"Did you mean you wanted to be with other women?" she finished.

"Yes" he replied matter-of-factly.

Amy looked at Sheldon and gasped! Her back stiffened and her eyes opened wide.

"Not now Amy!" Sheldon quickly retracted upon seeing her obvious change in demeanor. Even he could tell he had upset her with his answer.

Sheldon was not sure what to say without hurting her feelings but he knew they had decided to be more open and honest with each other so he felt his only option was to tell her the truth.

"What I meant by my comment was that I wished before I met you that I had, well maybe not "been with other women" in the biblical sense anyway, but at least kissed them or dated them!" he said in frustration as he leaned back on the sofa.

"Amy, you are the only woman I have ever dated. You are the only woman I have ever kissed. You are the only woman I have ever loved" he continued.

"Maybe if I had known more about women, I would have been a better boyfriend to you. I would not have been so clueless about showing you how much I loved you. I would have had sex with you sooner and you would have not broken up with me" he finished sadly.

Amy stared at her recently reconciled boyfriend of a few months. She saw great hurt in his eyes. Hurt that she had caused by breaking up with him. Hurt caused because he thought she broke up with him because he would not have sex with her. She needed to set the record straight between them.

"Sheldon Lee Cooper, you listen to me" she said sternly.

This time Sheldon gasped upon hearing Amy's strict serious voice. His back straightened and his eyes grew wide.

"Yes, I did desire more intimacy between us but I was, and still am, willing to meet you at whatever level of physical intimacy you are comfortable with at the time. I know physical contact does not come easily to you" she said. "I did not break up with you over sex" she stated firmly.

"Why did you break up with me then?" Sheldon asked so softly that Amy had barely heard the question.

Amy took in a deep breath. While they had talked about a lot of things since their reconciliation, Sheldon had never flat out asked her that simple question. He had asked what he could do differently, how he could change, but never why she did what she did to him. Never why she had hurt him so much.

"Sheldon" she began softly. "I was tired of waiting for you to commit to me. I didn't how you truly felt about me. I didn't know you were just scared of showing me your true feelings. I didn't know that you had a ring and had thought about proposing to me" she said her face grinning slightly on that last confession.

"I am so sorry that I hurt you. But as you said on Valentine's Day, I am also grateful for having gone through our break up too. As difficult as it was, I learned how important you are to me and how much I love you and want to be with you" she said as her grin turned into a true smile.

Sheldon smiled in return as his posture relaxed and he scooted closer to her on the sofa.

"I am sorry too" he said as he took her hand in his again. "I did not mean to upset you earlier with what I said. Amy you are the only woman I want" he clarified as his body involuntarily shifted towards her and his lips landed softly on hers.

Amy eyes fluttered close as she kissed him in return. The kiss was soft but intense between them. Amy felt a jolt of electricity surge through her body when she felt his lips moving on hers as his reassuring words of her being the only one he wanted lingered in her mind.

After a moment, Sheldon ended the kiss and raised up so he could see her face. Her lips were red and slightly swollen and her green eyes sparkled from behind her glasses. His own blue eyes darkened and he licked his lips tasting the sweet wine from Amy's lips upon his own.

Amy smiled and picked up her glass of wine again from the table taking a quick sip. She needed to try and calm herself down.

"Sheldon. You really shouldn't be so worried about your lack of experience with women. I meant what I said earlier. You really did rock my world in bed" she said raising her eyebrow and taking another small sip of wine.

Sheldon blushed but followed her cue and reached for his glass to take a sip. However, just before the glass reached his lips, he had an idea. He lowered his glass, turned to face her and cleared his throat to speak.

"Never have I ever…" he began "engaged in French Kissing for seven minutes in heaven culminating in second base" he said and he took a drink of his wine.

Amy stared at him as she remembered a night years ago, back when they were just friends, when she had been upset and found herself craving human intimacy and physical contact. She had made that very specific request to him but he had turned her down at the time.

At the time. Since then he had most definitely fulfilled her specific request on more than one occasion.

Amy's eyebrow rose again as she understood his new version of the game they had been playing earlier. She took a sip from her glass knowing it was her turn to speak.

"Never have I ever…engaged in a torrid night of lovemaking that soothed my soul and inflamed my loins" she said with a grin and took a drink of her wine again.

Sheldon also remembered her other very specific request from that night years ago. He had told her at the time that theirs was a relationship of the mind but boy, did his mind begin to head down a dangerous road that night as he imagined all sorts of ways he could inflame her loins.

