"Nate!" Jenny called out to the seemingly empty penthouse. She sighed, not expecting a reply and preparing to turn around and get a headstart to Hudson. Instead she was interrupted by a slightly slurring Chuck Bass who wore his ever present smirk, hiding some of the day's pain behind a shark like grin.

"He's not here." He said, leaning against his door frame a glass of amber liquid in his hand.

"Evidently," She replied, worriedly appraising his frenzied gaze and the light tremble of his hand. "Chuck, what are you doing?" She asked, gazing at the misplaced warmth the candle light coming from his room seemed to bathe the duo in.

"I'm trying to forget, trying to move on. I did the most romantic thing I could think of and it didn't work, it was never going to. There's nothing left for me here, I'm leaving." Chuck said, looking to the side, hurt so evident in his eyes. His earlier bravado all but disappeared. How fucked he thought. In the face of a total stranger he was able to mask all his sorrows but he'd laid his heart bare for little Jenny Humphrey. It was disgusting.

Jenny cleared her throat bringing him back from his thoughts. "Well, if Nate's not here, I guess I'll go. Not that I have anywhere to go." She mused, frowning, trying to clear her head of everything she'd seem to have lost. All the relationships she had managed to fuck up in such a short amount of time.

"You could come with, if you'd like" Chuck offered, misery always enjoys company "I'm going to London to expand my empire, and what's a boy billionaire without a private jet?"

Jenny thought about it, and couldn't really find it in herself to say no. It was such an easy out and all she wanted to do was run. "I'd love that," she said with a slight smile, moving towards Chuck "I could use some moving on too, I thought that this world was a fairytale," she snorted "but if it is I guess I'm just the wicked step sister."

"The world you're looking for only exists from the outside, the only reason I survive in it is because I always knew that it was empty" Chuck said handing her the glass and turning back to his packing.

Jenny stared deep into the amber liquid as if she were desperate for answers before she finally gulped it back. "Do you need any help?" She asked, trying to keep her mind from drifting.

"I was actually just finishing, my ride should be outside now" he said zipping up his suitcase and placing it softly on the floor. "We'll make a quick detour to your place in brooklyn so you can grab some stuff and then we'll leave this place"

She smiled at that ready to leave this place and all the shitty decisions she just keeps making. "That's perfect." She said following him towards the exit and his waiting car. Neither of them knew just how close they'd come to bumping into Blair Waldorff, only missing her by seconds, seconds she spent looking only at her phone desperately trying to get Chuck to answer. When she makes it to his suite her heart breaks, the ringing of Chuck Bass's abandoned phone sounding eery amongst the deafening silence of the rooms.

When the duo arrive at the loft Jenny's quick to make sure Dan wasn't there before rushing to gather enough things to start fresh. Most of what she finds makes her feel like a ghost like everything she's done to this point could matter less, and that couldn't be any truer, she'd spent so long grasping at anything she could and now here she was. The thought was more than daunting. After a second of consideration she grabs the emergency cash she's been saving since she'd entered this world, even then a flicker of doubt had always been present.

She leaves her phone and a note, I'm Sorry, is all it says. One last look at the place she grew up and she's gone, glad to be able to finally say goodbye. Chuck opens the door for her when she comes down and then they're off.

"When we get to London, we're going to be staying at a property of my fathers. Where he carried out some of his less than favorable affairs, there's no way he'd mention it to Lily. I was being serious about furthering my empire so you can help me or do whatever you please really."

"Chuck?" Jenny whispers into the silence of the car.


"Thank you."

Spotted! Little J riding off into the night with our favorite Basstard! Oh my! This day just keeps getting better and better, or worse I'd suppose if you're Blair Waldorff. You should have been faster B, even I know not to leave a (B)ass hanging. And honestly what did you expect, maybe not this but the upper east side always did know how to throw a good curveball.

You know you love me, xoxo Gossip Girl

So here's part 2 I guess. This was supposed to be a one shot but I've been busy. I like Jenny so she's going with. No worries shes not going to fuck shit up and she's certainly not gonna be paired with Harry or Chuck, either way I'm excited to write out some interactions she has and the person she becomes after leaving the UES. Also she's 17 and I honestly did the bare minimum research but apparently if a kid over the age of 17 runs away there's no legal action that can be taken, idk. I have no clue where this is going but Harry should be in the next chapter. Also I'm writing another GG/HP fanfic except this one gonna have a bit of avengers thrown in for some extra fun so we'll see how that goes.