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"Ugh it's so hot out today!" Boruto said as he and Shikadai sat on the roof of the train heading home from training, "I know it's a real drag" Shikadai says putting a hand above his eyes to block out the sun.

Soon after the train approached the closest point to Boruto's house, "well I'm off, see you later!" The blond calls out as he jumps off the train.

(At the Uzumaki residence), "mommy when is dinner ready!?" Himawari calls out as she marches into the kitchen. "It'll be ready in about ten minutes dear" Hinata says smiling down at the littlest Uzumaki,

"can I help" Himawari asks trying to see what her mom is making, "well dear I'm almost done but why don't you see if your brother is home yet", "ok" Himawari says starting to walk out of the kitchen but then she remembers something and turns back around to her mother "hey mommy when is daddy going to come home", Hinata gets a sad look in her eyes but puts on a smile for her daughter "I'm sure he'll be home soon dear, now run along and check if Boruto has made it home yet", "ok" Himawari says as she turns and exits the the kitchen.

"Man I can't wait for dinner, I'm starving!" Boruto says as he walks up the sidewalk to his house, just as he opens the door he sees Himawari standing there

"welcome home brother!" She says smiling "yo sis" the blond says as he takes off his shoes, "when's dinner gunna be ready?" He asks his sister "mommy said it'd be about ten minutes" Himawari says smiling up at her big brother "ugh if I wait that long I might die of starvation!" The blond says holding his stomach.

"Welcome home Boruto!" Hinata says walking out of the kitchen with their food, "and as it turns out the food is ready now so I guess you won't be dying today" Hinata says with a smirk "yay!" Boruto and Himawari yell in unison as they head to the table.

(During the meal) "I thought dad said he'd be home tonight?" Boruto said with his mouth full of food "Boruto you know better than to speak with your mouth full, and as for Naruto he called earlier and said he wouldn't be able to make it home today because of work" Hinata said as a sad expression covered her face. Boruto looked up as Hinata said that and saw her sad expression and suddenly felt angry, his dad had only been home one night that week and the even when he did come home he slept most of the time.

"Dammit!" Boruto said as he slammed his fist on the table "that old geezer is never home!" He said getting angrier, he hated seeing his mom sad. "Boruto! Calm down I know you must be upset but your father has a lot on his hands right now" Hinata said "Dammit! How could he not be here when he has such a beautiful wife to come home to" Boruto blurted out without realizing what he was saying.

"Boruto!" Hinata said with a confused look on her face, Boruto realizing what he had just said put a hand over his mouth and ran upstairs to his room.

Once he reached his room he closed the door behind him and flopped on his bed "what the hell was I thinking saying that out loud" he thought to himself as he pictured his mom in his head and suddenly blushed 'damn I can't get her out of my head' he thought to himself looking out the window at the last shades of colors in the sky 'I've started noticing more about her too lately and being around her feels different, it feels good' the young blond thought picturing himself and Hinata sitting next to each other.

(After dinner was over downstairs) Hinata thought to herself "he was pretty upset earlier so I should probably go check on him after I put Himawari to bed".

(about one hour later)

Boruto was laying on his bed staring at the ceiling when there was a soft knock on his door, he jumped up turned on the light and opened the door to see Hinata standing there in the dim lit hallway in her usual house attire (kaki shorts and a purple shirt) as he stood there he eyed her up and down with a faint blush on his cheeks.

"Boruto?" Hinata said looking at him which made him snap out of it "huh" he looked up "oh what is it?" He said.

"If it's ok with you I'd like to have a talk about what happened over dinner" Hinata said looking at her son "oh sure mom" Boruto said closing the door behind Hinata as she entered his room "I'm sorry for getting angry if it upset you" Boruto said looking at the ground

"it's ok I'm not upset" Hinata said sitting on his bed "it's just you have to understand that Naruto works so hard for the village and I know he loves us very much he is just not able to be home all the time" she said looking at her son "even if you say that I know you wish he was here" Boruto said standing in front of her "I just hate to see you sad and I wish I could find a way to make you happy" Boruto said blushing and looking at the ground.

