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Also not that this fanfic will not follow the exact plot line as Twight (Obviously) as Jessica is not Bella and her own choices will affect the plot line. And I want this to be interesting so I have to include some new things :)

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I had lived here my whole life. And I hated it. I wanted to escape this small town and go live in a sunny city. I wanted everyday to be a new adventure, not this dreary, predictable small town life. Where you know everyone and everyone knows you. How is that exciting? That's just it. It's not. I actually used to live in a big city before we moved and got stuck here.

There was no adventure, no excitement. I swore as soon as I graduated I was going to ditch this place and never come back. But that still was one and a half years away. Those years were going to kill me.

The most exciting thing about Forks was the Cullens and they lost their excitement. When they first moved here from Alaska they were the subject of gossip. They were so mysterious, people tried to be nice to them, tried to get them to open up. It was safe to say they couldn't care less.

Eventually after a few months of trying everyone just, gave up. Things returned to normal. I found the Cullens infuriating. Maybe it was because of their perfect everything but there was more to it than that. It was the fact that they walked around like they were better than us.

My best friend-If you could call her my best friend. It was superficial, but she was sweet enough and was a good friend- Angela's voice pulls me from my thoughts "Have you heard? The chief's daughter is coming to town"

Mike grins before saying "Fresh meat"

We all laugh, the only reason Mike would be excited that a new girl was coming to school was because it was someone who wasn't aware of his big fear of spiders. That was unless I told her. But I wouldn't

"Woah, Jess, Cullen's staring at you" Mike says, he was across from me, my back to where the Cullen's usually sat, isolated from everyone. Like usual. They didn't like people. Or anything living.

"Which one?" There was a total of five Cullen's any one of them could be staring at you. "Mr. Nobody Is Good Enough For Me"

I smirk, we all had nicknames for the Cullen's that wasn't his nickname but with its description I could figure out who Mike was talking about. "Edward"

We all dubbed him as Golden Boy, based on his looks alone he seemed to perfect for his own good, he seemed cocky and like a dick in general. And if you ever had the displeasure of holding a conversation with him, you would learn to discover he is just that. I only talked to him once, and that was when he was standing in front of my locker and couldn't take the hint that he needed to move.

"Is he still staring?" I ask, feeling put on the spot. Was their something in my hair? Chill Jess he's just a creeper, probably still a virgin. Then out of nowhere we hear laughing, it was loud and when everyone turns to look at it I almost lose my shit when I see it's Golden Boy that has lost it.

"Not anymore" Mike says, I swat at his arm. No shit. Everyones looking at him like he's insane and right now he is. The bell rings and I get up, letting him be crazy in his own space. I had to go to a class and not pay attention.

The day goes by with hitch and me and the gang are all standing by Mike's car, talking about going down to the beach in a few days when Tyler says "Golden Boy's staring again"

I bite the inside of my cheek, since when did I become a tourist attraction for Edward Fucking Cullen to gawk at? I pretend to check my phone for a few moments and ask. "Is he still looking?"

"More like checking you out" Tyler says before laughing and high fiving with Mike. Boys. A rosy red color comes over my face, I didn't blush often but considering the situation of someone openly telling me Edward Cullen was checking me out was definitely blush material.

Great I think, just my luck.

It was the next day and normally I would dread another day of boringness but I remember what Angela said about a new girl. Finally. Something to rather someone was going to be the subject of everyone's gossip. Maybe she would be, I dunno cool, give us some excitement.

Turns out she isn't exciting at all. But boring. Very boring. She matches the town. She seems shy when we invite her to sit with us at lunch. She's nice, enough but the way she talks makes me want to bang my head on a door.

It's her doubting every word she says, stumbling over every word and it's painful just to hear it. She probably had the world's lowest self esteem. It's the sort of thing where it's so awkward. She blushes to much, and looks at the floor to much.

Deciding to be friendly I ask "So like what do you do for fun?"

"Me? Oh read I guess...I don't really know.." She stumbled over her words and it makes us all wince. There goes me being friendly she has to be by far the most boring person in the world. I zone out for abit and let Lauren and Ageal ask her questions. I couldn't care less.

