A year had passed since The Ridonculous Race was aired. Competition had skyrocketed in the reality TV biz. New reality shows had come and go, but fans had to wonder; what ever happened to Total Drama?

Was it cancelled? Were the fans sick and tired of it? Was "All-Stars" the cause of the Total Drama demise?

"Fear not." One of the Total Drama producers announced in an important office meeting. Everyone there were planning to shut it all down, calling it quits, but one producer had a brilliant idea. "I have a plan." He said. "Let's just give what the fans truly want. Gerald, hand over the phone! We're making a call!"

About a month passed from the meeting. It was around seven in the morning on a completely new island. First noticeable sights to behold: a bright, sunny, aqua blue sky, a sandy beach, towering palm trees, lush green plants, and an ominous volcano way in the background.

"Mmmm. Smells like home!" A deep, raspy voice was heard. The man was viewing the lush island from the very end of the newly-placed, large dock. Standing besides him was a tall blonde girl, wearing noticeably high heels.

"Uggh, this is just like Hawaii, but with more mosquitos." She complained.

"Hey, you're the one who signed up for this, niece!" He laughed. "Even though I don't really need a co-host, you convinced your dad otherwise, which is why you're here in the first place." He was about to start a rant, but quickly cooled down. "But anyways, the Total Drama producers thought I would make an excellent replacement for Chris McLean. They think I can bring something, quote-on-quote, 'new to the table.'"

"Yeah, I know, Uncle Titus. You told me all of this, like, three times already. No offense." She said. "But you're, like, so different from Mr. McLean. You're so much bigger, and older, and angrier, and offense, again."

"Oh, I get that a lot, Hailee. Trust me." He laughed again. "But only towards strangers, which is why I am so pumped to wreak havoc on these poor contestants! Good thing we're taking a great look of this island a week before the actual competition starts." He then gave a chilling smile. "So, fourteen teens on an unpredictable island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? This is going to be fun."

One week later...

It was around 8 in the morning. One more day before the actual competition starts. It was a peaceful morning, with a clear blue sky, a wavy ocean, and a small cargo ship that would be transporting all fourteen, new contestants onto the new location. Standing on the front deck of the ship was a cameraman, recording a familiar man that was wearing his familiar, green blazer. His face expressed a familiar smile.

It was Don.

"Ahhhhhh, don't you love the smell of the bright, blue ocean?" Don asked the cameraman.

The cameraman said nothing.

"Huh, tough crowd." Don said, snarkily.

He then faced to the camera to have a chat with the viewers. "Anyways, you all might remember me as the greatest host you've ever witnessed: the one and only, host of The Ridonculous Race! Well, the Total Drama producers hired me as their own inside scooper for the brand-new contestants. In this short segment, I'll be giving quick and speedy introductions on each contestant, so that you, the viewers, get a good, introductory glimpse on each competitor. I'll probably squeeze in about 1 to 2 random questions with each contestant, and then, I'm out of here, 'cause this ship reeks!" He began sniffing the awful odor coming out of the ship. "Anyways, let's go meet the contestants!" Don and his cameraman began walking towards the back side of the ship.

"Eww, this ship is starting to smell like sewage. Must be the fish!" A tall, teenage girl exclaimed, while combing her long, wispy, dirty-blonde hair with her brush. She was wearing a green cargo-style jacket with a white undershirt, dark blue jeans, gray ankle boots, and a bronze necklace that resembles a rose.

"Yeah, you're right, Kayla! I'm about to gag! Do these crew-ship-people not know how to be hygienic?" Another tall girl standing beside her declared. She was wearing a bright white blouse, blue jeans, and white closed-toe heals. She completed her look with a sparkly tiara on her shoulder-length, platinum blonde hair. Both were standing on the back side of the ship.

"Yeah, totally! Hey, Kiara? Do you, by any chance, have spare perfume?" Kayla asked.

"Umm, no?" Kiara looked bothered. "Maybe you should've brought extras back at home. Why is it that I always bring everything for you, hmm?"

