"The scraplets really did a number on this place." Bulkhead said, picking up a rather piece of debris.

"Indeed, but let us just be thankful that it wasn't us that ended up on the pile." Ratchet said, using his welding tool on a piece of his equipment.

"Agreed. While nearly freezing to death isn't my idea of a better experience, I do not envy any of you." Arcee said.

"Neither circumstance is something that I wish to find myself or any of you in again any time soon." Optimus said, giving Arcee a hand with lifting, "We owe a lot to our friends for all the help they have provided."

"I'll say. Hey, where are they anyway?" Bulkhead asked, looking around for the kids.

"They're in the back with Bumblebee." Ratchet said, cocking his head in the direction he spoke of, "It wasn't just in here where they hit, and I figured that there were fewer large pieces for them to pick up."

It had been a very long series of days since the scraplet attack on the Autobot base. While the attack itself had left a sizable mark on everyone in the base, not many had thought about what had to happen after it was all over. That mainly being the clean up of everything.

"Save the Autobots and what do we get? Clean up duty." Miko huffed as she picked up another piece of chewed metal.

"Come on Miko, you know we aren't the only ones doing this. The bots are doing just as much if not more." Jack said, piling more pieces of scrap into his arms.

Behind them, a series of beeps and bleeps came from their yellow helper. While his speech was unknown to the two of them, their third member had little trouble with understanding just what he was trying to say.

"Heh, I don't think she would survive having it put down on her, Bee." Raf said, referring to the large pipe that his friend had picked up.

Miko looked back to see what the two were talking about, and sure enough, there was a large pipe in Bumblebee's hands. While the exact exchange of words was unknown to her, she had a pretty good idea about what the Autobot was getting at. So, with a huff, she got back to picking things up.

"Just like hosting a party. No one ever thinks about the clean up after it's over." Jack commented.

"Yeah, if that party involved being eaten alive." Miko said, bending down to pick up another piece, something catching her eye in the process.

Standing herself back up, she noticed one of the large roll-up doors that littered the halls of the base. While these things weren't uncommon at all around here, she didn't remember ever seeing this one before. And with the words "top secret" written on it, she was sure that she would have remembered it.

"Hey guys, check it out!" Miko shouted, getting the others attention and pointing out the door.

The other three looked up from what they were doing, looking to see what it was that Miko was talking about.

"Huh? I don't remember that door being there. Have we ever been this far back in the base before?" Jack asked Rafael.

"I haven't. Have you?" Raf asked Bumblebee, who simply shrugged his shoulders while making a confused noise.

"Let's check it out. Who knows what could be back there!" Miko said before Jack grabbed her arm.

"Miko wait! I'm pretty sure that says top secret for a reason. For all we know, there could be something dangerous in there." Jack argued.

"Oh come one, what could there possibly be in there? I don't think the Autobots would have something that could kill us." Miko said.

"Well, that's what we thought with the scraplet trap too." Jack said.

Bumblebee made a series of beeps and whistles at the two, but neither of them understood what he was getting at.

"He's saying that they've never been back there before either." Rafael explained, "They haven't had any use for it, so it's just been back there being unused."

"So we don't even have a clue what could be back there. It could be something left from others that used this place before. Maybe something radioactive or-"

Jack was cut off from his sentence when he heard the sound of the roller door being opened. Turning around, he saw Miko standing at the door control.

"Only one way to find out!" she shouted.

"She never listens. Never." Jack sighed, walking up to see what the fuss could possibly be.

The rolling door was incredibly slow to open, letting out audible strain as it twisted upward. It was pretty clear that whatever was in there had not been looked at in some time. Yet, judging from all the holes in the door itself, the scraplets had no doubt been in there.

Once the door had opened all the way, the four peeked their heads inside, coming face to face with… nothing.

"Hmm, should have guessed. With all the moaning those gears did, this place probably hasn't been opened in years." Jack said.

"Aw. I was hoping to find a new secret." Miko lightly whined.

"Cheer up, Miko. You did find something. A whole new place to clean." Jack said, smugly pointing out all the chewed up metal.

"Sooo funny, Jack. But I think I'll leave that up to you and Raf." Miko mocked.

"I say we put it to a vote. All in favor of me and Raf doing it?" Jack asked, to which Miko immediately raised her hand.

"And all in favor of Miko doing it?" Jack raised his own hand this time.

"Looks like we're at a deadlock." Miko teased.