"Who are they?" She asks, and when I look in the decriction she is, I roll my eyes. Wasn't that the million dollar question? I flash her a fake smile. "The Cullens"

I look at Edward, disdain in my eyes before muttering "That's Edward Cullen, total dick head and biggest know-it-all. Either half the schools in love with him or hates him." He annoyed me like no one else.

That boyish, ever so tempting, punchable face. Isabella-sorry Bella, asks me "And what side are you on?"

The innocent but slightly irritable question makes me want to slap her. "As if I'm in love with him, I want to gut him and use his intestines to decorate my house for Christmas" Slightly graphic and gory but it had the desired effect on her as her face goes red. She even seems a bit sick and looks green but swallows the disgust.

Angela raises her eyebrows but says nothing. "That's Emmett Cullen, total dud, everyone is convinced he's on steroids."

He probably was, had a build that couldn't be a high schoolers, to burly and muscular. I'd never spoken to him which was strange now that I thought about it, I had three classes with him last year, and one this year. Hell I don't think he even spoke in those classes. If he did I couldn't recall.

"He's dating Rosalie Hale, the blonde, total Regina George of the school, she's kinda of a major bitch. She keeps to herself well mostly, the amount of times her and Emmett have gotten suspended for PDA or sex is absurd." Mike laughs.

"And their brother and sister" I chime in, at first people were disgusted and the still were but go used to it. Bella bites her him "But didn't you say they weren't related? That they were adopted"

I roll my eyes, such a small minded idiot "If you asked anyone of them if they didn't consider each other siblings because they aren't related by blood they would choke you. Blood doesn't mean family, and because they consider themselves siblings that makes it gross"

Bella looks down at the floor-again. Seriously? What was wrong with her? "That's Jasper Hale, he and Rosalie are twins, everyone thinks he's crazy. He kinda has that look that he's constantly in pain or something" Mike says.

I pipe up saying "It's like he's serial killer and he's trying to have enough self control to not kill us all"

Everyone laughs, it was true. Tyler joins in saying "Like he's trying to hold back the desire to drain our blood"

I give him a weird look "Like a vampire?"

"Yes, like a vampire..." He says before we all laugh, Bella just smiles weakly. Talk about a party pooper. I've known her for less than half an hour and a plain bag of potato chips have more personality than her. And that's just sad.

Angela points out Alice "That's Alice, the one with the dark hair, she's probably the only nice one of the family. She's kinda weird but the only one who made half an effort to be nice to anyone around here. She's dating Jasper, but she does this weird thing where she acts likes she's the fashion police or something. Jess wore sweatpants once and she gave her this disgusted look"

I laugh,nodding "I remember that! That was so funny, like not everyone feels like wearing stilettos to school! How does she even drive in them? It's probably illegal or something"

"It's not" Bella says and I'm about to ask her, one, why she was being a know it all and two how did she know that. She takes in our looks of confusion and mumbles "Charlie-erm my Dad's a police officer, I know this stuff"

The bell rings and I get up, I had to go to math. Unbelievable though, can she not take a joke?

My teacher Ms. Brecker speaks before everyone can even file in "We will be doing a group project for the rest of this quarter so stay standing while I pair you up"

I zone out, hopefully I would get some nerd that knew what we were doing, I for one barley had a C in this class. But my hopes were quickly crushed when I hear my name. "Jessica and Edward"

In this moment I wanted to kill Golden Boy. Of course this was my life, stuck with Mr. I Have No Sense Of Humor And Always Have A Stick Up My Ass, okay maybe not the shortest name but it was all true.

Being a good sport I grit my teeth and nod. We and a few other pairs are let work in the hallway and I reluctantly go with Edward out to the hallway. "You know that you could at least pretend to like me"

I glare at him before saying "I never said I didn't like you"

I open my math notebook scribbling some random shit down. "You don't have to, you glare at me enough for me to get the memo"

I hold back the snort that comes up upon hearing Edward saying 'memo' I just roll my eyes. Maybe he did have a sense of humor. A dry one at that but still. A sense of humor, that was progress.

I let Edward do most of the work due to the fact I had no idea what was going on in that class. Flipping my hair behind my shoulder not really thinking about it as I texted Angela who was in English with Mike. I almost jump when I hear a loud intake of breath. Look up I see Edward who was once maybe a foot away from me was at least four feet away from me.

