Hello, my friends! I have decided to get this story started. I have a general idea of how I want this story to go, but I still want your ideas and input.

This story, obviously, will feature Bucky leading Team Arrow against Prometheus. One crucial difference between this story and the show is that Talia al Ghul is not on Prometheus' side in this. If you are wondering why, it's because I included her in Flash: Dark Dimension, fighting on Barry's side in the final battle. I'll probably still have it be that she trained Prometheus, but she won't be fighting with him. She may yet show up for one or two cameos. I have someone else in mind to take her place. You'll figure out who that is later on.

Let's get this started.

Chapter 1- A New Fight

It's late at night in the Glades. It's relatively peaceful. For the Glades, at least. That is, except in one neighborhood.

A man runs at a full sprint down the a dark street, his bag of stolen goods from the store he robbed only minutes ago slung over his shoulder. He doesn't dare look back, but focuses on just running as fast as he can.

He suddenly ducks down an alley, hoping to shake his pursuer. He quickly dives behind a dumpster and hides under it.

The thief tries his absolute hardest to hold his breath, or at least breathe as softly as he possibly can. He can hear footsteps in the alley, gravel grinding under heavy boots.

The footsteps stop for a moment. For a moment, the thief wonders if he's going to get lucky and get away. Suddenly, he hears metal collide with metal. A second later, the dumpster is suddenly shoved away, revealing the Winter Soldier.

The thief tries desperately to get away, but the Winter Soldier leaps forward and tackles him, jabbing a dart into his back, which delivers a sedative strong enough to knock him out in a matter of seconds.

The Winter Soldier ties him to the side of the dumpster, then leaves behind a small red star he uses to mark criminals he's taken down, and disappears into the night.

(Arrow Lair)

Bucky smiles as he walks into the lair, pulling off his goggles and face mask.

"Well, this was a good night. It was really too easy," Bucky says with a chuckle. In the lair, Laurel and Thea chuckle, while Rene is busy working out on the salmon ladder.

"You've really taken to this well, Bucky. I'm impressed," Thea says.

"Well, I was a master assassin for a long time. I know how to find people that don't want to be found," Bucky says. Thea nods in response.

Bucky looks around, then asks, "Where's John?"

"He got a call from Lyla. Some emergency with their son was all he said about the call. He didn't tell me where," Thea responds. Bucky nods in response.

"Alright. Let's all get out of here. I think we've put in a good night's effort. Let's get some rest," Bucky says.

There are nodding heads all around, and Thea and Rene grab their things and start heading out, while Felicity works to shut down the computers.

Bucky walks up to Laurel, who is just sitting on a random table, staring off into the distance. He stops in front of her and asks, "Hey. What's going on?"

Laurel looks up at Bucky. "Just thinking," she replies.

"What about?" he asks.

"Just not sure how I can build a life here. Everyone thinks that Laurel Lance is dead. Nobody is gonna believe me if I say I'm from another Earth," Laurel explains.

"Well, for the time being, nobody else needs to know you're here. When the time comes, we'll figure that out. For now, just take it one day at a time," Bucky says.

Laurel looks up at him before nodding.

"Come on. Let's get out of here and go grab a bite to eat," Bucky suggests.

Laurel grins slyly. "Big Belly Burger?" she asks.

Bucky chuckles and says, "Sure, why not?" Laurel laughs, then gets up and follows Bucky out of the lair.

As they are walking down the street, heading towards the nearest Big Belly Burger, Bucky turns to Laurel, who is wearing a hoodie to hide her face, and asks, "Are you gonna actually start joining me and the others out on the streets? Or are you gonna just try and forge a normal life for yourself? Either one is fine, but it's not good to just sit around indecisive."

Laurel looks at Bucky. "I don't know. I helped fight off Grodd because I felt like I didn't have a choice. I was one of his targets. I don't know if I could do the vigilante life. But…I don't know. Just a simple life doesn't sound quite right," Laurel replies.

Bucky nods. He's about say something else when he hears something hurtling through the air towards him. He tries to duck out of the way, but something slices across his cheek.

Bucky snaps his head in the direction the object came from, and sees a man heading straight for him, holding a sword, with a bow and quiver on his back and shurikens strapped to the front of his uniform. His uniform is a twisted version of Oliver's suit he's seen from pictures.

Bucky stares at him for just a moment before snapping into action. He rushes right at the masked man, hitting the ground and sliding under the man's sword as he slashes. He pops back up to his feet and throws a punch right at the man's head. The masked man whips around and blocks the punch with fist. He then tries to bring his sword down onto Bucky's head, but Bucky pushes himself forward so that the man can't get a good strike in, while wrapping his arm around the man's head and throwing him several feet away.

The man gets back to his feet, whirling his sword around. Bucky runs at him, but the man dodges aside and slashes at him, managing to open a shallow cut on Bucky's leg. Bucky stumbles and trips.

The masked man stalks towards Bucky, sword held at his side. But, before he can get close, an incredible scream splits the relative quiet, and a shockwave knocks the masked man flying.

Looking up, he sees Laurel now standing protectively over Bucky, fists clenched. "Try and touch him again, and I'll shatter every bone in your body!" she says fiercely.

The masked man stands up, then throws down a flash-bang. Bucky and Laurel cover their eyes to protect them. When they open their eyes again, they see the man has disappeared.

Laurel helps Bucky to his feet, and they stare at the spot where the masked man had been standing. "Well, this complicates things," Bucky says in a low voice.

I'll end there. I know this chapter might not have been the best, but I just wanted to get this started. This story may not be the best, since I'm still planning it out, but just bear with me.

Diggle was not in this because as of this point in the show, Diggle was in military custody. Since he was there to welcome Bucky at the end of Worlds Collide, Heroes Clash, I changed the point where he got captured. Next chapter will not only feature Bucky and Laurel getting briefed on Prometheus, but the whole team learning Diggle has been captured. He'll be freed soon, though. So, don't worry.

This story is going to deviate a fair bit from the rest of the season. So, I hope you're all good with that.

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