Greetings! A reader requested a version of the embellished scene referenced in my fanfic The Big Bear Commitment Determination (please check it out!)

This scene is a continuation of Season 9 Episode 20 if you want to view a clip online. Disclaimer: TBBT characters are not mine.

After their friends have turned in for the night, Amy and Sheldon continue playing the drinking game "Never Have I Ever" on the sofa in front of the fire in the beautiful cabin on Big Bear Lake.

"Well, we all have a past" Amy said as she put her glass of wine back down on the table in front of the sofa.

"Amy, do you really have a past?" Sheldon asked as he put his glass down too. "You know what I mean" he said suggestively.

Amy laughed in surprise that he would even suggest such a thing. Heck, there was a time, she thought, when she wasn't even sure he knew about such things. Of course, after the gift he gave her on her birthday, she certainly knew better now.

"No Sheldon, I don't. I was just teasing you" she smiled.

"Well, you say that, but I know you have more of a past than I do" he said with a hint of sadness.

"Does that bother you?" Amy asked with some concern.

While true she was very inexperienced with the opposite sex, compared to Sheldon she was what her mother might call a "hussy". Of course that description couldn't have been farther from the truth.

Amy knew she was not the kind of woman who attracted attention from men. No boy had ever given her the time of day in high school and in college, she had to bribe her first kiss from a poor asthmatic coed (don't judge, he was fine once she gave him back his inhaler).

After college, she had tried online dating and hoped to find a boyfriend or maybe even a just a friend. However, it didn't take long before she gave up on trying to find companionship and only went online to find her annual date just to please her mother. Until she met Sheldon of course.

Amy was thrilled to find someone like Sheldon to be her friend. She enjoyed spending time with someone so intelligent; however, she soon discovered how truly attracted she was to him. She knew she wanted more than just a relationship of the mind with this man. Slowly but surely their relationship did evolve into something more; but unfortunately it still wasn't enough for Amy. Ultimately she came to the very sad decision to end their relationship last year.

During their recent break up, Amy had dated several different men in the hopes of mending her broken heart and moving on from Sheldon. While nothing happened on those dates, other than a few innocent good night kisses and one spontaneous kiss on her couch, she realized she really did have quite a bit more experience than Sheldon.

Sheldon had not answered her question yet.

"Sheldon?" she hesitated.

"Yes, it bothers me" he finally admitted.

Sheldon Cooper did not like to admit when something made him feel inferior; however, there was no getting around the fact that he was inferior when it came to matters of the opposite sex.

Sheldon was just a child when he attended high school and college having advanced quickly through his education due to his advanced intelligence. When he had finally reached an appropriate age for social interaction with those of a female persuasion, there was no room left in his life due to his intense multiple doctoral studies.

By the time he was done with his studies, Sheldon had no clue and really no interest in pursuing any type of relationship other than those of the mind. He truly believed himself to be a highly evolved creature of pure intellect who was above being a slave to his baser urges. Oh, he admits he did experience difficult moments from time to time, but he was an expert at using the Vulcan mental discipline of Kolinar to suppress those urges. Until he met Amy of course.

From the moment he met the cute bespectacled neuroscientist, Sheldon was immensely attracted to everything about her including more than just her mind. Although he was successful for a few years, eventually no amount of Kolinar could help Sheldon suppress the powerful urges he felt for this woman. Even if he had no clue as to what to do with them at the time.

"Sheldon, really I was just teasing" Amy said again trying to console him.

The topic of intimacy was hard enough with Sheldon and the last thing she wanted to do was make it more difficult.

"I know, I know" he said. "It is just that you have dated a lot of men over the years and even recently and I know that you have much more experience in the areas of dating and intimacy than I do" he admitted. "Sometimes, I wish that were different" he shrugged.

Oh my god! Amy screamed in her mind. He regrets getting back together with me. He wants to "play the field" she worried.

Amy knew Sheldon had asked more than one woman out during their separation to try and "move on". I shouldn't have pushed him into this weekend away, she scolded herself. I thought he was ready but I pushed him too hard again, she thought fearfully. Amy started to panic at the thought of losing him again.

