Thunder rumbled as the storm drew close to the Emerald City.

Inside the main palace, the Scarecrow sat on the steps to the throne. He often looked up from the papers in his hand to the new stained glass window. The celebration of it had been where it had begun. He tore his eyes away from the window when the doors opened, revealing the familiar figures of the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion. He smiled and stood, leaving the papers.

"Thank you both for coming- Woah!"

Tin had caught him up in an excited hug. "Of course Scarecrow! With the flying monkeys acting aggressive, the Emerald City needs all we can give." He glanced back to share nods with Lion. Then he noticed the window. "So that's the famous window."

"You know what we should probably go contact Dorothy sound good great!" The Scarecrow speed walked to a set of doors and opened them, revealing a large hallway. The Lion shot the Tin Man a smug look before they followed. The trio walked down the hallway, the emerald lit by torches encased by glass. This was to prevent from the straw filled, flammable ruler from being set on fire. "Glinda told me that she suspects that the Nomes are behind this- Old King Nome supplied the emeralds to build the city but his son the Nome King disagreed with him about it."

"What kept him from attacking?"

"They were frightened of the Wizard. It takes a bit for news to travel underground, that's why he's attacking now."

"Well, you can count on us Straw!"

Tin rolled his eyes. "So, you can count now?"


The Scarecrow turned and sighed as the two started arguing. Pushing up the sleeves of his coat, he pulled them apart. "Look, calm down. We need to work together." Sharing sheepish glances, they gave sheepish apologies. "Sorry. I'm a bit on edge." They continued on their way, entering a large room. It was empty of decoration, except for four chairs surrounding a table and a huge machine. It was the latter that he approached, starting flipping switches and pressing buttons as the other two watched.

"Was that Kansas button always there?" The Tin Man asked finally.

"She was twelve when we first met, why would I have a crush on a twelve year old?!" he said, flipping one switch a little too hard. His cheeks had emptied of straw to imitate blushing. "That would be weird!"

"Well, children grow up."

Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, had entered. The Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion both bowed to her. The Scarecrow simply nodded his head, not mentioning her comment. "I'm about to send the rainbow out." he said, flipping another switch. "You'll send Tin and Lion to where the rainbow will land in Oz and pick up Dorothy, correct?"

She nodded. "Yes, I will."

It was at that moment that the castle started to rumble. "That would be the Nomes." Scarecrow said, before frantically finishing his job.

Then he slammed on the Kansas button.


"Dorothy, hang on!"

"We're coming!"

"Please hurry!" the child in the blue and white sweater sobbed, glancing back at the hourglass. The red sand was slipping through fast. There wasn't much left. "I'm almost out of time..." She drifted off as the last grain of sand slipped through.

Only one voice yelled at her now. "Dorothy! Dorothy, talk to us! What's going on?!" Her hand slipped away from the door as he continued to yell. "Please tell me!"

"I'm sorry Scarecrow...But we're out of time."

Dorothy gasped as she awoke. The nineteen year old sat up, running a finger through her chestnut curls with a sigh. Toto looked up from his dog bed with a whine. "'M fine." she said, stretching as she got up.

Instead of the farm, Dorothy now lived in a small apartment just outside Topeka, where she went to art school. Dorothy Gale had become famous at twelve for disappearing for a week and returning out of nowhere, safe and sound with her dog. Her fame only grew when she began an interest in creating graphic novels. Her first one, titled Oz, had become a great success. The Gale farm had become stable enough with the money for her to continue making fantasy graphic novels and go to college to learn illustration.

But Dorothy was still sad.

She could remember her aunt and uncle arguing about her, about whether it was what happened to her or usual teenage hormones. She had brightened up when Auntie Em had made her a little scarecrow doll for her thirteenth birthday. It now sat on her bed. On her sixteenth birthday, she had three streaks of her hair permanently dyed- one yellow, one silver, and one blue. Maybe she should've had a green streak, but those stood for her companions.

She missed them.

Brave when it counted Lion, kind heart Tin Man, and smart and protective Scarecrow, she missed them all. Dorothy knew she should be happy that she had gotten home, but her heart had been cleaved in two. One half was here, in her home, while the other was over the rainbow. She liked to think that it was being held in the Emerald City.

She went through her usual day without classes routine, grabbing her traditional blue and white sweater and blue scarf. Pairing it with jean shorts and blue tights, Dorothy picked up Toto's green leash. "Let's go on a walk." she announced. Her little black dog yipped happily, making her giggle.

The two headed out, walking through the streets until they were out of Topeka.

Finally, they had reached the meadow Dorothy had found when she had moved here. Toto was freed from his leash and he ran around while his mistress sat down. Dorothy sighed, combing her fingers through her hair. She noticed something out of the corner of her eye.

A rainbow.

"Toto, look! A rainbow." she said, standing to watch it. A frown appeared across her face as a thought occurred to her. "Wait. There hasn't been any rain." Squinting, she blinked in realization that, why yes, the rainbow was moving closer. Human and dog shared glances before she spoke.


Hauling Toto up and dropping the leash, Dorothy ran. The rainbow followed, seeming determined to follow them. She kept on running until she tripped and stumbled down a hill. Keeping a tight grip on her dog, she scrunched close her eyes as the rainbow fell onto them and engulfed them.

Then the rainbow was gone.

And so was Dorothy.

A/N: Yes, Dorothy is modernized in this. I was curious to see what she would look like.

This is inspired by the books and several movies, including the 1930s movie with Judy Garland, Legends of Oz, and Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz. For those who are curious, yes, Scarecrow does have a crush on Dorothy. He's trying to force himself to ignore it because the last time he saw her, Dorothy was twelve.

This is also one of the reasons why Scarecrow doesn't have much respect for Glinda.