"Yeah, sorry. You're right. I'm such a dummy." She apologized.

"Good." Kiara said, firmly. "Also, on a side note; once we're on that island, you're going to do everything I tell you to do. Got it?"

"Yeah, Kiara. For sure!" She proudly stated. "Although, our competition seems a little unpredictable. I don't trust some of them."

"Don't worry about them." She responded back. "I'll take care of them, like I always take care of things."

Don and his trusty cameraman had arrived where both Kiara and Kayla stand. "Alrighty, and here are our two, lovely ladies! And their names are...umm…" Don calmly began searching for his flashcards containing each competitor's name and their listed stereotypes. Both Kayla and Kiara are unimpressed.

"Wow. How professional." Kayla said, sarcastically.

"Don't push it." Don fired back, annoyed.

Kiara felt impatient. "Umm, can you hurry up? This is taking too much of my time!"

"Aha! Found them!" He said. "Alright, phew! Thought I lost them for a sec, but I remained somewhat professional, which is all that matters. Anyways…" He began reading the flashcards. "Here, we have two good friends that have known each other since freshman year of high school! It's Kiara, The Snobby Princess! And Kayla, The Follower!"

"Hey!" Both teens yelled.

"Hey, I didn't come up with these labels. Cut me some slack!" He exclaimed. "So, enough of that. Since, you gals are the only competitors here that have known each other prior to the competition, that may give both of you a slight advantage over the rest of the contestants. Now tell me; what are your game plans? Mind going into full detail?"

"Oh, I don't need a game plan." Kiara said, snobbishly. "I'll just make people do things as their told. Someone as respectable as me should, like, deserve all the special privileges."

"Jeez, you really do live up to your label. Beverly Hills will do that to you." He said, snarkily. "Anyways, time to pass a specific question onto you, Kayla. Do you think you will be able to free yourself from being a completely dependent person in the competition, or will you avoid being independent altogether?"

"Nope. I don't like doing things on my own. I like having company. I start to lose it when I have to depend on my own." She responded.

"Ahh. So, you are a follower." He said, jokingly. "Alright, that is all I have."

He looked at the cameraman. "Now, onto the next group of teens!" Don said.

He began to walk away from both girls, with his handy cameraman on his side. "Jeez, what a bunch of valley girls, am I right?" Don whispered, hoping for a reply from his silent camera guy.

The cameraman still said nothing.

Don sighed. "Jeez, are you going to be quiet for the whole day?"

Don had trouble locating the other contestants, as he wandered around the ship, aimlessly.

"Jeez, why aren't all these kids bunched up in one, contained room? Make my life much easier, don't ya' think?" He whined to the oblivious cameraman.

After a couple minutes of searching, he spotted a female brunette near the passenger cabins, taking a quick jog around it; she was clearly a competitor. She was wearing a purple running jacket, blue running shorts, black sneakers, and white headphones on her ears. Her dark-brown hair was notably short: chin-length.

"Hey there! Yes, you! It's interview time!" Don yelled, as she stopped to jog once she heard him.

The brown-skin girl walked towards Don. She slides her headphones down. "So, you must be a paparazzi that somehow sneaked into the ship, am I right?" She said.

"Actually, I was hired by the Total Drama producers, but nice try!" He replied.

"Okay, let's make this quick." She said, clearly annoyed.

Don began to face the camera, as he prepared to introduce her to the viewers. "So, here we have a contestant who really loves to use her phone 24/7!" He began to quickly skim over the flashcards. "It's Daniela!"

Don noticed Daniela using her phone during her introduction.

"Hey! This is introduction time! Not texting-my-boyfriend time!" He said, frustrated.

"First off, I don't have a boyfriend. Secondly, I don't feel like answering your intrusive questions." She said, suspicious of Don.

"Wow, rude." Don replied. "If you don't want to answer my amazing, well thought-out questions, at least do me a solid and tell me where I can find the rest of the competitors?"