I look the side in confusion, what the fuck? Did I smell bad? I showered last night and if I smelled bad why didn't anyone say anything? Looking up I see Edward had an amused look on his face. Jerk.

Just to be safe I take out my custom bottle of perfume, I had gotten it from Angela for Christmas when I first moved here when I was 14, ever since then she always got me the same scent combination. I wore it everyday. Spraying it a few times, just around me so I wouldn't smell as bad.

I see Edward scoot back maybe another foot. Now I was certain it wasn't about how I smelled. Did he not like my perfume choice? It was a sweet vanilla, a hint of lavender, but it also had something that made it more unique, ginger. I have gotten quite a few compliments over the years of the smell.

English wizzes by and soon I'm walking to my sixth period class gym.

Were playing volleyball which excites me, I actually am on a volleyball team In seattle mostly because this stupid highschool doesn't have the budget for anything. Although of course gym is with Bella, and knowing her klutzy nature I am sure to die.

And I was right, while she was serving somehow I was hit in the side of the head, I groan and sit down in the middle of the floor, the whole floor caving in on me. Bella attempts to try to help me up but ends up somehow tripping on air or something and falls on me. Groaning I let the darkness cave in on me.

My eyes flash open upon hearing "Does she need CPR or something?" I jerk up to a sitting position and almost die of embarrassment when I see that my head and neck were supported on Golden Boy's lap. Delightful.

His arms sort of caught me when I jerked up, his hands automatically going around and waist and another hand on the small of my back. His head right next to mine. I make some sort of face and mutter "Hello"

"I should take you to the nurses office" He says after a moment, I shake my head and make a lame attempt to brush away his hands from my body saying "No...I'm fine..but thanks for the offer" I say awkwardly.

He gives me a pointed look before saying "You were almost knocked out, my dad's a doctor, I would know" Off course Golden Boy knows this shit. But did I ask? No, I didn't.

"I don't care, I know I'm fine" I mutter but it came out more like a whisper halfway through due to the dizziness. Edward smirks, ugh I wish I could punch that stupid face. "Sure Jex"

My mind spins when he calls me Jex, I had moved here four years ago, when there were two more Jessica's at school. To help with the confusion I became known as Jexica, but after they graduated they stopped calling me that. The only ones who really called me Jex was my friend group. And even then not every time they addressed me.

Edward and the rest of the Cullen's didn't moved here last year, so how would Edward of all people call me Jex? Now that was strange on a whole other level. But unfortunately for me and fortunately for Cullen I didn't get he chance to ask him because he's he scopping me up in his muscular arms and carrying me out the gym to the nurses office.

He doesn't even seem to notice the fact that everyone's staring at him as he walks away. Or if he didn't he didn't say anything and his face didn't give anything away. There was the slightest hint of a smirk but he smirks so much I swear it has become a permanent fixture on his face. God he probably goes to sleep with a smirk on his face.

I want to tell me to let me just stand but frankly if he did I don't think I would be able to anyway. Just kinda curl up on the floor and wait for death. I seriously underestimated to the blow to my head. Everything was going in and out of focus and I wondered Is this what it's like to be on drugs because if it is I'm never doing drugs I've been offered a smoke a few times, never went with it.

With the actual law enforcement a laughable thing here in Forks we could honestly get away with murder if we really wanted to. Okay maybe but murder but like doing alcohol underage or somethings small here and there. The actual police force just being a little over seven people it's pretty easy to get away with that sort of stuff.

Like the few bars in Forks-the better ones being in Seattle-the business was so slow they would let underage teens in all the time. You didn't even need a fake ID but to actually get a drink it seemed that you had to be at least 5'5. Which was actually rather annoying because of my height being only 5'2 but hey that's what heels are for, right?

Anyway the point here is that Forks sucks but being able to get easy access to alcohol was a plus. I guess, but I would gladly trade the underage drinking for an actual city. Whatever I was stuck here until college, then the whole world was at my disposal.

My thoughts distract me from noticing that Edward was placing me carefully on the padded bench thingy. I mutter a thanks and wait for him to leave. He doesn't. Cocky bastard. The nurse tells me to just take it easy and even writes me a pass so I can drive home. Well crap, I didn't actually drive to school, I carpooled with Angela today so there goes my ticket home.

