Name: Annie Madeline Poppins

Age: 15 years old

Nationality: British

Quirk: Small Attraction

Birth date: October 10


• Straight hazel brown hair• Pale skin• Ocean Blue eyes • Large cut over her right eye

Height: 171 cm in height

Status: Alive

Birthplace: Unknown

Current Family members:

•Marian Poppins (Mother)

•Jackson Octavious Poppins (Brother)

Occupation: Student/Field agent, Stealth agent

Fighting style: Long-range Combat


•Kingsman Umbrella

•Kingsman pistol (TT-30)

•Smith and Wesson Model 66

•Heckler and Koch MP5SD3

•Blaster Tactical 2


Language: A

Mathematics: A

Science: A

Biology: C

Physical Education: B

History: A

Chemistry: D

Algebra: A-

Geometry: B

Physics: C

Geography: A

Home Economics: C