Because I dream in FF prompts apparently and queen-mabs-revengesaid she wanted the thing. Based in a vaguely the darling affair like universe ( icecubelotr44)

Established MiLiam (Milah & Liam) and CS. Fluffy domestic turned angsty because I'm me and can't help myself.

(I dunno what this is. it's almost fluff, it's almost angst, it's potential whump, it's almost cs and almost miLiam. it's mostly the brothers jones because you know... it's me. the only thing i'm sure it is all the way is anti rumplestiltskin :P)

It was too early.

Too early for everyone to be awake. Too early for Milah to have dragged herself from bed, too early for Emma to have already hit the snooze button 7 or 8 times. Too early.

But the house smelled like bacon and coffee and that (respectively) was enough to get Milah and Emma out of bed for their weekly Saturday morning breakfast.

After all, they had promised Killian they would keep up the tradition while he was away, though Milah was about 96% sure that it was only to ensure that Liam got a decent meal at least once a week where someone would force him to put down the damn tablet and just eat forgodssake.

Speaking of which… Milah snatched the tablet from his hand, pointedly putting it face down on the table.

"Milah, the after action reports from-"

"You promised."

"It will only take a mom-"

"You promised him"

Liam sighed. It was a low blow and she knew it. Liam was a mess of nervous energy whenever Killian worked undercover ops and he clung to that tablet like a lifeline nearly every moment of the day while his little brother was in the field.

They almost managed to get through the meal without Liam glancing at the damn thing every time it buzzed and if Liam gobbled down his food with a little more haste than usual, Milah decided not to mention it.

It was definitely too early for a pounding on the door as she was elbow deep in the dishes and Liam was sneaking towards the tablet again and Emma was nursing coffee that was failing to wake her up after too late of a night chasing some skip or another.

Liam glanced through the peephole and stiffened, pulling the door open with a grimace of annoyance.


"Where is she?"

"Indisposed" Liam said stiffly, then noting that Gold was alone his eyebrows narrowed. "Where's the lad?"

"The court ordered that I was permitted my time until 5PM today."

"Where's the boy?"

Milah was at the door now, shoving Liam out of the way and glaring at her ex husband,

"At home. Where you should be, not playing house with these-"

Without so much as a second thought Milah punched him hard, soapy hands be damned and she hoped the soap got in his eye. "You have him until 5PM. If you have time to be here instead then perhaps I should ask the court to reconsider your visitation rights." She slammed the door in his face to Emma's bark of laughter.

"Nice," Emma commented. "Couldn't have done better myself."

"If Liam can't brew me a decent cup of tea after that I'm going to punch something else in the face and it will definitely be him," Milah grumbled. Liam raised both hands in supplication, chuckling as he made his way to the kitchen.

Emma yawned for the 24th time this morning, not that anyone was counting, and shook her head. "Coffee's not doing it. Gunna go crash for a few more hours. You okay?"

"So much better than okay. I've been wanting to do that for ten years." Emma grinned at her and made her way back upstairs as Milah moved to follow Liam into the kitchen. "This better be good tea this time, Liam, I deserve i-"

She froze in the doorway.

Liam had his tablet in one hand the kettle in the other and the water had spilled over the edge of one cup and was running across the counter. The kettle hung limp from one hand, his entire focus on the contents of the tablet.

For a moment she couldn't move. Her throat dried up and no words would come. Her feet cemented her in place. That look. She knew that look. His brow was furrowed in concentration, completely absorbed and completely oblivious to the slow drip of hot water from the counter onto the floor at his feet.

It meant news.

It meant bad news.

She wanted to ask. She was afraid to ask.

Finally forcing her legs to move she made it to his side and took the kettle from his limp hand and set it on the counter. His only acknowledgment of her action a low grunt as she led him to the kitchen counter and pushed him back onto one of the stools.

She sank down next to him, watching him carefully as he read the report over and over again. Milah was quite certain that she could have poured the kettle over his head and it wouldn't have broken his concentration. Milah clenched her hands in her lap, torn between begging him to tell her and knowing that he needed to process what he was seeing before he'd be able to talk to her about it. Finally she couldn't take it anymore.


He started, looking up at her in surprise as though just now realizing she was sitting there. He probably had.

"Data breach."

"What does that mean?"

"I have to pull him out. We don't know who has that intel now, it could compromise him. If someone targeted his information they may already be suspicious- This was hours ago. Damn it, Scarlet, next time you let me decide if it was a critical breach or not."


"Hmmm?" he was already falling back into the report and only half listening to her.

"You have to tell Emma."

His furiously moving eyes stilled, then closed for a moment before he looked up at her.

"She asleep again?"

"Probably. She only got in an hour or two ago."

"There's nothing she can do, let her sleep. Maybe I'll have good news when she wakes up."

"She's going to punch you."

"Wouldn't be the first time," Liam commented wryly. I have to go, are you-"

"Fine. Go. Liam?"

"Hmm?" Liam asked, a whirlwind grabbing phone and soaking wet keys and ignoring his wet shoes for perhaps the first time ever.

"Bring him home."