"Oh yeah, because Raf is really going to… Raf?" Jack said, noticing that Rafael wasn't paying attention and seemed to be staring off into space.

"Raf? Anybody home?" Miko asked, snapping her fingers in front of him to get him back to reality.

"Huh? Oh sorry guys, I was looking at something on the wall." Rafael said, pointing at where he had been looking.

The other two looked to where Rafael was pointing, not really seeing what it was that he was trying to point out. It just looked like a chewed up metal wall to them. They knelt down to get on the same level as him and still saw nothing. Tilting their heads at weird angles didn't yield any results either.

"Uh… What exactly are you seeing?" Jack asked.

Miko took Rafael's glasses off, trying to look through them. Only to have them immediately snatched away from her.

"What? I thought maybe they would reveal something we couldn't see." Miko said.

"Guys, I'm telling you, there's something there." Rafael asserted.

Stepping into the room, he came up close to the chewed up metal wall, trying to look through the small holes that had been chewed into it. There was definitely something there, but he just wasn't sure what.

Curious about what it could possibly be, Bumblebee came up behind him and knelt down to look himself. Though, much like Jack and Miko, he was having difficulty seeing anything.

A thought then went through Rafael's head, and he reached out to grab a piece of the wall. With a short tug, he managed to yank off a piece relatively easily. While it wasn't very big, there was now a hole in the wall that showed exactly what it was that he was talking about.

Miko and Jack, now in full belief with what they were seeing, came up to look at what Rafael was talking about. Looking to the hole, they could see that there was a hollow spot in the wall. Not only that, but it looked like more than just a cave or typical wear. It looked like there was a full room back there.

"Woah. What do you think is back there?" Jack asked.

"Only one way to find out." Miko said, getting to work with tearing away part of the way.

While Jack was hesitant at first, he was now truly curious as to what might be hiding back there. So, shrugging his shoulders, he started to help the other two with digging out the wall.

While this was happening, Bee was unsure of what to do. While he did have his own curiosities about what was back there, he wasn't sure about how the other Autobots would react to this. They were digging into part of their base, and they didn't even know what was back there.

Meanwhile, the three were having a difficult time with the wall. Even with all of them working at it, they were hardly making a dent. At the rate that they were going, it was going to take all day to get through.

That is until Miko pulled a rather precariously placed piece away.

After she pulled it from the wall, there were several noises that came from it. All three of them looked up just in time to see the thing collapse and start falling right on top of them.

While they did all let out a yell of fear, they were thankfully safe. Bumblebee managed to use his own body to shield the three from the falling debris. Looking up, the three gave grateful smiles to the scout.

"Thanks, Bee." Jack said.

"What's going on back there?!" the four heard Ratchet yell.

Acting quickly, Bumblebee got up from the kids and went to the door. There was a long series of beeps that he gave as an explanation to Ratchet, but one that was not at all honest as to what had happened.

"Be more careful. We don't need another incident." Ratchet told him.

Letting out sighs, everyone turned back to the giant hole that was now in the wall. Rafael had been correct in what he said, as there was something behind that wall. It was a room that looked as though it had been purposefully built into that place, yet was cut off by the wall.

"Geez, what do you think this place was?" Jack asked anyone.

"Maybe it's a panic room." Miko suggested.

"No, it's too small. Besides, there's no air system or power." Rafael said.

"Wait… is that what you were seeing Raf?" Jack asked, pointing at something on the ground.

The other two looked down, noticing the strange thing that Jack was pointing at. They hadn't really seen anything like it before. It was round and white. Almost like the upper half of a pedestal. Except it was much bigger than any they had ever seen.

"Woah. What is that, a missile launch pad?" Miko asked.

"Maybe it's an escape hatch." Jack suggested.

"I don't know. It's too small to be for missiles, and I've never seen an escape hatch that looks like that. Then again, I've also never seen giant robots before we got here either." Rafael said, stepping close to the strange object.

"Raf, are you sure it's a good idea to-" Jack began, but was soon interrupted by Miko.

"Oh come on, Jack. What do you honestly think will happen just by touching the thing." Miko said.

Rafael was now standing directly over the strange looking object. He looked the thing over several times, trying to see if there were any handles, buttons, or switches of some kind, but there was nothing.

So, with nothing else to go off of, he reached his hand out to touch the thing. When he was a mere inch above its surface, he hesitated for just a moment. Yet that moment didn't last long, and he placed his hand on the surface of the strange thing.