Hinata looked up at him "Boruto that's so sweet of you, wait are you blushing?" Hinata said with a confused look, "huh wait no I was ah just uh, it's been really hot out lately and uh yea" Boruto said backing up a few steps blushing even harder.

'Oh my' Hinata thought to herself 'I know he is getting around that age where hormones kick in but, is he blushing at me? Does he think about me that way? No there's no way after all I'm his mom and...' her thoughts were cut short when Boruto said "your really pretty mom".

"Oh my" Hinata gasped looking up at him "uh wait no I didn't mean it like that I meant uh um..." Boruto said blushing even more 'Dammit what am I saying, I sound like a pervert!' Boruto thought to himself.

As Hinata looked on confused by all his blushing 'he looks almost like Naruto used to' she thought 'wait no I can't think that I'm his mom even if he does look good, wait no! Hinata snap out of it your his parent and' Hinata's thoughts were cut short once again as Boruto said "hey mom?".

"Yes Boruto?" Hinata said.

'You can do this, cmon Boruto you know you want her and the only way to get her is to go out and say it because if You don't Then you are going to regret this!' Boruto said to himself "I uh uhh like you a lot mom! and I want", "Boruto.." Hinata said softly cutting him off

"I know that you are going through a stage in your life where you will get feelings for people but you know I'm your mother" Hinata said standing up and walikg over to Boruto putting her hands on his shoulders.

"I know that mom but I just can't help it! I want to be close to you and be with you and make you happy" Boruto blurted our looking up at Hinata blushing "but you know there are things that we cannot do together" Hinata said looking down at Boruto

"I don't care! I want you mom! Hinata..." Boruto said looking down.

"Huh!?" Hinata said blushing that Boruto said her name when suddenly Boruto jumped up and kissed her.

Hinata fell back on the bed in surprise with Boruto standing in front of her, "Boruto you can't",

"I love you mom" Boruto said cutting her off, Hinata sat up blushing and looked at him

"just this once mom pleas... I want you to be my first" Boruto said as he looked her in the eyes blushing

"But Boruto I'm your mom" Hinata said blushing heavily "pleas just this once" Boruto said as he looked her in the eyes 'no no no no no this can't be happening I'm his mother and he wants me to make love to him?! But he looks so much like young Naruto used to and Naruto hasn't made love to me in over a month I don't think I can resist if he keeps this up' Hinata thought then she saw him leaning in for a kiss 'wait no Boru!' Hinata was cut short as their lips made contact a second time, they pulled apart and looked at each other blushing "only this once okay?" Hinata said blushing heavily while looking into his eyes "yes mom" Boruto said as they both leaned in once more except this time it was mutual.


They deepened the kiss as they wrapped their arms around each other, Hinata began to nibble on his bottom lip and he opened his mouth letting her tongue clash with his as their tongues intertwined and swirled about until they eventually had to pull apart for air.

Once they pulled apart Hinata looked down to see the large bulge in his pants

"Here let me take care of this for you" Hinata said pulling down his pants and boxers to reveal his member standing free 'wow he is just as big as Naruto and at this age!? Maybe even bigger!' Hinata thought as she took his member in her hands and began to jerk him off, getting grunts of satisfaction from Boruto as she lowered herself in front of the young blond and began to lick up his shaft while she played white his balls until she gently kissed his tip.

Boruto moaned and placed his hands holding her head as she slowly took the tip into her mouth, inch by inch until half of his cock was inside.

Then slowly at first she began to bob her head up and down speeding up as she went

"oohhh that feels so good" Boruto moaned out as Hinata continued sucking his cock, enjoying the taste of the precum that was dripping from his member, Hinata used her hands to play with his balls gently, getting moans of satisfaction from all the attention to his cock when suddenly his body started to tense up "I feel like something's coming" the blond said as he started to breath faster, which made Hinata just take him all the way in deepthroating him "ahhhhh" Boruto yelled out as he came in Hinatas throat emptying his cum into her stomach.