Sheldon took a drink as he remembered a more recent night where the lovemaking was most certainly "full of passionate emotions arising from sexual love" the definition of the word "torrid".

Sheldon knew it was his turn in the game now.

"Never have I ever…been kissed where I've never been kissed before" he said and he certainly did not mean Salt Lake City. Both he and Amy took a sip from their glass each remembering being pleasured by the other. At this rate, they would be out of wine before they knew it.

Amy decided to switch up the game. She put her wine glass down on the table. She took off her glasses and stood up from the sofa. She moved to stand in front of Sheldon, took his glass and set it down too. She put her hands on his shoulders and sat down straddling his lap moving her lips close to his face.

"Never have I ever…" she began "had coitus while I was…" Amy finished her sentence whispering in Sheldon's ear.

Sheldon's eyes grew bigger, along with another part of his body, and his hands moved to hold on to Amy's waist. He lifted his chin and their lips met in a slow sensuous kiss.

Sheldon's hands moved to untuck her shirts and then traveled underneath them and up the sides of her body. His thumbs skimmed over her nipples and he felt them harden under the fabric of the bra he remembered seeing earlier during their "safety first" check for ticks when they first arrived at the cabin. The bra had been bright red with lace at the top of the cups and she looked wonderful in it. She felt wonderful too.

Sheldon broke the kiss to take a breath and leaned back to look at Amy. Her eyes were closed and she had the most beautiful expression on her face. Sheldon grinned. Maybe he did know a little more about women than he had originally thought. Or at least this woman anyway. His woman.

It was Sheldon's turn to speak.

"And never have I ever…" he said "engaged in the coitus position of…" this time Sheldon finished his sentence whispering in Amy's ear. Amy moaned upon hearing his words and grabbed his face pulling him to her. Her lips smashed down on his and she moved to align her core over the tent in his pants and began to move upon him.

Sheldon's hands moved out from under her shirts and he held on to her waist again guiding her movements. He opened his mouth as her tongue plunged inside and their kisses mimicked the grinding movements between them.

Eventually, Amy gasped for air and leaned her head back as she felt herself getting wetter and wetter through her clothing as they moved together in perfect unison.

Sheldon could take no more and shifted them to lie down on the sofa in front of the fire blazing behind them. Sheldon laid above Amy and continued to kiss her lips and neck and chest while his hands roamed all of over her body.

Amy's hands roamed too as she lifted his shirts to feel his back and chest and eventually she found her way down to feel the hardness of him through his pants. Even after everything she now knew about the way Sheldon felt about her, it still amazed her that she could have such a dramatic effect on him.

Soon the sounds of the crackling fire in the living room were drowned out by the sounds of rustling clothing and squeaking sofa cushions not to mention Amy and Sheldon's heavy breathing and moaning that became louder and louder by the minute.

Suddenly, the sound of a toilet flushing from the other room drifted through the air and they both remembered that they were not alone in the cabin. They stopped moving and held still for a moment hoping that Leonard or Penny would not emerge into the living room and catch them in such a compromising position on the sofa.

It was one thing for their friends to know they had become intimate with each other but it was another for them to actually see them together. Neither Sheldon nor Amy were comfortable with public displays of affection. At least not this much of a display anyway.

After a minute had gone by and no one had come out, Sheldon sighed and leaned back to help Amy to a seated position next to him. He adjusted his pants and pulled down his shirts. Amy lowered her shirts and her skirt and put on her glasses. She tried to smooth down her hair from the tangles made by the sofa and Sheldon's hands.

Sheldon looked at Amy as she struggled to settle down and find her composure again and he realized that he had been wrong earlier. He was glad that he had never experienced this kind of intimacy with anyone but Amy. He could not imagine kissing or touching anyone in that way except for her. He loved her and trusted her and he had never felt closer to anyone in his entire life.

Sheldon stood from the sofa and held his hand out to his girlfriend. "Shall we turn in for the night?" he asked, his blue eyes piercing her green ones. Amy lovingly smiled up at him, once again so grateful that they were back together, and took his hand to stand next to him.

Sheldon held her hand as he turned to switch off the fire. He smiled at her and then hand-in-hand led her to the unoccupied bedroom in the cabin.

Their two wine glasses still remained on the table but they were not worried about putting them away. They were a symbolic reminder of their special night together here in the cabin on Big Bear Lake.

Maybe nature is not so bad after all, Sheldon thought, as he quietly closed the bedroom door behind them.

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