Its response was immediate.

The instant that his hand touched the surface, it lit up like lightning on a moonless night. Seeing this, Rafael immediately pulled his hand away and stumbled backward. Bumping into the other two, they all fell to the ground after seeing the blinding light.

Once they were able to reorient themselves, they all craned their heads up to look, shielding their eyes. They didn't have to do this for long, as the light died almost as soon as they had attempted to set their eyes on it again.

After getting their eye readjusted, the three looked back at the pad, noticing that it still had a faint glow going through it.

"What just happened?" Miko asked, getting herself and Rafael back on their feet.

"I don't know, but whatever this thing used to be, it looks like we turned it back on." Jack said, unaware of what they had really just done.

Far away from where things had been happening with the Autobots, there was another, less stressful situation happening on a different part of the country. While the Autobots had thought they were the sole protectors of the planet, there was another group that was working in the shadows for a different cause.

Down in a little place known a Beach City, Steven, and the Gems had been having a relatively average day. There hadn't really been that much commotion going on, so they were more than content to have an easy day.

That is until the warp pad suddenly lit up.

It had been a very long time since any of them had seen something like that. Steven and Amethyst had never seen it before, but Pearl and Garnet were at least somewhat aware of what was going on.

"What was that?" Steven asked.

"It's a sign that a new warp pad has been activated somewhere on this planet." Garnet explained.

"How can that be? We've had nearly all of them activated since we've been here, and the ones that aren't are well hidden." Pearl said.

"Maybe someone found one and decided to turn it back on." Amethyst suggested.

"That's impossible. Their all either buried or in places that organic life can't get to." Pearl argued.

"That doesn't mean that one can't be found." Amethyst said.

"That's true, but I doubt that anything will be coming through. We don't know where the signal is coming from, and I doubt that whatever it is that turned it on knows how to use it." Garnet said.

"True, but I can't help but wonder where this could have turned on at." Pearl said.

"Well, there's only one real way to know." Steven said, marching up to the pad and standing on it.

"Steven, not only is that dangerous but also nearly impossible. We don't know where it activated. For all we know it could be a dysfunctional warp pad as well. If we go there, there's no guaranteeing that we can get back." Pearl said.

"Aw come on, Pearl. Nothing ventured, nothing-" Steven said, being cut off when he was very suddenly teleported away.

The other three simply stood there in shock, too horrified to say anything at first.

"Un oh." Amethyst said, breaking the silence.

Back at the Autobot base, Bumblebee and the kids were trying to figure out what it was that they had discovered. While it was obviously something that no one was aware of up until this point, the bigger matter was whether or not it was dangerous.

"Man, can you believe this? We found something hiding right under the bots noses." Miko said.

"Yeah, that's great Miko, but I have a few bigger concerns right now. Namely, if that thing is safe or not. Raf, do you feel anything wrong? Anything at all?" Jack asked the youngest member of the group.

"No, I-I feel alright, but I think we should tell this to the other before something else happens." Rafael said.

Bumblebee agreed with their sentiment, gesturing to the door with a series of beeps.

"-Gained." a voice said behind the group.

The four froze when they heard that, eyes going wide in the process. After the one word, the voice seemed to only produce confused grunts. Slowly turning around, they figured out very quickly why that was.

There, standing on that pad in the base, was what looked like a young boy who couldn't have been much older than Rafael.

While the four were certainly surprised to see this, the boy looked just as confused as him. However, Jack was able to regain enough of his composure to turn around and gesture for Bee to hide.

Pulling himself out of the daze from what he was seeing, Bumblebee's optics looked down to Jack, who was motioning for him to hide away from their unexpected visitor. Darting his head around a few times, Bee finally settled on hiding himself outside of the room.

Unfortunately, his heavy footsteps got the attention of Steven, who turned to finally come face to face with the other kids. While the expressions on their faces were outlandishly surprised, Steven wasn't bothered by this. He knew that if anyone saw something like this, the most understandable reaction we be the one that he was seeing.

All the same, he himself put on the friendliest smile that he could. Hopping down from the warp pad, he approached the three and extended his hand out in a polite way to the tallest of the three.

"Hi, I'm Steven." he said to the boy.

For a moment, Jack was too dumbfounded to do anything other than stare at him. While he knew that was rude, he could hardly believe what he was seeing. Nevertheless, he knew he had to say something before it got even more awkward than it already was.