Hinata was now gagging on his dick trying to get all the cum down til she took his member out of her mouth letting a little of his semen leak out of her mouth onto her chin "ahh that felt so good mom" Boruto said collapsing onto the bed while Hinata finished swallowed the rest of his semen cleaning the cum off her chin with her fingers than licking them clean.

Watching his mom sucking his cum off her fingers got him aroused again as his member once again stood at attention.

"Are you already hard again?" Hinata said standing up as Boruto stood up and kissed her even tho she just swallowed his semen. "I love you" Boruto whispered in her ear once they broke the kiss making Hinata blush with pleasure "ok then let me show you something not many people have ever seen" Hinata said standing up as she took off her shirt, then her shorts while Boruto watched her every move, taking in every detail of her beautiful figure, as she finished by taking off her bra and panties leaving her naked. Boruto looked on while his member stood at attention.

"Like what you see?" Hinata said as she lay down on the bed and spread her legs for her son, "I love it" Boruto said as he moved in between her legs while Hinata took hold of his hard cock positioning him at her moist entrance "you can push in whenever your ready" Hinata said softly "yes mom" Boruto said making Hinata blush, then he began to ease his shaft into her wet pussy causing her to moan.

once he was all the way in he began to pull out and push in slowly making them both moan with pleasure.

After a few minutes he began to pick up his pace thrusting his cock deep into her insides making his mother's large breasts bounce, upon seeing this Boruto took hold of her mounds causing Hinata to moan loudly "uughhh your cock is so good" Hinata said in between moans.

Boruto was loving the feeling of fucking his mom making him go even faster slapping his balls on her beautiful ass with every thrust, "oh mom this is the best feeling I've ever had!" Boruto almost yelled out while he continued ramming his big dick inside his moms cunt.

"Fuck me boruto! Make me cum for you!" She said no longer caring that it was her sons dick inside her and not her husbands

By this time their moans could be heard outside the room thankfully for them Himawari was a heavy sleeper and had not woken up yet.

The blonds bed rocked from the intense sex being had on it, mother and son lost in lust for one another. Boruto played with her breasts while shoving inside her, using them as handles so he could thrust harder, as Hinata moaned from the feeling of her sons hard dick thrusting inside her she could feel herself close to orgasm.

"Ohhhhh Boruto" Hinata monad out because while Boruto was thrusting he had leaned down taking one of her nipples into his mouth sucking on it causing Hinata to orgasm.

"Boruto!' Hinata yelled out in pleasure as she came around his cock making him moan at her pussy suddenly convulsing around his shaft, "I'm.. about.. to.. aahhh!" Boruto managed to yell before he thrust in all the way and came deep inside her vagina pumping her completely full of his semen, both of them caught in their orgasms moaning each other's names loudly.

Once they came down from their respective highs Boruto pulled his cock out of Hinatas pussy causing cum to leak out onto the bed, then seeing the worried expression on his moms face "what's wrong mom?" He said beginning to get worried "you came in me didn't you Boruto." Hinata said looking the blond in his eyes "that means I could get pregnant" Hinata said in a more serious tone "oh no I'm sorry I didn't think about that" Boruto said looking down "it's okay dear" Hinata said sitting up and hugging him close "I'm not upset and even if something does happen I'll find a solution after all Naruto isn't the smartest one around" Hinata said with a smirk.

Boruto smiled "yea you got that right" the blond said as he kissed Hinata on the lips "mhmmm" Hinata said deepening the kiss,

After they finished the kiss Hinata stood up and put her clothes back on "thank you mom" Boruto said looking up into his moms eyes "your welcome Boruto" Hinata said looking towards the blond

"do you think we can do this again sometime?" Boruto said with a worried expression

"I said this is a one time thing" Hinata said seeing the expression on her sons face "oh" Boruto said looking down.

"But if your fathers not around for a bit and you behave then maybe I'll pay you a visit some night" Hinata said with a wink, Borutos face lit up "you mean it?!" He said excitedly "of corse dear" she said kissing his forehead before leaving the room.

They both fell asleep that night thinking of each other.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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