A gigantic crack snaked across the entire amulet. Sofia ran her finger across the crack. It looked pretty deep, too.

"Oh no," Sofia said. She fastened her amulet around her neck, a bad feeling in her gut. She saw a river a little bit away, so she walked to it and took off her shoes. She put her feet in the water. "Please, please work," she whispered.

Nothing happened, even though she stayed there for a while. She stepped out of the water and frowned. She had been hoping that the amulet would turn her into a mermaid, but it hadn't even lit up.

"Please, please take me home," she told the amulet. But it didn't happen. Nothing happened. Sofia put her shoes back on sadly. Her feet and dress hem were soaked, and she was no closer to home.

The girl with the long hair called, "Princess Sofia, are you okay?"

Sofia walked back to the hair hanging from the tower. She jumped and grabbed on to the end of the hair. Then she began to climb up.

The girl saw, and began pulling her hair up. Sofia was at the window quickly, and she climbed in.

"What happened?" the girl, seeing Sofia's sad face, asked.

"My amulet is broken," Sofia said, almost in tears. "What am I going to do, ..." She realized she hadn't asked the girl's name.

"I'm Rapunzel," said the girl.

"What am I going to do, Rapunzel?" asked Sofia. She sniffed back tears. "Hey, I know a princess named Rapunzel!"

Rapunzel smiled. "Well, it's not me," she said.

Sofia looked at the amulet again. "Oh, no," she said.

"Is it special to you?" the younger girl asked.

Sofia nodded. "And without it, I can't get home!"

Rapunzel began playing with a strand of hair. "Maybe I can fix it," she said.

"I don't think so," said Sofia. "It's magic, and it won't work anymore with this crack."

Rapunzel said, "I can at least try."

Sofia took off her amulet and laid it on the windowsill. Her head was pounding, both from the blow she had taken earlier and the realization that she was stuck here. She watched curiously as Rapunzel placed a few strands of hair on the amulet. Then she began to sing!

"Flower, gleam and glow, let your power shine," Rapunzel sang. Sofia gasped. Rapunzel's hair was starting to glow!

"Make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine. Heal what has been hurt, change the fate's design. Save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine, what once was mine."

The glow faded from Rapunzel's hair, and she took it off the amulet. The big crack was still there. Sofia picked it up and put it back on, but nothing happened.

"I thought it might work," Rapunzel said in a sad voice. "My hair can heal people, but I guess it can't heal amulets."

Sofia hadn't noticed that her headache had gone away. She asked, "How did you get your magic hair?"

Rapunzel smiled. "I was born with it. But people tried to cut it, so Mother hid me away." Rapunzel pulled back her hair to reveal a short piece of brown hair behind her ear. "When it gets cut, it turns brown and loses it's power. I guess that's kind of like your amulet."

Sofia nodded.

"Hey, don't tell anyone about this," said Rapunzel. "I don't want someone to try and cut my hair."

"Okay," said Sofia. "Can I stay here?"

Rapunzel grinned. "That would be wonderful! But you'll have to hide when Mother comes."

Sofia smiled. "Not a problem," she said.