Author's Note: This is my first Gilmore Girls fan fic, so please be kind.

Couples: Rory/Tristan a bit of Rory/Dean…

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, they all belong to Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Moonlit Window

Chapter 1: Sleepless

Rory was finally heading for bed; she had spent the last 5 hours studying for her test that was for the next day. It was 3am and she was exhausted but that didn't really matter, she was positive that she knew everything and was very prepared for the test. Actually, she would have studied earlier but Dean had begged her to go see a movie. She hadn't intended on going but she had eventually given in to him. Rory sighed as she slipped under the covers. It was going to be a long day tomorrow.

As she twisted and turned she heard a tap on the window in the kitchen.

Who could that be? She wondered, sitting up in bed. Maybe it's just my imagination or a branch against the window. Rory lay back down and closed her eyes but the tapping continued, so she got up and crept into the kitchen quietly and looked out the window. She let out a soft scream when she saw Tristan!

"Tristan, what the hell are you doing here?" she whispered when she had opened the window. Obviously she was annoyed yet curious as to why he was there. She looked at that same face she'd seen every day at Chilton until he had been sent to military school.

"Well hello to you too," he said as he moved closer towards her. He smirked when he saw her pink cupcake pajamas. "Nice pjs." He said. Rory frowned.

"Actually, never mind…" she said, beginning to shut the window. But Tristan's face turned serious as he lunged forward and stopped her from closing the window.

"Rory, I'm sorry." He said quickly. Rory sighed and pulled her hands away from the window.

"Ok, so why are you at my house, at 3am when you're suppose to be in North Carolina?" she asked, slightly impatient.

"I just needed to get out of there, that's all." He explained. Rory stared at him.

"I thought you were a 'big boy' and that you could handle it?" she said, with a little laugh.

"Yeah, but a guy's got to have a life. Military school isn't exactly my favourite place," he said.

"But you still haven't answered my question, why are you here?" she asked again. Tristan scratched his head.

"See, my parents don't know that I left the school and I certainly couldn't have gone to Duncan or Bowman's house…" he explained, getting slightly embarrassed.

"How about one of your ex-girlfriends or groupies. You could have manage-a-trois," she said sarcastically.

"Oh, that would have been a party," he said annoyed.

"So, you had nowhere else to go?" she asked, softly, feeling bad for him. Tristan nodded faintly.

"Can I come in? I just need a place to sleep." He said.

"I just find it odd that you even know how to get to Star Hollow, I mean I thought you were too good for a small town?" she asked.

"Ugh, fine I'll leave!" he cried and was about to turn around when she grabbed his arm.

"I'm sorry, umm… you can come in. But you're leaving tomorrow." She said strictly. She walked over to the back door and opened it for Tristan to get in.

As Tristan walked into the house, he looked around, trying to sink in every last detail of the house. Rory's house was very different from his. Her house looked so welcoming and homey. His house was huge and felt so cold, not at all cozy.

"You know, school has definitely been much more quiet without you there," Rory commented.

"Missed me, Mary?" he asked, cockily. Rory rolled her eyes and pushed him aside and led the way to the living room.

"I meant quiet in a good way." She replied. Tristan walked passed Rory and stopped, looking into her room. Rory turned around when she realized that he wasn't behind her.

"Your room?" he asked. Rory nodded and Tristan walked inside, looking around.

"Come on Tristan, I have to go to school tomorrow," she exclaimed, pulling his arm, trying to get him out of her room. Tristan didn't budge. He looked around the room and saw all her books and keepsakes. He walked over to her desk and saw a picture of her with Dean. His face dropped a little then he turned around.

"Ah, still with the Beave?" he asked, pointing to the photo. Rory nodded.

"Yeah," she whispered. Tristan turned around again so Rory couldn't see his disappointment. Somehow when he had decided to leave military school, he had hoped that Rory was no longer with Dean.

"Come one Tristan, I really need to sleep," she said, pleading him to go. Tristan followed her out of her room and went into the living room. He plopped down on the couch and bounced a little to feel how comfortable it was. Rory had gone to the upstairs hall closet to get out a blanket and pillow.

"Here," she said, handing him the blanket and pillow. Tristan set down his backpack and took off his coat.

"Thanks," he said, as he unfolded the blanket.

"Goodnight," she said, turning around to head to her room.

"Aren't you going to join me? You wouldn't leave me here all alone, would you?" he asked, flirtingly. Rory rolled her eyes.

"Tristan," she warned. Tristan smiled innocently as she stomped to the kitchen.

Rory went over to the faucet and filled a glass of water. She was still completely stunned that Tristan had just appeared here. Of course it was no surprise to her that he would run away from military school but the fact that he had come to her house, or even knew where she lived puzzled her. But his explanation had been valid. She was pretty sure that the Dugrey's wouldn't have been pleased to see him at home again. It saddened her to think that he had no one to go to, that he had to resort to go to someone he didn't even like. Rory was about to go back to her room but decided to go check on Tristan, just in case he needed anything. As she stood by the doorframe to the living room she was startled to see Tristan, his back turned to her, taking off his shirt. Feeling Rory's stared, Tristan turned around, a smirk on his face, standing there shirtless.

"Well Mary, I knew you'd eventually give in," he said, arrogantly. Rory blushed and ran to her room. Tristan turned back and slipped his other t-shirt over his head and sank back onto the couch; he smiled to himself, pleased to have caught her staring at him. He looked around the living room. It had been hard for him to decide where to go once he had escaped from the military school. He knew immediately that going home was out of the question, if his father knew he had left he would have shipped him off even further away. And going to a friend's house wasn't a good idea either. His closes friends weren't exactly reliable and their parents would have called his parents instantly. His only hope really was Rory. It had been a tough decision but he decided to take a chance. On the way to Stars Hollow he kept pondering whether or not Rory would have taken him in. A great part of him sensed that she wouldn't have taken him in but deep in his heart he knew that Rory was just too nice to leave him on the street. Even though he knew she really disliked him he knew that she just wasn't coldhearted.

He closed his eyes as he remembered how they had become friends for a while until he had turned back into his old self. It had be great, they had talked to each other without the bantering and she had really tried to get him in a new relationship due to his break up with Summer. But right from the start he knew he couldn't fall for anyone besides Rory. He had only gone out with Paris to please her. He lay there, pained as he remembered how he had tried to hint to her that he liked her but just as Rory would do, she completely took it the wrong way and assumed that he still liked Summer. She was completely clueless about his feelings towards her. Rory was smart but how could she not see how he felt? I mean, that stupid stock boy Dean even knew that I liked Rory! Tristan sighed and looked out the moonlit window that was in the living room. Maybe someday she'll know…