Lottie lay staring at Ryan. She had no idea what was going on with him. He had never been like this before.

"Ryan let me go" Lottie screamed.

"No, I've been waiting for this for a long time and now is finally the time" He said.

"Ryan I said no, I don't want to do this" Lottie said strongly.

"Well too bad" Ryan said as he pulled his trousers down and got on top of her. She tried to push him off but it was very challenging having her legs and arms tied. After time of trying she freezes unable to move.

"With me now" Ryan said as he untied her and dragged her into the living room.

"Who wants to go first" Ryan said throwing Lottie to the ground. An older man stepped forward and quickly pulled the girl's legs apart. He lay down on top of her and instantly cummed. Lottie could no longer fight she was frozen. The man moved off and another got on. She noticed other men around staring at her. Their erections clear, many getting ready to have a shot.

"Stop" A police officer shouted as they entered the room. Lottie curled up into a ball as the man got off her.

"Baby" Ronnie shouted as she ran through the door. She ran over to her daughter and pulled her into her arms. As soon as she was safe in her mother's arms, Lottie broke down into hysterical tears. Roxy joined them on the floor wishing to help both her sister and her niece.

"We need to get your daughter to the hospital" A police officer said softly and Ronnie nodded. She gently stood up before helping her daughter.

"We need to get you to the hospital sweetie" Ronnie said trying to get her daughter's attention.

"I want to go home" She said.

"No you need to go to the hospital first" Ronnie said being firm. Lottie refused again. She just wanted to go home. Ronnie was not taking no for an answer and started guiding the girl out of the house. There was an ambulance already there and a paramedic came over to help Lottie.

"Don't leave me" Lottie said to her mother.

"I promise I won't" Ronnie said and Lottie nodded. They climbed into the ambulance and drove to the hospital. Once at the hospital, Lottie was quickly checked out. Surprisingly she had no additional injuries but she was given a rape test and the morning after pill just in case. She was then interviewed by the police. She couldn't believe what had just happened.

Once Lottie was interviewed, the doctors allowed her to have a shower. She jumped in the bath and started washing herself ferociously. Her mum was with her but she didn't even care. She just wanted this off of her. She scrubbed until her skin was raw.

"Come on, you need to get out now" Ronnie said after a total of 40 minutes. She noticed that the water was getting colder and the girl needed to get out now. Once out of the bathroom, they headed to the interview room again.

"Can we go home?" Ronnie asked and the policewoman nodded.

"We will come to you tomorrow and speak to you about it" the policewoman explained.

"Are you able to tell us anything just now?" Ronnie asked.

"Let me go and find out" She said and Ronnie nodded.

The woman disappeared on her phone before coming back with another two police officers.

"So we are able to explain to you what we have found out so far" One explained and Ronnie nodded.

"Can we speak to you in private first" The officer said and Ronnie nodded. They walked out the room leaving Roxy with Lottie. Roxy instantly curled up next to her niece and held her in her arms.

"So I can confirm that Ryan Castro is the son of Michael Castro. A very well known previous business man of the area. Does Lottie he is her dad?" The officer asked and Ronnie shook her head.

"So Michael Castro is very ill. He is going to die and many people want part of him to carry on his legacy. Once Michael admitted to having a daughter, his son Ryan hunted her down. It is believed he was to seduce her, sleep with her and then bring her down to sleep with other men. The view is that one of them will get her pregnant and then they would hide her for 9 months and she would have the baby and then they'd kill her" The officer explained and Ronnie's face dropped. This was her baby girl.

"How old is Ryan?" Ronnie asked shocked "And Lottie is on the pill"

"So Ryan is 19, he had a fake ID. We also found information about what the plan was. He had a notebook where it turns out he had found fake medication which were the same size and shape as the pill Lottie took and he changed them" The office explained.

"How dare he? He is in prison right" Ronnie said and the officer nodded.

"He is and Michael Castro passed away a few hours ago" The officer told Ronnie. Ronnie nodded.

"Okay, well I'm going to take my daughter home and explain to her what's going on" Ronnie explained and the police officer nodded.

"Come on baby, let's go home" Ronnie said. Ronnie pulled Lottie into her arms.

"We are going to drive home and then I will explain exactly what is going on" Ronnie said kissing the girl on the head. Lottie didn't even move. She wasn't even listening to what her mum was telling her. Her brain was so fuzzy.

They headed back to Jack's car and all climbed in. Ronnie lay Lottie down on the back seat and sat next to her. She put the girl's head on her lap and stroked her hair. Lottie just stared into the distance. She couldn't think straight, she could only blank everything out.

They arrived back at Albert Square and Ronnie took Lottie up to bed.

"I want to have a shower" Lottie said and Ronnie looked at the girl.

"But you just had a bath" Ronnie said confused.

"I need to have a shower" Lottie said and Ronnie nodded. She knew not to say anything else and just let the girl shower. She guessed the girl wanted to wash away the pain.

Ronnie waited impatiently for her daughter to return. So many times she wanted to go in and check on the girl but she knew that she needed to give her space as well. Over 30 minutes later, Lottie returned. Ronnie sat the girl in front of her and dried her hair again for the second time today.

She then snuggled up in bed with the girl against her chest.

"I'm going to explain to you what I have been told by the police but if you need me to tell you again then I will. I just don't like the idea of you not knowing what is going on" Ronnie explained. She went on to explain to Lottie about Ryan and her father.

"So my father is dead" Lottie said and Ronnie nodded.

"Good" She said and Ronnie nodded. She didn't know how much more the girl had understood but she knew it was a lot for her to take in. She knew the girl would be upset and just wanted to comfort her.

"And how are you?" Ronnie asked softly once she knew that the girl was clear on what she had been told.

"Mummy, I want today to disappear" Lottie mumbled and Ronnie nodded.

"I know you do and it's going to be hard but you can't forget about what happened today. You need to process it and be able to move on. You will never be able to forget about what happened to you but you can move on and I will be there with you every step" Ronnie explained and Lottie nodded.

"Come here" Ronnie said and being within her mum's hold was enough for Lottie to break down. Once the tears started she couldn't stop them. She started sobbing into her mum's chest and was so glad when the woman just stayed still and allowed her to do so.