"Uh… I'm Jack. These other two are Miko and Rafael." he said, slowly reaching out to take the boy's hand and shake it.

"Hi, nice to meet all of you." Steven said, still holding his friendly smile.

"... Likewise." Miko said.

"Yeah, you too." Rafael said, out of his daze.

"Uh, I'm really sorry to bother you guys, but do you happen to know where I am?" Steven asked.

"Um… Well, you're on the planet Earth." Jack said.

"Oh, I know that I was just wondering where specifically." Steven said.

"Oh… uh… that's gonna be kind of complicated." Miko said.

"Yeah, we kind of can't tell you that." Rafael explained.

"Why not?" Steven asked.

"Look, we're really sorry that we can't explain, but believe me when I say that there is a good reason that we can't." Jack said, trying to push Steven back to the warp pad.

"Yeah, seriously. Sorry about this, but you do need to get out of here." Miko added, giving Jack a hand.

"We could get in a lot of trouble if anyone found out that you're here." Raf said, helping the other two.

Steven didn't really fight back, letting himself be slid across the floor. While these people didn't seem rude, he could tell that they were flustered. Where he wound up was still a mystery, but it must have been a pretty important place for them to immediately want him gone.

Once they got to the warp pad, the group got up on it and Steven turned back to them with a quizzical face.

"As I said, we're really, really sorry that we seem to be being pushy, but we do have a good reason. If this were any other situation, we could talk things out." Jack explained.

Bumblebee had been growing curious as to what was happening in there. The exchange of words sounded civil enough, but the fact that there was, what he assumed to be, another human in the base was going to cause some serious problems if the others found out about this. They needed to get him out of there fast.

Peeking his head into the room, he was thankful to see that they were doing just that. How this human got in there to start with was something they were going to have to discuss later, but for now, he would take letting them handle this.

"Uh, how exactly did you get here anyway?" Rafael asked.

"Well, I just... Hey, what's-" Steven said, being cut off once more.

The warp pad must have activated once again because it didn't just take Steven this time. It took all of the kids with him as well.

Bumblebee's optics went wide, almost not able to believe what he saw. Running into the room, he knelt down to the warp pad, looking to see what happened. There was no sign of any of the kids. Placing his hand over it a few times, he thought that he might be able to reactivate the thing and bring them back somehow, but to no avail.

Finally letting what just happened sink in, Bumblebee let out a short series of beeps that almost sounded like the words "Uh-oh."

"-That?" Steven asked the three, just in time for the teleporter to activate.

"What's- What!?" Jack exclaimed, realizing that they weren't in the same place anymore.

Looking around, the three saw that the place they were now in was much different from where they just were. Rather than some sort of abandon building or government facility, it looked like they were now inside of an ordinary house.

"Alright, we'll split up and cover all areas in one general location. Odds are he didn't get far away from the warp pad itself." the group heard a voice say.

Looking over, the four saw a group of what looked like women, all huddled around a kitchen countertop. While what they were doing was hard to make out, what was clear was that they were doing in frantically. Though what they were all hunched over seemed like a map, so maybe they were getting ready to go somewhere.

"Alright, I'll go here. Amethyst, you head to the south, and Garnet will go to the east. If we don't find him there, we'll all meet up in the west region and go from there. I just hope that he's-" Pearl said in a panicked tone, being interrupted.

"Hey, guys!" Steven greeted them, causing them all to look up from the map.

"Oh thank goodness!" Pearl said, running up to Steven and hugging him. "Don't ever do that again, you scared the daylight out of us."

"Speak for yourself P, I knew he was alright." Amethyst said.

"Guys, we've got company." Garnet told the other two.

While Amethyst was able to see what Garnet meant immediately, Pearl had to pull herself away from Steven to see for herself. While she had at first been expecting to see a corrupted gem or something along those lines, what she saw instead was arguably more unsettling.

There, in their home, were three humans.

For a short while, the group could do little more than stare at each other. While the gems were somewhat concerned about having strangers around, the kids knew that they were in a far more compromised position. They had no idea where they were, or if these people were dangerous.

Yet, in that same regard, Jack knew that someone had to break the ice. If they didn't, this would not only get more awkward than it already was, but it could also lead to some big problems with these people.

"Um… H-Hi there ma'am. I'm Jack." he said, carefully extending his hand out to Pearl in as non-threatening of a way that he could.

