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THE KNEE TREMBLER Chapter 17 : Hopefully the end?

Draco was in love. Or maybe he was just hungry. He wasn't sure.

To try and end this mystery he headed in the direction of the kitchen. Both Hermione and food were there, so deciding if he was hungry or in love would be far easier there than in the living room.

''Hello,''he said as he entered the kitchen. This wasn't a very grand way to start things, Draco realised. He shrugged to himself and carried on. ''How are you?''

Hermione turned around and peered at him suspiciously. It was rare that Draco inquired to anyone's wellbeing, unless he was forced to, and as there was nobody behind him threatening him quietly, Hermione felt even more suspicious.
''I'm fine, thanks,''she said. ''Rather busy though... Did you want something?''

Draco went over the food/love problem in his head again. Hermione was rather pretty, he concluded. However, they didn't actually have anything in common, apart from a strong dislike of Lucius. Then again, most people had that in common with eachother, so it didn't really count. The only other similarity between eachother that Draco could see was that they both had heads.

''I was wondering about something...''said Draco, scratching his head in what might have been a nervous gesture if Draco hadn't been quite so disinterested in everything.

''Which is?''said Hermione.

''Something tells me that I might be in love with you, but I might also be hungry,''he said. ''I was hoping you could help me work this one out.''

Hermione raised an eyebrow at him, looking rather surprised. ''I see...''she said. She twiddled her thumbs, apparantely quite lost for words. ''Well,''she said eventually. ''When you see me do you get butterflies in your stomach?''


''Do you want to spend every waking moment making me happy?''


''Do you think about me all the time?''


Hermione sighed. ''Is your stomach rumbling?''


''Then you're just hungry,''said Hermione, looking suitably relieved.

Draco beamed. ''Well, thank you for helping me clear that up. And a bloody good thing too! I might have done something stupid like asked you to marry me or something equally ridiculous.''

Hermione smiled back. It was one of those rare moments where they understood eachother. ''I'll make you a sandwich,''she said.

Draco was pleased.

And so, to end this story that has plagued me, the poor author for months, Draco and Hermione lived happily ever after. Hermione eventually met someone with an actual brain, fell in love and got married, and Draco spent his days living in the Malfoy Manor, spending his father's money and generally having a fabulous time being a wealthy young gad-about. Stephan, luckily, inherited his mother's brains and turned out to be quite a nice young man, despite having a very odd father. Draco took him out shooting now and then. It was nice.

Ron never came into any money at all, and lived with Fred and George until he got married and leeched off his wife. Harry signed many major film contracts to show his amazing life, although they had to change his defeat of Voldemort and make it less boring.

Crabbe and Goyle spent the rest of their lives grinning stupidly, and were very happy.

The End. Hooray.

Right, that's that. Thank God! Sorry this chapter was so short, but there wasn't really much more I could write. I shall now be finishing off my Jay/Silent Bob fic and hopefully writing some new ones. I may write some more HP fics, but I'm in the mood to writing something about Gundam Wing, which is also great.

Anyway, thank you all for reading and reviewing and such. Lux Aeterna x