Penelope woke up with Josie sleeping on top of her chest. He leg was draped over Penelope and she was pretty much pinning the other girl onto bed. She stoked Josie's hair trying to wake her up. Lizzie was awake and watching what was going on.

''Jojo… You have to move... You have to let me get up.''

Instead of letting Penelope, Josie held her tighter.

''Babe… I have to get up. I must use the restroom…''


She somehow moved Josie from herself and Josie continued to sleep. Penelope got up from the bed and put her slippers on. She heard Josie mumble something and all that she understood was that she was cold now. Penelope smiled and kissed the other girl.

''Love you Jojo…''

''love you too Nelly…''

She was about to leave the room when she saw that Lizzie was awake. Now she was horrified that she saw her very gentle side with Josie… She got out and went to the bathroom. She took much longer than she needed because she was dreading going back and facing Lizzie who saw her all mushy. When she got back, Josie was awake and sitting in bed.

''Look who is back…''

Josie lifted the covers and Penelope joined her in bed. Josie settled in Penelope's arms and grinned.

''Now I am warm again…''

''I am glad that I am of service…''

''Don't be like that… You know that warming me up is not the only reason I keep you around…''

''You keep me around? Prey tell what are the other reasons?''

Josie blushed, Penelope smirked and Lizzie didn't need to know that.

''Is that so?''


''As I said… I am glad that I am of service…''

''Stop it Penelope…''

''You started this Jojo…''

She made insulted face and Penelope started laughing.

''Why are you pouting now?''

''You are teasing me…''

Lizzie smiled.

''You walked into that one Josie….''

''Hell will freeze over! You are siding with a She Devil…''

''That shows you how much you walked into all that Josie…''

Penelope smiled and pulled Josie closer. She kissed her forehead and smiled at her.

''I hate you… both of you.''

''We know Jojo…''

She tried to get out of the bed but Penelope pulled her back.

''Don't leave Jo…''

She smiled and cuddled up to Penelope. She kissed Josie and smiled at her.

''What do you want to do?''

''Is this not an option?''

''We can't stay in bed for the entire day?''

''Why not? It's Saturday and it will rain… Perfect day to stay in bed.''

''How about we get dressed and go to the common room and find Hope and MG. Maybe we can do something with them?''

''Sure… We can do that.''

Josie gave Penelope something to change into and they went downstairs to find MG and Hope. MG was with Kaleb playing cards and Hope was with Landon and Raphael. Hope smiled when she saw them.

''Look what the cat dragged. What brings you here?''

''We came to hang out with you.''

''You were bored together? That's why it's raining…''

Hope teased them and Penelope smiled at her.

''Well, I let someone use my room, so our usual hanging out spot is not available.''

''So, since you can't get it on you are forced to hang out with us?''

''You can always let us use your room…''

Penelope winked at her and Hope made horrified face. Josie covered her face because she couldn't believe what Penelope was saying. She loved how easy was sometimes to get Hope to take things very literary.

''No way!''

''Michaelson, you are too easy sometimes.''

'' I will blast you across the room Park…''

''Oh, come on… You love me…''

''Josie loves you too but she burned you…''

Penelope had to laugh at that and Josie wished floor to open and swallow her forever. She blushed how ashamed she was. MG knew about the fact that someone set Penelope on fire. He had no idea it was Josie.

''It was you?''

Hope turned to him and along with Kaleb she was surprised that MG had no idea who it was.

'' Come on! You can't tell us that you didn't know it was Josie?!''

''Peez, did you know?''

''Yes, I knew right away…''

''And you did nothing?''

''Why would I? I don't need to burn Josie to get my sweet revenge… I love knowing that my lovely Jojo was self combusting…''


Kaleb smirked.

''Good job Park… That's why she couldn't focus on the game. She was staring at you all the time…''

''I didn't…''

''You did Jojo and I loved every moment of it.''

''I hate you…''

''I love you too Jojo…''

She kissed Josie and the rest of their friends started whistling and making jokes about them kissing. They broke the kiss when they got silent and they heard coughing sound. Both of them knew who is the person standing near them. Josie was blushing hard.

''Hi dad…''

''Hey Josie…''

''Dr. Saltzman…''


Josie still didn't dare to look him in the eye.

'' I see that two of you are on more than speaking terms again. Josie, your mom is coming tonight and she wanted us to have family dinner. Now I think it would be nice if Penelope joined us. It would be nice for us to get to know Penelope better if you want to continue your relationship.''

Josie was shocked and silent.

''Maybe some other day Dr. Saltzman. I think that Josie and all of you need a dinner alone… We can eat together some other time.''

''No, it's ok Penelope… You are not intruding on our time… I am sure that Caroline would love to get to know you better too…''

''Then I shall wait for Josie to let me know when and where is the diner.''

''Good... I will let her know when I arrange all with Caroline.''

He left and Josei still sat frozen.

''Are you ok Jojo?''

''We are having dinner with my parents tonight?''

''I know.''

''I can't do it Penelope… I can't…''

Penelope was a bit hurt, but she understood that Josie was not ready. She took Josie's hand and took her to one of the empty classrooms and used the magic to close the door.

''It's ok if you are not ready. You have every right to be ready or not. I am not mad, I still love you and I will wait for you to be ready for me to eat with your mom and dad. Ok?''

Josie nodded and kissed Penelope.

''I am not ashamed of us… I am not scared… I am just not ready for the chaos of family meals.''

''It's ok babe.''

''Is it?''

''I would never force you to do something you are not ready to do.''

''Thank you love.''