"Well, I think there's still around four inside the passenger's cabin or the lobby, just chillin'." She said. "But maybe the crew members know exactly-"

"Cool, sweet! Thanks!" Don said, interrupting her as he left towards the cabin.

Daniela scratched her head in confusion but shrugged it off and continued her jog.

There were four contestants sitting on metal benches in the large, lobby room: three girls and one boy. The room itself was surrounded by connected, passenger cabins. Two of them were sitting directly across from each other while the other two were girls that were sitting on the same bench, discussing the awful odor that leaked into the cabin rooms.

"It smells pretty dang bad in there." One girl said. She had brown hair, brown eyes, and white skin. She was wearing a plain-red shirt, tan pants, and black-and-white sneakers.

"The smell even reaches all the way here! But not as bad, thankfully." The other girl replied as she flipped her red hair. She's noticeably shorter and paler. She was wearing a red, oversized hoodie that almost covers her white shorts. She's also wearing short white socks and white shoes.

"Honestly! Where is it even coming from?" The first girl responded back.

A metal door was heard opened. It was Don and the cameraman, ready to introduce all the contestants as fast as possible.

"Alrighty!" said Don. "Let's start with the redhead over there!" Don began speed-walking towards the girl.

"Ooo, is it introduction time?" The redhead said, with innocent joy.

"You bet!" Don said, ecstatically. He began skimming his flashcards. "Alright, so here, we have a girl full of innocence and optimism, and apparently, a proclaimed professional at archery. It's Emily!" He announced.

"Ooooo, I love my introduction!" She said, gleefully.

"I'm pretty amazing, am I right?" Don declared, while the cameraman rolled his eyes. "So, Emily, since you've supposedly mastered the arts of archery, do you believe this certain skillset will help you during the competition?"

"Oh, Don. With Total Drama, anything can happen!" She assured. "I believe I have the advantage, but there's always the unexpected!"

"True to that!" Don assured. He began staring at the brunette sitting next to her. "So now, let me introduce to you viewers, the one and only, Nanci! The Socially Awkward!"

"Umm, it'll be nice if you didn't read the label underneath my name." Nanci asserted.

"But then, where's the fun in that?" Don responded.

"But, umm, you didn't read Emily's label out loud? Why mine's?" She said.

"Cause I'm in a bit of a hurry? And I didn't feel like it?" Don declared.

Emily glanced at Nanci, then at Don. "Since you're in such a hurry, maybe introduce those two over there?" She pointed at a guy and a girl sitting on opposite ends of each other.

Don took a quick glimpse of his watch. "Huh, you're right. It is getting scary-late. Alright, looks like I'm walking away!" Don said to the teens as he began approaching a guy with dark-brown hair.

"You told me you get awkward answering questions in front of a camera, so I saved you the trouble from answering his." Emily whispered to Nanci.

"Thanks Emily, I owe you one." Nanci whispered back.

The guy sitting down was drawing on his small notepad. He was wearing a gray coat, a black undershirt, black pants, and brown shoes. He began staring directly at the lone girl sitting across from him with his dark-brown eyes, while gently stroking his neatly-combed hair.

As Don approached him, he began noticing the guy's drawing. "So, whatcha' drawing? Can I peek?" Don said, surprising him, as he swiftly glanced at the guy's notepad. Don recognized the drawing straight away; he was drawing the girl sitting across from him, including the backdrop that was behind her.

"That's not creepy at all!" Don claimed.

The guy was clearly embarrassed. "Umm, what do you want?" He said.

"You're up for an introduction." Don stared back at the camera. "So, here we have a guy who enjoys observing the wonders of nature, enjoys staring off into space, and now apparently, enjoys drawing other people in a weird and creepy fashion! It's Spencer, The Observer!"

Spencer silently stared at Don for a few seconds, clearly annoyed. "Ummm, thanks." He responded, sarcastically.

