughed the remaining water as he felt a hand on his back "Are you okay?"

Dragon looked at the owner of the voice, it was a woman with grey skin, purple hair, long skinny limbs and figure and with a scar on her face.

"I... think so. Thanks." He looked behind him and saw a gigantic cake in the middle of the island "What the hell? Where am I?"

The woman smiled at him "Whole cake."

"Whole cake?" Dragon said as he eyes widen when he remembered who was the queen of the island 'Big Mom!'

The woman seemed to see his worry and quickly calmed him down. "Relax. You don't have to worry about Mama. I don't think she cares that you are here."

"Mama? You mean Big Mom?" Dragon asked and the woman nodded.

"Yes. My name is Charlotte Brulee. Nice meeting you."

"Monkey D. Dragon." Dragon said as Brulee helped him up and took him to her house to heal him.

*Brulee's House*

"All done! That should be to keep you good." Brulee said as she finished tending Dragon's wounds. "I am no doctor, but at least this keep your wounds from infecting."

"Thanks." Dragon said as he sat up on the bed. "Why did you help me? If you are Big Mom's daughter, that means you are in her crew. You are a pirate, aren't you?"

Brulee nodded "Indeed. But... I dream that one day, all species will join in a paradise where everyone is reunited like a family." She smiled thinking of her dream while Dragon smirked.

"That's a nice dream."

"And you?" She asked him turning to him "Do you have any dreams?"

Dragon looked out the window to see the forest "More than a dream, it is an objective. I wish to free the world from the World Government. I even made an army to do it. But..."

"You were attacked?" Brulee asked and Dragon nodded.

"Aye. Garp followed my trail and sunk my ship. I think." he said looking to the roof with a small smirk "Crazy old man always trying to get me in the marine." He chuckled thinking how he almost kill him.

Brulee was watching closely to him before giggling. This man, Dragon, was interesting to say the least. It might be good to keep him around.

*4 Years Later*

Dragon put on the green hood of his cloak as he looked the island he had been living with his wife.

Even though he loves Brulee and would love to stay with her forever with their son, he knows he can't. He has a mission. An ideal. And even if it sounds harsh, he had lost too much time in that island.

Brulee will be devastated once she notices that he left, not alone, but their kid. Monkey D. Luffy. He looked sadly at the bundle in his arms. His wild dark pink hair moving with the wind as he passed a hand across his hair.

He could had leave him there. With his mother. With a family. Where he knows he will be safe. But he knows how the Charlotte family works. If you are part of the family, you are part of the crew. And if you object that to the captain, Big Mom, it might end in your dead, even if you are her child or grandchild in this case.

He wants to give Luffy freedom to choose his destiny. For him to decide what he wants to be. A pirate like his mother, a revolutionary like him, hell, even a marine like his grandpa will be fine if he wants that.

He wouldn't take him with him neither. It is too dangerous for him. At the eyes of the world, Luffy had committed the crime of being his son. Taking him with him, would only make things more difficult.

That's why he called someone to raise his son. Someone that could fit his role better than he could ever wish for. There is where they are headed.

"Daddy?" He heard Luffy wake up, looking up to him with his big brown eyes. Dragon smiled softly at his son.


"Where are we going that Mommy can't come?" He asked and Dragon smile turned sad.

"Don't worry my son. We are going to somewhere were you could accomplish all your dreams that you can and will have."

Luffy didn't understand the whole thing but nodded as he was falling asleep again in his father's arms. Dragon sighed 'This better work...'

*Whole Cake*

Charlotte Linlin, A.K.A: Big Mom, gets mad for a couple of things.

Someone hurt her family.

Someone eats HER candies.

And if someone betray hers to name a few.

This one man, Monkey D. Dragon, had broken the three of those things.

He broke her daughters Brulee heart by leaving her and taking her cute grandson Luffy.

He took candy with him.

And most importantly... he abused of her trust and good will to then escape once he had everything he needed.

They were searching not only the whole island, but the whole Archipielago and still no clue. He even took with him the Ara Ara no Mi!

For more she wants to go and hunt that poor excuse of a man, he needs to focus. Brulee is devastated and she knows that for close that Katakuri and Brulee are, he is not good with feelings and she doesn't need all her brothers and sisters suffocating her.

She decided that she would comfort her daughter and then, go after that good for nothing Dragon and his little army and once he is done...

He will bring Charlotte D. Luffy back to the family.

And done! That was the Prologue of 'Monkey or Charlotte? The Rubber Pirate.' Hope you enjoyed. Now, a few things:

About Dragon and Brulee's relationship. I was going to make a wedding scene but I didn't know how to do it. So, I will put it in flashbacks in future chapters. Sorry.

Does the Charlotte family, hate Luffy? No. They hate the father, because Luffy is their cute ball of sunshine. He had been living with them for 3 years and for them, Dragon kidnapped Luffy.

Will Dragon appear more in the story? Probably yes. He won't be a recurrent character, but he will appear from time to time.

And before I leave, a question: I want to make a different pairing. What does this mean? I don't want to make this story a Luffy x Nami or Luffy x Robin, I like those ships, but I find them overused. So, I want to try with two different girls that are:




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