But the real icing on the cake was when Edward practically seduced the nurse into letting him drive me home. Unbelievable. The last thing I wanted was for Edward to know where I live. He could be a serial killer for all I know and I was just willing to tell him know my address. Over my dead body but I didn't have a choice.

With Edward doing his stupid smothering this that melted everyone into a little puddle of butter. It seemed like I was the only who saw him for what he really was. A perfect golden boy with a stick up his ass. I try my best to hide my annoyance but I apparently must be doing as good of a job as I think because Edward smirls grows. Ugh he would be the death of me.

I go to my locker to grab my last few books, all while Edward stand over me, creep. I walk to Edwards car with him, a Volvo. Fancy boy, entitled to. Everyone knew the Cullens strange thing with cars. Despite the simple town of Forks they didn't ditch their expensive cars.

We start driving and that's when I hear probably the worst music I've ever heard. It was classical and made me feeling like I was at my Grandma's house. Eww. "What is this trash?" I ask. Should have guessed that Golden Boy would listen to music like this.

"It's Clair De lune" He says a matter a factly.


He rolls his eyes. "I feel like I'm at my Grandma's house, what era are you living in?" I snort, and people thought my taste in music was bad. Edwad just narrows his eyes and turns it off, good my ears were ready to bleed and the radio goes to some random station. I recognize the song almost automatically. It was On the Steps of The Palace from the musical Into the Woods, but for some reason it was instrumental, huh.

Edward goes to change it but I tell him "Don't"

"You know this song?" He asks, and I just say "Our Freshmen year we did Into the Woods and I was Cinderella, I sang this solo, but after that the arts program disappeared due to budget cuts."

"Oh, so you sing?" He asks looking at me, in a way I'm every familiar with. The sort of look someone looks at you expectantly hoping that you'll drop a few tunes at the drop of a hat. "Used to, I don't really anymore"

"Would you ever do it again?" He asks and to my surprise he actually seems interested, invested in my answers. I think about it for a few moments, "I mean maybe, depends"

There's an awkward pause and I've never been so happy to see my house and I'm climbing out of the car and Edwards driving away when I realize I never actually told Edward where I lived. Maybe I told him and forgot? Hmmm I would have to talk to him tomorrow.

I go upstairs and flop onto my queen size bed, my phone buzzing in my pocket, taking i out I see that Angela added Bella to our gang group chat. Joy. This day has just gotten better and better.

Chunky Monkeys

Angela: The spring fling dance is coming up in just over a month, girls choice. We need dates ASAP and dresses

Tyler: I was gonna ask Madison

Lauren: Ty what do you not understand about girls choice? Madison has to ask you

Jessica: Madisons in my bio class, i can put a good word in for you

Bella: Can you state your names everyone? I don't know who's who

Angela: Hey Bella, it's me Angela

Mike: Sup Bella, Mike here

Lauren: Lauren

Jessica: It's me Jess

Tyler: Oh hey Bella it's Tyler

Bella: Oh thanks...

God even the way she texts is awkward and so formal. Gag.

Angela: Us girls should all go dress shopping together, like drive up to Port Angeles

Lauren: Omg Yessss!

Jessica: I'm available this weekend!

Eric: Hey sluts! What did I miss?

Lauren: Read the texts idiot

Mike: Lol

Bella: Who's 674-895-0998?

Mike: That's Eric

Bella: When's the spring fling dance?

Angela: March 29th the Saturday at eight pm, in the school gym, you can buy tickets in the Cafeteria starting tomorrow

Eric: Jex, where are you, eighth period just stared where are you? We have a quiz in spanish today

Jessica: Oh fuck

Bella: Thanks Angela

Eric: Did you ditch? You should have told me

Eric: I would have ditched with you

Eric: You better not be at my fav cupcake store-the one by that japanese restaurant

Eric: If you did I'll kill you

Angela: Eric chill

Jessica: Angie's right chill

Jessica: No I didn't someone served in gym and I got hit in the head and I had to go the nurses office and i got excused from class

Mike: Lucky

Bella: I'm really sorry about that

Lauren: WTF! I'm gone for like three minutes and I get lik a million texts

Eric: LMAO

Bella: LMAO?