"Just doing my job!" Don affirmed, while grinning. "Now, off to the girl that you were drawing!" He told Spencer, as he walked towards her, ready to ask minimal questions, if any.

The tall girl was noticeably paler than any other competitor on the ship, including Emily. Her skin color contrasts her black, messy hair bun. She was wearing an oversized white button-up shirt, black pants, and white shoes.

"So, I believe it's my turn for an intro?" She said, unamused.

"You bet!" Don said. "Also, fun fact; that guy sitting across from you is totally drawing you!" He whispered.

"Yeah, duh!" She affirmed. "I could hear you guys talk from here, ya' know? Maybe you guys should lower your obnoxious voices?"

"Or maybe you should quit eavesdropping, hmm?" Don fired back. "But anyways…" He turned towards the camera. "Here, we have a self-proclaimed artist who believes she is, supposedly, artistically better than anyone else on this ship! It's Soraya!

"You bet I'm the best one here!" She declared. "I bet no one here can even come head-to-head with my superior, artistic standards!"

"Jeez, cocky much? Plus, I could care less!" Don remarked. "But anyways, I do have one question before I walk away. Do you believe, with your certain skillsets, you can dominate the whole competition? You know, considering McLean got replaced by some big, unstable, macho man, this season is rumored to be the most dangerous, explosive, and unpredictable season yet!"

Soraya stared back at him, still unamused. "Oh please. They say that for every season. And obviously, I will be the dominating force of the game. Clearly, I'm the most valuable player here." She said, arrogantly.

"Umm, you're just a painter. There's nothing super boastful about that!" Don pointed out.

She was offended. "What did you jus- "

"Oh, would you look at the time!" Don interrupted her, as he glanced at his shiny watch. "I gotta' dash! See ya' later, Soraya-gator!" Don comedically said, as he walked away from the lobby room into the outer hallways with his cameraman, leaving behind a disgruntled Soraya.

The odor that most contestants pointed out, began to mysteriously diminish. The first one to notice its disappearance was a girl, who sat on a wooden table, right next to a standing guard. She was in the other lobby located right by the main control room. She had a seemingly, professional outfit; she was wearing a blue blazer, a light-tan undershirt, black jeans, and brown ankle boots. She also wore her thick, black glasses.

"Hmm, so what do you think the smell could've been?" She asked the guard, while sipping her coffee.

"It might've been from those thirteen, long, metal crates inside the storage compartment, I think." The guard answered, unsurely.

"Oh, it has to be." She asserted. "I bet it has something to do with a future challenge stored for us."

There was walking footsteps heard in the lobby. It was Don, no surprise. He began walking towards the girl, as the guard walked away from the spotlight.

"Well, well, well…" She said. "So, the host of The Ridonculous Race downgraded to a Total Drama employee? How progressive." She said, as she flipped her black, neck-length hair.

"Hey! It's off-season! And, I happen to like this job. So what?" Don assured, albeit a little irritated.

"Nothing wrong about that." She smirked. "Carry on."

"Alright!" He said, loudly. "So, here, we have an energetic journalist who just really loves her coffee! It's Lily!"

"Nice!" She said.

"I know right! I keep nailing these intros!" Don said. "Anyways, since everyone probably knows this already, Chris McLean has been replaced by someone, named Phil Friarwood. He was a former wrestler who went by an unfortunate nickname, Titus. What do you think of this bold change? Do you believe the challenges will be much tougher than before?"

Lily gave a little bit of thought into it. "Honestly, I'm predicting a less-coordinated, messy season, but we'll see."

"Simple and straightforward. I like it!" Don said. He then glanced at the cameraman. "Now, onto the other competitors!"

"They're at the central part of the ship!" Lily announced. "I gotta warn ya', there's a lot of weirdos over at that section!"

"I see." Don said, disappointed of what he's about to go through. "I'll keep that in mind! Thanks!" He began pacing outside the lobby.