Sheldon stared at her. Amy looked even paler than usual, her eyes had grown wide and she was breathing rapidly.

"Amy, what is wrong" Sheldon asked her with fear as his mind wandered.

Was she sick? Was it the wine? Perhaps the onset of Lyme disease from the bite of a tick he must have missed during their check earlier? Curses, he knew he should have removed her undergarments to check more thoroughly regardless of Leonard and Penny being in the next room. Boy, how he really hated nature!

"Amy?" he asked again when she remained quiet.

Suddenly, Amy put her hands over her face and doubled over with her head in her lap. She was crying, Sheldon realized. Oh, no! He thought. She really was sick or at least something was really wrong.

Could it have been something he said? The last time he had said something wrong without even knowing it was on their anniversary date and she had broken up with him over it. He could not bear to lose her again. He would die.

"Amy, please I am begging you" he said with fear as he laid his hand on her back. "Please tell me what is wrong?"

Amy straightened her back and tried to wipe the tears from her eyes but more kept falling as she sniffed and tried to say something.

"Yuf regref us geffing back togefer, don't yuf? Yuf weren't ready. Yuf still want to dafe ofer women" she wailed and put her head back in her lap.

Sheldon frowned. Although, he had amazing hearing he could not tell what she was saying as her words were muffled by her crying.

"What are you talking about?" he asked her more confused than ever.

Amy just continued to cry.

"SSHHH, SSHHH" he said as he continued to rub her back. "It is okay. It is okay."

Amy was crying so loudly he thought it might wake up their friends. Boy, he did not want Penny to see them like this. She would go all "Nebraska rodeo on his ass" for sure and he was not even sure what he had done.

Finally, Amy sat back up and seemed to settle down. Sheldon went to the kitchen and brought her some tissues and a glass of water to alleviate any possible effects of dehydration from the loss of fluids. After she finished blowing her nose and drinking her water, Sheldon just held her hands in his, germs be damned.

"Sweetheart, what has got you all upset?" he asked her in the kindest voice he could muster.

Amy just stared at him. Sweetheart? That was a new one. Wow, she could get used to hearing him call her that pet name. It was the best one yet. She would be sure to add it to the official list.

"Amy, please" he pleaded with her again.

"I'm sorry Sheldon" Amy said and cleared her throat. "I shouldn't have fallen apart like that, I know such displays of emotion upset you."

"Stop" he said abruptly. "Do not apologize for showing me how you really feel. We discussed that remember?" he said.

Amy did remember. It was one of the many things they discussed on the night of their reconciliation the week before her birthday.

Sheldon and Amy had stayed up all night on her couch kissing and cuddling and talking. After spending so many months apart, neither one of them wanted even the unconsciousness of sleep to separate them from being together.

That was the night Sheldon had finally expressed his true feelings for Amy and they both decided to be more open and honest with each other in the relationship.

They had been working on it.

Since that night, Sheldon had defended Amy to his beloved Mee-Maw and had even confessed he was thinking about proposing marriage to her.

He had admitted, in front of a live webcast audience during their special Valentine's Day edition of Fun with Flags, how strong he believed their relationship to be now and how important Amy was to him.

He had even trusted her enough to share his secret storage unit with her and she supported him in every way.

Including on her birthday a few months ago when they had taken their relationship to the next level and had been intimate with each other. Amy was remembering that wonderful night when Sheldon interrupted her thoughts.

"Amy, what is wrong?" he asked again worriedly.

"Sheldon, do you regret getting back together with me?" she asked bluntly. Amy hated to ask but she had to know if they were going to move forward in their relationship.

"What?" Sheldon exclaimed dropping her hand. "No, of course not! Why would you ask me that?" he asked bewildered. Sheldon had never been more sure of anything than his decision to reunite with Amy.

"What did you mean when you said you wished you had more experience in the areas of dating and intimacy?" she asked a little more hesitantly.

"Did you mean you wanted to…"Amy gulped before she continued. "Did you mean you wanted to be with other women?" she finished.

Sheldon stared at his beautiful girlfriend whom he loved so much. He was a little surprised by her question but willing to answer nevertheless.

"Yes" he replied matter-of-factly.

Amy looked at Sheldon and gasped!