Pearl stood up, eyeing the boy that had just introduced himself with suspicion. She didn't usually put too much trust into humans, and it was even less often that they came in here. Yet he was being friendly, so she figured that she should do the same.

Slowly extending her hand out, she never took her eyes off of him. When their hands finally connected, Pearl's handshake was stiff and the untrust could be felt between the two.

"Pearl." she responded simply.

While the handshake was highly uncomfortable between the two, it didn't last any longer than it needed to. Yet, not but a moment after the two disconnect their handshake, Amethyst thought it would be a good idea to introduce herself. She came right up next to Pearl and took Jack's hand before he could drop it.

"Nice to meetcha, Jack. I'm Amethyst, and that's Garnet over there." Amethyst said, pointing to Garnet and heavily shaking Jack's hand.

After Jack was finished being jerked around by the shorter woman, he let go of her hand and looked to the other woman that had been mentioned. She was easily the tallest out of the group, but he was having a hard time getting a read on what was going through her head. While he wasn't one hundred percent certain on it, he had a feeling that is was something to do with her glasses. He couldn't see her eyes at all.

"Thank's." Jack said, rubbing his arm, "Anyway this is-"

"I'm Miko!" she said, coming up to shake hands in a similarly over enthused manner.

"I'm Rafael, but you can just call me Raf." he said, waving at the new people.

"It's nice to meet you all, but I'm afraid we have two important things to worry about. The first one being how you got here, and the second being what you're doing here?" Garnet inquired

"I think the first one is pretty obvious." Miko responded, pointing at the warp pad.

"She's got a point, G." Amethyst said.

"Yes, I feel that is rather obvious, but on to the matter of bigger concern. What are you doing here?" Pearl asked.

"Yeah, sorry about that. We had no idea what was going on with that thing we found, and when Steven appeared out of nowhere, we weren't really sure what to do. So we tried to get him to go back and… I guess we just ended up going with him." Jack said.

"I see. Well, if that is the case, I think it would probably be best if we sent you on your way. Where exactly is it that you were?" Pearl asked.

While Jack was in agreement that they should get headed back to where they were, he also knew that it wasn't going to be as simple as that. The fact that one of them had already seen the base was bad enough, but they couldn't take more back and risk the secret getting out to more people.

Jack stammered for a moment, trying to think of something. Fortunately, Steven took care of it.

"Oh come on, guys. They just got here. Can't I at least show them around a little bit?" Steven asked.

"Steven that's very nice of you, but I don't think that-" Pearl tried to stop them, but Jack was quick to step in.

"Hey, you know, that would be great! None of us have ever really seen the outside of our own town, and seeing a new place might be cool." Jack said.

"Sweet! I chance to see somewhere new. This is gonna be awesome!" Miko said, gleefully.

"Uh Jack, are you sure about this?" Rafael asked.

"Oh come on, Raf." Jack said, taking out his phone to type out a text, "We'll only stay for a little while, and then get headed. It won't take that long."

Rafael suddenly felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Pulling it out, he checked to see that he got a text from Jack.

"We can't let them know about the base!"

"Oh… uh, alright then. I guess that couldn't hurt." Rafael said, tucking his phone away.

'Great! Come on, I'll show you around!" Steven said, heading for the door.

"Hold up there, guy. I'm headed with you." Amethyst said, following close behind him.

While the kids and Amethyst all headed out the door, Pearl and Garnet were left there simply staring blankly. They were not at all sure about what had just happened, but they were sure that things had just taken a turn for the strange.

"What was all of that?" Pearl asked Garnet.

"I'm not entirely sure, but there was something about the way they acted that seemed… off." Garnet said.

"No question about that. You'd think they would be sufficiently freaked out enough to just want to go back to where ever it was they came from." Pearl said.

"That's the reaction I was expecting as well. Something about all of this just… Wait, there's something else now." Garnet said.

"What do you mean something else?" Pearl said.

"I feel that… something's heading this way." Garnet said in an ominous tone.

"What do you mean they just vanished?" Arcee asked, her tone impatient and angered.

Bee tried giving her an explanation, but it wasn't much different from what he told them before. Frankly, even after witnessing it for himself, he still wasn't sure that he believed it.

"Kid, you really aren't making sense. People don't just appear and disappear. Even if they bridged out, there would have been some indication of them coming or going." Bulkhead said.