As Don walked steadily and exhaustedly inside the main corridor that connected all the private rooms for the crew members, he spotted a tall-looking contestant a few walking distance away from him. He was wearing a brown leather jacket, a dark-brown undershirt, blue jeans with a brown belt, and brown shoes. His outfit is distinctly brown, including his leather watch. His brown, bedhead hair expressed a slightly messy appearance.

While he approached the contestant, Don noticed the guy cunningly snatched what seems to be a smartphone, from one of the walking guard's back pockets. The guy gave a mischievous smirk.

"No remorse, I see." Don said, catching the contestant off-guard.

"Hey man, it's all part of the hustle!" The guy exclaimed, confidently. "So rumors has it, you're the intro guy?"

"That's right! And it's your turn!" Don declared. "I'll keep it short and simple. So, here we have a petty thief from Chicago, who just loves to steal! It's Hunter!"

"You damn right!" Hunter responded, with pride. "Proud and petty is my motto!"

"Ahh, I see. I can predict this season's villain already." Don said, with his usual snarkiness.

"Damn right! You can call it villainy; I call it smart." Hunter said, proudly.

"Well, I better get going." Don said, as he walked away from Hunter, as Hunter continued sneaking around the corridor.

"Last stop: the center part of the ship!" Don told the cameraman.

There were four guys on the center part of the ship, where long, metal crates surround them. Two of them were talking to each other while standing in the very middle, while the other two were sitting on wooden chairs, very separate from each other while staring off into space.

"Arrr, matey! Where d'you get that outfit, good sir?", said one of the standing guys, with a young-sounding voice and blonde hair. He was wearing a full pirate outfit: a pirate hat, a black eye-patch, a dark brown pirate jacket, brown pants, and black boots. He was also wearing a flimsy, pirate sword prop on his brown belt.

"Oh, my older brother stitched it up himself. He gave it to me as a gift." The other guy standing in front of him responded, who was noticeably much taller than the pirate boy. He was wearing a full pied piper outfit: a red-blue-green vertically striped, long sleeved shirt, black tight pants, black pointy shoes, and a pied piper hat with a feather on top that's on top of his long, wavy hair.

As both continued to admire each other's outfits, Don had arrived, ready to fire questions at both guys that were standing. "Alright, let's make it quick, Halloween-goers!" Don said, already exhausted walking back and forth on the ship. He introduced the pirate boy to the camera. "So, here we have Arnold, The Pirate! I'm guessing he's some sort of modern-age, role-player? Who knows anymore!" He began laughing.

Arnold felt offended. "Arrrgh! Maybe you should introduce me properly, mate!"

Don continued to laugh, but quickly stopped. "Oh, that's right. We're on a time crunch here. So, Arnold, what makes you think you got this in the bag?" He began holding his laughter.

"Arrrgh!" Arnold continued using his pirate voice. "Every competitor will fear me as their #1 worst nightmare! I can get real' dirty when I need to, arrrgh!"

Don gave a small chuckle. "Alright, that's enough of that." The camera then switches over to the pied-piper guy. "Alright, so here we have the theatre geek, the flute expert, the Shakespeare enthusiast, and a former hypnotist! It's Alexander!"

Alexander gave a small applause. "Encore! Good job introducing me, Don! You reflected me very well, I must say."

Don was pleased. "Thanks, Alexander. At least someone appreciates the hard work I put out! Ahem!" He glared at the cameraman. No response, as usual. "Anyways, do you think you're ready for what's about to go down on that island? It's uncharted territory over there, ya' know."

"Oh yes, I'm fully aware of that. Yes. I think I can last a few eliminations, but we'll see." Alexander said, nonchalantly.

"Alright, that about sums it up, Alexander." He looked over at the cameraman. "Time to move over to that ski-mask outfit fella' over there." Don walked away from both Alexander and Arnold and began walking towards one of the guys sitting down. "Jeez, why is there a lot of costume-wearing weirdos over here?" He muttered to the camera.

The short guy sitting down began writing on flashcards that he carried throughout the boat ride. He was wearing a ski mask, a large, black leather trench coat that covered his whole body, black pants underneath, and black boots. He gave a menacing stare towards Don as he was being approached.