Lauren: Laughing my ass off

Bella: oh

Angela: Wait, we carpooled today, how did you get home?

Jessica: Guess who was generous enough to drive me home?


Jessica: Yesss

Lauren: Damn Jex, get some

Jessica: Ewww

Bella: Oh that's why he was in Bio. I thought he was avoiding me or something

Angela: Wdym?

Bella: I'm not really sure, like he didn't say a word to me at all and he wasn't in bio today

Lauren: Don't flatter yourself, he's like that to everyone's

Eric: UGHHHHHH i always miss stuff, spanish sucks, I'm typing under my desk

Jessica: Honestly all the Cullens are like that

Mike: lollll

We text about stupid stuff for another half an hour before the texts slowly stop coming in. Figures school was out and texting and driving isn't something anyone would recommend.

It was only and Wednesday and we still had a whole two school days to get through. At least I have the weekend to look forward to, me, Angeal, Lauren and Bella (Barf) were all going dress shopping on Saturday.

And I for one needed a date, I guess I could ask Mike, I know that Tyler and Lauren were an off and on again kinda thing, and Eric and Angela liked each other but for some reason neither we really willing to make a move. Although asking would Mike would be kinda weird though, I knew him when he was a mouth geared shortie. Still I didn't want to go to the dance alone.

Thursday and Friday go by faster then expected and I think I might have slept through them because I can't really recall anything that happened then. I wake up at around 11 and curse under my breath, they were meeting me at my house in under an hour, figuring that we would just stop at a drive through I just thrown on some casual sneakers.

Black comfy yoga pants and a tank top and strapless bra (just incase I try on some strapless dresses) and a light zip up hoodie. It was surprisingly warm for the middle of February.

My mom is an aottery so she's out of the house, she added a few hundred dollars to my credit card, enough money for my dress, shoes and accessories. My dad, well I'm not 100 percent sure what he does for a living but i do know that yesterday he left for a business trip for the next two weeks in New York or something.

My family wasn't necessarily rich but we were well off, my Grandmother was loaded and I mean loaded, she died like two, three years ago, not quite sure but she left a hefty trust fund more me as her only grandchild. So my mother didn't need to add money to my credit card but It was nice for her to.

We were well off, my house was at least twice the size of Angela's but it wasn't something I would show off. But we did have a nice pool and hot tub that were fun when us girls and sometimes the boys came over for a sleepover or hangout. Because my parents were always out of the house it didn't really make sense to buy a bigger house (even if we could afford it) when they were never home to enjoy it.

But my house was the one that always hosted the group hangout and was deemed the most fun. Anyway it didn't really matter, I rush down the stairs after slipping on a bit of makeup. Just a bit of light pink lipstick and mascara. And just a dab of concealer to hide he dark bags under my eyes. Maybe binge watching Friends into the wee hours of the night and morning wasn't the best idea.

I grab my sling bag, just my essentials shoved in there, pepper spray, portable charger, my phone, lip gloss, my ear phones, by credit card and my drivers license. Upon hearing the car honk I run out the door. We switch cars to my jeep, well it was actually my Dad's car but he was gone for two weeks and as long as I don't scratch it up he couldn't care less. Me and Lauren sit up front, Angela and Bella in the back.

Ten minutes into the drive, Angela asks "Have you gals asked anyone to the dance?"

Lauren shrugs and says "I asked Tyler and he said yes"

This wasn't really a surprise to any of us-well maybe to Bella-but we all congratulate her anyway.

"Hey Ange, did you ask Eric yet?" I ask, winking into the side mirrors when I see a rosy blush stain her cheeks. "I'm asking him on monday, I was gonna buy him a tie that matches my dress and ask him with it"

Lauren rolls her eyes, figured, it wasn't that she didn't care but Angela and Eric talk was normal for us. Why they couldn't just date was a mystery to me. We both had experienced both of them talking about the other one.