Bee held to what he said, not holding back any of the detail about what he saw. A kid had just appeared where that strange device had been discovered and, after stepping on it themselves, the others disappeared with him.

"Whatever this device may be, I highly doubt that it is human technology. The only likely option is that it was either early Cybertronian technology or something else altogether." Ratchet said.

"All of that matters little now. The only thing that matters at the moment is finding them and bringing them back safe." Optimus said.

"How are we going to do that?" Bulkhead asked.

"Ratchet, do you think that you may be able to tap into this device and figure out their coordinates?" Optimus asked.

"I suppose that it wouldn't be completely outside the realm of possibility. As long as I am able to get into the inner mechanics of it, I may-" Ratchet said, being interrupted by the monitor.

"Who could be calling right now?" Bulkhead asked.

Looking at the monitor, Ratchet opened the receiving end of the line to see who it was that was calling them. Once the call was identified, Jack's face popped up on the monitor.

"It's jack." Ratchet said, immediately opening the call.

"Ratchet, are you there?" Jack asked.

"Jack, where are you?" Arcee asked.

"Shh! I don't know yet, but don't worry, we're safe." Jack assured them.

"What happened? Are the others with you?" Bulkhead asked.

"Yeah, the others are here with me, but there are too many people around for me to go into detail. We're still on earth, and I'm trying to figure out where we are. As soon as I can get some space where we can be away from crowds, I'll call you back so you can bridge us back." Jack said.

"Do what you must, Jack, but do not leave us waiting for too long. If you don't call back within the hour, we will search for you." Optimus said.

"Understood." Jack said, hanging up.

"Well, at least we know they're still alive." Ratchet said.

"And out of danger for the most part." Bulkhead added.

"I'm still holding you accountable for this." Arcee told Bumblebee. Who simply let out a surprised noise.

High above the earth's atmosphere, another problem was occurring. While Starscream had long wanted to be in charge of the Decepticons, things had taken a turn for the tedious after they found Megatron. Even after ensuring that he wouldn't wake up, Starscream was unsure of the future of his reign with his old master's body still being around.

All the same, he still had a ship to run. So when Soundwave came up behind him, he truly hoped that it was important.

"What is it Soundwave?" He asked.

In response, Soundwave brought up an image on his visor, showing the commander what it was that he discovered. Coming closer, Starscream looked at the strange object moving through space.

"Hmm, what do we have here?" Starscream asked.

Zooming in on the image, Soundwave sharpened things up and presented a mock-up of what the object would look like up close.

"I've never seen a meteor like this before. It appears to be radiating some form of energy. Perhaps a large piece of energon?" Starscream wondered.

Soundwave didn't make any motions, as he himself was unsure of what this large mass could possibly be. In any case, he knew that Starscream would make a decision on what to do about it.

"If this is indeed an energy source, we must not waste an opportunity that is presented to us. Have the troops ready the energy tethers. We'll find out just what it is we're dealing with." Starscream ordered.

In no time at all, the Nemesis was just on the outer edge of the meteor-like object. Now that they were closer, it became evident that, whatever this thing was, it was more than simple rock. Not to mention, the color of it was giving Starscream an idea of what it could be.

"Look at it. Oh, a simple meteor you are not. Do you realize what this could be, Soundwave? If this mass is nothing but red energon, it could give us just the advantage we need over the Autobots. Activate the tethers!"

On his command, the vehicons turned on three large devices that acted like ropes that attached themselves to the large mass. Once it seemed secure, the Nemesis began pulling the thing to a more suitable area for proper testing.

"A nearly limitless supply of red energon. The Autobots won't stand a chance." Starscream said before a series of alarms went off.

"What's going on out there?" Starscream demanded.

"Sir, we must have drifted too close to Earth. Whatever this is is starting to be pulled in by the planet's gravitational pull." one of the cons said.

"Route power to our thrusters! Do not lose it!" Starscream shouted.

The vehicons did as they were told and got to work with trying to save their find. While the Nemesis was a powerful ship, there was only so much that could be done about an object that was almost twice the size of their ship.

For several minutes, the ship strained against the pull of the large mass that was trying to pull its way down to the planet. While the crew put up a decent fight, eventually the tethers could take no more of it. They gave way, being pulled off of the ship, causing the red sphere to start plummeting to earth.

Seeing this, Starscream let out a grunt of anger.

"Fools!... No matter. Wherever this may land, we will be sure to be there first. Regardless of where it ends up."