Authors: bloodredcherry and Raven

Disclaimer: Everyone beside May and Rita do not belong to us. Not at all.

AN: This is just silly fluff, plain and simple. Of course no one is really in character. Do not take this at all seriously. It's just for a laugh, so read and review folks but no flames!

Keywords: fluff + a bit of romance + a bit of sick humor = the works of being bored one afternoon.

Summary: It's a full moon and things go a little crazy (well rather Grissom), its time to break out the lackeys.


Grissom pulled into the busy parking lot and turned off the ignition to the SUV. There were four patrol police cars parked beside them. Sirens blaring, lights flashing.

Sarah jumped out of the passenger seat slamming her door. She opened the trunk grabbing her camera and bag of tools. In the process, they were swarmed by reporters and cameras. This was a big case. Grissom could feel it, it was in the air. Looking up it was full moon.

Strange things usually happen on a full moon.