"So, you brought flashcards too? I like this kid!" Don said, hoping for a response.

The guy said nothing. He continued to write vigorously.

Don was impatient. "Anyways, let me introduce you all to Zane! So, Zane, how are you today?"

Zane finished writing on his flashcard and showed it to Don. "Stay away, or your dog dies.", it read.

Don was disturbed. "Alright! I'm out of here! Onto the next person!" He said, as he approached the other guy sitting on the opposite side.

The dark-skin guy appeared to be sleeping. He was wearing a dark-green shirt, blue jeans, and sandals. As Don was close to tap on his almost-bald head to wake him up, he woke himself up.

"Who da' heck are you?" He asked Don, with a heavy, Nigerian accent.

"Wakey wakey, Rashon! Look, we don't have much time, so you must answer these questions as quickly as possible, okay?" Don exclaimed.

Rashon paused for a couple seconds. "So, who da' heck are you?" He repeated.

Don ignored his question again. "So, do you have what it takes to win the competition?"

"Yes." Rashon quickly answered.

"What are your game plans? Any strategies?" He asked.

There were a few seconds of silent staring. "Yes." Rashon finally replied.

"Oh dear. Well, look at the time! We gotta' keep moving. Uhhhh, good talk, Rashon!" He said, as he slowly, but awkwardly, backed away from him.

Don quickly wandered away from the center part of the ship, as he began aimlessly searching for the final competitor to interview. He was feeling patient. "Where, in the name of Don, can he be?" He huffed.

Seconds later, a guy slowly walked out from behind a metal crate, seemingly hiding.

"Hey, what's up guys! It's Oliver here!" The guy said, hoping for a laugh. "Get it? I just made an obscure reference! Come on now." He said, while staring at Don's unamused face. He was wearing a light-blue dress shirt with a black bowtie, dark-blue pants, and black dress shoes. He was also wearing rimless glasses.

"Haha, very funny. I'm laughing so hard right now. What are you, a comedian?" He said, sarcastically. "Plus, I was supposed to introduce you! But anyways-"

"Did the Total Drama producers hire you, but not Chris McLean? That's cold." Oliver interrupted.

"Hey! I'm asking the questions here! He exclaimed. "But yes. I was. And rumors have it that Chris McLean had gone missing for a couple of months since the release of my show. But who knows! He's probably homeless by now, but who cares!"

"Missing, you say? This is definitely going into my conspiracy theory journal." Oliver replied.

"Alright!" Don said, while staring at the camera. "So, last, but not least, we have a big fan of Total Drama! It's Oliver, The TV Aficionado! Any closing statements before we head off?"

"Actually, I do." He said. "First off, why are you in a hurry? And secondly-"

"Time's up! That's a wrap!" Don announced, specifically at the cameraman. "We gotta' go, we're late to the meeting."

Both Don and the cameraman leaped out of a nearby ledge of the ship, landing directly onto a wooden lifeboat attached to the bottom of the ship.

Oliver ran up to the ledge, staring down at them, as Don and the cameraman began rowing the tiny boat, as they distanced themselves from the cargo ship.

"Where are you guys going?" Oliver yelled.

Don turned his head around, staring back at Oliver. The cameraman continued rowing, silently. "We actually lied!" He screamed back. "We weren't actually hired by the Total Drama producers! I made that up!" He continued yelling. "We were actually hired by a gossip news team! They promised big bucks! And it's off-season for me! Sooo, nothing personal!" He said, as they both drifted away into the sea.

"Huh. What a strange man." Oliver muttered.

Author's Note: So, here's the chapter that I planned on releasing a week ago but was unfortunately busy. This chapter just gives some first impressions of each OC, each one created by me. I will have all fourteen characters listed on my profile, so that it's easier to refer to, just in case. And yes, this chapter is a prologue. This time, the real action will begin in the next chapter, I can assure.

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