Chapter 1:

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Basic info: In Lord Of The Rings 2003, the one b4 this. The fellowship were put under a spell and sent to our world. Where they met four seventeen year- old girls, Erin, Carla, Niori, and Jane. Good times!! at the end, the fellowship's spell started to wear off and they started fading. At the time, the four girls were all touching a part of one of the fellowship member's body. This sent them to ME in Lothlorien with the fellowship. Erin and Frodo were drunk one night at the real world and now Erin's pregnant with Frodo's child and they are of course in love!! that's about it, for more info, please read our first one!


Carla, Niori, Erin, and Jane stared at their very new surroundings in awe. No longer were they in Carla's crowded (and basically destroyed) living room, but in the vast woods of Middle-Earth. Even though all the surprises that had passed since the fellowship members had appeared in Carla's closet over a month ago, they never expected to ever be standing where they were.

Among them, the fellowship were wondering what on earth they were going to do with the four girls, on of them whom was pregnant. They figured that if they could survive in the girls' world, they could teach them how to survive here. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!"

"Girls, calm down!"


"Girls, calm down!"



Aragorn and Legolas were desperately trying to shut the girls up. Finally, they were able to succeed, by clamping hands over all of the four girls mouths. "Will you please, SHUT UP now?" Aragorn asked, quietly and dangerously.

The four girls nodded, and tentively, Boromir, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli removed their hands from over Carla's, Jane's, Niori's, and Erin's mouths. The girls again looked around in complete awe. "Wow," Erin muttered.

"This is so cool!" Jane squealed, excitidly.

"Middle-Earth is never going to be the same," Niori said, with a smirk.


"Frodo!" Erin said.

"Erin, you're Middle-Earth," Frodo said, not so excited.

Erin embraced Frodo tightly. "What's wrong? aren't you happy we're going to be together?" Erin asked, her smile fading.

"Middle-Earth is a very dangerous place right now," Frodo said, sternly.

"Especially for four girls, and one whom is pregnant," Legolas finished.

"What? you think we're a bunch of babies?" Carla asked, scowling.

"I think not," Niori smiled.

Jane was not smiling, "This isn't a game, It's going to be a long ride," she said.

"Brace yourselves, Jane's right," Aragorn said.

"Well, I'm going to help fight," Erin decided.

"No," Frodo said, "You're not".

"A woman with a child cannot fight," Boromir said.

Merry gasped suddenly. "Where's Gandalf?" he asked.

The fellowship looked around. The girls knew he was dead, and they were know in Lothlorien. "He'll be back, he's on a mission," Jane lied.

The fellowship asked no more. They knew Gandalf could take care of himself, and they had bigger problems right now, a lot bigger.


"We are on the edge of the woods of Lorien," Aragorn turned around to face them all, "We must make our way through".

"Will the elves help us?" Gimli asked, gruffly, frowning at the mere thought of trusting elves.

"It is where we must go," Aragorn replied, solemly, "For we must find weapons and such for the girls. Whether we like it or not, they are now a part of our fellowship".

All four of the girls' eyes lit up, only in their wildest dreams did they imagine that they would be in Middle-Earth, let alone in the very fellowship! "Maybe if we enter Lothlorien," Boromir suggested, "WE can leave them there, as to insure their safety".

"NO!" All the four girls cried at once.

"If it's possible," Frodo said, ignoring the girls' cries, "Then we must. It is too dangerous for them to journey with us".

"Frodo!" Erin cried, looking like she was about to cry, "Don't you want me to be with you?"

"Yes! of course, but......" Frodo tried to explain, but started to trip over his words.

"Besides," Niori spoke in a stern voice while crossing her arms over her chest, "You're all forgetting something. We all know swordsmanship, and Me and Carla know how archery and how to fight! we can help you!"

"By getting yourselves killed?!?" Legolas asked, in the same stern voice Niori had used.

"We're not going to get ourselves killed!" Niori fired back, "Trust us!"

"Come on," Pippin spoke loudly, "Let's just go!"

"Anyway," Merry continued, "Haven't the girls already shown us that they can fend for themselves? they have proven to be far braver and better warriors then us hobbits, and yet, you do not question if we can stay".

There was no response to that. The rest of them knew Merry was right. The girls smiled at Merry and Jane mouthed, "Thank you" to the little hobbit.

"Fine," Aragorn spoke, shaking his head, "They will come with us, but if there is any question of their safety, they shall be sent somewhere safe".

"What?!" Carla pouted, "That's not fair!"

"Just drop it, Carla," Jane sighed, "We're not going to win this one. At least we get to go with them!"

Carla brightened a bit. "Come on," Aragorn told them all, as he took off into the forest, "To Lothlorien!"


The woods seemed to glow. They were in the forest of Lorien, and they all (minus Legolas) looked around in wonder at they beauty these woods possessed. "Stay close my friends," Gimli told both the hobbits and the girls, "They say an elf witch haunts these woods".

Niori and Carla let ou laughs, which drew odd looks from Legolas and Aragorn. "They say all who look upon her," Gimli continued, paying no heed to Niori's and Carla's laughs, "Fall under her spell. Here's one dwarf she won't enslay so easily! I have the eyes of an eagle and the ears of a fox!"

When Niori gave a laugh and turned her head back around to face the front, she found an arrow only inches away from her forehead. "What the hell?" she cried, her eyes widening.

Arrows were pointed at them all. The only one who had up any defense was Legolas (he had his bow drawn), but he was outnumbered. "The dwarf breaths so loudly," someone said, taking a step forward. All of the girls gasped when they realized who it was. It was Haldir of Lothlorien! "We could have shot him in the dark!"

The elves of Lorien had found them.

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