"What are you gonna do if he doesn't say yes" Lauren prompts to her, I take my eyes off the road for a split second to roll my eyes at her. "As if he would reject her" Lauren just shrugs "It's just a hypothetical question Jex"

Bella just stays silent, and I can't help but feel a pang of guilt for her. She didn't really know us that well or what we were talking about. But another part of me can't help but be happy that she isn't talking, because everytime she opens her mouth to talk it's awkward and makes me cringe.

She really is a pretty girl and if she didn't dress like she was ashamed of her body, lost the clumsiness and awkwardness she would be a total babe. You could be the most beautiful person in the world but if you had a bad self-esteem no one would see it.

Kinda like Rosalie, she's a total babe and looks anyone would die for but if she had the self-esteem Bella had she would be nothing.

Angela being the nice person she is asks Bella "Have you asked anyone to the dance?"

"Mike asked me, even though it's girls choice" She stumbles over her answer. Crap. Lauren gives me a side look. Well there goes my back up plan of Mike. Great now unless I got a date I would be the only one in the group without a date.

Angela makes eye contact in the side mirrors. Clearing my throat I ask her "Did you say yes or"

She shrugs "I was actually planning in going to visit my mother in Arizona that weekend so I don't think I'm going to the dance"

"You should to the dance, it'll be fun" Angela says. "Yeah my mom and Charlie wants me to go, she practically canceled my flight so I could go the dance."

I shrug, I couldn't care less, as long as I don't show up to the dance without a date I was fine. I pull into the mall parking lot, yikes, even Port Angeles was dark and dreary. Walking we in we go to the mall directory. We go for the food court considering that none of us have had any lunch.

We go to some salad bar place, all agreeing that we didn't want to be bloated trying on dresses so we don't buy a size up when it's just our lunch. Sitting at a table we talk the shops we want to shop at and budgets.

Angela pipes up asking "What are your guys budgets? My mom gave me two hundred and my dad gave me a hundred and plus I have a bit if I see something I have to have"

Lauren rolls her eyes "Lucky my mom just handed me a hundred in cash and that's it, but I have some money from my birthday party a month ago"

Bella shrugs saying "My dad just handed me his credit card, I don't really shop that much so me asking money was a surprise for him. Jess?"

I press my lips together, Lauren and Angela of course knew about my hefty trust fund but Bella just saw my house so I decided it wasn't a big deal. "I have a trust fund and my mom added a few hundred in there."

After we finish eating we head for Nordstrom rack, it's a bit pricey for Lauren's budget but I said she could borrow pair of heels from me, we both wore a size seven shoe so it wasn't something we haven't done before. And Angela said she would lend her some jewelry so all she really needed was a dress.

We wonder around for awhile, Bella surprisingly hangs around some funeral dresses. Angela already picked a light blue floor length dress, and picked up a few pairs of shoes. She left us for a while to find them in a smaller size though. Lauren stayed with me looking at dresses, and that's when I see it, the perfect dress.

A satin, off the shoulder, A-line dress, the color similar to that of chame, just ending before my knees and a bit lower in the back. Grabbing it off the rack I make my way over to the changing rooms.

It's a nice fit, not too tight where I won't be able to eat a burger before the dance but a good fit where my body is still being shown off. Stepping out I see Lauren who is nods, impressed.

I use my hands to comb my hair into a stylish yet messy high ponytail, seeing a pair of shoes I just have to have I leave Lauren to watch my sling bag and clothes as I hunt down the shoes in my size. With the help of a sales associate it takes only ten minutes at the max and I'm pulling them on.

They give me a nice heigh boost of about four and a half inches, walking back the dressing room I see that Lauren was gone a long with all of my stuff. Confused I look around before receiving a text, telling me that I was taking to long and was checking out two floors down.

Not wanting to take the escalator for my own safety, four and a half inches was a lot and the last thing I wanted to do would be to trip and crack my head open. Deciding to play it safe I go down to the elevators and walk into a radom one. I was apparently not being to observe because I slam into a solid structure.

The elevator doors close behind me and I step back and see Edward. Well isn't this my lucky day?

AN:I've always loved the paring of Jessica/Edward and maybe I changed some of your guys opinion on the paring anyway I don't mean to bash Bella but this is from Jessica's point of view and she isn't really a fan of Bella's so it was written that way. If you have read some of my other stories you might know I am currently on HIATUS which is true however this is going to be a small exception.

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